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dOh noes! Selenia got in a horrible accident and got sever damage to the brain! (man I love tormenting her like this! >:D) She need's your help to help her along her horrible accident and to save the moon, which out of nowhere, got seperated into 2 pieces! which has a mysterious history to Selenia's accident..

I hope to see many of you join! remember it's never too late! :DSelenia the cat is who I really am... my fate is sealed... 07:27, September 12, 2010 (UTC)





People who try to help Selenia or protect her from hunters and killers and gain her memories back

  • Temporal the Cat (Played by Nero)
  • Selenia the Porcuidna, dead mother, helps her as a spirit (Played by 2315)
  • Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog, Main characters (Played by 2315)
  • J the Hedgehog, wants to protect Selenia, no matter the cost; he also needs to find the Crystaline Emeralds to bring back Selenia's mother (played by JohnnyD)
  • N the Hedgehog, also wants to protect Selenia, but can get involved into accidents (playyed by JohnnyD)
  • Mazda, Alice, and Ray played by Wh!te$tar
  • Darthoridan the Hedgehog,(played by Night) selenia's fiance, will do anything to help help her even at the cost of his life.
  • Drathradien the Darkhog(played by Night)
  • The Flower Garden (a group of sextuplet Echinda girls with flower names.) [1LugiaLover]
  • Violet (one of the flower garden girls)
  • Paisley (another)
  • Rose (the oldest)
  • Mint (another)
  • Pansy (another)
  • Petunia (second oldest)
  • Annamaria(Played by Hikaru)
  • Wren The Echidna (played by Blackthorn4)
  • Ming-Ming the Panda (Played by Famotill)
  • Abumi Anko the Panda (Played by Famotill)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (played by anyone)
  • Gregory (Greg) the Chameleon [1LugiaLover]
  • Bladez the Hedgehog (played by Bladez the Hedgehog)
  • Lewis the Fox (played by Bladez the Hedgehog)
  • Leo the Cat (played by Bladez the Hedgehog)
  • Tihana the Chinchilla (played by Gwen/Crystal)
  • Gwen the Mouse (Played by Gwen/Crystal)
  • Lunarii (Played by Artemis)
  • Kyuhex (Played by Artemis)
  • Maploak (Played by Artemis)
  • Leona the Lioness (played by 1LugiaLover)
  • Gale the Hawk (played by 1LugiaLover)
  • Luvenia Evanosky (2315)
  • Mecha Sadie, unlike N, she rarely makes mistakes (Already destroyed)
  • Nuts and Bolts the Robo Sonics; unknown (Super Guy)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Selenia's brother (if i recall) and just wants to take care of his family)(played by SHADOW THE HEDGHOG if not taken by anyone else yet or if not played by lightning)
  • Endac the Hedgehog, Endac's pokes, and Endac's 3 pet dragons (working with shadow)(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Rebekah the Hedgehog (Endac's Fiance)(where ever he goes, she follows)(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Caden the Chao and Rebby the Chao (chao versions of Endac and Rebekah)(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Jango the FoxMorph(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog(shadow's wife)(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Flab the Demonhog (played by RandomFlab 2)
  • Liam the Cat (Super Guy)


People who want to capture Selenia and/or heal her, help her, or use her powers for evil

  • Darkning "Sekebua" the Hedgehog, Selenia's evil half stuck inside her (played by 2315)
  • Zulto Beltz (played by Xab, trying to find his own past..)
  • Mason the Otter(played by blackthorn4)
  • Lilly, Clang, Cammy, and Lucifer the chaos (a small fmily of chaos that Knuckles brings with him. they each have a special power) [1LugiaLover]
  • Grim the Wyvern and Team Cryptid (played by Bladez the Hedgehog)
  • Blues the Squirrel (a sky blue squirrel always happy to help others) [1LugiaLover]
  • Fang the Wolf ( a white timber wolf banished from his pack for reasons unknown)[1LugiaLover]
  • Dr. Eggman and his SWATbots; a Hunter; also wishes to stop Jackson and Moonwatch as well (he even wants to roboticize Selenia; played by anyone
  • Macabre the Hedgehog; intentions are unknown (Super Guy)
  • Hecle the Bat(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Ghost the Hedgehog (Looking for more siblings XD) (KHGenesis651)


People who want to kill Selenia, Get to Selenia, or hurt her in any way possible.Since this is their chance to use her.

  • King Jackson the Hedgehog (Played by 2315)
  • Darkness "Moonwatch" The hedgehog (played by 2315)
  • Mephiles the dark (anyone)
  • LE-832 Essyal(2315, but anyone can play as him)
  • Ookamoni the Demon Wolf(Wh!te$tar, but you guys can play him too)
  • Vanish the Chameleon [1LugiaLover]
  • Strike the Cat [1LugiaLover]
  • The Trolls (anyone)


Selenia somehow gets hurt in an acciddent involving to moon it's self. Now Selenia's job is to remember everything about her and help the moon be restored by the 2 seperate pieces from outer space. Selenia and her friends must help her and protect her from th Hunters, Killers, snd Villains that try to get to Selenia before it's too late for her and everyone on the planet.

Selenia floating, looking down at the water, looking for her reflection. She is also in her Moon spirit form.



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Character's Voice

Something that allows the character to say a small part about what will happen, like a movie or book.

Selenia: I was only 15 when this happened to me...I was living a life of a killer...I was all alone....with no one to talk to...All of that changed when I met a brave hero called Sonic the hedgehog and his friends....then I found that I had a brother named Shadow the hedgehog...I started to know more things...I started to change. These people, I owe my life to...After a year, I became 16. I made 2 more Ultimate Lifeform brothers...J and N the hedgehog....then I met a fun fox friend named Twister Prower...I started to fall in love with a brave shadowhog Darthoridan the hedgehog...then I had a small crush on Mazda the Angel hedgehog....but he soon broke my heart...

I am Lightning "Selenia" the hedgehog, but I don't go by Lightning...My father King Jackson killed my mother Selenia when I was a very young child...and I alway's had the horrible seen in my head. I weeped for days and months...I then decided to call myself honor of my mother and the moon. My name meant "Shining moon" in japanese...Which made me a part of the moon. I never knew it, but after I changed my name, I started seeing weird spirits of the dead...I began to protect the Moon, Spirit world, and Living world all at the same time.

I always made new friends...So many friends I can't count them all...They made me realize that I was part of the world...and I was loved and cared for...I never let my friends suffer the way I did, because then I would keep fighting and fighting like no other princess has faught before for their friends and family...Hi, I am Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog, this was my closest death ever and my most horrifying accident, And this is my story.

Part 1: The Emotional, Stressful Accident


After Dark English sing-a-long

Selenia's Theme.This is the beginning of the RP, and my favorite Japanese song! bleach fans, do ya 'member this song? ;D

Selenia (Moon Spirit Form): I trusted you...I cared for you...I believed in you...I healed you...I did everything for you...I loved you...I needed you...and betray me?! You killed the hope I once had?! You think that it was worth it?! Because of ruined my life....Now you destroyed the moon! I will get you...and I will kill you...*starts to glow as bright as the sun its self, then she tries her best to put the moon back into 1 piece. but fails.* MY HEALER! PLEASE BE ALRIGHT! AND IM SORRY! but I couldn't save you in time...*as she turns back to normal, she has severe damage to the brain, leaving her bleeding to death*

Meanwhile, Everyone is watching Tv, until they turn to the news and see Selenia in an this shocks everyone

*News reporter in Drathradien, Drathoridan, J, N, Temporal, Mazda, Ray, and Alice's houses

News reporter: A flash breaking news! there has been a mysterious girl named Lightning "Selenia" the hedgehog has been seen on the middle of the road, bleeding to death in the head. The princess is being transported to the hospital as we speak, remaining to fight for her life until the 2 hour surgery has happened. Another flashing news is that the moon has been Split in two! Locals say this might have had a mysterious part in the young girls fight. Other locals say that they've seen a weird yellow moon spirit trying to risk him/her self by reviving the moon. this is very urgent news. We will continue again after the break. (comercials start)

N: No...!

