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It's Summer! But guess what? Summer Camp. Ugh. Tailsalyn and Tails Prower have to  go. Will They make new friends and have fun?or will they Get bored and have a dull Summer. Lets find out.






Little michael






Involved Characters

  • Mila "Tailsalyn" Prower
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Shimmer the Hedgehog
  • Penelope the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Emily the hedgehog
  • Destiny the fox
  • Charlotte the Fox
  • Zerofuse the Hedgehog
  • Malakai
  • Shuckz the Hedgehog
  • Speedy the hedgehog
  • Reeper the hedgehog
  • Archer the hedgehog
  • Armod the stoat and Brimstone the dragon
  • Kong the monkey 
  • Chase the Echindahog
  • Jayla the Demon Hybird
  • Cassie the rabbit
  • Vanessa the cat
  • Neo the Fox
  • Ages Tranquil the Fox
  • Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog
  • Dutchess Night
  • Taylor the wolf
  • Harri the wolf
  • Fionna the cat
  • Edd the hedgehog

Part1 - BORING!

Tailsalyn & Tails: Huh.

Emily &Destiny:Hi!!!

Shimmer & Penelope: Hi, Tailsalyn! Hi, Tails! Hi, Emily! Hi, Destiny! I guess were going to Summer Camp with you guys!


Destiny:Yahoo!*starts making an origami of a chibi that is made out of fire*

Zerofuse walked into the camp with only a backpack. he looked around. " Why did you drag me here again?" He asked a femal fox. She smiled. "You need to get away from fighting and relax a bit." She said. Zerofuse then saw Emily. "Maybe this camp was worth it..." He said to himself.

Malakai:*walks into the camp*I'v never been camping before...

Shimmer: It's fun! My family and Penelope's family went camping together before and we got to share scary stories, roast marshallows, and sleep in a tent, and the male got to hunt for food.

Penelope: It was alot of fun!

Tails: Sounds like fun.

Tailsalyn: *crosses her arms* Hmph.

Tailsalyn: Hey, Shimmer where's your brother.

Shuckz I*pant* am *huff* right here!*huff* *rolls down the hill with heavy bags*

Tails: Are you okay?

Shuckz: Yeah. But it hurts a bit.

Malakai:here let me help*lifts two of the bags*

Shuckz: *smiles* Thanks Malakai.

Malakai:no prob,I forgot to get my tent,can I bunk with you guys?

Shimmer: Sure! Me and my brother would love to share a tent.

Speedy" HI GUYS!!"

Malakai:*groans*not him,anyone but him...

Emily and Destiny:HELLO!!!

Malakai:*looks over and sees speedy*oh good lord...

Reeper and Archer walked over "hi guys"  

at that moment Speedy got knocked over by a small black and red dragon 

Armod "BRIMSTONE!!!!!" 

Kong walked up to them and thought "a summer camp..great"

Malakai:will you idiots stop shouting? my ears are hurting

Brimstone jumped up at Malakai and started fire breathing

Malakai:*blasts wind at the fire,blowing it out,then stabs him in the stomach with the spear*


Reeper heals Brimstone "Speedies right you are a pshyco"


Malakai:sorry...*runs into the nearby woods*

Speedy "jeez whats his problem"

Malakai:*sits in a tree*no one understands me,not even the people I consider friends

Emily:*sees Malaksi*arent you having fun?

Kong signed "is Brimstone alright?"

Reeper"he will be"

Destiny:*made a fire origami of Brimstone and show it to Brimstone*

Brimstone started playing weakly with it

Emily saw Brimstone and walks over to him.Emily starts healing him.

Brimstone started flapping his wings (his equivilent to a dog wagging its tail)

Destiny:*made a fire ball*Wanna play catch?

Brimstone jumped up and panted happill

Destiny:* threw the fireball in the air*Catch!

Brimstone ran and caught the ball


Brimstone ran up to Armod 

Armod started scratching Brimstone between his horns "whos my little fire breathing reptile you yes you are"

Malakai:*plays 4DS*I'll chat to PaperSmash

Speedy "so when are we going to this camp place?"

Malakai:oh hes offline*plays spore heroes V*

Speedy looked at Reeper"you think this wll be like that camping trip where we went to emerald island?"

Reeper laughed "i hope not i dont want an evil version of you come out of a giant emerald" 

Malakai:*looks at a advert saying you can win a free 4-pack of 4DS's with 4 copies of spore heroes V*aw nice!

Kong thought  "might as well go get the psycho" he then went into the forrest

Malakai:*continues playing*its nice here by myself,peace and quiet,and no jerks bossing me around...

Kong saw him and threw a stick at him to get his attention because he couldnt shout him 

Malakai:ow! leave me alone!

Kong signed "get outta of the forrest go back if you dont like Speedy and his mates running away just makes you look like a sissy"

Malakai:who said I was running from him,I just wanted some peace and quiet from you plonkers

Kong then signed"well we didnt know that"

Malakai:just mind your own buisness*gos back to spore heroes V*

Kong signed "why do you hate Speedy?"

Destiny:*sees Malakai*C'mon.Go have fun with us! *make a fire origami of Malakai and gives it to Malakai*

Malakai:*jumps out of tree and takes it*thanks,and ok*puts 4DS in pocket*

Kong signed "hey do you hate Speedy"


Kong signed "no malakkai"


Kong signed "why?"

Destiny just listens

Malakai:because hes a jerk to me

Kong signed "as i recall it you insulted Archer and he stuck up for him and he has never been a jerk to him well he has called u phsycho but you have to know he doesent mean it as an insult"

Malakai:how is calling someone a psycho NOT a insult?

Kong sighed then signed "Speedy thinks weird is good so technicly its a compliment"

Malakai:well I consider it a insult*walks away*

Kong sighs and walks back to the others

Speedy sees Kong "hey Kong"

Malakai:*a messanger comes up with a package*are you malakai antic

Malakai:yep*takes the package*

Speedy lay down "bored bored bored"

Malakai:I won the contest!anyone want a 4DS and a game?

Speedy raised his hand "me"


Zerofuse looked around. "So what exactly do we do here?" He asked Charlotte. She shrugged.

Shimmer: Well, we can start by making a tent.

Penelope: Then roast marshmallows and have a picnic.

Emily and Destiny already set up their tent.

Shimmer: Shuckz, Meme, lets set up our tent.

Part-2 The Camp

Penelope: Done! My tent is ready to go!

Destiny:*takes out a bag of marshmellow*

Shimmer: Great! Penelope, go get some sticks

Penelope: Got 'em!

Shimmer: *uses pyrokinesis to start a fire*

Penelope uses her telekinesis to grab the marshmellows and puts them each on a skinny twig and hands them out to everyone.

Penelope: *smiles* Here you go!

Destiny:*eats her marshmellow*I have another bag if you want.

Shimmer: Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!

Penelope: I just love marshymellow!

Jayla: *pulling a male along, running towards the camp site, stopping once they got there. Has a pack/bag on her back* I-I'm so sorry ve are late!

Shimmer: It's fine.

Destiny:*made an origami of everyone and gives it to them*


Shimmer: Thanks!

Penelope: These are beautiful! *smiles* Thanks!

The fire turns to paper.

Shimmer: What shall we do now?

Chase: *shrugs* Anything really..

Penelope: How 'bout scary stories!

Destiny:*claps her hand together*Yepeee! But im not good with scary stories.

Emily:So am i.The only thing i can spook people is with my shadows...*

Destiny's shadow grabs Destiny's leg then lets go

Chase: Sure...Though I'm not good with scary stories, so I'll just listen

Jayla: Ah, zhat vould be good vith me.

Destiny:By the way,I'm Destiny and this is Emily.


Jayla- Oh, ja. I am Jayla

Chase- and I am Chase...Jayla is my sister, don't mind her accent, she's German.

Chase`s shadow grabs Chase on the leg and lets go

Chase- *flinches* W-What..?

Emily:Your shadow...

Chase's shadow hands Chase a marshmellow

Speedy gets out a 5 man tent "need some help guys"

Reeper,Archer,Armod and Kong nodded

Malakai:*gives shimmer a 4DS and a copy of spore heroes V*

Shimmer: *smiles* Thanks.

Malakai:Its a really good game,maybe we can exchange friend codes?

Shimmer: Okay, what's yours?

(what's a friend code? - Maria)

(It's a code that a 3ds uses to connect to other people you know. -NeoEx.)

Neo: *Climbs down a tree.* How do I always end up in these problems. First it was Ice cap Zone, then that High school, it's starting to get annoying. *See's everyone else.) Well, things looks livly.

Tailsalyn; Let's Tell some tell some stories.


