Ray: This is Wh!te$tar's first fighting tournament: The Spirit's Edge Battle Royale!

Alice: (Politely and softly)And it'll be a great battle indeed. We're gathering players from all over Sonic Fandom Wiki, so don't be afraid to sign up. Just leave a comment and we'll add you to the list of competitors.

Ray: Right then! Mazda, can you explain the rules to our fighters?

Mazda: (moody) Why am I even here?

Alice: Because you owe me one for putting my cousin in the hospital.

Mazda: One time! And GUN was completely wrong!

Ray: Cut it out you guys. (Looks at audience) Okay! Here's Mazda! (hands him the mic.

Mazda: Fine. The rules are simple. No fights outside the battle zone (AKA this page) Only the two participants are allowed to fight and they may only do so in their assigned sections (of the page) No flirting or romantic crap on this page-.

Alice: Mazda, that's not a rule.

Mazda: I know, it's so I don't loose my lunch. Finally, no more than three characters are allowed at once. And no godmodding or Super Forms. That also means no Dark Modes, Hyper forms, or other transformations. Like this...

(Transforms to Evangelion Mode in a burst of light. Everyone stares as he walks off the stage.)

Evangelion Mazda: I'm gone.

Alice: WAIT!

(Takes him back.)

Alice: But we're here for a very special reason today!

Ray: That's right! We've gotts give Wh!te$tar some recognition. He's getting ready toi write a fan-fic, with us as the stars! But he needs readers, so everyone, check out his previous work on Digimon Wiki: Spirits Edge!

Alice: You may have no idea what's going on, but everyone please check it out. Wh!te$tar worked very hard on the little details and descriptions and emotions of the characters

Ray: But enough of that! I say...LET THE SIGN UP BEGIN!!!

Villain in the shadows

the Villain, watching from the shadows.


There will also be a villain watching over the fight from the shadows. Once enough people join, I'll reveal her true motives and even post a pic. One more competitor and I'll reveal a glimpse of the villain girl. Two more users and I'll completely reveal her.

Okay, everyone needs to read this! Instead of a fan fic, I'm going to make a role play. Anyone can join, but it's supposed to focus on Mazda's past and present being revealed. I won't start it until this and Game Invasion is done, but I'll post a link once it is.


Ray: This is just a demonstration battle. Both players will fight again once we get other players. It's just to demonstrate the rules.

(Mazda points at Nova, smiling as he takes his scythe)

Mazda: I don't remember fighters being so pretty. You sure you wanna fight? Ya might break a nail.

Nova: Shut your mouth. I don't worry about things like that.

(smiled happily, expecting a good fight)

Mazda: (tauntingly) Can I at least get a name to go with the face?

(Alice walks up with a microphone as everyone cheers)

Alice: Our competitors for today are Mazda the Hedgehog verses Nova the Wolf. I hope you both read the rules. You may begin at the sound of the gun.

(Ray shoots gun into air, killing a bird as the crowd cheers even louder)

Nova : (Her own scythe appears out of darkness into her hands.)

Mazda: Actually, why don't we make thing a little more intersting. For the crowd.

Nova : What do you want to do then?

Mazda: (smiles with a dark laugh) If you can solve my riddle, I'll let you hit me one hundred times, no fighting back.

Nova: What's the riddle? And what happens if I don't solve it?

Mazda: What English word is nine letters long, and can remain an English word at each step as you remove one letter at a time, right down to a single letter? Here's the catch, if you can't solve it, I hit you for every letter I take away!

Nova:The answer is startling. *grin*

Mazda: (shocked) Ray you idiot! You said it'd work!

Nova: don't worry. I won't hit you 100 times. I don't like unfair fights.

Mazda: Heh, you think I can't take 100 hits. (points scythe at her) Oh well, enough chit-chat!

Nova:Hmph. Let's go! *attacks*

Mazda:(both swing scythes, both blocking in an equal fight.)

Nova: Heh heh... *Grabs Mazda's arm*

Mazda: *sigh* Why'd you have to do that? (uses psycic powers to throw her away from him.)

Nova: *lands roughly on her feet* *disappears into darkness*

Mazda:Darkness, eh? I might just have something to worry about after all.

Nova: *snickers* *reappears behind Mazda and slashes*

Mazda: (Takes hit and falls to the ground, but is laughing for some reason)

Nova: You remind me of me. *insane grin*

Mazda: (Uses phycic powers and launches a spear at her, carved from the stone floor of the stadium. Nova dodges it, but ten more come after her as Mazda gets up.)

Nova: *slashes five with scythe, dodges 3, and gets hit by two* Owie, I guess.

Mazda: I bet those other 99 hits are lookin' pretty good right now?

Nova: Oh please. I don't need easy hits to beat you.

Mazda: If you say so. (creates giant pillar of stone shoot up from under Nova, like in Birth by Sleep movie)

Nova: Who do you think you are? Xehanort? Heh heh... *melts into the stone like a shadow*

Mazda: I think I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve, and can afford a couple more hits.

