The Shadow crystal cloud tournament has ended. A mysterious monster from the shadows had been watching various fights and great battles and wanted the power of the Mobians to himself so he could rule all of Mobius. The figters didn't know this at first, only knowing that there will only be one grand champion. The monster has been killed, due to the efforts of Krinkinko The Hedgehog, Smash and Pearl The Echidnas, Shade "Tendril" Nightwing, Pyra "Inferna" Fireheart, and the sacrifice of Vendeta Aungel.

This RP Has Ended.


???:The power.........I need it!

???:The power....(Crying)I want it!

???: It doesn't make any sense not at all! It's no fair!

???:If.....if I ask them to maybe they will.MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(He sneaks into Emeralds R' Us and steals seven super emeralds and launches telepathy.)

???:Dear worthy fighters of this planet. I want you to enter the Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament and become the grand champion who will become glamorous in prizes. You know you want to join because only the weaklings won't come. If you looking for the tournament grounds just look up you'll see 7,000 black dragons guarding the gate in the sky. If you can't fly just wish to go there and you'll appear there. You won't see my face but I'll have one of my minions show you to your seats battle areas and all that jazz. See you soon. Now once you get there meet our referee P.S. it's just the same minion (He sends this to each corner of Mobius).

???: (Coldly snickers to himself)


???:Okay if you decided to come I will give you a few rules to follow. 1: No extreme romance. You know what I mean even though we ARE fighting making the other fighter puke just isn't right. Besides you would slip on the vomit. You can flirt and kiss though. 2:Use the chatroom as much as you need. It's there for a reason you should talk and mingle so fighting won't blind you with rage. Plus there is a snack stand and restroom. 3:No running off the ring. You will lose the fight for that. 4: No killing blows. Do I give a crap if someone dies,No but I don't want you wasting energy on killing someone. Also I want to see the other fighters true strength. 5:No fighting in the Chatroom area. 6:Super forms and or Dark forms are aloud because I know your just dieing to own somebody. 7:No breaking furniture. Look man I spent my money on this stuff! 8: No godmodding. But if you follow this rule I'll let you interrupt a fight to say. IT"S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!.


Team fighters

Team Twerunka Jungle-Sonicfan919

Team Crystal-Dragonballzfan

Team Toy Force ---- Kindeness is but a gift to those who recieve it ... 06:03, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

Team Outsider-E-113:Xi

Team Chronohog-Draon029

Team Darkfire-Numbuh712

Team Tao - 1LugiaLover

Waiting room

Artixunio: Hi! would you like to meet my friends Ageha and Sythe.

Sythe: Yo!

Ageha: Hello.

???2: ( A girl walks into the room) Hello I'm what my master called a minion as you know I'm also the referee and the cashier for the snackstand..

Artixunio:Ok lets start from the top whats your name?I'm Artixunio Chrahen by the way and where are the other contestants (gazes around the room uncormfortably)

???2:My names @#$%?!$%&**()LSDFf but it's a little hard to pronounce so just call me Rachel.

Sythe:Hey rachel wanna get a burger

Rachel:No you idiot (slaps him real hard)

Krinkinko:(Walks in along with Droget and Fa-La-Stu) well you did just meet her and all.

Krinkinko and Droget:Hey want to get a burger some time. (Puckers lips)

Rachel:Then kicks kink in the stomache and Droget in the Crotch.

Droget: Twitches then faints

  • three puppet like people walk in and look around the room*

Carus: Sir these people are in the tournament

Truca: Don't worry about them yet

Ryusik: *looks around again* Don't worry, i have no quarrel with them ... yet *sits down*

Carus and Truca: *sit down as well*

Rachel:Hello would you like to buy something to eat hands them a menu.

Rachel:Oh yeah and don't try to go out with me or you'll end up like them (Points to Sythe, Krinkinko, and Droget laying on the Ground.)

Artixunio:walks over to Ryusik,Carcus,and Truca.You look like your pretty serious whats your name mines is Artixunio oh yeah Rachel is a fierce fighter I've seen Sythe run two hundred miles and still breath normally and Rachel knocked him out.

Ageha: (walks with Artixunio) Sythe can be rather childish at times but he"s good at fighting.

Krinkinko: (Slowly gets up and helps Droget and Sythe up) Hey Rachel your a killer fighter why don't you ask your boss if you can fight too because you wuld win the title of grand champion.

Rachel:Blushes then walks over to krinkinko and gives him a kiss on the forehead.

Krinkinko: Blushes thanks.

Rachel: (She then gets out a hammer and hits Krinkinko in the crotch with it)

Krinkinko: (Falls down crying)Mommy!

Rachel: That's what you get for making me blush!

Fa-La-Stu: Oh brother (She uses full power chaos heal on him)

Rachel:The fights will start shortly.

(Sonicfan919:Seriously who should vs. who first?)

(Sonicfan919: If you want your character and wait for someone to put their character example: Bob Vs. Dave)

A short haired blue echidna walked into the waiting room. He looked troubled, like something had been bothering him for a while. He stroked his chin as he walked through the room, looking at the place. Place is nice enough. He thought. But still...This just doesn't seem right. I need to know what's going on here.

Rachel: Hi you seem troubled do you want free easy answers?

He looked at her at the corner of his eye, and then rose an eyebrow at her. "Free Easy Answers? Sorry, but the way you put it makes that really sounds like an advertising catch phrase." He said. "I don't know if you can answer the questions I have in mind. But I'll ask you this." He turned to her with a serious face. "Just who exactly is running this tournament?"

Rachel: I'm sorry but if I fully answer this my master a.k.a the person who is running this tournament will eliminate me. I can tell you that he's collecting fighters around the globe though. (Hands him a chili dog)

His eyebrows rose. "Eliminate?" He sounded surprised. He looked at the chili dog for a few seconds before taking it into his hand. "Thank you. I guess that's all I can ask you." He tried to smile, but he was now getting nervous. Eliminate whoever exposes his name? Gathering all the fighters around the globe to duke it out? Fabulous Glorifying Giveaways? Something sinister is afoot...I'll just have to battle my way to the top to get closer to finding out. I'd better be on my toes.'' He walked to a nearby chair with these thoughts in mind. He didn't take a single bite out of his chilidog because of how deep in thought he was.

Krinkinko:Hello Mr. I'm Krinkinko nice to meet ya' (Shakes hands with Smash)

Artixunio:Hi I'm Artixunio whats yours.(Holds hand out to Smash)

He nearly bumped into Krinkinko, hardly paying attention to where he was walking. He snapped out of his train of thought and almost seemed out of it. "Huh? Oh! Nice to meet you too." He said, a sweat drop rolling down the side of his face. "My name's Smash The Echidna. Are you participating?"

Smash turned to Artixunio and shook his hand. "Smash. Smash The Echidna." He said. Gosh, These guys like to talk. He thought.

Krinkinko:Yeah I'm participating so is Artixunio. Do you want to fight me in the tournament or something. Hey did you see that cute waitress?

Rachel:(Glares at Krinkinko and Then tackles him and claws him madly)

Fa-La-Stu:Crap! (Starts to use chaos heal)

"Just wondering." Smash said before he mentioned the waitress. Upon seeing her tackle him to the ground, his eyes widened. "...Yes, I did see her." He said in a sarcastic tone. "Hey, Save the fighting for the ring, alright? Waiting room's to have a moment of peace to get ready for the next fight, not a battlefield itself."

Rachel:Then tell him to stop flirting with me!

Krinkinko: All I did was say you were a good fighter.

Rachel: But you made me blush and my master says I'll get eliminated for Romantic affections.

Krinkinko:Man this guy seems like a jerk.

Rachel: (Throws a boulder at his crotch) Don't call him a jerk!


Artixunio:Man this waitress is hardcore.

(Rachel turns to Artixunio and rears to attack.Artixunio braced for defense.When Rachel attacked she reared her fist back and tried to punch Artixunio but before she got to him he made a shield of fire which strained his body rachel burned her hand in the shield)

A vein mark appeared on Smash's forehead. "Ugh, seriously now.." He pulled Rachel away from Krinkinko and stood in between them. "Both of you, shut up." He said in a loud, stern voice. He then looked at Rachel. "Elimination for Romantic Affections? Wouldn't that only apply if you returned those affections? You are clearly overreacting, and you can seriously injure someone like that needlessly. You might get eliminated for assaulting somone outside of battle. Although I don't know your master, I'm just saying. Also, why would you attack someone who had nothing to do with this at all? He was just standing there! Chill. Out." He then looked at Krinkinko. "Stand up. From now on, you'd best watch your mouth. It's for your own good. If this.." He looked at Fa-La-Stu for a moment. "...I'm gonna call you a nurse for the time being." He looked back at Krinkinko. "If this nurse wasn't here to heal you, you'd have to be hauled back out of here before you even got into the ring." He said. He took a couple of steps back and gave them both a serious warning expression. "I'll repeat myself. Save it for the ring, or I might have to use more harsh methods if I catch this happening again."

Rachel: Oh no your right. I'm sorry Krinkinko (Kisses him on the forehead). Wait no no (runs out to the ring)

Krinkinko:Mr....You seem so wise and strong. You remind me of the elder of Frog village. (Kneels down) It would be an honor for the first match either me vs. you or me and you tag team.

Smash watched as Rachel ran off towards the ring, raising an eyebrow at the sudden kiss after she said that she could get "eliminated" because of it. He then looked down at Krinkinko. "I've had some experiences in the past, shall we say?" He shrugged with a slight chuckle. "I don't think that I'll be going tag team this time. But I will be glad to see you in the ring." He held his hand out to him. "Please, No need to kneel. I'm not THAT old and wise yet." He smiled a little.

Krinkinko: So me and you One on One.

Rachel:Master I'm sorry I sort of like that green hedgehog named krinkinko. (She then is thrown into a wall rapidly by an invisible force). Master I'm sorry I kissed him on the forehead! Do you want me to beat him up again? :D At that she is finally she was thrown at the grown after that she started crying. She quickly collected herself and asked are you ready for fight preperations?

He nodded. "You and me, one on one." He looked around. "Speaking of which, who's fighting who anyway? And when?"

(Not sure if Rachel was asking her master if he was ready or what.)

Krinkinko: I'm fighting you right now! You ready because there's no turning back now!

(Rachel bursts through the door) Rachel:Who is fighting who?

Krinkinko: I'm versing smash!

Rachel:Thanks to me growing an affection to you krinkinko my master beat me to a pulp. I guess I deserve it though. (She then prepares the arena)

"Heh. Such enthusiasm." He smirked. He looked at Rachel coming and going, then shrugged. "Hey, at least she's alive. But in any case, I'm ready."

  • During fight one*
  • Droget: I wonder how kink is doing? Well I can't wait for some new fighters to come! :B

Endac: *walks in* where do i sign

Torran and Lotis walk in behind him

Lotis: hmph......looks like a bunch of ametuers to me

Torran: aye mate. wheres the challenge in this lot

Endac: keep talking like that you too and you'll be down on the floor by 20 people at once

Torran: O_O.......oh. sorry Mate

Lotis: i don't recall my statement

Droget: (At lotis) Ametuers? I could take you on right now. By the way you sign up when you walk in!

Selenia: *walks in* What is this?

Droget: THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA! Just kidding it is a mysterious tournament ran by a mysterious person. The referee is out in the first battle though.

Artixunio: The Shadow crystal cloud tournament to be more specific

Sythe: (Turns to lotis) sorry,calling everybody in the room ametuers is not gonna help (turns to Artixunio) I'm looking at a fire creator right now and I'm pretty sure you can't make a spark of fire by flicking your fingers

Ageha: Whats your name anyways

Fa-La-Stu:Feels Selenia's high chaos energy and looks shoked.

Fa-La-Stu: (To Selenia) Would you by any chance know Shadow the hedgehog.

Shadow: *walks in* yes. yes she is.....*steps forward wearing like a cowboy hat* *tips hat* moon-light, i'm here to train with endac

Static: (walks in reading the newspaper) (looks up) ......Ok? Where did I walk into this time?

Droget: You walked into the Waiting room.

Static: Thank you for that little piece of info, but I was looking for specifics.

  • During the second fight*

(two hedgehogs, one black with purple streaks, the other red with orange streaks, walk over)

Tendril: hello everyone.


Krinkinko:(Comes in with a dunce hat.) Thanks for slightly healing me Rachel.

Rachel: (Slightly blushes then smacks him) No making me blush! X:(

Inferna: hi.

Selenia: -_- Where am I again???

Droget: (Strangely polite) Ms. were in the waiting room for a tournament. Fighters are collected around the globe to fight.(Smiles widely)

Selenia: Fighting tournament? I'd like to sign up then! *smiles*

Droegt: Once you entered it counted as you signing up. (Hands her a chili dog still smiling)

Selenia?: *signs up, then looks at the chili dog, mysteriously* Is there something in this chili dog...?

Hayden: (Walks in) Um... where do we sign up?

Smash walked into the waiting room, still holding his chest and panting. He slowly walked towards the chair that he originally planned to sit in.

Selenia: *sees Smash, then becomes worried* Um, Are you alright Mister?

Smash looked over at Selenia. "Huh? Yeah..I'm alright." He said, sitting down. "I just need..some rest."

Hayden: (Walks over to Smash) Do you know where we sign up?

Selenia: Maybe I should get you a glass of water? Would that help? *looks over at Hayden* I'll be with you in just a minute, Sign ups are right over there ^_^ *points at the list*

Smash pointed his thumb over to the desk ahead. "Sign your name up over there, and wait for someone to sign up against you." He said. He looked over at Selenia. "That would be nice. Thank you.

Hayden: (Walks over to the Sign up list and sees Sam the Chameleon written on it and mumbles to himself) So Sam's here too. (Writes his name on the list and sits down)

Selenia: *brings back a nice refreshing glass of water, then puts it down beside Smash on a table* There you go Mister ^_^

Smash smiled and took the glass of water. "Thank you, Miss." He said before taking a sip. "Are you participating, by chance?" He asked curiously.

Selenia: Why yes I am, Im gonna be one of the toughest to fight *giggles* Im Lightning Selenia Blisslight, My friends Call me Selenia though ^_^

runner:*walks in* so this is that fighting tornament,guess id better sign up

Endac: bored bored bored bored i want to fight some one

Torran: me too mate

Lotis: *relaxing*

Smash chuckled. "Smash The Echidna. Pleased to meet ya. I've been a fighter myself for nearly 5 years now."

Selenia: That's really interesting, I've been a fighter since...Well the first day I fought! :)

Endac: yo Smash

runner:*notices selenia* hey,selenia,i didnt know you were here too

Krinkinko: Smash um..... HOW DID YOU GET SO STRONG!? Also don't tell her I said this but Rachel is an awesome referee.

Selenia: *hugs Runner* Long time no see! ^_^

runner:i know,so wheres the sign up sheet

Selenia: Right over there. *points to a list* Sign up next to the person you wanna fight ^_^

runner:ok, *goes over and signs on a random person*

Smash laughed at Selenia's answer, then looked at Endac. ", do I know you?" He asked, puzzled. He looked over at Krinkinko. "Weell...Gee. Not a question that I can just easily answer." He scratched the back of his head. "It takes years of training, and just sheer willpower."

Endac: *facepalm* nvm hey Sel' wanna battle >=)

Selenia: Heheh, Show me what you got, Endac!

