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This time,our heroes are invited to a "game" by a mysterious hooded figure.They are lead to a house where they are told to survive the weekend(Not real time) in the mansion.If they are killed,however,they will be sent out the house unharmed and they lose.Who will be the last man standing?


Each round,the murderer must kill another person in the house.Once they accomplish this they can no longer be the murderer.This can only happen once for each character.Cyclonestar will write on the user's talk page if they're character is the murderer.


  1. No swearing(Must be censored)
  2. It is alright to kill another character from another user because they won't be actually dead,they are just out of the game.
  3. Don't whine if your character loses.
  4. You can add as many characters as you like.
  5. This roleplay is free join.
  6. If you join this roleplay,I will tell you on your talk page if you are the murderer or not.
  7. Each character can only be the murderer once.
  8. No cheating!
  9. Every once in a while,the hooded figure will come and tell updates.
  10. There will be a new part everytime the murderer has acomplished their goals.



Xeno 117 (suspended)




Involved Characters

  • Cassie the Rabbit (Cyclonestar)
  • Knight the Wolf (Cyclonestar)
  • Vanessa the Cat (Cyclonestar)
  • Irma Hegine the Hedgehog (Cyclonestar)
  • Mia the Hedgehog (Cyclonestar)
  • Hooded man (Cyclonestar)
  • Angry Joe the Hedgehog (Xeno 117)
  • Metal Sonic 4.0 (Xeno 117)
  • Megatron [DOTM] (Xeno 117)
  • Lyc the Wolf (Xeno 117)
  • Aela the Huntress (Xeno 117)
  • Ulalia The Mouse (OrangeRaccoon88)
  • Summer The Seedrian (OrangeRaccoon88)
  • Zapor thew Hedgehog(Zapor888)
  • Blade the Hedgehog(Zapor888)
  • Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog (Pianoteen)
  • Alexis the Fox (Pianoteen)
  • Michelle the Cat (Pianoteen)
  • Krys the Unicorn (Pianoteen)
  • Wierd girl(Cyclonestar)


Part 1


Cassie:So all we have to do is stick together?

Vanessa:It's not as easy as it sounds.

Metal Sonic: It kinda is.

Angry Joe: Yeah, just all huddle together and don't split from the group.

Zapor: Ok, i can't be in this roleplay cuz since i can't die, I won't lose, so I'll put Lexi and Zak in instead.Bye guys!

Lexi: How'd I get here?

Ulalia:I agree with Vanessa isn't easy

Summer:It's not that hard Ula.Just stick together

Cassie:To be honest,although,we don't actually get killed perminatly,I'm still a little scared,knowing the fact I could get killed by anybody here.

Ulalia:I know right at times like this you don't know your friends from your enemies...Right?

Knight:Irma,what are you reading?

Irma:How to be a killer!I borrowed it from a friend of mine!



Summer:Woah,Woah,Woah,Woah,Woah,Woah.What!?You have a book about killing people.Why?!

Irma:Well,I am chosen to be the murderer,I'm going to have to do it right.

Cassie:That is true,she would probobly sit there monologing until her victim escapes.

Metal Sonic: Bwah ha ha ha ha hah! I can belive that.

Angry Joe: Here. *Puts his Wrist Device on the Table* So it's Fair on everyone else. ... What? Do you seriously want me running about with Portal Guns and all that? This way i can't Cheat. Because i am a Gentleman. *Smiles revealing very Clean Teeth*

Metal Sonic: Yeah, like your gonna pick up a Chick here.

Angry Joe: *-_-*

Michelle: [Looks at her phone] I really did a quintuple. I feel proud of myself.

Christina: Krys what are you reading?

Krys: Magic spells.

Christina: That's so you!

Krys: Well, I'll tell ya all about it.

Alexis: Michelle, you actually did 5 flips on the same jump by yourself?

