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Jacob Sprite


This high school was made by me because i was bored


  • No Godmodding
  • No intense sexual situations(flirting and kissing are fine)
  • There is a maximum number of two characters per creator
  • No controlling someone else's character
  • Have Fun!


9th Grade

Jacob The Cat(5620009722)

Cody the Echidna(5620009722)

Mason the hedgefox(Mason the hedgefox)

Shellie the Frillad Lizard(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Frilahk the Frilled Lizard

Wen the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

10th Grade

11th Grade

Zekara the Duckskunk(Kaytlinfencethefox)

12th Grade

Evo The Hedgegoose

Lunas The Hedgehog (apallo the hedgehog)

Minta The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

June the Raccoon (Bunnie)

Liona the Fireflie(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Xenviahk the halfxeno

Speedy the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)

Ruby the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)

Xephan The Epic(kinglimerules339back

Jared the unknown (Frozen scorpio)


Jacob:School is sooo boring....

Cody: *whispers* just shut up and pay attention.

Jacob: whatever -.-


Mason:-snoring loudly-

Mason:-head hits desk-IM UP

Jacob: *throws a rock at cody*


Teacher:Excuse me, but we do not use profanity in my classroom.And Mason, stay awake and pay attention! Evo: Uhh, Where's The 12th Grade Classes? I'm New...

Lunas: Go up the stairs and make a right.

Evo: K. *Does So*

Minta: Hiii Eva.

Mason:Im Sorry...-puts on sunglasses and falls asleep-

June: Hey Evo!!

Mason:Im 230 years old i shouldent be here -he looks like hes 17-

Rooch: *Sits down next to Mason* I finally made it!


Rooch: Hey Mason!

Mason:Hey -starting to drink a bear-

Mason:Hope the teacher doesnt notice

Rooch: Can i have some?

Mason:smiling-sure-gives rooch a bear-


Rooch: *Smiles* Cheers! *Drinks some*

Mason:We should put these away -stuff beer in backpack-

Minta: Hey boys if you give me 2 of them then ill date the both of you if you dont you all will die

Mason:Umm sure here -gives her to beers-

Frilahk:(Her frill going up as she walks in with transfer pappers)

Mason:Hello -says this in a british Accent-

Rooch: *starts smoking* Karen (Masons Ex):-walks in-Hello People

Mason:O_O Rooch: Why hello!!! *Puff out smoke*

Shellie:Hello Peoplez!


Mason:hides under Desk-

Frilahk:(Hands the Teahcer her transfer pappers)

Zero: Hey!!! *Is Drunk*

Mason:-passes Rooch Note that says thats my ex girl friend

Rooch: Thats gotta be bad for you Mason!!

Mason:puts arm around Rooch-Were should we go on our date tonight babe -gives her Meaningful look-

Xenivahk: Hey Frilahk (Kisses his girl friend)

Karen:Sees Mason and gives him look of pure hatred and does the same to Rooch-

Frilahk: What is your Deal Karen

Karen:-runs to her desk-

Mason:whispering-shes my Ex

Evo: *Walks Into The Classroom* This My Grade?

Lunas: Hey Eco sit over here. with Minta

Minta: Hey Karen. *throws beer bottle at karen*

Evo: Uh, What's With The Beer?

Lunas: Nothing that's my cosin Minta..... um remember when i said that my brother Apallo and my baby sister Diana and I are demi gods well our uncle is Haties/Hades and he well died...she killed him.... and she now lives with me....'s not like me to do this but.... are u single.....

Evo: *Shrugs* I'm Not Sure Anymore...

Mason:My dads Mephiles

Xenivahx:Well I am ditching

Mason:Me too -bell rings-

Liona:Liona is Here*Is wearing one of her Famous Light Dresses*

Evo: T_T

Zekara:Knock it off Lightona*Pushes Liona down*

Frilahk:(Frill goes up and Catches Liona)

Liona:Thank you For catching me!

Frilahk: It is the least I can do

Mason:-tongues going in and out like a dog-Sorry its reallly hot in here-(hes a fox)

Mason:Soo hot -(A hedgefox that is)

Liona: *to Frilahk*You remind me of my Friend Shellie.

Minta: To Mason: Hi Mason Your mi boy friend......

Frilahk:(Her frill lowers)

Mason:wait what?

Mason:what did you just say

Frilahk:(Goes to her Boyfriend Xenivahx)

Zekara:*Hugs Mason*


Rooch: Ok i was lost early......

Frilahk:Liona wanna hangout at my place with Shellieas

Mason:I Got a girl friend who i dont want

Minta: THAT's RIGHT SO U *demontic* BACK OFF

Zekara:*Stilling Hugging Mason*Whispers:Play along and she won't have to date you.

