Part two to my RP (Own'ed by Chaos Blaze inc.) (Were rolling again)


This is a list of characters in the story and who they are played by

  • Sonic the hedgehog (Played by Chaosemerald8 and anyone who ask)
  • Kayden ouron (Played by Chaosemerald8)
  • Kaialen (Played by Chaosemerald8)
  • Violet the Hedgehog (Played by Chaosemerlad8 hahaha I'm good at being bad)
  • Shadow the hedgehog (Played by SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG (Mainy and Chasoemerald8 (If needed))
  • Shima the Hedgehog (played by Shima NOTE: The person who has played this charater has pulled his/herself from the RP meaning unless the player says so this charater will A. No longer show up in the RP or B. Become a charater of free use and fanlly C. Become a charater that only the maker of this RP can use. Do not do anything with this charater untill the maker of this RP has talked with the player to see his or her charaters fate)
  • J the Hedgehog (played by JMB)
  • Tails (playded by Chaosemerald8 and anyone that is good at him and ask) (I got too many roles)
  • Destiney the Hedgehog (played by Amyrose1515)
  • Sorrow the Wolf (Amyrose1515)
  • Hector the Hedehog (Played by Hedgeidna97)
  • Dark charcters (Played by who ever play's there good side)
  • Fate the Demon (Amy1515)
  • Butterfly the Rabbit (Butterfly the rabbit NOTE: This charaters player has not showed up for a long time and may or maynot be in the RP anymore. Remove this note if you are still playing)
  • Mason the Hedgefox (Played by himself)
  • Red the Cat (played by Xabior NOTE: This charaters player has not showen up for a long time and may or maynot be in the RP anymore. Remove this note if you are still playing.)
  • Hayden the Hedgeidna (Played by Hedgeidna97)
  • Pitch the Echidna (Played by Hedgeidna97)
  • Sam the Chameleon (Played by Hedgeidna97)
  • Jason the Hedgefox(By mason the Hedgefox)
  • Kunkcles (Played by Mason the Hedgefox (Mainy) and Chaosemerald8 (If needed))
  • Tyler (played by rocky2727)
  • transt (played by rocky2727)

Add your character if you want to play too.


II don't know about you guy's but I'm going to chang my some of my guy's theme's up a bit okay?

Wild Fang. Theme of Kayden (japanese song) form MegaMan X8.

Again. Theme of Kaia (japanese song) form Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. *It's a sad song but it fit's giving her back story*

(Sonic hmmmmm Zips UNDERCOVER? or his SA2B theme?)

All hall Shadow. Theme of Shadow (english song) form (Hmmm do I go with 06 or SHTH?) *Yeah this song can work (Rock's out to song)*

Missing. Sad theme of Violet (english song) *It fix's she got let alone to rot for 50+ years and then her bro try's to kill her!*

Sweet Sacrifice . Evil theme of Violet (english song) *She's sacrifcing hre own brother (Shadow to be on the money) so she can get her job done beter and faster. Cool a bit?*

another oen bites the dust-Mason Vs Jason fight


Last time on Sonic and Kayden

Event's bluding up to this







Part's of CS

Destny's come back. (I don't know the name of that fanfic tell me and I'll read it)

The great cave RP

The Last ULM RP

What this event led's to next

Dragon fist RP.

Charater voice over

This is the is a charater telling you what's happened so far like what youed see in SA2. I'm giving this part to Hayden and Shadow each a part to voice over. This is to get a idea of a charaters back story and what has happened thought that charaters point of view.
Sonic adventure 2

Sonic adventure 2

Chartaer voice theme.

Side story (Own'd by Hedgeidna97)

Part 1: The Chaos City Kidnapping

(Hayden is walking through Chaos city trying to find Hector after the events. Suddenly Hayden's enemy Pitch comes out of nowhere and starts to attck him.)

Hayden: Where's Sam then? Oh yeah, he came onto our side and betrayed you.

Pitch: You shut up! This time I'm going to finish you off for good.

Hayden: What with?

Pitch: With a flamthrower!

Hayden: You're more stupid than you look! (Suddenly Pitch turns the flamthrower on and shoots the flames at Hayden. Hayden simply pushes the flames away from him.)

Pitch: I knew you wouldn't fall for that!

Hayden: Then why'd you use it?

Pitch: Just wondering if it was really you.

(Pitch then grabs a machine gun.)

Pitch: It's time for you to die!

(Turns the machine gun on. The machine gun starts firing bullets but Hayden freezes the bullets just befor they hit him.)

Pitch: You stubborn little hedgeidna!

(Pulls out a sheep)

Hayden: A sheep! You really are dumb!

(The sheep moves towards Hayden)

Hayden: Something isn't right here.

Pitch: DIE!!!! (Pitch pushes a button on a remote. Hayden quickly runs away just before the sheep explodes.)

Pitch: That should've killed you! Rage face

Hayden: But it didn't. Dosen't that show you how useless you are.

Pitch: I will destroy you!

Hayden: Not before I destroy you first! (Hayden runs at Pitch and makes a massive ball of fire and sends it towards Pitch, while Pitch sends a beam of dark power at Hayden. The two attacks collide with each other. The two then come together in a fist fight, the two pucnch and kick each other until Pitch knocks Hayden unconcsious with a punch to the back of the head.)

Pitch: I have finally defeated you! The stubborn hedgeidna has finally lost to the great, almighty Pitch.

(11 hours later)

(Hayden wakes up)

Hayden: Where am I?

Pitch: You're in my base! (Pitch's base is in a big cavern with many weapons, 2 bedrooms, 1 door, a kitchen, bathroom, and monitoring room. And in the middle of the base there was a big cage. That was where Hayden was)

Hayden: That makes sense, it looks like a dump.

Pitch: Shut up! Oh, and this cage is immune to geokinetic, pyroinetic, cryokinetic and hydrokinetic attacks. So don't try to escape.

(Hayden looks around what he can see of Pitch's base)

Hayden: (To himself) I wonder if Sam could get me out of here?

(Meanwhile, Sam is trying to find Pitch in an effort to get rid of him. Just then Sam comes to Pitch's base)

Sam: This must be the place. (Walks through)

(Sam then sees Hayden)

Sam: What are you doing here?

Hayden: Pitch actually managed to defeat me, so now I'm trapped in this cage.

Pitch: I thought I would find you here sooner or later.

???: Okay I'll give you that. But did you know who else was here?

Pitch: I had a feeling that there was another unsuspecting sucker to kill in here. (Sends a ball of shadows at ???)

Kayden: UN UN UN! *Slash'es the Shadow ball at Hayden's cell* Sam get him out of there!

Sam: I'll try! (Makes a five powers attack (a five powers attack is a deadly combination of air, rock, fire, ice and water))

Pitch: (Sees Sam) YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY ENEMY OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!! (Charges up a beam of spectrakinesis fused with a ball of umbrakinesis, Pitch's ultimate attack which can kill)

Kayden: Don't think so! (Homing attack on Pitch) Coles..