Nova:*reforms above Mazda and clings onto his back*

Mazda: Huh, I didn't expect this. (tries shaking her off as he thinks up a strategy)

Nova: *snorts starts tightening her arms around Mazda's neck*

Mazda:(Uses telikenesis to stop her from actually touching his neck, then runs at sonic speeds to tear Nova off.)

Nova: *lands on back* *jumps up and runs after Mazda*

Mazda: I told you, more tricks! (He uses his light controling powers to turn invisible.)

Nova: *looks around* *sits down on the floor* I'll wait.

Mazda: (Appears right in front of her) Great, but that wasn't the trick! (creates two giant towers, each firing rocks at her like machine guns.)

Nova:Exactly why I waited! *trips Mazda down, then disappears again*

Mazda:(gets up and waits for where she'll appear next)

Nova:*shadowy hands appears from the ground and pull Mazda down into the darkness with Nova*

Mazda: Finally, something interesting.

(The darkness forces a tight constricting feeling on Mazda)

Mazda:(starts gagging, but barely makes out.) Angels of Glory...Beings of Chaos...ugh...grant me a worth weapon!

(a glowing scythe made of light appears and lets him cut through space, returning to the arena.)'re pretty good.

Nova: *suddenly appears behind him* It hurts, doesn't it?

Mazda: Like I said, I can take a good attack.

Nova: Well, it sure seemed it hurt you down there...

Mazda: (creates four orbs of light around Nova) I've gotta admit, you're a truly frightening person. But it looks like this battle'll be impossible without tearing this stadium apart.

Nova:So you're saying...? (Keeping an eye on one of the orbs.)

Mazda: It's time I ended this! (each orb fires a beam of light at Nova.)

Nova: (Doesn't scream, but's it's obvious she's defeated.) aw...

Mazda: (huge explosion) Aw man, I didn't think you'd give in. (helps her up) I had something much more impressive in mind. Oh well. Come back anytime. There're new competitors, so you could ask them.

Nova: Not know... maybe next time. Thanks for the good fight. *holds out hand to shake*

Mazda:(Hold out hand and shakes her and asks) Does this mean we can add eachother to our friends lists?

Ray: That was amazing!(makes nerdy gestures) Nova went like this...and the Mazda was like that...But Nova was so cool when she-

Alice: Okay. That concludes our demonstration battle. Anyone and everyone, go ahead and sign up so you too can have an epic battle like Nova and Mazda!

Ray: Epic doesn't even describe it!

Alice: (drags him away as he keeps talking excitedly) (Crowd cheers louder than ever after the first match)

Nova : *ignores Ray* Yeah... sure.

Lightning versus Mazda

Ray: Our next competitor is the lovely Selenia the Hedgehog!

(crowd cheers as they emerge from their corners.)

Alice: Before we begin, please revisit the rules above. Now, let the battle begin!

Mazda: (puts out hand for her to shake) I expect no less from a fighter like you.

Selenia: (Shakes his hand) Heheh, Same with you

Alice: Okay, let's get this fight started! Please move to your respective corners. You may begin at the sound of the gun!

Mazda: (Takes fighting stance)

Ray: (Fires gun, but a car in the parking ot starts blaring. Crowd starts cheering and the two begin)

Selenia: Okay, Lets do this! (blue aura swirls around her rapidly)

Mazda: (Takes scythe and prepared for her attack)

Selenia: hmm...I'll take my chances...Zetsumei Kibatsu! Roar!

Mazda: (Splits attack in half with scythe, effortlessly.) C'mon, you can figure out a better first move than that.

Selenia: that wasn't a move, it was a call...(Aura spins around her hand, while a 10 ft long sword appears) This is my fist move! (disappears and appears behind him and slashes him)

Mazda: Fine then. (gets ready to block sword) Let's see what you're made of.

Selenia: I'll show ya, honey! (slashes him threw his sythe)

Mazda: (Keeps sword away with telikenesis. rematerializes scythe.) You'll have to do better than that to stop an angel.

Selenia: very interesting...Well? aren't you going to make your move? I already have done mine...(throws her sword in the air, sword vanishes)

Mazda: You'll regret giving me that opportinity(hundreds of stone scythes surround Selenia, ready to attack)

Selenia: (jumps high in the air) Well now, I have to give an angel opportunities, right? * Electrokinetics surround her*

Mazda: Opportunity? That wasn't even my strongest attack! But how about I show you a descent deffence? (summons hundreds of stone soldiers to guard him)

Selenia: Lightning Pentogram! (a huge pentogram surrounds Madza)

Mazda: Right into my trap! (pentogram destroys one soldier, revealing a ball of light. It fires a laser at her, pushing her into the audience guards)

Pentogram: *under Madza*

Selenia: *growls, and gets up* Don't mess with that If I where you...

Mazda: Let me guess. I can't move. That's fine. Have you forgotten I'm telikinetic? I don't have to move!

