Talking Under Construction
"We're ready to go! Any time!."
—Cream the Rabbit

The roleplay, Super Happy Funtime Chao Fair, by Pumpituppartyzone, is not being worked on for whatever reason. Until and if people continue to edit it again, it will be unfinished.

Tails, Cream, Big, and some friends worked very hard on something fun for chao. A big, fat, 4th of July fair! It has big ferris wheels, fun rides, and tons of games! Unfortunatley, there absolutley has to be a killjoy or two. Dr. Eggman wants to mess up this fair for the chao, and maybe even kidnap some of them! Who knows what kind of evil things he would do to the little guys? Can Tails, Cream, Big, and other people keep Eggman from doing anything sinister?

Anybody can join! :)


  1. Let's pretend all of the chao can speak English, and the other characters can understand them!
  2. No godmodding. Can you do that anywhere in the first place?
  3. No cursing! That means chao and anthros.
  4. No blood and stuff! Even if somebody gets a limb cut off. :D
  5. Nothing to racy! Ya know, you can kiss and hug and around there, but nothing much more.
  6. Come on, people! Please stay on the plot.
  7. Don't be afraid to try to squeeze some comedy in here and there. Or more. I don't mind.
  8. Don't kill, kiddies!



  • Tag the Chao - Male(Tails Chao, played by anyone)
  • Cheese the Chao - Male(Young Neutral Chao, played by anyone)
  • Itsy the Chao - Female("Big the Cat Chao", played by anyone)
  • Shyly the Lura Chao (Baby/Young Neutral Chao, TreeofLifeX9)
  • Maddie the Chao - Female(Hero Run/Run Chao, PIUPZ)
  • Scout the Chao - Male(Neutral Doodle Chao, PIUPZ)
  • Rose the Chao - Female(Sonic Chao, PIUPZ)
  • Scone the Chao - Male(Neutral Doodle Chao, PIUPZ)
  • Saturn the Chao - Male (Neutral Doodle Chao, PIUPZ)
  • Emerald The Chao - Male (Earless Neutral Swim Chao,Bluray)
  • 007 the Chao - Male (Baby Neutral Chao, RTH)
  • Drakos the Chao - Male (Hero Chao, with Black dragonwings, SDK)
  • Shiruba the Chao - Female (Neutral Swim/Swim Chao, played by Ryushu)
  • Blitzer the Chao - Male (Dark Run/Power Chao, played by Ryushu)
  • Midnyte the Chao - Female (Dark, Run/Run "Shadow" Chao, played by Ryushu)
  • Scorpio the Choa-Female
  • Necry the Choa-Male
  • Valkary Chao-Female
  • Shadow Chao-male
  • Tira Chao-Female
  • Devil the Demon Chao - Male (Dark, Power/ Power Chao, Scrounder)
  • Alec the Choa - Male (Nuetral, Speed, Handsome Mystery, Played by User:Gale)
  • Phyara the Chao-Female(Hero,Climb,Fly,Tiger Phoniex,Played by Kftf)
  • Happy the Chao-(Hero, wears an apple on it's head) Played by WaterKirby1994)
  • Eggy the Chao-(Neutral, wears its egg on it's head) Played by WaterKirby1994)
  • Skylar the Chao-(Hero, Angelic Warrior, Played by D-on029)
  • Quake the Chao (Hero, Compulsive Womanizer, Played by D-on029)
  • Lunar the Chao ( Abnormal but Hero, **Dark Looking Though**,played by VegasFox 16:44, July 4, 2011 (UTC) )
  • Shining "Goldy" The Chao (Played by SF9)
  • Dino (Played by Peanutjon 17:27, July 5, 2011 (UTC))
  • Halo-Female (Future Chaos Hero Chao, played by KayumitheWallaby4)
  • Sha-Sha - Male (Artificial Processed Transgenic Shadow Chao/Dragon/Hedgehog/? with Black Arms DNA, played by KayumitheWallaby4)
  • Karu- Male (Abnormal Light Chaos Chao played by KayumitheWallaby4)
  • Smash the Chao (Hero chao. Abilities: Speed and Power) (User:Gale)
  • Hamiltion- Male (Neutral Chao. Abilites: Fly and Swim, Used by ITH)
  • Julia- Female (Hero Chao. Abilities: Speed and fly, Also used by ITH)

Chao Owners and Other Humans

Miles "Tails" Prower - owns Tag (anyone)

Cream the Rabbit - owns Cheese(anyone)

Big the Cat - owns Itsy(anyone)

Cosmo the Seedrian - owns Shyly (Anyone)

Maxie Flippercorn - owns Maddie and Scout(PIUPZ)

Ike the Numbat - owns Scone and Rose(PIUPZ)

Omochao The Mecha Chao - Takes Care of Emerald and more(Bluray)

Rapid the Hedgehog - Owns 007 (RTH)

Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog - (SDK: Shadow DragonKnight)

Drakon the Halfbreed- Scorpio Chao's Owner

Predalien- Owner of Death Chao

Alasdair the Lionolf- Owner of Alec

Moe Flippercorn - owner of Saturn

Fifi the Bear - babysitting Saturn

Margin the Rocrojay-Owner of Phyara(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Teniahk the Lioness- Owner of Tura chao

Blaze THC-Owner of Shadow Chao

Jackline, Stardust, Skate Jr.- Owner of Silver Chao

Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox - Owner of Skylar

Geo the Hedgehog - Owner of Quake

Vegas the Fox Hybrid ~ Owner of Lunar

Golden "Angelix" The Fallen Angel (Owner of Shining, Played by SF9)

Dena the Hedgehog - Owns Dino - Played by Peanutjon 17:27, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Flower "Karina" Prower -Owns Halo- Played by KayumitheWallaby4

Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox -Owns Sha-Sha- Played by KayumitheWallaby4

Kimiko the White Wolf -Owns Karu- Played by KayumitheWallaby4

Crash Bandicoot - Owner of Smash - Played by User:Gale


Dr. Ivo Robotnik (anyone) Predalien Hunter Squad (Bunnie)

Isaiah The Hedgewolf (Owner of Hamiltion)

Sarah The Hedgehog (Owner of Julia)

The Fair's Grand Opening

Tails: Okay, all you chao! The Super Happy Funtime Chao 4th of July Fair is finally open! *cuts the red tape*

Emerald:*Thought*Wow this is amazing!I can't believe Omochao Lets us go here

Big: Have fun, all you chao!

Omochao:Where is Sam!?!

Scout: He's plyaing with Cliff at the estate, Omochao. Don't worry.

Rapid: Alright! Let's go 007!

007: *yawns and speaks baby gibberish*

Maxie: Ohai, Rapid! I'm sure your chao has met mine.

Ike: Maybe mine, too.

Rapid: Oh cool!

007: *crawls up Maxie and falls asleep on her head*

Maxie: Aww, that's adorable! But the wings kinda take away from that.

Maddie: Can we go on rides, Maxie? Please?

Maxie: Sure, Maddie. Go in and have fun.

Omochao:Ok thanks goodness...

Scone: Aren't you coming inside, Omochao?

Predalien:I don't care if you an anti social, your going

Necry: No way.