Smash rose his hand. "H-hey, wait. If I don't know you, then how do you know my name?" He asked with a worried look on his face.

Endac: *facepalm*........i thought we met about a year ago dude..........forget it

Shadow: this'll be fun to watch

Endac: lets do this. i'll put us on the register..........(unless some one does it for us)

runner:ok ill be cheering for you selenia, ok

Selenia: Heheh, thisll be fun! *clashes fists together, making a big spark of electricity appear*

runner:whoa wait,you cant fight in here

Droget: Sign up on the fight registration center.

Selenia: *signs both of them up* All set! *places a hand on Droget's cheek* And don't think I hate you, your a very nice man ^_^

Smash looked down, obviously feeling bad about not remembering. There were a lot of things currently on his mind, this didn't help the stress very much.

runner:so,selenia,howve you been lately

(Sonicfan919:So sign them up for fight 3 now?)

runner:ok nvm,but ill be cheering for you all the way selenia

Selenia: *raps arms around him* Thanks, that means alot to me Runner ^_^

Tendril: *reads the next pair schedueled to battle* O.O'

Inferna: what's wrong Tendril? *follows his gaze*

Tendril: i have to fight that echidna princess.

Smash took another sip of his water, going into deep thought. ...That was the first time I was able to do that...He thought. Usually that form just runs all the way out after that long. I managed to draw out even more power for a split second. Did I...achieve something here? He took another sip, longer than the last. That aside, I don't have any more information on this situation here. He stroked his chin. Lets go over what we know. Mysterious guy hosts a fighting tournament. Mysterious guy holds it in the sky, guarded by several hundred..dragons, it seems. Mysterious Guy wants every fighter all around the world to join. Mysterious guy promises glory, riches, and fame for the victor, and in an ominous way. Also he announced it by having his voice echo, I'm guessing all over the world. No normal person would think that is regular. Continuing on. Mysterious guy threatens to eliminate, or Kill in other words, his assistant if she reveals anything that could expose his identity, or if she has any romantic relationships with someone else? Kinda messed up if you ask me. And lastly, the assistant is giving out free hot dogs to passerby's. Lesse, what can you get out of that..? He thought long and hard. Ugh, dang. Can't think of anything for now. What could this guy possibly be trying to do? He leaned back on the chair after taking his last sip. Guess I'll have to do some behind the scenes investigations...later. I need to rest. If I get caught in this condition, there's no telling what'll happen to me...He closed his eyes, putting his body on a sort of "Stand-by" mode.

runner:its no trouble at all selenia, i like to help my friends out any way i can

Rachel: (To Smash) Would you like a free hotdog?

Artixunio:walks in gripping the burn on his back Artixunio turned to everybody else in the room does anyone know where the health aid kit is

Inferna: no, sorry. but i might be able to help anyway.

Artixunio:How because this burn on my back is stinging like I was on fire

Inferna: i'm pyrokinetic. but, like my friends, i pride myself for my ability to think of ways to use my powers that others dont. i might be able to absorb the heat from the burn.

Artixunio:Then could you help me out here *feeling a shock of pain*

Inferna: i can try. *begins absorbing heat from the burn and the air around it, causing the temperature around the burn to drop*

Artixunio:Thanks woah I gotta get back to the ring

Inferna: happy to help.

Smash opened one eye, and his stomach growled. He never did eat the chilidog she gave him, and he forgot where he put it. I guess THAT'll have to wait, too. He thought. "Yes, thank you. But first, Why are they free?"

Rachel: (To smash) Oh because fighters might get bored and leave. Trust me, my master will blow a fuse if any fighters leave.

(after Inferna and Ageha's match)

Tendril: *gives Inferna temporary replacement legs made of shadows*

Tendril's shadow: you know Tendril would only tell you to abandon a fight if he seriously thought you couldn't win.

Inferna: i know.

Tendril: look on the bright side *lowers voice to a whisper* the Ultima and Hypra trios can't replace you with him. they want three male and three female hedgehogs with similar backgrounds. if he did replace you they would have four male and two female.

Inferna: your right.*looks down at her new legs* so can i use these, or are they just to fill the void and stop the bleeding?

Tendril: i hooked them up to the shadows in your mind. you should be able to use them.

Static: You held out pretty long, Inferna. Good job.

Inferna: *tries to stand up* thanks.

(Techno and Vendeta walk in)

Techno: Burst! You took one hell of a beating out there. You ok?

Burst: Yeah, fine. Artixunio ain't bad, but I bet you could really give him a run for his money Vendeta.

Vendeta: I am aware of that, so I registered for the tournament.

Techno: Seriously? I guess you aren't such a stick in the mud after all. Somebody get this guy a chilidog!

Smash stood up after finishing hit hot dog. Cracking his knuckles and neck, he felt good as new after resting for a while. "Alright." He said to himself. "I'd better see when the next round is." He walked towards the registration desk and leaned on it. "Any chance that you'd know when the next round is?" He asked, "I wanna know how long I need to wait before my next battle."

Charger: *walks in* Hey sign me up. I wanna kick somebodys @$$ *chuckles*

Inferna: *muttering to herself angrily* why did i have to go into steam form?! why couldn't i have settled for fire armor?! if i hadn't changed forms his attack wouldn't have touched me and i would still have my legs! and who knows? if i hadn't changed i might've even won!

It was a quaint area, to say the least. It was too posh and too... modern, and western, for Saizo's liking, but nonetheless he enjoyed the place, but more so enjoyed the company of Mobians. He saw them as a warrior race; their knack for fighting supersedes most humans. He kept a book raised in front of his face; one Book of Orion Sigmus, explaining the discovery of Atmus, or Chaos, Energy. Before he could turn the page though, a rather young woman, raccoon species by the looks of it, scampered to him with a notebook and pencil, donning a black and white waitress outfit.

"Can I take your order?" she asked kindly; her voice was cute, attractive, hiding an interior of utmost sincerity, though mild frustration. Perhaps at her job, maybe. Saizo indeed saw through it.

"Not liking the job, huh?" Saizo questioned. The raccoon was in shock; he was spot on, but before she could respond, Saizo reassured her. "It's a good job you have. Well paid, especially because it's tournament grounds. Snazzy outfit, too; I bet a lot of handsome guys are attracted to your beauty." The girl blushed and turned slightly, smiling a little. "Oh right. A glass of genmaicha, please." The girl was dumbfounded; she didn't know what that was. "... Oh, right. Herbal green tea." She nodded and jotted it down before heading to the kitchen. "Odd. This book says Southern Mobian tongue is similar to japanese..."

Tendril: *notices Saizo. thinks* well, he's an interesting character.

Inferna: *breaks into Tendril's thoughts* Tendril?

Tendril: yes?

Inferna: could you bring my shadow to life like you did with yours?

Tendril: *surprized* uh, sure. *uses his umbrakinetics to make Inferna's shadow stand up. puts one hand on it's head and the other on Inferna's. closes his eyes, concentrating. his streaks begin to glow.*

Saizo couldn't help but turn his head to the two people that he sensed were watching him for a brief time. he shook his head; he couldn't believe they were doing that kind of thing here. He couldn't help but watch though; the guy seemed to have powers over shadows, but he knew that they weren't much compared to Guyviroth's. As the waitress came back, a jug and cup held in her hands, he turned and nodded in gratitude, taking a hold of both items, which shocked the waitress; it was a first that she had a helping hand from a customer, but Saizo saw her right hand trembling when she carried the jug; must of been quite heavy for her. As she turned to leave, Saizo couldn't help but speak.

"Miss..." The waitress turned around; she was sure she didn't forget anything. Was it too hot? Was it too cold? "Could you bring me a second cup, and perhaps your company, too?" The waitress blushed and turned; he tail instinctively raised in front of her face, to which she hid in shyness. Nonetheless, she did what was requested, and grasped another cup from the shelves nearby, then gave it to Saizo before sitting down opposite him, holding her tail near her face. Saizo smiled, then placed the cup near the waitress; she began to understand that the second cup was for her. As she reached for the jug, Saizo got to it first, lifted it and poured her a drink. "Allow me, ma'am." The raccoon couldn't help but blush, and now amount of tail fluff could hide it. Exactly where did this guy come from? Such politeness, chivalry, kindness. Nothing she'd seen from customers before.

"Oh, erm... Thanks." She said quietly, slowly pushing her tail back down as she took the cup. She was about to take a short sip, but then placed it back down. Saizo looked on before pouring himself a drink, wondering why she stopped. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be drinking while I'm on the job."

"Nonsense," Saizo started. He placed his right hand on hers, keeping her from taking them away from the cup. "It's not all that busy. I don't think your boss is gonna care if you take a seat for a few minutes and get your energy back. Besides, genmaicha is good for the body, in nutrients and energy." The waitress smiled, then took up Saizo on his offer, and lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip. She savoured its rich mint taste, and after a gulp, felt it refresh her entire body.

"Ahh..." She sighed, smiling and she looked into the cup, noticing the rich green color of it. For a moment she could see out into a beautiful garden; flowers blossoming around her. "This is great!" She said, drinking the rest of it. "I've never had anything so good. How did you come across this?"

"Ah well, where I'm from we have it all the time. Keeps the body fit for fighting."

As Smash stood at the desk, he couldn't help but smell something...good. "...Mint?" He sniffed the air a bit. ", that smells good." He said to himself. His curious gaze turned to two people sitting at a table drinking tea, one looked to be a waitress. Break time, I guess. He thought. Speaking of breaks, I wonder where that Rachel girl went? I think that she has a few answers that she can give me...even if I don't ask them. He turned around and began walking around the room.

(Inferna's eyes flash purple for a brief moment. her shadow's eyes do the same)

Tendril: *removes his hands* there you go!

Inferna: thank you.

Inferna's shadow: *blinks and looks around*

Tendril's shadow: *picks himself up off the ground and walks over to Inferna's shadow. turns to Tendril* finally! it's about time you made another living shadow. i was getting sick of being the only one.

Ageha:(walks in towards inferna)look I'm sorry about what I did but you were trying to kill me I figured this was the only way nobody would die.

Inferna: kill you? why would i kill you? i just figured that since fire attacks seemed useless against you i had to go into my half-water form.

Ageha:well you seemed very intelligent when it came to winning so I thought you ,might go to far sorry again (mutters then walks away thinking what have I done did I just ruin her life.)

Inferna: shadow.

Inferna's shadow: yes milady?

Inferna: come with me. *stands on her new shadow legs and walks away*

Inferna's shadow: *follows* right behind you.

Techno & Burst: (watching fight 7) Oh my God...

Ageha:Sorry Sythe turns into a killing maniac sometimes he got it from his father

Dragonballzfan:(If you already have fought you can begin fighting again but I don't recommend it)

(STE: I have already fought. But I wanted to wait before fighting again. I wasn't sure when the next round of battles would begin, that's why Smash was asking about it. )

(Inferna lost her battle so she's out. Tendril, however, is still waiting for Fa-La-Stu to make her move.You touch my Reeses, you DIE! 01:59, November 30, 2010 (UTC))

Techno: While Vendeta is... recouperating, maybe we should check out that new, what was it, team thing.

Burst: After a little pain killers, I'd be up for that. Any other teams in here?

Inferna: *returns with her shadow a little later* alright shadow, take Tendril's shadow and go rehearse.

Inferna's shadow: yes milady. *walks off, beckoning to Tendril's shadow*

Tendril's shadow: *follows. wondering what's going on*

Tendril: *to Inferna* what did you give her?

Inferna: guitar. *looks into the arena and sees the first tag team match starting* hmm... looks like you can still fight even if you've lost. *turns to Tendril* care to team up?

Tendril: sure. we'll be team Darkfire.

Inferna: alright.

Metal:Hi! My name is Metal.

Tendril: Shade Nightwing. call me Tendril.

Inferna: Pyra Fireheart. call me Inferna.

Metal:What happened to Rachel did she go to get a burger?


Rachel:Stop asking me if I want a burger.

Metal:What powers do you guys have?

Tendril: I'm umbrakinetic

Inferna: pyrokinetic

Metal:Cool! I have tons of powers anyway.

Rachel:-Slaps Metal-

Smash noticed Rachel had come back. He watched what was going on from a distance, then heard his name being called out for the next battle. "Hmm..alright. Lets do this." He cracked his knuckles and headed for the ring.

Bee: [Attempts to blow everyone up]


(Metal can't be there if he's already in a battle with Smash.)(okay I'll edit it)

Smash walked into the Waiting room, still in his Light form. The aura from his form illuminated the whole room. He walked slowly towards his usual chair. His aura began to flicker, and before he could reach the chair, his whole form faded away. His fur returned to it's former blue. Seemingly fading away with the form, Smash lost consciousness while standing, and collapsed to the floor.

Metal:Smash,are you okay?

Tendril: *runs over.*

There was no response. Smash was out cold.

Metal:..What do we do?


Tendril: *hesitates*


(Since she is battling Nightshade she can't heal him but Fa-La-Stu gives some of her energy to him)

He twitched at the energy, but still didn't wake up.

Metal:Wake up Smash!

Tendril:*opens his mouth to suggest something. closes it*

Metal:Oh he wants food?

Tendril:hmm? uhh that's not what i had in mind....

Metal:Then what did you have in mind anyway?

Krinkinko: GUYS! He just needs rest leave him alone!

(well they COULD take him to the infirmary or something, rather than leaving him on the floor.)(well that would be a good idea.)

Metal:Well how about you put on the sofa then?

Vendeta: Hmm, you may be right Krinkinko, but there may also be more too it. *places a glowing hand on Smash's forehead* Smash is a good fighter, I won't deny it, but even good fighters rarely walk away from a battle with only fatigue to show for it. *a green light travels from Vendeta's hand to surround Smash's body* I'm not positive as to what ails him, but it seems that there is in fact something. When he awakes, let me know. *walks away*

Hayden: (Suddenly wakes up after a long sleep) Hey guys, what have I missed?

Krinkinko: Everything but don't worry (Hands him a video recording of the past fights and everything that happened in the waiting room)

Sam: (Seemingly appears out of nowhere) And when am I going to fight someone? I've been standing here all day!

Krinkinko: Just sign up at the fight registration center then put vs. or put your name against someone you want to verse.

Sam: I've already put my name on the list. I haven't picked anyone to verse though.

Hayden: Can we put our names down and you randomly pick other people to verse?

Krinkinko: Someone just puts their name next to the versus.

Sam: (Puts his name next to versus)

Hayden: (Still watching the video that Krinkinko gave him)

Smash's eyes slowly opened as he regained consciousness. "uugh...ugn.." He moaned. He sat up sluggishly and looked around. "What...oh, right..." He muttered. He held his arm, seemingly still in pain.

(He receives more energy from Fa-La-Stu)

(An unconsious chao falls from the roof of the waiting room to the floor of it)

Vendeta: So you're awake. Sooner than I expected, but I suppose that's a good thing. Build your strength. I've signed up for my round two match. I plan to win, and I hope stand opposite you in the ring during a future match. ...Stay well.

Smash blinked. Huh? Was the only thing that came to mind at first. "Do I..know you?" He asked, confused. Maybe I'm just a little out of it...He thought as he stood up. It was then when he felt a splitting headache coming along. "Ugh...My head. Must've hit the floor pretty hard." He groaned.

(In smash's head)

???:Yes good want to forfeit or do you want to try to stop this migraine you mocho insect!