(Sam throws his attack just as Pitch throws his attack. Sam's five powers attack breaks the metal cage bars, while Pitch's a ttack hits Sam and knock him out cold. Pitch narrowly misses the homing attack.)

Pitch: You should never have became a traitor to me Sam! Now you're going to be put into that cage over there! muahahahah!

(Hayden pokes Pitch's shoulder)

Hayden: Guess again! (Punches Pitch straight in the face)

Kayden: Ow...

Pitch: Nice try! But I don't budge that easily! (Throws a beam of spectrakinesis at Hayden. Hayden narrowly misses the attack and throws an icefire wall 5 metres high and 5 metres long and throws it at Pitch,)

Kayden: Me too! CHAOS STAITC!

(Pitch teleports out of both of the attacks aimed at him)

Pitch: I have trained for this, when Sam would come back to my base. Seeking to destroy me. And now I'm stronger then ever before!!!!! (Teleports behind Kayden and throws big ball of shadows at Kayden.)

(Sam starts to stir)

Kayden: Un OH! GAHHHH *Fall's down*

Pitch: Muahahah! This is just to easy! 2 down, 1 to go!

Hayden: You've done it this time Pitch! (Grabs 2 swords and throws the other to Pitch)

Pitch: State your terms.

Hayden: It's a swordfight to the death! NO magic allowed and you can ONLY use the swords.

Pitch: Fine.

Kayden: You nut's?

Hayden: I'll do anything to get rid of Pitch!

(Sam wakes up, looks around and sees Hayden and Pitch with swords in their hands)

Sam: Why have they got swords in their hands?

Kayden: There going one on one like mad men! No magic or anything! Like Pitch is going to do that!

(Hayden and Pitch run towards each other, and the sound of swords clashing echoes across the base)

Sam: Kayden, if you don't know already, Pitch and Hayden have been sworn enemies for 3 years now.

Kayden: 3! Boy what I have is enemys his has in time!

(The swordfight keeps continuing with swords clashing constantly)

Sam: Kayden, show me what powers you've got.

Kayden: Alright what do you want me to do?

Sam: I don't want you to fight Pitch unless he's about to kill Hayden. I'd just like to see your powers..

(The swordfight keeps going on with the familiar sound of swords clashing ever present)

(Kayden Make's a hole of Chaos energy and pull's it out a Blade of Chaos)

Kayden: There you got it!

Sam: You have Chaos powers!

(Meanwhile Hayden starts to make his sword red hot and manages to hit Pitch's fingers. Pitch screams in agony)

Pitch: You cheated!

Hayden: I didn't say you couldn't use magic on the swords!

Pitch: I'm not going to lose to you in my own base!

Kayden: Wow your old boss was full of himself wasn't he?

Sam: Now you see why I turned on him.

(Hayden then throws a massive ball of icefire at Pitch. Pitch then steps out of the shadows at the other side of the room.)

Pitch: TAKE THIS!!!!! (Fires up a massive machine gun and aims it at Hayden)

Kayden: Now?

Sam: We should get out of here.

(Hayden freezes the machine gun bullets.)

Hayden: When are you going to try something new?

Kayden: If he was trying to beat you for 3 years and he just now beat you then you can't say much my friend.

Sam: In the past, Hayden and Pitch have won fights and lost some. They just keep coming back and start fighting again.

(Pitch disappears and comes back with a tank with a machine gun and flame thrower at the front)

Pitch: This will kill you!!!

Kayden: Well crap! That's no good.

(Sam makes an ice platform in front of Hayden)

Sam: Use it. (Hayden jumps onto the ice platform and manages to jump on to Pitch's tank.)

Kayden: Nice!

(Hayden jumps into the tank and another massive fist fight occurs inside the tank)

Sam: This fight will never end!

Kayden: *Jump's on top of the tank and sit's there*

Sam: What are you doing Kayden?! You're going to get hurt!

(The fist fight continues inside the tank)

Kayden: If Pinch pop's out I can kock him out with out bracking a swet!

(Hayden quickly jumps out of the tank and sees Kayden)

Hayden: Quick, aim a chaos beam at Pitch before it's to late!

Kayden: GOT IT *Jump's up in the air* CHAOS BLAST *Kayden shoot's the beam at the tank*

(The Tank explodes from the force of the chaos blast)

Hayden: Finally, Pitch has been defeated.

(Hayden gets hit by a ball of shadows and gets knocked out)

Pitch: More like you've been defeated!

Kayden: HAYDEN NO!

(Sam rises up into the air)

Sam: Now then, do you want to leave or get enhilated?

Pitch: Neither! (Sends a beam of spectrakinesis at Sam)

Kayden: Watch it! *jump's in front of him and hold's back the shot with his Blade* Come on SHOOT HIM WITH SOMETHING!

(Sam throws a massive chunk of earth at Pitch which succesfully hits him)

Sam: Stand back! I'm going to give him a piece of my five powers attack!

Kayden: *Jump's back* Fire away!

(Sam charges and then fires the five powers attack at Pitch. Pitch looks like he's dead)

Sam: Finally! Pitch has fallen!

Pitch: (From some where else in the base) I see that you've stumbled upon my robot.

Sam: ROBOT!!!????

Kayden: Robot!? What the hell do you mean that's a robot!?

(Hedge: I gotta go, I'll be back on tomorrow roughly about the same time I came on today)

(Chaos: Alright later!)

Pitch: I had a feeling that some people would come to my base after Sam became a traitor to me. So with a cloning machine that Sam managed to steal when he was working with me, I managed to make a carbon copy of my self. I switched the two around when I was in the tank. I just like to call it a robot because it's like me in every way.

Sam: Now that that's all over and done with we can kill the real copy!

Pitch: Luckily I managed to install another thing that Sam stole for me. (Goes over to a switch and flicks it. Everyone in the base gets ejected except Pitch.)

Kayden: AHHHH!

(Everyone lands on the ground)

Hayden: OUCH!!!

Sam: (Floating in the air) Are you alright?

Hayden: OUCH, that hurt!

Sam: Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm going back into Pitch's base.

Kayden: That guy's ticking me off!

Hayden: You know, I'm not sure if we should go back in there.

Sam: Why?

Hayden: I just don't know. I think we should go and find Hector and then come back.

Sam: Are you insane!? He could be anywhere by the time we find him. And finding him will take ages! Besides, this is your best chance of killing Pitch and wiping him off the face of the earth!

Kayden: Well you know your both right. Hmmm what to do...


Hayden: (Fire appears below his feet and he flys up to Sam) Look, it's hard for me to say this! But I don't think we should fight Pitch right now, he'll probably be expecting us to come back!

Kayden: Hmmm yeah your right!

Hayden: Who's right? Me or Sam?

Kayden: You! I'd want us to come runing back in so we can get are but's blast'ed off if I was him.

Hayden: Okay, Kayden, do you have any idea where Hector could be?

Kayden: Where is he most of the time?

Hayden: He moves around a lot, but Hector is based in Chaos city now.

Sam: Chaos city is about a days journey. By the time we've found Hector Pitch could be anywhere looking for us!

Hayden: If we have Hector with us we will be slightly stronger.