Speedy "i got a story"

Nikki: *walks in* ...Am I late? ^^;

Malakai:A bit,names malakai

Speedy"im Speedy"


Archer" the one and only Archer"

Armod" the mighty Armod"

Kong signed "the mute Kong"

Brimstone breathed his name out in fire

Neo seems starstruck. "Your...your nikkell the hedgehog! My name is Neo, nice to meet'cha! I'm a fan of yours."

Nikki: Oh! ^^ Well, it's nice to meet all of you.

Emily:im Emily.Im a fan and so is Destiny.

Destiny:You're my favorite singer in the whole entire world XD.Em's a singer too ya know.

Speedy "your a singer?"

Kong signed "i almost became a famous singer but i decided the pop life wasnt for me"

Reeper chuckled

Nikki: Well, everyone has something special about them. Sometimes, it takes a while to find it, and sometimes, you just find it right before your eyes.

Neo: *Sighs* Easy for you to say. Your the fastest female alive.

Speedy heard the word fast "you like running?"

Malakai:Im a war hero,I once took on 3 tanks and tore them asunder with my bare hands,and I have this scar*points to a large red streak on his back*to prove it

Archer seemed really interested "that is awesome"

Malakai:yeah,but war was my childhood,I sometimes wish I had a normal childhood,its all G.U.N's fault

Archer"know the feeling not with G.U.N just with my village they trained us non stop to defeat our one enemy....the beserkhogs i was ready to take any beserkhog in my sight but when they atacked" he paused "i wasnt there"

Nikki: I was treated different from most people as a child, but that slowly changed over the years.

Malakai:so wanna hear more war stories?

Armod"can i tell a war story?"

Malakai:go ahead

Armod"ok so there was what we called "the dragon war" well i only called it that and my village was on the reciving ends on one of the most severe dragon attacks that we'd ever seen me and my friends were fighting them off in the dozens but then i heard a noise a small insignificant sound no one else would of heard but i did i went over to where the sound is it was a dragon caught in one of our dragon traps we were told to kill any dragon on sight but in its eyes i saw true fear i went over to it didnt attack me i free'd it and thats how i got my best mate" Brimstone landed on his shoulder "this guy"

Emily:*frowned a bit when she heard G.U.N*

Malakai:Im sorry for attacking the dragon,war kind of makes you paranoid about the slighest things,I thought he was attacking me

Armod"its ok"

Archer"but of course it all changed for us when that time ravel thing happened"

Nikki:....Interesting story I suppose ^^;

Malakai:yeah,anyone want marshmellows?

Nikki: Sure :)

Speedy"me please"

Emily:No....thanks...*hid her face*


Malakai:*opens the bag and gives everyone marshmellows*everything allright emily?

Destiny:I know whats going on but Em said not to tell anyone.

Nikki: You don't like marshmallows?

Speedy"i love marshmallows"

Reeper"im going for a walk anyone want to come with me?"

Nikki: No thanks, i'm a bit tired.

Neo: I'll go.

Emily:*walks to her tent and goes inside.*

Malakai:*walks into his tent*no thanks,im gonna read my kindle

Archer"i'll go"

Armod"its dangerous to go alone take this" gives Reeper Brimstone

Nikki: *goes into her tent and takes out a book* Dear diary, it's my first day of summer camp, wish me luck!

Emily:*grabs a headphone from her bag and looks at it*

Speedy"have fun on your walk im going to bed"

Reeper starts walking

Destiny:*walks inside her tent and sleeps inside*

Nikki: *takes out iPhone5* I'm bored Siri, talk to me :(

Emily:*starts singing*

Reeper,Archer,Armod and Kong walk back to the tent 

Speedy"hey guys"

Malakai:*yawns*better sleep,or should I do some more stuff?

Speedy (in the tent and got out some cards) "wanna play 21?"

the others nodded their heads 

Nikki: *pops head out of tent* Did I hear someone say 21? :)

Speedy poped his head out "i did"

Destiny:*pops her head out*I wanna join but how to play?

Speedy"you have to get closest to 21 but cant get over every person on the cards is worth 10 and ace can be either 1 or 11 and all numbered cards are there respective numbers"

Chase: I'll watch

Jayla: I'll vatch as seems intresting though.

Destiny:*walks to their tent*can i join



Neo: *Goes walking and as he does sings: *

Speedy starts setting out the cards

Cassie:*Walks by*What are you guys doing?

Speedy"playing 21"

Cassie:Can I play?

Malakai:I wish I had some friends,maybe ill make some at this camp*sets up nintendo 64*

Shimmer: I'll watch.

Penelope: Can I play too?

Malakai:*2 minutes of plugging stuff in later*finally! time to relax with some nostalgic banjo-kazooie*boots up banjo-kazooie*

Shimmer: What's a banjo-kazooie?

Malakai:only the best nintendo 64 title ever,your basicly this bear named banjo,and you have a bird friend names kazooie,banjo's little sister is kidnapped by gruntilda,a evil witch,and you have to go get her

Cassie:Did that witch just take your sister?

Malakai:No,banjo's*walks into the door in gruntilda's mountain that leads to the 5th level*time to pick up where I left off

Cassie:I'v only just got here and there are witches and kidnapping.I'm used to this kind of stuff *Follows Malakai secretly*

Shimmer: *teleports infront of Cassie and whispers* Can I spy on him secretly too?

Cassie:Sure!The name's Cassie!And you are?*holds her hand out*

(I think your confused,hes only playing his N64,the witch stuff is just from the game hes playing,banjo-kazooie)

(I know that - Maria)

(Me too! I just thought it would be a good entrance for Cassie-Cyclonestar)

Shimmer: I'm Shimmer. *shakes Cassie's hand*

Malakai:Hey guys,wanna play multiplayer? I know this hack that can add more players in using palette swaps of the chars

Shimmer: Aww...he found out about us spying on him. But, yeah let's play multiplayer. You wanna join Cassie?

Cassie:Sure!I'm not busy!

Malakai:ok*begins hacking the files*

Destiny:Yay more coming!

Vanessa:Cassie!There you are!Who are you?

Cassie:Vanessa,this is Destiny Malakai and Shimmer!

Vanessa:Great!More people in my life(Sarcasm)

Cassie:Everyone this is Vanessa,my partner in combat!

Vanessa:*Hisses showing her teeth with her arms crossed*

Malakai:finished*boots up the game again and hands shimmer and cassie two controller*


Cassie:*starts playing with controller*

Vanessa:Why are you guys focusing on video games?

Malakai:we just like games

Speedy"hit me,hit me ,hit me 21!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shimmer: *plays on the controller* I like this game.

Reeper"urgh you always win Speedy"

Archer yawns "im going to bed you guys can stay but dont be loud"

Nikki: Yeah, i'm getting tired myself. Maybe i'll play on my 3DS.

Shimmer: Cassie, Malakai, how your game going.

Cassie:I'M WINNING!Now I'm losing

Vanessa:Was that Nikki?*Whispers in astonishment*

Cassie:Please don't make a big deal out of it,Vanessa

Vanessa:Maybe Summer camp isn't so bad after all.Who's winning?

Nikki: *turns on 3DS camera and points it at everyone* Say Summer Camp!

Destiny:We need Emily!*runs off and walks back with Emily*


Nikki: *takes picture* Awesome! *smiles*

Neo: *comes back from his walks.* Hmm...everyone is in that tent...wonder if tailslyn is in it. *Goes inside the party tent.*

Destiny:Hey Nikki.I wanna hear you and Em singing a duet.Can  you do that?

Nikki: Umm, sure. W-What song? ^^;

Emily:*Hiding behind a bush*Maybe I'll show myself later.I don't like strangers.

Neo: *Right before he enters the tent.* Em? Emily are you...hiding in the bushes? What the Oblivion happened now? It's just like Ice Cap Zone, I leave for five minutes and something bad happens.

Nikki: I think she doesn't want to sing with me ^^;

Neo: Sweet Celestia Em, we've taken on Nardia and Nexus, several snow spider, that one student at High school, probably could take out entire armies, and your scared of singing with Nikki? She's only the second fastest thing alive, you have so many other powers. Come on, Buck up!

Shimmer: Please Emily!

Penelope: Pretty please with cherries on top, Em!

Tailsalyn: *makes a cute puppy dog face*

Malakai:Hell yeah! were at the final level,everyone know all the attacks for there characters?

Emily;....Okay,if it makes you guys happy*Comes from bushes*

Malakai:*furiously buttonmashes on the N64 controller*

Shimmer: Calm down, Mal. You'll brake it.

Neo: Now the only question is what song you guys are gonna sing. I'd suggest vocaloid but then again  no one would understand it...