J: Selenia....! [clutches his chest] No!! [runs off to the hospital]

N: J? Where are you going?! J!!! [groans] Man, he's so stubborn... it's like he's not himself anymore... I'd use Chaos Control to stop him, but without a Chaos Emerald, I'm not as powerful as my brother. Figures...

(With J, he makes it to the hospital. Before he makes a frantic search, the doctor takes him into the waiting room as he waits for Selenia. He was gravely worried)

(in the waiting room, they see Alice, Mazda, and Ray waiting with them)

Alice: J? N? Hey, how are you?

N: [to Alice] I'm here. I don't know why, but J's acting all hysterical. It's like he's not him anymore...

Ray: Perhaps it's due to the inbalance created from a double moon.

Mazda: *hit him on the head* Stop trying to sound smart!!!

N: I dunno.... I guess that was because J had a really strong bond to Selenia.

Mazda: Maybe. Hmmm, I wonder how she's doing.

Ray: Probably broken. I mean, she is the moon, and thr moon's broken.

(N starts getting upset)

Alice: Auuuu. Ray, not helping!!!

N: [to Ray, stepping in front of him] If you're not going to help, shut up.

Mazda: Fighting solves nothing. Alice, haven't you learnt a few healing spells?

Alice: A little. Enough to repair a few bones and internal injuries.

Doctor: *comes out* She's perfectly fine,but She was near death.Selenia is going to wake up in a few minutes...She has amnesia,so she might not remember you as well...*opens the door where selenia is, and lets everyone in*


Moonwatch: remember Selenia....the one and only person who killed your Mazda the hedgehog and N the hedgehog...remember....

Selenia: *slowly breathing, *

Moonwatch: you are fight the pain and save yourself....before N and Mazda get to you...

Paisley: Hey Pansy, how do you think Violet feels with a broken leg?

Pansy: Well, as sure as my fur is yellow, i think she's a little upset, not being able to explore with us.

Rose: .......

Mint: What's with you, Rose? you' haven't said a word since we decided to visit Violet.

Poppy: Yeah. Why are you like this all of a sudden, this isn't you!

(Back with J, after he hears the news from the doctor, he walks inside the room where Selenia is)

Moonwatch: *disappears in thin air, not letting J know that he was even there*

Selenia: *lying on the bed, breathing slowly with the air tube* .......

J: [looks at Selenia] Selenia...

Selenia: *moving a bit, but still breathing slowly*

J: ! [carefully approaches torwards her before sitting nex tto Selenia (N is outside of the room where Selenia and J are, and is keeping guard)]

Alice: Oh Selenia: *takes out flowers and vase* We were worried about you...

Selenia: *touches J's hand, seems to hold his hand*

J: [carefully holds onto Selenia's hand, gives her a small, but emotional smile]

Mazda; What the...

Selenia: *slowly wakes up, then looks at everyone with confusion* W-where am..I...? A-Am I...dead...?

J: Heh... you're okay, Selenia... [kisses Selenia in the cheek] And you're in a hospital.

Ray: You're not dead. Just in a hospital bed.

Alice: We were worried for quite some time*hands her flowers*


Anna:(Bumps into N outside the room)Opps,so sorry!

N: [gets bumped] It's all right.

Selenia: I can't remember your names...but I can remember you all a little bit-*sees Anna, with surpised expression* A-anna...

J: It's me, J. Your older brother?

Alice: Don't worry, friends are bonded by fate. Nothing ca break that. She'll remember soon.

Selenia: I remember you all...but not that much...Ray...Alice...Mazda...J...N...and Anna...! I thought She died...but I can see her over there...*points to anna*

J: N's outside. And Anna...? [turns to see Anna]

Selenia: Anna...*growls in pain a bit* I'm trying to remember...but She's is my Cousin...since she's shadow's cousin...

J: Oh... [notices Selenia's in pain, comforts her by gently stroking her hair] Man... I've never seen you getting hurt like this, Selenia...

Selenia:...It's what I have to do...when Im protecting 3 worlds...*giggles a bit, then turns into a frown* I...I try to I fail...*tears swell up* I fail as a guardian...

J: [becomes sad] Don't say that, Selenia.... you're a great guardian... at least you tried your best... [gently wipes off Selenia's tears]

(in Violet's room)

Violet: Hey gals! doctor says i can leave but i need crutches.

Pansy: Ok!


Violet: What's eating you?

Rose: You really want to know? I saw what happened on the news. and i fear that something may be wrong. i suggest we tell Knuckles.

Violet: you always wanna tell brother about every little unnatural thing tha happens...

Rose: i'm serious this time!

Wren: (at someone eles bedside,turns his head)Knuckles? you know him?

Paisley: You're ALWAYS serious! Knuck;es said we should lie low untill he comes if we found something!

Rose: yeah, but what if it is to late by the time he comes! i have a feeling in my mind that something bad will happen if we don't take action now!

  • arguemant carries out into the hall*
  • Rose: *notices Wren* oh.. yeah, he's our older brother.

Mazda: What're they agruing about out there?

Alice: Auuuu. If they aren't quiet hospital securitie's gonna get them.

Rose: Sorry. it's just..... promise to keep a secret?

Selenia: *trying to get up* Im getting out of here...I don't do well in hospitals...*gets up, but suddenly falls because of weakness* ow...

J: ! [grabs Selenia] Easy there, Selenia. Here, lemme help. Chaos Heal! [heals Selenia, restoring her strength and sealing her wounds]

Selenia: Please don't! *gets in more pain* I don't have powers anymore! I can't survive on Chaos energy anymore! I have had my punishment! please!

J: ! [abruptly stops using Chaos Heal] I-I-I'm sorry...!

Selenia: I-I-It's's my fault for not telling you...*gets back in bed* I...don't have powers anymore...*saddens alot*

J: Oh.... [looks down sadly] I didn't know... now what am I gonna do, Selenia?

Selenia: I-I don't know J...but please, I wan't all of you to stop worrying about my condiction, I could die If I don't get the help I need...*kisses J on the cheek* Please go home, I want you to know that I'm okay...

J: [gets kissed on the cheek by Selenia and gives her a comforting hug] Okay.... Please be careful, Selenia.


Wren: Huh. Oh well. (Turns back to the bed) You ok Mason?

Mason: Yeah, I'm fine. But next time, remind me not to race with you.

Wren: Heh. ya. I heard those people say somthing aout somthing being unnatural happing.

Mason: Yeah, Well half the moon is missing. Didn't you notice that when you walked over here!?

Wren: I teleported!

Mason:I suggest we look in to this.

Wren: You sure you can with that broken leg?

Mason: You just healed it ten miniutes ago!

Wren: Oh.Right.(pulls mason out of the bed.) Ready?

Mason:Oh yeah!

Wren: Chaos control! (after that...)

Rose: Why don't we go home and tell Knuckles?

Violet: because. remember what mom said bafore..... she... you know...

Rose: *sighs*

  • all of them* Lay low untill it is time to take action.

Rose: Hmph! *walks out of the hospital*

Violet: *mutters* just like her....

Mint: how about we go home? she is possibly going to her special place to calm down.