Drakon:I promised I'd bring ya here Scorpio and I did

007: *wakes up and starts crying for no apparent reason*

Maxie: Whoa! Rapid, your chao just started crying!

Ike: You think he's hungry?

Necry:(Attacks his own master Predalien)

Drakon: Find Chao egg and see what hatches out

Cream: Now, now, everybody! Calm down! This is supposed to be a happy time for both you and your chao! Don't fight! Right, Cheese?

Cheese: Most Definitely!

Scorpio:(Teleports off his masters head next to 007)

007: *waves at Scorpio*

Scorpio:(Hugs 007 being a girl)

Maxie: That's cute! Even if it is on my head.

Rapid: I guess so! ^^

Necry:(Dragging his unconscious master's body)

Tails: Whoa! Did that chao do that to his owner?

Cream: I hope he doesn't do such things to anybody else!

Scorpio:(Glares at her brother Necry)


Scorpio: Diet or regular 00?

Big: I'm on it! *reaches into his picket and takes out a Chocolate Cookie* Here you go!

007: *takes Big's cookie and noms it*

Itsy: Big, may I have one?

Big: Sure! *gives Itsy a Chocolate Chip cookie*

Itsy: *smacks it away* a CHOCOLATE COOKIE, you dunce!

Big: I'm sorry! *cringes*

007: Don't be mean! It's just a cookie.

Itsy: CIETE! *steps on 007's foot*

Cream: I thought I told you no fighting, Itsy!

Cheese: Big really spoiled that girl.

Teniahk:(Crying cause she was separated from her mother and father)

Big: Hi, little girl! Did you lose your parents?

Teniahk:(Gets scared and teleports to Maxies leg)

Maxie: Eek! Teniahk is on my leg! Where'd she come from, anyway?

Teniahk:(Teleports to Maxies head and her necklace daggles in front of Maxie) Sorry Aunty Maxie

Maxie: No, don't be. You just caught me off gaurd. Shouldn't you be with you parents?

Teniahk:(On the Verge of Crying again)

Ike: come on! Please don't cry!

Tenihak:(Is startled and Teleports)

Scorpio:(See's Teniahks Energy wave pattern)

Maxie: What just happened?

Itsy: See, Ike? I told you your face is depressing to look at!

Endac: *walking into the fair* heh cool place, ey drako?

Drako: *nods in wonder* HEY LOOK AN ELEPHANT

Endac: thats pyro not an elephant

Drako: *riding a miniature Chao sized Elephant* wheeeeeeeeee

Itsy: ELEPHANT! *pushes Drako off and starts riding* WHEE! GIDDIUP, STUPID ANIMAL!

Endac: hey

Drako: gets up hey what the heck man *a little chao sized sword appears in his hand*

Endac: calm down Drako

Itsy: Yeah, calmd down ya usless waste of space!

Big: Itsy! That's not very nice!

Itsy: Shut up, FAT CAT!

Cream: Now, Itsy! That is unacceptable behaviour, young lady!

Itsy: Be quiet, old lady! STUPID ELEPHANT! WHY WON'T YOU MOVE?!

Drakon:(Snickering) His name is close to mine get it Drako, Drakon

Necry: That is Dishonorable Itsy

Itsy: Your face is dishonorable, but you don't hear people complaining! *spanks the elephant* GO!

Necry:(Eyes turn Red and his black cloack appears)

Tag: Itsy! You don't want to get Nercy mad!

Itsy: Ya, I kinda do! *kicks the elephant* I HATE ELEPHANTS! SOMEBODY GET ME A MONKEH!

Necry:(His Scythe appears)

Devil: What did i miss?

Tails: This is a special Independence Day fair for all you chao! Go inside! Go on! *pushes Devil inside*

[Three more Chao approach, two females and a male. The male is wearing a set of headphones and holding an iPod.]

Devil: Wow! look at this place!

Cream: Hey, look! More chao are coming!

Tails: I knew this place would be a hit!

Devil: Does this place have any snacks? like nuts?

Maddie: Well, they have nut trees over there. And there is a consession stand over there!

Devil: (Goes over to the nut trees)

Omochao:Careful guys!

Scout: Come on, Omochao! Have a little fiun! Don't you wanna ride the giant, dangerous-looking ferris wheel?

Drako: alright thats it your dead YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH *jumps on the elephant with his sword drawn and starts randomly slicing at Itsy*


Maxie: How could Big raise such a brat?

Omochao:I will I just want everyone to be safe...

Endac: i got it *grabs Drako who kicks around when he gets lifted, then folds his arms*

Drako: hmph

Itsy: Yeah! You better "Hmmph!"

Scout: *pulls Omochao to the unfinished Ferris Wheel* Let's go!

Omochao:Ok have fun kids!

Alec: *flies up* Hmm, Cool place.

Emerald:Who is that!?!

Cream: Looks like somebody who wants to have fun at the fair we made! Welcome!

Emerald:Walks up to Cheese*Hi...

Alec: *goes in*

Alasdair: I'm his owner.

Cheese: Hi there, Emerald!

Tails: It's nice to meet both of you!

Alasdair: Of cource. I'm an...old frind of Sonic's. *leaves*

Alec: *flies over to a large coaster and gets on*

Emerald:Hi Cheese!

Cheese: Are you going to go on any of the rides?

Tails: Well, I guess somebody has to operate the rides. I guess I will.

Emerald:Sure ,but first cotten candy!

Cheese: Well, have fun!

Emerald:See ya!

Alec: Why is it all guy Chaos here. *sigh* Oh well. *the coaster starts up*

Rose: Hmm... what should I go on first?

Emerald:Is all this stuff free*Eats Cotten Candy*

Alec: *going up in a 90 degree angle* Wheeeee.

Rose: Tails said everything is free. Hey... *points to the ride Alec is on* That looks like fun!

Emerald:Cool,I'am going at that one next!

Alec: Fifty stories of Free Fall. No wonder they call it the Face Blaster. *goes down and into a huge knot of tricks flips and track jumps* IT"S THRILLVILLE TIMES 5'000!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Rose: Looks scary....

Fifi: *walking to the fair w/ Moe* Moe, this is not a date.

Moe: I know that. I have a girlfriend. She was doing a news report, and you were my next choice.

Fifi: Well, okay.

Cream: Welcome! That's a cute little chao you have there! What's his name?

Moe: Saturn.

Tails: Oh! Like the planet! Come right in, and have fun!

Saturn: This looks fun! Any chao know which ride is the best?

Teniahk:(Reappears on Fifi's head) Oops sorry Aunty Fifi

Fifi: Teniahk! I did not expect you to be here at all! Well, are you having fun?

Teniahk: I have been Separated from Mommy and Daddy

Moe: We'll keep you safe until they show up.

Alec: *stubles off the coaster he was on, slurring his words* That rides the best.

Rose: I wanna go in it! *runs to a cart*


Cream: Go ahead, Teniahk! These rides are fit for chao, and anybody from 5-15! Enjoy!

Teniahk:(Has a fear of Heights)

Cheese: You're afraid of heights, aren't you? It's okay! Roller coasters are really fun!

Itsy: That is until you get to a giant drop and you feel like you're about to die!

Teniahk:Stop it Itsy

Itsy: When you drop, you see your life flash before your eyes! And sinse you're not very old at all, you pass out because no life flashes! And then you explode!