Penelope: 'Cause its in Japanese.

Malakai:I only break controllers on mario party,besides,iv never beaten banjo-kazooie,SO LETS PWN THIS THING!

Shimmer: I love Mario Party. It's my fave game.

Nikki: *cough* It's getting late, and my throat is starting to hurt.

Penelope: Well then after Em sings, we ALL will go to bed.

Shimmer: Sounds fair enough.

(ok who just added Em's parts? -ETH) Emily:*walks back to her tent*

(That wasn't you?-Cyclonestar)

Penelope: Hey, Em! Aren't you going to sing? *follows Emily*

(Wait you didn't write those? Oh no...-NeoEx)

Neo: Umm Penelope I don't thin-  Oh! Hi Tailslyn. I was wondering where you were but I didn't have a chance to talk to you.

Tailsalyn:Ok? What Do you want to talk about?

Neo: have you been since the Ice Cap Zone incident? I haven't really seen you since then. -Thinking- Way to go had a perfect chance to ask her and you didn't.

(Neo...*glares* -ETH)

(She would say yes....-ETH)

Tailsalyn: I've been fine, How 'bout you?

Tailsalyn starts humming a tune.

Nikki: Well guys, i'm going to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow :)

(Someone tell me who did the Emily parts -n- -ETH)

Emily:*went to sleep*

(I don't know? - Maria)

Shimmer and Penelope yawn and go to bed.

Tailsalyn goes to bed.

Neo: Oh you know, fought a few people. stole some things, went to high school for some odd reason. The usual unusual stuff I do. did you get to this camp? You don't seem like the camping type.

Tailsalyn:I'm not. My mom made me and Tails go. But I have to Admit, This has been quite fun.

Neo:  Well of course it is, you have a great cast of fellow campers with you. Besides your normally one to make fun time out of a bad situation.

Nikki: *falls asleep in her tent*

Emily:*wakes up and walks outside alone*

Cassie:*Makes her way to her tent to sleep*Vanessa?


Cassie:Are you coming?

Vanessa:I'm fine! I'll catch up!

Cassie:*Walks out*

Vanessa:...Father?I miss you!*Sheds a tear*

Tailsalyn: Why thank you Neo! *hugs Neo and walks off to her tent*

Malakai:I think a friend of mine will arrive here twomorrow

Fireflies start coming out

Part 3 - The Scream

While everyone was asleep in there tents there was a mysterious sound coming from the woods...

Neo: Wait are you going to bed so soon? Come on, it's summer camp. Break the rules, stay up late. *Hears the sound.* What in the name of earth was that?

Cassie:*Also hears the sound*Holey mushrooms!What was that?

Vanessa:*Still awake she hears the sound and gasps*

Penelope: *hears the sound and thinks its from one of the group* Would you keep it down people are trying to sleep she says in a sleepy voice

Shimmer: *wakes up* It's coming from the woods

A scream of a little girl echoes in the distance

Vanessa:Someone's hurt!*Runs from the tent alone*

Penelope: *sees Vanessa* Hey, where are you going?

Malakai:*takes out spear*I have to go too*follows Vanessa*

Tailsalyn: Me too. *catches up with Vanessa*

Penelope: Me three. *catches up with Vanessa*

Cassie:Not without me!*Catches up with Vanessa*

Vanessa:*Sees everyone following her and runs as fast as sound*

Cassie*Out of breath*The only person that can catch her is Nikki!But she's asleep!I didn't know she could go so fast!

Shimmer: I can catch her. I'm as fast as the speed of mind, that's even faster than light. *catches up with Vanessa*

Malakai:I have aerokinetics*uses air to propel himself forward*

Shimmer: You can't out run someone that's as fast as the speed of mind!

Cassie:I'm not that fast!Can someone carry me?A girl though?

Penelope: I can. But I'm not as fast as Shimmer, but I can make it. *picks up Cassie and runs to Vanessa and Shimmer*

Vanessa:*Sees them catching up and turns but bumps into a tree and passes out*

Cassie:VANESSA!Someone help her!

Penelope: I can. *uses electrokinesis to gave Vanessa a shock to wake her up* She's okay everyone.

Vanessa:*Awakes shaken*DAD!?Oh!It's you guys...

Cassie:You can handle a little vacation,huh?

Vanessa:Well,if you guys didn't FOLLOW me I wouldn't have bumped into a tree!

Cassie:If you didn't run off we wouldn't have followed you

Vanessa:Good point!But the voice!


Vanessa:I heard a girl and she was screaming!

Cassie:Maybe we should go back to camp!

Penelope: And leave this girl alone? I think NOT. I think we should help her

Shimmer: Me too.

Cassie:Fine but we can't go too far from camp.

Penelope: Now as I was saing, lets split up. It would be faster. Vanessa and Cassie search left and Me and Shimmer will search right. Now lets go.

Shimmer: *follows Penelope in the right direction*

Vanessa:*Goes left*

Cassie:*Goes right*Hey Vanessa,Do I talk too much?

Vanessa:Yes Get a hobby

Cassie:Well,Aren't you a ray of sunshine!

Neo: *Went with Tailsalyn.* I can grapple! Hang on Tailsalyn! *Grabs her and pulls out his grapple gun to grapple from tree to tree till he get with the others.* Whoa, wait, why are we fighting?

(Is he with at the camp site or with Shimm, Penelope, Vanessa, Cassie - Maria)

(Oh! Sorry, I should have specified. He's with Shim, Vanessa, Penelope, and Cassie. -NeoEx)

(Just wondering....when is it gonna be the next day? xD -Nikki)

(Someone play the song of time! - NeoEx)

(The next day will be after they find the girl - Maria)

Penelope: We aren't fighting. We're searching. Neo and Tailsalyn please go a different way than me and Shimmer so we can find the girl faster.

Neo: Sounds like fighting to me but whatever, we'll go a different way.

Tailsalyn: C'mon Neo! We'll search from above. *twists her tails and grabs Neo and starts flying with him in the air*

Destiny:*goes outside and starts riding her hover board to Tailsalyn*whats going on?

Tailsalyn: Me and Neo are searching for that girl. Along with us two is, Shimmer and Penelope and Vanessa and Cassie.

Emily:*see them and kept walking*

Destiny:alright.*starts finding the girl*

Where Shimmer and Penelope are at


Shimmer: Do you hear that?



Destiny:*rides to Penelope*WHERE IS THE SCREAM COMING FROM?

Shimmer: It's coming from the bushes. *moves the bushes leaves*


There is a wild wolf about to eat the girl.

Destiny:IM COMING*dives in and catch the girl*

The wolf start to jump on Destiny

Penelope: Oh no you don't. *uses telekinesis to throw the wlid wolf far away*

Shimmer: Are you safe?

The Girl: I'm fine. My name is Katelyn the Dog, Katie for short. Thanks for saving me Ms. Fox.

Destiny:No problem and my names Destiny.

The Girl: Nice to meet you Destiny.

Tailsalyn: I see them! *go down to the ground with Neo* You found her. I'm Mila, but please call me Tailsalyn.

Shimmer: I'm Shimmer.

Penelope: And I'm Penelope! *smiles*


Nikki: *snore* Mememe...*snore*

Shimmer: Come on, lets get back to the camp site. *grabs Penelope, Destiny, Tailsalyn, Neo, and Katelyn and runs off*

Along the way he grabs Vanessa and Cassie passing by.

Shimmer: *stops at the camp site* Well, now it's nighttime so you should go to bed*

Penelope: I'll let you sleep in my tent.

Katelyn: Okay

Katelyn and Penelope walk off.

Tailsalyn: Tails, were back.

Destiny:*walks back to her tent and sleep*

Shimmer: *walks off to his tent*

Neo: *Sits in a tree and sleeps*

Part 4 - The Next Day


Neo: *Making bacon on a fire with a frying pan.*

Shimmer: *walks out off his tent sleepy* What's for breakfast?

Speedy starts sniffing in his tent "i smell bacon"  

Reeper"stop acting crazy"  

Archer started muttering in his sleep "i'll kill you litter demon"

Shimmer: *sees the bacon* YUM!

Neo: *Smiles.* Yup! One of my favorites. Hey, anybody know if we have eggs?

Penelope: *uses telekinesis to grab a wild hen near by* Here you go! *hands Neo the chicken*

The chicken lays 10 eggs

Neo: *Seems surprised.* Well...that's just... *Puts the hen down and it runs off into the woods.* Um...yeah. That's what it is. *Grabs a plate and puts the bacon on it. Cracks eggs and puts them on the frying pan.*

Speedy pokes his head out of his tent "BACON?"