Michelle: No no.... two fat guys jumped from a ledge and landed on a wooden seasaw. Then I jump of the seasaw and try to do as many backflips as I can and land. It will help me with the game.

Alexis: Oh....

Christina: I wonder who the murderer is...

Everyone: ...

Christina: What?

Alexis:Unless you had your ears somewhere else, you would of heard Irma.

Christina: Oh yeah.

Zapor: Too bad for you guys.

Blade: But how'd we get here?

Krys: I actually have no idea. Not even my teleportation spell sent me here! [She uses her horn to grab her book and look at counter-spells.] Brother.... there is no counter-spell....

Zapor: Well, you guys are gonna die.

Krys: Don't say that please.

Irma:Well,I'm safe,right?

Vanessa:Actually,when I thought about who was going to go first,you were the first one that came to mind.

Metal Sonic: I wonder if we should invite a Friend? Joe?

Angry Joe: We are NOT inviteing Six. Xeno's are the Perfect Killers. But maybe Glitch, Megatron, Aela, Master Chief, Samus, Link, Akeela or Lyc would be Possible... What do you guys think?

Michelle, Krys, Alexis and Christina: ....

Krys: Who are they?

Metal Sonic: Seriously? Hello! Master Chief? Samus Aran? Megatron? Link? Aela? Do they not ring any Bells? I can understand Glitch and Akeela and Lyc but you don't know them?

Krys: [To Christina and whispering] Who knew Metal Sonic could be this caught up in games?

Michelle: Could you tell me?

Christina: Um.

Michelle: Secrets secrets are not fun unless you share with everyone!

Christina:.... O....kay then. It wasn't a secret.

Michelle: What was it then, a party, a magic confrence?

Christina: Perhaps a thought?

Michelle: Oh. Okay!

Metal Sonic: Actually, i'm not THAT into Games... They're just our Friends. Here. I'll bring some. *Pulls out a Walkie-Talkie* Yo! Lyc. Bring your Girlfriend with you. There's some Fun going down. ... Hey! Tin-Can. I'm just messing. There's some Fun going down. 

[Megatron (DOTM) walks through a Portal.]

Megatron: Where's the Bad Guys? I wanna shoot something.  

Metal Sonic: We're just going to do a "Killer" Game.

Megatron: Sounds Fun.

[Lyc, A Mobian Wolf with Black Fur, Grey Skin and Orange Eyes steps through another with Aela)

Lyc: This better be Good. Me and Aela were "Busy".

Krys: Hm.... [Her horn lights up and Michelle's mouth is gone.]

Michelle: Mmmm hmm mmmm hmmm mmm!

Krys: Sorry.... wrong spell. [Her horn lights up and Michelle's mouth appears again,]

Mia:Well,I'm going to my room!*walks up*

Knight:Hey,where did Vanessa go?!


  • Everyone runs up the stairs to see what happened to see Mia on the the floor with blood on the carpet*


Hooded figure:*Appears from behind*Vanessa,you have done your work well.Mia is out of the game.But there is a catch,I forgot to mention:The fallen ones will not be revived and back home safely unless someone wins.


Hooded figure:So you shall have to live with the body until this is over!*Teleports away*

Knight:That JERK!Mia's gonna have to WAIT!?

Part 2

Megatron: WE'VE BEEN HAD! *Pulls out his Fusion Shotgun* Find me that Fleshsack!

Lyc: This is a more F**ked Up Hungers Game!

Knight:ANYTHING but the hunger games!

Cassie:So Mia will be fine once this is all over?

Vanessa:Were you listening!?

Irma:I'm just assuming the man did that so we wouldn't have enough room around the house.And,what's wrong with the Hunger games?!


Irma:The BOOK is GOOD!


Christina: When does the game start?

Megatron: Oh i don't know... Maybe after we get Tea and Biscuits? IT STARTED WHEN THAT CHICK DIED!

Christina: Sarcasm doesn't-[Suddenly, she receives a text message.] Huh? Oh dear. Krys, teleport my phone back to my room under my pillow.

