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Super Sonic and Super Johnny

The Final Chapter.

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Sonic, Johnny and their friends fight against their enemies for the last time with the power of the Chaos Emeralds.


  • Rainbow15s
  • Black Silver

Involved Characters

Main Characters (Super Transformations):

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Super Sonic)
  • Johnny Test (Super Johnny)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Super "Tails")
  • Dukey (Super Dukey)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Super Knuckles)
  • Amy Rose (Super Amy)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Super Cream) and Cheese the Chao (Super Cheese)
  • Susan Test (Super Susan)
  • Mary Test (Super Mary)
  • Sissy Blakely (Super Sissy)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Super Shadow)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Super Silver)
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Blaze the Cat (Burning Blaze)
  • Marine the Racoon


  • Striker the Mink (Pure Striker)
  • Tikal the Echidna


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Wacko
  • Mac
  • Dark Vegan
  • Mr. Mittens
  • Albert
  • Steameyes (mentioned)


Final Chapter: The Final Clash

Narriator: Last time on "Rise of the Evil Four", our heroes chased their villains into cyberspace. They found more Emeralds, but Eggman stole them away. The team have to find the last one quick, before it's too late. Meanwhile, Sonic is knocked out and Johnny have to bring him to safety. Now the final showdown will begin!

Somewhere in Cyberspace...

Johnny woke up and Sonic does that much later.

Johnny: Ouch. That was way too hard.

Sonic: Urgh. What happened?

Before Johnny could answer, they saw a portal.

Sonic: Maybe this portal could let us out of thus hole.

Johnny: Say what?

Sonic: It's means, the portal could bring us outta here.

Johnny: Oh. Now I get it!

Sonic: Alright then. One!

Johnny: Two!

Both: Three!

The two jumped into the portal and they landed in front of their friends. The others were happy, when they saw Sonic and Johnny are fine.

Tails: Sonic!

Dukey, Susan and Mary: Johnny!

Amy: (sighs in love) Sonic is back! My knight in shiny armor...

Johnny: What is Amy talking about?

Dukey: I think, Amy has a huge crush on Sonic.

Johnny: Okay, that's weird.

Sonic: So, how about the Emeralds?

Susan: Unfortunately, we don't know, where the last one is...

Shadow: It seems, that the doctor want to use only the power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds.

Johnny looked confused.

Johnny: What are these Sol Emeralds?

Blaze: There are like the Chaos Emeralds, only in my dimension.

The Test siblings: Oh.

The scene swifts to the Evil Clan of Four, where they are still searching about the last Chaos Emerald.


Cubot: Maybe it in cyberspace.

Eggman: We are in cyberspace, you bucket of bolts!

Mr. Mittens: I feel so sick... (vomits a hair ball)

All: Eeeew!

Albert: İ'll clean it up, sir.

As Albert cleaned up the mess, he found a Chaos Emerald in the hair ball.

Eggman: Aha! We found it!

Dark Vegan: So it was in the hair ball for the entire time.

Orbot: So. We finally got them all, right?

All the villains nodded.

Eggman: So let's unleash our evil power!

Eggman put the last Emerald in the maschine and turned it on. The DOOM-BLASTER then shot a lazer beam to a platform.

Wacko: Yes! Yes! This is the power, we want!

Mr. Mittens: Soon, we'll destroy our arch-nemesis: Johnny Test and Sonic the Hedgehog!!

Everybody laugh evilly.

Back to the group...

Tails: So how do we get back?

??: I got a way...

All the heroes look at a nearby rock. A big mechanized creature emerges...

??: It seems the Evil Clan Of Four has a new member.

?? trys to step on Sonic. Then Johnny. Then Amy.

Amy: Stop! You monster!

Sonic: Amy! Watch out!

Amy nearly gets squished. When she hits ??s chest with her hammer, four of its legs go dead.

Dukey: I think Amy just found that thing's weak point!

??: Stop! *Tries to step on Sonic*

Johnny: Sonic! Punch its weak point!

Sonic: Got it, Johnny!

Sonic does what hes told. ??'s other 4 legs go dead.

Marine: Yes! Great job!

Mary: It's still not dead!

Blaze: I'll deliver the final blow!

Blaze punches ??'s weakpoint in a similar manner to when Donkey Kong does the same to a Tiki mask. ?? gets punched into the distance.