Violet: fine. i need to practice my crutches anyway

(somewhere unknown...) why did you have to leave..... so soon.......? you did the best you could to prepare us for our destinies, but i don't think it was enough..... *looks up at the clouds* .....we just weren't ready...... *looks at a photo of her mom* and why didn't you tell us where dad went? i only remember one thing about him.....*flashback* Rose's dad: Rose, honey... what ever happens to you or the girls, i want you to stay strong. don't give in, that's what your shadow soul wants you to do... *turns around and walks away, not looking back* Child Rose: Daddy! wait! come back!!!

Violet: *walks out of the room on her crutches, along with Mint, Pansy, Paisly, and Petunia.*

Paisley: let's go home, Rose is probably there by now.

Rose: *flashback ends* *cries and runs home*

(Back in Selenia's room)

Ann:Hey Selenia...

Selenia:'s been awhile...


(Wren and Mason appear on a grassy hill next to a bunch of ruins)

Wren:(streching) I love teleporting....

Mason: (Wobbleing around)I hate teleporting.....(shakes his head) Where are we anyway?

Wren: At the temple of the moon. I think it's a good place to start.

Mason: How did you know about this temple?

Wren: Well i've stolen some artifacts from here!

Mason:(facepalm)anyway..(walks up and starts to examine some ruins)

Wren: (looking at the ruins too)(Notices carving of Selenia on a wall)Hey,hey,hey! lookie-here Mason.

Mason:Hey,Wren. That's the girl who was on tv ! The one who got that head injury!

Wren: Now that you metion it, your right! And she got hurt the same day the moon Broke!

Mason: Now we're getting somewhere! I Suggest we look for this girl. She might have the awnseres we need!

Wren: Alright! (touches etching of selenia) Chaos Track! (Wren And Mason Dissapear)

(on the other side of the temple)

Greg: Oooohh! Walls! wallls! WAAAALLLLSS!!! *goes up against a wall of the temple and puts his head against it, then backs up and crashes througght it, creating a huge hole and a gigantic boooom!*

Greg: all this crashing through walls is making me thirsty. I know! i can go visit The Flower Garden! they have juice! ^_^ *runs off*

(meanwhile at Mazda's house)

Mazda: Man, two thousand years and you kids are as reckless as ever. What's she thinking just leaving like that?

(Selenia's room)

Anna:What do you mean I died?I'm standing right here.

(Wren and Mason appear in the room, but in the air, they fall)



Wren: Well it was better than the last time I used Chaos Track. (looks around and see's everyone staring at him and mason)

Opps! sorry for intruding Ladies, but do any of you happen to Know a Selenia?

Rose: *walks in, eyes are slightly reed and puffy from crying* Oh i see you're busy. i'll come back later. *closes door*

Selenia: Yes...I am Selenia, what happenned?

Wren: Heh.heh. a well you see the moon broke and being a gaurdian of the Vortex Emerald i kinda hafta help someone fix it.

Mason: And a carving at the Temple of the moon shows a carving of you so we thought you might be the one.

Selenia: Yes..I am the Moon's spirit...But I can not help you...My powers are disabled...All I can do is heal until I can die because of the moon's split self...But If you take me out of here, I can give you anything you want...I can't stay here, and I don't want anyone else worrying about me...

(The doctors comes back and tells the visitors to let Selenia rest)

Wren:But she wants out! And Medcine won't help!

Mason: Listen to the Doc. man.

Wren: No! I'm taking her to the Vortex Emerald Wether they want me to or not!(leaves)

Part 2: The unbalanced Moon and Spirit

at The Flower Garden's Home)

Greg: *sluuurrrrrppp* thanks for the orange juice, Petunia!

Petunia: no prob, Greg!..... even though you did break down one of our walls.... 0_0

Mint: Hey Petunia, have you seen Rose? she is usually back by this time and i checked the small cliff where she hangs out alone and she wasn't there.

Petunia: nope. not since she left the hospital.

Pansy: guys! i found a note in her room! it says she is going to see if she can find dad. doesn't know how long she will be gone, Violet, you're in charge. i know it might not be the best time, but you deserve it.

Violet:...... let me see the ink.

Pansy: *hands Violet the note*

Violet: this is fresh, she shouldn't be that far.

(doorbell rings)

mazda: Hey, anyone there!

Paisley: i wonder who that could be? *walks to door and opens it* hello? may i help you?

Mazda: We're here to help.

(Someone ask who we are. It'll be lol!)

(Selenia walking the street all alone, She wanders and Sees Mazda and Paisley, She then runs as fast as she can, only leaving a blur)

Selenia: lucky me I only have my ability to run...

Paisley: ok... but who are you? you look familiar....

Selenia: *she then goes near a tree, and starts to chant* As the wind goes by, as the light grows dark, I need my powers back, I need your help, let yin and yang be together...grant me this wish...Release my powers...*as she ends the chant, Many lightning bolts strike at the tree, making everyone gazing at it with shock, leaving Selenia helpless on the ground*

Mazda: *about to talk but Ray says* We got this.

(evil music starts to play)

Alice: To protect the world from devastation...

Ray: To unite all peoples in our nastion

Mazda: No No NOOOOOO!!! I'm Mazda, and those two are Ray and Alice. Man, seriously?&nbsp

(lol Team Rocket refrence XD)

Paisley: *runs up to Selenis* OMG! ARE YOU OK?!

Mazda: Selenia! What happened?

Selenia: *notices her* please...don't come near...I just came out of sergury and I got electricuted...I dont want to go back...nothing will save me...

Wren: (Apppears)...Track! Selenia! That's it! (grabs selenia) Chaos...

Mazda: Oh no you dont!!! (takes Selenbia with scythe) That's no way to treat a lady.

Selenia: !!!

Paisley: FLOWER.... STORM! *sends a tornado of petals in Wren's face, the warps him leaving a scent of Mullberry*

Selenia: *as Wren rips off a piece of selenia's stomach piece, it is shown that she has a weird symbol of power* Oh no...!

Ray: *takes swords and jumps in* You're asking for trouble

Alice: *jumps in with her ginormous fans* And make it double trouble!

Mazda: What the??? What's wrong with you guys today???&nbsp

At The Vortex Emerald

Wren: ...Control! Jeez! I hate it when peple asume i'm a bad guy!(puts Selenia on the Vortex Emerald,Wren begins to chant) The Servers are the seven chaos, I Exist to unifiy the Chaos!, Chaos is the power enriched by the Soul! CHAOS HEAL!

Selenia: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT HANDLE CHAOS ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets in pain*

Wren: (Omg,Stops),teleports her back)

Alice: *trhrows fans like frisbees at Wren*

Rat: *charges in with sheild and sword*

Mazda: *Turns to Judgement Form*

Sekebua: ENOUGH! *swipes selenia, then stops Wren, Ray, Alice, and Mazda* that's no way to treat a dead spirit! *disappears with Selenia to an unknown place, no one can find them*

Paisley: ..... *note appears in her hands* huh? *reads it* Where is rose? *writes on other side* Went to find dad. *releases it into the wind* Knuckles is here.

Alice: He, you get back here! Auuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Mazda: Paisley, what's that?

Wren: Sorry.. about that..I thought..(to himself) I have failed again Aurora.(Dissappears)

Moonwatch: *appears in the shadow's* You all have gotten quite Worried for Selenia...Selenia isn't used to that much attention...

Alice: *gasps*

Ray: Who the heck are you!

???: Hello, guys! looks like we came just in time! *a red figure appears and 4 small chaos stand beside him*

Mazda: *thinking to himself* Those emeralds. I knew it...

Knuckles: How are my little sisters?

Paisley: Knuckles! it's been a while! *runs up and hugs her brother*

Moonwatch: I dont want any of you going next to Selenia...After all the pain she is going threw, after losing all those memories...You all should give her a break

Knuckles: now's not the time Paisley. *faces Moonwatch* So it's Moonwatch, right? i've heard about you..