Mason:-hugs Zekeara

Frilahk:(Spits venom)

Minta: *sniffs( i-i herd that *runs out of the room cruing* when my mom hers about this you all will be in dee shi....

Frilahk:(Her Forked tongue is seen)

Lunas: Excuse me Eva.... Looks at Manson and his friend: HEY @$$HOLES DID YOU MAKE MY COUSIN CRY?!

Mason:-turns into Mason the Dark except he has Really Light blue eyes-

Lunas: Teh. Teacher this man is starting a fight with me

Mason:-turns normal and thinks time to bring out the big guns- ummm -kisses Zekara-

Lunas: Jack@$$

Intercom: Hello this is Minta Hedgehog with the morning anouncements..... The Singing Group will be preforming Sonic Heroes, The Boys group will sing His World, and the Girls will sing My Sweet Passion led by ME and Can You Feel The Sunhine. In Sports news......... In other school news.... the eve of the shooting stars and Wisps ariving to Mobius for a perement home begins tonight dont be late.... Bye Byee oh and for Manson and is B**ch of a femine friend i really liked you and i am Cheer caption and the lead female singer i n our courous....and jjust to let u know YOU WILL PAY!


Lunas: See i told you she would get upset and get back at you

Xenivahx: (Hisses at Lunas)

Evo: *Finally Speaks* Will You All Just Knock Itt Off?

Frilahk: Hey Evo

Evo: Hey I Wa- RING RING!!!

Evo: Lunch.

Frilahk:(Holds up Her bag of live shrimp)

Evo: I Dont Like Seafood. *Holds Up A Burger*

Frilahk: (Her tongue flicks out and grabs a shrimp and eats it while it was still alive)

Lunas (who is now best friends with Evo):Hey Evo i made your fav and Minta.....

Minta: (holds up a bage of octopi tentacales, lizard tails and fish and a pizza) yummy tummy toobie doobie.... make this discusting food good pizza toppings!

Lunas: Dont worry about the pizza eery thing is now pork, sauage, pepperoni, u name it even pinnaple so everyone can eat Here Evo.

Frilahk:(Flicks her tongue on another live Shrimp)

Mason:Hey Zekara thanks alot

Frilahk: That octopus?

Mason:-eating sandwitch-

Xenivahx:(Feasting of a Goat Carcass)

Minta: EVERY BODY GET'S PIZZA OF THIER LIKING,,,,execpt Mason and his friend but his guy friend can have some

Mason:Im thanks

Frilahk:(Flick her tongue on a tentacle slice)

Mason:-talking to a group of guys-

Mason:So then i took the tube and whacked him with it-

Xenivahx:(His tail taps Masons Shoulder)


Lunas:I dont like that guy.....-.-

Minta:I was defending for him and then he throws me out and e doesent even care....... Il ahve to use mi Hades powers....

Mason:you cant use Hades Powers because i have the same power as him


Mason:Im his Sisters son and no its a differnent god

Rooch: Zero just passed out...... Xenivahx: I hope your not dissing all halfxenos?

Frilahk: Xenivahx!!!!

Mason:-picking up Zero- Come on Rooch help me out hes heavier than he looks i got the hands

Xenivahx:(Picks Up Rooch with one arm)

Mason:Hey Cool

Rooch: Hey put me down!


Mason:Hey Zekara later do wanna grab something to eat with me

Rooch: Grrr.....

Minta: Well im closer into the main blood line so that makes me more pwoerful than you

Rooch: GrRRRRRRR...........

Mason:soooo Zekara do you want go out or no?

Xenivahx: Your Welcome (Drops Rooch)

Rooch: *Lands on feet*

Xenivahx:Well I am outa here (Turns to his Xenomorphic half)

Mason:Hey whats up

Zekara:Only if you want to go out with me.

Rooch: Grrrrr........*At Zekara*

Mason:I Do

Xenivahx:(Grabs Rooch and Escapes)

Zekara:(To Mason)Then we can go out.

Mason:ill pick you up at 7:00

Frilahk: Um exuse but can you help me get my boyfriend

Mason:Sure Dark Chaos Control -they land in Sonics house-Hold on -does it again and lands next Xenivahx

Xenivahx:Can't breath to cramped

Mason:-teleports away-

Xenivahx: Later haters!!!!

Mason:hey -bell rings-

Mason:-goes to History-

Lunas: Histoy isnt ready until the 55th week of school dimwit.