Krys: Alright! [Her horn lights up and teleports the phone under Christina's pillow.]

Christina: Thanks.

Irma:So in order to LIVE,all of us must die here except one!Am I right?

Knight:That the nutshell!

Summer:*Anger mark*That rule is messed up...Wait where are we putting the body?

Irma:You do realize the point in adding that rule is in there so we have less room to move around.I'm putting it in the wardrobe*Picks Mia up and attempts to put her in the cobard.

  • Millions of attempts later*

Irma:*Finally*Done!*Realizes her hair is stuck*Oh brother!

  • More attempts later*

Irma:*Finally*There!*Mia falls back on her*Ow!

  • More attempts later*


Krys: You could of asked me to use my magic to fit her in there....


Krys: [She gets a book and looks at the spell. Her horn lights up and suddenly the wardrobe grows bigger.] There we go.

Zapor: If it counts for everything (which i doesn't) Every grl in this room is hot!

Blade: Really?

Zapor:You think Cassie's hot.

Blade: True.

Michelle: Hey, Christina?

Chrstina: Yes?

Michelle: Could you do me a favor?

Christina: Sure! What is it?

Michelle: Could you tell me how high my back tuck is?

Christina: Measuring your standing?

Michelle: You'll see. [Michelle does a roundoff back handspring back tuck and almost crashes through the roof.

Christina: 10 feet.

Michelle: The ceiling's that high, eh?

Christina: Yup.

Zapor: Its okay girls, stand by "Captain 8 year old Badass!" and that murderer will wish i was the murderer

Blade: Zapor, just stop.

Zapor: You wanna be in a room with dead hot girls?

Krys: [She appears.]

Christina: KRYS!

Krys: Sorry about that. I heard this weird thing from down here.

Christina: [Whisper whisper.]

Krys: [Her horn lights up and a magical door appears and shuts on Zapor and Blade.] Captian who?

Christina: Can't say.

Zapor: Aw nice! they got pizza in here!

Blade: Wooooo!!

Krys: Lemme show you something. [She teleports with Christina upstairs to a weird looking library.]

Christina: It's just a library.

Krys: Yeah, but take a look at this! It's a weird spell that is said that there is a room upstairs. Let's see. Ahh! Here it is!

Christina: Why am I here?

Krys: Take cover. [Her horn lights up.] Azarath Metrion Zinthos! [Suddenly a bunch of stairs appear.]

Christina: Woah!

Krys: Something's up here.

Christina: Right. [The two go up.] Holy stars! [Around her is a bedroom.]

Irma:Where'd they go off to now?

Zapor: I dunno. So, how has life been?

Blade: *Sits by Cassie* Hey Cassie.


Zapor: *Shakes his head* Poor, lovesick sucker. Anyway, whos the killer now?

[Suddenly a purplish light appears.]

Krys: [She comes out of the purple light.] If only Cyclone were here, she'd looove this.

Irma:Yeah,she'd be...Disapointed...We have had a good past together.

Krys: What happened to her?

Irma:Nothing bad!She just left off with Sonic and friends so she'll be gone for a few weeks!

Zapor: Ok, if I'm the murderer, I have full authority of killing anyone as brutally as I can.


Zapor: What, its a force of habit

Krys: [Hears a scream.] What was that?

Michelle: Sounds like Alexis! We gotta hurry.

Krys: Runs upstairs.

Michelle: Why didn't you use your horn.

Krys: Because this is why. [Her horn lights up and she hears footsteps from upstairs.] It must be from that secret room I visited earlier! [The two run up as fast as they could.]

Zapor: Ok, that wasn't me!

Krys: I knew it!

Michelle: Knew what?

Krys: Take cover. [Her horn lights up.] Azareth Metrion ZINTHOS! [The stairs appear.]