Moonwatch: Same to you...your the closest guardian friend to Selenia...too bad that will all vanish in a second...*looks at the moon*

Knuckles: What are you up to this time?

Alice: Oh? You're Knuckles? Huh, I thought you'd be taller. I also thought so about Ryan Seacrest, but oh well...

Knuckles: -.-#

Mazda: Enough Alice. Moonwatch, why are you here!

Selenia: *appears in front of them, in protection* Don't...get near him...*with an angered voice*

Moonwatch: Your too will die..

Alice: *steps in and blocks Selenia with Chaos Fan* That's a hollow promise! And you're pathetic.

Lilly: Sneeze bomb! *throws flowers full of sneezing powder on Moonwatch8

Clang: Iron's Ring! *makes a horrible screeching noise with a hammer and a sheet of iron*

Selenia: *gets in front, as she absorbs it* Think again...*turns to Moonwatch* Sneeze bomb! Iron's Ring! *makes it 5x stronger*

Moonwatch: *absorbs it* best ya can do?!

Alice: As if!!! *hitys him ewith the fans, then blows him away with rthem*

(uknown to them all is that Zulto Beltz is watching...)

Zulto: Loss of, could something similar to this happen to me...and is that why I dont know WHO I am??? I must find out.

(gee, where have we heard that before??? *jeopardy theme*)

The Flower Garden: FLOWER RAIN! *link hands and sharp rose thorns fall on Moonwatch REALLY sharp ones.*

Selenia: *as everything changes around her* You have interfered too much!

Moonwatch: hmph...

Zulto; *watching* wha? Is..that what happend to me?? and if so, then what did I look liek...before?

(The security officers grabs Moonwatch and takes him away from the hospital and takes him to prison so that Selenia can rest)

(gtg 2 bed guys! goodnight! :/ `LugiaLover)

Selenia: Mazda....take everyone somewhere else...*looks at him, with her eyes white* things are going to get explody...*smiles* I-Im sorry everyone...this might be the last time you see me...

Mazda: Hmmmm. C'mon guys! *takes them to his house*I live in Apotos** We'll have to help her later.

??:Theres not gonna be a next time idiot. Are you not listening to her words?!

Selenia: T-That voice...

Mazda: Oh yes there will. She's too strong to die....And you are???&nbsp

???:Darthoridan the hedgehog, and she may be too strong for others to kill her but its her killing herself(jumps in front of selenia)Dont do this. Please...

Mazda: Then only strength of heart can save her. Let's go guys.

Selenia: Oh....Darth....

Darthoridan: Please...think of the kids....

Selenia: I have to...otherwise everything will is what I vowed...for everyone I love...including you...

Darthoridan: There has to be another way.

Selenia: I can survive...but if I have my powers back...

Darthoridan: What....?

Selenia: in an accident...And Now I don't have any powers anymore...

Darthoridan: Then take mine at least its something....

Selenia: But what about you?! I don't want you to die! *tears swell up*

Darthoridan: I wont die my powers and life force are barely related

Selenia: *kisses him softly* I love you...and if anything happens to me, please...use the emeralds to bring me back...

Darthoridan: I dont know how to ive never touched an emrald letalone used it

Selenia: you will know...I love you...

Darthoridan:..if you go through with this...i wont be around when you do...

(Back with J and N, they have left the hospital.)

N: Now what, J?

J: Gotta find the Crystaline Emeralds, and wish to repair that [points to the moon that was split in half] moon.

N: Oh. Want me to help?

J: [nods no to N] No. This is a solo mission for me.

N: What?! But why, J??

J: Selenia and I have a lot of common. Even if you do help me, without your Chaos powers inside of you, you're powerless against the dangers that lies ahead. And even with the Chaos Emerald, you're not one of the ULF silbings, but rather a non-UFL step sibling, remember that. I just don't want you to get hurt because of the lack of your Chaos powers.

N: Oh.... [shrugs] Right, so I should find robo-sis Sadie, then...

J: Do as you wish, N. I'll see you later, and try not to get hurt, okay?

N: Right. [runs off]

(As N runs off, J walks off to find the Crystaline Emeralds. Back with Selenia and Darthoridan...)

Selenia: It's my job...

Darthoridan:(turns around and silently walks away, tears in his eyes)...

Selenia: *goes in front, and wipes his tears* I will live..for you and everyone else...I promise...*wipes his tears*

Darthoridan:(faint smile)....(kisses)

Selenia: *kisses*

Darthoridan:(pulls away and leaves)

Selenia: I love you...

Part 3: Prayer's Request

(With J, he searches for the Crystaline Emerald to wish the moon to be repaied so Selenia can be alive again. So far, he has yet to find one of the emeralds and has no choice but to rest behind a tree until he can start searching again)

J: [sighs] No luck... and I'm getting tired. I can't keep on seeing Selenia suffer like this... I'm not going to take a stand and watch my friends, and my relatives, suffer through like this. This has to end now. I'll probably see Selenia in my sleep and ask her if the repaired moon would bring her back... but what if it doesn't? What if she still dies either way? [shrugs] And to think my Chaos Heal is supposed to heal her. Instead, it only made her worse.... [looks down sadly] What kind of a brother am I? I heal people, yet I end up hurting them.... [falls asleep]

Selenia: *transforms into Moon Spirit Selenia* Creator of the first wave! Creator of darkness! Please here me! Please go back into your original stage! and please save all I love! As your guardian and Spirit, Please help me! *light, water, and dark surround her, as it shoots onto the sky, making the news reporters record this*

(J is still asleep peacefully, despite all of his harsh emotion he got when he's witnessing Selenia's second near death)

J: [still sleeping]

(Meanwhile, Everyone (excluding J and N) at Mazda's house look at the news, hoping for their friend to be okay...*including Darth*)

News: Live news! The Moon Spirit has returned to Reverse the accident that happened to the moon, but it seems not enough! Everyone is now praying for the life of the Moon and Spirit, But it looks like the moon isn't moving one bit! this is very interesting folks! this is the second Clash we had with the moon since Space colony ARK threatened us! Lets just pray that all will turn out okay!

Selenia (Mom): Selenia...honey, please listen!

MS Selenia: Mom...?!

Selenia: (Mom): Im very proud of you....You must survive to protect your children, and take good care of them...Many people care about you Selenia...Now it's your turn, to show them how much you love them...*fades away*

Selenia: Mom...I will...*becomes over confident* Okay! Now it's time to kick it up! *beam becomes stronger, then stronger* Chaos....HEAL! *throws a huge beam to the moon, healing it as fast as she can*

J: [abruptly wakes up] Who-za-what now?! What's going on?! [looks at the moon and sees that it's being repaired] What the--?

(With Mazda, Ray and Alice...)

Mazda: This is interesing.

Ray: *changes channel* Hey Soul Eater!!!

Alice: Change it...change it...change...huh. This is a good show.

Moon: *healing begins*

Selenia: I will protect the earth...I will protect the spirit...i will protect the moon...And I WILL protect my family and friends...

5 minutes later, a huge shockwave hits the whole entire earth, making the moon one whole again

J: [sees a shockwave hurtling torwards him] Oh no....! [braces for impact as he grabs ahold onto a tree, then gets blasted away by the shockwave] WAHHHH!!!!

Selenia: *Her shockwave heals all the damage caused by the moon, then repairs the tree with J in it*

J: [groans as he lifts and moves the tree out of the way to see Selenia (althoug barely, since he was dazed from the blast caused by a shockwave)] S-Selenia...?