Selenia: let me pentogram will follow you were ever you go...and it teaches me all about you and your attacks...

Mazda: Hey, no worries. You may know my attacks, but you can't learn how unpredictable I am!

Selenia: Hmm...*pentogram starts to create a box around him*

Mazda: Now you really are trapping me! But I've got a strategy you might already know about!

Selenia: *ignoring him, more boxes come out from under ground filling the whole fighting ground*

Mazda: The silent treatment, you're trying to kill me, I feel trapped. You'd make a great first wife.

Selenia: *blushing a bit, but more boxes start to stack up*

Mazda: Hold up, are you trying to drown me!!! If that's the case...Angels of Glory, grant me a worthy weapon!

Selenia: *boxes stop staking, gets up and walks toward him without speaking* ...

Mazda: What is she planning. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Angels of Prescense, Beings of Chaos, grant me a worthy sheild!

Selenia: *goes in front of him, eyes change to white*

Mazda: (thinks to himself) It can't be a super form. She'd be disqualified. I'd better watch out.

Selenia: *kisses him*

Mazda: (Stands, redder than normal.)

Alice: Awwwwwwww

Ray: Wow, just wow.

Selenia: *still kissing him* (thinks to self) I dunno if I should bring out the poison...he's really sweet...its best not used....but Ill use my Electrokinetics after he does his move...

Mazda: (swooning) I...I think...Wow!

Selenia: well? do your move tiger...

Mazda:(wippes lips) I think I've kissed better. (takes out giant light scythe)

Selenia: *sighs* I guess...I should do what I was forced to do a long time ago...*silently* help me...please....! I need to escape my father...!!! *huge scythe forms in her hand*

Mazda: Fine! Let's see just who uses my technique better! (charges at Selenia)

Selenia: *eyes change to a drastic gold color* you didnt hear my message...*charges at Madza* so "Angel", tell me about that "I'd make a great first wife"?!

Mazda: Man, what's her problem? (charges, but can't defeat her rage.)

Selenia: *slashes him with hatred and anger, then dissapears and slashes him from behind) Ask that to my father...*dissapears and appears on top of a box*

Mazda: So much rage. Why did my true enemy create such anger. Do what you will, but answer me this. Why would you let the Master of Rage, an angel's sworn enemy, fill your heart?

Selenia: *freezes, then slowly goes to him* Because my father abused me all my life...and killed the 2 most precious people in my life. He is the one who shattered my dreams, and the one who filled them up to crush them again. My life has always been like this. I never knew...all this rage was entering my heart...*a tear shows on her cheek* If you ever have the chance to see my mother...please tell her, Im sorry...for being trusting my father in the first place...(raises her scythe, and powerfully hits the ground next to Mazda, perposly)

Mazda: You remind me of a girl...Takano Miyo. Look her up and you'll see, you don't wanna go down that road. (Get up and admits defeat)

Selenia: (walks to him and grabs his hand) Thank you...for teaching me...that I have are a true angel...(slowly smiles with a hint of hope) I hope to see you again someday...I can break free from my father

Mazda: (Takes hand and walks away)(pauses for a moment and says) Your mother isn't upset you trusted your father. She's wondering...wondering why you stopped smiling with her. (walks back into corner without another word)

Alice: Awwwwwwww.

Ray: Well that battle was something else! Keep watching for more battles between even more of ur fighters!

Selenia: *Reaches for her necklace* I will never stop smiling...*gives a thumbs up and walks to her corner* By the way, You seem pretty cool for a really good fighter...I hope we can be friends after this...

Mazda: Are you kidding? I'm friends with everyone I fight! Breaking bones and breakin' the ice!

Selenia: Hehe good! Because next time we fight, Im going to be sweeter than ever! (does a sexy wink) See ya later, tiger

Mazda vs Spines

Alice: Our next competitor is a battler from the dark side, give it up for Spines!

(Both walk to center arena)

Ray: Make sure you review those rules and make this one of the best fights yet!

Mazda: (gives hand and wants him to shake it)

Spines: (Grabs Mazda's hand, shakes it and growls)

Mazda: I've got a bad feeling about this fight...

Alice: Okay! You may begin at the sound of the gun!

Ray:(shoots gun, but hits giant arena screen)

Mazda: Good, let's see what you're made of.

Spines (Growls)(Translation: Let's see how this feels) (lunges at mazda)

Mazda: (summons light scythe, spins so fast it blocks Spines) You don't need translations. Your heart is telling me everything I need to hear.

Spines: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (Uses Chaos Control to teleport behind mazda and kicks him)

Mazda: (Takes hit, but get back up and uses telikenesis to keep Spines from moving) Tisk tisk. Didn't your mom teach you manners! (summons ten orbs of light around Spines. Shoots him with ten lasers, but has to release him)

Spines: Chaos Blast

Mazda: Please. (splits blast with his scythe) I was there when they made chaos!

Spines: (Bite Mazda's arm then throws him to the ground)

Mazda: (gets up, created shackles of stone to keep him still) What are you, a werrehog? I sure hope you had your rabies shot!

