This is a roleplay that revolves around several people trying to survive on a deserted island. This roleplay has died.


The struggle is on! Somewhere on Mobius, poor Mobians are stranded on a deserted island with weird effects such as electronics being out of commission, the sky seems to be always cloudless and your on-hand chaos emeralds rapidly loose power each day your on the island. Can the Mobians find ways to survive the torturous unknown or will this trip be their last?


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  • No godmodding (please don't do this on ANY roleplay)
  • No inappropriate stuff for minors
  • You can meet and talk for other characters and even team up but the group of characters together can't be to large
  • You can change the weather but not that much keep in mind it's normally very hot on this island.
  • No ending the roleplay to quickly
  • You can bend the roleplay a lot as long as your stranded on the island.
  • You don't need to ask to join.
  • Yes you can add cannon characters.
  • Have fun!
  • Survival guides are allowed but don't use them too much.

Roleplay: Chapter One

(On a plane over the west mobius sea)

Krinkinko: It was cool of the mayor of station square to let us borrow this boat for our good deeds.

Fa-La-Stu:Yeah, anyways droget practice your swordmanship.

Droget:No, problemo. Hey a fly!:)

Fa-La-Stu:No! According to my survival guide that's poisonus.

Droget:Okay I'll just cut it in half!

(He then keeps swing but by acident destroys the jet.

Krinkinko:Were going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(They crash)

(11:36 A.M. South coast of the island)

Krinkinko: (first to wake up) My head...HUH?! Where are we? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mazda: (exploring and finds him) Huh? Were you on the plane too?

Krinkinko:Huh you were on the plane sythe dude?

Fa-La-Stu:His name is....Mazda. *Snore*. (Wakes up) oh anyways I sense more energy.

Krinkinko:I'll carry Droget.

Mazda: Yeah, I'm Mazda. Did you see any other passengers?

(they hear distinct voices up north)

Fa-La-Stu:I know what we should do. Since I hear voices up north we'll head there and we'll also search for food.

Krininko:Let's get eggs!

(a large wave is seen approaching the island. if one looked hard enough they would see a blue hedgehog with cyan streaks surfing it without a board)

Tsunami: *loosing control of the wave. she falls in and the wave crashes down on the beach, washing her ashore*

Krinkinko: Are you alright Ms.?

Tsunami: *rises to her feet, coughing* yeah. i think so.

Krinkinko: How did you end up here?

Tsunami: im hydrokinetic. i was surfing.

Fa-La-Stu:(raises an eyebrow)...and you crashed?

Tsunami: yeah. i dont know how. i just lost control of the wave. *walks over to the ocean and waves her arms. nothing happens. she tries again. still nothing* yup. my powers aren't responding.

Sam: (Suddenly drops from the sky and falls on to the ground)


Sam: (Gets up and appears uninjured) Where am I? And why did I just fall from the sky while I was flying?

Fa-La-Stu:Your stuck here to? (tries to use G.U.N. wrist watch but if dosn't turn on)

Sam: All I remember was that I was flying as usually was, doing nothing out of the ordainary, then I just fell onto the island, luckily I have Geokinetic powers so that I didn't get hurt when I landed.

Krinkinko: Sure is boring around here.

Banshee: My boy, this piece is what all true warriors strive for!

Krinkinko: Dang you beat me to the Zelda Cdi refrence! So what brings you here?

Banshee: Just woke up here.

Tsunami: i know how you feel Sam. i was hydrokineticly surfing when my powers randomly stopped working

Sam: Really? Something's not right here.

Fa-La-Stu: Any chaos powers that could help me escape aren't working!

Tsunami: Sam, you said you were a geo right? do you think you could make a stone bridge out of here?

Fa-La-Stu: To where?

Krinkinko: Can we hunt for food now?

Banshee: No need. I got Burger King.

Sam: I'll try. (A massive path of Earth starts rising out of the sea, but then it suddenly collapses)

Droget: (Wakes up) Give us food!

Banshee: *eats fries* Go find you some flies, sicko!

Tsunami:hmm.... *facepalms* why didnt i think of this sooner? shadow. find Inferna.

Tsunami's shadow: *no response*

Hayden: (Walks out of the jungle and sees Sam) Your here too! I should never have stowed away on the plane!

Fa-La-Stu: This is bad.

Sam: Your telling me! I just fell out of the sky!

Droget: (To banshee) How I'm I sick I'm a frog dummy!

Banshee: Exactly.

Hayden: (Tries to fly using Pyrokinesis but immediatly falls back onto the ground) Damn it! I can't even fly of this cursed place!

Sam: Hayden, none of us can use our powers on this island.

Droget: (A fly is near Banshee's fries then he uses his tounge to catch it)

Banshee: *zaps fly*

Droget: You want me to starve don't you!!! (Tackles Banshee)

Banshee: Get off of me, you bodaggit! *elbows Droget in the gut*

Tsunami: shadow! get up!

Tsunami's shadow: *still no response*

Tsunami: *facepalm* how could i forget? my shadow lives though Tendril's umbrakinetics.

Droget: (To banshee) How I'm I sick I'm a frog dummy!

Banshee: Exactly. Hayden: (Tries to fly using Pyrokinesis but immediatly falls back onto the ground) Damn it! I can't even fly of this cursed place!

Sam: Hayden, none of us can use our powers on this island.

Droget: (A fly is near Banshee's fries then he uses his tounge to catch it)

Banshee: *zaps fly*

Droget: You want me to starve don't you!!! (Tackles Banshee)

Banshee: Get off of me, you bodaggit! *elbows Droget in the gut*

Tsunami: shadow! get up!

Tsunami's shadow: *still no response*

Tsunami: *facepalm* how could i forget? my shadow lives though Tendril's umbrakinetics.

Droget: (To banshee) How I'm I sick I'm a frog dummy!

Banshee: Exactly.

Hayden: (Tries to fly using Pyrokinesis but immediatly falls back onto the ground) Damn it! I can't even fly of this cursed place!

Sam: Hayden, none of us can use our powers on this island.

Droget: (A fly is near Banshee's fries then he uses his tounge to catch it)

Banshee: *zaps fly*

Droget: You want me to starve don't you!!! (Tackles Banshee)

Banshee: Get off of me, you bodaggit! *elbows Droget in the gut*

Tsunami: shadow! get up!

Tsunami's shadow: *still no response*

Tsunami: *facepalm* how could i forget? my shadow lives though Tendril's umbrakinetics.

Hayden: Guys! Stop fighting!

(Meanwhile, in a deserted area of the desert)

Cekkarr: Ugh... where am I? Last thing I remember was my creation...

Uraa: You're in a desert... And a very hot one too. Get out of it.

Cekkarr: Wait... you remind me of someone... have we met before?

Uraa: No... but we will meet again. Grab the Chaos Emerald near you.

Cekkarr: Alright... now what?

(She disappears.)

Cekkarr: D**n it. Might as well use this. CHAOS CONTROL!

(Cekkarr teleported to the others)

Droget: (To banshee) (crying with snot coming out of his nose) Why do you want me to die?

Banshee: *sighs and releases a jar of flies*

Hayden: Has anyone got any idea on how we're going to get out of this place!?

Droget: Thanks (Catches all of them)

Krinkinko: What about us, Banshee?

Banshee: Hunt.

Droget:I have no clue hayden.

Hayden: Damn!

Krinkinko: (Knocks rest of the food out of Banshee's hands) Then help us. Not like I need you since I was trained to hunt but everyones going to help.

Banshee: *pulls out shotgun* I'll be back. *walks away*

Sam: What do you mean by help?

Krinkinko: Help hunt!

Cekkarr: Where the hell am I!?

Krinkinko: Your stuck on this island!

Tsunami: *on a nearby rock with a handmade fishing rod*

Cekkarr: Where is this island? The last thing I can remember is being created by my master.

Krinkinko: That's a great question....what's your name?


Banshee: Back. I got 9 pelicans.

Tsunami: *still on the rock* caught some sea bass

Fa-La-Stu: (Uses chaos flame to cook them) now we wait until they're done!

Banshee: *humming*

(A cat washes up on the sand.)

????: Ugh....What happened..?

Hayden: (Comes back) I got some Prawns!

Krinkinko: (puts the prawns in) Who are you? (to the cat)

Banshee: It's Mint.

(4 other mobians wash up in the sand, a bit near...)

Tsunami: *runs over to ????* are you alright?

Hayden: (Rushes over to one of the other Mobians) Are you OK?

(Suddenly, a plane crashes in the ocean!)

Sam: (Immediatly comes out of the Ocean) That was a close one!

(The Rhino seems to opens his eyes a bit, as the hedgehog girl doesn't move while the young snail and Cat wake up in a fright)

Krinkinko: (shakes ???) Wake up!

Fa-La-Stu: Oh great! (Rushes to the plane)

???: *wakes up* Huh?


Cekkarr: I'm Cekkarr.

Krinkinko: Nice to meet ya'!

???: *gets out of the airplane and swims to shore*

Droget: *sniff* Wait I smell snail! I'M A COMING ODIN!

???: *panting*

Young Snail and Black cat: God!

Rhino: few more minutes mom...

Female Hedgehog: *still doesn't move*...

Hayden: Are you guys okay?

Droget: (shoves Hayden out the plane) Are you okay Odin?

Young Snail: Y-Yeah......

Black Cat: *comforts Odin* I'm Buddie, but you can call me any name you wanna call me. Rhino is Engyrane, and The Female Hedgehog is Selenia

Engyrane: *sleeping*

Selenia: *not responding*...

(back at the island)

Krinkinko: Mint is that you?

Sam: No, but I've got a big fish. (Pulls out a 57cm long fish)

Mint: Nuuu.....maybe....

(Fa-La-Stu puts it with the other food)

Krinkinko: (Hugs mint)

Cekkarr: Um... whatcha' doing?

(a scream is heard from above, slowly getting louder)

Tsunami: i recognize that scream! *runs forward and slides on the sand, catching a red and orange hedgehog just in time*

Inferna: *gets up* thanks Tsunami. that could've been messy.

???: Ugh... where am I? And who are you?

Inferna: name's Pyra. but i prefer to be called Inferna.

Tsunami: Aquella. call me Tsunami.

???: Name's Percy.

Inferna: nice to meet you. *looks around. spots Mint and Krinkinko* Mint? Krink?

Percy: Nice to meet you, too.

[An orange-yellow blur dashes by]

Mint: Hey Inferna! :P

[The blur trips]

???: Ow....

Percy: *runs over to the blur* Are you okay?

Hayden: (Comes back) Hey, I've got some spare Bacon!

It gets up, it turns out to be a Renamon]

???: Yeah. I've fallen hundreds of times. The name's Buck. Haven't seen Chip or Megan around have ya?

(an alluring glow appears off in the distance)

Buck: ?


Cekkarr: I'm coming home, I'm coming home. Tell the world that I'm coming home. Let the rain, wash away, all the pain of yesterday. I know my kingdom awaits, and they forgiven my mistakes. I'm coming home, I'm coming home. Tell the world I'm... coming...