Selenia: *healing the world*

J: [looks around; thinking] What's happening to Mobius...? I wish I can find out, but man, I'm so dizzy, I can barely walk, let alone crawl. Guess I'll have to wait until my dizziness wears off. I just hope N is all right... [closes eyes and goes back to sleep until his dizziness wears off]

Selenia: *Growling, struggling to keep the world* I know I can do it..! It's my...job! *a huge blast comes, making mobius the same like before, except for Selenia*

Sekebua: Hm?! It's like...the world changed under a minute...

Selenia: *lying down*

Anna:Selenia!(Runs to her)Just hold on,I'll take you somewhere.(Sniffs air)J's here too?(Put Selenia on her back and ran to where J slept)There he is!(Puts Selenia down and gentley shakes J)J?You ok?

J: [wakes up] H-Huh? Yeah... I am... [gets up to his feet]

Anna:Thank goodness!(Smiles)

J: [chuckles] Yeah. Where's Selenia? Is she okay?

Anna:She's right here(Points to Selenia next to her)I saw a light and pretty soon,I saw her pass out,so I helped her and carried her here when I smelled you.

J: Oh... [looks at Selenia]

Anna:Aright,you two can stay at my place so you can rest up,its not much but anyplace is as good as any.

J: [nods] Okay.

(somewhere unknown)

Rose: this is where i last saw dad... what did mom say his name was? i think it was something like William. *sits for a moment, listening to the wind*

???:*ruslte, snap!*

Rose: huh? who's there!? *clenches fists*

???: are you sure this is the place you dropped it? you're always losing that thing...

???: positive. i know my acorn necklace is around here. i just gotta find it. it was a gift from Wendy!

???: i know. hey? who's that over there?

???: huh?

Rose: my name is Rose. Rose the echidna.

???: my name is Fang.

???: and i'm Blues!

  • from behind some bushes, a blue squirrel and a white timber wolf step forward*

Blues: hey, you haven't happen to see anacorn necklace around here have you?

Rose: *looks up because something made a leaf fall* Oh, it's up in the tree!

Blues: Yay! thanks! *climbs up tree lickety split* Got it!

Fang: can we go now?

Blues: fine. fine. *turns to Rose* Well, maybe we'll see you around, Rose!

Fang: *under breath* not bloody likely..

Rose: ok. well, bye! *waves to them as they run off*

(At Ann's house)

Ann:Here it is,home sweet home!

J: Cool! Too bad N couldn't come to see this...

Anna:(Unlock door)Its not that great.(Opens door and enters)Please have a set.And you can rest Selenia on the couch while I go get a sheet for her.(Runs to other room)

J: Okay. [carries Selenia and puts her onto a couch so she can rest]

Knuckles: ..... Violet, you have any clue where Rose may have went?

Violet: no... she just said she was going to look for dad...

Knuckles: that can't be good.

Violet: ? what do you mean?

Knuckes: Never mind, you don't need to know.

Lilly: Knuckels, i think you should tell her.

Knuckles: No Lilly. let her find out on her own.

Both; *walk away*

Violet: ......................

(at Mazda's house)

Alice: Auuuuuu. *watching the moon* I don't care what you say Mazda. I'm finding Knuckles and Violet and Lily. I'm tired of standing around.

Mazda: *takes out scythe* I couldn't agree more.

Ray: *face turning red* Mazdaaaaaaaaa.

(looks down to see his scythe stabbed his foot. Takes it out and says)

Mazda: Ray, you're a wimp.

Ray: Ksaaaaaaaaa!!!!

(a few blocks away, at Greg's house [wich has lots of holes in the walls 0_0 XD])

Clang: Well, i guess Greg will watch you for a bit, kids.

Cammy: ok!

Lucifer: yay!

Greg: Let's watch some tv kids!

Both: yaaaaay! *run to the living room*

Clang: i'll be back after i find Pailsey and the others. make sure they take a nap around 2:00.

Greg: ok! see ya later, Clang!

Clang: bye! *walks away*

Greg: *closes door, goes to living room and puts on cartoon network*

(Ray breaks through door)

Ray: ZOMG!!!! I love cartoons!!!

Mazda: Uhh, sorry guys.

Greg: *in mind* wow.... from the other side... that's actually pretty annoying! (XD Family Guy Referance lol)

Alice: We're so sorry.

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Greg: can i help you with something?

Mazda: Yeah, we're going to go help Selenia. Wanna come?

Greg: depends. is this gonna be "baby chao friendly"? i have to watch Cammy and Lucifer.

Mazda: Errrr, how should I know? It isn't exactly safe...

Greg: why don't you ask Leona and Gale? they're at the park racing with extreme gear.

(Back with J, Selenia and Anna at Anna's house, J watches Selenia)

J: [looks at Selenia] ...

Selenia: *Wakes up, and see's J with confusion* W-who are you...Where am I...who am I...?

J: I'm J... and you're Selenia... You don't remember..?

Selenia: No...All I remember was being angry about something...then I had to save a planet...and there were these voices in my head...I can't remember a thing...

J: Hmmm... [gets an idea] Maybe this will help refresh your memory. [gives Selenia a picture, consisting J and Selenia (and that they are great siblings)]

Selenia: *looks at the picture, then looks at J* I...kinda remember you...only I can remember a sibling who is just like you...*looks at him directly with her eyes white*

J: Yeah... Bolt...

Selenia: All I the past...where I was born...that's all....but it was nice meeting you...even though I already met you...*hugs him, then walks out, even though she doesn't have balance* It was nice meeting ya, tiger *wink*

J: Heh. Be careful, Selenia... [leaves]

Selenia: I, I will...(runs off at superspeed)


(In a tree)


Sekebua: Well well, it's my future husband...


Sekebua: Tell much do you love her?

Darthoridan: Words cannot describe my love for selenia...or my hatred for you.

Sekebua: I am just a seperate of her

Darthoridan: You are not the selenia i fell in love with...

Sekebua: Well, Im going to tell you right now...Selenia has lost her memory by using her powers to save us all...But she survived...You better go to her and help her out

Darthoridan: I guess i should. But dont worry i left you someone to play with.*grins*

Sekebua: how pitiful...but in 5 minutes I will loose memory make it quick Lovehog


???:(taps sekebua's shoulder)

Sekebua: how long have you've been standing there, Darkhog?

Drathradien:The whole time

Sekebua: you're pathetic...I could sense you the whole time

Drathradien:Im trying to be a gentlmen. And im not the person you wanna **** with

(2315: *laughing on the ground* HAHAHAHA)

Sekebua: Well now, that A different story

(Night:Not that funn*bursts out laughing*Okay i lied)

Drathradien: I believe it is...

Sekebua: Well now, you came here to assasinate me?! If yes then do it quick...I don't have all day....

(2315: *cough attack, then has trouble breathing* HACK! HAHAH! HACK!)

Drathradien:Not necissarily

(Night: You remeber when it was hinted drathradien liked selenia? Well thats not necissarily true)

(Light: Oh noes! its all a lie! D:)

Sekebua: then why are you here? to help your "brother"?

(Night: No, he likes sekebua)

Drathradien: My brother? No, that selfish wimp doesnt deserve my help.

Sekebua: then what do you want?

Drathradien: Y-you

Sekebua: Well, it's been while since someone wanted to date me...(....even though I was trapped in Selenia half of my life...)

Drathradien:Even though you wont remember this(kisses her on the cheek)

Sekebua: *blushes* I can remember...if I try....

Drathradien: Then i hope you remember...

Sekebua: I will remember...

Drzthradien:(faint smile)

Sekebua: (half-hearted smile for the first time)

(Night:I gotta go)

(Light: Kk, see ya bro ;D)

Drathradien: ......