Kayden: Oh your kiding I just when a hole day walking here form Chaos City just to go right back!?

Sam: See what I mean, he's wasting our time!

Hayden: I am not! Now, if you have any ideas on how we could get to Chaos city faster, then we'll find Pitch sooner.

Kayden: AH! (Hit's his head) Why didn't think of that!?

Hayden: What's your idea?

Kayden: A chaos control!

Sam: Then I suggest you use chaos control immediatly so we can find Hector ASAP and get back here and kick Pitch in the butt.

Kayden: You got it! CHAOS CONTROL! (They all end up in Chaos City)

Sam: Back to my home. I still hope the police aren't looking for me anymore.

Hayden: I'm pretty sure that Hector lives at Rosa's house.

Kayden: Who's Rosa?

Hayden: Hector's love. If we're lucky, Hector will be over at Rosa's house.

Kayden: Ohhhh I see!

(2 hours later, our heroes arrive at Rosa's house)

Hayden: This looks like the place.

Sam: Finally!

Kayden: So you think he is here?

Hayden: Well, we'll just have to find out! (Opens the door) Hello!

(No one seems to be inside)

Kayden: ..... Are you kiding?

Sam: I told you, this is a waste of time!

Hayden: It is not! Kayden, could you take us to the biggest park in Chaos city?

Kayden: Ummm well Kaia's there a lot. If Hector's not there we can at lest get Kaia.

Hayden: Do you know where Kaia is?

Sam: If we don't find Kaia, then I'll go back to Pitch's base and kill him.

Kayden: I guess...

Hayden: I think we should go to Chaos city park.

Kayden: Okay.

(In the park)

Kayden: Okay were here!

Hector: (Comes running up to them with a panicked look on his face)

Sam: Well, that was rather easy.

Hayden: Hector, what's wrong?

Hector: Pitch has taken Rosa, and taken her to his base!

Kayden: WHAT!? Shoot!

Kaia: (Jumps down from a tree) You mean the guy from the cave?

Hayden: Unfortuately, my archenemy has taken Rosa and now we're going to go after him.

Sam: And I'm tagging along so I can go to Pitch's base and kill him.

Hayden: So, will you two join us?

Hector: Yep, I'm going to fight Pitch and save Rosa, and then kill Pitch.

Hayden: That's the spirit! What about you Kaia?

Kaia: Hell why not!?

Hayden: Awesome Awesome!

Sam: Kayden, I think you know what to do now.

Kayden: Yes sir CHOAS CONTROL!

(They all arrive outside Pitch's base)

Hayden: This is it Pitch. Your time has come.

Sam: We need a plan before we just go and waltz in there.

Hayden: Good idea Sam, anyone got a plan?

Kaia: Hayden, Kayden and Sam has been here before so they can look for Rosa. Hector and I will take on Pitch. When Rosa is save one of you 3 can give us back up.

Sam: I would prefer to kill Pitch.

Hayden: How about if me and Kayden find Rosa and save her. Sam and Kaia can take on Pitch, and Hector can appear behind Pitch using his geokinesis and take him by suprise.

Kayden: No I'll fight for Kaia.

Kaia: And get killed!

Kayden: Erk!!! (Thinking) She still doesn't trust me to fight by myself does she? (Talking) Fine..

Kaia: (Thinking) Is he afrad of me geting hurt? (Talking) Hmph glad you see it my way.

Mason:-ollies on Skateboard over Kayden head-WOOO AND HE STICKS THE LANDING-keeps skating off into distantace-

Kayden : WHOA! (Ducks) Who was that?

Kaia: Who cares lets move.

Sam: I'll lead. (Makes a 5 powers attack and breaks the door) Let's move! (Runs into Pitch's base, but Pitch is nowhere to be seen)

Hayden: This isn't right. Well, we better go find Rosa.

Hector: I'll be with you later. (Dissapears into the earth)

-Kaia sees The Boy who ollied over Kayden being attacked-

Kaia: Hey I'll be with you guys in a bit

Kayden: Sure.

Sam: (Runs up to the other wall of the base) I can't find Rosa either.

Hayden: There must be a secret door around this base.

Sam: I'll keep looking. (Runs through the base)

Kayden: Watch it! I smell a trap.

(Suddenly the darkness covers the whole base)

Sam: This is just great!

???: (Takes Hayden in the darkness)

(The darkness disperses)

Hector: (Comes out of the ground) Where's Hayden? Where's Rosa!? Where's Pitch!!

Kayden: Oh this CAN'T be good! Uh-oh! Hey guys where is Kaia?

(Back with Kaia)

-Kaia Sees the Boy bleeding very bad on his left cheek-

(Chaos: Hey what is Kaia going to be fighting nomal by this worlds standers or is it demon or something)

(Mason:she'll be fighting Jason and Mason will help but right when Mason deafeats Jason he is teleported away on the Ark)

Kaia: (Yelling at Jason) Hey you!!!

Jason:WAT B*TCH!?!

Kaia: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME!? (Pick's him up like he's nothing and trows him)

Mason:-blasts Jason in mid air with Shadow ball-im Mason and u r?

Kaia: I'm Kaialen but Kaia for shrot. Why didn't you do that before?

Mason:-before he can awenser he is teleported away so is Jason!-

Kaia: !? (Looks at the baes has it comes out of Darkness) Awww SHOOT!!! (Runs back inside)

(Back inside)

Kayden: Haydens gone can't find him anywhere.

Sam: I think we know that.

Hector: Where could he have gone?

Sam: (Presses against the wall and a corridor opens up)

Kayden: Hehe nice.

Hector: Stand back! (Goes in front of the corridor and presses his hands on the Earth. The Earth in front of him ripples up out of the ground and hits something) Something's up there!

Sam: (Runs up the corridor and finds a cage with Rosa in it) I think we've found Rosa.

Kayden: Then what are we waiting for lets bust her out? (Holds Blade up like he is going to slash the cage)

Sam: (Makes a 5 powers attack and throws it at the cage and breaks it)

Rosa: Hector!

Hector: Rosa! (The 2 kiss each other)

Kayden: Ummmm guys...? Hate breack ye up but we got to spilt.

Sam: Hector! Come on!

Hector: (Lets go of Rosa) Sorry Rosa, but we've got to save Hayden first.

Rosa: Has he been kidnapped too?

Sam: Just recently. Rosa, what powers do you have?

Rosa: Nature and Earth.

Kayden: We can use that.

Kaia: (Walks in) ... (Looks at Kayden then at the others) Aren't we missing somone?

Kayden: Yep. Come on let's find him!

Sam: (Sees a corridor off to the left of the room) I can't remenber that being there. Pitch must have been doing some work on this place.

Hector: I'll go under the ground and see how big this place is.

Rosa: I'll help you as well. (The 2 go under the ground and search the base)

Kayden: Let's take a look around and meet back here.

Sam: (Rises in the air and flies around the base)

Kayden: When can he do that!?

Kaia: Does it matter? Lets move.

Kayden: Be carefull.

Kaia: ..... yeah same to you.....

(Somewhere else in the base, Pitch has got Hayden strapped to a chair so he can't escape)

Pitch: I've wanted to kidnap you since you killed my family.