Rose: That's not true!

Itsy: YA IT IS!

Margin:Go play Phyara!

Phyara:*Flies over to Itsy*


Tag: Itsy, stop being mean!

Blaze THC:(With Jackline in one arm and Shadow Chao in the other)

Phyara:*to Itsy*At least I'm not Fat,FATSO!

Drako: *sitting on the Roller coaster track drinking a soda* BRING IT ON ROLLER COASTER

Drakon: It is funny actually my name is Drakon and his is Drako.

Drako: *yells to drakon* YEAH WE ALREADY COVERD THAT

Itsy: *gasps and starts bawling*

Shadow Chao: Hey Cheese

Cheese: Hiya! I'm about to go on the Face Blaster!

Shadow Chao: Mind if I join ya?

Jackline:(Giggles a Fifi)

Cheese: I don't mind at all! Come on! Jump in the cart with me!

Fifi: Did anybody hear a giggle?

Maxie: Well, yeah. It's her. *points to Jackline*

Fifi: I don't know who that is.

Phyara:*to Itsy*Now Stop Crying and Enjoy the Theme Park!

Itsy: *starts bawling more loudly*


Blaze THC: Jackline is my youngest daughter

Drako: *goes over to Itsy* calm down Itsy, i don't think your fat

Shadow Chao: Ditto

Itsy: *stops crying* Good! *gets up and walks to the games*

Fifi: Oh. She's pretty!

Blaze THC: Well she is Hedgecat, She is my third baby


Drako:..........(why do i think she's cute......she took my elephant) hmph

Stardust, Skate Jr. and Tura Chao:(Teleport in)

Itsy: Why are you following meh? I'll apologize if you go away!

Phyara:Fine,And Tiger Phionexes are not Stupid*Flies away*

Itsy: Yeah! You better fly away!

Booth 1 Chao: Knock down the bowling pins and you get a giant Sonic plushie!

Itsy: *throws a ball and fails epicly* AAAH!

Shadow Chao:(Throws and gets a direct hit)

Booth 1 Chao: Good job! *gives Shadow Chao a giant Sonic plushie* Here you go.


Phyara:I bet I can do Better!

Tag: You can't do better than a direct hit.

Drako: *tries and barely gets them all* barely

Phyara:*Grips the Ball with Her Claws & Tries to Throw it and ends up going to the Bottles with the Ball*

Shadow Chao: (Gives the Plushie to Itsy)

Itsy: Thanks! *hugs the plushie*

Maddie: Ooh! This looks like fun! Can I try?

Shadow Chao:(Throw and get a direct hit again)

B1C: *gives him another plushie* This guy's good!

Maddie: I wanna try! *gets a direct hit*

B1C: *gives Maddie one* Is this really that easy?

Itsy: NO!

Phyara:Aleast I got a Free Ball.

Shadow Chao:(Carries the Pulsie with on hand)

Itsy: Wow! You're strong!

Maddie: Uh... those aren't free.

Phyara:Well it got stuck in my Claw.

Shadow Chao:(Lifts Itsy with his free hand)

Maddie: I can help you get it out. *starts pulling on the ball*

Itsy: Wow! You're really strong! *giggles and blushes*

Tira Chao:Hmph

Scone: Somebody's grumpy!

Phyara:(Jealous of Itsy)

Tira Choa:(Is startled and she turns into her Jamaken look)

Itsy: AAH! What just happened?!

Shadow Choa: My sister turned into her Jamaken look

Itsy: Jamaican? Oh! That looks weird.

Shadow Chao: Actually she is a R&B singer

Drako: *looking at Shadow Chao* (why do i feel jealous)...........hmph *takes a Plushy for his win and slumps off*

Tira Chao: Drako, Wait

Itsy: You mean like Bob Marley?

Tag: That's not R&B!

Itsy: SHUT UP!

Shadow Chao:(Kisses Itsy's Cheek)

Itsy: *giggles*

Drako: huh *turns around* uh yeah, what do you need

Alec: What I miss? What?!? Drako gets a girl? Lucky. <=(

Drako:.......uuh ooooookaaaaaaaay *starts to walk away*

Alec: Oh. Nevermind. *sigh*

Itsy: Where are ya going, Drako?

Shadow Chao: Yo Drake come on man

Drako: *gets far enough away that nobody is in earshot, then sits down looking at the plushy.......then he throws it*.............*sigh*

Tira Chao: Exuse me Drako, I think you dropped this

Alec: Dude, You okay?

Drako:...nah, i don't need it when i know where to find the real guy. you can have it though.and i'm fine Alec

Saturn: You don't look very happy.

Alec: Yeah. You look depressed.

Tira:(Kisses Drako's Cheek)

Drako: O_O........i'm...i'm good, thanks *looks at tira* heh heh.........


Omochao:THIS IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emerald:*Thought*I still haven't met anyone of that much significanct here...Time to make friends!

Saturn: HI, EMERALD! Wanna be friends?

Emerald:*Eyes get wide*HOLY CRAP!Sure I guess...

Saturn: YAY! I GET A FRIEND! *runs off*

Emerald:*Drops Cotten candy*Too muc sugar gosh...

Alec: *under his breath* Lucky Drako. I'm so alone.

Scone: [singing] I AM SO LONELY! I'M SO ALONE!

Emerald:Whats wrong Alec?BAD COTTEN CANDY!!

Meanwhile 2 chao looking lost are walking!

Happy: i can't believe we're lost! Do you even know where we're going?

Eggy: Of course i know where we're going, we are going to that amusement park!

Happy: We've been walking for the last 3 days, i really think we should try to find our way back to the garden!

Eggy: But then we would miss out on the Amusement Park & all the Free Food, besides we're almost there!

Happy: But that's what you said 2 days ago, then you got hungry & we stole those fruits!

Eggy: This time i know we're headed in the right direction! Come on i want Free Food!

Happy: How can you still be hungry? You ate my apple! Anyway i'm going to fly up & look for Chao World!

Eggy: Wait you can float around? So what can you see up there?

Happy: i found the amusement park! Follow me!

Eggy: Finally are we there yet? Happy: Yes! We made it! Eggy: Yay! Now i can eat Free Food!

Drako: uh thenks for the kiss tira....heh heh it cheered me up *blushes*

Alec: I'm just depressed about being alone.

Emerald:i can be your friend!And DRako lay off the Cotten Candy its bad for you!

Drako: right, good advice

Alec: I mean single.

Cream: Aww! Two lost chao!

Eggy: (grabbing Cream's arm) Can i have some food?

Big: Are you little guys okay?

Alec: I just siad I'm depressed becuase I'm single. I'm not okay.

Emerald:Oh,Well I'am single and I'am fine!Three lost chao Cream.

Tails: There's a third one?

Drako:.......*kisses Tira back, on the cheek*

Emerald:Oh yeah I'am not lost...Lets go back now please!

Big: But those chao are wandering around lost! I wonder how they got lost!

Eggy: Now that i've had some food let's go on that Roller Coaster!

Golden: Ah, What a nice day! I'm just gonna leave you here for no reason! HAVE FUN! (leaves)

Shining: Ah, what the heck. WEEEEE! (Runs to Roller Coaster)

Eggman Enters!