(J happens to be looking at the sky, not too far from Sekebua)

Selenia: *zooming threw, wondering who is she, and why is she there* I can't remember anyone...after that strange dream about my past....I can barely remember anyone...except J...he's the only one I remember...besides My mother and father....and who was that strange Red hedgehog...? He killed my mother in the dream...and Im going to hunt down this hedgehog...

(Mazda and Alice and Ray are looking for help when they run into Selenia)

Alice: Oh, how are you Selenia? Better now?

Selenia: Who are you three? I haven't seen you around here....*gets up* I'm in a rush, my name is Lightning "Selenia" the hedgehog....Nice to meet you three...*looks all at them, but then looks at Mazda with confusion* I-I think i've seen you before....*turns her eyes red*

(J can hear Selenia, but when he turns aroud, It's Sekebua)

J: ! [sees Sekebua] Oh... it's just you... [senses something] Oh wait... N! [runs off] Crap, how did I forget all about him?!

Ray: Hey Selenia, you don't look too good.

Mazda: *puts scythe down* Relax, we come in peace.

Selenia: How do you three know me?! I don't even know you...*eyes turn white, then she has a surprised expression* that scythe....that's the scythe I saw in my dream...*growling* and your that red hedgehog...

Mazda: Yeah, I'm Mazda.

Ray: We're your friends.

Alice: the matter?

Selenia: *growls louder* Mazda...your the one who killed my mother in that dream....*remembers what Moonwatch said during the accident* Mazda the're a murderer...*eyes turn white* My father was right...he never killed her...

Alice: Whaaaaa?

Mazda: It would seem her mental state has been tampered with *Takes scythe* I have no choice.


Higurashi op 1 FULL- Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

battle music!!!

Anna:(Runs back in living room)Sorry I took so lo-(Sees Selenia with white eyes glaring at her friends)Whats going on?

Selenia: *gets in spell position* Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!

Mazda: Angels of Glory, Beings of Chaos, grant me a worthy weapon*Takes light infused scythe* Let's go.

Selenia: *light swirls around her, then she starts to become a purple hedgehog* Now! *white mist swirls around them, then a thousand small balls of energy surround them*

(Be back in a half hour. My bro wants to watch Soul eater and he gets whymy if I fdon't keep my promises)

(Kk, seeya)

(Back with J, he rushes to find N. he finds him, and he is hanging onto a branch after he fell from a cliff)

J: [looks down and sees N] N! Are you okay?!

N: [looks up; sarcastic] Oh, I'm fine, J, I almost feel off the cliff by a freak gust of wind while finding Mecha Sadie. But what's this? A branch broke my fall, and I'm holding onto it! And you know what's missing, big brother?

J: ?


J: [startles] Okay, okay! Just don't panic, N! I'll think of something!

(The branch begins to crack!)


N: Think faster, J!!!

J: Umm.... uhh..... [gets an idea] I got it! [runs off and grabs a nearby rope and lowers it for N to grab it] Here! Grab the rope, N!

N: [grunts as he reaches for the rope and grabs it] Got it!

J: Okay! Hold onto it tightly! I'm gonna pull ya up!

N: Okay! [holds onto the rope as J pulls it]

(J pulls the rope to lift N up from the cliff)

N: Whew... [gets up to his feet]

J: Are you okay? Should we go and help find robo-sis?

N: Yeah, and actually, I can look for robo-sis, thank you very much. Why don't you go back to Selenia while I go look for Mecha Sadie. Good-bye, J. [walks off]

J: [scoffs] Fine. [walks off in the opposite direction]

(Back at Ann's house)

Anna:Stop it!(Put a barrier up around herself,Alice and Ray)

Selenia: Hmm? *ignores Mazda, and looks at the force field* And who are you-*notices Anna, then freezes*

Anna:(With tears in eyes)Selenia...please...stop...

Selenia: *with a blank expression, she turns back to her normal self, and breaks the Force field* And how are you?

Anna:Selenia?(Dries eyes with arm)I'm fine,but what about you?

Selenia: ....*grabs Anna* And Who are you?

Anna:(Still crying)I'm Anna,your cousin,we use to hang out all the time together before,..well you said I died.

Mazda: Anna, you'd better get away from her!

Selenia: *lets go softly, then hugs Anna* I'm sorry you had to see that...*turns into dust*

Alice; What the!?

Ray: I've heard of dust in the wind, but this???

Selenia: *a small note in the dust, saying that was a decoy*

Mazda: Ksaaaaa. Where is she?

Anna:I can try to smell her out.

Mazda: Good idea.

(also, gotta go to bed. see you guys tomorrow!)

Anna:I wonder where's J also.


Selenia: *walking in a peaceful valley* Where am I? And who are those people...the only person I can remember...Is J and Anna....but who were those other strange people....and that annoyer called "Mazda"...?

(I am not an annoyer!!!)

[She hears a flute being played]

Selenia: Hmm? *walks towards the music*

[A Lunar Kitsune is sitting in a tree, glowing with lunar magic. She serenely plays a flute]

Selenia: that's a beautiful music your playing there...

Kitsune:*stops*...Thank you. Who are you?

Selenia: Lightning "Selenia" the hedgehog, nice to meet you

[They see a pair of bright glowing eyes far up in the tree]

Selenia: *notices the glowing eyes* hmm...?!

[They continue to stare curiously]

Selenia: *gets in fighting stance*

[A white and gray mosaic chinchilla jumps down in front of her]

Selenia: And who are you?!

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Tihana: Tihana Mouse,and what's the fight position for?

Selenia: I...lost my memories by saving the earth from the moon...*stops* sorry...

Darthoridan: Did you forget me?

Selenia: *turns around slowly* that's....familiar....


Selenia: I remember you a little....*turns to him* Darth.....

Darthoridan:(smiles a little)Do you remember the kids?

(I edited the part with sekebua and drathradien)

(I've seen ^^)

Selenia: Yes...I remember now...

Darthoridan:(sigh of relief)

Selenia: but I can't remember everyone else I've met...*gets close to Darth* I dunno...who are they anymore...

Darthoridan:(holds her close) I havent met many of your friends if any...but i'll try and help....and i got bad news.

Selenia: *gets close* What's the bad news...?

Darthoridan: You remember my brother?

Selenia: Yes...?

Darthoridan:I planted something in his helmet aand(plays the conversation between sekebua and drathradien)

Selenia: that's bad....that means he has fallen in love with me...but in darker form...and eviler....

Darthoridan: I left him there to extirminate not to fall in love

Sekebua: So??? Im not in your body no more...forget hog

Darthoridan:(turns to sekebua, then to lightning) You take her... Wheres my brother?

Drathradien:Behind you.

Selenia: with pleasure...*draws sword*

Sekebua: you can't remember...but this'l be fun! *draws sword, then attacks selenia*

Darthoridan:(activates wristblades)Im not afraid of you anymore

Drathradien: RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!(draws wristblades)RAAGH!(clashes with darthoridan)

Selenia and Sekebua: *fighting each other, crossing swords lightning fast. making tons of sparks*

Luvenia: *appears, she walks with a basket filled with goodies, then see's fighting*

Darthoridan:(moves downward hoping to cut his legs off)

Drathradien:(activates a second pair of blades and breaks darthoridan's)Ha! You have know idea how much i'm gonna enjoy this

Selenia: *slashes Sekebua fatally*

Sekebua: *slashes Selenia fatally*

Selenia: get...killed...

Sekebua:...If I die...with me!

Both: *slash each other in the stomach*

Luvenia: Selenia!*runs to her* Selenia! are you okay?!

Selenia: Get...back....girl....

Darthoridan:(same time as drathradien)SELENIA!*runs to her*

Drathradien:SEKEBUA!*runs to her*

Sekebua:*takes sword out of selenia, then morphes with Selenia* won....dumd@$$...*falls down, with some blood out*

Luvenia: Selenia! Selenia! please wake up! *starts crying* please...