Sonic: I think we'll have to investigate.

The heroes walk towards ??'s corpse. A blue puffball like creature climbs out. It was Mac from Sonic: The Elemental Emeralds.

Mac: Do you know how much that thing cost?

Dukey: Err.. Nope.

Cream: No.

Sissy: Nope.

Mac: 30000p! I spent all that money on Pokey Minch's absolutely safe capsule! Now I have to return it! That guy will kill me when he sees!

Cream: That's terrible...

Cheese: Chaooo....

Dukey: Enough. Tell us where the clan is!

Mac: Oh! Well, dog, the Evil Clan Of Four is in cyberspace. I can get you there if you want to!

Sonic: Then get us there now!

Johnny: Yeah, because WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME!!

Mac: Ok! Fine, impatient!

Mac opens up the Absolutely Safe Capsule's chest and it spawns a portal to Cyberspace.

Mac: there you go! Now leave!

The heroes go through the portal. It closes as Blaze is about to go through.

Blaze: Let me go!

Mac: Sorry, Missy, your comin' with me!

Mac opens up another portal that leads to a perilous dimension.

Mac: Of you go!

Mac pushes Blaze into the portal.

The heroes were shot out of the portal.

Susan: I don't trust Mac at all.

Mary: I'm in the same opinion.

Silver: Guys!

Tails: Silver!

Sonic: Knuckles!

Silver, Knuckles and the rest went to the group.

Silver: Where's Blaze?

Sissy: İ have absolutely no idea.

Sonic: I dunno.

Shadow: Hmph, it seems, you've been encountered Mac.

Johnny: Say wha?

Tails: How do you know him?

Omega: Simple. I analyzed him.

Rouge: It seems, that he has also an evil plan like the clan.

???: Susan!

The others looked around and Susan is now disgusted about this person.

Susan: Not again!

Amy: What's wrong?

Mary: Eugene.

BBB: Call me Bling-Bling-Boy! And you, my darling Susan must kiss me!

Susan: Never!

BBB: Fine. If you don't do that, then I'll force you to-

Amy hits BBB with her hammer on his head.

Susan: Thanks, Amy.

Amy: You're welcome.

Knuckles: Sheesh, "Bling-Bling-Boy" is nuts.

Johnny, Dukey, Susan and Mary: We know!

But Johnny fell into a hole.

Sonic: No!

Silver: I'll save him!

He saved Johnny with his telekinesis.

Johnny: Thanks, Silver.

???: *hiding from the gang to hide himself, knowing the truth about whats to come with the group, he simply obliges and teleports in mac's dimension*

In Mac's dimension...

The unknown person investigates there.

???: Something is wrong here... why do i feel like the chaos emeralds are being used... and yet i need to find blaze... i dont have much time left to warn them... soon they will not win if they dont get the emeralds... *sees a guard afar* i dont have time for this!.

He snuck into a bush near the guard and noticed Blaze locked up in a tower.

???: I have to hurry up!

The mysterious person knocked the guard out and frees Blaze in record time.

Blaze: Thanks. Who are you?

???: My name is Striker. I teleported here, in order to warn you. Your friends are in full danger and the Evil Clan of Four have all the Chaos Emeralds in their DOOM-Blaster!

Blaze: What? I have to come back to my the others!

Striker: Thats why i am here

Blaze: Great! Lets go!

It cuts back to the heroes walking into a strange blue cave with green numbers and letters paved on it. Jet appears in front of Silver.

Jet: Wait just a minuite, Silver. You cant go in there.

Silver: Why?

Jet: Just because your damage to Steameyes years ago.

Silver: *Sighs* Ok.. *Walks off to a nearby bench. Suddenly, the bench appears to be false and Silver falls into a hole in an attempt to sit down*

But Striker saved Silver just in time, with the help of Blaze.

Silver: Thanks.

Blaze: Silver, this is Striker.

Striker: Greetings. But it's now time to teleport into a save place.

The three teleported somewhere else.

Silver: Wait!

The three hide somewhere an listened the conversation between Mac and the Evil Clan of Four.

Eggman: Great job, Mac!

Mac: You're welcome, master. It was a piece of cake to trap the group and get rid of Blaze.

Dark Vegan: The maschine is ready!

Wacko: Excellent! Now let's go!

The villains get in the maschine. Mac connects himself with the power core and the Chaos Emeralds.