"Huh!?" Smash's head shot up, his eyes shrunk. "Who said that?" He looked around with a disturbed expression on his face.

???: You don't remember I'm the one who ordered you here now listen you have been on that floor for hours if you don't fight in the next thirty minutes I'll have Rachel exterminate pearl and the rest of your family.

"WHAT!?" He yelled at the top of his lungs. "Okay, NOW it's personal! You touch Pearl, or ANYONE ELSE in my family, I will make sure that there isn't a single molecule of your body left." To everyone else, It looked like Smash was yelling at nobody, or even himself. He had completely forgotten about his headache, but his arm still hurt. He marched over towards the registration desk and pounded his fist on it. "I've got a deadline. Get me a match in 15 minutes or less."

Rachel: Okay trust me I don't want to touch your filthy family but ya know elimination. Anyways I'll just sign you up against my twin brother *&^%$RG#@@##@!!~~?><: but it's hard to pronounce so just call him Rodrick

"I know you don't, but my family ain't filthy!" He said in a snarky tone. "Bring him on." He turned around and walked towards the ring.

  • After the battle)

(Krinkinko and smash walk in seeing the elder, droget's mom dad and all 26 brother and sisters, Fa-La-Stu's butler and Smash's family in chain shackles)

Krinkinko:W-what happened here? (ears drooping)

"Holy Crap, how did they find all of my family!?" He ran towards them and tried to free them, first going after Pearl.

???: (This time all of them can hear it) That annoying brat krinkinko saved your life! I can only release those shackles I'll only let all of your and krink's family free if you.

(A death beam forms in Smash's hands)

???:....kill krinkinko.

(Krinkinko then starts to whimper and cry screaming I don't want to die!

Smash looked at the aura around his hands. "...Why are you doing this? What do you want from us? What is it that you could possibly gain from this? Is it for your own sick pleasure or is there more to it?"

???: If I told you I would kill you all because no one can know my plot is too fool proof. Except with that green slime ball in my way now kill him or I shall kill your family. To add to the irony if you don't kill krinkinko in the next 30 minutes I'll have Rachel and Rodrick kill them.

"I know your type." Smash declared. "You don't have mercy for anyone. If I DO Kill Krinkinko, you'll kill me too for having witnissed this. And if I don't, you'll kill us anyway." He looked over at Krinkinko. It's a dead end. I don't know what we should do...

???:Hmph if you killed krinkinko I would let you and your family go so just kill him if you really care about you and your family. So I'll give you one more chance to kill him.

Rachel:Please smash just kill kink and we can be together forever.

Rodrick:*Elbows her and points to smash's wife*

Rachel:If he refuses I get to kill her anyways (starts to evily cackle)

Krinkinko:Smash will you really kill me?

Smash closed his eyes. The aura around his hands became larger and more powerful. "Krink...I'm sorry, I really don't know what I should do..." He pulled out the Leaf Blade, and tossed it to him. "Since one of us is going to die anyway, you might as well have it back."

Krinkinko: (In a spindash positon)No....your my no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Turns dark form)

(Dark kink grabs the energy in smash's hands with his mouth and fires it at the shackles the echidna family was free at last he then took his leaf blade and started bashing the goat twins with it lastly he used chaos control to transport him and the echidna's to smash's house)

At the same time, Smash didn't let his energy get taken from him, but he used it with him and helped get everyone out. He also joined in the mini brawl, fighting off Rachel and Rodrick. And then finally, when they got to Smash's house, he calmed down. "That was very reckless of you, Krink." He said with a sideways frown. "Just so you know, I really wasn't going to kill you. I was gathering enough energy to kill the goat twins instead." He then looked at everyone else. "Is everyone present and accounted for?" He looked at his family, checking to make sure everyone was there. "Alright, that's everyone. You all oka-" He was cut off by a sudden hug from Pearl, the real Pearl.

"Smash, oh thank goodness we got out of there alright." She was nearly in tears. "I thought for sure that we were going to die."

Smash hugged back tightly, just glad that he was with his real sister. "Sorry, Pearl.." He pulled back and gave her a warm smile, then looked over at Krink. "You too."

Krinkinko: I couldn't help it when I get mad I turn into a raging physco. (stern) Now should we go back up their to win the tournament and see the truth about the tournament or stay here and relax. We now that the person sponsoring the tournament is most likely a goat.

"Yes. A sadistic, power hungry goat." He said. "I say, we need to get back up there. We can't afford to waste any more time. Everyone else in there could be in grave danger. If they're not now, they sure as heck WILL be if we leave things the way they are." He turned around and looked at Pearl. "Pearl, let me fill you in on the details..." After a few minutes of explaining the whole situation, he put his hand on her shoulder. "Now listen, I want you to call everyone here. Get everyone here, tell them what's going on, and have them stay on guard and protect everyone here. I can't afford to lose you all again. If everyone's here, if something happens we will be ready for them."

Pearl nodded confidently. "Yeah. I'll get right to it. But are you sure you two are going to be okay by yourselves?"

Smash nodded. "You'll have to trust me on this." He said. "Besides, We're already in the tournament. We have to go. I don't want anyone else entering, or they might be in danger as well."

Pearl nodded. "I understand." She said. "But please..Just come back safely, okay?"

Smash smiled. "I promise." He turned around and looked over at Krinkinko, as Pearl ran off to make several calls. Some of Smash's relatives also helped, as they had cellphones themselves. "You ready, Krink?"

Krinkinko: Ready big bro (he considers him one then transports to the opening were rachel is in a fancy dress)

Rachel: (kneels on one leg) Will....will you marry me smash?


"BUHAAAAHA HAAAA!!!" Smash yelled as he fell over on his behind in shock. "Will I WHAT now!?" (this is how he reacted. skip to 8:25) After a few seconds of shock, he stood up, still shocked. "Is this one of your schemes? One of your plots to catch me off guard and kill me?"

Temporal:Hm, Alright, I'll join :)

Rachel: No ever since you won that first fight I um er. (puckers lips)

Krinkinko:Dude he's married!

Rachel: I don't care!

Temporal:Um O_o

Smash's whole body drooped but his head, and he had a dumbfounded expression on his face. "I don't understand this logic." He said. "Surely you know that I can't abandon my wife. I've got kids, too!" He stood up straight, folding his arms. "And besides, Didn't you just threaten to kill them!? How do you expect me to marry you after that!?"

Rachel: Come on smashie-washie just win the tournament go in the secret room then my dad will steal your energy then all of the fighters energy so he can rule mobius like a king! (Rodrick clamps her mouth closed then throws temporal, Krinkinko,Smash and Krinkinko into the dungeon for hearing to much even Rachel gets thrown into the dungeon for liking smash)

(For the members that are in the dungeon please roleplay there)

Tendril:*back against the wall. heard what Rachel said. smart enough not to let anyone know.*

Metal:Hmph..I'm the one that nearly beat Smash you know.

???: Okay my daughter blabbed something.......oh no that's to much info you probally heared (tendril and meatal the wolf get thrown in the dungeon)

(For the member that are in the dungeon please RP there)

(in the dungeon)

Tendril: *sitting cross-legged in a cell. his eyes were closed and his face expressionless.*

Saizo took a close eye on what just transpired several moments ago. For some reason he shook his head and then chuckled. The waitress was confused, but she was scared after seeing what just happened. She took notice of Saizo's humourous self, and perked an eyebrow before asking. "What's so funny?" Saizo couldn't help but keep laughing under his breath, then turned to look at the young raccoon in the eyes.

"There's always something about moments like these that make me laugh. Some guy wanting to steal everyone's energies in some sort of secret elaborate plan to rule the world; straight out of a badly written fan-comic. Besides, I'll win this tournament." The waitress looked away and grinned. That is, until she realized he was being serious.

"You mean you're in the tournament?"

"Aye, can't turn away from a good fight."

"But you're a human! Humans don't nearly have the power of mobians."

"That's a good thing I'm no mere human then."

(Saizo was thrown into the dungeon because rodrick thought he might of heard what rachel said please roleplay there now)

Artixunio and Ageha:(walked in and noticed nobody was there)(looked around and saw the Dungeon that everybody was locked in)

Bee: [Throws fireballs at everyone] CALL MY NAME OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

Inferna: *absorbs the fireball. a tiny slit appears in the air beside her ear. listens closely then closes it with two fingers. walks off calmly to look for her and Tendril's shadows*

(A dark hedgehog with blood red eyes flies in, then folds his two dragon wings behind his back)

Dusk: Hey! I'm a newcomer. Thought this might be fun. Oh, and I never work in a team.

A little while later, A red cat walked into the building. He, along with a cat chao sitting on his shoulder, walked around examining the area. The cat soon saw a passageway leading downstairs. "This must be it, Kitty..." He said quietly to the chao, who nodded slowly. The two of them walked quickly but quietly down.

Fight one: Krinkinko the hedgehog Vs. Smash the Echidna (Winner: Smash)

Rachel: Yadayadayadayada you already know the rules no killing blah blah blah. (Irritated because Krinkinko got her in trouble)

Smash VS Krinkinko

Krinkinko:(With that krinkinko uses extreme speed to quickly get behind Smash then used rage punch to the head)

Smash quickly lost sight of him, but could only guess that he was going to try to attack from an area he couldn't see. He started to roll forward, but the punch got him first, making him roll much faster and farther than he wanted. He quickly managed to regain his footing, though. "Not too shabby." He commented. He braced himself as he went in to attack. He came in with a left hook, followed by a downward smash with his other fist. He forced his body to toughen to be ready for a counter attack.

Krinkinko: (He uses Bounce to leap into the air and land on smash)

Smash hopped forward onto his hands, doing a handstand while bending his knees and catching Krinkinko on his feet. He launched his feet outward, tossing him back off.

Krinkinko: (Oof! He then uses extreme speed then uses it again with a bounce to quickly get extremely high in the air.)

Krinkinko:So high since the tournaments in the sky anyway......can't breath.( He then does three back flips in the air and used extreme speed down to gain maximum acceleration. He then waves his leaf blade around looking like a green tornado. When he lands on Smash's head with extreme acceleration and force.)

Smash braced himself as he saw him coming down for a powerful attack. He waited for just the right moment before springing into the air towards Krinkinko and attacking with a powerful uppercut. The colliding forces of each attacks was enough to possibly send both of them back aways. Smash fell to the ground a few feet away, gritting his teeth through the pain. He stood up and regained his composure, and looked to see what happened to Krinkinko.

Krinkinko:(Landed on the ground but stood in a stupid looking position because he used sky dive and that stuns him for two minutes.)

Smash's eyes lit up. 'Now's my chance! He's wide open!' He ran towards him and threw a punch towards his face. Before it hit him, he began to move in slow motion, his whole body glowing and vibrating. Right when his fist was less than a foot away from his face, he broke out of the slow motion and struck with nearly all his might. A huge flash would appear on impact.

Krinkinko: (Flying out of the ring as a last ditch effort he uses dark Krinkinko and flies back into the ring) Hmph

Dark krinkinko: (He is very weak and can only dish out another attack) Hmph

Dark Krinkinko:(Gathers dark energy from each and every person and the arena and fires a dark spirit bomb at Smash)

Smash's pupils shrunk. "Holy..I can't dodge that.." His voice trailed off in a hopeless tone. He gritted his teeth. I'm just gonna have to block it! He thought as he began to focus his energy. Dunno how I'm gonna do that, but I have to try! He clenched his fists, "UURRGHIII!!" and released all of his energy in a blast of aura. His fur changed from blue to a greenish cyan color. He then held his hands out in front of him and caught the dark spirit bomb. It shoved him back a great deal, but he managed to stop it and hold it in place. He was struggling a lot trying to keep it from hitting him. I have to think of something, and Fast.

Krinkinko: (Reverts back to normal)Oh no not enough energy. (falls to the ground) Oogah.

Rachel : (In awe she counts) One.....two....three.

  • A bell rings*

Rachel:....and the winner is Smash the echidna

"I Won!?" Smash cried out loud, still holding the dark spirit bomb back. He slid backwards slightly. "What good is winning when you got a giant ball of DEATH inches away from you!?" He was starting to lose his grip on it. Even without Krinkinko, the spirit bomb was still on him. But without him, there was nothing to keep him from repelling it. It's now or never. He thought. "UURRGHIII!!!!" He cried out as he used the last of his energy to shove the dark spirit bomb into the sky, and let it explode in mid-air.. The aura around him spontaneously grew twice as strong while he shoved it, and then faded away as his fur reverted back to normal. Smash fell to a kneeling position, holding his chest and gasping for air. "That...was close..."

Fight two : Artixunio the Hedgehog Vs. Burst the Hedgehog (Winner: Artixunio)

Rachel: On this corner we have Artixunio and on the other we have Burst the Hedgehog!
Artixunio Vs. Burst

Artixunio Vs. Burst

Artixunio :I'm gonna give you a warning I can create and fire explosion if you want me too so old power attacks aren't going to work.

Artixunio:(Starts to make a giant ball of fire then throws it high in the air uses jump and got up to the fire ball and chucked it down with a wink of an eye and a heartbeat).

Burst: (playing dumb) Ooh, shiny thing. *homing attacks through the fireball. Come out with metal arms surrounded by fire and shoots it at Artixunio*

Burst: You ain't the only one with special fire powers.

Artixunio: Ah another fire user no wonder your named Burst.(Artixunio rebounds the fire with a sword unsheathed from his back to catch it on fire).

Burst: A sword? That's no fair, I'm unarmed. Oh, wait - *arms turn back to normal, but now quills are metal. Burst starts a spindash* - I don't have to be.

Artixunio: uh oh he thought.(Artixunio tries to dodge the spindash but some spines hit him in the stomach.Artixunio backed his blade up and whacked Burst like a baseball with the dull side of the blade) don't underestimate me (Artixunio twitched a bit though and noticed two spines in his stomach then shot his pupils at Burst) .Your good for and ametuer and (shot towards burst with a firery spindash).

Burst: *braces for impact, takes the hit hard* Amateur? Me, an amateur? I've been fighting since you were in diapers, my friend. *knocks back the rolled-up Artixunio*

Artixunio:(unrolls)Terax Form!(a whole bunch of smoke carries around Artixunio the smoke cleared Artixunio turned black,red and white all in stripes).(Terax Artixunio braced the power in his fist and made a chain of fire flowing down from it).(Terax Artixunio started punching rapidly the fire from his hand leaked of each punch making a giant fireball forced forward by a fire beam towards Burst).

Burst: *spins on his side, creating a fire cyclone. It blocks the bulk of the blast, but burst is still hit* Ugh, this is one of those times when I really wish I had a super form. *fires multiple fireballs into the air and they rain down onto Terax Artixunio*

Terax Artixunio:(Is not affected other than two burns on his neck and his shoulder)Artixunio shouted meet my ultimate attack and old Arian one!Terax Artixunio pulls back a wave of wind and fire jam it in one giant ball of uncontrollable fire Terax Artixunio threw it in the air and jumped with it fist clenched in the fireball punched in the fireball exploding near Artixunio and got a ravaged burn on his back making a spark of fireballs

Burst: *seemingly unaffected* Hmm, fancy light show. How 'bout a little competition? *raises hand into the air and it begins to glow red. After about a second it shoots out several fireworks all aimed at Terax Artixunio*

Terax Artixunio: (Before the fire works reach him he dives down and passes each firework unaffected diving down with his fist in front of him all his power was forced into this punch had a current of air flying opposite of him aiming for Burst with his pupils) .