Michelle: I'm coming Alexis! [She runs up the stairs and Krys follows.] OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Knight:What is it?*follows*

Michelle: S-s-s-s-s.....she-e-e-e-e's.....

Krys:She'd DEAD!

All: [Gasp!]

Zapor: *Faints*

Blade: *Got on his knees* WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?!

Hooded figure:Thus,another acoplishment.Don't worry.The quicker you do this,the quicker everyone will be okay.Christina,good work.Who's next?Nobody knows just yet.Round 3 starts NOW!*teleports away*

Part 3

Blade: Oh no, Zapor's the murderer.....

Krys: What?! Christina?!

Michelle: Look, it's a black cover. [She opens the cover and see's her crying.] HOW COULD YOU?!

Christina: Exactly..... She was like a sister to me....  Which is why I am so ashamed of myself.

Michelle: Well, now it's over. You're no longer the murderer. Speaking of which..... RRRRRRRUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knight:Wait,how would you know it was Zapor?

Blade: I looked online.

The whole room starts rattling and an evil warped laugh surrounds them

A voice: I wanna eat your heart out.....I wanna at your heart out...

Blade: This is just creepy.......Wait, is everyone here?!





A voice: Hee hee....Not for long........

Blade:.......Guys, don't look behind you.....Zapor's gone Slenderman on us.....

Zapor: *Stands behind them with a gun and his face is all creepy (Sorta like Sonic.exe)*

Christina: I'm still here.

Michelle: As am I. But I think we gotta get running.

Krys: [To the group.] As am I. [To the voice.] Reveal yourself at once.

Blade: If yor trying to scare us, Zapor. Its working.

Zapor: *Pops right in front of Krys and sticks his gun in her mouth*

Krys: [Her horn lights up.]

Michelle: Typical Krys.

Christina: I wonder what she might be thinking...

Krys: [The light surrounds the gun and a bang is heard from it.]

Blade: *Faints*

Zapor: *In a creepy voice* The deed is done.....*Fades*

Irma:*had her hands over eyes*Who did it?Who's hurt?

Blade: Ok! If the Hood man comes here again, he's the next one DYING!!*Puts a fireball in his hand*

Irma:I still want someone to tell me!

Blade: Oh, She's alive, she just got shot in the arm.

Michelle: Hold on just one minute!

Christina: What is it?

Michelle: Something's in her hand!

Christina: What might it be [She opens up her hand.] It can't be! THE BULLET!

Michelle: The bullet?

Christina: No wonder.... I think maybe Krys's magic made the bullet disappear and reappear in her hand.

Michelle: Maybe...

Christina: But that spell is strong. If she casted that spell her horn might need to recharge....

Michelle: I get it..... I-I'm confused!!

Cassie:But where on Earth did Zapor go?

Blade: I dunno, but *Kisses Cassie* Yolo, so we gotta live like we don't even care what happens!

Michelle: I for one really care.

Krys: [Her eyes open.]

Christina Y-Y-You're alive?

Krys: Yeah. However... [Her horn lets off a few sparks.] My horn needs to recharge, so I cannot use my magic until it is fully charged.

Zapor: The plan worked! I'm taking a nap.

Vanessa:A nap?

Zapor: Thats what I said. Oh, and I hate to say this, but Knight might not be coming

Blade: *looks in a closet* Dude, what'd you do to Knight?!

Zapor: I might've gone overboard and drained all the blood from his body and ripped out his organs, but I sent them to a charity who will most likely put them to good use!

Vanessa:Knight?*has a flashback**gasp*That wasn't...Knight...

Cassie:By that.You mean?

Vanessa:I...I...I replaced Knight with some guy I killed!


Vanessa:I brought him to life as a zombie so Knight wouldn't...Get...hurt...


Vanessa:SHUT UP!

Irma:Does a zombie count?

Hooded figure:*appears*

Irma:Apparently,it does!

Hooded figure:So...You know Knight would have been fine,right?