Darthoridan:(goes to selenia) NOO! (mutters something under his breath, his life force half transfers into her)

Drathradien:(falls on his knees)........(leaves)

Selenia: *still alive, but passed out*

Luvenia: *controls Drathradien somehow by controling the water/blood in his system*


Drathradien: What the?

(Night:Bloodbending! :D)

(Light: She learned that from Selenia xD)

Luvenia: You will pay for that...*controls him by bending him really hard*


Darthoridan:(nearly cries)

Drathradien:(manages to grab his pistol and shoot her hand)

Selenia: *gets up with all her strength and blocks the attack with her hand* How attack an inocent little girl...even the most honored and brave people wouldn't do such a damn thing....

Luvenia: selenia...*cries a bit* I thought you were died...

Selenia: Don't thank me job isn't over...*gets in front of Drathradien* I kill people who do such horrible things...*bloodbends Drath*

(Light: YES IT IS!!!)

(My fave show)

(I know right! but I didnt like the movie, I WAN MUY MEH BACK!!!)

(I hated the movie!)

Drathradien:Alls love and war....unless you hurt....the one you love GAH!

Selenia: *grabs Drath, then her sword* What do you mean?

Drathradien:Its just a saying....

Selenia: *raises sword, but stays still*

Drathradien:Like i like sekebua...

Selenia: you don't understand...Sekebua is me....and I am Sekebua....we both are the same person....*hits sword, but an inch away from Drath, leaving the earth's rocks all in a hole*

Drathradien: That may be true but i like that form then.

Selenia: *gently let's go of Drath* will see her again...I promise...

Drathradien:(wipes the dust off of his armor) In your case, you better hope i do

Selenia: But next time, I'll show you what I can do next time...*evil smirk, then walks off to Darth* by the way, Seeya around, Tiger *sexy wink*

Darthoridan:*gets up but she notices hes walking funny*

Selenia: let's go....we dont have much time...

Part 4: Eggman's Devious Plan

(At the EC2 with Dr. Eggman, one of the SWATbots has detected something)

SWATbot: Master, we have detected a mobian

Eggman: Oh really? Who is it this time? and It better be good!

(The SWATbot opens up a screen, revealing Selenia)

Eggman: Hm? She looks like Sonic's counterpart, J!

SWATbot: She is also notable for having her "abusive father".

Eggman: [sweatdrops] "Abusive father"?? Hmmm.... I can't help her by solving parental problems, but who cares when my new Roboticizer can come in handy?! [smiles deviously] I say, [turns to the radar] I'm going to test it against her! [aims at Selenia with his roboticizer] Steady... steady....!

(The crosshairs are moving too fast, unable to get a lock-on to Selenia)

Eggman: Blast! Stupid crosshair is giving me a hard time getting a lock-on!

Selenia: (while with Darthoridan, Luvenia, and Drathradien, she notices the laser* Hay! that was a robotizing ray!

Drathradien and Darthoridan:Roboticize?

(The roboticizing ray misses Selenia!)

Selenia: *grabs one of Drath's guns and aims it at the lazer* One down...

(Back at the EC2...)

Eggman: Bah! I missed! No matter! [fires the roboticizer at Selenia agian] FIRE!


(With Selenia and the others...)

Drathradien:(hands her a silencer)

Selenia: Thanks! *dodges by doing a backflip, then fires*

(Back with Eggman, he is getting angry about the way he misses)

Eggman: GRRRR!!! Pesky little hedgehog...! [fires the roboticizer at Selenia again, but with a wide-radius blast] FIRE!


(Back with Selenia...)

Selenia: KIDO 43! I REDIRECT! *firse laser back at him*

(The roboticizer ray is very strong as it collides with Selenia's laser blast!)

Selenia: *makes blast go farther*

(Although Selenia's blast is able to push the roboticizer ray back, Eggman, who isn't willing to give up, keeps firing the roboticizer ray, eventually closing in on Selenia!)

Moonwatch: *appears, then Stops the lazer with one blast*

(It sends off a shockwave, destroying the EC2! What Eggman didn't know, is that he managed to partially roboticize Selenia, as his EC2 makes a crash landing!)

SWATbots: Master, we must evacuate immideately.

Eggman: Bah! Whoever did this is gonna pay! [leaves the EC2 as it self-destructs caused by Moonwatch]

(Both Eggman and a fleet of SWATbots escape the EC2. Back with Selenia, she was saved by Moonwatch, although she is partially roboticized!)

Selenia: Who was that Man?! And why did he robotized my arm?!

Moonwatch: ......

(Selenia's arm makes a robotic whirring sound when she moves around it)

Selenia: *growling* I guess I will have to find a w-

Moonwatch: *makes Selenia unconcious, then takes Selenia to an unknown temple*

(With Eggman and the SWATbots...)

SWATbot: Master, Selenia has been kidnapped, despite that you partially roboticized her.

Eggman: BAHH!!!! Nobody kidnaps her but me! When I find her, she'll be my roboticized slave and no one else! [to SWATbots] SWATbots! Find Selenia, and take her! [in a small pod and flies off]

SWATbots: Sir, yes sir! [scatters to find Selenia]

(The SWATbots scatter and separate to find Selenia)

(Meanwhile with Mazda)

Mazda: Man, where're these SWATbots comming from?

Alice: *estroys SWATbot* I don't know. Auuuuuu.

(However, the SWATbots weren't targeting at mazda and Alice. They are, obviously, finding Selenia!)


Moonwatch: *lets go of her*

Selenia: *falls* Anwser me! Why is my arm robotized?!

(The SWATbots (not in the temple where Moonwatch and Selenia are) are still looking for Selenia. They haven't found her so far)

(In the temple)

Mazda: *comes from behind and slashed Swatbot ion half* Looks like you need help.

Alice: *Takes fan* Where would you be without us?

Ray: Hey cool, what's this thing? *breaks something*


King Jackson: all will be answered...

Selenia: *freezes*

King Jackson: that's is me...

Selenia: I thought I killed you a long time ago...

Eggman: [laughs evilly] Excellent, my minions! And what's this? [looks at Moonwatch] Another hedgehog stealing my spotlight?! HA! I suggest you keep away from her, or perhaps you would like to join her? [chuckles deviously, then looks at King Jackson] So my SWATbot was right all along! Looks like you need a little more parental love. Oh wait, I was wrong! [laughs evilly]

King Jackson: *shoots a very powerful chaos blast at eggman*

Eggman: Whoa! [flies up]

SWATbots: [grabs ahold of King Jackson, with vice-like grip]

Macabre: *appears* Hey, SWATjerks! Over here!

Eggman: [laughs] How pathetic! You can't save your daughter! It's all but inevitable! [points his roboticizer at Jackson] Or perhaps you would like to join her? It's your call. Oh wait, that leaves me with two choices for you! You can witness Selenia becoming a robot and that you'd end up like her or I can take Selenia from your hands, and I won't have to roboticize you!

SWATbots: Do what our master says.

Selenia: *growling, turns dark and then destroys all of the SWATbots and robotizer (although it malfunctions* WHO ARE YOU?! AND WHY DID YOU ROBOTIZE ME?!

King Jackson: *wipes his cape, as if nothing matters*

Eggman: HA! How naive you are, who isn't good at making choices! SWATbots!

SWATbots: Yes, master! [takes Selenia to Eggman]

Eggman: Hehehe, it's only a matter of time before you will become a slave to me! [flies off, with a fleet of SWATbots following him]


Luvenia: *appears where Alice is, crying*
Alice: It's okay whoever you are. Mazda say something!!!

Mazda" I don't know! I don't do well with people.