Burst: *pulls off a flaming kick that purposely collides with TA's fist* Teriaaaaa!

Terax Atixunio: He powers his attack up and it goes through burst's stomache.

Burst: *gasps in pain* Ch... Chaos... Healer... *Burst is surrounded in a green light. He steps back from TA, the wound glowing extra bright*

Terax Artixunio:I learned this from Ario Dojo (Throws a giant fire spirit bomb at him)

Burst: *now healed, Burst pulls up a wall of fire to block the spirit bomb. Some manages to get through, but Burst gets out of the way and throws incredibly fast fireballs at TA*

Terax Artixunio: Dang my power is going down! (Slashes all the fireballs with sword). (He then grabs burst's tail which is most hedgehog's weak spot then used ario water wave)

Burst: (thinking) Argh! He's getting weaker, but so am I. I've just got to keep this up a bit longer. *turns himself around and starts running on TA's face with flaming feet*

Terax Artixunio: Urgh! with the last of my super form I'll use all the strength I can get (starts to spin with his tail then threw him far out in the sky then jumped up and punched straight threw part of his leg). (oops sorry this is really Dragonballzfan not sonicfan919)

Burst: Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!! *in the heat of the pain, Burst's power goes out of control. His body becomes coated entirely in metal and a large explosion of fire surrounds him*

Terax Artixunio: Is it over?

Burst: *lands on the ground, cringing in pain, surrounded by flames* It's not over... 'til I say it's over. *gasp*

Rachel: Hmmmm I'll make a deal with you if you can't get up in the next 10 seconds you'll lose 1.......2..............3.........4........5..........6..........7..........8............9..........

Burst: *smirking* Hehe... your welcome. *falls to his knees*

Rachel: Artixunio.....Won? HE WON HE DID IT!

Artixunio: Thank you if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of gotten stronger. ( Helps him out to the Waiting room) (P.S. the losers can still go to the Waiting room)

Fight registration center

Dragonballzfan: eighth fight begins first to register gets to fight you can add onto Vs.with your name after it first too do it gets to fight go ahead and sign up

Burst the Hedgehog Vs.Artixunio the Hedgehog

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing Vs. Fa-La-STu

Pyra "Inferna" Fireheart Vs.Ageha the Hedgehog

Vendeta Aungel Vs.

Runner Vs. Static the Hedgehog

Metal The Wolf Vs Smash

Meg the Hedgewolf Vs. Droget the Frog

Saizo Marushagan Vs ...

NEW Tornado Tag team Fights

If you only have one character you can form a team with someone else first fight begins so start signing!

Team Outsider (Techno and Burst) Vs.Team Crystal Artixunio and Ageha

Team Darkfire (Tendril and Inferna) Vs.Team___________________and___________________


if you run out of space just make a new one


if you ever lose a tag team battle you are not eliminated

Fight three: Endac Vs. Selenia

Selenia: Heheheh! Im ready when you are Endac!

runner:*in the audience* go selenia,you can do it

Endac: *smirk* lets do this *Dragon Emeralds spin around him* i'll make the first move *pawns appear in front of him* Pawn 3 to attacking area *all pawns but one dissapear and the one that was there turns into Pyromancer and attacks selenia*

Shadow: well played Dacen-

Selenia: *dodges, as she takes out a Crystaline Emerald* My turn! *takes out a deck of cards, putting it on top of the emerald* Chaos Card! Sephir! *10 cards surround her, as each switches to ice* Heheh...

Shadow:-but can you Counter


Pyromancer: *flies straight up back and transforms into a Gargoyle form of a Dragon, Shrinks, than is surrounded by a Red Emerald then flies around in it like a Snowglobe in a circle*

Endac: Dragon Emerald, Return *the emerald floats to him and into his hand* there......oh boy *dodges as the Cards nearly hit him by 12 millimeters

Shadow:.............hmm........crisis averted but attack not Countered.........Endac...your too soft buddy

Endac: Chaos Dragon Burst *blasts toward her on Fire*

runner:dont give up selenia

Selenia: *growls* This might be a little shaky...*Get's her Electrokinetics, as she uses full blasts towards the fire*

Endac: *blasts the silhouete of him made of fire at her while he stops*


Selenia: ! *dodges by jumping very high into the air*

Endac: hmm nice *takes flight and dashes at her sword forward*

Selenia: This is where the line ends! *charges up a super hurtful electric touch*

Endac: *clashes and gets blasted into a wall. then falls to the floor* Oof..........*gets up* they said nothing about super forms *pulls out the 7 Dragon Emeralds and transforms into this*
Endac Dragon Master Form

Selenia: ?! *falls on her feet, as she sees the transformation* Crap...

Dragon Master Endac >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Endac: Dragon Blaze *snaps his finger and creates an Inferno circling the arena* now time for the challenge Moon-Light. PYROID DRAGON BLAST *shoots fire from his hands at her*

Shadow: keep on your toes sis. he's a quick one and i don't want to see my Apprentice burn you alive.

Fight four: Fa-La-Stu The Echidna Vs. Shade Nightwing

Rachel: One,Two,Three..Fight.

Fa-LA-Stu:(Punches Shade in the air)

Tendril: *hits the ground. smirks* before you fight me, you need to get passed my shadow.

Tendril's shadow: *picks itself up off the ground* you don't get to my master without beating me first! *charges at Fa-La-Stu*

Fa-La-Stu:*Waves finger.* (She uses chaos blast made out of pure light)

Tendril's shadow: *the blast rips a hole in his stomach but it closes almost immediately* master is umbrakinetic. he can sustain me in even the brightest lights. *punches Fa-La-Stu*

Fa-La-Stu: *Gets up*Hey that actually kinda' stang! No mater.....*She uses chaos no air because she has two chaos emeralds. Chaos no air give Tendril's shadow no air to breath with.*

Tendril's shadow: *laughing loudly* you honestly think you can suffocate a shadow?! we don't need to breathe you fool! *knocks the Emeralds out of her hands and punches her again*

Fa-La-Stu: Dang your good! (Uses chaos ice to free him in place, she then uses chaos perfume to make him cough, and finally she uses flame)

Tendril's shadow: ok, this is getting rediculous. let's try this again. if you can't do something to a shadow, you can't do it to me. here's a hint: if you want to beat a living shadow, try attacking while it is. As in, the one time it is made solid enough to touch. *punches again*

Stu: (Gets up) (Kisses the shadow on the cheek to stun him then uses chaos light to make it solid the chaos blast)

Tendril's shadow: i think you may have forgoten something. *wound heals again* my master, the umbrakinetic, can sustain me in light. try this. *thows another punch, this time slow enough to catch*

Fa-La-Stu: (Catches it throws him in the air then uses a karate combo generated by the Chaos emeralds)

Tendril's shadow: there you go! *blocks the last attack and spinkicks*

Fa-La-Stu: (Grabs him by the neck and uses Chaos Vortex (Chaos tornado))

Tendril's shadow: *weakened now* good, good. just a tip, my master is really good with shadow clones. but his focus is split between controlling them so they're always solid. *feigns another punch, transforms into liquid shadows and comes up with an uppercut*

Fa-La-Stu: *Uses chaos heal* (Then uses chaos freeze to un-liquify the shadow the grabs his arm and uses Chaos lightning into the shadow's stomache)

Tendril's shadow: you don' you? *falls to one knee* Master. looks like...gasp... it's almost...gasp... your turn. *punches at Fa-La-Stu

Fa-La-Stu: I talk more than this but I won't waste my time talking to a shadow,,,,your not a person! (Grabs the sadow by it's neck then uses a ultra chaos blast)

Tendril's shadow: *hits the ground hard. trys to get back up*

Tendril: shadow! enough!

Tendril's shadow: *looks over at Tendril* your turn already, Master? alright. *holds out his hand to Tendril*

Tendril: *taps the shadow's hand.* you know what to do, shadow.

(four clones of Tendril are made out of nearby darkness. one was sitting at a drumset. the other three had guitars)

Tendril's shadow: yep. *an ocarina made of shadows appears in his hand* we play music to go with the battle.

Tendril: bingo. *walks over to face Fa-La-Stu. the shadow clones begin playing Strong and Strike from Naruto.* let's see you beat me that easily.

Inferna: (in the waiting room) *to the nearest person* hehe... that princess is sure in for a surprize.

Fa-La-Stu:(Tilts head then kisses tendril on the cheek to stun him) Heh make your move.

Tendril: *shakes his head to clear it.* alright. lets see you handel this! *charges at her, his fist infused with shadows*

Fa-La-Stu: (Uses chaos freeze then charges at him head first using chaos flame)

Tendril's shadow: *throws his ocarina at Tendril. it breaks the ice and frees him*

Tendril: *tosses the ocarina back to him.* Shadow......*infuses his fist with shadows* Bomb! *fires the explosive ball of darkness at Fa-La-Stu*

Fa-La-Stu:(Gets pounded into the ground) Ouch! (She then uses chaos blast)

Tendril: *takes the full force of the blast. hits the ground hard. stands* Dark Spear! *hundreds of shadow spears appear above him. he launches them at Fa-La-Stu*

Fa-La-Stu:(Gets hit) Nice (She uses chaos perfume to make him rapidly gag then she pounds him)

Tendril: *retreats and tries to regain his breath.*(A fat chao falls from the sky Fa-La-Stu pushes Tendril out the way and receives a lot of damage)

Fa-La-Stu:(Crawls from under the chao then uses chaos hot water on Tendril) (Annoyed) Your welcome!

Tendril: *laying on the ground motionless*

Tendril's shadow: well...that was quick. alright, *looks over at the other shadow band members* time-- *sees that one of the guitarists is gone* oh. he already knows.

Tendril: *body begins to disintegrate, becoming shadows*

(Fa-La-Stu lurches forward, feeling a powerful kick to the head)

(Fa-lal-Stu ripps some of the ground off grabs a shadow and starts madly bashing shadows with it)

(a familiar voice came up from below her)

???:down here.

(she feels something grab her ankel and pull it out from under her)

Fa-La-Stu: Gah you'll regret this......(ground starts rumbling and the tournament grounds start to rapidly shake)

???: heh. right now, im only as off balance as you are.

(The ground then shreds itself apart under pressure and ??? and tendril get shot up in the sky)

???: are you sure? (he is Tendril btw)

Fa-La-Stu: About what?!

???: i've been below you this whole time. look down.

(She didn't do so and further broke the ring)

???: i said look down! *a fist comes out of nowhere and delivers an uppercut then disappears again.*

(As the princess regained her footing she did as she was told and looked down)

(she saw nothing but her own shadow)

Fa-La-Stu: What the.....?

(a black and purple hedgehog climbs out of the shadow. it was Tendril!)

Tendril: hehe...

(Fa-Latu uses chaos bow and arrow)

Tendril: *dodges by sinking back into her shadow*

Fa-La-Stu: How do I beat you?

???: Please report to the waiting room!

Fight Five Ageha the Hedgehog Vs.Pyra/Inferna Fireheart (Winner:Ageha)

Ageha:launched straight toward Inferna holding and old dagger

Inferna: *smirks. flicks her wrist and summons Searing Edge (her sword made entirely of fire). parries the attack*

Ageha:(dropped the old dagger)I think its time to get serious (cracks knuckles and punched as rapidly as he could).

Inferna: *allows Searing Edge to dissipate. raises a wall of flame between the two, forcing Ageha to punch straight into the fire*

Ageha:*is unaffected* *Ageha powered his attack up*I have fire proof gloves when it comes to training the dojo.

Inferna: who needs to burn when you can freeze? *begins absorbing heat from the arena, causing the temperature to drop rapidly*

Ageha:That ones old *starts to use arian fire*.

Inferna: oh really? *looks up at Tendril (his match is finished by this time) inquisitively*

Tendril: (in the waiting room)*nods*

Inferna: *smiles and looks back at Ageha* looks like i have permission to borrow my friend's favorite technique.

Ageha:Chrome Form! a blast of light then Ageha's fur was no longer yellow it was white and yellow.Ageha prepared a strike then shot around Inferna to give a kick at her head.

Inferna: you're quite a pest aren't you? take this! Flame Tendrils! *dozens of tendrils of fire emerged from her chest, winding towards Ageha, burning anything in their path*

Ageha: I never thought I would ever have to do this to a girl but I have too *Ageha spins so fast a whirlwind sending the tendrils back towards her.backing the tendrils up with a spindash*.

Inferna: O.O' *absorbs them at the last second.* ok, lets try something else. *focuses on her powers, willing herself to ignite.* Fire Armor Form! *she is surrounded by flames.*

Fire Armor Inferna: *smirks. Searing Edge appears in her hand.*

Ageha: maybe its time for Inferno Form!*Suddenly a thunderbolt came down turning the arena black for a second next thing next Ageha's hair turned into fire and pulls a kodachi out then set it on fire using his hair*.

FA Inferna: maybe not everything burns, but everything has a melting point. What do you say we find your's? *spinning Searing Edge expertly*

IA:Hmph not what I was expecting but Fire techniques Chaos Rage Fire!*a giant cloud flew over FAI and shot uncountable fireballs at FAI*.*IA charged with a fiery punch and blast in the other hand and hit FAI with them

FAI: >.> *absorbs the flames and adds their heat and energy to her own, making the fire armor even hotter* you know, they have a saying. if you fight fire with fire you'll only get burned.*slices at him with Searing Edge*

IA:*is not affected**then cuts her shoulder open with the kodachi*.

FAI: ugh. *punches IA*

IA:*backs up* *then kicked FAI in the head* shes getting weaker but I'm starting to feel overpowered like nnnrrrgghhh *IA gets covered in powerful magma and shoots it towards FAI*.

FAI: *ducks under the magma. sweepkicks IA, knocking him off balance*

IA:*quickly got to balance* *and hits her with a series of strikes then cut half of her leg*

FAI: let's try a different approach. *absorbs the fire armor* Blazing Inferno! *releases the energy in a ball of intense flames in all directions*

Inferna: *taps into her weaker powers, absorbing the moisture in the air. there was a flash of bright light. when it faded her left half looked normal but her right was blue with cyan streaks*

Steam Inferna: if i can't burn or melt you, maybe i'll boil you! *fires a concentrated ball of water at IA*

IA:*dodged the ball* I didn't want to do this but I guess you earned it *rushes toward her then cuts both of her legs off*

SI: AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! i won't give up so easily!*prepares another attack*

Tendril: (from the stands) *activates Dark Eye and reads the shadows in IA's mind. shocked by what he finds* INFERNA! DON'T DO IT! GIVE UP!

SI: *looks over, ready to protest. sees his Dark Eye is activated. changes back to normal*

Inferna: *withdraws from the match*

Rachel:Ageha is the Winner *picks up Ageha's hand.