Hooded figure:Okay...Yes,that does count!Next round commence!*teleports away*


Vanessa:Shut up!

Part 4

Zapor: Well, at least I didn't kill Cassie's *giggles, then mutters* boyfriend...HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Blade: But you just killed random guy!

Vanessa:Techically,he was already dead-

Cassie:Says the girl who backstabbed us!

Vanessa:Shut up!

Irma:Why didn't you just replace all of us?


Cassie:Knight wouldn't do that...


Michelle: So let's see, first it was Mia, then Alexis, then Knight....

Cassie:Let's call him Random!

Irma:This is a pattern!


Irma:It goes to a letter,than a letter that was quicker in the alphabet and then a letter after that letter!Than it will go back!

Vanessa:this is the moment where we say...W...T..F.

Krys: It doesn't seem to make any sense.... the initials spell MAK.

Irma:Then someone ELSE has been replaced!And their replacement's name is Makenzie!

Cassie:I don't think so...

Michelle:............. Who's Makenzie?

Vanessa:Irma's conclusions*sweatdrop*

Michelle: .... Alright then...

Irma:We just have to ALL stick together!Because we get to use THE REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!

Michelle: I'm here with you!

Cassie:The real superpower of TEAMWORK?

Michelle: Sticking together is the real power. Well, at least that's what Alyssa says....

Irma:Aha!Now what do we do while we wait?

Christina: Our own things....

Michelle and Christina: [They play hand games.]

Krys: [Looks at her spell book.]

Cassie:*watches T.V.*

Michelle: Okay this is getting boring. [Watches a video.]


Alexis: [Holding camera.] Go!

Michelle: [She does a few jumps and then a triple back tuck double full.]

-End of video-

Christina: Whatcha watching?

Michelle: Some of the gymnastic videos of me my friends took.

Cassie:So...You like Knight?

Vanessa:You DIDN'T ASK!

Zapor: Knight and Vanessa sitting in a tree, having S......You know, I'm not gonna finish that sentence, to mean.


Cassie:hmm...the security room!Come on,Irma!

Irma:Why do I have to follow you!?

Cassie:It doesn't matter!

Irma and Cassie run upstairs

Cassie:Okay,so Michelle,Mia and random...hmmmmm...Well,haven't you found strange shadows lurking around?

Irma:Yes...I have actually...Wait a minute,if that guy was the undead then where's the real Knight?

Cassie:*sigh*That's stupid,Irma!

Irma:okay...Maybe it's the strange hooded man!


Irma:You know,Cassie.So,you wouldn't hate me if I...hurt somebody...right?

Cassie:nope,as long as were in here,we'll all be fine in the end...Wait!The cameras!That hooded man's up to something...

The power goes out and back on.Cassie finds herself tied in a chair.

Irma:Please tell me you'll be fine!

Cassie:So...your the...yes,I..WILL be fine!

Irma:Oh,thank god!*takes a gun from the side and shoots Cassie seven times*

Cassie:*slowly dieing*We' fine...

Hooded man:*appears from behind*So when she's over,the next round will start...and your one step closer to freedom,huh?

Irma:You know...To speed things up...I'm going to go for a double!*grins*The next person to come in is doomed!

Zapor: *humming*..OH GOD, BLADE! CASSIE'S DEAD!!

Blade: NOOOOOO!! I didn't even get to do the thing I always wanted to do!

Zapor: You can still kiss her. She's not really dead, just out of the game.

Blade: Oh,..*Kisses Cassie despite the fact she isn't alive* So Irma's the murderer?

Irma:*shoots Blade from behind several times*Sorry!The quicker this is over,the better!Am I right?*she shoots Zapor 10 ten times as well*

In the lounge!

Vanessa:So what's going on up there?

Irma:*walks in with Cassie,Zapor and Blade in a bag*

Vanessa:Ahh!What did you do!?