Hayden: It wasn't my fault! I was dragged along by the other Pyrokinetics!

Pitch: Nice try, you stupid Hedgeidna! I don't know why I'm wasting my time talking to people the likes of you!

Hayden: Look! I there's more to this story than you think!

Pitch: Then, I want to hear every single detail.

(In the next room)

Hector: (Hits something while travelling underground and resurfaces and finds a Metal door that's locked) How am I supposed to open this?

Rosa: (Resurfaces behind Hector) It seems we've both hit a dead end, huh Hector?

Hector: (Starts blushing and kisses Rosa)

Rosa: Your so sweet Hector.

Sam: (Comes flying into the corridor) Um, I'm just going to pretend that I didn't see any of that.

Kaia: (Walks behide them) There's a way to open that without looking for an kind of key.

Sam: Everyone, stand aside! (Makes a 5 Powers attack and throws it at the door and the door breaks, revealing Pitch torturing Hayden) Pitch!

Pitch: I'm am impressed! You managed to find the secret part of my base. But all that effort has come to no avail. (Shadow teleports away with Hayden)

Hector: Hayden!

Kayden: SHOOT!!

Rosa: Oh no.

Sam: That's it!? I'll find him and I will kill him.

Kaia: Don't get ahead of yourself. Frist we got work on that finding part.

Sam: (Starts thinking) Where would Pitch have a second base? Where? Where? That's it!

Rosa: Where do you think he is?

Sam: When Pitch was younger, Hayden and a group of Pyrokinetics came and killed Pitch's family and burned Pitch's house. Pitch survived of course. As far as I'm concerned, he said that he built a second base in the wreckage of his family's house.

Kaia: You sure he didn't make up that story to make you feel sorry for him? Or to lead us into a trap. I'm not buying that fact Hayden did that unless there was a preety damn good reson.

Sam: Pitch dosen't know why he did it. But he swears that he wasn't lying when I told him. Hayden also burnt Pitch's house down, that's why Pitch has chased him down since then, and recruited me, trapped us all in a cave, tried to kill us in The Fire Dimension. And he's kidnapped him, and we don't know what he'll do to Hayden.

Kayden: So let's say he did do it and Pitch's out for rvenge? Why pick Hayden and not the other Pyrokinetics? Surey he doens't remeber his old house by now?

Kaia: Kayden take age into acount this may of not have been has long ago has you think. Anyway if we do go there we need to becarefull.

Hector: Pitch has carma because he stresses and tries to kill my freind. Remenber stress creates bad carma.

Sam: Shut up you stupid hippie!


Sam: Don't even try attacking me Hector, you'll lose easily.

Rosa: Hector, calm down.

Hector: (Calms down)

Sam: As far as I remenber, this happened when Pitch and Hayden were 9-10 years old. Unfortunately, I don't know where Pitch's old house is.

Kayden: I bet one of us can hack into his PC's and find out? Sam you know the kind of stuf he uses can you get into his datebass?

Sam: What's a PC?

Rosa: It's a computer.

Sam: Pitch dosen't have any of those. That's right!

Rosa: Sam, what do you remenber?

Sam: Pitch said that he was making a Teleportation system using shadows to travel from this base to his other bases.

Kayden: Uh what do ye mean by Shadows?

A voice inside Kaydens head that nobody else can hear: Well gezz what do you think he means smart one.

Kayden : HEY!

Kaia: Ummm Kayden? Who are you talking too?

Kayden: ........

Knuckles:-punches Kayden-WERE DID U TAKE MASON SONIC!?!

(Chaos: Hey was that you Mason? We moved this part down there.)

(Hedge: Chaos is right, and besides, it makes no sense)

Part 2: Torture in the Ruins

(Pitch and Hayden arrive outside some familiar ruins)

Pitch: Do you remember this place Hayden?

(They are standing in front of what once was a grand house held together by pure Darkness, and some of Pitch's shadows. It is now a building with no rooms and everything that is standing is derelict and severely burnt)

Hayden: No! This was your house!

Pitch: Which you carelessly burnt down with your other freinds!

Hayden: Like I said before, there's more to this story than you think!

Pitch: Then I want you to tell me every single, tiny, grain of detail.

(Back in Pitch's base)

Sam: If we keep looking, I think we might be able to find it.

(Hector, Rosa and Sam look around the base)

Kaia: Kayden... who were you talking to?

Kayden: I don't know...

Kaia: Hmmm we'll talk about this when we get out of this mess.

(Back with Pitch and Hayden)

Pitch: (Handcuffs Hayden with Shadow handcuffs and they both walk into the middle of the derelict house) No one would expect a base to be put here. (Walks down the stairs and they both enter into Pitch's Second base)

Hayden: What are you doing!?

Pitch: You'll see.

(In the bass)

Kaia: Guys did you find anything?

Rosa: Unfortunatley we haven't.

Hector: Shadow Teleportation sounds cool.

Sam: It would have to be the darkest spot in the base.

Kayden: Try underground then?

Sam: (Goes under the ground and comes back up) I think I've found it. We need to make a shaft to the Shadow Teleporter.

Rosa: Me and Hector will help.

Sam: Great!

(The 3 slowly make a shaft down to a very dark area)

Sam: I'll go down first.

Kaia: Good Luck.

Sam: (Reaches the bottom and sees a metal base with shadows covering the platform) I think I've found it! Just jump down the shaft and I'll stop you from falling!

Kayden: Alright! (Jumps down with Kaia)

Sam: (Just before Kayden and Kaia hit the ground, Sam stops the air around them, not allowing them to move and then drops them slowly to the ground)

Hector: (Jumps down with Rosa and the same process happens above)

Sam: Is that everyone!?

Kaia: Yes.

Sam: That big metal platform over there. (Points to metal platform with shadows around it) Is probably the shadow teleportation device.

Kayden: Okay then let's do it!

(Everyone steps onto the metal platform and they instantly get teleported to a very dark gloomy looking base with a similar shape and size to the previous one)


(Pitch has got Hayden strapped to a metalic chair, with deadly shadows all around the room, the room is a small underground room, with a metallic chair)

Hayden: What do you want to Pitch!?

Pitch: I want to know what you motive was the day you destroyed my home and killed my family.

Hayden: Why would I tell you that!

Pitch: Because if you don't, I will have the shadows attack you in a very awful way.

Hayden: Not on your life!

Pitch: I'll give you one last chance. Tell me what happened that day, or I will be forced to punish you.

Hayden: I'm not telling you anything!

Pitch: You've left me with no choice. (All the Shadows in the room swarm towards Hayden and surround him in darkness, the darkness is so thick that he can't even breathe, he then releases the shadows) Now then, do you wish to tell me, or will I be forced to do it again?


Sam: So this is the base Pitch was telling me about.

Kayden: I guess. Let's look around.


Pitch: Hayden, just tell me what happened, and I won't hurt you again!

Hayden: I don't know. I'm not supposed to tell anyone outside the Pyrokinetic tribe.