Emerald:Something tells me That mean Fat Jerk who is alaways on TV is around here...

007: Who's a fat jerk?

Big: Maybe he means the ginger kid from Everybody Hates Chris!

Emerald:Not Carooso Dr..Eggnik!

Eggman: Hello, chao! Are you enjoying your time?

Drako: *draws his sword* what are you up to ya Cracked Egghead?


Eggman: Oh, I'm here to have some fun too. *an army of robots come up behind him and attack the park*

Cream: All my hard work!

Cheese: The chao! They're still on rides and stuff!

Omochao:*Hacks battery in one robot*Bring it on!

Drako: *starts hacking at different robots*

(another robot comes and throws Omochao into the forest) HA. HAHA. HAHA.

(More robots come)

Eggy: (after spin kicking a robot) i beat a robot!

Omochao:*Propells back*This is a grand attack!

Robot: *takes Omochao and stuffs him in a jar* HA. HAHA. HAHAHA-HAHA.




Emerald:*Tries opening it*I STILL NEED TO GROW THUMBS!!!!!!!

Robot: *knocks over Face Blaster*

Omochao:*Bes so annoying he breaks the glass*BY PRESSIN THE A BUTTON IN GALAXY 2 YOU CAN UNLOCK THE STAR...

Robot: The pain!?!!?! *explodes*

Robot 2: *knocks over consession stand*

Happy: (having caught an apple that came from the stand) Yes a new Apple!

Omochao:*Nods*Works Evreytime!



007: AH! MY BRAIN! SO MANY CONTROLS!!! ACK!!! *falls over unconcious*


Emerald:Too many!

Eggman: And that's not all of them! *more come*

Omochao:I CALL DOWN PK STARSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Nothing happenes**Whispers*Run...

007: *gets up* Leave us alone fat guy in the tacky red suit! *shoots a giant energy beam out of his mouth at Dr. Eggman*

Emerald:*Great APe Punches through robot*

007: *shoots another mouth beam at Eggman*


Rapid: Uh...I didn't know he could do that...

Omochao:*Throws Propeller*

007: *catches propeller and attaches a grenade on it then throws it at Eggman*

Shadow Chao: Itsy, wanna go out?

Itsy: Sure!

Eggman: *xplodes*

Eggman: Do you have to make all of my dummies explode? I don't appreciate that! And my suit is not tacky! It's very stylish.

007: Pshhh...Yeah right!

Eggman: You just have no fashion sense because you wear no clothes! Now, I'm going to leave. *glares and flies away with his robots*

Cream: Okay, everybody! Eggman can come back at any time, so keep your gaurd up!

Keeping Eggman from Returning

007: *standing guard* I'll protect this place with my life! *salutes Cream*

Cream: Glad to know I have a big, strong person to protect the place!

Tails and Big: HEY!

Rapid: What?

007: Hmm?

Cream: Oh, right. You two are big and strong too! (^.^;)

Maddie: Can we still go on the rides?

Cream: I don't know. It might not be safe.

007: Aw man!

Happy: Hey Cream didn't Eggman say he left some explosives?

Eggy: There's going to be Fireworks! Yay, i can't wait!

Shadow Chao:(Change his look to look like Starkiller from Star Wars Force Unleashed)


Emerald:Fireworks!Lets throw um at Eggman's base!

Phyara:We are protecting this place,Not throwing things at his Base.I will guard this place with my life!

Cream: Explosives?! I didn't hear him say anything about explosives!!

007: Then what're these? *picks up a box of fireworks* Are they decoys?

Drako: really, you guys are going nuts over this, i mean it happens every other day

007: RAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *tackles Drako*

Drako: WHOA *gets tackled* dude what the heck did i miss

Cream: Oh my! They are explosives! We have to find them all before this whole are explodes! This isn't good!

Cheese: Not at all!

007: I tackled you because you said this shtuff happens every otha day!

Rapid: Fireworks aren't very good...Let's see how explosive they are! *lights one*

Firework: *flies all over the place*

Rapid: Whoa! Cream! Watch out!

Firework: *flies towards Cream*

Rapid: *jumps in front of Cream and the firework explodes on Rapid's chest* You okay Cream?

Cream: Don't worry about me! There are still tons of chao in there in danger of getting blown up! You have to help them!

Fifi: Oy vey! *runs inside the park with Moe*

Maxie: Maddie! Scout! *runs in to find Maddie and Scout*

(Changing my roleplay style RTH MUST Blow Stuff Up! It's the 4th! 15:12, July 4, 2011 (UTC))

007 started to glow. He then had a clone of himself, then 2, then 4, then as much to make an army.

Rapid picked up a 007 clone. Knowing it wouldn't hurt the real 007 chao, Rapid taped a firework to a 007 clone.

The 007 clone smirked. "Lite meh!" He demanded.

Rapid nodded and lit the firework. The chao clone flew into the air. "I see noffin'!" The clone said

Drako: *gets up* if you all need me i'll be at the snack bar getting a cookie *walks away*

The actuall 007 chao tackled Drako again. "I wanna cookeh too!"

Drako: O_O OKAY, just get off

007 jumped off Drako and followed him to the snack bar.

Itsy: *tackles Drako* GIMME A COOKEH!

007 laughed. "I like tackling Drako."

Drako: okay, Itsy, your cute and all, but get off before i get really pissed off -_-, i'll get you a cookie

007 jumped up and down. "He said the P word! You said the P word!"

Itsy: CUSSER! *smacks Drako and runs off*

(All the other chao point and chant, "He said the "P" word!)

Drako: -_-.......oiy *turns back time*

  • Itsy was back on top of him*

Drako: i'll gte you a cookie to just please get off of me

007 jumped up and down. "COOOOOOOOKEH!"

Drako: *gets up and buys 3 jumbo chocolate chip cookies, gives one to itsy and one to 007, then noms on the other one*

007 noms his cookie. "YUMMEH!!!!"

Starkiller Shadow Choa:(Grabs Itsy and dashes)

Rapid and 007 chased after Starkiller. "Give 'er back!" Rapid insisted.

Itsy: Yum! *noms on the cookie*

Big: Can I have a cookie?


Big: I'm sorry! *cringes again*

Starkiller Shadow Chao: Itsy.

Itsy: Put meh down, ya stalker!

Alec: *watching everybody with a blank face*

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Goes into Force Rage)

007 kicked Starkiller Shadow Chao. "Leave Itsy alone! Or else!"

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Uses Force Lightning at a low power on 007) *Starkiller's side* WHO ARE YOU!!!!

Tira: Calm down brother we all know you love Itsy and you'd do anyhting to protect her.

(Whoa, whoa, whoa! No killing, Jordan!)

(I'm not killing anyone! RTH MUST Blow Stuff Up! It's the 4th! 16:34, July 4, 2011 (UTC))

(Whoops! Sorry, I can't read. :3 Pumpituppartyzone 16:37, July 4, 2011 (UTC))

(Heh heh! RTH MUST Blow Stuff Up! It's the 4th! 16:39, July 4, 2011 (UTC))

007 was shocked at stunned. "Ow! You big meanie!" 007 said. He then shot his Mouth Beam at Starkiller.