Irma:this...*puts bag down and the three fall out*


Irma:And I have one more trick...*Angry Joe and Lyc alot of times while they slowly die and pulls out a sword stabs Summer several times in the chest until she dies*


Hooded figure appears

Hooded figure:Well done,Miss.Hegine.Smart tactic to make time fly,huh?

Irma:*looks down*

Hooded figure:Time for next round*disapears*

Part 5

Zapor Chao: *In chao talk* Phew, lucky I hacked this game to bring us back as chao.

Blade Chao: You think anyone can understand us?

Zapor Chao: Nope, but we can't get kiled becouse if you kill a chao, you instantly die!

Irma:*facepalms*Of course!

Cassie:*in chao*That means I can do it too!Yay!

Irma:Great!Now were here longer!

Cassie:Yay!I can turn back as good as new as well!*transforms into a rabbit*Not a scratch!

Irma:Of course!

Hooded figure:*appears fro nowhere*Hello!

Irma:What are you doing here?!

Hooded figure:When I said the murderer could be anybody...Did you suspect that it was me?

Cassie:Let's run!

Hooded figure:To let you know,this IS the final round!More than one of you will lose!But don't worry!You'll soon all be safe!


With Zapor,Cassie,Ulalia and Krys

???:*a wierd girl appears with a gun pointing at them*You think you'll escape!?

She is shot in the head several times until she falls to the floor revealing Irma had saved them

Irma:Guys,what do we do?We can't leave because everyone here who's been lost will be lost forever and-

Hooded figure:*knocks Irma on the head causing her pass out.He picks her up*

Cassie:Let go of her you big bully!

Hooded figure:Well,that all must come with me and you'll all live...And be revived at the end of this!Mwahahahahaha*coughs*Excuse me for one moment!*coughs*

With Christina,Vanessa and Metal Sonic 4.0

???:*appears again but for some reason alive.She dismantles Metal Sonic 4.0 from behind*

Vanessa:*gasp*run!*she takes Christina's arm and starts running to the backyard*

The Hooded figure

Irma,Zapor,Ulalia,Cassie and Krys:*wake up in a strange room tied to the walls*

Hooded figure:You thought you could escape,huh?I'll go handle the others*walks off*

Cassie:Any ideas to get out of this?

Zapor: Normally being a chao, I'd yell and someone would come to my aid. But considering where the heck we are, I don't know.

Blade: Hmm, quick question. Cassie, do you remember what happened after you died?

Krys: I wonder if my horn recharged. [Her horn lights up and the rope magically unties.] Well that was easy.

Zapor Chao: Freedom! *Jumps on her back*

Irma:Good work!


Blade: Just wondering.

Zapor: Sheesh, your bad at this.

Krys: Now to fix problem 2 [Her horn lights up and Zapor, Blade and Cassie turn back to normal.] Great, that spell made my magic run dry for a few minutes.

Irma:Come on,we have to go save the others!

Zapor: *Still on Krys' back* Then where are they?

Blade: Shouldn't we kill the hooded guy then?

Krys: Well.... to kill the hooded man..... what if he's immortal!

Zapor: Sis, me, Blade, and Cyclone are immortal. So he can't add to the list.

Krys: Odd..... I guess we could go then?

Blade: I guess.\

Krys: I think my horn is working.

Irma:Cyclone isn't immortal she's just..

6 hours of confusion later

Cassie:Let's just go

Krys: Where is this place? I could teleport us all there!

Irma:I think we should get outta here and find the others

Krys: Good idea, and before somebody catches us!

Cassie:This way!-walks left-

Irma:This way!

Cassie:I knew that!-walks right-


Irma:Let's just follow her

Krys: Right. [Krys follows Cassie.]

Everyone else:*follows Cassie*

Cassie:Right this way!

Krys: Aye aye! [Krys follows Cassie.]

Irma:Why are you leading,Cassie?

Cassie:Because!I'M the leader!

Irma:Is that so?


