Welcome to the King of Fanon Tournament. I am the spouncer, "D" ! This is the first tournament on the Fanon Universe Hub. Characters, heroes and villians of all sorts will clash in this tournament for the prise of King of Fanon! Now that you have a invite please read the discription of your teammates. Good Luck. ~ D


Team Sunburst

  1. , Apallo,
  2. Leaona,
  3. Grasstorm
  4. Jack
  5. Death

Team Blazers

  1. Patricia
  2. Saizo
  3. Jesse
  4. Jared
  5. Venen

Team Flame

  1. Flash
  2. Trimph
  3. Gai

Team Blade

  1. Zant
  2. Daniel
  3. Nickolas

Team Dark-Necros

  1. Rust
  2. Seed
  3. Me-Ke


  1. No Canon Characters (Sonic Tails Shadow Sally ect.)
  2. No whining when you lose
  3. No spamming
  4. No Super Powerful heroes or villians. The Final Boss is Super Powerful
  5. No Ruining The Plot.
  6. No Adding In Characters When the Time Is Up. If u want in afterwards then they will have to do offical work. (Venders, Reporters, ect) or Spectate.
  7. No Cheating.
  8. There will be 5 Main Teams In the Story (Mine Included)
  9. You have Until Monday,December the 13th To Sign your Fighters Up.
  10. No Godmodding.
  11. Get 3 Strikes And your Banned
  12. Have Fun
  13. This is all Wiki Wide! AND A FREE JOIN!
  14. You can Add Up To 4 to 5 characters
  15. "D" isn't a regular fighter so he will be last to fight the winning team.
  16. There will be a monster villian at the very end of the Story for the Final Battle


Please Put your Characters Name Beside a Number.

  1. Apallo The Hedgehog (Apallo) Mobius
  2. Rik The Spidermonkey (mr.gameandfight)
  3. Edo Tensei Saizo (Guyviroth)
  4. Death the Hedgehog (Apallo) Mobius
  5. Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400) Dimension: Mobius
  6. Cervantes The Speck (mr.gameandfight) Mobius
  7. Falco the Eagle (09jhero). Dimension: Mobius (sometimes travels through different dimensions though).
  8. Neon The Speck (mr.gameandfight)
  9. Neos the Hedgehog (Apallo) Mobius
  10. Gai'Vahros Deathstryke (Guyviroth)
  11. Leaona the Cat (Apallo) Mobius
  12. Chaoix the Demon (09jhero). Dimension: Chaos 7.
  13. "D" (Apallo the Hedeghog) -sponcer-
  14. Jared the unknown (Frozen scorpio) dimension: none (travels through other dimensions)
  15. Rust the mutant (Frozen scorp) dimension: Nightmarish Death
  16. Me-Ke the mutant (Frozen Scorp) dimension: Nightmarish Death
  17. Seed the mutant (Frozen scorp) dimension: Nightmarish Death
  18. Daniel The Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97) Dimension: Simbous (anti-Mobius)
  19. Grasstorm The Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97) Dimension: Dream World
  20. Zant Ver. 3.0 (Sonicsmansion97) Dimention: Mobius (Eggman Jr's rogue robot)
  21. Flash The Cat (Sonicsmansion97) Dimention: Mobius (son of Blaze)
  22. Mark Girgis the Hedgehog(Markakramgirgis)Dimention:Mobius
  23. Triumph the Hedeghog (KFC) Dimention: Mobius
  24. Venen the Hedeghog (KFC) Dimention: Mobius
  25. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) Dimention: Mobius (Cousin of Sonic)
  26. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100) Dimention: Mobius
  27. Gorru the Wolf (Niktendo7)
  28. Jamie Summers (Guyviroth)
  29. Trey the Mouse (Guyviroth)
  30. Mindy the Wasp (robana22) dimension: Sol Dimenson
  31. Nickolas the Hedgehog (nickolasds)

-The Sections Is Closed For Fighters-

Spectators, Staff and Other Characters

If you want to be a worker in the Tournament then you must put what you want to do. If you just want your character to watch the fights then Put thier name and you user name. Nothing else,


  1. Sonlyn the hedgehog (Ring Side Reporter)
  2. Dan the Hedgehog (Commentator) (KFC) (Note: Apallo can control my people in this category when needed and I'm not on.)
  3. Blade the Hedeghog (Commentator) (KFC)


The Fighters Arrived

Daniel: Let's get started already... *sighs*

Zant: Pipe down, idiot... we still need to wait for the others...