Phyara:*Grabs Itsy from Starkiller Shadow Chao*

Itsy: Thank Froggy! *runs to the Ferris Wheel*

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Starkiller's side) *Dashes to follow Phyara*

Drako: *runs up next too Tira....gasping* oiy.....huff puff.....*looks at tira* hiya, want a cookie? *holds out the cookie*

(Rose and Maddie run past Drako and steal the cookie)

Rose: It's my cookie!

Maddie: No, it's mine!

Phyara:*Grabs the Cookie from them & Gives it to Drako*

Rose: *takes it back and gobbles it up* Mmh! Oatmeal!

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Ignites both Lightsabers)

Tira: Sure

Drako: i was gonna give it to ya.......and it was chocolate chip for your information

Phyara:*Takes out another Cookie & Gives it to Drako*

Drako: thank you *gives it to tira*

Tira:(Kisses Drako's Cheek and takes the Cookie breaks it in half and shares it with Drako)

Maddie: I want one!

Rapid fell down on the ground. "AH! That stupid firework left a huge burn mark and now it hurts!"

Phyara:*Gives Maddie a Cookie*

Maddie: Thanks! *nom nom nom*

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Shadow Chao's side) *Goes somewhere Solitary*

Happy: Eggy & i noticed something weird on the roller coaster!

Tira: (Meditating to find her brother)

Drako: *eats his half then burps out loud on accident*, oops, excuse


Drako:..........i'll be right back *flies into the air and sees Eggman coming back in his giant Hammer Car thingy from Sonic Advanced 2* *gasp* oh no, i won't let that happen *flies off towards him with his sword drawn*

Tira:(Grabs one of the Lightsabers) Drako!!!

Drako: *turns around* huh YEAH??? *flies back*

Tira: (Tosses Drako the other Lightsaber)

Rose: That's not Eggman, guys! It's a giant red egg with a note on it!

Tira: Big deal I don't think it should stay online

Tag: But it might be an important note!

Drako: *catches the Lightsaber, takes out the color crystal and switches it with an Orange one, and ignites the saber* i'll go check *flies over to it*..........*into a walkie talkie* it the time this egg gets to'll blow up.......................we have untill it gets here before the fair goes sky high

Happy: Come on we have to deactivate the bomb on the roller coaster, before that egg gets here!

Scone: Aren't you gonna read the note?

Drako: i already did -_- *flips the Lightsaber and puts it away in a jedi robe he was now wearing*........xD cool wardrobe change huh? anyway *goes over to the roller coaster* how do i deactivate this thing, does no one have an instruction manual

Scone: An instruction manual for an explosive egg?

Drako: no for this thing, *points at the bomb Happy mentioned*.......wait a second.........Egghead, may be a genius but he ha no common sense, he put do not push this button next to a big red button *pushes it and the bomb clicks and the red light turns off showing the bomb was deactivated* that was too easy...........*hears ticking* *looks up and sees a bigger bomb with a timer that was in sinc with how long they had till the Egg got there* *gulp* i'm gonna need a little more time here

Maddie: I'll help!

Rose: Me too!

Scout: I'm still stuck up here!

Saturn: We'll all help!

Itsy: Except for me.

Tag: *elbows Itsy*

Itsy: What?

Shining: (returns) Ah.. That roller coaster was fun.. (sees the other Chao) AAAH! STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!

The Bomb Saga

Drako: WHICH WIRE DO I CUT *hasn't even opened up the bomb xD*


Drako:.......oh right *opens the bomb and sees wirea of all the colors of the rainbow* O_O......CURSE YOU ROY G. BIV

Tira: Hurry

Alec: *next to Drako, in a bomb squad outfit* Try the red wire.

Phyara:No!The Blue Wire,Cut the Blue Wire!

Tira: Hurry!!!

Drako: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH *cuts the green wire and the timer stops and turns off*...........YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS


Alec: I was just about to say cut the green wire.

Dena and Dino walk up.

Dena: Sorry we're la... What's going on?

Dino: FOOD!

Dena: I just fed you!

Dino: FOOD!

Maddie: *throws Dena a donut* Here! Give him this! There are tons of bombs around here and we're trying to defuse them!

Dino: DONUT!

Dena: Here.

Dino: Yum... (falls asleep)

Dena: Wait...did you say BOMBS?!

Dino (wakes up and begins crying out of fear)

Dena: Oh no... Does anyone have ice cream? It's the only thing that can calm him...

Alec: *hops down* Where's the next bomb, I'll take care of it.

Drako: *goes into the Eggbomb* i gotta defuse this one

Dena: I'll take Dino to safety. (runs off with Dino in her arms.)

Alec: I can do it. Let me do it. PLEASE!!! <=(


Drako: this isn't a game but fine go ahead -_-

Alec: *opens the bomb and see's red green and blue wire* Lets see....

Saturn: RED BUTTON! *gets ready to press the red button*

Alec: STOP!!! This requires percision. *cuts the red wire and the bomb de-activates* Always the red wire for me.

007 was amazed. "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

Alec: Thank you. =)

007 jumped up and down. "YOU'RE SO FLIPPIN' AWESOME!!!!!!" He yelled.

Drako: i did most of the work

"Shut up Drako!" 007 yelled. He tackled Drako.

Alec: Uh......thanks. *goes back to the fair*

Drako:.........*sigh* fine...know cares about me

007 jumped on Drako's shoulder. "I care about you! That's why I keep tackling you!" He said with an innocent look on his face.

Drako: \=( tackle me to show me you care........sure, they call it glomping by the way

Sha-Sha: *tugging Halo* I WANT TA GI INZ THEH BOMBZ!!!!

Halo: *sigh* Okay fine juststop bugging me, besides your a mature Chao so stop acting like a 5 year old

Sha-Sha: Dude, I AM 5.

Halo: 0_0

007 hugged Drako.


Sha-Sha: Wait...We're DEFUSING the bombs aww I want them to explode.

Halo: But if we let them explode them, we'll all die.

Sha-Sha: D:

Saturn: D:


Dena returns carrying Dino, who is carrying (and eating) an ice cream cone.

Dena: Hey, Dino managed to defuse 3 bombs while we were getting ice cream. I think she did it on accident...

Dino: Bombs bad. Bombs BOOM!!!

Scone: That's great! We're getting there!

Dino sees another bomb.


Dino charges at the bomb and begins eating it. It explodes in her stomach but she somehow survives.

Dino: Bombs bad. Bombs BOOM!!!

Dena: ...!

Drako: there should be 4 bombs left, but they're not as major as the ones on the rollercoaster and that Eggbomb that just deactivated. *shakes 007 off of him then pulls out a tracking device to locate the bombs* one on the ferris wheel, one in the arcade, and 2 in the snackbar.......WHY THE SNACKBAR

Alec: I'll take the two in the snackbar. *bravely floats to the snack bar and starts eating his way torwards the bombs*

Tira:(Ignites her Distagration lightsaber)

???: HA HUUUUUU!!!!! *an orange chao comes down from the hill to the fair, a quad lightsaber in his hands*

(Quad Lightsaber: Two Double bladed lightsabers put in an X formation tha can be split apart, can also be two single bladed lightsabers.)

(I know what a Quad Lightsaber is)

007 walked towards the arcade. "I'll take on the arcade by myself guys! I'm Superchao!" 007 said with a somewhat brave voice.