(Dagora appears)

Dagora: Well, well. Looks like the the perfect body to possess!

Cekkarr: What th-

(Dagora possesses Cekkarr.)

"Cekkarr": Finally...


Chip: Want some chocolate?

Megan: No. >_>

Chip: Please????

Megan: Gosh, where's Buck when ya need him?

Percy: Ooh, chocolate?

(the glow brightens)

Inferna: i'll have some chocolate.

Chip: See, somebody'll have chocolate! [Hands chocolate to Percy and Inferna]

Fa-La-Stu: THAT'S IT! (She forces everyone on the island (even the ones in the plane) near her, at the bay) We need to form a ecomomy and gonvernemt for our island. Let's vote. Any suggestions?

Tsunami: while you guys do that, we'll go explore. *grabs Inferna by the arm and starts walking*

Inferna: *doesn't follow* you'll have to excuse her. she's not very social.

Fa-La-Stu: Me and Droget arn't either. (Grabs Tsunami)

Tsunami: fine. what did you have in mind?

Fa-La-Stu: a Monarchy, since I'm a princess and all.

Tsunami: i suppose that'd be fine. not sure how Moonrise will react though.

(Later at the North Side of the Island)

(An Orange Hedgehog with Black Glove,Green Rings,Red Socks & Blue Shoes woke up first)

Jack:Ugh,where am I & what happen?

(He saw the Front End of the Plane Crashed)

Jack:Where's everyone?

(He saw the others have been Knocked out)

Jack (Spongebob100):(Makes a Tent)Well I guess we had to Camp here for the Night

(In Night Time 7:54pm)

Jack (Spongebob100):(Drinking Coconut Milk)Ahhh Coconut Milk

(A cyan hedgehog with a mullet, guitar, and clothes that a heavy metal star would wear appeared)

Duan: Hm... nothing I can actually do here. My guitar can't function properly... although I can still bash people with it, though the powers it has when I'm in a place with actual reception are gone...

(Duan built a tent with his favorite heavy metal logo on it)

Duan: Awesome. Just like me. (Duan stroked his mullet)

Tsunami: *reclining on the rock she caught the fish from*

Inferna: *snapping her fingers above a pile of logs, wishing her pyrokinesis was working*

Duan: Uh, what are you snapping your fingers for? Are you trying to turn the logs back into trees, or what?

(Duan laughed at his joke)

Inferna: *hangs her head in dissappointment* im normally pyrokinetic. this should be making a spark to light them on fire.

(Fa-La-Stu uses a weak chaos flame to slightly light the trees)

Fa-La-Stu: My chaos powers are....fading. (whispers fading)

Duan: What powers do you guys have besides fire powers? I can use various powers with my guitar, but now all I can do is rock out and bash people. What can you do?

Inferna: one of my friends brought my shadow to life. but that's not really me. hmm.... i wonder if.....*closes her eyes and concentrates. her orange streaks began to glow. new, fushia streaks appeared and her red fur darkened*

Cera Inferna: *opens eyes and sighs* i can't even fully release Cera.

Duan: Hey, I can do something like that, too!

(Duan's cyan fur started to fade until it turned gray, then silvery-blue, guitar turned cherry-red and mystical, clothes began to grow darker and more mystical)

Hendrix Duan: I'm now Hendrix Duan, based on the world's greatest guitarest. I know I don't look much like him, but I can rock out like him. (Duan began to change back)

Duan: Same thing is happening to me... At least I can still bash people's heads.

Fa-La-Stu: Should we investigate?

Duan: Doesn't sound like a bad idea. Maybe we'll be able to reverse it and I can show you guys what I can do besides rock out and bash people.

Cera Inferna: *her voice is different now* i don't think you quite understand. Inferna doesn't shapeshift to look different. i am a third of the ancient heroine Hypra the Hedgehog. i have sealed my soul within Inferna and now she can summon me for my psychic powers. *gestures toward the logs. nothing happens. sighs* and those dont seem to work either.

Duan: That's... really cool, actually. Different. Oh, man, I HAVE to show you guys what I can play. I can play everything from Modern Rock to Classic Rock to Punk Rock to Heavy Metal, it doesn't matter just as long as it involves a guitar riff and isn't pop-ish, I can't even tell you how much I hate pop music.

Tsunami: i have part of an ancient within me. Moonrise may look weak, but in her own way, she's stronger than most warriors.

Fa-La-Stu: I mean should we investigate to see why this place drains our powers right on the spot.

Tsunami: it would be nice to know why i lost control of that wave i was surfing on

Duan: Sounds great. I'm going with that person right there, whatever her name is. While we're at it, let's introduce ourselves. I'm Duan.

Fa-La-Stu: Princess Falalala-Stu the Echidna but just call me Fa-La-Stu please.

Cera Inferna:*voice is normal* my name is Pyra. but i like to go by Inferna. *voice changes* i'm Cera the Hedgehog.

Tsunami: Aquella. call me Tsunami.

Duan: Wow, we have such cool names. Cool names, cool girls here... Heh, heh. Well, I don't have any attraction to anyone HERE, but on Sonic Survivor, a game I hosted, I met this girl named Amy Rose. She was really cool, but she was obsessed with this guy named Sonic. I decided to just let it be. Sorry, I'm a bit flighty. Let's go investigate.

Tsunami: *jumps off her rock and follows them*

Cera Inferna: hold on let me just....*closes her eyes for a moment then opens them again* why can't i recall Cera? are you doing this? *voice changes* no.

Duan: Inferna? You okay?

Cera Inferna: yeah, i'm fine. but it looks like i'll have to stay like this for a while.

Duan: All right, but if you get in big trouble or something, I could probably help you out. I'm good at that kind of thing, although sometimes I can be merciless and unapologetic.

(Duan noticed that Fa-La-Stu and Tsunami were leaving without him)

Duan: Wait for me... even though I'll be, like, the only guy traveling with you.

Tsunami: dosen't bother me. i've worked with guys alot.

Duan: ... Awesome. I think I'll grow to enjoy this place. I mean, it's not like I haven't been on an island before... except this time, I'm not hosting... Well, whatever it is, that's really cool. Some girls alienate me because they often find me being the only guy with them.

Lyra: (Walks out of nowhere) Do any of you guys no how to get off this island?

Duan: I wish I knew. Man, I am still the only guy here. I know that's eventually gonna lead to some problems, 'cause then I'll get ruled out.

(RMG-24 appeared out of nowhere)

Duan: It can't be... RMG-24?! What is he doing here? And why isn't he breaking down?

RMG-24: In case you did not know... Duan... I use a memory chip... not just electricity... so I can... function... no matter where... I... am...

Duan: Everyone, get away! This robot is evil! Pure, unlimited evil!

(Duan wielded his guitar)

(RMG-24 armed himself)

Duan: Let's fight!

RMG-24: Preparing for battle.

Duan: Ladies, watch and learn.

RMG-24: Will... destroy... everyone...

Duan: Oh, no you don't!

(Duan slammed his guitar on RMG-24)

RMG-24: System... overload...

(RMG-24 fired his lasers)

Duan: Ah!

Duan fell to the ground.

Duan: It's not over...

Inferna: *flicks her wrist. there was a small spark. tries a few more times. eventually she manages to summon her Fire Ax, although it didn't glow quite as bright as normal*

Lyra: (Pulls out two Double Axes) I may not be able to use my powers, but that dosen't mean I'm not a threat.

Jack (Spongebob100):(Grabs his Fishing Tools)Well come on lets go fishing

(bolt of energy shoots into the sky from off in the distance)

(SFX: Bang!)

[A squirrel crashes into Jack]



Duan: You get away from all of us!

RMG-24: Not until... enemies are defeated and Duan is killed!

Duan: That's it! If you lay a finger on anyone here, you'll be bashed, rocked, and guitarred!

(RMG-24 tried to attack everyone, but missed)

Duan: You dug your own grave!

(Duan swung his guitar at RMG-24 and knocked him down)

Duan: He's down! We have a minute until he gets up! Does anyone have a screwdriver? We need to remove that Memory Chip, that keeps him alive. If we remove it, one of two things will happen: Either he will shut down, or he will go into Memory Conservation Mode. If he does the former, he's just down. If he goes into Memory Conservation Mode, he'll grow about 10 times and be about 50 times stronger! However, his weakness will be blaring: The bright, red core on his chest. Does anyone have a screwdriver or screwdriver substitute?

Duan: Okay... I'll try.

(Duan found a sharp rock, screwed off the memory chip, and threw the chip in the ocean)

Duan: Cross your fingers, everyone.

(RMG-24 Shut down)

Duan: Yes! He'll be back up in 1 day to 3 weeks. In that time, we should prepare to fight him again. Remember, stay on your guard!

As they discuss RMG-24's defeat, a dull explosion could be heard in the distance, off into the forest. Smoke could be seen rising in the far distance.

Duan: Huh?

(Duan walked a little)

Duan: Follow me if you want to find out what happened.

[The squirrel that crashed into Jack earlier looks at him]

Harold: does it have anything to do with my acorns? Or Peanuts? Or maybe even walnuts?

Jack: Hey, you should say Sorry, Harold.

Harold: ? Whaddya mean? [Walks up to Jack] [Pauses for a few seconds] you smell like fish.

Inferna: *follows Duan*

Tsunami: *follows*

Jack:Harold there's 2 things you want to know (1): You crashed into me & (2): I went Fishing Today!

Duan: It appears that there's a secret base over there. That's probably where RMG-24 came from.

(RMG-24's eyes lit up)


Duan: It can't be...

(RMG-24 grew to the size of a house, and grew a core on his chest, then bright red eyes turned blood red)

Duan: Stay... back... if you want to live... everyone... remain... calm...


Duan: Me?

(RMG-24 grabbed Tsunami and carried her off to the site of the smoke)

Duan: Stay calm, Tsunami! I may not have my powers, but I can beat him! If anyone else wants to help, they're free to! Just remember, I know all his weaknesses.

Jack:Whenever he's goes, I'll Go!

Harold: Oooh! I get to play with ice! [Tries to use his Cryokinesis, but fails] Aww.... [Blinks] But I can still fight! [Epic Smiley]

Duan: I'll save you, Tsunami... no matter what happens to me...


Duan: Maybe, maybe not!

(RMG-24 ran off)

Duan: You'll never get away from me, RMG-24!

Meanwhile in the secret lab...


Back at the main part of the island...

Duan: I know RMG-24, he'll try and eliminate everyone here, then kill me. If we're too slow, he'll kill Tsunami! I can't let that happen!

(Duan ran quickly to the site of Tsunami's prison)

Duan: RMG-24 was here... I know it...


Duan: You will not kill me or anyone else here!

(Duan notices that electronics are being used in the laboratory)

Duan: Hey... electronics work here! Maybe I'll be able to use my powers here!

(Duan plugged his guitar into his miniature amplifier that he carries around)

RMG-24: Ha... ha ha...

Duan: Plug your ears, Tsunami... this may get loud!