Flash: (thinking to himself) We finally made it... Dawn... Silver.... Blaze... cheer me on in my heart...

Grasstorm: No one better call me a pokemon or you'll be in some serious trouble!!

Apallo: Hey coolit.

Flash: Hello there, sir... I am Flash. Pleased to meet you!

Grasstorm: I'm Grasstorm!

Zant: You need not to know my name, mortal...

Daniel: Name's Daniel! And don't you forget it!

Apallo: My Names apallo nice to meet u

Daniel: Whatevs!

Zant: Don't care!

Grasstorm: Good.... to... know...

Flash: Don't mind them... It's a great honor to meet you, Apallo... Blaze doesn't let me and Dwan leave the house often without Silver's premission but I left anyway to see this.

Death: Humph.

Apallo: This is my friend death

Flash: Hello there! I am Flash.

Daniel: Just shut up, Flash!! We don't care!!

Zant: Exactly!

Apallo: You guys are meanies. I care dude

Daniel: Is that you power... to bore and nag people all day... lame!

Grasstorm: No... his power is to not shut up...

Zant: Exactly!

Flash: Leave him alone!!

Daniel: *walks up to Flash* Whatcha gonna do about it?!

???: -shoots the ground in frount of him-

Death: Leaona

Daniel: Who did that?! Come out now!!

Leaona: Oi be nice on the ship. I don t see why we have to share it.

Daniel: Don't tell me what to do...

Zant: We all have different personalities... respect who we are and deal with it!

Apallo: I wish Dan was here...

Dan: *walks up with a broken leg, with crutches* And I am! But I can't fight, so I've been given the job of commemtator to make up for it, and Blade, wants to too!

Blade: *Makes himself visible* Yup!

Dan: The competition wanted more people so, some of my friends filled our spots, instead.

Jack & Patricia: (Appears)

Jack: Whao, cool

Patricia: It's amazing

Sonlyn: Hosw Do u Liek the sdhip

Dan: *calling out to Sonlyn* Yo, Sonlyn, you might want to speak clearer, 'cause we can't understand you.


Blade: Pretty sweet! I could get used to this!

Dan: You say that about every thing!

Sonlyn: -speaker- Attention all Mobius,Simbous, and Earth Fighters The Team Parings will begin momentatiarly.

Triumph: *runs in* Are we too late?

Venen: *walks in calmly* I'd say so!

Dan: *looks at Blade* That's our cue to enter the commentator box! *Starts to walk away, then a flash of purple and black, and he is in a room with a full view of the arena*


Rik: whooooo WE MADE IT

Cervantes: YEAH!

Sonlyn: Ok it; looks like everyone is here. Attention everyone the comittie is telling me to assign a team leader for the teams and thre are 25 of you today but only 15 of you will make it to the tournament.

Jack: If their 25 of us, it'll be 5 in each team, but there's 25of us. How can we divide ourselves into 5 Groups when there's 25 of us

(my mistake i counted wrong)

Apallo: Jack nevermind

Sonlyn: The Leaders are , Apallo, Patricia,, Rik, Flash, and Daniel. The Memebrs of your teams will be random aly drawn.

Jack: Ok, I wonder who's in what team?

Patricia: Well let's find out Jack, ok?

Jack: Ok, we're ready

Sonlyn: But Apallo And Patricia get first pic

Apallo: Jack i choose u.

Jack: WHOO HOO! Hi Five! (hi fives Apallo)

Patricia: I choose Jesse

Apallo: Jack no acting like that plz. It's ok if you are excited

Zant: Teams?

Daniel: You're kidding... we have to work with others!!

Grasstorm: I'm sure it won't be to bad, guys...

Flash: I find it excited to be working with people I don't know... I'll be willing to try!

Grasstorm, Zant, and Daniel: Does it look like we care!

Jack: Sorry Apallo, I always get excited. By the way, who's turn is it this time?

"Sorry I'm late," Jesse says, hurrying up to wait on being picked. "There was an accident on the interstate. Whose team am I on?"

Jack: Patricia chose you to be on her team

Apallo: I pick.....Leaona

Leaona: Alright.