Mac: Now it's time to face your doom, Sonic and Johnny!

The three heard everything.

Silver: So that's the plan!

Blaze: We have to warn the others!

Striker: Let's go!

Unfortunately, the teleport device didn't work.

Striker: Shoot! It's out of energy!

Silver: I hate to say, but what should we do now?

???: Maybe I can help you.

Blaze: Was that Tikal?

Before someone could answer, Tikal sends Silver, Blaze and Striker to our heroes.

Back to the heroes, who are still confused, where the remaining Emerald is.

Susan: That's strange. There is no sign of the Chaos Emerald.

Dukey: What should we do?

Suddenly, Silver, Blaze and Striker appeared to the group.

Sonic: Silver! Blaze!

Marine: I was worried about you two...

Blaze: Yes. Mac captured me in his dimension, but Striker saved me just in time.

Johnny: Who?

Blaze points at Striker.

Johnny: Oh.

Silver: He also saved me, after being tricked by Jet.

Sonic: Jet the Hawk?

Silver: No, there was a different Jet...

Tails: Oh.

Rouge: What are you doing?

Silver: The Evil Clan of Four has all the Chaos Emeralds!

All: No way!

Amy: I can't believe it!

Blaze: But it's true.

Striker sense an incoming maschine.

Striker: Watch out, guys! They're coming!

A laser beam comes out by nowhere, but luckilly the group evade it.

Dukey: What was that?

Eggman: Surprise!

The group looked to the maschine with the villains. Including Jet.

Eggman: Well, if isn't the group. You'll know-

Johnny: Blah, blah, blah. Another of these boring speeches! I'm getting sick of this!

Sonic: You'll know, Egghead, this is the exact same thing. Trying to destroy us, but we foil you.

Johnny: And for all villains, this is getting old.

Eggman: Grrr! You young pests! Not only you foil our plans,...

Wacko: also foil our speeches! We worked hard of them!

Striker: we can ruin more if we have to.

Dark Vegan: Whatever. Our plan will be successful and YOU can't stop us! Was that better?

Johnny: Like a million times better. Thank you.

Mr. Mittens: This powerful maschine allows to shoot beams with massive ammount of energy of the Chaos Emeralds, that we need it for multiverse domination!

Sonic: *smirks* Sounds familiar. This really never gets old, huh?

Knuckles: Sure. But I have a secret weapon!

Wacko: Not so fast!

He shots a beam to the group.

The group were a little bit injured.

Knuckles: Nice try. (Holds the Master Emerald) Master Emerald, please stop the Chaos Emeralds!

The Master Emerald unleashed a schockwave to the mech.

Jet: No way!

Mac: Nice try... BUT WE HAVE NOW THE POWER!!!

All: What?

Johnny: What happened?

Striker: Even the Master Emerald stopped the Chaos Emeralds, Mac somehow became one with the powers.

Cream: Oh no.

Jet went also in the maschine.

Eggman: Now POWER ON!

Eggman pushed a button and the mech transformed into a Mega Mech and the DOOM-Blaster was attached now.

Mr. Mittens: FIRE!

A powerful beam was shot out of the maschine.

Sonic: DODGE!!

The team dodged it successfully and they are now running around.

Sonic was to the left of the maschine, Johnny to the right.

Sonic: Keep running!

Johnny: Okay!

Eggman: Run, but soon you'll be crushed!!

Multiple beams tried to aim at the group, but they failed.

But the last two shots hits Tails and Knuckles.

Sonic: Tails!

Amy: Knuckles!

Shadow: That's it! Chaos Control!

Eggman: Not this time!

The Mega Mech knocked Shadow out.

Rouge: Shadow!

The group went to Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.

Johnny: Are you alright?

Wacko: Take this!

A powerful beam hits the entire group. Sonic and Johnny were slightly injured.

Mac: Now it's time to finish you off!

A gigantic hand aims at Sonic and Johnny. Striker tries to save them, but the hand hits all three.

Eggman: Hohohoho!

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Dukey, Susan, Mary, Sissy, Marine: NOOOOOOOOOOO!

The group went to the heroes.

Tails: Sonic! Are you alright?

Dukey: Johnny! Please wake up!

The group were almost in tears. Sissy stepped to the villains.

Sissy: How dare you?!

Eggman: Aaw. You stepped in as a cover? That's a pity, because it's time to GET CRUSHED!!