Neo: Yes Bacon...Speedy and if you eat it all I swear to Celestia I will end you. *laughs* -Thinking- I hope I got his name right.

Speedy does puppy dog face "can i have some bacon though?"

Neo: *Sigh* Might as well. I made way too much Bacon. *Puts scrambled eggs on plate and starts to make more eggs.*

Shimmer and Penelope: Can I get a plate as well?

Neo: Might as well. Way to much eggs too...

Shimmer: YUM!

Penelope: Delish!

Tailsalyn: Is there anymore for me?*she just woke up*

Speedy"i loves bacon"

Shimmer and Penelope eat there's up.

Shimmer and Penelope: Mmmmm!


Neo: *Smiles upon seeing tailsalyn.* Of course there is. Eat up! *Hears shuckz.* Uh...Hello to you to?

Shimmer: Neo, meet my brother Shuckz.

Neo: Ah well then, Name's Neo the Theif, Nice to meet'cha.

Vanessa:*Wakes up*Somethings on my leg...

Cassie:It's a snake!!!!!!!*Wacks ??? with a frying pan*


Vanessa:Wait tthat's not a snake that's-

Taylor:*Pops her head out*

Vanessa and Cassie:TAYLOR!?

Taylor:Yum!Bacon!*Sneaks out of the tent to get bacon

Vanessa:No!No!No!You see NOW why I didn't wanna come here?

Cassie:Let's go before she gets hurt!*Runs from tent but stays in the campsite*

Vanessa:*Runs from tent and into the woods*Not the woods AGAIN!

Destiny:*pops out*GOOD MORNING PEOPLE

Emily:*walks back to the camp*hi.just took a night walk

Taylor:*Sneaks and eats the bacon*

Chase: *walks out of tent* So morning-ny....Hey, where'd Jayla go--

Jayla: *lacing up her boots, already awake* Guten Morgen(Good Morning; German)

Shimmer: Good morning to everyone who I didn't say it to yet.

Chase: Good Morning...I guess *walks over next to Jayla silently*

Shimmer: I going to take a morning walk. Bye! *walks off*

Cassie:Guys,have you seen a young blue wolf about THIS high?

Malakai:*eats cereal in tent*lets see what today has in store for me

Penelope: I haven't seen any wolves expect the time when we saw the wolf in the woods who try to eat the girl Katelyn.

Neo: *While putting more eggs on a plate and getting more bacon onto the pan.* Speaking of which, where is she?

Katelyn: *comes out of Penelope's tent sleepy and yawns* I'm right here she said rubbing her eyes

Cassie:I'm glad your okay Katelyn!

Neo: least she didn't get eatn by wolves.

Vanessa:*Comes running back*I can't find-Oh!Hi little girl!

Katelyn: *waves* Hi.

Taylor:*Eats more bacon*You make good bacon!Gingerbread is better but good!

Cassie:TAYLOR!What are you doing here?

Taylor:I got bored!

Penelope: Everyone! Who wants to go HIKING!

Neo: Oh please, it's just bacon. Anyone can fry it up.

Penelope: Anyone want to go hiking? Anyone? Anyone?

Speedy,Reeper,Archer,Armod and Kong raised their hand

Penelope: Good, anyone else?

Destiny and Emily:Me

Penelope: That's all? Good. C'mon guys lets get our gear. *gets the hiking gear*

Speedy,Reeper,Archer,Armod, Kong,  Destiny, Emily, Tailsalyn Follow Penelope to a mountain.

Archer started messing with the earth around the mountain

Destiny:*rides her hover board*

Penelope: Okay. Put the equitment on. *gives them the gear* Okay. Lets start climbs the mountain. *starts climbing*

Destiny:yes?*looks at Reeper*


Nikki: *wakes up and looks at clock* OMG, why didn't you guys wake me up?! *runs out of tent*

Shimmer: *walks back to camp* Hey where did everyone go?

Nikki: *crosses arms* They left without us...

Reeper"do you think this camping trips gonna be fun?"

Nikki: I heard they were going hiking. *changes into hiking clothes and grabs water bottle and purse* I'm gonna go catch up.

Shimmer: Me too *grabs hiking gear and goes off with Nikki*

Neo: Don't forget me...and they did. *Uses air anklet to catch up.* -Thinking- Wonder what that weird board is?

Destiny:fine.How about you?*Reach her hand out to Reeper*Lets climb this mountain*

Nikki: *arrives at the mountain* There they are! *starts hiking up*

Shimmer: *arrives too* Hey guys! *starts climbing the mountain*

Nikki: So, what mountain is this exactly?

Penelope: Mount. Mobius!

Emily:*starting to fall a bit but got back up*

Nikki: I heard it could start snowing once you're half way up. *takes a sip of water*

Emily:*starts singing a bit then stops*  Reeper smiles "im fine and ok" 

Archer used his earth powers to "earth surf" up the mountain "see you at the top"

Emily:*teleports to the top*

Nikki: You guys are taking the meaning ot of a good hike. *walks up*

Destiny:*grabs Reeper's hand*c'mon

Reeper starts climbing up

Speedy"3,2,1 GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he then starts running up the mountain at mach 5

Kong started climbing up the mountain it was easy because he was a monkey

Armod stuck his axe into the mountain "c'mon Brimstone" he started climbing

As Nikki starts to reach the top of the mountain, it starts to snow. 

Nikki: What the-?!

Destiny:*Grabs her hover board and jumps on.*wanna come?

Nikki: No thanks.

The wind then becomes stronger.

Nikki: I knew Mount Mobius would get snowy sooner or later.

Destiny:how 'bout you Reeper?


Penelope: It, it's so windy and cold.

Shimmer: You need warmth?

Penelope: Yes! *gets closer to Shimmer*

Speedy"its so cool up here"

Shimmer: *warms up his body with pyrokinesis*

Speedy gets out his glider and glides down the mountain and drops water bombs on his brother and Destiny

Destiny:*grabs reepers hand and starts riding to the top.*

Nikki: Huys, it's gonna start snowing even harder soon.

Neo: *Uses wind soles and air anklet to fly up.* This is getting cold.

Destiny:*reaches the top*s-s-so cold

Shimmer and Penelope makes it to the top.

Shimmer and Penelope: Brrrr!

Nikki: Gosh, i-it is getting c-cold.

The wind then gets faster, and the snow reaches about 5 inches tall.

Shimmer: *makes a big fireball and melts half of the snow* And the snow comes back on that spot.

Reeper"meh feels like my old home.....but warmner"

Penelope: *rubbing herself warm*

Nikki: Mount Mobius always gets cold, even in the summer. There's even more snow coming. Brr!

Penelope: Oh no.

Shimmer: *Make a fire shield around him and Penelope*

Penelope: Ahhhh! (as in being warm).

Archer"finaly im up"

Jayla: *climbing the mountain, going at a certain speed so that Chase could catch up* And this is why I train...

Chase: *climbing the mountain aswell, catching up to Jayla* Yeah, Yeah, I know Sorella(Sister;Italian)

Kong walks up and signed "im up yay"

Armod and Brimstone got up

Armod"yeah we did it Brimstone"

Brimstone breasthed fire happily

Destiny:*shivers*s-s-s-s-s-s-still c-c-c-c-c--c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c--c-c-c-c-c-c-cold

Emily:*is not cold for some reasons*

Reeper gives Destiny his cape "wrap it round yourself that will keep you warm"

Destiny:T-thanks.*takes it and wrap herself*

Speedy"it must be love,loove,love de naow!!!"

Reeper"shut up Speedy"

Nikki: The bad news is, we can't go back down because the mountain is slippery.

Archer"speak for yourself" uses earth powers to get down the mountain"

Reeper"i can use my water and ice powers to move the ice out ofthe way"

Nikki: *tries to melt ice with pyrokinetics* I guess we're going with your plan Reeper.

Reeper"ok then" gets out his sythe and starts clearing a path

The mountain then starts to rumble, and rocks start to break of the edges.

Nikki: Uh oh, look out guys!

Speedy"i hate hikes now"


Nikki: Are you okay? *walks over to Destiny*

Neo: Well this escalated Quickly. *Looks around for something* Can't we just use those weird boards you guys have?

Destiny:f-f-f-f-f-f-fine.*made hover board appear and hops onto one*

Emily:*hops on one too*

Shimmer and Penelope: *hop on seperate boards*

Neo: Great, now how do I get down...

Nikki: Just follow behind Reeper. He's clearing the path.

Neo: Alright then, reeper you might want to hurry. -notices the large snow pile that could cause an avalanche.-

Vanessa:*comes running*

Taylor:*Comes running*

Kaytlyn:*Comes running*

Cassie:*Comes running*What did we miss?