Frilahk: Dang it he got away Mason:_shows her his classes that he wrote down on paper-Its for advanced Frilahk: (Hisses angerily)

Minta: *to Mason* Here *passes a imsorry note saying this: Dear mason, im sorry for trying to enter your heart forcefuly and ive been mean to you for a while now and i decided to stop and the reson why i did ntk give you pizza is because i wanted to give you this enstied and you are also being mean to me by being with your friend and it hert my feelings...... a lot an so i dont want to be friends with you or anything else because you dont like me as anything of yours so im leaving school and going to drive my motorcycle off a ledge because i know u told me to do that when i ran out of the good bye and you can t stopme from sending my life good bye..... ,

Minta: bye jeark! (btw my little brother wants me to give the laptop to him..... brb later tonight)


Jacob: *wakes up* What happened? (im back! :P)

Cody:After you threw the rock at my head, i knocked you out n.n Jacob: I hate you soooo much....-.-

Teacher: Mason to the princable's office

Zekara:I'm going to save Minta!

Frilahk:(Gets up and hands the Teacher her orders to return to boot camp at once)

With minta: *sniff sniff* Good bye crewl world i should have picked a good guy to try and date i never likes my badness and it took over and GOOD BYE


Jacob: So, Whats going on?

Zekara:She trying to kill herself or other nown as "Attempting Suicide".

Xenivahx:(Grabs Minta)

Cody: O.O

Xenivahx: Killing yourself won't solve anything

Jacob: 'tis true.

Xenivahx:I am going to let you go and if you want you can try to die or you can let me help you fnd a date

Minta: O-ok
Minta The Hedgehog "Tairo High School Outfit"

Minta in her "bad"girl out fit

*blushes* and mabye you could help me find better clohs than these.


Frilahk:We are over Xenivahx

Xenivahx: You know Minta you look amazing

Mason:-Marches into the office-

Mr. Sonic: Mason..... were kicking you out of school no explanations or any thing but you arent welcome here any more or until you learn to not be like my killer er,,, i mean your father and you almost caused the most sensetive girl and teh leader of the school events team who is also the cheer caption MINTA HEDGEHOG!

Zekara:GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Mr.Sonic! You! Just cause whatever He did Means you have him Kicked.*Glances Liona*Liona.....

Liona:*Lasos Sonic's Legs with her Light Dress*

Shellie:*Duck Tapes Sonic's* Run along to Class Mason.

Sonic: Ok now you're all DETENTION! *goes super 4)

Cody: *Tackles sonic to the ground*

Jacob:This'll be fun*uses geokinesis to drop a large rock on sonics head and knock him out*

Mr. Shadow: What's Going on here *Goes Super 4*

Mr Silver: You kids are in *Goes Super 3* BIG TROUBLE

Ms. Blaze: Youre in deep Crap now *burning form*

Jacob:We're SCREWED!!! DX

Cody: or not n.n

Zekara::Shellie*Snaps Fingers*

Shellie:*Turns into a Tricearatops & Carges at the 4*

Zekara:And if you want more,Liona can trasform her Giant form for you.

Speedy & Ruby: Hi, we're new here!


Cody:Hello! n.n *5minuets later*

All teachers and staff: Well done every body


Sonic: Well At least we got those guys out of school and we can re build right silver


Shellie:*Leaves and Giggles*

A week has passed and the school was rebuilt and then some thanks to Mr. Silver who did all the work

Minta: Hi new people. =)

Xenivahx: Minta you wanna go out?

Frilahk:Well I am heading back to Boot Camp, I hope you enjoy my ex.

Minta: Arent you that Alien looking guy?

Minta: Hello?

Xenivahx: Half Xeno, but I am a swell guy

Minta: Sorry but i dont date certin half breeds like you but you are cute so i gues we can be friends. Ok?

Xenivahx:(Touches Minta's Hair)

Minta: Uhhhhhhh........ *sigh* fine we can go out.....

Xenivahx:Ok, I'll see you after school

Minta: Ok but could you look more like a hedgehog and be a hedgehog because the fact that you atre part scary ailen well....scares me i mean you might give the the tentacle treatmeant so to night at like 8 if you arent there ill pick you up understood

Xenivahx:Well I am part Hedgehog (Turns into his Hedgehog half and Kisses Minta's Cheek) Well see ya at my cave.

Xephan:*standing a while away*Ehh..

Xephan:*walks away*

Minta: wow...... um im not that scared of you anymore but promice me that you won't go alien teneacle rape on me ok.... because i got a dress that i always wanted to try out and it has a short skirt <3 so ill see you at 8 ok?

Xephan:*stops*(Did I just hear something messed up?)

Xenivahx: Xenomorphs don't have tentacles, All the xeno's have are claws, tails, mouth like tongue

Xephan:(thats better)

Xenivahk: We also can climb walls, stand on ceilings and ect.