(Duan began playing 'Crazy Train')

Duan: Time for you to go off the rails on a crazy train, RMG-24!


Duan: I don't think so!

(Duan turned a knob on his guitar to allow him to fire lasers)

(Duan began firing lasers at RMG-24's core)


Duan: Maybe not forever, but right now, yeah!

(Duan switched knobs to allow him to explode stuff at a distance)

(Duan began blowing up random stuff throughout the lab, tripping RMG-24)


Duan: It is!

(Duan switched knobs and turned the head into a knife)

Duan: Finally, the coup de grace!

(Duan impaled RMG-24 through the core)


(RMG-24 shut down for real this time, but not forever)

Duan: Tsunami! Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?

Tsunami: no. im fine. if this is the only place on the island where everything works, maybe this is the source of whatever is blocking our powers.

Duan: That's some smart thinking. I was gonna blow this place up, but then you said that. We should investigate.

(Duan found a large tube with a blue-green liquid inside)

Duan: Hm... this looks shady...

(Duan found a large antenna)

Duan: An antenna! This could be the source of all of this!

(Duan faced Tsunami)

Duan: Tsunami, you are a genius!

Tsunami: thanks. now, what to do about this antenna? Rain Hookblades! *two curved blades of water appear in her hands* i could try slicing it off.

Duan: All right. Go ahead.

Tsunami: *slices the antenna with the Rain Hookblades*

Duan: Awesome.

(The whole laboratory begins to crumble)

Duan: Tsunami... let's get outta here! The whole place is gonna blow!

Tsunami: right! and now that i have my powers back.... Water Boost! *grabs Duan and runs, propelling herself even faster with jets of water*

Duan: Whoa!

(They got out of the laboratory, which fell to the ground)

Duan: Tsunami! You saved me! Thanks.

Tsunami: no problem. *walks back down to the beach and thrusts her hands out toward the ocean. the water began to rise up in a large wave that stayed put rather than crashing down on the sand* looks like my powers are back.

Duan: Let's see if my powers are back.

(Duan strummed his guitar, a rock nearby exploded)

Duan: Hey! They're back!

Tsunami: *releases the wave and it crashes down* i guess that means i can leave at any time now.

Duan: Wait! Don't go! If you do, then everyone else will have to be here without you. Including... your friends... like... like... uh...

(Duan was hoping he wasn't implying anything)

Duan: If you go, I won't be able to leave. And neither will anyone else!

Tsunami: i said i could leave. *smiles* i never said i was going to.

Duan: (Smiles) Thank you. Not only for staying, but also for being the only person who acted like a good friend to me... I thank you for that.

Tsunami: no problem. besides, i kind of like this island.

Duan: I like this island too. It's a place of great beauty, and there's a lot of great places for doing things, like rock climbing or tree climbing or anything cool like that. But... that's not the only reason why I like this island.

Inferna: *whispers to Duan* careful. her powers of observation are far stronger than mine. and even i can see you're hitting on her.

(Duan smiled and then chuckled)

Duan: How do you know I wasn't going to say something like, RMG-24 is shut down here and we won't have to worry about him for a while? How do you know I wasn't gonna say because it's a nice, quiet place to play may guitar? No one can know anything for sure until proven, right?

Inferna: i guess you're right. but she's also smart and patient enough to figure things out by the way you talk to her. i never said that was the only thing i noticed

Jack:Now we defeated the Robot,how are we ever gonna get off of this Island?

Duan: (To Inferna) What??? I mean, what do you mean by that?

(a Sonic robot comes out of the nearby jungle)

Tempus: There is no escaping this island. Believe me, I have tried.

Inferna: *to Duan* when she mentioned leaving, i was almost certain she wanted to see how you would react. and your stammering pretty much gave you away.

Duan: See, ALMOST certain. I have grown accustomed to the word 'almost' in my years of life. Besides, what if I wasn't talking about myself? I could have been talking about EVERYONE here.

Jack:We must gather Everyone on this Island, to our Campsite in 7pm

Inferna: *to Duan. shrugs* who knows? hehe, besides Tsunami.

Duan: Okay, what if Tsunami doesn't know? I mean, unless you can read minds, then I'm having a hard time... darn it.

Tempus: * to Jack* That will not help you. Although powers have been restored and machinery has been reactivated, we cannot leave the island. For example, my umbra wings are gone so I cannot fly, and *snaps fingers. There is a red spark but nothing else* I can no longer summon my scepter, preventing me from creating a rift. If this person here (Tsunami) were to create a wave, it would crash upon riding. There is another force at work here, preventing our escape.

Jack:I'm just Nuts about getting out of here,you know

Tempus: I can see why. This place is incredibly unpleasent. However, before we can leave, we must discover the true reason for our presence here.

Duan: I'm not. Not that there's any reasoning behind that.

Tsunami: i agree with Duan. this island isnt that bad. although, if what you say is true i wont be able to go surfing.

Tempus: Correct. No one will be able to do much of anything past these beaches. Now, I can detect other lifeforms on this island, so I am going to request their assistance. If you wish to assist as well, then follow *walks off*

Duan: I dunno about you guys, but I'm going.

Tsunami: *follows Tempus*

Inferna: *follows Tsunami*

Duan: Okay... since we all have our powers, we should be able make it through without worry. I mean, we all have our powers back, RMG-24 is out of commission, or at least for now, and nothing could possibly go wrong.

(Duan wished he wasn't jynxing anything)

Duan: (Whispering to Inferna) What exactly makes you think I 'like' Tsunami? I mean, unless I tell her straight up that I like her, no one can know for sure. Sorry for my skeptical attitude, but no one has any true proof.

Inferna: you have a point, but it certainly seems like it.

Duan: So, it seems like it. So, assume that I were to hypothetically admit that I like her and... darn it again.

Tempus: Hault! We are not alone... *a strange creature (use your imagination) jumps out from the tall grass* Prepare for combat!

Duan: Whoo-hoo, I get to bash someone with my guitar!

(Duan switched knobs and strummed, then the strings came off and wrapped around the creature)

Duan: Bash time!

(Duan bashed the creature with his guitar and got the strings back)

Duan: All right! Duan, 1, Duan's enemies, 0!

Tempus: *the creature jumps* My turn! *shoryuken's the creature and follows up with a falcon kick* (man, I am full of references today)

Tsunami: *traps the creature in a large bubble of water*

Inferna: *heats up the water, boiling the creature alive*

(creature dies, victory music plays)

Tsunami: alright. we should keep going.

Tempus: *chaos emerald in chest glows* A reaction? The Chaos Energy here is still being drained... We must conserve it.

(that night)

Tsunami: *laying in the grass looking at the stars. deep in thought*

Duan: It's pretty late... what's up, Tsunami?

(Duan laid down in the grass)

Duan: It's been a long day. Coming here, fighting RMG-24, meeting you...

(Duan wished he hadn't said that)

Duan: Pretend I never said that... darn it, Inferna, you win.

Tsunami: just thinking. they're beautiful aren't they?

Duan: What? The stars?

Tsunami: yeah

Duan: I... I've never gotten to see the stars like this before. They're very beautiful... I've never really experienced such beauty in my life, to be honest.

Tsunami: i've been thinking. somebody must be behind all this. shutting off our powers and trapping us here.

Duan: Why would anyone trap us here? I mean, I don't mind being here, but other people can't wait to leave. If anyone's behind all this, someone's gotta defeat that person, right? If anyone's gonna do it, it's gonna be someone strong.

Tsunami: agreed. but that's not what i had in mind. whoever wanted to trap us here, they're still here. they might even be among us at this very moment.

Duan: That could be right.

(Duan began thinking)

Duan: Why do I have to deny everything? Why do I have to be cursed with this awful personality trait? What I mean by that is, there's this girl on this island that I grew attracted to, and, and, I, uh, kept denying that I liked her. Well, if I didn't deny it, she'd find out and seek vengeance on me, and... I'll be sad beyond belief. But if I keep denying it, eventually we're all going to leave and I'll never be able to tell her what I think of her.

Tsunami: all the girls on this island seem pretty nice to me. i dont think they'd mind if you said something.

Duan: Well, uh, it's not who you'd expect. You might be shocked at who I said it was.

Tsunami: i don't think so. in fact, i might already know.

Duan: Ah!

(Duan jumped, like, seriously jumped)

Duan: (Holding his hands out in front of him as if he was shielding himself, and talking very quickly) YOU'RE FREE TO TELL ME WHO YOU THINK IT IS JUST DON'T TELL ME IT'S INFERNA CAUSE IT'S NOT

Tsunami: (chuckles) oh no. i know it's not Inferna. *looks over at him and smiles* is it me?

Duan: (Sigh) Yeah. (Lowers head in shame)

Tsunami: no need to be ashamed. i saw it coming. *looks back at the stars*

Duan: What? You're not... mad? I thought you would be mad to some degree or something.

Tsunami: why would i be mad? i may be a little hot-headed at times, but i wouldn't get mad about something like this.

Duan: Well, I figured you'd get mad, because when I still liked Amy, she was mad when I told her I kinda liked her. Apparently, she liked Sonic, who was my best friend. It was devastating to see that the girl I liked liked my best friend. So I figured that there was another guy you liked or you didn't like me and it was a creepy thought for you or something. In any case, though, I'm glad you're not mad.

Tsunami: nah. i dont have a crush or anything.

Duan: So... there's no one you like?

Tsunami: nope. why? you asking me out?

Duan: Well... somewhere between YES YES YES and yeah, sure.

Tsunami: *chuckles* i'd love to.

Duan: (Smiles) I guess this means it's you and me.

Tsunami: *smiles back* looks like it.

(As the two were looking up at the stars and lying down, Duan gently held Tsunami's hand)

Duan: It's getting late.

Tsunami: yeah.

(in teh morning)

Tsunami: *wakes up*

Duan: (Wakes up) Good morning, Tsunami.

Tsunami: morning

Tempus: While you two were up talking last night, I found this. *Flab is behind him* Did you find anything?

Tsunami: you could say that.

Duan: Well, uh, depends on what you mean by 'find anything'.

Tempus: Explain on the way. We move out now.

Tsunami: right. Inferna.

Inferna: *wakes up* we're leaving?

Duan: All right! Let's get a move on!

Tempus: Yes. The lifeforms I detected yesterday are still on the other side of the island. We made little ground yesterday, so we must make up for it today. Also, Duan, I must ask how you are feeling. Your body temperature was quite high yesterday. If you are ill, you should let us know. We can't have you jeapordize the mission.

Duan: What? Ill? That's preposterous! What could I have possibly gotten sick from?

Inferna: yeah. i sensed it too. nothing more than a little embarrassment.

Tempus: Other possiblilites include prolonged exposure to the sun, physical attraction... have you experienced any of this?

Duan: Exposure to the sun? Well, no, not really. Physical attraction... I'd rather leave that topic blank.

Tsunami: *raises an eyebrow*

Tempus: *akward pause* Well then... enough of that. Follow me. *heads off*

Duan: Let's go. You guys coming?