Apallo: 3rd i pick, grasstorn

Patricia: For my Second Pick, Edo Tensei Saizo

Grasstorm: Wish luck, guys! *runs to Apallo*

Zant: Idiot... he's gonna lose with that one...

Flash: Don't be like that... I'm sure Apallo will be a great leader for his team.

Daniel: Stop kissing up, Flash! We all know that you hate losing!!

Zant: Save your energy for the fight, you 2!! If we are doing teams, allow me to pick... I already know who to chose anyway.

Flash: Who?

Zant: If I had to pick.... it would be Daniel.

Flash: Why?

Zant: He's a warrior! He knows everything there is to fighting.

Apallo: I choose lastly, Death

(everyone is shocked)

Dan: *in dah commentators box* *eyes wide* .....someone tell me that they saw that coming?!

"Tell me it isn't the Death that kils people all the time?" Jesse asks, as if he thinks he's wrong.

Zant: *sighs* Since no one will anwser, Daniel, you're with me.... Flash... go find someone else

Daniel: Loser! You should have been a better kid for Silver and Blaze but you can't... *laughs*

Death: grrrrr.rr..... dont relate us

Flash: *sighs* Fine... but you 2 will regret this... *walks away*

Patricia: For my 3rd Pick, I chose Jared

Flash: *thinks to himself* This is great... I can't even get on a team... Father.... Mother... I swore I wouldn't fail you... and I'll keep that promise!

Zant: Our team will win! Right, Daniel?

Daniel: I am warrior... I know everything there is to fighting and winning.

Sonlyn: Flash your a leader you get to make your own team Ok. -hugs- Dawwwwwwww Hugz! =^-^=

(Falco arrives)

Falco: Sorry I'm late. I got in a fight with a couple of hawks. So who's team am I on?

(A portal opens and Chaoix arrives)

Chaoix: Alright lets get this started!

Rik: chaotix long time no see!

Chaoix: Yeah. Too long.

Falco: So who's team am I on and what are the rules?

Dan: The team captains, will pick who is on their team. *looks at Venen and Triumph* Are you two still unpicked?

Triumph: Yup.

Patricia: And for my final choice, Venen

"Our team is awesome," laughs Jesse. "You guys are totally gonna lose."

Venen: Yes, I got picked!

Flash: *sighs* I don't know anyone here... how do you expect me to pick?

Zant: Maybe if you weren't such a good son, you would be on our team but I only pick the best so sorry!

Daniel: I agree with Zant about you being a kiss-up to everyone... if you were evil, you'd be with us!

Grasstorm: *thinks to himself* Poor Flash... I would go with him but I'm on a team... I'm praying for ya, Flash that someone will want to be with you...

Triumph: I'll go with you Flash..... if you need me/

Flash: You want to be on my team... you're not making this up, are you?

Zant: Of course, this one is, does it look like anyone likes you, Flash?!

Triumph: *you could see the anger in Triumph, but then it drained away* Of course, I'd love to join your team and as for you *looks at Zant and Daniel* You keep quiet, or else I'll use you for target practise, got it!

Zant and Daniel: Hmph!

Flash: Really? Thank you so much! *smiles*

Grasstorm: *thinks to himself* Hmm... thanks Tikal... you really are an angel... *looks at Flash and smiles*

Triumph: It's okay! *gves a thumbs up and smiles*

(Zant and Daniel go into a corner and talk)

Flash and Grasstorm: *looks at each other* We better go see what they're up to...

Zant: So... do you have a plan?

(Flash and Grasstorm spying)

Daniel: Yes... you see... fighting's all about combos and surpise attacks. First find your weakest opponent and take him/her down then combo followed by...

Zant: Wait! I think Flash and Grasstorm are listening... YOU KNOW I HAVE THERMAL VISION... I SEE YOU!!

Blade: Hey lazy heads, get out of dah corner!

Zant: Fine...

Flash: Someone should kick you 2 out of here...

Daniel: Why? Cuz we know how to fight!

Grasstorm: No... it's because you 2 are bad!

Zant: We know your weaknesses... for example... Flash can't that eletricity... it stops his blood from working and he gets parylized.

Daniel: And Grasstorm... you are like a pokemon... your weakness is fire... why do you think you work with Waterfall and not Fireblast?!