Pitch: You've left me with no choice. (Starts torturing Hayden again)


Hector: Who would want to kidnap Hayden!?

Sam: Pitch does. Trust me, from what Pitch kept telling me, Hayden did something awful to Pitch and his family, so, naturally, he would want revenge.

Kaia: I guess he doesn't know what the rule for revenge is.

Sam: Trust me, Pitch can be an absoloute idiot. At other times, he can be quite smart.

Kaia: So that means there's a 50/50 changes he forgot to dig his 2nd grave.

Sam: It seems like it.

Rosa: Sam, how are we going to find Hayden?

Kaia: You want to put out a fire? Set off a biger boom next to it. Make him think something is going on and he'll walk right into the waiting attack.

Sam: I like your plan, but I'm going to go one further. (Makes a fire and throws an equal amount of earth into the fire)


Pitch: Hayden, are you going to tell me now, or do I have to keep torturing you?

Hayden: Okay, okay. I'll tell you. The Pyrokinetics were

(Suddenly some magma comes through the door)

Pitch: AAAHHH!!! (Makes a Shadow platform above the magma)

Hayden: (Sees the Magma coming closer) Pitch! Are you going to help me!? Or are you going to let your inormation man die!?

Pitch: I'd rather see you die. I could always ask the Pyrokinetic Tribe. Now, where are they.

Hayden: In a forest, outside of Chaos City! Now, please, save me!? (The Magma is very close to Hayden's feet)

Pitch: For once, you were useful. Now, I'm going to seek my rightful information. (Shadow teleports away)

Main story part 1

Mason:Hey Kayden Look What I Found -he takes out a gold watch and presses Stop Watch Button and Lasers shoot out-heh COOL

Katden: Cool I like that! Maybe we can use it later?

Mason:sure dude

Kayden: Alright let's keep moving!

Mason:ok wat are we looking for again -he asked Kayden 13 times-



Kayden: What?

Mason:-points to a big Mob of Shadows coming towards em-its like march of the Penguins

Kayden: Yeah just not so cute.

Mason:true but more importantly wats the plan?


Kayden: Slash them to bit's?

Mason:I LIKE UR THINKING -jabs finger against his forehead-

-after about 5 minutes of slashing to bits all of Shadow Mob is gone-

Mason:hey Kayden tell me about this Team of yours that Destiny is in im a pal of hers

Kayden: Well we got me, Kaia, Sonic, Shadow, J, Shima, Tails, Hector and Destiny if you want you can come to

Mason:im in

Hector: Cool!

[gtg dude il be back in ONE hour bye]

(Mason:Chaos u here?)

(Chaos: Sorry was AFK but I'm back now!)

(Mason:are u still here?)

(Chaos: Yep!)

Mason:come on Kayden we gotta find Sonic(Mason:destiny wont be on for a few months)

Hector: Okay.

Mason:Okay,about Violet do you know her?

Hector: Yep, she went down to Chaos city and made quite a stir. I can't find Hayden or Rosa, that was why I got angry at you when we first met.

Mason:Oh i saw her hanging out with my friend Destiny i asumed she was good and sorry for freezing you on a block of Ice.

Hector: That's alright. I would do the same thing if I had your powers.

Mason:We cool?

Hector: Yep, we're cool.

Mason:We'res Kayden?

Hector: I don't know. But we shouldn't stress, stress creates bad carma.

Kayden: (Way back down the hall) SLOW DONW GUY'S!

(Chaos: Hey mind telling me what hapend to Dest?)

Hector: (Points to Kayden at the other end of the hall) He's right there.

???:freeze -looks almost exactly like mason-

Kayden: !!! (Stop's)

Mason:NOT YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Kayden: Pal of your's?

Jason:names Jason im his evil twin made by Eggman to Destroy him i was Teleported here.

Kayden: Who's Eggman? ... OH THAT GUY!

. . . . . . .

Jason:(how about Violet and Jason have teamed up)me and Violet here are gonna kill you if u dont mind...

Mason:Jason move before i Sucker Punch you

Kayden: Huh!? Violet? (Sure it work's)

Mason:-kicks Jason in Shin and he goes KO-thats my pressure point

Kayden: Haha nice.

Mason:Lets get the Control room!

(Hector then makes a massive amount of rocks and throws them all at Jason, just to add insult to injury)

(lol how about Mason accidently sets Self Destruct for 1 hour and Twenty minutes XD)

(Chaos: That'ed be bad cuz I don't think anyone know's anything about the ARK's Control's other then Shadow and Violet)

(Mason:i meant he does it on accident hey Chaos can we gooooooo tooo GUNs new agents im getting bored here)

(Chaos: I know if he trun'ed it on. No one will trun it off unless you want to get saved by Violet. And I guess so but not a lot of guy's are there.)

Mason:cool it would be an rp with JUST US!)

(Chaos: Well the thing is unless we can just get by with Axl. All my guy's are with J and Shima right now meaning we'ed have to wait on them.)

(Mason:can we ATLEAST go somewere like....idk were could we go?)

(Chaos: There's that other RP were doing)

(Mason:Witch one the Treasure one?)

(Chaos: Yep that's the one)

(Mason:OK LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!! -sonic '06 theme plays-)


Hector: Alright then.

Mason:-presses button and fireflies plays-SH** A DELAY SWITCH -shadows come in-

(Hedge: Mason, you've got to censor swear words. You could get banned from Sonic fanon if you don't.)

(Mason:kk lets get back to the rp)

-aton of shadows come in-


Hector: (Covers Mason with a big wall of earth)

Mason:okaaay -hacks it and Ship stops-YES!
Ship:self destruct activated

Hector: (In a calm voice) We should get out of here.

Mason:DUH!!!!!!!!!!!HECTOR COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hector: (In calm manner) Okay. (Jumps off ship)

MasonHector!!!!!!!!!-hes teleported bck in-dude we need to find Sonic!AND STOP VIOLET!

Hector: (In calm voice) I thought you said we have to get out of here, but if you want, we can find Sonic and defeat Violet if you want.

Mason:ur such a hippe and i think i no were hayden is

Hector: DON'T CALL ME A HIPPIE!!!! (Chunks of earth start flying towards Hector)\

Mason:-blasts Earth and the break into tinny peices-THERES NO SUCH THING AS BAD CARMA!


(Hedge: Just so you know, Hector HATES being called a hippie.)

(Chaos: I know it's going to be along time but this RP is on hold till Dest and J get back onto it cuz we can't get off the ARK with out them)

(Mason:chaos can we go to Secert of the Sands)

(Chaos: Guess so)

Kayden: Well isn't this a mess.....

(Des: Hey can Destiney come back yet?)

(Chaos: Sure I guess)

(Des:Thanks! She ain't gunna be demon anymore :P)

Destiney: *Pops out of nowhere* Yep

Kayden: AHHHHHH!!! Wh-where did you come from?

Destiney: Chaos control is what I used

Kayden: Ohhh right... Now how come every guy that use's Chaos power's konws that Chaos Blast move and yet I have no cule.

Destiney: Ok then...

Kayden: Sooo your out of your demon from. You okay then?

