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Part 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Johnny Test 3: New Dimensions


Due to an evil gem, that will cause destruction, Sonic not only meets Johnny once again, he will also entcounter himself in a different dimension and SpongeBob.



Involved Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Modern)
  • Johnny Test
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Boom)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants


Chapter One: A New Danger

Narriator: After the events of "Triple Trouble Mayhem" the 7 Core Keys and Chaos Emeralds were saved and our heroes bid farewell to each other. However there will be another call from different dimensions, waiting for adventures like never seen before...

(Intro plays)

In space, an evil gem released from its prison.

Evil Gem: HAHAHA! Finally I'm free! Now it's time to conquer the dimensions!

It unleashed a black wave to the four worlds.

In Sonic's world...

Sonic is relaxing on a tree, when he noticed something.

Sonic: What was that?

The sky went dark and Tails came to him.

Tails: Sonic! There's a instable vortex on the park!

Sonic: Hmm, İ'll bet, that Eggman is behind with. Let's go!

Sonic and Tails went in front of the portal. They saw, that their friends were sucked in.

Tails: We have to help them, Sonic! (but he was pulled by the gravity of the vortex)

Sonic: Tails!

He went into the portal.

In Bygone Island...

Team Sonic were in the village, when they noticed a strange light. It became brighter and stronger.

Sticks: What's going on here?!

Tails: İ don't know.

Knuckles: Is that a call from the angels?

Sonic: No, Knuckles.

Amy: Look out!

The light catches the entire gang.

In Bikini Bottom...

SpongeBob is playing with Patrick and Sandy. When Squidward noticed the ground is shaking.

Sandy: Guys!

SpongeBob and Patrick didn't hear Sandy. They still playing each other and laughing.

Squidward: You idiots! Ever forgot the sea quake?!

Patrick: Huh?

SpongeBob: Which sea quake?

Squidward: That one, that is coming towards us!!

SpongeBob: Oh.

Sandy: We have to run!

SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward: OK!!

But they fell into a hole, that lies a portal.

In Porkbelly...

Johnny is lying in his room in boredom. Dukey just went in.

Dukey: Let me guess: bored?

Johnny: (sighs) Yep.

Dukey: Well, how about reading a book?

Johnny: Nah, too ready.

Suddenly they were teleported.

In White Space...

Johnny and Dukey fell into the ground.

Dukey: Okay, WHAT WAS THAT?!

Johnny: I DON'T KNOW!

On the other side, Sonic and his friends were also shot out.

Tails: Ouch.

Sonic: What happened?

Tails raised his shoulders. Then the two went to a mirror, when they saw their different versions of themselves.

Sonic: Wait. Is it me?

Tails: My mirror looks odd.

When suddenly, Sonic and Tails fell into a hole.

All: Aaahhh!

However they landed in front of their friends.

Amy: Sonic!! (hugs Sonic)

Sonic: Amy, please stop!

Amy let him go.

Cheese: Chao!

Cream: What's wrong, Cheese?

???: Am İ acting like that?

The team looked around and we're surprised, as they saw the Boom versions of themselves.

Boom Sonic: Who are you?

Knuckles: We have the same question to you.

Boom Knuckles: Well,... I don't get it.

Knuckles: Sheesh, is this version of myself really stupid?

Boom Knuckles: Hey!

Boom Amy: Calm down, guys. It seems, that these people came from an alternative dimension!

Tails: Is that true?

Boom Tails: Exactly!

Sonic looked around the white space.

Sonic: Well, I've gotta go!

Sonic ran away.

Boom Sonic: Me too. See ya!

Boom Sonic ran away too.

Meanwhile, Modern Sonic is running, when Modern Tails follows him.

On the other side, Johnny and Dukey were also running too.

Johnny: Keep moving!

Dukey: I'm not sure, what's gonna happen next, buddy.

Johnny: Come on! Are you afraid of something?!

Suddenly, they ran into something.

Johnny: Ow!

Dukey: Johnny!

Sonic: Ouch, that was my head.

Tails: Sonic, are you okay?

Sonic: Yeah, Tails.

Dukey: Are you alright? (looked to Sonic and Tails) Well, hello there.

Johnny: What are you talking about? (looked to Sonic) Hey, Sonic!

Sonic: Well, pretty cool to see you again!

The two gave an high five.

Tails: So, you're also brought here too, right?

Dukey: Yes. But the question is: WHO?

Susan and Mary went to the group.

Susan: Johnny! Are you used the teleportation device?

Johnny shook his head.

Sonic: He's right.

Mary: Hey, Sonic!

Sonic's friends and the Boom versions also ran to the group too.

Boom Sonic: Who are these people?

Sticks: Get back!

Sticks attacked Johnny for no reason.

Johnny: Help!

Boom Amy: Let him go, Sticks!

Boom Sonic and Knuckles carried Sticks away. Dukey rushed to his friend.

Dukey: Are you OK?

Johnny is a little bit hurt after the attack.

Susan: What's going on here?

Boom Tails: Well...

Tails: These are ourselves from an alternative dimension.

Mary: Oh.

???: What are those creatures?

The gang looked to a yellow sponge and his friends. They were confused.

Sonic: Who is this creature?

Tails: I don't know.

Johnny: I'm so confused right now.

Boom Sonic: What are you doing?

???: I ask the same thing.

To be continued...

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