Tsunami: *follows Tempus, watching him carefully*

Duan: (Follows Tsunami and Tempus)

Inferna: *followas

(Duan suddenly stopped)

Duan: What the- why do I have this strange feeling?

Voice that sounds remarkably like RMG-24's: BEWARE, DUAN. I WILL BE BACK... IN ONLY A MATTER OF 8 HOURS (Only Duan heard it)

Duan: Ah! Oh, maybe it was just my imagination. I need to stop worrying about him.

Tsunami: what's wrong Duan?

Duan: I swear, I heard RMG-24's voice just now. The only problem with that is, he's not here.

Tsunami: must have been your imagination. especially since he was still in the base when it exploded. he couldn't still be in tact. could he?

Duan: Well, he's endured lots of hard blows such as being dropped in the water, burned in a fire, struck by lightning, frozen in sub-zero temperatures, crushed under large, hard stones... but he's never been in an explosion. So I don't know. Probably was my imagination, because back home, we fight all the time. He always comes back, I finish him, he comes back. Even when I got here, he was able to track me down. If he's not intact, then we don't have to worry, but... every night, I have trouble sleeping because of him, and... I can never stop thinking about him, because I know he's always gonna come back... if I don't destroy him, he'll literally end up killing me one day. So when I'm not beating the toast out of him, I worry.

Tsunami: dont worry Duan. if he does come after you again, lets just say he wont be intact this time.

Tempus: If what you say is true, and he can in fact endure such blows, then we may have a problem. Chaos Energy is still being drained, so we have to conserve it. Without such powers, fighting him may bring trouble.

Duan: The only true way to destroy him is to obliterate him, which I still don't know how to do. Since he lives off his memory, the alternative is to erase his memory. The reason he keeps coming back for me is because he remembers me... and I bet he remembers you too, Tsunami. So, if he comes back, we'll just have to put up with beating him up. The way to temporarily end him is to remove his memory chip. Only problem is, fifty percent of the time, he grows stronger and becomes the "Memory Conservation Mode". After we beat that, he shuts down and comes back after as short as one day to as long as six months.

Tsunami: oh dont worry. he's never seen my true power. no one here has.

Duan: That's good news... kind of. No one here has seen my power to the fullest extent, either. Not even you, Tsunami, when you saw me take him down. That was my power, but not to the fullest extent. You'll see what I mean when the time comes.

Tsunami: as will you.

Duan: Let's move on. Standing here isn't gonna get us anywhere. (Walks further)

Tsunami: right.

Duan: Tell me if you see anything, because HE might be around.

Tsunami: no problem.


Duan: The voice! It's back! Okay, something is seriously wrong.

Tsunami: he wont get to you as long as im here.

Duan: That comforts me to a high degree, Tsunami. Thanks. Obviously, though, I'll play my part in fighting him, I'm not a coward.

Tsunami: of course. i wouldnt want to hog all the fun.

Duan: Neither would I. I'd bash him, shoot lasers, blow stuff up, tie him up in metal strings, summon thunderstorms... and you'd put your attacks in, too. We'd be the perfect team!

Tsunami: yeah we would.

Duan: Rock n' Roll and Water... Surf Rock! Yeah! That should be the name of one of our combo attacks!

Tsunami: haha yeah! of course you know, if he manages to get you on the ground, he'll have to face my full fury.

Duan: If he knocks you down, I'll have to rock n' roll him!

Tsunami: agreed.

Duan: Let's get a move on. We've got nothing to lose, no time to waste.

Tsunami: right.

Duan: (Walks further)

Tsunami: *follows*

Duan: Anyone else coming? It's still morning and we've got a lot of ground to cover.

Inferna: right behind ya.

Duan: Tempus is obviously coming, too, and we still have a lot of time to make up for yesterday.


Duan: Okay, I REALLY heard something that time!

Tsunami: what did he say?

Duan: He said that he will come later and start by killing all of you... and then attack me because I'll have no help. I don't know what gives him the idea that I can't fight for myself, or that he even has a chance against all of us, but he sure sounded serious there... sometimes, he comes back stronger.

Tsunami: i cannot imagine what he thinks to accomplish by attacking all of us.

Inferna: good thing he doesn't know anything about Tsunami and i. as long as that's the case, he cant win.

Duan: Tsunami, he wants revenge on me because he remembers me. It started a long time ago, when he used to be good-- yes he used to be good-- and then he was reprogrammed by an evil doctor. Heaven knows why he did it, but then he wanted to kill me. I easily owned him and he remembered me. So now he seeks vengeance on me for not only being reprogrammed, but also because he remembers me. So, if he never knows your names, he can't track you down. I won't call any of you by your names, because then he'll seek revenge on you girls as well. So, Inferna, your correct. If he has no information about you, he can't win.

Tempus: That cannot be true... If he will come, he will kill all of you... Your talk of him concerned me, so I searched my databanks for any information I have on him... I found him. He will kill us all, and there is nothing we can do to stop him... Not unless I can somehow regain my power.

Tsunami: what about me? im pretty strong. and as long as i've got my ancient spirit within me, no long range attack can touch me.

Tempus: It will not matter... It will come back. It cannot be destroyed... You will see! *Tempus walks off in a rage, and throws a Chaos Spear at a tree*

Tsunami: *the water in the tree leaves it and molds it into a whip on her arm*

Duan: If there's one thing I've learned from our thousands of fights, the only way to beat him is via obliteration. Since I don't know how to do that, it will be difficult. Oh, and after removing his memory chip, beware the mighty Memory Conservation Mode, I've had friends die from it.

(Duan adjusted a knob on his guitar)

Duan: Ready as ever! RMG-24 is gonna go down!

Tsunami: sounds to me like this Memory Conservation Mode is more powerful than he is normally. am i right?

Duan: Correct. Luckily, he only goes Memory Conservation Mode on a fifty-fifty chance, so he's just as likely to shut down on the spot. If you find yourself with Memory Conservation Mode, his core is his weakness and source of energy. Remember that, if attacked, it can damage him. He will shut down once he has sustained enough damage.

Tsunami: all of us together should be enough to take him down.

Duan: Right! I actually tried fighting him with a lot of friends before. We ALMOST defeated him for good, but one of the idiots just HAD to screw in the memory chip. It brought him back up later, and we didn't know. So, that's a good idea!

Inferna: alright guys, we should probably keep moving. but be on your guard at all times.

Tsunami: right.

Jack: Ok, I got you covered

Duan: I won't be without my guard.

Chip: [Humming the nomnom song]

Buck: >_>

Megan: T^T I doubt Chip was even paying attention.....

Chip: T^T Yes I was.

(all of a sudden, a tree far off in the distance crashes down)

Megan: ! [Eyes flash]

Buck: 0_0



(the tree then seems to be dragged back into the forest by an unknown hedgehog)

Duan: Huh? What's moving that tree? Show yourself!

  • a spiky winged figure pops from the ground and looks around*

Inferna: who are you?

???:Hi. My name's Turbo. I'm a hedgedragon!

Duan: A hedgedragon?! Awesome!

Tsunami: i think i've seen you.

Duan: You have? That's too cool!

Tsunami: not really. he went Super Turbo and attacked me.

Duan: WHAT?!?! Okay, that is not awesome, not cool.

Turbo:It's not my fault that those power hungry trolls piled on me.

Duan: Oh. So now you're blaming it on someone else? Well, it IS your fault you went Super Turbo on Tsunami and attacked her!

(Duan's eyebrows arched downward to show an angry leer, and gave a scowl)

Duan: What was your reasoning behind it?!

Turbo:*slaps Duan with his glove* I can't control my super Form like everyone else can.

Duan: That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard! You didn't have to go super, you're half dragon! (pulls out his guitar and turns a knob) If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you're gonna get!

Turbo:*takes his gloves off and his power level rises* You don't know who your ****ing with.

Tsunami: *takes control of the water in Turbo and Duan's blood, stopping them in their tracks* calm down. we're not enemies.

Jack:Please we need to Survive on this Island, either we Live together or DIE APART !!!

Turbo:I have a huge advantage here along with a safe burrow with room for all of us. Follow me.

Duan: Jack, I guess you're right. Let's go.

Turbo:*jumps in the wholes and heads southwest*

  • the sky darkens and lightning crackles through the sky*

Duan: Huh. Usually, when a lightning storm happens, it's usually because I'm rockin' out. No, seriously. If I'm seriously rockin' out, I can summon thunderstorms.

Turbo:*teleports everyone to his burrow*

Duan: Whoa! Where are we? This is too cool! I think I'm gonna explode of sheer awesomeness! Well, some people wouldn't want that, but it might just happen!

Turbo:This is my burrow. Here I have access to primitive weapons like spears and some water.

Chapter Two

(Krinkinko wakes up on the south coast of the island.

Krinkinko:Huh...what!? Where is everyone?


???:(Slurps a coconut)Hmmmm I wonder if those fools for islanders figured out there not alone?.

(back with Krinkinko)

Tempus: *walking through some nearby bushes* You! You must be one of the lifeforms I detected one this end of the island. *looks up* Hmm, that's odd. My atmospheric sensors didn't detect any weather anomolies. No matter... There is a problem with this island and I require assistance to solve it. Will you?

Krinkinko:Sure robot dude. Here I have a treat for you. (Hands him a bowl of steaming oil)Omega-123 says robots love this!

Tempus: Omega of the E-Series? I believe I know him. An imbecile, really. *gestures to deny the oil* The E-Series truly went downhill after Pi. But... on a more productive note, do you have any leads? I have a few myself, but anything helps.

Krinkinko:Any footprints have been washed up by the waves by now soooo no.

Tempus: Then we head to the northern coast. There was a power surge there recently, possibly harnessable.

Krinkinko:Hope you have rockets because you need to keep up! (Grinds on the leafs of a palm tree then jumps to the next one and repeats)

Tempus: (mumbling) Damn interference screwing with my umbra-wings. (no longer mumbling) Go right ahead, but you will not get far without my navigator.

Krinkinko: (Halts)We just go north right?

Tempus: Navigating a deserted island is not as easy as "going north". Follow me. There were others. We had an... argument, and split up. I suppose reconciling would not be such a bad idea. They could be of use.

Krinkinko:So more of your robot friends?

Tempus: No. As far as I know there are only two mechanical beings on this island. Myself, and an incredibly dangerous one called RMG-24. It was trapped in a collapsing facility towards the western end of the island, but there is a strong possibility that it survived. We must be cautious of it. One of the others I mentioned kows how to defeat it, so finding him first would be wise.

Krinkinko:So where are they?

Tempus: Scanning...Scanning...They are underground.

Krinkinko: (Starts rapidly digging)

Tempus: *facepalms* This way, genius. *walks off*

Droget:AAAAAAAAAAAH a robot! I"ll save you kink! (Slashes Tempus with his sword)

Krinkinko:(Tries to help but falls in the hole he dug)

Tempus: *sword does nothing, so he takes it from Droget* Pathetic boy, this is how you strike an opponent. Chaos Spear! *summons a Chaos Spear, uses it as a sword to strike Droget*

Gale: *suddenly appears with them* What the-- Where am I?