Xephan:*sounds like Xenivahk is invincible,*

Xenivahx:Our blood is acidic

Minta: By honey ill see u at mi house at 9:50 ok

Xephan:(Oh crap..)

Xenivahx: And Xephan speak up my Sensative hearing is far to strong

Minta: By honey ill see u at mi house at 9:50 ok

(Edward's creator aka me:OH MY GOD DARK!!!)
Good Girl Minta

Normal Minta

Jacob:Hey Cody, I'm having a party at my house :P

Cody:OK, but NO ROCKS this time. (Dark I'm going somewhere don't interact with Xeph)

Frilahk:(Grabs Minta)What gives (Her frill goes up)

Minta: What are you talking about

Frilahk: He had to save your tail, he was my man before you and now I dumped him now I am going poison you!!

Cody: Oh...SNAP! o.O(stress relief)

Xenivahx: (Appears and Takes the bite)


Xenivahx: No worries, venom has no effect on me, but Frilahk it is like you said we are over

Xephan:What should I do now?

Frilahk: But Xenivahx I am destined mate

Xephan:*turns on his Cool/Epic side*

Xenivahx: Look your open for other guys it was your choice when you broke up with me.

Xephan:(oooohh....she got owned)

Jacob:(you bet she did)

Minta: Fine if no one cares about me then im just going home HUMPH!

Frilahk:(Gets angry and beats Xenivahx up till he bleeds)

Xenivahx:Minta Wait up

Xephan:*slashes Fril back*Noob.

Frilahk:(Her fangs glow Green with venom)

Xephan:I can reflect Venom

At minta's house

Minta: look if you want this date to go right then drink this.... ok for me

Xenivahx: Sure, what is it (Drinks it) *Cough*

Minta: A potion that allows you to become one of us for good. and i made somefor your parents too, And the only thing it will take away is the alien body the alien tounge mouth thingie an d that's it

Xenivahx: My xenomorph form will be back it will stay good till time ends and I am dead


Minta: Open your mouth come on open it i want to see your tounge0mouth thingie

Xenivahx:(Opens his mouth an his mouth like tongue is seen)*The Mouth Like tongue opens* (Blushes embarressed)

Minta: Tounge Stun... There there it's gonna be ok. *clears throuaght* Hekki-Hi Hekki-Ho Give this freaky tounge a body so it can go go go, Rere-ri Rere-do where the old tounge was a normal one will go!

Xenivahx: No Minta listen I am a Halfxeno, This stuff will return no spell will change it but for you I'll live with it but my mom is in different
Minta in Her Date Night Outfit

Minta's Dating Outfit


Minta: Oh..... i was wrong about you you dont scare me any more but when we make oun and u have your old tounge back controll it ok now come on the Drag Rac Is Going to start in an houar.

Xenivahx: I hope you don't mind I came here on my Speeder Bike.

Minta: But im wearing a dress.

Xenivahx:Ok Well do ya have a car?

Minta: Yea but your my boyfriend so u can drive ok

Xenivahx: What kind of Car do you have Minta?

Minta: Mr. Sonic's Blue Car

Xenivahx: Are ya sure, if it is ok if we use it?


Xenivahx: Just Curious Minta if we are stealing a car then well my tail will be in trouble

Minta: Awww dont worry he said i could have it to cheer me up for Mason and he's been banned from school did u hear

Xenivahx: Ok, and yeah it is sad (Kisses Minta's hand)

Minta: Well im freakin glad he's been kicked out he died my hair black and it was really white or gray i dont remember!

Xenivahx: That was dishonorable I really like you red hair (Blushing and Sweating)

Minta: Thanks *smmoches* Ok wait a min. Chubbles! Com here swetties

Xenivahx: Who?

Minta: Oh theres ma ma's little baby.

Chubbles: Chao chao!

Xenivahx: Ok wow umm, I have had a bad experience with chao's

Minta: Oh..... well Chubbles is a good boy and he wont get in your way. Ok let's go

Xenivahx: (Gets in the Car)

(Apallo The Hedgehog: Listen DARKEST PART OF THE STORM mi laptop's screen is messed up and i have to use a libary's computer to go on here and it may be a while before i get back so you can use minta if im not on for a while ok.)

Evo: Whoah, You Will Not Belive What Happened To Me

Lunas: What? *opens car door*

Evo: There I Was, Eating Lunch, Then BAM!!! I Was In A Weird Universe, I Gotta Get My Chaos Powers Under Controll

Lunas: Well it's Fall Break. Why dont u stay at mi place with me and i could help you for the 5 weeks that we have outa school

Evo: Meh, Ok.