But before the Evil Clan attacks, voices can be heard. These are all the allies from Sonic and Johnny.

Mr. Black: You can do it, guys!

Mr. White: Come on, Johnny! Smash them!

Eggman: Grrr... NOT YOU!!

Charmy: Get up!

Espio: Focus on your spirits.

Vector: Stay tight!

Vanilla: İ believe in you, guys.

Mac: Get out!

Hugh: Please don't give up!

Lila: You can win!

BBB: You always do!

All: Go Sonic! Go Johnny! Go! Go! Go!

The cheers gave the group new power and stood up.

Tails: Yeah, you may took the power...


Amy: We'll stand up for justice,...


Susan: ...and trust!

Sissy: The true power is in our hearts.

Mary: Soon, you'll going DOWN!

Sonic, Striker and Johnny stood up.

Mr. Mittens: Now. Come back for more?

Dark Vegan: By the way, is there any toasts?

Eggman gives the plate of toasts to him.

Eggman: Now FIRE!!

The DOOM-Blaster shots a beam. The group went slowly to the maschine, without getting injured.

Now two sides stand and looked each other.

Striker: You'll know, that you can't win. Now it's our turn to strike back!

Sonic: You guys ready?

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream: Ready!

Cheese: Chao!

Shadow and Silver: Got it!

Johnny, Dukey, Sissy, Susan and Mary: Ready!

The Chaos Emeralds were shot out of the maschine and flew to the group.

Tikal: Seven of the Chaos Emeralds. Heed my call... Give them much power!

Tikal unleashes light waves to the Chaos Emeralds and they started to glow again.

The group prepared to transform. The Chaos Emeralds circle around them and they float themselves up. Suddenly they transformed into their super forms, while it unleashed a massive shockwave to the villains.

Eggman: What's going on there?!

Wacko: I can't believe this! We have the full power and still THEY TRANSFORMED??!

Mac: I didn't mention, that we only had the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds.

Albert: Well, it makes sense.

Mr. Mittens: SHUT UP!!

Susan: Wow. I never feel such power.

Mary: Incredible!

Dukey: Awesome!

Amy's hammer also turned into the "Super Piko Piko Hammer", while Cheese sparkles full of energy.

Cream: Amazing!

Striker: Time to scramble you out!

Sonic and Johnny: In our style!

Fireworks were shown behind the super group.

Eggman: ATTACK!!!

The maschine almost attacked the group.

Amy: Take this!

She hits them with her Super Hammer with so much power. It was followed by Cream's Super Chao Attacks, then Knuckles' Power Punches, Dukey's Power Kick and finally Sissy's Drill Kick.

Susan, Mary, Shadow, Striker and Silver prepared for a charge beam, while the villains do the same. Both were fired at the exact same time. And both had the same power.

Sonic: Here we come!

Johnny: Time to kick some butts!

Super Sonic attacked the maschine fron the left, followed by Super Johnny from the right.


Mac: Time to face your doom!!

The maschine charges up for a powerful attack. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Johnny, Dukey, Sissy, Susan and Mary were gathered around.

Sonic: Time to finish this!

All: Okay!

Striker: Guys! We'll give you much boost for your attack.

Silver: We'll charge our beams and you'll destroy the maschine!

Shadow: I'll use Chaos Control, to give you more time.

Sonic: Got it!

Johnny: Ready?

All: Yeah!

All thirteen: Let's finish this!!

Shadow: Chaos Control!

Shadow slowed the time of the DOOM-Blaster down. The two Hedgehogs and Striker charge their beams up.

The rest formed a drilling circle. First Tails, then, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Dukey, Sissy, Susan and finally Mary formed an outer circle. Sonic and Johnny came to the middle and spin themselves, like the others.

Eggman: FIRE!!

The beam was shot. As well as the three beams.

Sonic: Brace yourselves!

Johnny: Keep going!

All ten: Super Friendship Finisher!!

The finisher hits the mech through.

Eggman: No! It can't be!

Wacko: Defeated by the Test children, a friend and also animals!!!

Dark Vegan: Why?

Mac: I'll plan my REVENGE!!


Sonic and Johnny: Gotcha!

The group stand behind the explosion.

Cream: We did it!

Amy: Yay!

Suddenly, a vortex appears.

Johnny: Oh, come on now!