Droget: All you robots are evil and whos taht hedgehog that just asked where he was!?

Gale: Droget?!? Droget it's me Gale.

Krinkinko:You met Droget before? (Droget's too busy fighting to hear) When?


???:I feel two maximum power surges nearby.

(Back at the south coast)

Gale: My name is Gale the Hedgehog. Cousin of Shadow the Hedgehog and former G.U.N General

Krinkinko:Ohhhhhhhhhhhh THAT Gale. So what's up?

Gale: The sky, Now where the hell am I?

[a body drifts from the sea onto the coast]

Gale: *see's the body* Huh *goes over to it*

Krinkinko:Gele since when were we in the sky!?

Droget:Huh whos taht washed up dude?

[drifting person's face is in water and bubbles come out of mouth for he is trying to speak]

Tempus: *lifts Droget by the throat* More of them? Well, that would explain some of the readings I was getting. *tosses Droget* Come now, we should get moving.

Droget:Your a robot your going to terminate us! (Dunks Tempus in the water)

Tempus: *electricutes Droget* Termination is the last thing on my mind at the moment. When I regain my full power, however, you will be on the top of my list for a trip to the prehistoric era.

Gale: *flips the body over* You okay?

[Drifting person gets up]

???:where am I? Where are my cookies?

Cookie monster:I ATE THEM!!!!

Droget:(spits out blood and falls to the ground)

Krinkinko:(picks him up)I'm so sorry tempus he's afraid of robots.

Tempus: Then this island is not the place for him. *looks to Droget* You hear that boy? Leave! *chuckles to himself*

Krinkinko: (Growls) He's my best friend he's not leaving.

Droget:Please don't hurt me Mr. robot!

Zyde: HELP ME !! I can't swim !

(Krinkinko swims to him and places him on shore)

Krinkinko:You alright?

Tempus: Oh my lord this is ridiculous!

Zyde: Oh I'm... I'm alright...

Krinkinko:So how did you end up here?

Droget:Mr. Rbobot I'm sorry if I angred you................................DON'T KILL ME!!!

Tempus: I am heading out! If anyone wants to follow, then feel free.

(They all follow him)

Droget:M-Mr. robot i'm s-sorry!

Tempus: ...Forgiven.

Droget:So were are we going?

Tempus: We are going to find others. With a full team, we can investigate the power surges on the north end of the island and possibly return things to normal.

[the drifting person that was in the sea and rescued by Gale walks off or should I say wobbles off in the opposite direction then falls facedown on the ground]

Droget:(Rushes over to her.)

Krinkinko:So if we don't just go north how do we get there?

Tempus: I sense a strong concentration of lifeforms in the western half of the island. We go there.

[the guy on the ground then gets up then leans against a tree with a weird face on him]

Droget:You okay?

???:I'm feeling withdrawel from my cookies. I smelt them in the bathroom then all of a sudden I was sucked into the toilet and now here I am....Where am I?

Droget:Your on a deserted island and Cookie monster just ran off with some cookies.

Krinkinko:Come on let's go west!

???:*shocked face* A cookie monster?! I'll kill him! *runs after cookie monster*Yells back as he runs*By the way I'm Matthias!(Makuta-I got to go. Seeya)

Zyde: Hey, wait up guys !

Droget: (halts)Pick up the pace these guys are fast!

Zyde: Wait, tell me where I'm at.

Droget:A deserted island. How did you get here anyway?

Zyde: I was riding a boat heading for Christmas Island, and it got sucked into a toilet floatin in the water.

Droget:Isn't that where Sonic was born?

Zyde: Yes, and can I come with you guys ?

Droget:Yes that's the idea...(Stomache starting a mini earthquake)Man, I'm hungry!

Zyde: Hey, maybe there's bananas on this island !

Droget: Yeah let's look!

Zyde: There's some. * points to bananas *

Droget:(Some flies fly near the bannana and Droget eats with his tounge them)You can have the bannas. (Mouthful smiling rubbing his stomache)

Zyde: Um, Okaaayyyy...

Droget: I'm a frog you know.

Okay, * eats banana * what now ?

Droget:I don't know you decide.

Zyde: We should probably get off this island.]Droegt: First let's find the others.

Turbo:*scouring for a new burrow and food when he sees Krinkinko* Krinkinko!! Is that you?

Krinkinko: TURBO? (Turns around) Long time no see man! How has the hidden island been doing?

Turbo:It's been fine but I needed a vacation. *sees some berries on a bush* Perfect.

???:Turbo always slacking off! My my maybe your why we are the only two left!

Turbo:*turns around*Who the heck are you? *smashing a few berries in a pot*

Zyde: Who do we have to look for ?

Droget:Alot of people.

???:Turbo, always goofing off you don't even remember your rival. (??? steps out of the shadows revealing a three toed hedgehdragon)

Zyde: Who do we look for first ?

Turbo:OMG....a hedgedragon........that's....disturbing.....


Turbo:Wait, I remember now. When we were infants living underground we always fought for food.

Hozukimaru:What's so disturbing about it that you wish to be the last one left. Well you've got another thing coming slacker! You a chaos hedgedragon!

Krinkinko:You two related?

Hozukamaru:NO we are feirce rivals.

Turbo:Wait....ya, I don't know you.

Hozukimaru:Hmph you must of forgot everything! I'll be honest one of my only memories of our past is that we are the same species and your my rival.

Zyde: Not to be rude, but don't we have to find people ?

Turbo:I'll fight but remember, I don't go easy.

Hozukimaru:I never said anything about fighting your hearing is as bad as your memory.

Droget:Let's head west to find people!

Turbo:*pulls out a few rings he made* Catch ya later. *heads west*

Hozukimaru: (Flies towards him) We can fly you know!

Turbo:The thing is, I can't fly without using Chaos Energy. I can't use my wings to well.

Hozukimaru:Heh heh. That place you guard...hidden island is it. They sure have a lousy guardian!

Turbo:At least I'm fast and not a pink loser.

Hozikimaru:Sez you! (Clinches fist) It takes a true man to be pink!

Turbo:Whatever nerdbrain. Krinkinko: (shouting)Guys wait up!

Tsuanami: what'd i miss?

Krinkinko:We are looking for the others and Turbo discovered he has a rival he never knew about.

Hozukimaru:He did no he's just too lazy to remember!

Turbo:You don't even know how to use a Mobius Ring and your calling ME lazy?

Hozukimaru:What's a mobius ring?

Tsunami: that's enough. *looks at Turbo. surrounds her hand in water* unless you wanna rust.

Zyde: Hey, I think I see someone.


Turbo:*Pulls out a few Mobius rings ands absorbs them*

Hozukimaru:Oh those golden rings of power. I've seen them everywhere I just didn't know the name.

Turbo:I sense that there is a large cluster of them nearby.

Hozukimaru: AAAH! I SEE THEM THERE IN A UNDERWATER GROTTO WATER GROTTO! Water is our natural weakness.

Tsunami: allow me. *a bubble of water comes up out of the grotto with the rings inside. it pops in front of her and drops the rings*

Turbo:*puts all the rings into clusters of 100 and divides them equally among the group* If you excuse me I have to find a way off of this Island.

Krinkinko:No you don't! Were all sticking together!

Hozukimaru:I agree with the sick hedgehog!

Krinkinko:I'm not sick! That's just how my fur looks!

???: *Simply relaxing on a tree* Why...if its a boat you need made then Im the guy your alll looking for.

Tsunami: i dont need a boat. im hydrokinetic.

???: Then why arnt you all off the island right now??

Krinkinko:The water waves are too violent it would rip the boat to shreds. Even steel anyways there isn't matierial that works properly.

???: @#$% it........and how excatly do you all know where your going???

Turbo:I don't get why we don't just use Daimondega to build a boat.

Hozukimaru:Yo! Any hedgehdragon food around here?

Turbo:I got Umbrakinesis, Electrokinesis and Chaos Powers but I can't get off this island. I never thought it would end this way....

Hozukimaru: (Hands them all a hedgedragon sandwhich)Dude chill!

Tsunami: *takes a sandwich* besides, people can survive about 3 weeks on fresh water alone. which i can supply. we should be able to solve the mystery of whoever's keeping us here by then.

Jack:(Founds the Other Half of the Survivors)Guys I've found the Other half of the Survivors!

Droget: (Chomping on a fruit) We've been found!!1 Well just by the other shipwrecked so I'm not too excited.

Jack:Well I guess we're 1 big happy Family Again!

???: Well, don't let me ruin it for you.

Gale: *turns around* ISAIAH?!?! When did you get here?!

Isaiah: Hahaha! I've been here this whole time, I've been trying my best to live a nice life here...good to see others I can say happily! I brought him with me. *points back to his friend*

Gale: Oh hey Griogar.

Griogar: Yeah no surprise for me, I guess.

Krinkinko: (Pacing back and forth)What should we do?

Jack:We need to either Survive or Geting off this Island

Turbo:Luckily I always bring this with me. *pulls out the Silver Chaos Amulet* I doubt it has any power left though.

(The amulet then goes dull gray)

Hozukimaru:Dull, dull Turbo. Always relying on chaos powers. (Tries to fly out of the island but he's telaported back to the island)

Jack:Without the Chaos Emeralds or the Chaos Amulets,We have no choice but to get out of the Island is by BOAT

Tsunami:i could surf out. but i dont think i could extend my power over more than two others.

Krinkinko:Did you see what just happened? He tried to fly out but he was transported back here!

Turbo:I have one thing left but if it fails......we're screwed.

Tempus: *walks back after going ahead* All together? Good. We head north.

Jack:Ok & we need to build a strong boat to fit us all in

Tempus: Boat? *sigh* I explained it to half of you already, but I guess I have to do it again. We are trapped. No boat, no wings, no hydrokinesis will take us away from here. There is a force holding us here. I detected power surges on the north shore. That is our only lead, so we head there.

Hozukimaru: You dummie the waves are too strong and alos if you stray to far from thr idland you get transported back!

Turbo:Hozukimaru. I think we should perform the Fusion.

Hozukimaru: What good would that do we're trapped....but we can get to the north shore faster. Fine but only for a short bug!

(He gets in his stance and starts charging energy into his fist)

Turbo:*charges his fist and gets ready to punch*

(They punch and the fusion is done with six pink and red wings, a pink and black face, six claws and the voice of rick astley)

Hozukiturbo:Dang I didn't expect the rick-roll voice.(He transports everyone north)

Krinkinko: There's a note that reads (If you made it here your lucky because I thought you ants would never make it but now I'm gone. I'm off the island to go grocery shopping.

Krinkinko:Aw man!

Tempus: No... this is not right. *grabs the note* Chaos Fire! *the fire is absorbed into the note and it disappears* I though so. There is another hidden facility here... very close.

Hozukimaru:(Forces out of the fusion)

Krinkinko:First let's hit the sack.

A dull explosion like the one heard earlier was heard in the dark.