Lunas: alright but did u pack it's ok if u dont want to because mi sister and brother and Minta live with me but Diana and Apallo are on vacation with Violet, and Minta is on a date so you can use thier clothes. Dont worry about a thing because Our family is rich

Evo: Uh, Ok? But I Have My Stuff Right Here. *Guestures To What He's Wearing*

Mason:-skateboards next to Evo-whats up

Evo: Lunas's Gonna Teach Me To Controll My Powers.

Mason:-ollies over a person-Thats cool but me? Im going to work for Tails

Lunas:Mason, dont kill tails now.... jerk and your girlfriend is in jail for attacking my cousin!

Lunas: get in Evo

Zekara:You mean Ex-Girlfriend.*Throes Mason in Her Jail Cell*

Mason:-teleports back-

Zekara:*Demonic Voice*GET IN THE JAIL CELL!

Mason:-pulls the Dark Chaos Emeralds-Nope

Lunas: Ok.... well we'll be leaving now. *Drives off with Evo*

Minta: Hey were 18 right?

Xenivahx: I am, you?

Minta: Im 19. and why i askes well because i wanna get married and im about to finish my school year after this break and i was wondweing if you and i could settle down... have kids..... be a family...... *Not watching where she is driving)

Inned u to take over for me

Xenivahx: Sure, but what your parents think

Mason:look the (Censored) Out -a guy on a truck is chasing Mason-

Zekara:I Got a new Boyfriend,mason(To Minta)If you Date Mason he'll break your heart or Cheat on you.

Mason:I broke up with you because dindt like me and i love Abby

Mason:and Minta you fat ugly idiot im still in school and i still go here

Xenivahx:(Trying to hold back his rage)

Mr. Shadow: O'rly * holds up SUPER septure of darkness*

Xenivahx:(Winces at the object)

Shadow: Leave this School and Minta alone or else youll be joing your father Mephiles!


Xenivahx:(Heart pounding) Minta, what would your parents think of you marrying a halfxeno, I highly doubt they'll be pleased

Minta: My Mom is nowhere to be found and my Papa is dead so let's get married! and youll protect me right?

Xenivahx:Will this answer your Question (Kisses Minta)

Shadow: Awwwwww sick alien morpher and normal person love.......

Minta: Ok now your Mrs. and you are my hubbi. (Snuggles)

Xenivahx:(Trying really hard to hold back his rage) What is the Problem with Halfxeno's loving normal beings?

( Behind a bush grunting with pleasure) Shadow: Uh...... nothing ( Exexpt you two just reminded me of a Alien and girl hentai)

(Thats discusting)

Minta: Come on lets go the race is over and *dropes panties in the car* *giggles*

Xenivahx:(Rage Drops and Goes to Minta)

(Mind if we skip this?)

( We have too any way rules say)

the next morning

Minta: Goood Morning Honey. You were terrific last night execially with you turning into a tentacle headgehog ,,,,,, mummmmmm you were gooood

Xenivahx: As I said before Xenomorphs don't tentacles, just claws, fangs, Mouth like tongue and Razor tail, but Good morning my wife (Kisses Minta)

Shadow: Yes good morning

Xenivahx: (Is Startled and Summons the Xenomorph hive)


Minta: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The Hive: (Pissed and Follows Shadows Power sig.)

Minta: *Screams at the sight of her belly bursted open*

Xenivahx:(Your going off of the Species series aren't you?)

Minta: No my ******** stoumach exloded im pregnent! My race gives birth like this well on my father's side

( take ova for minta for me thanks)

Xenivahx: Ok just Curious, What do you think we should name it if it is a boy?

Minta: Treniahk


Minta: And what if we have a girl

(take over for me again sorry : ( )


Minta: Oh ok let ne see with my special eyes * loos at belly* *GASP* T- t- t- twins!

(Nowyou take over)

Xenivahx:(Coughs) Where the Bathroom

Minta: You ok Xenivahx hon?


Minta:(Rolls eyes)

With Mr. Sonic Mr. Shadow and Mr. Silver

Silver: Wow and i thought that those were fake!

Sonic: I wish Amy was hot like her

Shadow: *spazzing out* Hot hot hottttttt!

Xenomorph Guards:(Harsh hissing) You dare disturb our brothers time with his wife, you must suffer the Consequences (Goes to Grab Shadow) and Sonic you have a son with Amy named Thrash!!!

Silver: Im glad no one likes me so.... * grabs dvd* Bye!

Xenomorph Warrior:(Grabs Silver)

Blaze: *stomping in nude* I WAS ******vating to that! BURN!

Xenomorph Warrior:(Bows to Blaze)

  • getting to outa hand lets go to the hospidal*

Minta: OHHHHHHHHHH IT HURTS *demontic voice*

Xenivahx:(Staying well away from his enraged wife but tries to get close)

Hades Minta: *still in a demontic voice* do me when we get outta here DO ME GOOOOD AND LOOOOON AND HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD! *she snaps outtta it* Ohhhhhh my tummy it's crowning isnt it?