Striker: The time-space rift is now instable and it will destroy us and our worlds!

Johnny: Oh oh.

Sonic: Didn't see that coming...

Susan: I think, it's time to ESCAPE!!

The group flew away from the black hole as much, as they can. They evade asterioids, thunderbolts and many more.

Sonic and Johnny looked back and they suddenly stopped.

Tails: Guys! What are you doing?

Johnny: To stop this black hole!

All: What?!


Sonic: If we can't destroy it, our worlds will be destroyed as well!

Shadow: He's right. I'm coming with them.

Silver: Me too.

Striker: Me too.

Mary: But you'll never come back!

Johnny: Hey! If our plan works, we'll be fine. Now get outta here.

Amy: But Sonic...

Cream: Please...

Cheese: Chaoo...

Silver used telekinesis to bring their friends to safety.

Striker: We should use Chaos Control, in order to stop it.

Tikal: I'll help you out.

Johnny looked to Tikal.

Johnny: Who are you?

Tikal: I'm Tikal. And I'm here to stop the disaster.

Sonic: Sounds a good idea.

Silver: We have no time! The vortex is coming towards to our worlds!

Johnny: Oh. Oopsies. I forgot!

Sonic: *facepalms*

The six went in front of the vortex.

Back to Tails and the others...

Amy: I feeling so weak...

Dukey: Me too...

Susan: I've got a bad feeling about Johnny and Sonic...

Tails: Hold on guys. They'll do their best to save their worlds.

Back to the six...

Striker: Let's give it, what we got!

Shadow, Silver and Sonic: Got it!

Johnny: What? Can you translate this in English, please?

Sonic: There's no time to explain!

The heroes prepare for the special Chaos Control with their super powers.

Tikal: Power of the Chaos Emeralds... Please stop the vortex, that will destroy the multiverse...

She unleashed a power wave.

Shadow, Striker and Silver: CHAOS...

Sonic and Johnny: ...CONTROL!!!!

The Chaos Control took over the vortex and it vanished altogether.

Shadow: Hmph. That was a piece of cake.

The cyberspace however starts to shake.

Sonic: What happened?

Striker: The time-space rift may be restored, but it will close the only way out there.

Johnny: Run away! I mean: FLY AWAY!

The team tried to escape as hardest, as they could. Shadow, Silver and Striker managed, to get out of there, but Sonic felt, that he will lose his super powers.

Sonic: Urgh...

Johnny: Sonic!

Johnny flew back to Sonic. But he felt weak too.

Sonic: I can't fly anymore...

Johnny: *weakly* Me too... I... don't have... much... power...

They lost conciseness, while turned back to normal and fell. But Tikal quickly catched them up and saved them. She was worried.

Tikal: Sonic. Johnny. Wake up! You must live!

But there were no answers from the two. Without any choices, Tikal sends them back to Porkbelly.

In Porkbelly again...

All residents are waiting for a sign of our heroes.

Vanilla: Hopefully, they will be fine...

Suddenly the group fell from the sky. But Shadow and Striker maybe left somewhere.

Hugh: Girls!

Susan and Mary: Dad!

Cream: Mommy!

The five hugged.

Lila: Where's Johnny?

Tails: He and Sonic saved us, alongside with Shadow, Silver and Striker. But...

Sissy: ...there is no sign of the five...

Silver: I knew it, that they didn't make it just in time!

Blaze: Silver?

Silver: Me, as well the others saved our worlds from the ultimate destruction. But the cyberspace was doomed to be closed. Me, Shadow and Striker escaped, but Sonic and Johnny weren't so lucky.

Mr. Black: What?! It can't be!

Knuckles: Sadly, it's true...

Amy: (in tears) I'll never see my love Sonic again! *cries*

Susan: And our little brother as well!

Susan and Mary cried too.

Cheese: Chaoooo... (he turned around and looked up) Chao! Chao! Chao!

Cream: *sniff* Cheese? What's going on?

Cheese: Chao Chao Chao Chaoo!

Sissy: Eventually, Cheese saw something from the sky.

Marine: What?

Mr. White: (looked up) Wait! I see something!

Hugh: Could it be?

Tails looked closer at these two falling beings.

Tails: No doubt! It's them!

Mary: Really?

Tails: Yes, look up!

Indeed. Sonic and Johnny are falling from the sky and screamed. And they smashed to the ground, without getting injured.