Grasstorm: *growls* I AM NOT A POKEMON!!

Triumph: *the rage builds up until the lower halh of his pupil (which is normaly ice blue), turns into a blood red* I don't care about the rules! You are gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a flash of purple and black*

Dan: Whao, dude calm down, I want to kill these to numbskulls as well, but the rules forbid it, if you want to kill them, do it the arena, no one will stop you there. Now *faces Daniel and Zant* If you two numbskulls antagonize them outside of the arena again, you lot are gonna have a face full of Black Lightning! Got it!!

One man dressed almost in pure white makes his way into the waiting room, looking at all of the pint-sized mobians as his eyes scour the room for their opponents. Gai’Vahros smirked crookedly, not even contempt with the competition as he wanders over to an empty seat. Taking a seat, he lays back with one leg folded over the other, looking again over the room for only one person in particular, but not seeing him. “Where could he be...”

Zant and Daniel: *looks at each other* Fine!

Dan: Good, I don't want to have to catch you again! *a flash of purple and black and he has appeared again the the commentators box.*

Apallo: This is gonna be awsome.

Dan: okay, how much longer is this gonna take? We have already have one spectator here?

Blade: *looking through pages* we should be starting to recieve spectators in half a hour, then hlaf a hour after that, the first two team should fight.

Grasstorm: I'm scared now... they know my weakness and called me a stupid pokemon... and I'm not!

Triumph: Don't worry, if they light you on fire, I'll just absorb the flames.

Grasstorm: But you're not on my team... I'm with Apallo... you're with Flash... please promise me that you'll protect him from electricity... that's Flash's weakness.

Jack: Anyways, who's else wants to choose?

(put your team;s names and then it;s memebrs inder them)

Zant: Mine is Team Darkness and so far... it only has me and Daniel.

Daniel: Got that right!

Flash: Hmm... how about Team Hope? So far it's member is me and Trimph!

"Team Win?" Jesse suggests, with a chuckle.

Zant: *rolls his eyes* Nice team name

Rust, Seed, & Me-Ke: (arrive)

Freeze: (appears) Well this is an interesting get-together.

Apallo: Hummmmmmmm

Leaona: Pallo' u shoyd ave' the pic of our ame.

The room begins to develop a heavy feel of tension and cold as Saizo begins to walk slowly through the floor. In life, Saizo might of greeted himself or at least give a semblance of courtesy as a wave of a hand, but now he feels no such compliance. Taking a glance at Gai’Vahros, he turns to give him his full attention, both men locked eyes, intense, filled with determination to best one another. While Gai smirked crookedly towards his former companion, Saizo did no such thing, keeping a face of absolute neutrality, revealing no expression whatsoever. Turning away, Saizo begins to walk over to a seat at the far end of the room where it was desolate.

Sonlyn: Guys Come On I need you guys to finish Picking. Your members......NOW!

Patricia: Apallo & I are already done

Gai'Vahros waved an arm at Sonlyn as a gesture to move on, not bothered about the tone of voice of the young rodent. "I'm a part of the team who decides to pick me..." He sighed a little, quickly glancing at Saizo before glancing back to Sonlyn. "Or if push comes to shove, I will be a one-man army."

Falco: So who's team am I on?Cha

Chaoix: And me?

Jack: Someone's not done with their choosing yet

"Don't take all month just to pick a team," Jesse sighs, pretending to check his watch.

Patricia: Don't worry, I'm already finished picking who's in my team. Don't worry, I can wait

Apallo: Rik where are u.


Triumph: We'll take Gai'Vahros, right Flash?

Falco: So will I just join whoever hasn't picked yet?

Jack: Good luck Falco

Daniel: Ugh! Can't we get this show on the road!

Flash: Take it easy... no one is going anyway until the teams are picked. Triumph... you might be better with picking so yeah.... let's go with Gai.

Gai'Vahros took the time to glance around at his team mates; they didn't look particularly impressive and just shook his head with a smirk. "It doesn't matter... just don't get in my way..."

Sonlyn: Grrrrrrrr.

Jack: Don't worry, it's gonna be ok, Sonlyn

Grasstorm: Is this everyone?

Zant: I pray that it is...