Spines: (Uses Chaos blast to launches the shackles of stone at Mazda)

Mazda: (slices through every stone with his scythe, creates pillar of stone to throw Spines in the air) Random attacks will get you nowhere. Oh wait, they'll get you to the loosers circle!

Spines: (punches mazda rapidly)

Mazda: (falls back, cracks neck and laughs) Now this is what I wanted! But let's see you break through my sheild!(blue aura glows from hands) Angels of Prescence, Beings of Chaos, grant me a worth sheild!(sheild appears.)

Spines: (Rapidly punches the sheild)

Mazda: Is this the best you can do? I almost wish I hadn't said worthy.

Spines: (Angerly looks at mazda)

Mazda: *yawns* Man, I'm getting bored again. (breaks shield, tosses Spines back.) Time for something a little more interesting! (summons four towers to shoot at Spines)

Spines: (Lunges at Mazda)

Mazda: (towers release rapid fire on him, keeping Spines a safe distance away) You won't get anywhere near me with these towers around.

Spines: Chaos Control (teleports away)

Mazda: (waits patiently for Spines)

(How ever he doesn't come back)

Mazda: (thinks to himself) That hot head wouldn't run away. Where's he off to?

Spines: (comes back with a huge needle and stab it into mazda)

Mazda: Ugh! (coughs up blood) ugh. Heh heh, that's really good, buit have you forgotten! (bullets shoot Spines from behind, causing him to hit the ground)

Spines: (Teleports away and brings back a cannon and launch huge bowling balls at the towers)

Mazda: Man, you just don't give up. (brreaks needle and goes on with the piece stuck in him) Angels of Wosdon, Beings of Chaos, grant me worthy weapons! (hundreds of scythes appear) Be gone you useless towers( disappear into grounbd).

Spines: (waiting for mazda to attkack

Mazda: (Army of scythes start rushing and slicing at Spines) And, to mess with you a bit (turns invisible)

Spines: ARRRRRRRRRRRR( runs away form the scythes) (Thinking: im so stupitd

Mazdfa: (appears in front of him as he runs, punching him in the face) You know, people don't like getting stabbed, along with polititians and most celebrities (scythes float up around the two)

Spines: (is having trouble breathing and falls to the ground)

Mazda: *thinking* I didn't even punch him that hard. And the scythes haven't attacked yet. What's his heart telling me?

Spines: (Goaning) (his left shoe comes of revealing a booldy bullet lodged in is foot)

Mazda: *smirks* I knew it. Mt towers don't miss. (Puts scythe on shoulder) I trhink we know who won here.

Spines: (tries to move but all he see is blury)

Mazda: (puts Spines on his shoulder) Alright, let's get you to the infirmary.

Alice: A wonderful performance! Everyone, give it up for Spines and Mazda!!!

(crowd goes wild)

Ray: I don't have to pay for that TV, right?

Endac versus Mazda

Ray: Our next battle is between Mazda the Angel Hedgehog and Endac, the out-of-this-world Hedgehog!

Alice: Please review the rules and have a good time. And please, feel free to battle with other players. You may begin at the sound of the gun.

Ray: (shoots gun, hits the drink next to him)

Mazda: I hope you're ready.

Endac: easy as pie (pulls out his bow and shoots a volley of Dark, Fire, Lightning, Dragon, and Chaos Arrows)

Mazda: C'mon, I want good attacks, not showy ones (uses telikenesis to throw arrows back at Endac)

Endac: (hmm good attacks aye) *smiles* *pulls out a Transparent Red emerald (one of the 7 sky-emeralds)* CHAOS DISIPATE *dissapears*

Mazda: Interesting. (waits for him to strike.)

Endac: *appears behind mazda* CHAOS DRAGONFIRE, CHAOS BLAST, CHAOS ARROW, CHAOS BLAZE GALE, CHAOS DRAGONBURST, CHAOS ENIALATE, CHAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS DRAAAGOONBAAAAANE (shoots dragonfire, a chaos blast, a chaos arrow, blows a chaos blazing gale of wind, Rushes at him blazing and slashing his sword, uses chaos enialate, then jumps back and makes a Giant Dragon made of fire (starting at his sword then up the fiery body to the head, the head of his pet Dragon Pyromancer........which then the fire extiguishes and all thats left is a Giant Dragon (Pyromancer) connected to Endac's Sword "DragonBane".) how is that for good attacks *still smiling*

Mazda: A spirit, eh? Let's see you fight this! (raises hand to the air( Angels of Glory, Beings of Chaos, grant me the Angel of Terror: Iruel!!! (giant orb of light with ten wings emerges)

Endac: actually Pyro here is more of.......well a helper and he's as real and strong as he looks

Pyromancer: i'm glad to have the chance to '"try" to whip your a**

Endac: Pyro, recall (the dragon dissapears) now lets get it on *Endac unfolds his Dragonwings and flies into the sky* well mazda if i was allowed i would use my pokemon but that wouldn't have been as much fun cause then i wouldn't have been the one to knock you off your feet *dives at him sword pointed*

Mazda: ??? This orb isn't Iruel. That orb's called a distraction. This is Iruel! (Angel with two wings bursts from his hand, shattering the sword into pieces.)