(Inside a hidden base, not too far away, A bear-like Mobian rips a camera off the wall, and steps on the robot that attempted to attack him. "This place," he said, "hasn't been used all that recently. Still, I know I felt important piece is here somewhere, I know it."

Chapter Three

(The next day)

Hozukimaru:(Wakes up screaming)AAAAAAH AH AHA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I still can't live down that I fused with TURBO! (Sees a giant volcono in the middle of the island) That's weird.

Tempus: No! No! NO!!! This is wrong, all wrong! The island has changed! I searched high and low last night but NOTHING!

Krinkinko: (Wakes up)Take a chill pill man! (Sees Fa-La-Stu) Fa-La-Stu where have you been?

Fa-La-Stu:In that cave (points to a cave)

Hozukimaru:I haven't saw that either!

Tempus: It is just not RIGHT! *punches cave wall. It ripples* What? *repeats* This makes no sense... (Sonicfan919-A cave can't ripple like that)

Krinkinko:Why is he hitting that cave.

Droget:His camera must be broken.

Jack:(Wakes Up) I didn't know there's a Volcano on the Island

(E-113:Xi-Work with me on this one. I'm going somewhere with it)

Tempus: This cave... it is fake. *pulls out claws and slashes a tree. It ripples as well* It all is. The hedgedragon! This did not happen until he teleported us here. Whatever is draining the Chaos Energy on this island, it drew us here. I told you all to walk, but no one listened! I just cannot believe my sensors did not detect this.

Tsunami: calm down Tempus. we wont be able to figure this all out while we're yelling at each other.

Tempus: My apologies. This is quite frustrating for me. (to himself)Damn my mobian data.

Hozukimaru:Umm look up there. (Gestures all of them to look upward with his mouth open)

(A real cave was crashing from the sky about to land where the fake cave was)

Duan: (Wakes up) Hey, guys. I'm up.

(Somewhere, RMG-24 grabbed Duan and took him north)

Duan: What are you doing this for?!?! I thought you were dead!


Duan: Go away from here!


(Duan pulled out his guitar)

(RMG-24 armed himself)

Tsunami: Rain Hookblades! *summons her hookblades*


(RMG-24 gave a robotic laugh)

Tsunami: as a matter of fact, i am! *runs foreward and jumps. flips in the air and jabs her hookblades into RMG-24's eyes*


Duan: You're not doing anything to her!

(Duan fired a laser at RMG-24)


(WARNING: "Straw that broke the camel's back" moment approaching)

Tempus: I... have... HAD IT!!! Chaos BLAST!!! *all the mobians were shielded. RMG-24 was hit. The landscape begins to fade in and out. Tempus repeats* I am sick of this island! I am sick of these illusions! And I am sick... of you (RMG-24)... disgracing our kind! *concentrates a Chaos Blast into a laser aimed at RMG-24*

Tsunami: *behind RMG-24 now* Rain Hookblades! Acend! Flood Trident! *slams the hookblades together over her head. the fuse and change shape, becoming a trident. stabs RMG-24 in the back with it*

Krinkinko:I think he blew a circuit. (The island stabalises and evrything becomes real)

Duan: All right, looks like when Tsunami hit him, the memory chip blew up inside his head! I never thought of that! Wait, what if he goes Memory Conservation Mode?

(RMG-24 stayed there)

Duan: He-he's down! All our troubles! All gone! Unless, of course, one of you told him your names.

Tempus: *umbra wings return and temporal scepter appears in his hand* I... I am back. He must have been the sorce.

Duan: Let's see if I can hover as Hendrix Duan again.

(Duan went Hendrix Duan, and began to hover, then went back to normal and descended)

Duan: I guess this means I can leave whenever I want. Although... I've really come to like this place.

Tsunami: as have i. that reminds me though. i need to take you boardless surfing sometime.

Duan: That sounds awesome. Some time, you should go see one of my concerts. In my home town, I play frequently. I've toured several times before.

Tempus: *begins spinning scepter* Well... farewell. It has been a... pleasure. *portal opens. Tempus goes through*

Duan: See ya, Tempus!

Turbo:I got it. I think I found a way out.

(Sonicfan919-Tempus broke a rule. Not to end the RP so quickly and you can't escape and no he wasn't the source. That's two rules Tempus broke unless he just thinks he's the source. Wait! Three rules because he got his powers back)

Krinkinko:Oh my gosh he blew a circuit he's crazy!

Krinkinkow:How Turbo?

Turbo:The Island is protected by Chaos Energy. We need more Energy to negate that energy so we can escape.

Jack:Excuse me we need to make a Campfire & to build a tent so we can Camp here for the Night

Turbo:*digs a shelter with his an Explosion Punch* That work?

Inferna: i'll handle the fire*summons her fire ax and dims the flames. goes to get firewood*

Turbo:Hey Inferna, do you think you can amplify my electrokinesis with your fire? 123-Omega:I don't think you understand in no way is this place protected by chaos energy it only drains it.

Fa-La-Stu:I'm afraid he's right.

Hozikimaru:Since today's bland anyway how about we try to remember our past, Turbo?

Inferna: *comes back with a tree she cut down* it's worth a try.

Turbo:It dosent seem to effect me concerning the fact that We're all still alive.

Tsunami: *seems to be hurt by what Hozikimaru said*

Turbo:Will someone put a sheild around Omega?

(Omega leaves the area)

Krinkinko: Remember what omega said? Yhis place just drains chaos it's not made of it.

Inferna: i dont need chaos. i have fire.

Turbo:*starts gathering Mobius Rings* Give me a week.

Hozikimaru:A week and you don't want to try to dicover our past?! Lazy ant!!!!!!!!!

Tsunami: *thinks* past....

Krinkinko: So what do we do now?

Krinkinko:ANYBODY OUT THERE?! (shouting out)

..."Maybe." A voice responds. A new face pops into view; a bear of some sorts. In his hand was some kind of gem. "Who exactly are you?"

Krinkinko: I'm krinkinko sir who are you. Please don't eat me!

Rage: "My name, is Rage. I don't know what crazy ideas you have in your head, Krink, but I ain't gonna eat you. Maybe hurt you a bit, but no eating."

Krinkinko:So Rage...I'm pretty bored what do you sugest we do?

Inferna: *already finished chopping the tree into firewood* i'll get the fire started. *snaps her fingers above the logs. a flame appears and falls onto them, setting them on fire* done.

Krinkinko: Now let's hunto for food.

Tsunami: *sitting on the surface of the water, spearing fish with her trident*

Krinkinko: Let's get some land food now.

Rage grunts as he watches Tsunami and Krinkinko gather food. He had no need for mortal sustenance, in fact - he absorbs the gem he was holding previously - he now had all the nourishing he needed. Still, for some reason my powers are weaker here.

Krinkinko:Yo rage help us out! Maybe we can find some honey for you. A fish maybe?

Jack:I guess we need something to eat,because I'm hungry!

Rage: I do not eat honey nor do I consume fish. My body does not require the same nutrients that yours does to keep active. In addition, do not get used to my presence, I intend to get off of this rock as soon as possible.

Krinkinko:The first thing you could do is help! You eat it or not I doubt you like starving animals.

Rage: Do not attempt to give me orders. It is not my fault that you Mobians require regular ingestion of nutrients in order to stay alive.

krinkinko: And it's not my fault you arn't a real mobian....bearhog.

Rage: Honestly, was that supposed to be some kind of witty retort? I've known retarded newborns who could come up with better responses. A bearhog? Honestly, you'd think these creatures were born without brains. With that, I'm off for the night. Continued tomorrow!

Krinkinko:Well you were modeled after a werehog and your a bear.

Roy: Uhgggh! I'm so hungry, i could turn my foot into a hot dog and eat it!!! (Roy looking at his foot)

Krinkinko:Huh? When did you get here!? Want to help us look for food I hear there are oigs on this island.

Metal:What Food?

Krinkinko:There's food on this island. We are searching for even more food. (Points to the fish they caught)

Metal:Yeah Whatever. (picks up a large rock and throws it at Krink)

Krinkinko: (Runs from it)What the heck was that for!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

[In a flash of red Metal is thrown in the sky]

Roy: (turns his hand into a sword)

Krinkinko:Now let's catch some food! (Gets out his leaf blade and kills a non Mobian pig)

Roy: In a way, this is canniballisim, but it's for our own good!

Krinkinko:No these animals are non mobian. (Catches a cow)

Roy: Well i'm still a budhist, Canniball or not!!!!!! (sucking on his feet)


Krinkinko:Want to eat some leaves off a tree then?

Metal:sorry but I don't eat anything

Krinkinko:Then maybe you and Rage could be friends. He doesn't eat.


Metal:(suddenly dark power controls him so he kicks krink)

Krinkinko:That's it! (Slashes Metal with his leaf blade 45 times)

Metal:(dodges the attack and kicks Krink too hard)

(Just saying it's godmodding when you dodge all attacks or don't show signs of being tired)

Krinkinko:(Gets up in pain and uses extreme speed on metal then bounce attack on him)

Roy: (turns his feet into a jetpack and flies away)

Metal:(lies on the ground being badly damaged by Krink's attack) Ow

Krinkinko:(Holding his stomache)Why did you attack me?

Metal:...(still keeps quiet) I couldn't control my power's ok? Sometime's people like me can't control their powers.

Krinkinko:Forget about it dude. I can't control some of my powers either.

Roy: Like me!! (stabs Krink)

Krinkinko:AAAH! Eeew I'm not about to lick you! (Backs away slowly)

Metal:Hey Krink is there any burgers? Because I would like one,I don't eat very often.

Krinkinko:There is a cow cooking when he's done just make the burger.

Roy i didnt say lick.

Roy: oops. i ment like.

Krinkinko:Eeeew like you!? Your a boy!

Metal:...Have you got anything to eat?

Krinkinko: There cow,fish,and pig cooking at the campfire. When the cow is done you can make yourself a burger.

Metal:Thanks dude.

Krinkinko:No prob.

Metal:So what happened to Rachel?

Krinkinko:She is the mission seeker,front desk lady and rewards manager for G.U.N.

Metal:I work for G.U.N but I'm a higher rank than you.

Krinkinko: Oh yeah? What rank?


Krinkinko:Hmph what's your mission rank? Mines X

Metal:Whats a misson rank?

???:Who are you guys?

Krinkinko:A mission rank is a rank you get when someone totals up all your missions and your preformance on them mines Z being the least.

Metal:Oh okay.

Cyber:My name is Cyber the Dragon and I'm lost on this island with you guys.

Droget: Hey want me to count the people here?

Metal:Go on then.

Droget:There are 48 of us.

Metal:Cool,But there is too much of us.

Droget:Too much?! This is godd for stopping wild un-mobian animals and catching food!

Metal:Yeah I know.

Turbo:I got bad news guys.

Hozukimaru:What that you found your brain!? Wait that's great news!!!

Turbo:NO!!!! The Island is in a pocket dimension and I know only one way to tear the dimensional walls!!!