Tendril:*leaps into the ring and runs over to Inferna.kneels beside her*

Tendril's shadow: *picks himself up off the ground and helps Tendril take her back to the waiting room*

Fight six: Static the Hedgehog Vs. Runner

Static: *cracks knuckles* C'mon, let's get this show on the road! *lightning sparks from his hand*

runner:bring it on,*charges spin dash*

Static: *raises eyebrow* Nice target. *sends three bolts of lightning at Runner*

runner:*uses light speed attack on him,going right past his attacks*

Static: *rolls to the right, barely dodging* Dang! Faster than I thought. I don't think I can dodge another one of those. But maybe......

runner:*bounces off the wall right back at him*

Static: Wait, where'd that wall come from? *gets hit in the face* Ow. Ok, uh, what other skills do I have.... oh yeah. BURN OF THE LIGHTNING! *a yellow laser flashes at Runner*

(where did the wall come from? arnt they in an inclosed area?well whatever)

runner:what the *gets hit*

Static: Wow, I thought he was gonna dodge that. Hm...... *uses his fingers to point out bullets in the air, then skids on lightning connecting them all* Try this! *kicks Runner's head*

runner:chaos control *teleports behind him and kicks him in the back* good thing i brought a chaos emerald with me

Static: Cheap! *begins charging electricity, then starts running around, creating obstacles out of lightning*

runner:huh,what is this

Static: It's called becoming super. *sucks up all the electricity, then begins to glow a light blue*

Temporal Static: You'd better start running! *using time control, he seems to be teleporting*

runner:well thats one way to go super,luckily i was able to collect not just one,but all the chaos emeralds *turns into super runner*

S runner:*chrages at him*

TS: *stops time, goes and gets an Icee from the concession stand, eats it, walks behind Runner, and unfreezes time* THINK FAST! *sends a dozen bolts of lightning at him*

SR:*gets hit* gah,time user eh,*uses chaos control to stop time as well* *flys way up high and drop kicks him*

TS: *gets hit and jumps back* Playtime's over! *takes out the katana sheathed on his back and plunges it into the ground, breaking it into pieces* Hope you can fly. *jumps up and begins to hover*

SR:*flys up into the air in front of him*

TS: *slices at SR, then sends lightning bolts at him, then repeats it over and over again*

SR: *flys back down and runs in a circle whiping up a sand storm*(or dust storm which ever)

TS: *stops time* You'd think they'd clean the place once in a while. *sends a lightning grenade at SR*

SR:*gets hit*ow,well this is getting us no where *charges spin dash,then uses light speed attack again*

TS: *smiles* In case you don't know.... *catches SR, and SR is still spinning* No two moves work the same on me! *launches SR through the wall*

SR:*comes out* well this isnt looking to good

TS: Let's see, your super form is getting dimmer. Not the intelleginge dim, cause you're pretty good, and very stratigetic. It's getting less glowy. And you're bleeding a lot... *crosses arms* I think you should forfeit before I hurt you more.

SR:heh,is that what you think *dissapears and attacks him,too fast to see*

TS: *stops time* See, your attacks are getting obvious. *blasts SR into the wall* Give up!

SR:i dont give up that easily *stops time and smash kicks him into the ground*

Fight Seven:Sythe the Hedgehog Vs.Vendeta Aungel:Winner Vendeta

Sythe:Heh heh just so you know water and power is my specialty.(lunges toward Vendeta holding a pocket dagger)

Vendeta: *allows Sythe to come incredibly close, and stops him dead in his tracks at the last second with Psycokinesis*

Sythe:(uses adventurer spirit to break out of Psycokinesis then lunges toward him and punches him to the wall).

(Vendeta is a he)

Vendeta: *uses psycokinesis to slow himself to a hault before hitting the wall* You may not know it yet, but I do not plan on losing this. One causalty is more than we needed for our mission, and I will not let it suffer another! *uses psycokinesis to push sythe backward, draging him along the ground*

Sythe:(breaks out of psycokinesis using adventurer spirit gets up from the ground then forms a ball of water making it look like a blue blob of jello then releases it forming a big water bomb on the end of it powered up by a large beam of water).

Vendeta: *fires psyco-darts to detonate the bomb near sythe*

Sythe: (the bomb explosion is so powerful that the bomb still hits vendeta but Sythe is thrown back against the wall).

Vendeta: Oh look, now I'm all wet. (sarcasm) Whatever shall I do? *uses psycokinesis to pull wall down on top of sythe*

Sythe:(studies the pyscokinesis so well that he figures out how to use it and picks up the giant wall rrrrgggghhhh then throws it at Vendeta freezing him with psychokinesis)

(again you say her?)

Vendeta: *breaks free of psycokinesis, then uses his own to stop and break wall* Hmm, your mind must be well trained to have mustered up that power from nothing. However, I have been perfecting this art for years! *freeze Sythe and all spectator as if time had stopped. Once Vendeta lets go, Sythe has several scratches and bruises* Come on man, put up a better fight! Keep this poor preformance up and the referees might think I'm cheating. We don't want that now, do we?

Sythe:(eyes turn into tiny slits) now you don't want me to get serious do you oh well Veret Form it is (black waves fly around Sythe turning him into Veret Sythe when they cleared he was completely green)I can master any technique in this form (uses psycokinesis on Vendeta when he stops Vendeta has a giant bruise in his stomach and her cheek has a few cuts).


Vendeta: (getting way too into it) You call that mastery? Mastery is a lifetime of mental preparation! Mastery is praying to your deceased father who will always see you as weak! *psycokinesis goes on autopilot. Pieces of stadium begin floating* Mastery is the bull**** that I've been going through for as long as I can remember! You will never master this! Your power is nothing! You are nothing! I don't care what some magical voice in the sky says! If I let it be, then you will die for your insolence!!! *floating debris explodes. Shrapnel hits Veret Sythe and a cloud of dust forms over stadium, which Vendeta disappears into*

Veret Sythe:How dare you call me that,thats it I'll beat you down until your a pulp (lunges toward vendeta so fast that he couldn't use psycokinesis in time then punches her until she was so weak she could barely move)your right but this form allows me to learn faster you see it plunges into my brain then teaches me how got it(adding a low growl)

Vendeta: *flashes red and disappears. VS takes several hit in rapid succession, seemingly out of nowhere. Vendeta reappears floating high above the stadium carrying an enormous boulder with psycokinesis. HE breaks it into several sharp pieces and throws them at VS*

(I just realized I haven't been logged in for like 3 edits. I feel stupid now)

VS:(Pulls out his pocket dagger and spins around reversing the attack on Vendeta) (When he's done he was no longer Veret Sythe he was in termination form) TS lunged himself at Vendeta then punches her hard to the ground backing it up with his pocket dagger so she couldn't use psycokinesis to float back up studying the force of the psycokinesis he figures part of it out powering up his brain) then yelled I will terminate you!


Vendeta: *lifts the ground they are standing on, throwing TS off balance. Kicks TS off the now-raised platform and throws it at him*

TS:(takes terrible damage from the ground) (but lunges toward him again grabbed Vendeta then threw him down into the ground then got up and picked up a lightning blade from his back then stabbed it into Vendeta's arm petrifying her even her brain)

(*his... again)

Vendeta: Ack... Aaaaaaa (voice fades). *the blade of lightning turns red and is repeled from Vendeta's arm. Vendeta gets up, arm still paralyzed* Mind over matter my friend... mind over matter. *uses other hand to throw TS into the wall behind him with psycokinesis*

TS:(breaks out using adventurer spirit then leaps toward her knocks her down with psycokinesis grabs his floating blade then stabs his other arm) (Growls)

TS:(starts to lose power) I'm losing to much strength but this form (voice changes into a dark deep voice) forces me to move on

Vendeta: *red energy field surrounds HIM and pushes TS away. Gets up, arms dangling. Vendeta begins to glow green like Burst did, and arms are healed. Numb, but unparalyzed. Vendeta then begins to flash red* Who needs a superform, when the powers of chaos bow to my mental strength. *360 energy wave shoots out from Vendeta, pushing TS back farther* And don't ever growl at me.

TS:(dodges most of the waves) (then punches straight threw Vendetas stomach) I learned that from Artixunio

Vendeta: *TS' hand is casually lifted out with psycokinesis, and wound mostly mends* I've said it before, and I'll say it again... (voice deepens) I... won't... lose.

TS(Flys toward Vendeta then said you asked for it puts a techno gear glove on than grabs Vendeta and shocks her so much that his brain was petrified causing her to faint in his hands).(TS dropped him on the ground) and cruelly said have peace in the neverworld you will learn what its like.

Vendeta: *TS begins glowing red. The ghost of Vendeta's father, Arc, appears. His wings surround vendeta and TS. TS now has the petrified brain which Vendeta had* The Aungels always stick together. Difference in greatness matters not. *TS faints, but Vendeta does not catch him* Rest. You need it. Nobody goes to the netherworld today. *shoots a Psyco Dart into TS' temple, sealing the petrification*

Rachel: Sythe? Um... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9...

Sythe:(stands up ) thanks (called rachel over to him then whispered in her ear)

Rachel:Okay Sythe you have lost because of your forfeit are you sure about this?


Rachel:(picks up Vendetas hand)Vendeta Wins

Vendeta: I refuse to disagree that your mental strength, and physical as well, are great. You made the right choice my friend. *green light surrounds Sythe* You are healed. Go, and thank you... for a worthy challenge.

Team Outsider Vs.Team Crystal 1st Tag Team battle

Artixunio and Ageha:(walks in the ring)

Artixunio:I figured nobody else would sign up so we did (cracks knuckles then turns to burst)Looks like we meet AGAIN.

Burst: Heh, this should be fun. However, I don't feel this is fair. We watched Ageha's fight, and I witnessed what you can do first-hand. Neither of you have seen what Techno can do.

Techno: Right. *snaps fingers, making a spark* How about a little demonstration, then. *presses a button on his cuff. Body reshapes into a mech form* Suprise, suprise. Did I forget to mention I'm a state-of-the-art android?

Artixunio:Oh yeah Ageha did not show full strength he didn't even show you all his forms

Ageha:(eyes begin to glow) A special android huh (moves his hair to the side revealing a scanning techno gear on his eye)Do not underestimate the Chrahens otherwise Arians

Sythe:watch out these guys could be better than they look (from the Croud)(throws special techno gear towards them)

Techno: Techno gear? And you think that will help? *eyes glow. A target appears between Ageha's eyes, then Artixunio's* Shall we, partner?

Burst: Let's! *Burst becomes surrounded by fire, and Techno becomes surrounded by electricity. Doomsday Zone music plays*

Artixunio:Teh Chrahens never back down got it (shoots a sharp glare at Techno and Burst) unless you would like me to get serious I never even showed you all my forms (turns to Ageha) as brothers we both share two forms and you have witnessed it when Ageha fought Inferna

Ageha:(endless possibilities mix in with Doomsday Zone music plays) Shut up Artixunio we have to find a weak point (eyes glow and searches Technos body)

Artixunio:(puts on his techno gear adding another element to his attacks teaching him techno gear abilities)(points and odd sword at burst)Its time for a little Beating

Ageha:Lets get this over with.

Burst: *winks at Techno*

Techno: *flys high up into the sky*

Burst: What are you waiting for? *shoots a fireball at the ground creating a thick cloud of smoke* Attack me! *disappears into the smoke*


Ageha:(charges up a special orb of wind water and fire)

Artixunio:(Makes a giant bolt of fire and shoves into Agehas hands gripping firmly without letting go)Divine Blast(A vision of Chrai apears in his brain never give up she said then released the giant ball doing the same thing in the last fight then started to glow into Terax Form and boosted up the blast so it would perfectly be big enough to fill the other half of the ring up making it and undodgable attack)Ageha!send in the thunder gauntlet techno gear we got)

Ageha:(throws it in)there

Burst: *voice seemingly comes from every direction* Hahahahaha! Show them what you can do!

Techno: *fires a laser at the energy ball... thing, detonating it on Team Crystal's side of the ring*

The energy ball swallowed the beam and flew towards them from the back beam Artixunio had fired.

TA:Fire Shield!(a barrier of fire surrounds Ageha and Artixunio and shoots back the detonating explosion)(all the wounds they had was from the beam and Artixunio had a harsh burn on his neck then wished Inferna was there to help him)

Burst: *reappears clinging to the wall next to them* Suprised? You should be. Chaos Dash! *homing attacks Ageha with two afterimages behind him*

(seriously I said UNBLOCKABLE!)

Ageha:(punches Burst away but gets hit with the Afterimages)(Grabs burst then threw him in the ground)

TA:Jumps into the hole Ageha made and comes down with a fist that is on fire then sent a beam of fire down that the hole was completely full of it then came so close to Burst that his nose was touching his then finally he blasted straight threw Burst

(you said it only covered my half of the ring)

Burst: *reappears on his own side of the ring* Hehehe, you ain't the only one who hasn't shown off all of his tricks. *other Bursts appear around the ring, then turn into puffs of smoke*

  • gunfire begins to rain down on Artixunio and Ageha*

Burst: *looks up* Hmm, good timing.

TA and Ageha:Urgh!

TA(than he pulls out his sword and took tenkai stance sending every bullet back where they came then he flew over to Techno in the air and jabbed his sword in his main power supply then with a swish of his blade he sent techno flying towards burst and backed it up with two fire elfs with a blast following the cheery creatures) Then yelled Ultimate Inferno Form!(A spot of red hit his hair then it started to grow around)(UIA was itching to finish him with Dynamic Chrahens).

Techno: Urk! The b*****d got a lucky shot. You better think of something fast!

Burst: (thinking) I did it once, so why not do it again... *catches Techno, but struggles since he's a heavy robot* CHAOS FUSION!!! *the two disappear into a blinding flash. When the light clears a red and black robotic figure is seen standing opposite Team Crystal*

Flare Glitch: Hmhmhmhmhm... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is amazing! Yes, yes yes! I feel INCREDIBLE!!!

UAI:I thought this would happen Ario Fusion (grabbed Ageha then fused making Ageunio )

FG: 0_o

Burst: A... Are you kidding me!?

Techno: Just... Just don't let them psyche you out. We've got this... I hope.

FG: Chaos Rift! *summons four rifts around Ageunio*

Ageunio:(breaks the rifts)you think its funny that I have this form you die(grabbed FG then used his techno gear to paralyze him pulls the thunder blade from his back then another one and jabbed both of them in his arms then hung him on the wall)Ario Punch!(fisted FG while he was hung so hard that the wall cracked and fell on FG)


Rachel:(looks at watch)oh break time!

Ageunio:(ran straight through the entrance door)

Rachel:(picks up a loud speaker) Break times over!

Ageunio:(came bursting out the door) ok


Ageunio:this is getting old(reverts then walks out of the door he came threw)

Artixunio and Ageha:FLAME GLITCH!everybodys gone nobody in the waiting room nowhere in the tournament!Help us look!(lifts the wall from FGs body)come on

Fight Nine:Metal the Wolf Vs.Smash The Echinda (Winner: Smash)

Smash walked into the ring, ready for battle. "Lets see how this goes." He said to himself. He stopped at his corner and waited for his opponent.

Metal:Come on let get this going.

"Wait for the Referee." Smash said calmly.


Rachel: On this corner we have Metal the wolf (Crowd claps because they don't know him much) and on this side we have (eyes half closed and blushes) Smash! (The crowd goes crazy having a sign that says we love you smash since he already beat krinkinko and he's a well known fighter)

Rachel: Ready....FIGHT!

Heh. Looks like my fans found me. He thought to himself, amused. He got into a fighting stance, and waited for Metal to make the first move.

Metal:-uses Chaos spear-

Smash easily sidesteps it. He gets back into his defensive position, as if he were waiting for something better than that.