Endac: *lands and redirects all sword shards past him* well i expected as much. wouldn't be fun if you had me fight an orb. speaking of orbs *pulls out a red and white ball* your rules said nothing of pokemon. Go Psychorb *throws the pokeball and out comes a glass ball filled with mist then the mist shrouds to red meant for attack* jikaru timforow, lomeradu jo manduno (the shattered Dragon Bane sword refoges and returns to Endac's hand.

Mazda: Interesting. If that's so, I'll have to accept where I stand (uses telikenesis to pull ground from beneath. Stands on a huge pillar with *bring it on* look on his face)

(you don't mind if I use a pokemon too? Don't worry, no legendaries.)

(thats fine with me i have but two legendaries and theres no fun in beating a guy easy in pokemon games with legendaries so legendaries)

Endac: *looks at Mazda seriously* ratundo garu foshany. towapsu judo gajo ky lyky jun duado. (Endac's not just a Hedgehog he's actually from two different planets first he was born on the planet of Yuntara which is out side the mobian universe......he was origanally human (read this for more info: Endac Dragonbane. he knows the magic language of the people of yuntara so he can do magic by talking.......also he just likes using that cause no one understands him........except for sonic) Psycorb use thunder blitz (i make up Pokemon Moves if you don't mind) *Psycorb rushes at mazda in a burst of Electrical speed*

Mazda: Feel free to speak Engloish, I can read your heart anyways (not the way I did with Summers. Again sorry) How about...Lucario! I choose you! (Lucario appears, kneeling as they bothn stand on the pillar)

Endac: Psychorb stop your corse and hit him with a Hyper Beam

  • Psychorb stops then charges up for a hyper beam*

Mazda: Lucario, block with Aua Sphere.(attacks colide, creates explosion)

Endac: Psychorb return (Psychorb returns to the pokeball) Go Charizard (a charizard comes out of a pokeball..........but this was no ordinary has been fused with atleast one other pokemon) or should i say TyCharzInite (Typhlosion+Charzard+Dragonite=Tycharzinite unless you don't want fusing)

Mazda:(as long sas you don't mind this) A fused pokemon will be much stronger. Well then...Angels of Glory, Beings of Chaos, fill Lucario with your light!

Endac: oh fun Tycharzinite use blast burn then sky uppercut (the pokemon unflods both pairs of wings (charzard wings and Dragonite wings) and flies at lucario shooting a burst of fire

Mazda: I don't think so! (uses scythe to block, but it's starting to melt) Lucario quick! (Lucario uses Force Palm on Tycharzinite) P.S. I'm only usiong level up moves for Lucario.

(tycharzinite recoils by the force palm....when he recovers he goes for the sky uppercut P.S. i can tell.....and i once found a Charizard that leared sky upper cut by level)

Mazda: Lucario, stop him. (takes brand new scythe) the hedgehog's mine! (Lucario blocks with Aora Sphere) and truth be told, I'm getting these attacks from a Pokemon wiki page. I know ALOT more about digimon.

Endac: alright then Tycharzinite you do what you want i'm busy *pulls up his Blade* the power of the dracomancers *a Red Aura surrounds him* TRANSFORM *his figure changes from that of a hedgehog to the silhoute of somthing else..........the aura dissipates and there Stood an Adult male, age of 25 at least, with Endac's sword in his right hand.................oh and he has five o clock shadow....(just for coolness)*

???: (Adult male voice) now you see my origanal Form my language magic i am Endac Dragonbane. GRITORI JAMONSU KRA *an earthern spire comes out of the ground and races at mazda*

Mazda: A human form? I thought you wanted to make this fight hard? (creayes about ten scythes that float around them.)

Endac Dragonbane: it should be hard. HINDURA, ORFAZI, KARIKO, PILAMO, HYGIDU, FRENARKA, DRANKIT, HUNGARA, FOLIN, PYROMANCER!!!!!!!!! (10 giant red dragons appear summoned by there Dracomancer) these are my friends that are at my side and although i am also there care taker and am kind to my friends they serve me loyaly but not as my slaves...but as my allies *smiles* so mazda think you can take on 10 dragons and me at once (if this is God-Modding i'm sorry you can disqualify me cause even i think this is G-Mod)

Mazda: (laughs quietly, then bursts into laughter) If that's godmodding, then I guess we're both disqualified! I(summons ten orbs of light to shoot down the dragons)

(4 are hit but the other six dodge and fire back with fire blasts 10-fold)

Endac: *Jumps from his pillar onto one of the dragons who was different from the rest* Pyro, get me close (the dragon surges forward and when close enough Endac jumps off of the dragon and onto a closer pillar to mazda) *stands up straight with sword at the ready* lets do this. CARAMOK *all the ground returns and Endac rushes at mazda*

Mazda: (uses scythes to hold Pyro, like a claw, but Ednac still rushes forward)(doesn't move) crap...