Tira: Drako.

Alec: Oh, Hey Smash.

Smash: Hewwo. *puts his quad-saber away and help Alec*

Tira:(Hugs Drako)

Drako: *smiles and hugs back* now i'm off to the Ferris wheel *flies off*

Maddie: But I still hear beeping! It's like there's still a bomb somewhere!

Alec: *defueses the two bombs in the Snackbar* I got two more. I haven't eaten in a while. *now looking fit*

Smash: *jumps out* YAY!!!

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Meditating)

(At the top of the hill, a chao is sitting up there)

???: Looks like I'm late to the party... *Sigh* I missed all the fun... *Walks down*

007 cut the red wire on accident. The arcade exploded. 007 stood there with ashed on him. "Owie..." He said.

Starkiller Shadow Chao:(Snaps out of Starkiller form)

Smash: *waddles over to 007 and looks at him then gives him a brush*

Tira: My brother is back to normal Itsy

Alec: I'm gonna go help Drako. *flies off to the Ferris Wheel*

Smash: *waddles over to Tira and sits down, building something*

007 smiled. "Thank you." He said. He then coughed a puff of smoke. Then he fell down unconcious.

Tira:(Still has her lightsaber on)

Smash: *see's her lightsaber and pulls out his quad-saber, pull it apart into two double-bladed lightsabers, then turns off the bottom sabers to both, getting into attack position*

Tira: Don't worry about me I am harmless it is my brother you have to worry about

Smash: *puts the sabers back and sits down, continuing building his.........cannon*

007 watched Smash make his cannon. "Watcha doin'?" He asked.

Tira:(Uses the Force To help out)

Smash: =o >=( Hey, I buiwd my stuff fwom scwach because I'm good that way. I can buiwd an A1 Steath Bomber, on my own, in 3 days.

Tira:(Puts the Equipment down) I can build a Star Destroyer fleet in Two days

Tag: A whole fleet?! Teach me, oh wise one!

007 shrugged. "I only know how to summon food and drinks. I also can build cars and rockets." He said with a light voice.

Scout: I can heal people by doing tricks!

Saturn and Scone: Me too!

(The Chao walks up to them, followed by a brown chao with a green ball on his head)

???: Hi. I'm Skylar.

Smash: *rolls his eyes at Tira* Child's play compared to the things I can make. *finishes his Bomb tracker and floats away*

Rose: Hiya, Skylar! I'm Rose!

Skylar: Hello Rose. This is my friend Quake.

Quake: *Not paying much attention, but mmesing with a cantalope wedge he got from the snack bar*

Skylar: Say hi.

Quake: *Simultaneously drops the wedge into a bowl and looks up at them* Hi. *Continues playing with the Cantalope wedge*

Drako: *comes back covered in ash* i thought we were defusing bombs people.....i'll be right back, i gotta go call a repair crew to put the ferris wheel where it belongs

Rose: Oh yeah, the bombs. Hey, there's one dunk tank over there!

Smash: *aleady working on the bomb in the dunk tank*

Rapid went up to Smash. "Need some help?"

Nack: Stop right there!

Dino bites Nack's hand and tries to eat it.

Dena: Dino...

Nic: *Pats Dino* Be a good boy and get off Nack

Dino growls at Nic and tries to bite her, then goes back to Nack.

Dena: Hey look! Ice cream!

Dino jumps off of Nack and runs in the direction Dena is pointing. She returns with a few ice cream cones. She hands one to Smash and one to 007, but keeps one for herself.

Opal: Dont bite my boyfriend!

007 happily took the ice cream. He then gave Dino a dollar.

Dino buys more ice cream for herself, then walks over to Nack.

Dino: Ciao!

Cheese: Can I have an ice cream?

Dino: No money.

Happy: But the ice cream's free! She turns back to Nack.

Dino: Ciao!

Nack Chao: Whats that noise!!!! *Shaking head*

Tira:(Goes near Dino)

Nack Chao: *turns into a Dark Chao*

Drako: okay Ferris wheels fixed (Cream and tails are gonna kill me)

Dino (whispering to Tira): Let's kill him!

Tira: I will never harm him (Hugs Drako)

Drako: *hugs back* wait......kill me

Alec: *under his breath* Lucky Drako. *sits and pouts*

Smash: *finishes and gets out* Done.

007 got angry. "Don't kill anyone!"

Tira: Me and Shadow Chao have another sister Alec.

Phyara:*Sits next to Alec*You lonley too?

Itsy: You have another sister? You're mom needs a hobby.

Nack: I hope Murasaki is ok.......

Tira: Our mother Died after I was born

Valkary:(Appears next to Alec)

Phyara:Not again!I'll be lonely forever.

Valkary: I am not interested in dating

((Im getting off.))

Dino: Ok me no murder.

Dino walks away from Nack and sits next to Alec.

Dino: Ciao!

Alec: Well, that cheeered me up......sorta.

Smash: *floating upside-down ontop of an crazy, old form of Eggman from Sonic 1* Wheeeeeeeeeeeee

Valkary:(To Alec) I do think your cute though

Dino hugs Alec.

Phyara:*Hit her head on Concrete*

Shadow Chao: (Stays well away form Itsy)

Alec: Thanks Valkary. *goes over to Phyara* You okay?


Alec: Why?

Phyara:I am Lonleyz.

Valkary: She thinks I am going out with you

Alec: No. I'm not.

Phyara:But she you cute,and that means eventually you start a relasionship.

Alec: Well maybe, I guess but............*confused*

Valkary: I rather Date Chaos

Alec: I am a chao.

Valkary: No Chaos


Phyara:*Gives Itsy a Cookie*

Itsy: *noms on cookie*

Rose: Can I have a cotton candy?

Shadow Chao:(Wants to Help but refuses)

Valkary:Whats the matter little bro (Pushes Shadow Choa to Itsy)

Alec: What does Chaos have that I don't?

Dino is still hugging Alec.

Drako: well i HOPE thats all the bo- *hears ticking to his left and sees one in the ball game* OH COME ON *rushes over to it and starts deactivating it*

Dino is still hugging Alec and is not letting him go.

Omochso:*Reactivates*What happened....

Emerald:I ate somme cotten candy while I was hungry and got knocked out*Thought*That was some evil cotten candy...

Drako: oh well Egghead placed bombs throughout the fair and we're trying to get rid of them all........oh and we blew up the arcade, 007 DID IT

Emerald:Aren't you that guy who ate the bad cotten cand--HE BLEW UP THE ARCADE!!!!!!!!!!*Gets knocked out again*

Omchao:Oh,Oh my!

Drako: i'm gonna go look for the rest of them.........HE PLACED TWO ON THE SURROUNDING CLIFFS.....probably a final act, to kill us all in a landslide *flies off towards the mountains*

Alec: *pulls Dino off* Please get off Dino. Thank you for the hug.

Rose: I don't think he's going to listen. :3

Drako: *comes back carefully carrying 2 bombs* okay, i wasn't able to defuse these so i just took them *places them down and defuses them*

Scone: Is that all of them?

Omochao:*Carring Emerald*I sense afew more...

Drako: AH COME ON -_-

Tira:(Hugging Drako)


Rose: Enough hugging! We have to find those bombs before we all explode!

