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The heroes battle against the Evil Clan of Four. Meanwhile they find more Chaos Emeralds


  • Rainbow15s

Involved Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Johnny Test
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Dukey
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Cheese the Chao
  • Susan Test
  • Mary Test
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • E-123 Omega
  • Gil Nexdor
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Marine the Racoon
  • Hugh Test
  • Lila Test
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Charmy Bee
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Wacko
  • Dark Vegan
  • Mr. Mittens
  • Albert


Chapter 4: The Invasion

In the Test house...

Hugh, Lila and Vanilla are discussing on the table.

Hugh: (sighs) I'm still worried about my children...

Vanilla: Yes. We have the same feeling too. It's about my daughter and her friends.

Lila: Hopefully they are fine.

The three went to the window.

Hugh: (thinks) Urgh, hopefully that Amy's hammer won't hit me...

Lila: Yes, honey. I have also the same fear like you.

Vanilla: Excuse me. Do you want tea?

The two nodded.

Back to the center, the heroes arrived to the cause of the invasion. They faced Johnny's villains.

Mr. Mittens: Aha!

Sonic: What's going on?

Susan: What are you doing?

Wacko: To destroy the duo, Johnny Test and Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic: How do you know my name?

Wacko: Because we have a special team member now.

Dark Vegan: Prepare for DR. EGGMAN!

The four applaused Eggman.

Eggman: Thank you.

Johnny and Dukey start to laugh.

Eggman: (angry) What is so funny?!

Johnny: (laughing) Because your name! It's so silly and funny! Hahaha!

Dukey: Seriously, you need a better name, Baldy Nosehair! Hahaha!

Sonic: (laughing) Great job!

Eggman: Grrrrr... Enough talking! Prepare to be DESTROYED!!!

Eggman pushed a button and multiple robots appear. The group prepared to attack.

Omega: Prepare to be destroyed, Eggman!

Susan: Are you ready?

Amy, Marine, Mary, Vector, Sissy, Cream and Rouge: OK!

Shadow and Espio: Hmph.

Tails and Dukey: Alright!

Silver and Blaze: Here we come!

Sonic and Johnny: Then let's do it!

Charmy: Time to Rock and Roll!!

Eggman: ATTACK!!

And so, both sides began to attack.

Amy hits five robots with her hammer, while Sissy just defeated seven of them.

Amy: Not bad, Sissy.

Sissy: Thanks.

Marine: Help!

However, Marine is chased by Eggman's robots, but Cream, Cheese and Mary saved her just in time.

Marine: Thank you. I was scared about these robots...

Mary: No problem.

Cream: You're welcome.

Cheese: Chao!

Knuckles and the other have good luck. They destroyed the army in 20 seconds.

Rouge: There is more!

Shadow: Alright. CHAOS BLAST!!

Shadow unleashed his Chaos Blast and destroyed the other remaining robots.

However, Sonic, Tails, Johnny and Dukey began to chase for the evil-doers.

Sonic: Party is over, Egghead!

Johnny: Here we come!

Mr. Mittens: I think, we should go to Cyberspace now.

Dark Vegan: Good point.

Eggman: RETREAT!!

Susan: Quick, we have to catch them up!

All: Okay!!

The villains went to a portal. The gang immediately followed them.

In cyberspace...

Knuckles: Where are we?

Shadow: It seems, we entered into cyberspace.

Omega: World detected!

They looked to Sonic's universe, where it collided to Johnny's world.

Rouge: We have to hurry!

But the worlds collided and caused the ground shake.

Cream: Waah!

Mary: What's happening?

Tails: Our worlds have been collided! And the villains are so close to the center!

Susan: And it's because of the Chaos Control of the maschine!

Dukey: Ok. Now I'm gonna freak out. (freaking out) AAAAAAAHH!!!

Johnny: Quick, we have catch them up! There's no time to give up!

Sonic: Johnny is right. We can do it!

Susan: Look!

A Chaos Emerald is floating.

Amy: There's another one!

Johnny: Ok. How many have we got the Emeralds again?

Susan and Mary: We got 3!

Knuckles: Six. We have three more.

Sissy: Wow.

But Eggman stole all six of them.

Eggman: Haha!

Johnny: Oh, come on!

Sonic: Hey, not fair!

Sonic tries to attack, but is knocked out by Wacko.

Tails: Sonic!

Wacko: Now it's your turn!

Dukey: Now we have to RUN!

Amy and Cream: Okay!

The group ran away. But Johnny stayed with Sonic.

Susan: Johnny, run! It's too dangerous there!

Johnny: No! I'll keep moving on, no matter how dangerous the situation is!

Dukey: But-

Silver: He's right.

The gang looked at Team Sol and Chaotix.

Espio: We have to find one more.

Blaze: Let Johnny go! He can handle himself.

Mary: Why?

Silver: This is his choice.

The team went with the two other teams to find the last Emerald. Johnny later carried Sonic away.

Mr. Mittens: You can run. But you'll never escape your doom!

Johnny: Think again!

The villains are now chasing Johnny.

Johnny: (smirks) Catch me if you can! (Stopped at a hole.) Oh no. (Screams)

He fell into a hole and as he landed badly, he later lost conciseness.

To be continued...

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