Endac: (lunges at Mazda planning to stab him and then come around and slash his back)

Mazda:(ducks and hits him with hidden laser orb)

Endac: UUUGH (hits the ground) *gets up weak and tired* my human form still drains me in this universe *falls uncoinsious and returns to Endac the Hedgehog (guess win)

Alice: A wonderful performance by Endac! Give him some aplause!!!

(crowd goes wild for both of us)

Ray: (holding out marshmallows, all of nthem on fire)(Takes bite of one) Sacred flames. These'd make for a great smore.

Mazda: (Helps Endac up) Great battle. But I need to ask you something.

Moonwatch versus Mazda

Ray: Our next battle is between Mazda and Darkness "Moonwatch, Darkest Hedgehog to live!

Alice: Please review the rules and have fun! You may begin at the sound of the gun.

Ray: (shoots gun, which hit's the side of an airplane) (crowd watches with excitement)

Memphis versus Scream

Ray: Our next battle is between Memphis the Shining Demonhog and Scream the Bat!!! "by the way what the heck is a shining demonhog is he all shiny and stuff?

Alice: Please review the rules and have fun! You may begin at the sound of the gun.

Ray: (shoots gun, which hit's a ship?) (The crowd is cheering in anticipation)

Memphis: ... *does the bring it on gesture* (His tails are in attack postion)

Scream: *sword appears out of ice into his hands* *Gets into battle position*

Memphis: I wish you a good fight and i hope you make a good opponent scream *tails begin to move around*

Scream: Yeah yeah... enough chit-chat.

Memphis: Yeah fair enough *two tails break from underneath the floor near scream and are rushing towards him* Sorry they have a mind of thier own *smirks*

Scream: *lunges forward and freezes tails*

Memphis: nice... *he doesn't move at all*

Scream: *lets out deafening shriek*

Memphis: *aggitated and covering his ears* how annoying.

Scream: Same goes for you.

(the two froze tails break out and swing at scream again in the forms of whips)

Memphis: GRAH! *uses another one of his tails to attack scream*

Scream: *as he is swung he stabs his sword into the tail.*

Memphis: *the tail disspates and reforms behind Memphis* I wouldn't recommend that you could be swinging at the air and get more done... *swings with all five tails*

Scream: *makes an extremely sturdy ice shield around himself*

(Blocks three and two go around the shield)

Memphis: *smiles* nice one.

Scream: *slices one of the tails and freezes the other*

(three come from underneath him)

Scream: *Flies and avoids two of them*

Memphis: that's my cue *points his finger up and fire 3 Corrupted Bullets*

Scream: *deflects with sword*

Memphis: How annoying *disappears*

Scream: Focus

(Tails begin to spout from the floor flailing like crazy)

Scream: *ice shield forms ALL around him*
Memphis: *speaking from somewhere* You know it's interesting ice is such a fun defense... but nothing is forever...

Scream: *smirk* I'm not an idiot! ... So... while I gloat in my not so everlasting ice bubble... so... do you like Nova lots? (Personal question Scream is an idiot XD)

Memphis: Yes i do... but I am not sure if she likes me... *tails still moving around*

Scream: oh... that's a problem... *ice breaks finally*

Memphis: and why is that. *bullets begin falling from the skies* *reappears behind him*

Scream: Well... she doesn't like you back!

(NOTE: He's lying, in fact the reason I made him ask that is cause Nova likes Memphis a lot :p)

Memphis: Not an issue with me bat boy as long as i can be her friend i am Happy *grabs Scream with his tails* and that is why i will win to prove my strength to protect her!!! that way i can develop something hopefully.

Scream: *hangs upside down helplessly* I won't let that happen!

(Hm... it would seem that Memphis is quite a lady-killer...
and now Nova... wow! XD)

Memphis: That choice isn't yours and i'll prove it now *slams him on the floor with full force* I will protect the ones that i love and i'll fight to prove it *crosses his arms*

(I guess it's because that he is just a kind person and will fight with his life no matter what the circumstance ^_^)


Scream: Ow... I... but... oh...

Memphis: You were a great opponent... but i have to move on *smiles* keep getting stronger... my friend *slams him with one of his tails*

Scream: *is defeated* (It's obvious Scream is much weaker when compared to Nova... lol)

Memphis: *closes his eyes with his arms crossed* Will i be strong enough for her... and does she really not like me. *opens his eyes* It doesn't matter i will protect her... and hopefully she will return my feelings!

Scream: *mumbles* I... really don't know... if she... likes you.

Battle: Mazda versus Villain

Villain: This has gone on long enough.(jumps into arena) You, angel!

Alice: Oh no!

Ray: Who is that!?

Alice: T?hat's the Dark Witch: Lambdaldalta! She feeds of anger and sadness, or the emotions created from a fight!