Shadow Chao: There is one 5 kliks from here

Maddie: How on Earth do you know that?

Shadow Chao: I am chao version of the Ultimate life form

Drako: fun, this might be the last time i see you Tira *kisses her cheek* I AM OFF


Drako: *flies off to wherever the bomb is...............explosion where he was* OUCHIIIIIIIEEEEEEEESSSSS

Tira:(Force Dashes towards Drako)

Itsy: *eating snacks* There aren't any more in the snack bar, but I'll keep looking!

Shadow Chao: Itsy, I'd like to apologyze for my attitude

Saturn: I found one in the duckie pond! *chucks it at Drako*

Drako: *staggeres into the fair black and covered in ash* that hurt *the other bomb hits him and it explodes blowing up the fair gate nearby* *Drako is laying on the ground* OW, WHOEVER THREW THAT I'M GONNA KICK THERE BUTT LATER

Tira: You still got your lightsaber?

Saturn: O.O Bai! *makes a hole, jumps in, and the hole disappears*

Dino pulls out a gigantic lightsaber.

Dino: ...Where'd this come from?!

She passes it to Tira, then hugs Alec again.

Drako: i'm in pain and i can't move

Tira:(Nuzzles Drako)

Dino pulls out a medikit.

Dino: ...This is weird.

She passes it to Tira again, then hugs Alec.

Emerald:Wow,Evreyone almost seems to be in love...Oh well!Lets find some bombs!

Omochao:All the bombs are gone...


(after healing drako)

Drako: ugh *sits up* still bruised

Tira:(Kisses Drako)

Bokkun: *flies up carrying a TV* Hey, you kids!

Dino looks at the TV, mesmerized.

Shadow Chao: Hey Bokkun!!!

Dino realizes the TV isn't on.

Dino: TV! TV! TV!

Bokkun: Yeah, dummy! It's a TV! Eggman's got a message for you! *turns on the TV*

Eggman on TV: Hello, my little chao friends. I suppose you have found all of my little presents that I've placed around the park. But I doubt you found the ticking timebomb hidden somewhere around the park! Would you like a hint as to where it is?

Saturn: You betcha!

Eggman on TV: Well, too bad for you! Good luck, and have fun at the park! Ciao, chao!

Shadow Chao: Itsy I'd like to Apologyze for my attitude, and Eggman hope you enjoy your self

Itsy: It's fine, SC. Can I call you SC? I'm gonna call you SC.

Shadow Chao: I do not mind

Bokkun: Here you go, Shadow Chao! *gives Shadow Chao the TV and flies off*

(The TV explodes)

Emerald:HA HA!

Dino drags Alec around trying to find the giant bomb.

Emerald:*Comes along*

Dino: Who got map?

Tag: Why would Tails, Cream, and Big make a map of something they just built today?

Shadow Chao:(Kisses Itsy's hand)

Itsy: *giggles uncontrolably*

Emerald:Who knows...

Dino hears ticking coming from the new ferris wheel.

Dino: Ooh!

Maddie: I got it! *flies up to the Ferris Wheel, and finds the source of the ticking* *takes out a box that says, "Not the Bomb" Drat!

Necry: My master always told me to expect the unexpected

Maddie: Whatever that means. *opens box and there's a clock inside*

Emerald:What time is it! >:D

Omochao:Does it really matter?

Maddie: It says its... 20:79. This thing is busted.

Necry:(Face palms) It is a bomb

Maddie: No. It's a clock. See? *throws clock at the ground and it splits into two* See? A bomb would explode.

Necry:wowowowowowow HAHAHAHAHA XD

Emerald:Lets go check some where else...

Saturn: *somehow shows up with a drink of soda* This soda tastes funny. And it sounds like it's going 'Tick, tock, tick, tock!'

Emerald:*Smacks out of had and throws at Omochao* Oh Drako Saturn bombed you!

Saturn: Bai! *teleports away again*

Shadow Chao: (Picks up Itsy and goes to find the other Bombs)


Itsy: Why are you carring meh?

Scone: Weird... I hear some ticking from the ground!

Omochao:*Starts digging*I found one along with Saturn!

Saturn: I found a golf club. There's a note that says, "Keep digging."


Saturn: ... *teleports away*


Dino began eating the dirt to dig.

Emerald:I think he ate the cotten candy!

Rose: Let's dig, everybody! *starts digging with a mini-shovel*


Drako: too busy finding bombs


Shadow Chao:(Sets Itsy down and goes to find another secluded place)v

Emerald;SWIMMING GO!*Starts Drilling through the dirt like a wisp*

Shadow Chao:(Meditating)


Maddie: Yes, there are probably more bombs around here. But, guys!! If we don't find the ticking timebomb Eggman was talking about, it could blow us all to smitherooniegoonies! (smithereens in Maddie language)

Omochao:However I'am nearly indestructable and could take on most EggBombs!

Rose: Well, if that isn't me most selfish thing I've ever heard!


Rose: Yes! He's saying he's indistructable so he's not gonna help. Meanwhile, we'd all die along with our owners and Fifi!

Emerald:*Facepalms*He means if a bomb pops up he'll shield us!

Rose: Last time I checked, all he does is give you tips about places you go to. Now, if you'll excuse me... *continues digging*

Emerald:*thoguht*Ego Chao!

Omochao:Starts digging I'll have you know I've done more then that!

Itsy: *jumps in to start digging* Yah! You've gotten thrown around by everybody, too! Even Tikal and Tails!

Omochao:I helped them defeat robots by getting thrown!

Dino bites something hard. He pulls out a large piece of ticking gold.

Dino: O_O GOOOOLD! Tick...tick...tick...tick...

She reads a note that says "THIS IS THE BOMB. TURN IT OFF."

Dino: ?

Dino tries to turn it off, but soon realizes it's a trick. She buys ice cream for everyone with the gold.

Dino: Ice cream?

Itsy: *looks at the back of the bomb* Hey, guys! It says, "I LIED! THIS ISN'T IT EITHER. BUT KEEP DIGGING! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! I'M SURE YOU'LL BE SURPRISED!

Omochao:Your already done?


Omochao:Ok *Starts digging*

Sha-Sha: *gets a drill dozer* HOKAI!!!!!! *starts it up and digs*

Halo:Don' ask how he got that.

Scone: I won't. *keeps digging* We've struck... well, we struck something. It feels like glass or plastic or something.

Maddie: Lemme see! *keeps digging and uncovers the stuff* Well, I guess Eggman was kinda right.

Eggman: *underground* Tick tock tick tock! Oh! Why, hello, chao!

Sha-Sha: GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie: Well, he's certianly shaped like a ticking timebomb.

Eggman: Hey, no need to sling mud! We're already surrouned by dirt!

Halo: *grabs some dirt and throws it at him*

Sha-Sha: :D


Eggman: Now, I don't think that's any of your concern, now is it?

Drako: sure it isn't, you about as nuts as a fudge nut brownie

Saturn: *shows up* Fudge Nut Brownie? Where?!

Eggman: Here! *gives Saturn a bomb disguised as a brownie*

Saturn: Here, Drako! *chucks brownia at Drako and it explodes, then teleports away*

Drako: *blackened again* -_-...............very funny Egghead

Sha-Sha: Awww I wanted that Fuge Nut Brownie.