Metal:-uses super charged spindash-

Smash held up his hands and caught the spindash. Since it was super charged, it pushed him back a few feet, but he managed to stop it in it's place. Now that he had it, he had to figure out what to do now before he broke through. It then hit him just as quickly as he began to think. He threw himself back into a suplex move, slamming Metal on the ground behind him.

Metal:Ugh..-transforms into super form and uses Light speed Dash-

Already bringing out the trump cards? He thought. He did his best to try to block the attack, but it was too fast and random for even him to fend off easily. The attack brought him down to his knees as he tried to defend himself.

Metal:-uses super charged Chaos spear-

Smash looked up and gasped softly. Without wasting another second, he threw himself on the ground and rolled out the way. He regained his composure a few feet away, shrugging off all the pain. "Alright, It's about time I made a move!" He charged towards Metal and threw a few strong punches at him, following up with a rising uppercut, finishing the combo with a few effective kicks.

Metal:it looks like I'm to defeat using my lighting powers then(uses thunderbolt at smash)

Krinkino: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (jumps in front of smash). (Hacking blood) Smash you c-can't lose! (Cough)

Metal:Uses Lightspeedash on Smash-

(H-hey! What's going on? I had everything under control, here. And then I get this edit conflict. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but still.)(sorry about that too)

"What the-KRINKINKO! What the heck? Is that even allowed?" He exclaimed. He was about to run towards him, when Metal began to use his light speed attack on him. Smash glared and prepared himself, and managed to block the attack a bit better than before. On the last hit, Smash threw a punch at Metal and deflected him back. He then ran up to Krinkinko. "What are you doing, Krink? I mean, Thanks for helping out but that wasn't necessary!"

Metal:you want to play hard to get huh?-transforms into Hyper Ultimate and uses Lighting Slash and Chaos Spear-

Smash gasped. "Krink, look out!" He shoved him off of the ring and jumped in the opposite direction. The two attacks striking the same spot caused a small explosion, knocking him farther away. He fell flat on his face, wincing in pain. Slowly, he stood up, holding his nose. "Okay...So that's how you want to play, huh?" He growled under his breath. He turned around. "Krink, Are you alright back there?"

Metal:uses Chaos Spear,Lighting Strike,Lightspeeddash and Thunder towards Smash-

Krinkinko: No (He uses leaf sheild and throws his leaf blade to smash for him to catch it before running back into the waiting room)

Metal:luses Chaos Spear,Lighting Strike,Lightspeeddash and Thunder towards Smash again- Stilling playing hard to get huh?

(I didn't even get a chance to reply yet, thank you very much. Also I find it hard to believe how he can use all those skills at once.)(your welcome)

Smash leaped into the air, catching the Leaf Blade in the process of getting past all the attacks. "You've crossed the wrong man..." He began floating in mid-air, glowing brightly. "UURRRGHIIII!!!" His cry echoed throughout the entire arena as a blast of energy came from him, forming a powerful aura. His fur changed from blue to cyan. He put his hands up into the air above him, as the sky began to darken. "I advise you to move a safe distance from the ring, Ref!" Smash called out. He looked up into the sky as a huge flaming meteorite came down. He caught it with ease, holding it threateningly over Metal."Hard to get-THIS!" He threw the meteor down towards him, and then flew down after it, stabbing the leaf blade into it for support.

Metal:Ugh(he fell down to the ground still in his Hyper form)He just played with the wrong wolf because I have a form that your power won't be any match for me.(transforms into Prefect form,his fur changed from Grey to green.) I'll Show you my ultimate Power( uses Chaos Spear,Lighting Strike,Lightspeed dash, Thunder,Dragon claw and Lighting Slash towards Smash yet again.)

Krinkinko: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Turns to dark and charges dark spirit bomb.) Play fair or I'll use this!

Metal:I'm am playing fair.-uses Chaos spear on Krink-

Something inside Smash sparked at that moment. It might have been the peril that he was in with all the attacks coming at him, or it could have been how dishonorable Metal was being for attacking someone who was outside the ring. And also knowing that if he lost, there would be no way of knowing what was truly going on until it was too late. As the attacks came towards him, He felt his heart squeeze up, then let out a large
Light Smash 3

Light Smash

beat. His mini super form was running out, but something else was happening. His aura began to turn white, and he was covered in a bright light. (this music would play) The attacks diminished as they came in contact with the light. The light let out a bright flash, then faded altogether, revealing Smash, who had his eyes closed. His fur had changed from cyan, to a light yellow. He slowly opened his eyes, then glared fiercely at Metal.

"I will not tolerate this any further." He said. "If there's one thing I hate, it's dishonorable fighters!"

(The crowd goes crazy and Rachel faints)

Metal:You can never defeat me!

"I will not fall." He said in a flat, serious tone. "You will not defeat me." He took off the gloves he was currently wearing, letting them drop to the ring's floor below him. He began equipping different gloves, green ones with built in curved spikes on them. They each glowed slightly as he put them on. "You have crossed the line, and I won't leave until I make you pay!" He flew towards him at high speeds, throwing a powerful punch towards his chest.

Metal:(deflects the attack)Really you think that will hurt try this(uses Chaos Lightspeed Lighting Blast Dash-)

Smash quickly ascended to dodge the attack, then used both of his fists to pound him towards the ground, and charged after him, prepared to finish him off.

Metal:this will end you!(uses Lighting Lightspeed IceFire Dash (his most powerful attack that will not miss)

"Try to match this!" He cocked his arm back. "DIVINE FIST!" His whole arm began glowing with it's own aura as he charged towards Metal. He threw his punch down at him, colliding with the other attack. A huge blast of aura came from Smash's side of the impact, the aura helping with the attack, and rising high above the whole arena itself. It could be seen from miles away. The impact of the colliding forces caused a huge flash, blinding the entire arena.

(Alright, Metal. Get to the talk page. Now.)

Metal:I forfeit

(Let me do a more fitting ending, considering the current circumstances.)

The light faded away, and both fighters were on the ground. Smash managed to stand up straight, panting and gasping for breath. His opponent, however, was not so fortunate. Metal lay on the ground, unconscious. Smash held his arm in pain, the attack really took it out of him. It's over...He thought.

Rachel: The winner is Smay-aish! (Holds his hand up) (Half of the crowd cheers while the other faints)

Smash managed to smile as he held his hand up. Still in his Light form, Rachel could feel the enormous power coming from him.

Meg the Hedgewolf Vs. Droget the Frog

Rachel:May the fight begin!

Meg: [Unseathes claws] I am SO ready!

Droget: I'm pretty sharp to (pulls out his sword)

Droget: (He dulls his sword so he can't kill her then jumps behind her then starts to rapidly slash)

Meg: [Blocks a blow with her claws and pushes the sword back]

Droget: (Grabs it and then twirls it to make a tornado) (Puts on sunglasses) heh...I'm ice cold!

Meg: [Clenches fists] Well you're about to get burned!

Droget:(Uses his sword to crack the ring in half then uses his sword as a boomerang at meg)

Smash the Echidna Vs. Rodrick the goat like creature

Rodrick: I don't car about my sis let's start this battle off right (He then bites him super hard and doesn't get off)

Smash's eyes shrunk from both shock and anger. Is this even allowed? He thought. Okay, fine. If that's the way they wanna play, I'll show them just who they're messing with! He did his best to ignore the pain and began mercilessly slugging Rodrick with his free hand as long as he was biting his arm.

(Rodrick let go in pain not long before slathering syrup on smash then dragon food then some of the dragons started charging at smas)

Smash knocked the syrup bottle out of the ring and threw a punch towards his face. He then turned around when he heard the dragons. "Oh, crap..." He glared at Rodrick. "You're a cheap scumbag, you know that?" He rolled out of the way when the dragons swooped down at him. "I've gotta get this stuff off me.."

Rodrick: Here lemme help! (Uses a high pressure water hose and then eats a mega mushroom (The big yellow one from the new super mario bros.) to turn giant)

Smash managed to withstand it for a little while, but it started to push him back and he began to slip. The water shut off just in time for him to lose his balance and fall forward. He landed on his hands and managed to pick himself back up, only to see a gigantic Rodrick. "What the-" He stopped himself. This guy is all tricks. He thought. Don't let it get to you, Smash. You HAVE to win, At ALL COSTS. He ran towards him and threw a hard punch towards his leg.

(Rodrick then started making a eartquake by stomping then let out a loud shriek before landing down hurt)

The earthquack made Smash fall down, and he was glad that he wasn't still standing when Rodrick came crashing down. He jumped to his feet. "Now's my chance!" He climbed on top of the colossal goat and ran across his body until he got to his chest. "Here goes!" He jumped into the air, clenching his fist tightly. "SKULL CRACKER!" He yelled as he brought his fist down on his chest with all his might.

(An immense fog followed then when the fog cleared it was pearl well...rodrick disguised as pearl)

Pearl: You idiot leave me alone you try to replace our parents and think I fell the same way NEVER!

Pearl:...and for faking all these years you repay me by trying to hurt my boy friend rodrick!? You blue monster!

Smash had his arms folded with a stern look on his face. "Do you honestly think that I don't even know my own sister?" He scoffed. "Rodrick, give it up. There's no way you could even be my sister's boyfriend, anyway." He let his arms drop. "Are you gonna start fighting like a man, now? You might as well so long as you're dressed up as my sister."

(Rodrick then poofed back to normal)

Rodrick:I still have one trick up my sleeve (He charges a dark lightning bolt into the sky) I hoped you payed attention in science class because lightning strikes the tallest objects (he then gobble up a mini mushroom) oooooh tough luck....bluey.

Smash folded his arms again. "You really are a coward, aren't you?" He heard the thunder rumbling. Okay, great. Now what? He thought exasperatedly. Okay, don't panic. All you gotta do is beat him before you get hit. Ah, I know! Smash looked around quickly, then spotted the high pressure water hose and dove for it, just barely missing the first lightning bolt. He grabbed it and turned it on, aiming it at Rodrick. "Try this on for size!"

Rodrick: *GULP* Guess you did pay attention (gets zapped by all the ligtning bolts he then makes a clone of himself who has slightly higher current hp)

Rodrick c : Congrats. I just needed to see if you were fit to go to the semi-finals. No hard feeling okay man. (Takes out two glasses and hands one to smash toast on me) (Holds his cup up)

Smash held the cup in his hand. "A fighter is not made up of only strength." He said. "A fighter must have Wisdom, Courage, Trust, Spirit, and Heart. That's what true strength is." He clinked glasses with him, although he still felt like punching him for what they had to go through.

Krinkinko: (Runs into the ring right when Smash starts to drink the cup) It's a trick! (As Rodrick's clone growled krinkinko used rage punch on smash's stomache so hard he coughed up the drink. As Rodrick's clone was lauging it went down his throat then dropped down dead as the real rodrick started to cry)

Krinkinko: Okay....let's go back to the waiting room now.

((Smash wasn't going to drink it, he knew that it was a trick. That's why I only had him clink his cup with him and not drink.))


"Way to go spilling the beans, genius." Smash said in a sarcastic tone. "Now you're pretty much a traitor to your own family." He looked at the bars of the dungeon and sighed. Prison again...Bad guys just love doing this to me. He thought. He looked over at Rachel. "Lets get one thing straight." He said. "I can't marry you. I'm already married. And even though you gave out useful information, I don't trust you because there are too many contradicting things about you that makes me uneasy about giving away that trust."



Rachel: Can you atleast direct me to someone who's super strong like you.

He folded his arms with a frown. "Do you need someone as strong as me?"

Rachel: I just don't want him killing me....but were all going to be dea soon.

Krinkinko: Smash hurry up get me mad I need to go dark!

Smash looked to the side. "Hmmm..." He looked over at Krinkinko. "Wait, Krink. Lets learn what we can before we go rushing out." He then looked at Rachel. "Lets make a deal. If you tell us what you know about your master/father and how we can beat him, we will protect you until this is all over." He rose an eyebrow. "Well?"

Rachel:Thousands of years ago my father was a super villan but a hero split him apart into many peices my dad is the power peice. He longs for power and he watches great fights so he called everyone here. Once someone wins he will suck up their strength then the rest of the worthy fighters until he's the strongest man in mobius his name is gjkghuugygkxfgfuh7427958990-0-0=-=pl;'l;',/, but it's hard to pronounce so just call him Powretuop.

"Mmhmm.." He nodded with his arms folded, taking the info into account. "Okay, How do we get around his energy drain?"

Rachel: That's just it a super fighter is needed I suggest you and Krinkinko fuse to because Smashinko or Krinkinkash.

Smash stepped back. "Er..I dunno about that." He said with his eye twitching at the thought. "Would a super form not be enough?"

Rachel: A true super form with all the chaos emeralds might but I'm telling you all you guys need to do is fuse go super and kick his butt!

"Is this even Possible!?" Smash exclaimed. "How do two people even begin to fuse together?"

(I was kinda hoping that Smash and Krinkinko could fight side-by-side, rather than inside, if you know what I mean.)

Rachel: Easy * she explains like this page does.

Metal:What did i do now?

Krinkinko: I'm guessing rachel is a loud talker you and heared what she said then got thrown in here.

Metal:It's not my fault,It's Rachel's.(turns into hyper form) I so want to get out of this place!

Rachel: My Day-ad is a evil power hungry ruler if you heared a sentence of it you would still be in here. Beside he made this place so no one could get out unless the family says so and he took my unlocking powers away.

Metal:Rachel you are a Loud talker!Why did you do it? Rachel do you want a burger?

Rachel: Ooooh you seem strong yes I would. Are we getting it from mcdonalds?


Metal:Yes,I would if the door wasn't locked. Yeah so how do we defeat your master?

Rachel: one word Fu-sion. We need to make a super fighter to kill him (see the link above if you don't know what the fusion dance is) Or we could collect all seven chaos emeralds but were locked in here so I suggest you fuse.

Metal:Fusion huh? Well I have two chaos emeralds anyway so will that help?

Rachel: It will make the fusion last 50 minutes instead of 30.

Metal:You fainted when I was battling Smash anyway because he went into his Light form. I suppose my power level can go beyond Smash's Power.

Rachel: No you don't understand you and smash's power level is about the same and to a lesser degree the same as krinkinko's.

Metal:You mean I'm going to die? As if that is going to happen because My brother Dragonor will save me if that happens.

Rachel: Your not going to die you might just need to do the fusion dance with smash.

Metal:Smash hates me just because I nearly beat him and when is your master going to come?

Saizo looked around. At first he was in the waiting area before turning up in this dark, dank cell. It wouldn't of bothered him so much if he though he wasn't leaving the young waitress hanging. More to the point, he didn't have any tea. This kinda annoyed him, but he decided to lean back against the wall and finish off reading his book. "Such a wierd place this is... a dungeon below the tournament grounds. Whoever made this must pray to their God I don't get too agitated down here..."

Metal:How come your down here? And whats your name?

He knew something like this would happen. Saizo looked up from the pages of his book, but then lowered his eyes back down to the words, ignoring whomever was talking to him.

Rachel: (Rips the book to shreds) Help us!

Saizo looked up... what she ripped up was a sizeable amount of ancient mobian information. More to the point, it wasn't even his book. He looked up, darkly, at the figure and placed his hands on the book, gathering up the torn shreds; he knew someone who could repair the book, even in its state. "... Give me a sizeable reason to why I shouldn't gut you like a fish where you stand."