Saizo, on the other hand, kept staring blankly towards the distance, catching no eye contact with anyone in the area. However, after a brief moment he took a glance over at a nearby monitor before getting up and standing a few feet from it, looking at a list of names on a monitor. Under one of the Teams he found a list of a few of them; Patricia, Jesse, Jared, and Venen, but on that list he found his name as well, taking note of those on his team.

Gai'Vahros did the same on another monitor nearby; he wasn't paying attention to any of the team callings so he decided to take a look at the standings. Under his team was his own name, as well as Triumph and Flash, awaiting two more people to join the team. Gai has already seen how ridiculous Flash and Triump are, hoping that he won't be carrying the rest of his team. Not that he cared; that meant more people for him to kill.

But regardless, Saizo and Gai both caught glimpse of eachother's names, on separate teams. Turning to one another, both stared to the soul of the other, almost in communication of each other's feelings. Not saying a word to one another yet conveying a lifetime of story, it was inevitable that both would face eachother at a future time.

Falco: Um, Chaoix and I haven't been picked yet.

Patricia: (to Edo) Hi there, welcome to my team (shakes Edo's Hand)


Saizo looked down at the mobian as she took a hold of his hand and shook it; her naivety was almost too cute, but Saizo was void of any of those emotions for a long while. Holding her arm gently, he slid her hand from hers briskly, not wanting for any welcoming gestures. Instead, he grasped at a pencil and paper from the counter and jotted down his team; Saizo, Patricia, Jesse, Jared, and Venen, before handing it to Sonlyn. "... Lower your voice in future, please..." Saizo uttered; the skin around his mouth began to crack lightly as his lips moved before returning back to his seat.

Jack: Ok my turn (grabs a Pencil & a piece of paper & writes down his team: Jack, Apallo, Leaona, Grasstorm & Death) (Gives the Paper to Sonlyn)

Falco: So who still has to pick?

Chaoix: Yeh. I want to get this thing started!

Sonlyn:..........Get over here

Jack: Don't worry, well there's only Rik, Flash, and Daniel left to pick their teammates

Zant: How about this for starters, you idiots... Daniel is not a leader! He is on my team and Flash... the poor idiot, still has to find more members as well as I.

Daniel: Besides... leading is boring... making people bleed... now that's fun

Gai'Vahros sighed harshly; he was getting irrate with Zant's voice, and wasn't afraid to let him know. "Zant... could you shut that stupid flat face of yours for longer than two minutes?"

Sonlyn: There are more entries!

Jack: Really? Wow!

Me-ke: (Sarcastically) Hooray.

Jared: (Sees Flash) You look familiar in both an amusing and disturbing way.

Zant: Hmph!

Daniel: *points at Gai'Vahros* Why don't you shut up, you big idiot?! At least, SOME people have a piece of mind here!

Flash: Oh boy... here they go again...

Grasstorm: True...

Jared: (To Flash) Do you know anyone by the name of "Silver?"

Gai'Vahros quickly shot up from his sitting position and drew his zanpakuto, quickly wielding the huge eight foot blade to his side before holding it up to Daniel's neck. He kept a blunt, emotionless expression to signify he would gladly kill the mobian. "A rodent with a big mouth ... i'd rather see you as a blood smear on the floor. Would you grant me that satisfaction?"

Flash: Yes... Silver is my father, why my good man?

Zant: Save it for the fight, Gai unless you're afraid

Daniel: Yeah, what Zant said!

Patricia: (sighs) I can't wait to have fun in the tournament

Jack: Me too, Patricia. Me too

Gai'Vahros stood idle, never moving for a brief moment; a swift stroke of his arm could leave the mobian decapitated for those to see in testament of his bloodthirst. Instead, he slowly drew the blade from his neck to his cheek, the blade still touching against his flesh, before drawing it backwards, leaving a deep cut that drew blood on the side of the mobian's face before sheathing back his zanpakuto. "Consider that a warning... to not test your superiors."

Saizo on the other hand glared almost hungrily at the competitors around him, specifically on Gai and Sonlyn. Saizo wanted much so to destroy everyone here in testament of his own powers, but he wanted to save his strength until he could face Gai.

Jack: Sheesh, what's his problem? (points to Gai'Vahros)

Patricia: I don't know, but let's go train

Jack: Ok

[Nick teleports to Jack]

Nick: YES I TELEPORTED RI- [realizes he's in the floor] god damn it...

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