Reeper"i made a path"

Malakai:*is parkouring across the trees*

Penelope: He made a path for all of us to snowboard down the mountain.

Reeper started walking down the hill,

Destiny:*grabs reeper and start snowboarding down*

Penelope: *grabs Shimmer and snowboards down*

Nikki: *speeds down the mountain*

Shimmer: This is SLOW! Don't you think we could go abit faster?

Penelope: Yeah!

Shimmer: Alright! *uses superspeed to speed down the mountain*

Penelope: YAHOO!

Neo: Hmmm...*Looks around for something and finds a board.* Alright let's try it. *Goes down the path.

Tailsalyn:Wait for me!*grabs Neo's hand*

Reeper laughs and jumps off destinys snowboard and gets his own out

Speedy starts skiing down the hill

Kong starts running on all fours

Armod started sliding down and Brimstone followed

Shuckz Why don't we get back to the camp site?

Tailsalyn:Yeah. Shuckz is right it's freezin'

Speedy"thats where we're going"

Tailsalyn:Ok....*Let's go of Neo's hand*


Reeper made Speedy a ramp with his ice powers 

Speedy"HELLS YEAH!!!"

Neo: Don't worry we'll be out of here soon. *Puts his black jacket on Tailsalyn.* In the meantime, you can wear this.

Speedy went up the ramp in the air he got out his glider and glided down really fast


Speedy"I CANT!!"

Destiny:geez *dashes to Speedy and grabs him*

Nikki: *walks past* You guys need to be more careful. *almost slips* .....No one saw that!

Destiny:Geez.Easy way.*made all the board link together and rides down*

Reeper"hey watch this" he made an ice loop and looped it

Penelope: That's cool.

Shimmer: Oh yeah! *does two loops without a loop ramp*

Penelope: Awesome!

Nikki: Hey, the snow stopped! And we're almost at the bottom!

Tailsalyn: Thanks, Neo.

Fionna: *goes at the summer camp late and sighs* Late again (−_−;)

Part 5- Maybe some love


Nikki: Hey guys, do you know if Sonic and Amy are coming today?

Neo: What's wrong Tailsalyn?

Nikki: *calls Sonic* Hmm, no answer.

Emily:*walks to her tent*

Destiny:*just sit on her hoverboard*

Reeper walks over to her "hey"

Destiny:hi Reeper.Need something?

Zerofuse got out of his tent that he was in. He was alone in it, just like how he designed it. Only for one person. he played with some fire, trying to create a new move. He walked around the camp site, looking for someone to talk to that seemed "cool" to him.

(Hey guys sorry for my inactivity. I had some things to take care of. I'm kind of lost. What's happening? -RTH)

Emily:Hi zerofuse.

(Well we went hiking up a mountain and then we got stuck up there and then we boarded down with hoverboards and normal boards. Now we're back in camp just having normal conversation for now. -NeoExlucky)

Tailsalyn: Nothing's wrong. I'm fine.

Shimmer: Hey Zero. Good morning.

Penelope: Zerofuse! You missed out on ALL the fun! We all went hiking, then it started snowing hard so to get down we snowboarded! And all so we have a new camper we found almost eaten by wild wolves.

Katelyn: Hi. I'm Katelyn.

Malakai:*lands in the middle of the camp*sorry Im late,I was having my parkour lessons.

Penelope: During Summer? Alright then. So anyone have anything else to do.

Shuckz:Hi, Zerofuse.


Neo: Hello Zerofuse. Um...Shimmer, can I talk to you for a second?\

Shimmer: Umm...sure?

Tailsa: *arrives at the camp* Hey! I'm Tailsa. I'm going to join camp too.

Neo: *Goes to Shimmer and starts to whisper.* I need to talk to you about Tailsalyn.

Shimmer: Okay, what about her?

Neo: Well...does she like...have anybody?

Shimmer: Mean like, a boyfriend? No, but she has a crush.

Destiny:Ohhhhhh Neo has a crush.

Emily:you too

Cassie:I have someone in mind as well

Emily:everyone here have a crush.You like Reeper...I like uhhhh errrrr....

Destiny:Spill it


Destiny:Neo likes Tailsayln

Neo: Alright, yes, I like Tailsalyn, there. I said it. Now can we just be quiet about this. *Looks back to Shimmer with his cheeks flushed.* Who's her crush?

Nikki: *calls Sonic again* Aww, why isn't he answering....

Reeper offers Destiny a hot chocolate "want one?"

Malakai:I dont have a crush*shrugs and lies down on the ground*

Destiny:*blushes*sure*takes it*

Malakai:*closes eyes and rests*

Shimmer; *whispers in Neo's ear* It's you.

Neo: *Eyes get wide.* Really? Oh no, well what I meant was Yes! This is a good thing now I just...oh Celestia Damn it.

Shimmer: Huh? Well, if you really like her just tell her. I'm sure it will work, okay?


Armod "yo Archer you sure this is safe?"

Archer"sure" he then uses his earth powers to make Armod fly forwards at fast speed

Armod crashed into a tree and the horns on his helmat got stuck in the tree "HELP!!!!"

Neo: Hm? *Turns to Tailsalyn.* Um...did you uh...hear all of that?

Reeper"you look really nice today Destiny"

Destiny:T-thanks.You t-too Reeper

Emily:Tell Reeper Destiny.

Speedy whispers to Reeper "Reeper this is your chance take it"

Reeper"leave me alone Speedy i can handle this i dont need your help"

Destiny:*looks at Emily*Fine...*walks to Reeper*Uhhhh Reeper...i errrrr have uhhhhhh a....I CANT DO IT!

Vanessa:What is this!?Valentine's day!?*Folds her arms*

Cassie:She's been through a lot and never learnt to love.

Destiny:errrrrr.....*is nervous*

Reeper"Destiny are you ok?" he pauses "hey um Destiny well  ok you are the most buetiful girl i have ever met and i really like you and i was wondiring if you would urm want to be my girlfriend

Malakai:*mimes throwing something away*there goes the expense*walks into tent and boots up ratchet & clank:dreadlocked on the PS2*

Cassie:Ratchet and Clank?That is my third fav franchise!Can I watch you play?

Tailsalyn: *breathes in and out* Okay, Neo I've been meaning to tell you this so here it is, Neo will you be my boyfriend? 

Malakai:sure,maybe we could play multi after I beat this level


Harri:*Walks in*Am I late?

Cassie:*Eyes go strange and stare at Harri's eyes with Gold Digger playing in her mind*

Harri:Hi Cassie!

Cassie*Shakes her head*Hi Harri!

Harri:Who's this?

Cassie:This is..What's his face?Malakai!

Harri:Hi What's his face Malakai!

Cassie:*Whispers*He's so cute

Malakai:I know this cheat that turns all the enemies into captain quarks

Cassie:Cool!Wanna watch Harri?


Cassie:Next to me?



Neo: *Eye widen* see...Listen to me stumbleing over my words like some sheltered frat boy. Some master theif I am. *Breathes in deeply.* I was going to ask you the same question. Of course I will. 

Tailsalyn: Yay! *kisses Neo and hugs him*

Neo: *Kisses Back*  -Thinking- My first Kiss...what is this warm feeling in my stomach? Is this what it feels like to have purpose? Around all these people who I don't even know...No. These people and I have gone through a lot together. Emily, Zerofuse, Tailsalyn, Shimmer, all of them. They're all my friends...I have friends!

Shimmer and Penelope: *looks at each other and smiles and wink*

Shimmer: Que the fireworks!

Penelope: *nods and lauches pink and green fireworks in the shade of Tailsalyn and Neo*

Destiny:I was going to ask you that but since you asked me already,YES!*hugs reeper*

Nikki: *walks back and forth, texting* Oh Sonic, where are you..?

Malakai:*sees them*...

Penelope: *looks at the fireworks* I did a good job! *smiles at herself*

Nikki: *looks at firework* Wow!

Neo: Yeah, they are kind of pretty but I know someone prettier.

Tailsalyn: Aw, thanks Neo. *blushes*

Reeper hugs destiny back

Malakai:*walks out of the tent and begins parkouring on the trees*

Penelope: What are you doing, Malakai?


Penelope: What that? And how do you do it?

Malakai:Its just jumping from stuff like building's tree's some parkourers even jump across moving trains

Destiny:*kisses Reeper*

Reeper *kisses Destiny*

Malakai:*walks to a nearby train station*this is gonna end badly,but whatevs

Destiny:*stops kissing Reeper*

Malakai:*as two trains pass,Malakai jumps on the first one and tries jumping to the second*

Reeper"want to come on a walk Destiny?"

Malakai:*fails at the jump and breaks leg on impact with the jump*DAMNIT!