(Sonicfan919-Dang good thinking that's what I had planned all along)

Hozukimaru:What by you trying to think? That would break the laws of phisics.

Turbo:It's possible but the consequences could involve Universal decimation.

Hozukimaru:IDIOT!!!!If it could destroy the universe then don't do it! I have an alternitive but It'll take two weeks.

Turbo:Till then I will find some food.

Hozukimaru:Make that WE! (Hits a tree and grapes fall)

Turbo:Meteor Mash!! *smashes a tree from a distance and Coconuts fall*

Hozukimaru:(Gets bonked by the coconuts then he cuts one open with his claws, gets a spoon, pours Froot loops , and starts eating)

Banshee: *appears* What did I miss?

Turbo:We'll be off the Island in 2 weeks.

Hozukimaru: (Sees Banshee)Hey boss find any trolls?

Turbo:Trolls are a protected species now that most evil Trolls died you Idiot.

Hozukimaru:Your calling me an idiot, I'm a troll hunter along with Banshee the evil Trolls didn't die just some of them saw the ligt. Still, theres millions of them in there bases and towns out to destroy us. It's not my fault you protect some trolls!

Turbo:One more smart thing from your mouth and your gonna be a linked sausage!

Hozukimaru:Your actions are starting to make me think that maybe you killed the rest of the hedgedragons and were the only ones left!

Turbo:*Chaos Energy that looks like steam starts radiating out of Turbo's body and kills all nearby Flora and Fauna* You....YOU!!!!!!

Tsunami: HEY! *holding a sphere of water in each hand* stop fighting or you both drown!

Hozukimaru: (Ignores her then throws up lava on Turbo)

Inferna: *stops the lava midair*

Tsunami: stop it now!

Hozukimaru:He probally killed my race! I can't let him live!

Tsunami: calm down or neither will you!

@Krinkino: No, Rage, the character I created, is just a bear. Rage the bear is a character made by an idiot out of spite. Read the articles, know the difference.

Rage: More people show up, and talk quite a bit, but none of them seem to be contributing to the issue at hand. He watches the fight Hehehe

Turbo:*his irises and pupils dissappear and turn into Red Spirals*

Tsunami: *fires a beam of water at Turbo*

Turbo:*unaffected by the water as his claws rip out of his gloves and his spines turn upward* Hozukimaru:Just curious Turbo, when you came to mobius where did you land?

Turbo:*his fur turns a glowing mahogany and he laughs maniacally* YOUR UP AGAINST SUPER TURBO NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Tsunami: *hands now covered in claws of water. swipes them through the empty air on either side of her. sticks her hands in the rifts and water comes out, surrounding her and transforming her*

Water Beast Tsunami: calm down NOW!!

Super Turbo:Lightning Oblivion!!!! *sends a 400 Petavolt(400 X 10^12) Blast through Tsunami* Hozukimaru:(Thurns all pink)MANLY HOZUKIMARU! Manly Hozukimaru: (Lifts water beast Tsunami up and pus her on a nearby tree) Stay here were it's safe. (Flies to turbo and punches him)

Super Turbo:Chaos Laser!! *pierces Hozukimaru's stomach*

WBT: i dont think so! *her eyes become vicious and bloodthirsty* FRENZY!!! *charges at Super Turbo and begins slicing at him with her claws and teeth. every second the attacks become stronger and faster until she is nothing but a blur of blue and red*

Manly Hozukimaru:AAAH IT BURNS! (Uses a chaos neutralizer dart to revert turbo to normal)Huff huff your so strong!

A wall of black energy appears between the combatants, as Rage steps forward. "I enjoy your useless bickering as much as the next fool, but I wouldn't waste my time fighting a useless battle." He says as the dart is absorbed into the wall. "In case you haven't noticed, we have other problems.


Rage chuckles. "I care...why? Normal or not, this island will weaken him eventually." He sneers, but nevertheless lets the second dart pass.


Inferna: *stops Tsunami* Tsunami! no!

Super Turbo:*catches the Dart* CHAOS OBLIVION!!!!!!!!! *destroys 2/3 of the Island*

Hozukimaru: (Undid the damage, puts his hands on Turbo's shoulders and stares deeply into his eyes.) Listen, this isn't what our parents would want they would want a world of peace.

Rage smiles. "Do you think you have what it takes, Mobian? The Ancient Walkers themselves did not possess the strength to kill me off for good. What makes you think a rodent has that power?" He insulted, as the dark energy he released earlier to make the barrier moves back and swirls around him, shielding him.

(And I'm pretty sure Turbo shouldn't be doing that)

Super Turbo:*grabs rage* YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!!!! *sticks his hand through Rages Chest*

WBT: *enraged further by Rage's comment* OUT OF MY WAY WORM! I'LL CRUSH THAT IDIOT BEAR!

Inferna: *struggling to hold her back* dont listen to her! Frenzy makes her incrediblly powerful at the expense of her sanity and self-control. Hozukimaru:Me and Turbo arn't from mobius. Turbo our parent's wouldn't want this! We are here for a reason you can decide if it's a good one. (Crying)

Rage could easily dodge the attack. He could have easily just sidestep it and get on with his life. However, this little rat had to learn a lesson. Rage's form solidified around Turbo's hand, holding the Hedgedragon in place. "I guess you don't know who I am." He said, putting his hand to Turbo's face. All at once a blast of Dark matter hit Turbo in the face, with enough force to destroy a building. "With three of my toys back under my control, what made you think a simply doll could stand against me?"

Super Turbo:*reverts*


Rage points at WBT, a small sphere of black energy already formed at the tip of his finger, ready to fire. "If you want to waste any more of my time, I suggest you get lost. I have not the patience to deal with yet another mindless weakling who doesn't know their place."

Inferna: *still trying to stop WBT* dont! she's not herself! Tsunami snap out of it!

WBT: *runs out of power. reverts back to normal and faints*

Inferna: *catches her.*

Rage lets the orb dissipate. "Good, now are we all calm now? You've all been acting horrendously. Maybe you are forgetting your goals; getting off of this rock is what's important, not killing each other."

Krinkinko: Mr. rage, trust me getting beat down is the last thing on my To-do list but you've got it all wrong. Us mobians arn't mindless dolls filled with pain in hatred we have feelings. Those guys are just...special.

Tsunami: *fur becomes yellow and streaks become pink. she grows knuckle spikes and stands up*

Moonrise: do not blame Tsunami. it was not her fault. she activated Water Beast Form in order to stop Turbo and Hozukimaru from killing each other.

Chapter Four

(T'was getting annoying scrolling up.)

Rage looks at Krinkinko. "No, but you might as well be. Hell, the fools I encountered in the Twilight Zone were more civilized that the group I've seen so far." He sneered. He then looks at Tsunami. "Oh no you don't." He said, as he let a blanket of dark energy cover her. "Go back to sleep."

Krinkinko:Now your just being racist you only met a few mobians not all of them!

Moonrise: (Tsunami transformed into her) *absorbs the blanket* im not interested, thank you.

Rage shifts focus back to Krinkinko. "And how would you assume that? Before I was sealed away I traveled the world, meeting many people and fighting many battles. I gained power, and lost it as well. The Mobians I've met have been fairly self-destructive."

Moonrise: really? and how long ago exactly?

Rage pondered for a second. "That depends, how long ago was the Age of Eclipse?" He asked.

Moonrise: not sure. Jack: But we got no time to talk now, we gotta find some Coconuts

Rage looked at her. "The Age of Eclipse was the name given to the eight year time period during which I gained the most power. It 'ended' when I stopped my conquest of the world and looked for a more ... suitable way to spend my time. If the knowledge of such an era has faded out of mortal memory, then it must have been quite some time ago."

Moonrise: all i know of history are the many times i've attempted control of the world as part of Ultima.


Turbo:Hey Krink, I wanna talk to you after dinner.

Krinkinko:Okay! (Chomping down on a hamburger)

Moonrise: *closes her eyes for a moment. opens them* yup. Tsunami's pretty wiped out. look's like i'll be in control for a while.

Rage turns his back to the group. "I really have no clue then...time passed differently for me while I was in there. The Ancient Walkers wanted to be sure I'd not get out. Sucks to be them, huh? Can you believe it, they even set up a trap in case I DID get out."

Turbo:I can help you with that problem.

Rage chuckled. "Nice offer, but you don't want to help me. Trust me on that one."

Rage/Kasei: Ok I'll be back in about a half hour.

Krinkinko:Okay Turbo I'm done with dinner. What's up?

Jack: Yummy Yum Yum! (Chomping down roast chicken)

Turbo:I think Super Turbo is becoming more powerful.

Hozukimaru: How did you transform there wasn't any chaos energy!?

Moonrise: Tsunami does not need Chaos. She relies solely on water energy.

Hozikimaru:I was talking to Turbo!

Turbo:I absorbed so much Chaos Energy over the years that it became a source of Latent Energy and Krink can tell you the rest.

Jack: What is going on here?

Krinkinko:It's private. (Shoos the others away) So Turbo anything else. I think you should hang with that guy named Hozukimaru. He's the last of your kind.

Jack: Alright, alright, I'm going!


Krinkinko:So Turbo, you'll hang with him!?

Rage pipes in. "There's more than one creature like Turbo? How quaint. They can go be monsters together."

Hozukimaru:What did you say about the hedgedragons punk! I'm the other hedgedragon Krinkinko was refering to and I ain't a mosnter!

turbo:Ya!! The Hedgedragons were the first great civalazation AND the Most Advaned!!!

Krinkinko:So back off Winnie the Pooh!

Rage looked over Hozukimaru, who he had not even noticed before. After a quick glance, he smirked. "Your appearance is an amalgamations of organic tissue seemingly taken from a variety of Mobian species. If you are indeed what you say you are then I fear that the Hedgedragon hybrid species may be the most hideous thing I have ever beheld." He then turns to Turbo. "Do shut your mouth before I shut it for you. As I've said before, a long time ago I had conquered most of the world. I had never received resistance from a Hedgedragon society nor had I even heard of such a thing. Your words make no sense in the historical truth, Turbo, be careful not to besmirch the past to glorify yourself."

Hozukimaru: (Tackles Rage) Listen punk,the Hedgedragons are all too real! Maybe you want to glorify yourself! Believe it or not you're not exactly eye candy either!

Moonrise: *smirks* only most of it?

Rage grabs Hozukimaru around the neck and lifts the Hedgedragon off of himself. "Oh, I don't doubt your existence, after all; you're right in front of me. Nor do I glorify myself. I simply recount history. As for my appearance, well, I had to acquire a new form after escaping my prison. This was just the simplest to get hold of." He stated simply, then looked at Moonrise. "Of course, the Ancient Walkers stepped in at that point."

Turbo:The Hedgedragons dissapeared 8000 years ago and only inhabited Hidden Island.

Inferna: *fur darkens. fushia streaks appear on her. in a different voice* and we didn't step in to stop them until they succeeded.

(She's probally not talking about the hedgedragons)

Hozukimaru: I appeared in station square about a month ago and Turbo appeared somewhere six years ago. We need to find our purpose.