Eggman: I have one for you, too! *gives Sha-Sha a bomb disguised as a brownie*

Alec: I hate nuts.

Smash: *flying in circles* Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

Decoe: Shut up! *throws a giant washer at Smash*

Sha-Sha: *eats it and burbs out smoke from the bomb* Taste likes bombz.

Halo: 0_0

Rose: You know how bombs taste?

Sha-Sha: Well duh, don't tell me you never ate a bomb and or dynamite before.

Rose: Well... no....

Shadow Chao: Eggman!!!

Eggman: Yes! You know my name! Good for you! I'm off to destroy this amusement park. Ciao, all you chao! *starts drilling upward*

Shadow Chao:*Force Jumps after Eggman*

Sha-Sha: HE STOL MAH DRILL DOZER!!! *chaos Controls ontop of the Drill*

Shadow Chao:*(Chaos Controlls)*

Halo: I always thought that Sha-Sha was the only Shadow Chao to Chaos Control because he's the Chao/Dragon version and or third try of the Ultimate Lifeform.

Valkary:Knowing my Brother he has a way of learning new things

Eggman: Blah, blah, blah. Get off of my drill!

Sha-Sha: NEVAH ITZ MAH DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eggman: So? *turns on drill and Sha-Sha starts spinning like crazy*

Shadow Choa: Grrrragh, Chaos PARALYSIS


Eggman: It shouldn't be! *whams the drill against the ground*


Halo: No matter how much you hurt him he'll still be okay.

Shadow Chao:(Turns into Starkiller form)

Halo: WHOAH!!!

Starkiller Shadow Chao: EGGMAN!!!

Eggman: Whoops! Looks like I gotta go! *presses a button and disappears again, leaving behind a note*

Halo: SHA-SHA!!!! *pulls Sha-Sha out of the dirt*

Sha-Sha: Thank youz.

Starkiller Shadow Chao:Grrragh!!!!

Sha-Sha: Lookz a note! *picks up note and holds it upside down* EHHH I CAN'TZ READZ IT!!!!


Starkiller Shadow Chao: I'll stay here

Sha-Sha: *chaos controls to the surface*

Halo: *facepalm*

Tira:(Climbs her way out)

Halo: *sigh* Oh well. *flys up to the surface*

Maddie, Rose, and Scone: *climb to the surface*

Halo: Okay now what?

Predalien: Hello again Maddie, Good to ssssssssssssssee you again

Drako: i tried to attack him (he stayed on the surface) but he held me back

Tira:(Hugs Drako)

Maggie: AAH! What are you doing here?!

Necry: To take me back

Maggie: Well, bye! *covers her head and crouches down*

Scone: Is she okay?

Happy: i disabled the self destruct systems on all the robots!

Drako: *hugs back* so where did egghead go?

Tira:(Accidentally Kisses Draco's cheek)

Drako: *blushes* thats third time you've done that, either you like me or you keep faceplaning my cheek

Halo and Sha-Sha: You two are in looovvveee~!!

Scout: I personally think it's ICKY! *pretends to puke*

Drako: shush scout, so where did eggman go again

Scone: He just vanished!

Scout: *starts crying*

Drako:........i'm sorry scout

Scout: *stops crying* It's okay! Should we try to find Eggbody?

Halo: Well duh.

Scout: *starts crying again*

Rose: Oh dear. Where to look....



Sha-Sha: YUS!!!!!!!



Omochao:CAUSE I WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drako: okay omochao you were annoying before now your doubleing it

Happy: guys i just checked the snackbar but i couldn't find Eggy!

Dino: I check ferris wheel.

Dino does.

Dino: No...

Happy: Eggy said something about going to the arcade!

(On the hilltop)

Skylar: *Laying up against a tree* I can't make any friends, can I? Its like they barely noticed me.

Quake: ...I guess...*Playing with rocks, making them spin around*

Skylar: Well, whatever...maybe we should go looks for one of those bombs.

Quake: Ok, lets go. *Drops the rocks and walks off with Skylar*

(Back with others)

Dino: Arcade? GAMES!

Dino rushes to the arcade and plays a game. It's called "SonicDr. Eggman the Hedgehog" and is like Sonic the Hedgehog but with Dr. Eggman's face on Sonic and Sonic's on Eggman.

Dino: This no right... EGGY HACK!

Happy: What happened! Why has half the arcade been barbequed? Eggy must be under there! (digs around & notices Eggy's eggshell) Eggy NO you can't be dead! (starts crying)

Eggy: (wakes up under what used to be a pinball machine) Wait what did i miss? Can i have some icecream & my eggshell back? Did i miss the firework show?



Drako: well we found where is Eggman

Rose: We've been trying to figure that out!!


Omochao:Probably on one of his fleets snacking on Potato chips and drinking Pepsi!




Devil: Eggman would drink Coke! Cause he wears red!

Omochao:Whatever we know hes getting fatter!

Emerald:He can get fatter*Falls back*Whoa!

Scout: So he must be at the snack bar with the drinks!

Maddie: That makes no sense!

Rose: Yes, it does!

Dex:Guys guess what *Out of Breath*I fiannly got back and I fould Eggman at the Snack Bar!

Dino: We know.

Dino flies to the snack bar and looks for Eggman.

Teniahk: *Asleep*

Fifi: Hey, Moe, Teniahk is asleep.

Moe: What should we do?

Fifi: *picks up Teniahk* We're off to find her parents! ...They're Darkstorm and Vitani, Right?


Unfortunatley, it's just another giant Egg dressed like Eggman. There's yet another note attatched to it.

Dex:Aww man...

Dino: READ IT!

???:(Male) Teny!!!!


Scone: The not says, "LOOK UP." *looks up* WHAAAA!!!

Emerald:*Looks up*

Teniahk: (Requonizes that voice)

Bocoe: HEEEEEEERE's BOCOE! *falling from the sky*

Fifi: Hey... Teniahk woke up.

???: Teny.

Moe: Teniahk, do you know that guy?

Isaiah: Whos the new dude?

Emerald: Who is??!?!??

???: She knows me because I am her father.


Darkstorm:(Takes off his hood) Darkstorm the Halfbreed is my name

Fifi: That's sright. You're her dad. I kinda got her confused with Stardu-

Moe: *signals fifi to shut up*

Fifi: -I mean... look, Teniahk! It's your daddy!


Darkstorm:(Hugs his Duaghter)

Dino: Bocoe!

Dino bites Bocoe's head and holds on.

Bocoe: Aah! Let go of my head! *shakes his head violenetly* Get off!

Emerald:Um this is weird...

Scout: Yeah! Where did Bocoe come from?

(Meanwhile, Cosmo and Shyly made it at the entrance to the fair.)

Shyly: Oh my......I don't know, Cosmo......I was afwaid of mascots, cwowns and even wolwer coasters.....

Cosmo: *pets his head* Don't worry, Shyly. It'll be fun. Cream and Cheese were there too and Cheese will be happy to see you.

Shyly: Wealwy?

Cosmo: Mhm.

Shyly: Well, in that case.

Cosmo: I hope we're not too late.

(So they start to walk to the entrance.)

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