Irma:Wow,you seem like Marine...I think Krys should lead!


Krys: Um..... sure I guess.... [Goes in front of Krys.] Sorry, but god forbid a blackout occurs! [Krys takes the posistion as leader and leads everyone.]


Irma:Cassie,let's get moving!

Krys: [Suddenly she haults.]

Irma:Wha-What is it?

Krys: Perhaps that? [She points up and looks at an odd looking room on the ceiling.]

Irma:What the heck?

With Christina and Vanessa

Vanessa:I think we lost her

ChristinaL [She turns her head back to check.] Yeah.... I think so.

A wolf appears

Vanessa:Okay,that's creepy

Christina: Come on! [She pulls out the Beauty Javelin.]

Back with the others.....

Zapor: Whats that?

Blade: Idon't know, but if all things go bad...

Zapor: Let it eat Cassie!

Blade: No.

Zapor: Shoot it until it stops moving?*Pulls out machinegun*

Blade: .......Its funny how your only eight years old and have an aresenal of guns in your pocket.

Zapor: Its funny how your 11 and have a crush on Cassie, 2 katana's, and fire powers.

Krys: I think I remember a Zero Gravity spell... I just hope I do it right....

Cassie:Go Krys!

Krys: It's not going to be easy... [Her horn lights up and the aura from her horn grows really big and magic pink and blue wind surround the characters. Suddenly the gravity changes as they can walk on the walls.] There we go. [She sees a button.] Cassie, would you like to do the honors?

Cassie:Why do I have to?

Krys: You didn't have to. [Krys pushes the button. The door opens up.] What.... is that?

Zapor: Sorta looks like Cassie that one time we went on that ride and I might've accidentally puked on her.


Krys: [She starts to giggle a bit.] Anyway.... it looks like a headquarters....

Blade: I think he was talking about that dead body over there.


Irma:I'll check the perimeter!*pulls out two guns and jumps up*

Cassie:That pocket of hers is fourth dimensional,I swear it!

Irma:All clear!

Everyone else:*jumps up*

Zapor: I'm a flying hedgehog!

Cassie:*bangs her head against a wall*Ow!Ow!Ow!

Zapor: Heh heh..

Irma: Okay,so where are we?

Krys: Looks like the Hooded man's headquarters.

Irma:It seems so...Computer like...I know...HE'S A FRAUD!

Cassie:.....At what?He hasn't given prove that he's magic or anything...


Zapor: Or he's a fraud murderer!

Krys: I'm going in. [Runs through the door.]

Blade: She could've use a weapon.

Irma:Let's go!

Krys: If that guy knows dark magic I'm sure I could counter it!

Zapor: And I'll just shoot the guy.

Irma:Leave that to me,Zapor!*pulls out her two guns and starts spinning them in her hands.She then puts them back in her pocket*

Krys: Do you guys notice that this floor is a test? [Her horn lights up to see what's below.] Is that him?

Blade: Well he is wearing a hood, so I don't know. Who do you think it is?

Zapor: We didn't ask for you sass.

Krys: I'm going in [Her horn lights up and she turns invisible and breaks through the floor.]

Irma:Wow!What the-


Irma:She's okay,she's a unicorn.She has powers

Cassie:I just got worried that's all

With Michelle

Hooded figure: *spying on her*

Michelle: Hmm... something's quite odd... [Looks behind her.] Heh. Probably just a mouse. [Continues to walk.]

Hooded figure:Hmm...Shows petential,I guess

Michelle: Mouses are quite loud these days.

Hooded figure:I'll follow her

Michelle: [Continues to walk.]

Krys: [Still invisible and she starts to follow Michelle and the hooded figure.]

Hooded figure: hmm*look behind to see nobody*hmm...

Michelle: [She looks behind her.] Something's quite odd..... and the only thing I know that's odd is the hooded figure. Must mean I'm in the right direction. [Continues to walk.]

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