Destiney: I'm fine

Kayden: Oh good Shadow won't kill me then!

Destiney: Why would he do that?

Kayden: I bet you know how he act's when somebody he know's get's hrut. And I was with you right? I didn't save right? So he'd be PO'ed I can bet.

Destiney: Oh yeah

Kayden: So shall we get going?

Destiney: Yeah

Kayden: Alright at last! Now let's go find that Hayden kid.

Destiney: Right

Kayden: Hmmm.... Hey Destiney.

Destiney: What?

Kayden: Shadow seem's really over procetif of you. Does he have a crush on you?

Destiney: I don't know

Kayden: ..... That was a joke....

Destiney: Then I didn't get it

Kayden: ...... Uh-huh......... (Thinking) Dude I saw her blush when talking to Shadow 15 min's ago why isn't that working? I guess It's a thing only Kaia can do.

Destiney: What were ya thinkin of?

Kayden: !!!.... Nothing....

Destiney: Was it Kaia?

Kayden: (Bulsh) Ummmmmm uh-mhhhh..... (Thinking) Ho-how did she?

Destiney: Well?

Kayden: M-maybe a litte....

Destiney: Alright then

Kayden: .....(Still bulshing) Wh-why did you want to know?

Destiney: I saw the look on your face

Kayden: ...That's all you had to do? Oh no do I have a crush on her?.....

Destiney: No, I betcha your in love with her

Kayden: HUH!?...

Destiney: What do you mean?

(I'm going swimming or something)

(Chaos: Okay have fun. We'll wait for ye)

Kayden: (Sit's there truning into a briter red has time goes by)

Destiney: Why are you so embarrased?

Kayden: I-I'm not embarrased!

Destiney: Prove it

Kayden: Eh!? Ummm.... Okay maybe a bit....

Destiney: Your in love with her right?

Kayden: I... ummm (Looks down but his face is has red has a rose) I have no idea!!!

Destiney: *laughs* C'mon lets go find her

Kayden: O-okay sure...

Destiney: Alright come on

Kayden: (Nod's)

(Some where else with Violet)

Violet: So did you forget your toy or just sell it Fate?

Fate: What do you mean?

Violet: Destiney doesn't seem to be on are side anymore. Did you mean for that to happen?

Fate: Destiney has a strong will, very hard to keep under control

Violet: She beter have.

Dark Kayden: (Eating a bone) Yummmm Dead thing's I LOVE DEAD THING'S!!!!

Violet: SHUT UP!

Fate: Violet, maybe I can use some sort of trick I leanred on how to brainwash people, use it on Dark Dorkden

Violet: Will it get him to zip it?

Fate: Yeah, and you can use him better

Violet: Love to!

Fate: *her hands turns into energy, it slips into Dark Kaydens energy and brain washes him, he is now under Violets compleat control* He's all yours

Violet: Hehehehe the beast has been tamed. Thank you Fate. Kayden rise. (He does so) Haha this is too much fun!

Fate: I learned it off of this demon who liked to scare Destiney, he was like a vampire/hedgehog demon, and he did the same thing

Violet: Vampire!? (Gets a love struk look and starts to day dream) Ahhhh......

(Des: Oh this guy, I play with him around noon (Eastern time), maybe Violet could meet him, his name is Flair the Hedgehog)

Fate: Yep

Violet: Hm okay.

???: (Dark Kayden get's kicked in the stomet) Well thanks you for being a easy target.

Violet: Kaia!?

Kaia: Bingo!

Jason:(hey Chaos can mason and jason fight later when everyone ries to get to escape pod)should i take care of her Violet?

(Back with Destiney, Kayden and Hector)

Hector: To Kayden: So I'm gussing you love Kaia. Is that true?

Kayden: (Blush and looks around like he's trying to get out of saying anything.) Ummmmm I'll give you a maybe for now...

Destiney: Give the truth or i'll jump on your head!

Kayden: What is this Mairo or something?

Destiney: Whats Mario?

Kayden: Never mind...

Mason:MARIO XD hey Destiny eggman teled me here

Destiney: Great... -_- it's YOU again

Mason:XD nice to see u to

Destiney: Yeah yeah

(Dest: Mason, why do you keep adding sentances?)

(its a writer Fighter XD)

(Dest: Well it gets annoying and no one can write because you do, so just put in one and wait)

mason:sooo were are we going?

Destiney: To find Kaialee

Mason:the girl kayden likes?


Mason:-sees jason-i gotta feeling! -chases after him-VIOLETS THIS WAY AND WE ONLY HAVE 30 minutes!

Kayden: Before WHAT!?

Mason:the ship blows upppp

(Chaos: Hey whoa whoa whoa! Why is the ARK blowing up?)

Mason:well not the shipbut the part haydens in

(Chaos: Well still that doesn't tell me what I wanted to know.)

(Mason:XD Mason thinks its going to blow up its rlly not it was my bros idea)

(Chaos: Oh okay)

Kayden:Bl-blow up WHAT!?

Jason:i lured them in MS.Violet

Violet: Litte buzy right now! (Shoot's some Chaos Speas at Kaia who send's them back with Chaos Wall) Brats good.

Kaia: Who the hell do you think is the brat in this room? Kaia: (Stops what she's doing) Hold did you say Kayden? (Get's Stab'ed and trown into the wall by Dark Kayden and passes out) GAHHHH!

Kayden: KAIALEN!

Violet: Pet go take that srip Kayden. Jason you know who to fight! Fate and I will take the other two!

Mason:-swings from wire and kicks Vi Jason and fate in head-

(Chaos: Mason did a WEREHOG ROUND HOUSE KICK! Just joking)

Violet: Damn you! Pet chang in paln get him too. (Pionts at Mason) Dark Chaos Control! (Warps into the other room with the real Kayden, Hector and Destiny) Hello boy's and girls!

Dark Kayden: Grrrrrr! RAH! (Runs and Mason Claws and Fangs out)

Mason:-stabs Him in heart and looks at Jason-

(Chaos: Witth what? Did he pick up Kaia's Chaos Blade or something?)

Mason:-throws Jason and he goes threw wall and lands on Violet-(No he used his sword)

Mason:-heals Kaia when noones looking and puts finger on mourh to tell her to be quite-

Violet: Off sucm! (Trows Jason Back) SONIC!

Kayden: What!? Uh oh WATCH OUT! (Demon Sonic does a Homing Attack on Mason then Kayden) GAH!

Demon Sonic: You called?

(Chaos: Dude I'd love to have Kaia come in and kick there butt's right now but she got KO'ed remeber?)

Mason:-shoots Sonic in shoulder and He goes KO-

(Chaos: Well that's one way to stop the fastest thing alive.)

Sonic: (Goes back to his old from)

Violet: Hmph! Later then. (Warps out)

Kayden: Kaia! (Runs up to her and looks at Mason) Is she alright?

Mason:-picks her up throws over shoulder-The ship is breaking i think soooo yeah WE SHOULD RUN!

Kayden: Get Kaia out of here I got to find Hayden!

Mason:KAIA WAKE UP -sees Shadows-

(u there?)