Xenivahx:(Hair is all on one side) Yes *Faints* (His Guils turn silver in places and His Fangs extend*

Hades Minta:AHHHHH

Dr: Ok Mrs. Halfbreed you have to push not like youre about to take a crap but jst push ok.

Xenivahx: She is A Hadeshog and I am a Halfxeno (Growls)
Super Hollow Xenivahx

Dr.: What ever ... now push....

(I am Not Minta)

Xenivahx:(Can sense his wifes stress level and Nuzzles her)


Xenivahx:(Nuzzles His Wife)

Pop pop


Dr. : Congratulations thier girls now pay me

Xenivahx: Their Shoul be one male

(There really should be a boy)

Luke: Hello ppls!

Xenivahx:(Holding the Doctor be the collar of his shirt)

Mystery: Back off Xenivahx!

Xenivahx:(In hollow form and Kicks Mystery)

Doctor: Mrs. Minta, one of your daughters..... well...... she was born with a winer

Mystery: *Feels no pain* Hmmph how weak!

Hollow Xenivahx:(Growling angrily) I wish to speak with your Hades form

Luke: Stop fighting you two!

Hades Minta: What is it? I want this to end fast so i can go home and play with our girls

Mystery: Fool! Come luke we have some work to do!


Hollow Xenivahx:(Laughs, Grabs his wife and kids and Teleports out)

Minta: Sigh, Our twins...... one a girl the other....... a shemale..... oh Chaos.....

Hollow Xenivahx:(Transfers the Rest of his Hollow energy to make the Semale a full male)

Minta: Stop! Stop it. I wont let you do this to out little girlboy alright..... (to the baby) shhhhhh shhhhh yes don worry he's not going to change you

Hollow Xenivahx: Fine.

Minta: Now you have to wait 6 months before we try for a son. Any way you can get a job now and start getting stuff for tha babies

A Xenomorph Guard:Lady Minta (Salutes)

Xenivahx: This is my d*** of a brother (Goes to get a job)

Minta: Nooooooo. YOU X YOU GET A JOB NOW!

Xenivahx's Brother: (Grabs Minta trying to mate with her)

Minta: *shoot's him in the face* Creepier

Xenivahx's Brother:(Bites Minta's Arm and Gags her)


Xenivahx's Brother:(Wraps his tail around the baby girl)

Minta: X do something!

(Xenivahx had left to Get a job)

Minta: ok ok you can have me ok (we need to skip that ) but imm telling him later!

Xenivahx's Brother: (Releases the Baby Girl and Grabs and Kisses Minta)

Minta: I wonder how cousin Lunas and his girlfriend are doing? Uhhhh Uhhh hey not to hard ok i just gave birth

Xenivahx's Brother:(Growls)

Minta: I mean it or ill kill you and send you to Ganon's Lair

Xenivahx's Brother:(Goes Hard Anyway)

Ganon: You dare rape my grandaughter YOU MUST DIE!

Xenivahx's Brother:(Teleports out after climaxing)

Minta: After him Grandpa

Xenivahx:(Returns) Minta

Minta: *Sobs* He raped me

Xenivahx:(Turns into Super Hollow form) Ganon stay with my wife


Minta: he can only say you must duie

Xenivahx:(Teleports after his brother)

Xenivahx's Brother:No

Xenivahx:(Grabs His brother and teleports back to his wife)

(you have to take over im getting off now

Minta: I have to go to the hospidal

Xenivahx: We haven't our girls (Picks up his wife, the girls and Teleports to the hospital) the First we shall name after you

Minta: Sigh. My fulll first name or my nickname Minta

Xenivahx:What is your full first name?

Minta: Mintaogisterravoia.

Xenivahx: Minta is fine what about our second daughter?

Minta: How about Terri and Missy

Xenivahx: Remeber if the the next one is a boy Treniahk

(At the Hospital)

Dr. : HO hohohohohoohohoh! I am Dr. Eg- I mean....... Dr. Egmund now here's you baby boy. *phew that was close*

Xenivahx: Treniahk, when we get home Minta I am going to kill my brother.

Minta: My god we need to move far from your family i dont want to meet them anymoer they might gangrape me.

Xenivahx:My father is dead my mother took care of me and my sisters and Brother

Baby Treniahk:(Wants his mother to hold him)

Minta: It's ok mommys got you and when you get home you get to play to play with your sisters! *to her hubby* And i was talking about the others

Xenivahx: I am a cop now and they are body guards, warriors and drones who would die for you or the Queen

Minta: But your brother RAPED ME! and i saw your cousins uncles even your aunts want to rape me! Im npt kidding your family is to dangerous to be around.