(Moonrise and Inferna are talking about their pasts)

Rage chuckled. "They disappeared, did they? Hehehe, so they weren't so advanced after all. Inhabiting Hidden Island? You mean that rock I bombarded? Or was there some other place with that name?" He then glances at Inferna. "Who now?"

Turbo:It must have been different because that Island is still there!!!

Rage sighed. "I did not destroy Hidden Island, boy, I merely eviscerated its inhabitants." He said calmly.

Turbo:Then Explain this! *pulls out the silver Chaos Amulet*

Moonrise: ever heard of Ultima and Hypra? i am a part of Ultima. the other parts and i have taken over the world countless times.

Inferna: only to be knocked back down by us from Hypra.

Moonrise: it was a draw!

Rage looks the object over, unsure of what it is. "How can I explain something I've never seen before? In what context do you want me to explain it?" He demanded.

Hozukimaru:Turbo you fool! This must mean the nice bear is talking about a island with an identical name.

Turbo:Ah screw this. I GOTTA GET OFF THIS ISLAND!!!!!!!!

Hozukimaru:You will in two weeks you have any clue how our race disapeared, Turbo?

Turbo:All I know is that The Chaos Amulets are all that is left.

Hozukimaru:Now should we try to remember our pasts?

"What good is remembering your pasts?" Rage asked. "You'll find little to nothing that will help you in the here and now."

Jack: I don't know, but we need to find some Coconuts

fa-La-Stu:NO! We need to conserve. You can have cereal for breakfast tommorrow and use the coconut milk.

Hozukimaru:(Rage) It's just I'm tired of livivng in mystery. Even though it's been a month.

Turbo:Mabye we should try fusing again. Let's hope it's not as bad as last time.

Hozukimaru:Nah let's just wait the two weeks. Beside I hate fusing with you. Now should we try to remember our pasts?

Turbo:That's why I fought we should fuse.

Hozukimaru:That would only combine what we know we should meditate and try to think of our past.

Turbo:When we fuse, make sure we look bad*** and sound cool.

Krinkinko:You did look cool!

Hozukimaru:For the last time we will meditate not fuse.

Turbo:How 'bout this. TAG!!! *tags Hozukimaru and runs off*

Hozikimaru: (Flies toward him and says)Your it but this is childish!

  • three hours have past and it's nighttime*

Duan: Ah, nighttime. And to think RMG-24 is out of commission.

Hozukimaru: Hey I fixed up your robot friend for you. (Hands him RMG-24)


(Duan hilariously jumps up in the air, like 88 miles in the air, and then falls and makes a hole of him)

Duan: Don't... bring... him... near... me...

Hozukimaru:Have fun with your new friend! (Puts RMG-24 in the hole then Hozu closes the hole with dirt)

Duan: (Quivering with eyes looking surprised) WHY DO YOU WANT US TO DIE???

Moonrise: *fires a chaos beam into the hole straight through RMG*

Hozukimaru:Did I mention his steel is near unbreakable!?

(Hey, hey, who said you could make your own description of RMG-24)

Duan: Th-thanks. Why am I afraid of him now when I wasn't before?

Moonrise: *suddenly changes back into Tsunami*

Tsunami: nothing's stronger than my claws! *becomes WBT*

WBT: *digs Duan out* run! i'll take care of him.


Duan: All right!

(Duan immediately ran out)

Hozukimaru:If your looking for aa fight don't bother I like to remain peaceful at night.

Krinkinko:Hey jack! Have you seen Amy. Not trying to get her before me I hope!

Jack: Well why would you look for her?


WBT: this time no one get in my way! FRENZY!!!! *charges at RMG-24. leaps at him and begins slashing him with her razor sharp claws and teeth. the attack continued growing faster and stronger until she was nothing but a blur of blue*

Jack:(Sees Pink Streaks of Light) What's That !

Duan: Whatever it is... It's gotta be a little bit better than RMG-24, if not much better.

Jack: Well I'm gotta go find out what's that Pink Streaks of Light is

Krinkinko: I think it's Amy!

WBT: *stops slashing at RMG, revealing the shredded robot body that was all that was left of him. changes back to normal*

Tsunami: *faints*

Jack:Come on Krinkinko, Lets go!

Duan: Tsunami! Are you okay?

(Duan looked at RMG-24)

Duan: At least he's gone for now. The self-repairing robot can't keep himself like this forever. Tsunami... thank you. Is there anything I can do for you?

Tsunami: *changes back into Moonrise*

Moonrise: *stands up* it is no use Duan. she is out of power and unconcious.

Duan: She... She is

Krinkinko: (Looks and finds Amy)

Moonrise: indeed. do not fear, though. her power regenerates faster the closer she is to water. being on an island, she should be back in a few minutes.

Inferna: you're forgetting. she wasn't fully recovered from last time. she may be a while. if not at all.

Rage watches the swift battle against the robot. "Ok, what was that all about? It didn't even do anything and you all freaked."

Duan: Inferna, are you just trying to freak me out?

Inferna: i wish i were, Duan. she's never used Frenzy without waiting until her power is fully recharged. i can only hope she didn't go too far here.

Jack:Now where did those Pink Streaks of Light go?

Metal:What pink streaks of Light?

Moonrise: do you never pay attention?

Metak:I was asleep.


Inferna:what's wrong?

Turbo:SPIDER!!!!!! *jumps into Inferna's Arms*

Inferna: *jaw drops* that's what you screamed at? *burns the spider*

Turbo:Thanks. I kinda got Pathological Arachniphobia.

Inferna: *sets him down*

Turbo:This Island is crazy.

Inferna: agreed. *thinks* so are the inhabitants.

Turbo:Chaos Impact!!!! *Creates a small fire on the ground*

Inferna: aaaannnnddddd.....what was the point of that?

Turbo:I'm Bored. *puts out the fire*

Moonrise: yeah. me too.

Duan: I'm also board (I think it's B-O-R-E-D!)

Turbo:*pulls out a block of Diamond-like metal* Let's play a game!!`

Moonrise: she's awake!

Jack: I wonder what those Pink Streaks of Light are?

Duan: She is?!?!

Moonrise: yeah. she wants to talk to you. *lets Tsunami take over*

Tsunami: *supporting herself on Duan's arm* Duan....

Jack: I don't know what's going on, but I still don't know what are those Pink Streaks of Light are, can someone tell me?

Duan: Tsunami... (Duan helped Tsunami up)

Tsunami: RMG....did--did i get him?

Duan: You did... and just as long as you never told him your name, he'll never come back for vengeance on you. Only I will have to deal with him just so long as you never tell him your names.

Tsunami: good. help the sea.

Duan: I will.

(Duan carried Tsunami over to the sea)

Duan: Are you okay?

Tsunami: i'm fine. i rely solely on water for power. the ocean should help me recharge.

Duan: Okay. (Puts Tsunami down)

(the water around Tsunami began to glow cyan as she absorbed the energy from it)

Tsunami: *after a few moments. stands up, feeling revitalized* thank you. *puts her hands on the surface of the water and lifts herself up. stands on top of the water*

Duan: You're welcome. Man, I wish I could stand on water!

Tsunami: you can. i can share my powers with others as long as we're touching. *holds out her hand*

Duan: Whoa, really? (Touches Tsunami's hand, Duan is on the water)

Duan: Whoa! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! TOO AWESOME! Wait'll the guys back home hear this! WHOO HOO HOO!

Tsunami: *smiles* i take it you're having fun?

Duan: (Smiles back) HECK YEAH!!!! Man, my friends are gonna be so jealous!

Tsunami: *laughs* yeah. it's not every day the queen of the Water Realm teaches you how to walk on water.

Duan: Queen of the water realm...? Too cool. Well, I'm not royalty of any kind. I'd say I'm the King of Rock n' Roll, but Elvis Presley already has that title, so I can't.

Tsunami: i guess not. i suppose we both thought wrong about each other.

Duan: I suppose so.

Tsunami: you thought i would be mad to know you like me. i thought you'd feel uncomfortable dating a queen.

Duan: (smiles) looks like we're even.

Tsunami: *smiles back* looks like it.

Duan: (Looks down) Man! I forgot I was walking on water! Man, it feels like normal land being here!

Tsunami: yeah. you tend to forget it's water after a while.

Duan: I'll bet! Just like playing guitar. Sometimes, especially when I rock out to maximum levels, I start to forget I'm actually playing and it just feels like my arms are controlling themselves. I swear, that is exactly why I never miss a beat when I play.

Jack: Guys what are you doing?

Tsunami: standing on water.

Duan: Yeah... standing on water.

Jack: But how?

Duan: I think it would be easier if Tsunami told you.

Jack: Ok.

Tsunami: im hydrokinetic. i make the water hold us up.

Jack: Oh ok, I get it now

Hozukimaru: Turbo, you girl! Why are you afraid of simple spiders!?

Metal:Who do guys think you are anyway?

Hozukimaru: Me and Turbo are hedgedragons.

Turbo:Chaos...Control!!!!! *teleports Hozukimaru high in the air*

Hozukimaru:(Comes down) What was that for!?

Turbo:Darn. Your not afraid of Heights.

Rage reappeared behind Turbo. "What exactly are you two doing?" He demanded.

Hozukimaru: He's afraid of spiders, I called him a wuss, now he is trying to scare me.

Tsunami: and Duan and i are standing on water.

Metal:Who cares?

Droget: I care because it's cool!

Metal:It doesn't matter,

Turbo:*digs underground*

Hozukimaru: Where are you going?

Turbo:Looking for a route to the special stage.

Hozukimaru: Good idea! (Starts digging too)

Turbo:Look for starpost's, Giant rings, Keys, Rings with stars or Giant Springs.

Hozukimaru:(Pulls out a star post out his book bag) Like this?

Turbo:*Starts charging Strike Dash* GRAB MY HAND!!!!!!!!!

Hozukimaru: (Grabs his hand)

Turbo:*strikedashes so fast that it creates an EMP and a shockwave as they warp to the special stage*

Hozukimaer: What now?

"...What now? You two have to complete a trial of some sort to get a Chaos Emerald, right?" Rage said. Somehow, he was right next to Hozukimaru and Turbo.

Turbo:Judging by the design of this one we have to get 600 Rings by the end of the 3rd part. Grabbing rings in succession will earn us a multiplier and hitting a bomb means -20 Rings. This will be hard considering we must run at a set speed of 60 MPH.

Jack: Ok, I guess we can get those rings but, how are we ever gonna get those rings on this Island?

???: Well, you could use my help if you want? *a green blur runs and stops infront of Jack*

Jack: Who the heck are you?

Turbo:The stage!!!

(Special Stage theme plays)

Jack: Wow, wait what? (looks at Turbo) Turbo, what are you doing here? (Notices the Special Stage) Oh Never Mind (Grabs the Rings 1 by 1) I think I got them

???: *jumps up and grabs the ring at the last second with great speed* i think you missed this one

Jack: Excuse me, but who are you?

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