Mason:KAIA WAKE UP -sees Shadows-

(Chaos:Yeah you just seem'ed to be doing something)

mason:(lol watch):Sorry Kaia -slaps her hard-(can u make her wake up?)

(Chaos: I can but Mason the charater won't like it)

Kaia: (Wake's up and hit's him in the face) SET ME DOWN YOU PIG!

Mason:-sets her down-NOW HELP -slashes a shadows head and slicess off his head-

Kaia: Hmph fine CHAOS TOWER! (There's a blast of high pesher water under the Shadows and they get slit in half by it)

Mason:-burns Half Shadows-

Mason:Kaia we need to find Jason

Kaia: Tell me where Kayden is frist!

Hector: Calm down guys.

Kaia: Tell me where he is and if he's alright!

(Des: Man you and Mason never pause for me)

(Chaos: Sorry..... (Sad look)

(Des: It's fine.....)

Destiney: *Comes out of nowhere* Need help?

Kaia: Where's KAYDEN!? (Pick's Mason up)

Destiney: Your beating Mason up? LET ME HELP!

Kaia: Just tell where he is! (That one was at Dest)

Destiney: I don't know!


Sonic: KAIA COOL IT! (Kaia gasp's at stops) He was in that room last.

Kaia: Your..... alright thank you. (Runs off thinking) You beter be alright... Kayden!

Destiney: WAIT UP! *runs off with Kaialee*

Sonic: Okay so what'ed I miss?

(With Kaia and Destiney)

Kaia: So why are you coming along?

Destiney: I never leave a friend

Kaia: Okay...... Ummmm Destiney.

Destiney: Yeah?

Kaia: You may find this odd but.... (Blush) do you know what love feels like......?

Destiney: Yes... *smile*

Kaia: May I ask how does it feel like.. Oh I'm sorry for asking dumb things like this...

Destiney: It's not dumb, you just don't ask Mason or one of those boys like him about it. It's like... your walking on air, and everything is so wonderfulll

Kaia: Air huh?...... well ummmm thank you Destiney-chan let's go find Kayden huh? (As soon has she says his name she blush's again)

Destiney: Alright, and he was looking for you earlier

Kaia: He was!? (Truns reder) Ummm well were bound to run into each other then right? Hehehe...... (Rubs the back of her head has she runs she seems almost embarest)

Destiney: Yeah, and Maybe I could track his chaos energy, my own might be able to find his

Kaia: You can do that with Chaos Energy?

Destiney: Yeah, Since I'm a living emerald I can track his using my own

Kaia: Alright do what you can!

Destiney: Right *Her eyes glow a green type of color* He's that way *points in a direction*

Kaia: Okay let's go! (Run's in that direction)

Destiney: *follows Kaia*

(After some time they catch up to Kayden)

Kaia: Kayden!

Kayden: Huh what I thought I told Mason to get you out of here!

Kaia: I was just coming to help....

Kayden: But your going to get hrut!

Destiney: She won't get hurt, we just need to move

Kayden: But I got to find Hayden He'll get coked if I don't!

Kaia: So will you!

Kayden: And you guy's you need to hurry and get off this ARK!

Kaia: Your a moron! I'm not leting you go by your self so your taking me with you or your not going at all!

Kayden: Kaia....... Fine (Truns to Dest) you going too?

Destiney: I told this to Kaia, I never leave a friend.

Kayden: Well then look's like this is it then. Let's roll!

Destiney: I just hope I don't run into that Mason guy

(Des: I don't like Mason because he is my little sisters boyfriend, and if breaks her heart I breaks his bones -_-)

(Chaos: I feel for you there.)

(Des: Just trying to keep her safe.)

Kaia: Hell yeah you got that right!

Destiney: I hate that kid

Kayden: Let's keep going we don't have much time!

Destiney: Right! *takes off*

Kayden and Kaia: (Run after her)

(Dest: Should we have Violet come out?)

(Chaos: If you want but It's geting a litte boring have Violet hop in at every litte thing they do)

(Dest: Your right lets not do that, and if I have to go remember to pause or not do so much)

(Chaos: Okay how about Dark Sonic?)

(Dest: Ok, and how did Fates trick do on Dark Kayden, you have to admit the bone knawing was funny)

(Chaos: It worked and Dark Kaydeineyn became Violet's pet)

(Dest: XD, ok lets keep going)

Destiney: C'mon!

???: HEHEHE didn't mom ever tell you not to run in the houes? (Dark Sonic Jumps down in front of them)

Kayden: .... Can it get any lamer?

Destiney: This is going to be way to easy

(Dest: I gtg)

(Chaos: Okay RP on hold see you later)

(With Sonic, Mason and Hector)

Mason:hey Jason!

(Chaos: RP on HOLD!)

(Dest: Chaos? Yall here?)

(Chaos: I am not sure about the others)

(Dest: Mason probably has school [Haha Mason!], and I think the others don't show up till later. )

(Chaos: Well do we need to wait on them? It'd be fare.)

(Dest: True, but I am not on all night, and that when those two are on....)

(Chaos: OH ummmmm HQ we have a probel)

(Dest: Agreed...)

(Sorry im late todays My Birthday [in real So HA HA Dest i got Sonic rush sonic 06 and i got a Dsi and im ettign Ps3 later today)

Jason and Mason still fighting-

(Chaos: Well happy birthday. Guess were just waiting on Hegd to show up (Unless Dest loged off)

Mason:-kills Jason-lets roll nnow all i gotta worry bout is-(mAke Violet appear in front of him)

(Chaos: Remeber Mason. Were waiting on pepol and Violet showing up ever 5 sencons is geting old)

Hector: Meh, okay. I've just got to find Hayden.

Sonic: He can't be that fare off.

Mason:hmph WHOA SONIC LOK BEHIND U -sonic turns around and sees biggest mob of shadows ever-(exgeration)

Sonic: Great! Can't get wores right?
(can i play As Knuckles too)

Knuckles:SONIC! -punches his way through the mob-

(Chaos: I guess but what's he doing on the ARK?)

(mason and him were on a mission and he got teled here to)

(Chaos: Alright.)

Sonic: Kunckles what's up?

Hector: Guys! I need some backup!(Makes a massive wall of earth to block the shadows from hitting him)

Mason:darkness death -kills pretty much all of Shadows with Darkness death-

(Chaos: Let's not go to much farer without Dest cuz she asked not to go far without her kowing)

Hector: Wow! I wish I had that much power.

Sonic Cool!

(Back with Kayden ,Kaia and Destiney)

Kayden: My gosh how long is this hall way?

Kaia: Don't know and I don't care we got to fine Hayden and get the hell out of here!

(A Shadow pops up but it's big)

Kayden: Just one? This will be to easy!


(Kayden jumps at the Shadow and Slashes but nothing happes to it)

Kayden: WHA!? How the!?

Kaia: LOOK OUT! (Jumps and grabs Kayden just has he is about to get hit by a attack)

Destiney: Hmmm... Hey Guys, I have an idea!

Kayden: What do ye got?