Rachel: Because all of us will be gutted if we don't stop this madman!

Metal:Hmph,We're all going to die if you don't help all we need are those Chaos emeralds,I've got two already.

Krinkinko: Or we could just fuse.

Metal:I would rather the emeralds than do that.Is there anyway we can chaos control out of this place?

Saizo sighed, but then snickered. What he was hearing couldn't possibly be what Summers was talking about days ago. Saizo got up, brushed the dirt from his pants and walked towards the cell bars. "You guys must be a laughing stock of the public if you can't escape from a simple, mediocre cell like this..." Turning around, Saizo just leaned on the bars, then folded his arms. "I've no intention of helping either one of you. Especially the wench who tore up a priceless ancient mobian artifact."

Rachel: It's not as priceless as mobius itself which will get tore too if you don't help.

Krinkinko: Unless your siding with eggman!

Metal:Your just one messed up dude!(kicks Saizo)

Saizo shook his head again; this was a bit too much for him. He watched Metal try to kick him, then ended up catching his foot in one hand before tossing him backwards. "The future of this planet is considerably bleak if it has to rely on people like you... Fine. I'll give you a head start." Saizo placed a paln on one of the bars. wrenching his whole body forwards, he strongly tugged on the bar, pulling it off the railings on the top and bottom of the door, flinging it forwards and impaling the pole through the back of the cell wall. "There's one bar. I'll allow you to manage the rest. If you can't even so much as escape from a cell, then you shouldn't be contemplating on going any further."

(As saizo ripped a bar krinkinko mouthed fuse with him then he mouthed It's only for 50 minutes)

Metal:I'm fine as enough as it is,I'll defeat you like Smash if I have to!(transforms into Hyper Ultimate and uses Chaos Spear!)Chaos Spear!

Watching the attack incoming, Saizo briskly just turned to the side as the spear charged straight past him and out the door. It wasn't particularly a difficult maneuver to dodge; he shouted his attack out before firing it. "You'd surely waste your energy fighting me instead of getting out of here? Tell me, where you dropped on your head as a child, or were you born stupid?"

Krinkinko: This is madness! (He then preforms the fusion dance and starts to fuse with Saizo)

Krinkinko:Please don't fight it we need to save mobius!


Saizo watched Krin as he started to work some awkward movements. Saizo couldn't watch anymore as he turned away; he heard of fighting dances but water ballet wasn't his thing. He took out a single golden kunai and tossed it out of the cell door. "As much as I enjoyed being with you... people, I must leave. I need to wait for an upcoming match." Suddenly, in a spread of smoke and dirt from the floor, he appeared on the outside. "have fun trying to get out." Picking up his kunai, Saizo walked off.

Tendril: *sitting calmly in his cell. eyes closed*

(Saizo's life started to rapidly drain since he was out of his cell)

Krinkinko: (To tendril) Hey fuse with me!

Tendril: no thanks. i have my own way out. *still sitting motionless. but if one looked close enough they would see his cell was a little brighter than before*

It began to feel rather.. cold, to the point that Saizo was starting to lose some feeling in his arms. He held them up, but realized no physical changes; his energy must be getting drained, or his life force. He didn't care; he shrugged and kept walking. "Immortality has some benefits, I suppose..."

Krinkinko: (To tendril) We need to bust out of here now!

Tendril: *shrugs and stands* eh, i guess your right. *wraps his hands in the shadows he's been absorbing, transforming them into claws made of shadows. swipes them through the air in front of him, creating a rift to the Shadow Realm. climbs in and closes it after him*

(Krinkinko turns dark and goes in the shadow realm with everybody else in the same fashion tendril did)

(In the shadow realm)

Tendril: *notices the others* what? did you copy my move?

Krinkinko: In a certain sense yes but we really need your help!

Tendril: yeah. i was gonna help you guys out. we need to inform Inferna and our shadows.*makes a tiny slit in the air leading to Inferna's ear. whispers what Rachel said into the slit*

(back at the dungeon)

Artixunio and Ageha:(walked to the entrance and noticed sweat drops as proof people were locked in)

Artixunio:Where did they go?

Ageha:this is getting ominous lets go and get FG.

(later, Flare Glitch walks in with help from Artixunio and Ageha, Vendeta is walking behind them)

Vendeta: Foolish, foolish people. The "Fusion Dance" isn't the only way to combine two beings. How do you think my two... partners did it?

FG: Right. It's called Chaos Fusion. It combines any two beings, organic or not, and it lasts for as long as your life force can sustain the form.

Vendeta: And if you don't like that *orange gem appears in his hand* I have this. A Mayhem Ruby. I am their guardian. Their power is nearly identacle to that of the Chaos Emeralds, and there are eight of them. My suggestion is simple: Flare Glitch, Ageunio, and Metal will use the emeralds. Smash, Tendril and Krinkinko when they return, and myself with fight with the rubies. Anyone else can help the emerald users. Who is with me?

Smash, pretty much ignoring the conflict of the others, was talking on his cellphone. He made a phone call back home. "...And when you get here, the dungeon should be right over..." He carried on with the conversation quietly. "..Make sure that you move quickly. This guy has some sort of energy draining spell going on in here. I dunno if it effects outsiders, but it sure as heck affects whoever leaves the dungeon...Okay, great. Hurry, I don't know what this man plans to do next, but it could mean the end of all of us if we wait too long." He hung up and tucked the phone away.

Krinkinko: How long will it take?

Smash shook his head. "I don't know for sure." He said. "But if they all work together, they should gather the 5 other emeralds shortly." He looked over at Krinkinko. "All we can do now is have patience, and put our trusts in them that they'll bring the emeralds. If something should go wrong, though, we can use the rubies to try and buy some time."

(19 minutes later)

Krinkinko: I'm going crazy I need to get out of here!

"Calm down." Smash said. "We really have to keep our cool here."

(25 minutes later)


"Calm down, man!" Smash yelled. "You're not making this any easier for any of-"

"Psst! Hey!" A voice called from the entrance. Smash looked immediately, as a red cat came tip-toeing in.

"Gizmo! You made it!" Smash let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness." He walked over to the cell's bars, preferably the spot where one bar had been broken.

"Well hey, Have I ever let you down?" Gizmo grinned. He opened up a small sack he was carrying around. "I've got em." He handed him the Chaos Emeralds one by one. "Now you can get outta here, right?"

FG: Wait, what about Tendril? Shouldn't we wait for him?

Vendeta: Hmm, time is precious. If he takes much longer it might be too late. We need to work quickly.

(Krinkinko and Smash start absorbing the emerelds energies)

Vendeta: *raises his arms and begins glowing red* The servers are those born of Chaos. Chaos, power, all controlled by one. The controller exists to defend the Chaos. Gems of might, COME TO ME! *the eight Mayhem Rubies appear. Vendeta begins to draw their power*

(Flare Glitch splits back into Burst and Techno)

Techno: (to Burst) Sorry buddy, but I can't go super like that. *joins Smash and Krinkinko*

Burst: Just give 'em hell, partner!

"Stand back, Gizmo." Smash said as he closed his eyes. Gizmo retreated back to the entrance, peeking at them from a safe distance. Kitty could be seen peeking over his head.

Smash tensed up, gathering all of his energy and drawing the power of the Chaos Emeralds into him. The emeralds floated into the air and circled the group, causing everyone in between to glow with power. "URRGHII!!" Smash yelled as he released the energy in a blast of golden aura. His fur changed to yellow as his super form was completed. "Lets do this."

(Techno began glowing neon green, and Vendeta glowed orange. Two angel wings appeared on his back)

Arc Vendeta: The Arc state... I am complete.

Super Techno: Alright! Back in buisness! Nothing can stop us now!

(Krinkinko's fur turned silver his fur became shaggy and his spots turned green with green lines)

Smash walked over to the prison bars and grabbed them. With seemingly little difficulty, he bent the bars far enough apart for them to fit through. "Lets get outta here." He looked at Gizmo. "You should go, too. It's dangerous here."

Gizmo nodded. "Alright. I'll leave this to you." He ran back up the stairs to leave.

(They all break out and head to the secret room where the sponsor is hiding)

Part one of the final battle

Sponsor:My real name is rodney and I was nice enough to let you stay in the dungeon but now you will die!

Smash floated in front of him with his arms folded. "I don't care who you are." He said. "This game has gone far enough. I'm not even going to give you a chance to surrender. I, am going to kill you."

(Rodney's hands become giant and smack smash)

Krinkinko: (Throws at leaf blade at it) Leave him alone!

Smash caught his hands with his own, then followed up with a punch to his arm.

Vendeta: We have to work together to win. None of us are strong enough to do it alone, super forms or not.

(Rodney fires his over 9,000 laser)

Krinkinko: (Prepares to head on block it) Watch out!

Vendeta and Techno: Chaos Protect! *group becomes shielded*

(Rodney starts choking techno)

Krinkinko: Leave em alone ( Bites rodney)

Rodney: YOW! (let's go)

Techno: DUDE! Not cool! Chaos Spear!

Rodney:Chaos suck (He open his move and everyone starts to get sucked in) Vendeta: *holds the rift with psycokinesis* Everyone get back!

Smash turned around and started flying as fast as he could to get away. He managed to grab onto something for support, and looked behind him to see what was happening.

(Rodney stops then blows his nose but instead of snot it's lava in less then 3 minutes the whole room is almost filled with lava)

Smash let go of the object and let himself float just above the lava. This is too close for comfort. He thought. He then glided towards Rodney and threw a powerful punch towards him.

(Rodney grabbed krinkinko and attempted to use him as a sheild before krinkinko used leafe kamehameha)

(I'm assuming that both Krink's and Smash's attacks hit, then.)

Smash didn't stop there. He threw more punches and kicks at him, not letting up at all.

Techno: Chaos Control! *gets Krink out of the way* Careful there, buddy.

Rodney: (Gasping for air) Rachel I order you to kill them all!

Rachel: No (She tries to hit rodney but gets K.O.ed

Rodrick:Heh heh that's what you get sister! Vendeta: *catches Rachel and teleports her away* Be safe, young one. Now, where was I? *turns to Rodney and fires a flurry of Psyco Darts*

Smash turned around and flew towards Rodrick, stopping right in front of him. "And you call yourself a brother." He said coldly. "From one brother to another...You are the first to go down." He used both of his hands to try and pound Rodrick into the lava.

Rodrick: AAAAAH

Rodney: Your too weak for my liking! (Absorbs Rodrick)

Smash turned around to look at Rodney. "You're next." He charged forward and threw another punch at him, aiming to knock him into the wall behind them.

(Gets hit)

Rodney: Good good (has pearl's voice now). As you can see I'm starting to absorb all the powers in mobius.

Krinkinko: (Fires a light spirit bomb at him)

Smash's eyes shrunk in shock. "No...It can't be..." His heart felt as if it just stopped.

Vendeta: Keep it up! He may be able to absorb the powers of this Mobius, but not every one! *opens a rift* My friends and I came from another Zone. When Rodney's message reached us, we grew suspicious, so we came here. Upon studying him, I've come to the conclusion that he is restricted to this Zone, meaning that the power or the Mayhem Rubies remains untouched. *shoots a Hellfire out of the rift at Rodney*

Rodney: (His own voice now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) I can't beleive it some own is pwning me noooooo. (shoots another laser at them)

"PEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRLLL!!!" Smash screamed at the top of his lungs. The aura around him exploded into nearly three times it's original size. He charged at Rodney from the side and put all his strength behind his next attack. "SKULL CRACKER!" He threw a punch towards his head with fury in his eyes.

Rodney: (Pukes out pearl) (He then throws a dark spirit bomb X 12003893839843894975793975799744955989797487984 at the heroes) see if you can survive!

Smash caught Pearl just in time. "Pearl!" He then saw the Dark Spirit bomb forming behind him, and then flew to a safe spot to put Pearl on to rest, then turned around to block the spirit bomb.

Vendeta: Everyone behind me! *angel wings grow larger and glow brigher* ANGELS... LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! *his wings hold back the dark spirit bomb. After a blinding flash, Vendeta is nowhere to be seen*

Smash did as he was told, and shielded his eyes from the flash. When he looked, he couldn't find him anywhere. "Ven?" He looked around a little more frantically. "Ven!?" He then came to the thought of what could have happened. "No..." He closed his eyes. 'I..I feel it slipping...He thought.'s just too much...His whole body began to tense up as his power began to rise.

Krinkinko:Hmpgr......FOR MOBIUS! (Then the spirit bomb hits rodney)

Part two of the final battle

(They are transported to an ice zone and see about an 1000 ft. rodney)

Smash looked around quickly. "Where are we!?"

Techno: Wha... What happened? *looks around* Where's Vendeta?

Rodney: The zone.....OF POWER!

Smash looked at Techno. "I'm sorry. But no longer with us..!" He turned to face Rodney. "We'll have to go on without him!"

Techno: He... he's gone. He sacrificed himself to save us, and you... You're still here! I'LL KILL YOU! *flys towards Rodney*

Rodney: *Attempts to smash smash (no pun intended) but kink gets under too and helps smash push his foot off*

Smash held his foot up over his head, and with Krink's help, they managed to shove him back enough to get out from under him. Smash then looked at Krink. "Lets attack him together!" He flew towards Rodney and threw a spinning punch towards his chest. He was spinning like a drill.

Krinkino: (Uses ultimate rage punch)

(Techno flys backwards. His fur stops glowing and instead darkens. Neon green Wolverine claws grow on his hands, and his eyes become crimson red)

Cyber Techno: *growls* You've crossed the line, you no good ******* ******** ***** ** ****! *bursts into a cloud of pixels and flys towards Rodney. He rematerializes and claws him in the face*

Smash kept drilling into his chest with his fist, then stop and quickly delivered a powerful kick, and kept following up with more attacks.

Rodney: Oh oh oh nooooooooooooooooo! (He then melts a mountain and the heroes start to drown)

Krinkinko: I can swim! (kicks rodney in the pupil)

Smash charged his energy, his aura blowing the water around him away. He flew back towards Rodney and sent a kick towards his nose.

Cyber Techno: *continues clawing at Rodney* You hurt no one else! You fight... You die!

Rodney: (His nose started bleeding and lava started coming out again)

Smash continued to pound on his nose, careful to avoid the lava.

Rodney: I have absorbed your family again. One more pound and their toast!

Smash backed up, glaring fiercely. "You..." He was baring his teeth, quite clearly ready to tear him apart.

Rodney: Ha ha tricked ya! (Eats smash)

Krinkinko:NOOOOO (goes in to save him)

(no one notices four shadows moving along the ground toward Rodney)

Smash realized what was going on just in time to save himself from being swallowed. He was holding up on his own but wouldn't last so long as he was in there. That's when he saw Krinkinko. "Krink! Help me out here!"

Krinkinko: (Gets himself swalloed then fires a spirit bomb to make Rodney throw up)

As the two flew out of his mouth, Smash managed to catch Krinkinko. "You okay?" He asked.

Krinkinko: Yes but we need to find away to beat rodney...wait!....I got nothing.

(the shadows begin to climb up Rodney's back. he cant feel them since they are shadows)

"We need to be stronger..." He said. "This isn't getting us anywhere..."

Krinkino: *clog both nostrils with snow* Now close his mouth!

Smash nodded and flew towards his chin, and performed a powerful uppercut to close his mouth.