Neo: Malakai, what are you-, Damn it Malakai, can't you just not break your leg.

Malakai:you try jumping across two moving trains,etleast I landed on one of them ;-;

Neo: I have, I'm a theif, remember? *Looks at his leg.* I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Malakai:just grab my convient health potions from my bag

Neo: Alright. *Goes to bag and finds potions.* These? *Offers one to Malakai.*

Malakai:yep*drinks one*owait,this is just mountain dew in a Health potion bottle!

Neo: Seriously malakai, breaking your leg and drinking mountain dew, right after, when you've had zero medical treatment, is...awesome. No but seriously though, we need to do something about your leg.

Malakai:I can walk with a broken leg,did I ever tell you about the time I took a bullet in the chest,ripped it out with my bare hand and shoved it down the snipers throat?

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Shimmer: Wow.

Penelope: Ew.


Emily:Uhhhhhh....*is disgusted*

(Sorry for the second absence. I had to repair my laptop. -RTH)

Zerofuse shook his head in disbelief. "Yeah right. You just want attention." He said, juggling fireballs.

Destiny:Go tell Zerofuse em.

Emily:quiet Destiny...

Penelope: You sure like to juggle, Zero. You must be a pro at it.

Shimmer: *crosses his arms* Hmph.

Neo: Maybe that would be funny to Blood Rage Neo, but to me that's pretty...yeah...

Tailsalyn:Probably, Neo.

Zerofuse created more fireballs until he had a total of 12. "Juggling takes stress away and helps my concentration." Zerofuse said, absorbing the fireballs into his hand. He looked at Emily with a smile. "You seem embarrassed by your friend." He said.

Vanessa:Zerofuse,your juggling fire balls! I can juggle much more than 12!

Taylor:Are you challenging him?

Zerofuse looked at Vanessa. "It's just a number." He said, creating a total of 30 fireballs. However, the fireballs were too hot and lit Zerofuse's tent on fire. " I need somewhere to sleep..." He said, still juggling.

Taylor:How about you sleep in our te-

Vanessa:In Cassie's tent!Her and her video game nerds will be HAPPY to have you.

Shimmer: I think he needs to sleep in a boy tent. Me and my brother Shuckz will more happy to have you.

Malakai:*rolls eyes and walks off*

Neo: I'd say you could sleep in my tent but that tree over there is my tent...

Malakai:*mutters something and walks into tent*

Emily:Wanna sleep in my ten- nevermind you need to sleep in a boys tent...

Zerofuse blushed at what Emily said. he walked up to her and whispered in her ear. "I'll try to sneak into your tent tonight." He whispered.

Emily blushed and nodded.

Malakai:*flips open phone and see's a text message from Meme,it read "Im at some party,BBL"*

Zerofuse winked to Emily and then put his stuff in Shimmer's tent.

Malakai:*sighs and lies down in tent*

Neo: Well...that sure got...awkward...*Looks around and tries not to make Eye contact.*

Destiny:*whispers to Emily*since you want to sleep with him i'll go set up my tent.

Charlotte sat down on the ground. "I wish I could find love like them..." She said. She sighed. "My fantasies won't come true." She told herself.

Destiny:*presses a button on her board and a tent pops out*

Zerofuse say that happened. "Whoa!" He said, jumping back. Zerofuse then started to talk to Emily.

Penelope: Nice tent, Des.

Katelyn: there something I can do around here? *starts to poking the ground with a stick*


Emily starts talking to Zerofuse

(Sorry guys, i've been gone for a while -Nikki)

Nikki: *sits in front of her tent*

Katelyn: *walks over to Nikki* Hey, Ms. Hedgehog? Do you know anything I can do? I never camped before.

Nikki: You're not alone. I have gone camping in a long time. You can introduce yourself to everyone, that's a start ^^ By the way, my name is Nikki.

Katelyn: Thanks Nikki. *walks to the rest of the group*

Neo: *Looks to the little girl* Your katelyn right? My name is Neo, it's nice to meet'cha!

Zerofuse looked into Emily's eyes and started to flirt.

Emily:*starting to blush*

Nikki: *stands up* Hey guys, Sonic and Amy said that they might visit the camp!

Fionna and Edd: *goes in the summer camp late* Sighs.. late again.

Emily finally kisses Zerofuse

Zerofuse blushed, but finally began to kiss back. He put his hands on her hips.

Edd: *Thinks* does she finally know that i like her...

Fionna and Edd: *Goes in where the campers is in* Hi :3

Fionna: *Fixed her tent*

Edd: *gets out the stuff on his backpack and there was no tent* Shoot.. I don't have a tent

Zerofuse looked Emily in the eyes. "I guess we're going out now." He said, kissing her cheek.

Nikki: Aww, i'm forever alone :(


Charlotte looked at Nikki. "Me too..." She said. She looked around. "There aren't any cute boys here..." She said sadly.

Malakai:*walks out of tent*gonna go try that train parkour again now that I got some actual health potions in me*

Edd: ....

Malakai:*runs twoards the train station*

(Umm hey there can somebody control Edd for me pls? i just want a random person to control him :\)

Katelyn: Hi Neo. And yep, it's Katelyn. Do you know anything we could do here? Nikki told me to introduce myself so here I am.

Neo: could take a look around the area, go ask one of the gamer members about the nintendo 64, you could try talking to tailsalyn, she's someone who has might be able to play with you. -Thinking- Did I just call my girlfriend childish?

Nikki: *plays on 3DS* Anyone have a friend code?

Fionna: *goes in her tent*

Malakai:I DID IT!!!!!!!

Katelyn: Thanks Neo.

Zerofuse sat down and watched everyone play their games. 'That's pointless..." He told himself.

Nikki: *closes 3DS and sighs*

Zerofuse then started to roll on the ground. "I'm a log." He said, rolling with fire surrounding his body.

Shimmer: Oh please, Zero.

Fionna: I think you need water..

Shimmer: He's a pyro so he's able to be in fire.

Nikki: *pops popcorn with her pyrokinetics* Anyone want some?

Zerofuse heard the word water and instantly boosted the temperature and size of his flames.

Emily:Zerofuse you ok?

Zerofuse heard Emily's voice and instantly stopped. "Yeah. I'm fine." He said, standing up with his flames put out.

Emily:ok.*hugs Zerofuse then lets go*

Shimmer and Penelope: I would like some popcorn.


Emily:I want one

Malakai:*walks back,on fire*dont.ask*walks to a nearby lake*

Zerofuse looked at Malakai. "There's something wrong with him..." He said to himself.

Malakai:*rolls eyes*this summer camp sucks...

Shimmer: Zero, what are you thinking? You just like, INSULTED him.

Malakai:*sits in a tree*

Shimmer: *facepalms*

Nikki: *gives Shimmer and Penelope some popcorn*

Shimmer and Penelope: *takes the popcorn*

Zerofuse shook his head. "All I said is that there's something wrong with him. He's avoiding people and not conversing with anyone. Either he's shy, or feeling left out." Zerofuse said, annoyed by Shimmer.


Shimmer: You COULD of said something more nicer? Hmmm? Shimmer said, annoyed by Zerofuse.

Nikki: I agree with Shimmer.

Malakai:*skips rocks on the pond*

Zerofuse sighed. "Whatever. You want me to pamper him? You want me to treat him like he's royalty?" Zerofuse yelled. he walked off, fire escaping his body and his body temperature heating up. "I'm leaving this stupid camp." He said while walking off.

Nikki: *chases Zerofuse* Wait, we didn't mean it like that!

Zerofuse ignored Nikki and kept walking.

Malakai:*jumps down and trips him with the air*so you think your better than everyone huh?! just because you can throw some f**king fireballs huh?!?!

Emily:Dont go Zerofuse*grabs Zerofuses arm*

Nikki: Oh geez...

Reeper"hey Destiny wanna play 21?"

Destiny:*kisses Reeper on the cheek*sure

Reeper"hey Speedy where are the cards?"

Speedy *doing keepy upies with foot/soccer ball* "in the tent but play a bit of footie,card games are for later as in when all of us have to go into the tent"

Reeper"i'll think i'll pass unless you want to play Destiny"

Destiny:I'll play if you want

Reeper"i'll only play if you want to"

Speedy facepalms "SOMEBODY PLAY!"

Penelope: If you don't want to stay for us, stay for Emily.

Zerofuse hit the ground. He quickly rolled over and looked at Malakai. "Shut up! Just because you act emo and pretend to have no friends doesn't mean you have to ingore everyone!" He yelled, charging at him with a fireball in each hand. He threw them both at Malakai.

Penelope: *used telekinesis to take the fireballs before they hit Malakai* I had enough of you foolish, childish games! Now both of you make up, now!