Destiney: Theres an attack called Chaos bind, to use it you need 2 or more chaos users, one of them gets both of their strength binded, and it makes them more powerfull

Kaia: Sounds good. Any downsides?

Destiney: None thatI know of, but I've only used it once before. So who's going to attack?

Kayden and Kaia: (At the same time) I will! (Then they bulsh)

Destiney: Uh... well choose quickly, were under attack right?

Kayden and Kaia: uhhhhh Fine we'll both go. Just stay out of trobel! I will! WHAT YOU DON'T TRUST ME!?

Destiney: *facepalm* Achii...

Kayden and Kaia: (Still yelling at each other) IT'S NOT THAT IT'S JUST.... (They both trun red, put there hand over there mouth and trun away from each other) Oh never mind just do it.....

Destiney: Alright *she uses chaos bind on them*

Kayden: Thanks (Thinking) Whoa I feel really powerfull! Is this her power?

Kaia: Let's go! (Picks Kayden up , Thinking) This is his power!? I feel like a 100000 bucks right now. Like I can tare the wolrd apart!

Destiney: Ready?

Kayden: Yeah!

Kaia: Let's roll!

Destiney: *she uses chaos bind to full extent, and then they attack*

Kayden: CHAOS TOWER! (A tower of water and electec enrgry shoot out of the ground and into the beast)

Kaia: CHAOS WAVE! (Shoots a wave of wind and ice at the beast, The Shadow goes down)

Kayden: Hehe nice!

Kaia: (Blush) Uh thanks you too.

Kayden: (Blush and thinks) Did she just say thanks?

Destiney: *a green glow in her eyes disappears after the attack* Good job, now lets go

(Chaos: Does that mean the bind is gone?)

(Dest: No, means she stopped the attack, and make sure mason DOES NOT use it, unless I say)

(Chaos: Okay I will)

Kaia: Right!

Destiney: C'mon

(Kayden and Kaia run after her)

Destiney: So how do you think this will all end?

Kaia: Hmmm..

Kayden: (Grins) The same way it always does!

Kaia: Huh?

Kayden: Bad guy goes BOOM and the day is saved. That's how it always works in this kind of thing right?

Destiney: Your going to kill Violet?

Kayden: Hopey not but if I got to.

Kaia: Hehe your too soft Kayden.

Kayden: And your too pushy but I don't mind it cuz it's how you roll.

Destiney: *rolls her eyes*

Kayden: What?

Destiney: Just keep going

Kayden: Right!

Destiney: *quietly to herself* Shadow...

Kaia: Did anybody remeber how much time was left before Mason said the Ark was going to blow?

Destiney: Quick word of advice, don't trust him

Kayden: Hmph okay!

(Back With Mason who wandered off alone)

Mason:uhh Cr@p hey GUYS!!!! -surrounding by Shadows who tckle him and take him with them-awww ur making me ur king -doesnt smile-HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hector: Mason! (Dissapears under the Earth and some hands come out of the ground where Mason is) Grab my hand!

Mason:well as u can see im tied oh wait -teleports out-Bye suckers! -runs into Shadow-OW

Sonic: Shadow!? Well well well who knew we'd run into you up here?

Shadow: wtf i'm trying to relax lays down on the Ground

Sonic: Cool it Shadow were trying to get everybody off the ARK before something else happens.

Shadow: (stands up) hmph i guess i can help you (pulls out chaos emerald) give me a direction. i'll start evacuating

Sonic: Get everybody you know for sure is up here back to Tails workshop Kayden, Kaia and Dest are in the hall looking for this guys pal so when you get the rest down go help them! And watch out for "The naberhood crazy lady"

Shadow:..........\=( the neighborhood crazy lady? wtf happened here while i was asleep?

Hector: I'm really confused now.

Sonic: Ah you two will get over it.

Mason:RUN! -sees to Many Shadows too fight-

(song theme:Thunderstruck)

Hector: (Dissapears under the ground to get away from the shadows)


Sonic: Way ahead of you!!!

Hector: (Reappears out of the ground just in front of Mason) I can take you guys underground where the shadows won't hurt you! Just grab on to me!

Sonic:I'd like to run but I think he's got the right idea!

(Hedge: How about Hector takes them to Kayden, Kaia and Destiny?)

Mason:NOPE -runs on Ceiling-(hey Make Kayden ask Mason wat love feels like but make whisper it hes gonna reply with a funny joke)

(Chaos: I don't see Kayden asking him cuz has far has Kayden knows Mason is dateless)

(No hes Dating Marine)

(Chaos: Like I said Kayden doesn't know that. You'll have to tell him that. But hey go to the Scret of the Sand RP Mason is in a tight spot.)

(Mason-Chaos do u wanna go to Scert of da Sands Masons gonna be in a funny booby trap)

(Chaos: He already is)

(With Kayden's grop, Sonic and the others pop in on them)

Mason:heya Kayden hey u heya Kaia

Hector: Someone said that we have to evacuate this spaceship before it explodes.

Kayden: Why did you get that idea?


Kayden: No I didn't....

Kaia: Ahhh...

Hector: I'm pretty sure you said that Kayden.

Mason:sorry guys false alarm

Hector: Okay.

Kayden: Come on lets find are guy.

Hector: (Dissapears under the ground and starts searching)

Mason:-goes with Kayden-

(After a bit)

Mason:hey Kayden u like Kaia -Whispers this when Kaias outta Earshot-

Kayden: What makes you say that!?

Mason:Listen i no u like her

Kayden: ............. And whats to say you won't tell anybody?

Mason:yea i wont but i no wat loves like

Kayden: How'd you know? Not like you are from what I know.

Mason:well i like Marks sister marks from and i could tell u wat is like

Kayden: Then go ahead. What is it?

Mason:iits like ur just walking on water

Kayden: Water? You mistke me for the girl I'm talking about.

Mason:but water enchanted...its beatiful....just like Kaia well for u(Make Kayden be like appreative)

(Okay let's stop after this chat and let Dest keep up)

Kayden: Un huh.....

(Secert of the sands?)

Hector: (Comes out of the ground in front of Kayden and Mason) Who are we searching for again?

tyler: yeah who

transt: hi guys

(Chaos: I said when we can get off the ARK you can join in. Other wise just add your guys to the list.)

(rocky2727:hedge said i could join this one)

(Hedge: I told you to ask Chaos if you could join, and he said that you couldn't join until we got off the Ark)

Mason:hey errr look -sees about 8000 shadows morph together mark a huge 1-Sh**************************************T

Hector: (Grabs Mason and takes him under the ground away from the shadows)

Mason:-grabs Kayden-Kayden chaos control time!

Kayden: Right! Chaos! (Gets hit in the back and does a Wilhelm Scream) AHHHH

Mason:DARK CHAOS CONTROL -teleports us away-

Hector: That was a really strange feeling.

Mason:its Dark Chaos if ur not My kind it feels...well Strange

Mason:ergh so were is this Hayden of urs (can we find him already)

Hector: I don't think he's on the Ark. Maybe we should just get out of here.

(Chaos: Up to Hedg. And were waiting on Dest rember?)

(Hedge: We'll probably find Hayden once we get off the Ark)

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