(the shadows have reached the top of Rodney's head. each one becomes a warrior. Tendril, Darkfire Inferna, Tendril's shadow, and Inferna's shadow. Smash notices them)

Smash gasped when he saw them. You guys! He thought. Not wanting to give them away, He just smiled at them, letting them know that he was glad to see them. He then glared at Rodney again, and did a flying kick towards his neck.

(Rodney faints becuse lack of air)

Df Inferna: *releases her Darkfire form, returning to normal*

Inferna: *whispers* alright guys, let's go!

(Tendril's shadow and Inferna's shadow jump down in front of Rodney's face, drawing his attention away from the real Tendril and Inferna)

Tendril: *gets in close to Inferna, putting his back to hers*

The final battle

(they appear back on mobius all of them see a normal sized rodney on a shadow dragon above the clouds and they are too)

"This is it." Smash said, looking up at Rodney on his dragon. "You won't last forever, Rodney."

Tendril: *uses his umbrakinesis to launch himself onto Rodney's dragon*

Inferna: *does the same*

Rodney:This time I've absorbed the energies of

now I'm starting to steal the rest of the planet's energies!

"URRGHII!" Smash charged his energy to it's full, his aura rising considerably. He flew up to the dragon and threw a powerful punch towards Rodney's face.

Rodney:URRGHII! (kicks him in the crotch then bites him.

Krinkinko: (Dual wields two leaf blades and starts slashing Rodney)

Tendril: alright Inferna, do it now! *wraps himself in a shield of darkness. plants his feet firmly on the ground*

Inferna: right! Blazing......*begins to charge up her pyrokinesis* INFERNO! *releases the energy in a powerful ball of fire in all directions*

"How DARE YOU Copy My URRGHII!!" Smash yelled at the top of his lungs, trying so hard to ignore the pain. He threw another punch at his face with even more force than before.

Rodney:(Lets go) See if you can make it through this. (makes fog)

Smash's wife: Let's go home smash..I'm hungry!

"You are not my wife, Rodney! Perish the thought of going home to eat with YOU!" He snapped at him. "Who could think of eating at a time like this!?" He held his hand in front of what he believed to be the fake. "Disappear, imposter." He said coldly.

Inferna: alright Tendril, your turn!

Tendril: right! Shadow.....*charges his umbrakinesis* TENDRILS! *unleashes dozens of tendrils of shadow at Rodney*

Krinkinko: AH MAN LADY! (Rapidly attacks Rodney)

Rodney:(Uses Smash's real wife as a sheild) Hit me you hit her!

Smash's wife: Help me!

Smash began quivering with anger. "This've gone too far." He grabbed Luna, his wife, and embraced her. At the same time, he used all of his strength to pull her away from Rodney.

((I really can't do much with Luna, since she belongs to a completely different person who is not even on this site.))

(Rodney turns around revealing Pearl (smash's sister) and The elder (krinkinko's adoptive grandfather) mega tapped on his back)

(wait, did Rodney seriously just ignore Tendril and Inferna's attacks?)

(No he didn't ignore theme they just didn't hurt much)

((And if he turned around, would that mean that one of the two lost grip on Luna or they were both still hanging on to her?))

(((Yes he let go of luna can we get back to the rp)))

((I just needed to make sure because it was getting confusing. Try putting a little more detail next time.))

Smash gasped when he saw Pearl as well. "Pearl! Not you, too!" He yelled. He swung Luna around onto his back, holding her piggyback style. "Hold on tightly." He told her. He reached and grabbed Pearl's arm, trying to pull her towards him.

Krinkinko: (he helped as well and when they were done Rodney spat fire at them)

Smash held the unconscious Pearl in his arms and quickly decended when the fire came at him. He landed on the ground below, and set Pearl down in a safe spot, looking at her sympathetically. He then looked over at Luna. "Take care of her for me.." He said. She got off his back and nodded.

"I will."

Smash managed to give her a small smile, then leaped back into the air and rejoined the fray.

Krinkinko: This guy is crazy strong we need to think of something!

Smash stopped next to Krinkinko. "I would have tried using the 'Mayhem Rubies', but Ven had those..." He looked down and clenched his fist. "First, we need that guy off of him." He was referring to Krinkinko's adoptive Grandfather. "Don't want the old man to get hurt."

(Krininko slashes the tape)

Krinkinko: We might need to fuse!

Smash tore away at the tape on the other side. "We might!" He said, pausing a bit while ripping more tape off. "But we'll see what happens after we get this guy off, first!"

The elder: (Punches Rodney in the face and goes into his super buff form) Take that scum.

(Rodney gets pushed back about two miles)

"This guy ain't no pushover, that's for sure. But I doubt he can fly." He said. "Krink, Take care of him, will ya?" He then flew after Rodney himself.

The elder: Wait up! *flies up too*

Rodney: (Starts to to charge a revenger spirit bomb)

Krinkinko: I'll be right back (1 hour later) okay I got the seven vitago gems!

(He starts transforming further and his spines turn into a mohawk formation and he becomes taller and his fur becomes a very light green and his spots turn purple and multiple by 2)

"Took ya long enough!" Smash yelled at him when he came back. He flew over to him. "What'cha got there?" He watched as he used the Vitago Gems to transform. "Vitago Gems?" This must be the work of that interdimensional Chaos zone Rachel mentioned...He thought. "Well, don't mind if I do." He stood next to him as he began to draw energy from the gems. I've never gone higher than normal super, besides Light. With all this power, will my body even be able to take it? Can I..really do this? He closed his eyes and focused. "Urrrrrrrrrrr.....rrrrrrr...." His hair began flowing as his aura began to flicker and grow. "Rrrrrrr....rrrr...." His body tensed up, and his muscles became visible. His voice began to echo as if he were talking through a microphone. "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!" He began yelling as his aura grew even more intense by the moment. The energy coming from him was beginning to blow everything away, and the ground beneath them began shaking. "UUURRRRRGHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!" His muscles began to grow a bit, and his yelling started to sound painful. "UUURRGHIII-URGH, RRRGHIIII" His hair began to grow longer, and his golden aura slowly changed to green. Emerald green stripes began to appear on his arms and legs. "RRRRGHIIIIIAAAAAAUGH!! RRAAAAAUUUUGH" His yelling turned to screaming, and two spikes grew on the knuckles of each of his hands. "AAHHH...Ahhh...." His screaming died down a bit, until he changed his position and began to release all of his energy at once. "RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGH!!" The aura around him exploded and tripled in size, and the force blowing everything away suddenly got a whole lot stronger. Only Krinkinko was uneffected. Electricity began sparking around his body, and the aura grew even bigger and shot a beam of light directly up into the sky, possibly reaching space. He let out a blinding flash, and when it was all over, Smash was floating besides Krinkinko, an intense aura surrounding him in his newly obtained state. Electricity still sparked around his body, and his muscles had grown to a noticable size.

"I'm sorry that took so much longer than my other forms, but this was a first to me." He said in a more serious tone than usual.

(In krinkinko's newfound stated he kicks Rodney in the crotch)

Smash, in unison with Krinkinko, threw a deadly punch towards Rodney's chest.

(Rodney cried in pain as he started to build armor out of the peices of the tournament)

"That will not be enough to stop us." Smash said in a flat tone. Once the armor was complete, he cracked his knuckles, and then threw another punch at him. He began moving in slow motion, his body glowing like before, and breaking out in high speeds and striking the armor. However, The vibrating glows turned into after images of himself, and then repeated the last part of the skill one by one, altogether striking a total of 5 times. The flash appeared both after the first and last one hit.


Krinkinko: if we don't finish him off he'll just keep screaming! (Him and smash charge a mega spirit bomb)

"Right. Lets put an end to this!" He said. If I use the same concept of the move I just used, Spirit Blast, I should be able to put it in a different form, like an actual blast of sorts. He thought. With that big ball of light Krink's got, I could contribute to that like so, and also put all the Chaos Energy I got in there. He then held up his hands and closed his eyes. "UURRGHII!!" His aura began channeling into the Spirit bomb, growing in size and power.

(Rodney charged at them)

With his eyes closed, Smash didn't notice Rodney charging at them. Suddenly, a flash of light could be seen from below. The light shot up into the air and struck Rodney. Smash opened his eyes to see what had happened. "What..? Pearl!?" The one who struck at Rodney was none other than Smash's own sister, in her own super form. Her fur was flashing light pink, and her body was covered in a soft glow.

"Thought I'd just say 'Thank you'!" She grinned at them.

Smash smiled. That' sis. He thought happily. Rodney came back down to try and counter Pearl's attack, but she managed to block it.

"You're not getting past me!" She said, determined to keep him at bay. "I know what you did to me, you sick FREAK!" She threw a punch towards his chest, striking with a critical blow. He flew back, holding his chest in pain.

"Impossible..." Rodney gasped. "That one punch was stronger than Smash's when he was only super...and she only used the Chaos Emeralds..." He regained his composure and charged at her. He fired a powerful laser at her, which knocked her back. She was hurt, but didn't give up. He then tried to fly past her to get to Smash.

She moved quickly and got in front of him. "This is for Everything!" She yelled as she threw a punch towards his face, then shoved her knee into his nose, then kicked him with her other foot. The kick launched him further up into the air, where she flew up in front of him and caught him. "And for Smash." She let go of him and threw one last punch at him. "Skull CRACKER!" The punch hit his chest, rather than the head, but a slight cracking sound could still be heard as he flew down to the ground below with a crash.

Rodney struggled to stand. "How...?" He coughed. "It seems that I've lost the energy I've taken from that girl..and a few others, too." He looked up, only to see how big the spirit bomb had gotten. Pearl was also floating by their sides, helping them with it.

"I told you..." Smash said from above. "That if you ever laid one finger on my sister..." The aura around him temporarily strengthened with the pause. "Or anyone else in my family...I would make sure that there wasn't even a single MOLECULE of you left."

"For the sake of Mobius, and all the people you've hurt.." Krinkinko began. The aura around him also strengthened with his pause. "We will rid you from the face of existance!" The spirit bomb flashed and began to change to a mystical pinkish color. "Hope you've said your prayers!"

"All together now." Smash coached. The three of them grabbed the spirit bomb, and then hurled it down towards the earth. Rodney was too weakened to dodge something of that size, so he attempted to block it. He managed to hold it up by himself, preventing it from killing him. The spirit bomb stopped right where it was, and the group could hear him cackling at their failure to destroy him.

"He's not dead!?" Krinkinko exclaimed. "How many times do we have to kick his-"

"We'll have to force it back down on him." Smash interrupted. "We'll channel all the rest of our remaining energy supporting our super forms into the spirit bomb. It should be enough to take him out."

"Alright then." Pearl said.

"Lets do it." Krinkinko held his arms forward, followed by Smash and Pearl.

"Haaaaaaa....." Their entire bodies began to glow brightly, as their auras began to flicker.



Their powerful auras became one, and then shot into the spirit bomb together. The spirit bomb grew even larger, and began forcing down on Rodney even harder than before. Rodney ended up falling to one knee, struggling to keep it up. Through one final blast, The trio's whole forms faded away into a bulky blast of energy, heading straight into the Spirit bomb. The blast caused the spirit bomb to grow seemingly too large, and finally explode. The explosion was bright and sparkly, feeling a little more mystical than the usual fiery and smokey explosions. When the light faded away, There wasn't a single trace of Rodney left. And there was a huge crator in the ground. The battle..was over.


"The Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament has finally come to an end." A female blue hedgehog reported on the local news station. "It has been closed down, after the truth behind the tournament was revealed by the local fighter, Smash The Echidna, and a foreign contestant who also joined the tournament, Krinkinko The Hedgehog. The tournament was an evil scheme plotted by a literal monster, who attempted to drain away the energy of the best fighters and the rest of the people of Mobius. I am sure that you all have felt the effects of his efforts, as they were worldwide. The monster was killed this evening by the same people who exposed the truth. Both Smash and Krinkinko have been awarded with medals of honor by the mayor of Green Flower City, for their brave efforts. A medal was also given to other people at the scene who helped the best they could. Pearl The Echidna, Shade "Tendril" Nightwing, Pyra "Inferna" Fireheart, and the elder of Frog village." "At the awards, The heroes gave a speech of honor for their fallen friend: Vendeta Aungel. The man sacrificed himself to save their lives, A hero to the very end. Because of the efforts of these brave warriors, The city, the world, and all within it, are now at peace. This is Clara Alison The Hedgehog reporting to you live at City Hall. Thank you, and good night."

"And now we have news on how to save big money on Christmas Tre-" The TV was then shut off. The remote was laid to rest on the coffee table, as Smash stood up from the couch. "Well, That's that." He said. He looked around the living room. The place was a bit of a mess. It was only natural, though. They did just throw a huge party at his house, celebrating their victory. Now that everyone left, the house felt somewhat empty. Luna had already gone to bed early, as she had been up the entire day. It was just Smash and Pearl awake in the house now. They both exchanged glances, knowing they couldn't leave the house the way it was. They both were sure that they were thinking the same thing, and they were. They both got right to work, cleaning the place up. It wasn't until nearly midnight that they finished. Once they were done, they were just about ready to head to bed. Pearl began to walk up the stairs to her room.


Pearl stopped, and looked behind her. "What is it?" She asked curiously. She noticed the solemn look on his face.

"Do you..." He paused, looking down at the floor. "..Do you hate me for trying to replace our parents...when they passed away? rather have gone to an orphanage than have me try to raise you..?"

Pearl blinked. She was rather shocked at the question. "Smash...What on earth made you think that?" She asked.

"Well...I dunno." He said, looking to the side. "Ya see, well, When I was fighting in that tournament..I fought one of that guy's minions..his son, to be exact." He paused for a bit. "He shapeshifted to look like you, somehow..and he told me that I couldn't possibly hope to replace our parents.." He looked up at her. "Sorry, I know it sounds kinda weird and pathetic coming from me. Even though I knew it wasn't you...It still...It was still painful, the thought of my own sister I tried so hard to take care of..hate my guts."

Pearl was silent. She hadn't realized how much pain he had been going through the whole time. Not only did he almost lose her 3 times, but having the thought of her turn her back on him would have had him more than just heartbroken.

"..N-nevermind." Smash said with a shrug. "It was an odd, stupid question anywa-" He was cut off by a sudden hug from his sister.

"Oh, Smash. Don't listen to anything anyone else says about me, even if they do look like me." She said softly. Smash hugged her back, closing his eyes with a smile. "Because the truth is, I'm very grateful to you, bro. You've always looked after me, protected me, and trained me so that I could help myself. I don't think that you were replacing Mom and Dad..I believe that you were just picking up where they left off." She rested her head on his shoulder. "You were never selfish about anything towards me, and you always did everything you could for my sake. No one could ever ask for a better big brother. And Mom and Dad would be proud..."

For the first time in years, a tear fell from Smash's eye. After knowing that his efforts were not only successful, but greatly appreciated as well, His heart was finally at ease.

"If anyone tells you otherwise" Pearl pulled away from him. "Sock em one!" She grinned. "And give em one for me, too."

Smash laughed a bit. "Don't need to tell me twice!" He patted her shoulder with a big smile on his face. "C'mon, its been a long day. Lets go to bed."

"Alright then. But I'm the first one in the shower, okay?"

The two of them walked upstairs together to wash up for bed. Soon, all the lights in the house went off, and everything went silent as they went to sleep.

The end

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