Xenivahx: They fear me call me Vermin As long As I am alive your fine

(i have to go now take over)

(See ya in the morn)

Minta: Ok swettie

Baby Treniahk:(Wants his Daddy to hold him)

Minta: Her's your son he wants his daddy. Im going to get some thing for the girls who have to brest feed

Xenivahx:(Holding his son)

Baby Treniahk:(Grabbing his Daddys Fingers and Makes his Father transform into his Xenomorph form)*Giggles*

Minta: *comes back with both girls brestfeeding* This isnt as easy as it looks *sighs* Alright girls go play with your brother

Baby Treniahk:(Playing with his fathers Razor tail)

(i have to go now ill be back later tonight ~Apallo The Hedgehog~ 19:16, July 28, 2011 (UTC))

Minta: Change Back please

Xenivahx:(Tries but Treniahk is refusing his father to turn back) Mind Helping my love

Minta: *Pulls out a toy chao*

A chestbuster slithers in and Treniahk goes to play with it

Xenivahx: You gave birth to a Xeno lover now that is hot (Kisses his wife)

Grandpa Ganon: Join me Xenivahx and i will make yo fase the greast in all of

Xenivahx: I don't know,Minta?

Minta: Ill translate. He sez that he will make us royalaty

Baby Treniahk: (Giggling and Playing with the Xenomorph Chestbuster)*When his finishes he goes to his older sisters*

Xenivahx: Tell him Ok I'll go

Baby Treniahk:(Wants to Play with his Sisters)*Giggles and Cuddles his sisters*

Mail man: Front row tickets to Darkstorm and the Wings of death consert for Xenivahx the Halfxeno

Xenivahx: Thanks (Pays the Mail man a tip)

Minta: you have to spend time with your children

Xenivahx:Consert is in 3 days, I can spend all my time with my kids, but on the consert me, you are going and my mother or my sisters will watch them

Minta: I dont listen to that kind of music it gave me nightmitres......

Xenivahx:I'll will obey your wim for three weeks if you go with me.

Baby Treniahk:(Wnats to play with his sisters)

Minta: Fine. *places girls down*

Xenivahx: So wanna watch a movie?

Minta: *mad* No. I was raped, just aggreed to go to a consert that has music i dont like now what!

Darkstorm:(Appears) WHAT THE (BAD GUITAR NOTE), Jeez headache (Faints)

Baby Treniahk:(Giggles)

Xenivahx: Holy right arm of the gods

Minta: well im going to the store and im not gettting you a beer

Xenivahx: I don't drink alchohal

Minta: I was talking to (The King's voice) Mai Boi

Darkstorm:(Comes to) Dang

Xenivahx: You ok

Baby Treniahk:(Wants to play)

Minta: Ok why dont i take you and missy to the Chao Store

Missy and Baby Treniahk:(Goes to their mother)

At the chao store.....

Minta: ok thank you mr nega

Nega: He he he he.... your welcome..... (ill rape you soon enough)

Minta: hello Ace the Chao

Ace: Chao Chao Baby Treniahk:(Giggles)


Kissy: *mussing with penis*

Minta: No no no Kissy-poo dont do that

Xenivahx:Kissy No (Using his tail to grab Kissy and Growls)

Kissy: Waaaaahahahahaha

Xenivahx:(Puts Kissy in her crib)

Minta: No-no no X *picks up Kissy* she needs some gir to girl time

Xenivahx: Okay well I am going to play with our son

Minta: Comon Kissy-poo let's go

Xenivahx: (To Darkstorm) So Um you are the Actual leader singer

Darkstorm: Yeah my band does Heavy meatl, Metal, Rock, Romantic, and By your scent you made your wife go with you to my consert

XenivahxL I siad I do everything she said for Three Weeks

Darkstorm: Look I'll talk to her

Minta: I like rock music but is it rock rock or screamo rock

Darkstorm: We take request for certain rock types but it mus be enjoyable, you know we have 2 openings in the band, We will pay you happily if you temporaily let us use you and your family for our new romance Rock Song

Minta: Couild you play live and learn or His World?

Darkstorm: Sure, Beside Our fans love the Sonic Heros theme and any song that involves Sonic or Shadow

Minta: Ok and i wanna sing With Me from Black Knight

Darkstorm:(Hands Minta a Guitar)

Minta: Well..... i did sing That in the talent show last year

Darkstorm: Look the Consert is not any consert, It is a Fundraiser to help find a cure for cancer, Two of my band Mates Decrahk the Hawk and Veno the Eagal have cancer and are in extensive care at the Hospital

Minta: Aww that's sweet

Darkstorm: Thanks Minta, those two Saved my halfbreed tail twice and I owe them

Minta: I would like to meet them

Darkstorm:Are you sure

Minta: yep i do

Darkstorm:Alright (Grabs Minta, Xenivahx, Missy, Kissy and Treniahk and Teleports to the Hospital)

Kirara: Stormy so thes are our temporary Replacments for Derahk and Veno?