Knuckles: We have to check it out!

The group went to the place, when the two landed. They were surprised, when they saw Sonic and Johnny coming out.

Johnny: We're fine.

Dukey: Johnny!

Amy: Sonic!!

Amy hugged Sonic.

Amy: I thought, I will never see you again!

Sonic: Amy, ok. But-

Amy: Now you are here, my darling!

Sonic: Amy, please stop!

Johnny: Didn't see that coming, Sonic.

The others laughed.

Announcer: The next day...

Susan and Mary: The portal is now ready!

Both teams are standing to each other. Behind Sonic's team is a portal.

Tails: Well. It's been a while in Porkbelly. Now we have to go to our world.

Cream: Hopefully, you will like our presents, that we made!

Marine: I miss you all...

Mary: Yep. We miss you too, but I promise that we'll cross the paths again!

Knuckles: Well, Sissy. Time to say goodbye.

Sissy: Yep.

Knuckles and Sissy give somewhat a brofist.

Susan: Amy...

Amy: Yes, Susan?

Susan: Thank you for the support and as well for protecting me from Eugene.

Amy: You're welcome.

Cheese: Chao!

Vanilla: Excuse me. We have to leave.

Cream: That's right. (went to the portal) Goodbye.

Amy, Knuckles, Marine, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Omega, Vanilla, Cream and Cheese went to the portal.

Dukey: (hugs Tails in tears) I'll miss you!

Tails: Yeah, me too.

Dukey: Wait!

Tails stopped.

Tails: Huh?

Dukey gives Tails a gift.

Tails: Thanks!

Tails went to the portal.

Johnny: Well, Sonic. That was an awesome adventure and a great time with you.

Sonic: Yeah. I think that too.

Johnny almost shed a tear.

Sonic: Are you crying?

Johnny: *sniffs* What? No. I think, saying goodbye is hard.

Dukey: It is.

Sonic: Hey. Someday we'll meet us again, Johnny.

Johnny: Sure, Sonic.

The two gave an high five before Sonic left.

Dukey: Hey, Johnny. Are you alright?

Johnny said nothing. He looked to the sky and smiles.

Johnny: *thinks* Someday, our paths will cross, Sonic the Hedgehog...

Susan and Mary: We're such geniuses.

Sissy: Hey, Test! Wanna race?

Johnny: Of course! Hopefully I win!

Dukey: Ah, the memories...

Susan: Don't forget about us!

Johnny: Alright. Ready?

All five: Go!

The five were running to see, who is the fastest champion the world.

In Sonic's world...

Sonic is now relaxing under a tree.

Tails: Sonic?

Sonic: What's up?

Tails: Well, Susan gave me this. (Shows a heart-shaped gift) She told me, you should give this to Amy.

Sonic: *smirks* No problem!

Sonic took the present and went to Amy, who is asleep in the flower fields. He gave her the present and left, before Amy woke up.

Amy: Huh? (Saw the present) What's that? Is that for me? (Opens the present and was surprised) Wow!

It was a heart necklace. Amy also saw a note.

Amy: *reads*

Dear Amy,

thanks for the support for me and when I found out, you are in love with Sonic, I thought, to make a perfect gift for you. Of course, Sonic gave the present. But still, I wish you and Sonic a good relationship (if he is ready for that).

Best wishes, Susan

Amy: *sighs in love* Oh, Sonic. Thanks for the gift!

Tails flew to Amy.

Tails: Hey. Sonic said, we should meet ourselves in the field.

Amy: Ok!

In the open fields...

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese are running across the fields.

Sonic: Thanks, Johnny Test...

Back to Johnny...

Johnny: No one can stop us!

And two team posed to the camera while running and after that, stars came out.

Narrator: And that's the story of Sonic the Hedgehog and Johnny Test. But it will be not the end...

The roleplay cuts to Mac, rising from the mess and junk he got stuck under.

Mac: Ugh.. Huh?

Mac finds a bit of the blueprints. Under it is a lavender and blue chaos emerald.


???: A'hem!

Mac turns around, showing Porky Minch.

Mac: Erm... Oh poop.

Porky Minch: No. Im not angry. I dont care about my Capsule. I just care about the future.

Mac: You mean?

Porky: Yes. I mean we should start our own team.

Mac: Good idea. Just get me out of all this derbis first.

Roll credits

The end

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