Lambdaldelta: And I'm strong enough for a new challenge!

Mazda: Like I'd let you do that!

Lambdaldelta: It's not your choice.(Freezes Mazda, trapping him as she declares) From now on, I am your main focus! Fight me if you dare!

Lamdaldelta versus Saizo Marushagan

Ray: Okay, how do you defeat a girl like her?

Alice: Exactly that, you must defeat her before she's fully reborn.

Ray: Then why don't we help?!

Alice: We signed a contract. But anyways our first competitor to battle Lambdaldelta is the strongest of the Five Hands of God: Saizo Marushagan!

Lambdaldelta: *Bows* I appreciate the opportunity to fight.

Saizo jumps from the crowd into the field, landing on a fist and to one knee, then looks up at his opponent. "... interesting. You remind me of someone I knew a long time ago..." Saizo stands, brushing off his trousers. "A pleasure to meet you. Tell me; what brings you here?"

Lambdaldelta: I'm here to take your power and that of everyone else fighting *bows* I apologize in advance.

Saizo let out a soft chuckle, smiling under his mask. "Oh? Is that all? I thought it was something serious." Saizo reached with his right hand towards his large pauldron, drawing the huge katana from the top of it before weilding it to his side; the blade was at least 8ft in length judging by how much it stretched across the ground. "These people I'm sure you'll have no problem with. Me on the other hand... can't guarantee you'll succeed."

Lamdaldelta:*chuckle* Well there wouldn't be any fun in that, would there? *starts drawing out water* Sorry.

Giving a soft smile, Saizo looks at her, watching as she manipulates the water. "Hmmm... Water jutsu." Saizo snaps the fingers on his left hand, creating a blaze of fire over it. "You definitely won't win against me. Not with water techniques you won't." He shook his hand down, causing the flames to disappear, and instead drew a single gold Kunai and tossed it at his opponent.

Lambdaldelta: *dodges it effortlessly* Interesting *throws water at Saizo*

Before anyone could notice, Saizo has already appeared behind his opponent, grasping the kunai out of the air and went to stab her through the back of the head with it. Saizo's face and a look of tiresome on it; exactly how many people were going to fall for this trick, he thought.

Lambdaldelt: *creates shield of ice behind her from the air around her* A behind the back attack? Good try though.

Saizo smirks as the kunai taps against the ice; he didn't expect someone of this calibur to just take the shot, so not much force was required. "I'm taking it easy on you. You better not disappoint me, honey." Saizo jabs the kunai into the ice, and by surging his chakra through it, causes it to shatter violently, with the kunai flying upwards from the explosion. As the shield shatter, he brings around the katana for a sweep through his opponent's midsection, aiming to severe her in half.

Lambdaldelta leaped up, sliding over the katana. As she stepped back on solid ground, she took out her own swords. She took a battle stance, waiting for the next move. "That was good. You only gave me five inches for error, much better than anyone else."

Saizo looks up, rather impressed with the young lady, but he wasn't too bothered. "Well, darling, that's because," Saizo held his sword into the air, catching the falling kunai by the ringed pommel, spinning it around the blade. "I'm just too damn good." He spins it quicker before flinging it at his opponent; a small Boom struck the air as the kunai caused a sonic boom, almost breaking the sound barrier at 741 miles per hour.

Lambdaldelta tried dodging the Kunai, but had no choice but to let them scratch her slightly. She landed, taking the swords as she walked over to him. "I haven't felt pain in a long time," she said pol;itely," That's how I know this'll be a good fight."

Saizo smirked; he now knew that she couldn't dodge anything as quick as Mach 1; it wasn't a speed that Saizo could easily reach, but he knew he didn't need to; he just has to be quick. "I hope you can show me some pain. It's been a few centuries since I have." Saizo held a hand, and in it the kunai he threw materialized, gripped in his hand, then went to impale Lambda through the abdomen with it.

Lambdaldelta created a cuccoon of ice around her, like a crystal. It protected her from his attack, though a small chip formed when the kunai struck. "Huh, good job. A chip is much better than anyone's ever done." The cuccoon then melted and the water formed into dozens of daggars, ready to fire.

"Well, first compliment I've had in a long time on this boring continent." Of course, he meant world, but he needed to remain low. He watched as the daggers began to form, then jumped back several meters, withdrawing the kunai and sword, then snapped his fingers on both hands, emblazoning them in flames. "So, let's see how well your ice abilities are."

She shot the daggars, each melting under the flames. Yet even when they were melted the water would try attaching to his face and drown him. And once the water was evaporated, the steam would try to scold him. She smiled and said," Sorry, really."

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Saizo smirked and, when he melted them, saw that the water attached to his face. However, he left it as it was for a moment before he grabbed his cape and pressed it against his face, absorbing the water into the material, then flinging the cape off himself. "The problem with manipulating water is that you need a lot of it to make it effective." Saizo had faught against water techniques before; it wasn't anything new to him. "Well, anyway, back to business." Saizo placed a handseal infront of his face, then took a deep breath before releasing a large ball of fire from infront of his mouth; the ball was a few times bigger than both of them, about the size of a small bungalow. "Great Fireball Jutsu!"