Darkstorm: Yes, This is Minta and Xenivahx

Bakku: Sup, Names Bakuustorm the Two Tailed Cat, But my friends call me Bakuu, Lead Guitarist

Minta: Nice to meet you, oh here's my demo for With Me with the lead singer being me!

Vitani: Pfft, No one can replace Veno as Back up vocals

Xenivahx: She is so awesome

Minta: X, we have a problem

Xenivahx: My wife will do great as well as me

Wen: Hey wassup I'm new. And if you're doing a fundraiser concert to cure cancer, i'd love to perform. I have my own one man band. I play guitar and I sing. If I can perform, i'd like to play I Am... All Of Me from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Minta: Oh Really i can Sing That and Live and Learn too

Darkstorm: As long as no one wants to ruin my bands reputiation

Minta: I'll Dress in my goth clothes


Xenivahx:(In his Outfit)

The Concert

Xenivahx: Minta sweety you ok?

Minta: Im Pregent again

Xenivahx: But we didn't mate, and Darkstorm didn't cause we were play poker, Unless (Gasps and laughs) We did it late at night

Minta: We Dont have to not mate if you did it to me

Xenivahx: We'll have to do this consert lets hope the baby isn't born before it (Mind Getting the Vids?)

(Shure what song Live and Learn, And Live Life)

(Live and Learn and His World)

Treniahk: Mommy, Daddy, monster!!!!!!!!!!

Godzilla: (Outside of Treniahks room)

Xenivahx:(Growls) Godzilla

Minta: *Sigh*

Godzilla: Sup Minta

Minta" Hi Zilla

Godzilla: Darkstorm Told me to tell you te meet him at the Park of the Storms

Godzilla Jr: Daddy We got to go

Missy: Dada Pee pee. Daa daa take me pee pee

Xenivahx:(Picks up his Daughter and takes to the Bathroom)

Godzilla jr.:(Looks at Kissy) hi

Kissy: *messing with herself and pees on Jr.* heh hehe hehee

Jared: (walks by on a large star-studded ball, while wearing a jester hat)

Godzilla Jr.:(Roars in Irratation and in pain) What was that for

Godzilla(Picks up Kissy and Changes her)

Godzilla Jr.:(Growls) Miss Minta, your Daughter is a little Discusting My eye stings

Minta: Here let me take her.

Kissy: I will kill you mother *scurries away to her room* Damn You!

Godzilla: (Turns into a Hedgehog)

Missy: I love you da da

Xenivahx:(Nuzzles his Daughter)

Trenaihk:(On the Ceiling) sis'

Kissy: Away With You

Xenivahx: KISSY, DON'T MESS WITH TRENIAHK (Turned super hallow)!!!!!

Treniahk:(Crying over what Kissy said)

Jared: O-kay, then. I'm just going to go away now. (walks away on ball)

Xenivahx:(Goes Super Dark Hallow)

Missy: Mr jared watch tv eith me

Jared: How about...... NO! (walks away faster)

Treniahk:(Screeches for his mother because of Sissy)

Xenivahx: (Holding his son)


Missy: Waaaaaa Maamaaa Waaaaaahahahahaahawaaaaaaaa.

Xenivahx: (Turns Super Hallow hoping it will cheer them up)


Xenivahx: Minta, Could you come here for a sec

Minta: I know

Treniahk:(Crying because of Sissy)

Jared: (to himself) I wonder if anyone else here goes to the richer school. (leaves)

Minta: Come on babies

Kissy: I have You Now Mothe*slip on scatebord and falls down from sniping spot*

Xenivahx:(Grabs Kissy) What did your mother do wrong (Eyes red with anger)

Kissy: Da da kekakheehehehehehehe

Xenivahx: What is so funny, Look Daddy, Mommy, Lil' Bro, Missy, Sissy and you are going to preform a Consert live and Darkstorm doesn't want anything ruining it, it is also a Fundraiser

Kissy:*Demonic Eyes looking at her oldest Brother* THAT NOT MY BLASTED NAME!

Xenivahx: Kissy, I am your Father (Turns Super Hallow) And you know what Me and your mother can make sure you don't see the light of day again, (Grabs Kissy)

Baby Treniahk:(Jumps to his father and Nuzzles Kissy)

Xenivahx: See your younger brother loves you

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