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Doctor Eggman has invented a machine to transport people to the Cyberspace world.Unfortunatly for him his machine wouldn't work.When everyone heard about this they went to the Doctor's base to confront Doctor Eggman. Eggman went to battle them and the machine activated zapping everyone in the room.Everyone was transported into a strange Cyberspace world that they must explore.Eggman teleported somewhere else where he shall find aplan to destroy them all once and for all.








Involved Characters

Part 1:Finding answers

Cyclone:Where are we?

Irma:Is this the cyberspace Eggman was talking about?

Zero: *Looks around* Oh no...

Michelle: This place is creepy...

Amy:Well were not going to solve anything by just standing here!

Christina: It's exitless.....

Alexis: Does that mean we're trapped?

David: I see an exit. But it looks like only someone with good reflexes could get through there.

Zero: Right there? *Points up.*

Weapon: Chao!

Zero: I think I could give it a shot.

Michelle: Hey Christina, give me a boost, I'm gonna get through this hole.

Penelope: *is transported here*



Penelope: Cyclone?

Zapor: UH, can anyone tell me why we are here when just a second ago I was watching tv?

Lexi: All I remember was us being in Fatty Lobotnik's Place, getting shot by a beam, and being transported here.

Blade: Can we get out of here, already?

Cyclone:Well,let's go find out.

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