Lamdaldelta took her sword and cut the fire in half, charging forward and getting ready to stab Saizo. "That was a nice attack, but it was notrhing more than a fireworks display to me. Sorry."

"Too much apologizing." Saizo muttered to himself, letting the opponent get close, and as she did, he thrust out a single hand, aiming to stab her through the chest; the attack had enough force to shatter rock, so ice wouldn't stand a chance.

In reality, the Lambdaldelta charging from the front is just a refection in a mirror of ice. The real Lambdaldelta was charging from the back. "Sorry for apologizing," she said tauntingly," So gomenasai for this."

Saizo ended up stabbing through the mirror, then turned to see the real Lambda from behind. Saizo quickly turned, then forced both palms forwards as a large spiralling bullet shot towards her. "Drilling Air Bullet Jutsu!"

Lamdaldelta too the hit, spinning into the audience guards. But she was laughing, chuckling as the pain set in. "My turn," she said as Saizo realized she'd used the ice to trap him to the ground," Have you forgotten? All the water from before was just waiting in the ground for me to use."

Saizo shrugged and chuckled softly. "Oh yeah, shoulda known about that..." Quickly, Saizo kicked forwards, smashing the ice as he released his right leg, then did the same with the left. "The problem with ice is that it's brittle if it's not used in high density. Anyway, let's try this again." Saizo did the same thing before, smashing his palms forwards as another large blast of air flew towards his opponent.

Lamdaldelta jumped up and rushed forward once the blast of air came. She used the backwards momentum in combination with her own strength to propell herself forwards at near suonic speeds. She pointed her sword at Saizo like the tip of a bullet and said," I wonder how this will play out."

One of Saizo's eyes began to glow; he could see her energy, so pinpointing her wasn't difficult. However, he noticed her fly straight towards the bullet, but he knew what would happen; her near sonic speed caused her to glide through the bullet, but because it was made dense by chakra, the implosion caused a reaction between the chakra and the air, causing a high-friction explosion which, again, sent her backwards. Saizo looked on and shook his head. "Admirable, but reckless. Don't die on me too soon."

"Only boredom can kill a witch," she said confidenly as she landed roughly," And I haven't been this excited in years." She then took the water in the air and formed a circle of mirrors around Saizo. A dozen clones of her appeared, confusing him as she took her swords. "Thank you," she said politely," for showing me pain. Now I remember how much I hate it." She glided forward, ready to attack, but from what direction?

"Hah, the Demonic Mirror Technique..." Saizo had seen this technique before, but he had never been on the opposing end of it. He knew that she was hidden inside the mirror; each one cast a perfect reflection of her placement, and she could shift from one mirror to another with great speed... at least that's what he thought. "Why would I fight from the ground, when I could fight from the air?" Saizo gave a huge leap into the air; about 30 feet in the air, looking down from the sky as his opponent was somewhere within the mirror's circle. He took a deep breath and gave off another Great Fireball, ready to burn the ground to cinders.

Lamdaldelta revealed she was hiding in front of him. Once he leaped up, she did the same. "You make a point," she said, raising her sword in a powerful attack," Why fight from the ground?" She slashed it at him as their katanas were locked in an intence swordfight. They were both equal, until they reached the ground.

Saizo smirked; he didn't need to wield his sword in two hands, so he already had the upper-hand. Reaching back with his left hand, he engulfed it in flames and aimed to thrust it through his opponent's abdomen.

Lambdaldelta took her sword and tried to block the attack. As she engulfed her sword in ice, she knew if she lost this time, there was no way she'd win.

Saizo's hand, as it travelled, shattered through the blades of the swords, and as they came close to her stomach, he stopped. He looked into her eyes and saw she was struggling to keep up. He smiled under his mask, and the flame on his hand disappeared. Instead, he placed his hand on her stomach and pushed her over, then looked down at her. "You were a good opponent. But you've got a long way to go. I've nothing against you, so killing you is meaningless. Do what you want with these people; I'm not here to babysit the people here. hey can defend themselves."

Lambdaldelta held her stomach as he walked away. Something inside her broke as she said calmly to us yet a scream to her," Next time we meet, I won't hold back." She smiled as she said," The human body, half of which you are made of, is seventy percent water. I could destroy you from the inside out!" As she went on, Saizo noticed a streak of blood coming from his nose. She smiled even wider as she said," But like I said bewfore...there's no fun in that, is there?"

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Saizo shrugged; her threats were meaningless to him. "The reason why you can control water is because you infuse your energy with the particles. The reason why you can't control my bodily water is because I can manipulate my own chakra; every single cell in my body holds enough chakra to disrupt and negate yours." Saizo turned to her, and smirked. "Next time, I'll try not to hold back against you."

Finn versus Scream

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