Zerofuse laughed sarcastically. "No." He said, making another fireball.



Cassie:Would you...Like to go...

Harri:Go on...


Harri:Oh...Yeah sure!Don't you think it's a bit early to invite?

Cassie:...Better get it over and done with Am I right?

Nikki: *goes into tent* I really don't fit in here... =.=

Penelope: Yes. *uses telekinesis to take away the fireball*

Zerofuse cracked his knuckles. "You can't tell me what to do kid. You're not my mom!" He yelled, fire started to come out of his hand uncontrolably.

Nikki heard the noise outside and saw the fire. She quickly controled Zerofuse's fire attacks with her pyrokinetics and moved in the opposite direction.

Zerofuse looked at Malakai. "Whatever. I'm out of here." He said, walking towards the exit of the camp.

Nikki: Zerofuse stop! *shoots fire at Zerofuse* Uh oh...o_o

Emily:*grabs zerofuses arm and hugs him*dont go please

Destiny:Hes not gonna stay though Em...

Zerofuse got hit with the fireball right after he hugged Emily. He flew back a bit. He looked at Nikki with an angry expression.

Edd: Ok... Now he's gonna be really mad.. *Has cola on his hand*

Destiny:*notice that Emily is shaking*GUYS STOP!!! IF YOU KEEP THIS UP EMILYS GONNA GO MAD

Zerofuse had a fireball in his hand. He put it out and sighed. He hugged Emily.

Emily stops shaking when Zerofuse hugged her

Zerofuse whispered in Emily's ear. "I love you."

Neo: Well now that that's been taken care of, Why doesn't Em just take Zerofuse into the tent, or to the woods or something to cool him off with some type of tender, romantic action and Malakai can stay here and talk about his feelings, or if he would pefer we can do something not boring or we could all just go back to our tents with the exception of Zerofuse and Emily since they want the lazer if you catch my meaning.

Emily blushes and kiss Zerofuse.

Destiny:*looks at the ground thinking of something*

Zerofuse blushed. "Well...if Emily...wants to..."

Emily:ok i guess


Zerofuse laughed. "Who said I wasn't kidding either." He said, trying to make it seem like he was kidding.

Neo looked at Zerofuse and smirked. "Let me tell you why that Bullcrap. Your a guy, your stressed, and your gonna be sleeping in a tent, next to a lady who consents, and with no adults around. This would be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity." Looks at Tailsalyn, Blushes, then looks back to Zerofuse. "That's why I sleep in that tree, keep temptation out of easy reach."

Nikki: Well, I guess i'll go now. I'm not needed here. *walks back into tent*

Destiny:calm down...

Fionna: Welp. I gonna go back in my tent to watch Eddsworld... *Walks back in her tent and gets out her tablet*

Zerofuse looked around. "Well...uh...I..." Zerofuse looked for an excuse. He could not find one however.

(I decided to make Edd and Fionna as friends..soo... Fionna doesn't have a crush yet.. What chara it will  be her crush?)

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Zerofuse's ear twitched. "Yes?"

Emily:what are you doing?

Zerofuse shrugged. "I dunno.. i'm confused." He said, getting a bit light-headed.

Speedy the the football "screw football im going to sleep"

Malakai:*dives into the lake and swims into a river*

Penelope: I'm glad that's over. *drops the fireballs* Now what to do now...

Malakai:*keeps swimming upstream*

Neo: Well I'm out. *Goes to his branch and lays down.*

(Next day in the RP, Ages is gonna show up. - NeoEx)

(The next day will happen after Emily and Zero come back from a long time from the woods. - Maria)

(Well...that escalated quickly...- NeoEx.)

(zerofuse VS malakai,I cant wait to see how'd they turn out in a actual fight - MTF)

(You want them to fight? I'm cool with it as long as there's no Godmodding. No instant knock outs or super forms or anything like that. only your special abilities and strength. You up for it? -RTH)

(Mal has no super forms,but his air gives him a slight advantage over zero's fire,so lets go! - MTF)

(Neo in a mortal kombat voice: Ready? Fight! - NeoEx)

(fun fact,the announcer was originally shao kahn since he was the boss and was unplayable)

(That's interesting. I think I heard about that from didyouknowgaming. -NeoEx)

(I think they should fight in the morning. It's a bit late I guess. -RTH)

Nikki: *falls alseep*

Zerofuse yawned. 'I'm gettin' tired..." He tiredly said.

Penelope: *falls asleep*

Shimmer: Me too... * yawns*

Zerofuse chuckled. "Yo...Shimmer. Can I crash in your tent? I kind of lit mine on fire earlier." He asked.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer were in their tent

Archer"its a shame Armod and Kong had to leave"

Reeper"yeah they caught serious flu from that mountain"

Speedy"who want to play 21!!!!!!"

Reeper and Archer"ok"

Speedy"but last nights was a practice one now we will be betting"

(just so everyone knows im not using Armod and Kong for this roleplay anymore because its too hard to edit 4 so many characters LM)

(Kay - Maria)

Shimmer: Sure. *starts walking into his tent and falls down on his sleeping bag and snores*

Emily:*walks to the woods*


Malaki:*sleeps on a tree*

Zerofuse yawned and went into Shimmer's tent. He noticed Emily. "Huh?"

Shimmer: Oh yeah, you didn't get to go to the woods earlier so me and the group deciced you and Emily should go now. *goes back to sleep*

Speedy"does any one have anything to bet"

Archer and Reeper"no"

Speedy facepalms "for get the game lets sleep and btw Reeper you are playing football tommorow wheter you like it or not"


Emily:hm...*red aura starts spinning slowly around her*



Speedy"cant sleep, i just watched dont hug me im scared on my phone"

Reeper"whats that?"

Speedy *shows him*



Reeper"cant sleep, i just watched dont hug me im scared on Speedies phone"

Archer watches it "wanna stay awake all night"

Speedy and Reeper"yeah"

Penelope: *hears the television in Speedy, Archer, and Reeper's tent and speaks in a sleepy voice* Hey keep it down over there!

Emily outfit changes to a coat(similar to Maka Albarn if you watch soul eater)and a skirt

Fionna: *Gets out of the tent and follows Emily* Hey Em wassup?

Emily:*Changes back to normal outfit*um hi Fionna.

Fionna: What you doing?

Emily:n-nothing at all Fionna

Zerofuse walked up to Emily. 'Hey. Is something wrong?"

(Sorry guys, I have to leave this roleplay :( -Nikki)

(Why - Maria)

(This roleplay moves really fast, and i'm already doing another one. -Nikki)

Emily:no nothing is wrong Zerofuse.

Destiny:*walks outside and see them* hm....

Speedy "wanna play football outside since we cant sleep"

Reeper"we might wake up the others"

Speedy"i dont care"

Archer"nor do i Reeper stop being a sissy"

Reeper sighs and walks out with the others

Tailsalyn: Whatcha' Doin'

Speedy"playing footbal because we cant sleep"

Tailsalyn: You know, people are trying to sleep so please keep it down. And here a hint: Penelope is NOT a sound sleeper so she wakes up easily and also she gets furious and does thing that you don't want her to do. I'd be careful if I were you. *walks off*

Speedy"k Reeper your in goal"

Reeper"ok then"

then they started playing

Fionna: Ok.. Well im just bored.. I don't wanna watch Eddsworld anymore.. it's kinda boring now :\

(A wild rich kid appeared! ATF sent out Fionna?)

Ages: *A red fox wearing a black base ball cap, grey gloves and pants, a blue bookbag and a white collared shirt walks into the area.* Hello? Is this the summer camp?

Speedy"yes why are you coming here now its the middle of the night"

Ages: Well...I have a bad sense of direction...My name is Ages, Ages Tranquil.

Neo: *From far away* Oh god he's rich... do you know that?

Neo: *Still far away* Cause I do!

Ages: Odd...well anyways its a pleasure to meet you.

Malakai:*rolls eyes from his tree and grunts*

Speedy"wanna play?"

Ages: Sure.

Emily:*walks through the woods and stops*hm...*red aura starts spinning around her*

Destiny:*sees her*Whatcha doing?

Emily:*red aura stops spinning and disappears*uh nothing Destiny....


Speedy"wanna be in goal or not?"

Ages: In goal.

Neo: Oh Celestia help us...

Speedy "ok your on Archers team"

then they started the game

Malakai:*Growls,then uses aerokinetics to make the ball float just out of reach*

Emily:*walks back to the camp*

Destiny:wow...that was crazy...

Speedy uses his aerokinetics to get the ball back and puts his middle finger up at him

Malakai:*jumps 20 trees away*

Speedy sighs and continues playing

Fionna: Welp.. im sleepy.. *Goes back in her tent and sleeps*

Penelope: *hear the boys playing football* I WANT SLEEP!!! *goes to the boys and uses telekinesis to take the ball, pop it and uses electrokinesis to burn the flat football and electrocute everyone who is play football* Do you know what time it is? Huh? Do ya?!?! Its is 12:03 in the morning!!!! Don't lets me come back sleepy and tired. *walks off*

Tailsalyn: *goes to Speedy, Archer, and Reeper* Told ya, she gets cranky. *giggles and flys off*

Ages: *Burned* Electricity's not good for a hydromancer...*Gets up and sets tent up.*

Malakai:thanks you penelope

Shimmer: *hears Penelope yelling*

Speedy *sighs* "well that woke me up even more how about you"

Reeper"its given me a migrain but Archers passed out"

they both look down at him

Speedy"well its his fault for wearing metal armour anyway lets drag him back to the tent"


Speedy"and then i have an idea to keep people more awake"

Destiny:*sleeps on her gear while its hovering*

Emily:*walks to the woods again*

Speedy has some mountain dew

Reeper"your never gonna sleep now"

Speedy then picked up a bag

Reeper"whats in the bag, oh god please dont say you killed someone"

Speedy"i didnt now follow me"

Speedy walked over to the water supply opend the bag (wich was filled with mountain dew) and started pouring mountain dew into the water supply

Reeper"what are you doing?!"

Speedy "making sure everyone is wide awake"

Reeper"your crazy.....and i think its illeagel, your bgonna get us kicked out"

Speedy"not unless you snitch....your not gonna snitch are you"

Reeper"im leaving"

Malakai:*clears throat*it is illegal

Reeper"knew it" he then looks at Speedy "how many bottles have you had?"


Reeper faces palms takes the bag and uses his water powers to purify the water

Malakai:and you call yourself heroes...*uses air to push speedy into the mountain dew before its purified*

Reeper helps Speedy out and purifies the water and then uses his water powers to freeze Malakai "have a good night" and him and Speedy walk off

???:*sends reeper and speedy flying into trees*

Speedy fired an air blast at the person who knocked them into the tree

Reeper fired a water blast at the person

???:*floated out of the shadows,revealing himself as a floating spear*

Speedy"how many mountain dews have i had?"

Reeper"the hell...."

Emily:*sees them and walks forward to them*whats going on?

Speedy(really hyped up on mountain dew) "heheha talking cucumber"

Reeper"its a long story"

Emily:ok*turns away and walks*

Penelope: *walks up to them* I heard some racket going on. Have you beem making more noise? Huh? Tell me!

Speedy pointed at Malakai "it was him, he did it"

Malakai:*was frozen solid*

???:they were pouring mountain dew into the river!

Reeper"i wasnt"

Fionna: *Hears the racket going on outside* Guys can you.. WAIT.. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?

Penelope: How said that? Show yourself! (she talking about ???)

Penelope: And guys just go to bed. *uses telekinesis to grab their whole tent and stuff and puts it over the guys* And I'll sleep here also so I can watch you. Now no more noise 'til the morning. *goes to sleep*

Zerofuse looked at what was happening. 'Great..." He said, trying to zone out all the noise.

Nuvu:Im Nuvu fimbo the spear,*drills out malakai from the ice

Malakai:*falls down and is seething with anger*

Emily:*walks back and see Malakai*whats going on?

Destiny:*cover her ears with her earphones*

Malakai:I'm sick of this camp,I'm leaving

Emily:*crosses her arm*

Fionna: *sighs* You guys.. i might be not sleeping..

Archer wakes up and noticed the tent moved with him in "the fu.."

Reeper"i may have frozen him but in my defence he pushed Speedy into the river and he's not the best swimmer"

Speedy"heh talking stick"

Penelope: Okay, this is your campsite for the night so sweet dreams. *puts a 40 locks, 70 chains, and 8 digital locks with a code on their tent opening and super glues, staples, nailed the bottom of their tent to the ground and puts an electrole fence around their tent that is 100 ft. high then goes to sleep*

Shimmer: *goes out of the tent* Umm.....wasn't there just a tent over there?

Speedy whispers"Archer earth powers go!"

Archer"im going to sleep"

Speedy"just make a way for me to get out i cant stand being trapped"

Archer "fine" makes a way for Speedy to get out

Reeper"if you get kicked out im not bailing you out im too tired"

Archer"i have a weird burning sensation"

Reeper"you got electrocuted and your metal armour made it worse"

Shimmer: *sees Speedy and others* Um.......did Penny do this to you?

Malakai:*overhears speedy* 

Reeper"yes my brothers fault unfourtuanatly"

Speedy had already escaped and ran into the woods to explore and create more sigar high created chaos

Penelope: *hears Reeper* SPEEDY ESCAPED?!?! *runs after Speedy and takes Shimmer's Piko Piko hammer to smash him to the ground* I'M COMING AFTER YOU, SPEEDSTER! MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Reeper"your not gonna catch him unless your higher than 4th fastest thing alive"

Archer"shut up" he uses a sleep spell on Reeper then uses one on himself

Penelope: SHIMMER!!!!!! He's the 1st fastest thing alive so he can catch you.

Shimmer: Coming.

Penelope: *hops on Shimm's back* LETS RIDE THIS THING! *catches up too Speedy and grabs him and smacks him with Piko 34 times and electrocute him*

Shimmer: *teleports with Speedy to Speedy's tent and teleports back without Speedy*

Speedy "LET ME OUT YOU SHALL NOT TRAP ME!!!!!" uses a giant airblast to blow up the tent and then uses his glider to fly away

that woke Reeper up"you idiots he has claustriphobia and sign that he is traped he will go apesh**"

Archer"why do you hate sleep?"

Malakai:I hate speedy,I'm so tired cuz of that dumb*ss

Reeper"he doesent particualy like you either neither do me and Archer"

Malakai:why is he doing this?*gets a potion that makes you pass out*

Archer"use a spell,it costs less"

Penelope: *sees Speedy and grabs him with telekinesis and puts his back in his tent*

The sun is raising alittle.

Emily;*looks around and closes eyes*

Fionna: ugh.. its almost morning.. but im gonna sleep.. *goes back in her tent and sleeps*

Neo: *Snoring loudly on a large tree branch. The cloth in his hand has a strange oder. Turns out he did use the chloroform.*

Ages: *Sleeping quietly in large blue tent. Seems mostly undisturbed.*

Archer used a sleep spell on evryone in the tent

Taylor:-sees something glowing on the floor and reahes for it-

Cassie:Don't touch that!-wacks Taylor's hand-it's glass!-falls asleep from sleep spell-

Speedy said drowsily "your an idiot....Archer" then he fell alseep

Vanessa:-folds her arms ignoring spell-Nice try but that doesn't effect me!I never sleep


Penelope: How did Vanessa do that?


Tailsa: *in her tent, yawns*

Vanessa:It's natural talent

Zerofuse woke up on the floor. "Did I pass out?"

(RTH: Sorry for the absence guys...I was somewhere you don't want to go.)

(Okay - Maria)

Penelope: Zerofuse, you miss alot of things. I barely got enough sleep cause of Speedy, Archer, and Reeper, but I took care of them, *evil laugh*

Taylor:Are you joking or are you evil?I get confused!

Penelope: No, I'm not evil. I just did something for them to stay in there tent during the night.

Taylor:Yay! I won't get killed tonight!

Emily:*goes to her tent and sleeps*

The sun has fully raised

Penelope: Oh, great. Just great. The sun has already rose and I DIDN'T. GET. ENOUGH. SLEEP!!!!!!!! *gets cranky and stomp away*

Shimmer: Well, get to get all of you a head-start, she is carnky all day or until she's asleep. And during the time she awake, she get very cranky and smash things and stuff and she might turn into her rare superform, Nightmare Penny. She got that name Nightmare cuz she's a living nightmare in that superform. She destroied a city and narely killed someone with her anger and crankiness. 


Emily:*gets out from the tent*

Speedy yawns "i got a good nights sleep how bout you two?"

Reeper and Archer"had a very good nights sleep"

Destiny:*gets up and stretches*

Reeper"good morning Destiny"

Destiny:Mornin' Reeper.*smiles*

Reeper"hey Destiny do you like pokemon?"

Destiny:kinda but the only pokemon i know is pikachu *sweatdrops*

Reeper"well...what do you like?"

Destiny:*sweatdrops again*i dont know

Reeper"well urgh what do you wanna do?"

Vanessa:Did you guys have a good night's sleep?

Tailsalyn:Not Penelope.

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