Luvenia: M-My name's Luvenia....Luvenia Evanosky...Im selenia's sidekick...

Alice: Well what's the matter?

Luvenia: I am also the adopted child of her...*sniff* Even though Im a human....I can't go with her....and now she was bleeding to death a minute ago....then her arm was robotized and was captured! *cries* And now she's lost her memories!

Alice: *glares at Mazda*

Mazda: *shrugs*

Alice: Don't worry. Just remember: Strength of heart, will get you through the hardest trials. Just believing is enough to make things happen. So believe in Selenia.

Luvenia: But She was captured by Eggman, Moonwatch, and King Jackson!

Alice: Well then we'll just have to get her back!

Mazda: *takes out scythe* Now we're talkin'!!!

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Luvenia: I have to come with you!

Alice: Are you sure?

Ray: It'll be prerty dangerous.

Luvenia: I might be a human, but She's my Big sis! no matter what you say! *does a face to Ray* XP


Mazda: *Puts scythe over shoulder*Well you can't come like that. I guess we'll need to go to my favorite place on earth!

Alice: Oh crap.

Ray:There go our savings account.

Mazda: WAEPONS R US!!!

(At the store)

Shadow: Welcome to Weapons R us. Get your crap ans go away.

Luvenia: Hey I know you! your Selenia's younger brother Shadow!

Shadow: *face twitching* Thanks. *Looks at clock* Look, I'm only five minutes from the end of my shift so could we hurry things up?

Alice: Huh, what happened to costumer service?

Ray: *Leans into Shadow* I'm pretty sure you need to be smiling!

Luvenia: Thank you for being nice to Selenia....even when She's getting killed and losing her memories...*sniff*


Macabre: I've been searching for Eggman for hours! *screams* EGGMAN!!!!!!!!!!!


(Back with Eggman, SWATbots and Selenia (her left side of her head is roboticized, as well as her left eye)...)

Eggman: [chuckles deviously] So you want to know who I am? All you gotta do is say pretty please.

Macabre: *hears Eggman and teleports to where he is*

SWATbots: [turns to Macabre] We have an intruder, master.

Eggman: BAH! No Mobian shall ever thwart my plans! Get him!

(The SWATbots corners and covers Macabre to trap him)

Selenia: your making a big mistake...*once she goes under, all the electronics start to explode out of nowhere!* You wanna know who am I?! *gets up, and walks to eggman* Im Lightning "Selenia" The hedgehog, I am the protector of the Spirit and Living world. And I am the spirit of the moon. If you dare robotize me...*her arm shows that there aren't any mechanics on it (although she only hid it, since eggman is the only one who can de-roboticize her)* THEN YOU WILL REGRET IT! *gets ready to punch eggman* AND I'M THE HEIR TO THE THRONE! *getting ready to do Chaos Acid*

Eggman: PAH! I am Dr. Eggman, the evil genius on Mobius! and I have never heard of a history lesson called "heir to the throne'1 And unless you are powerful to take me down, the biggest question is, should you save yourself from being turned into a Mecha?! [flies off (unaware that J spotted him)]

Macabre: *grabs Eggman and teleports*

Macabre: Listen, Eggface, I don't know what you're up to but I tell you to get lost!

Eggman: HA! You're pathetic! Only I know how to de-roboticize her and even you wouldn't even know how! My de-roboticizer can take weeks, even months! But either way, even if you did kill me, Selenia is close to being roboticized, and you'd end up like her if you try to save her!

Macabre: *growls* I'll break you like a toothpick if you don't change her back

Eggman: Oh I will. But unfourtunately, you can't rush science! [laughs] Now leave and let me do my work. SWATbots! Take him away.

SWATbots; Sir! [takes Macabre away]

Macabre: *transforms into Werehog kicks SWATbots away* Not convinced?

(Eggman has already left to design the de-roboticizer)

Shadow: *punched Ray in the face and with big anime vein*SMILING WASN'T PART OF THE JOB REQUIREMENTS!!!!

Mazda: Man Ray. I can't say you didn't deserve it though.

Luvenia: Uncle Shadow! please help us! Selenia is getting killed as we speak! *bloodbends Shadow, Ray, and Mazda* WE NEED TO GO NOW! *with 20 anime veins all over her*

(Light: Yes bloodbending is from Avatar the last airbender)

Shadow: I know. But I can't until my shift's over in five minutes.

Mazda: *swipes membership[ card, opening thew doors* Just enough time to get as many weapons as possibnle

(everyone walks in)

Shadow: Grab a few for me!!!

Luvenia: *nums Shadows head, then looks at ray with a bold look*

Ray: What's wrong Luvenia?

Luvenia: *glomps Ray, then noms his whole head*

(With J, he happens to see Selenia)

J: Selenia??

Selenia: *crying somewhere*

J: [hears Selenia crying] Selenia?! [rushes over to see Selenia] Selenia...? [strokes her hair comfortingly] What's wrong...?

Macabre: *teleports back* Ah. The robotisized child

J: Huh? [turns to Macabre] And who are you?

Macabre: THAT does not matter right now! Wanna go after Chicken Boy? Follow me

Selenia: *weeping a bit* Ill go....

Macabre: *pats Selenia* That's the spirit

Selenia: *growls* Im going to get eggman....for robotizing my arm....

Macabre: He's not going to lay a finger on you again. I promise

Macabre: *picks Selenia up* Come on

(Ray goes to Mazda and shows him Luvenia with half his head in her mouth)

Ray: I'm never having kidsa.

Alice: Ray!!!

Ray: Come on guys!!! Get offa me!

Luvenia: If you guys don't know, Selenia's pregnant! If you don't believe me then ask her yourself....*gets off of him and thinks* that would explain her moods....SELENIA'S PREGNANT!!! >:D

Mazda: O.o

Ray: Mazda were you...?

Mazda: No way!!!

Alice: Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love babies!

Luvenia: Arent you happy for Selenia, Mazda? SHES PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BE RESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

Mazda:Was it me? Huh....

Ray: But you'd have know.

Mazda: Yeah, well with all the fans out there I wouldn't be surprised if someone wrote"Selenia's having Mazda's kid" for the lulz.

Luvenia: She....*looks sad* She used to be pregnant...but the baby's the princess'es job to become pregnant early....but....something wasn't you, was....someone who gotten killed to protect her...

Alice: oh no...

Ray: I'll kick the crap outa whoever's fault it is!!!

Mazda: *ominously* If it's her duty as a princess*makes proud pose* I will help her get pregnant!!!

Luvenia: Dr.Eggman....he's the one....

Mazda: *cocks gun* Then let's go!

Alice:*takes some grenades*Right!

Ray:*blows something up woith bazooka*It wasn't me

Shadow:You didn't forget about me, did you?

Luvenia: *looks at shadow as if she was going to nom him again*

Ray:*protects Shadow with Chaos Sheild*Think again.

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Luvenia: hmph...*zooms off*

(Outside store where Anna is waiting and overheard everything with her great hearing)

Anna:(Wow Selenia was going to be a mom,but...that was until someone protected her died.I wonder.. was that me? I can't remember what happen before I rejoined Selenia and her friends.Only the times I spent with her.I wish someone could tell me,what happen to me and why I'm here.Did something brought me back?)(See everyone leave the store)About time you guys and hey Shadow,I see you're coming too.

Alice: Hey Anna.

Mazda: That's right. *cocks gun*We're ready and waiting.

Luviena: *far ahead* HEY YOU SLOW POKES!!! HURRY UP! I DONT GOT ALL DAY!!!

(And thanks. I worked hard on it. But someone else play Shadow. I've got enough emo characters with Mazda)

(Back with J and Selenia, her left side is rnow roboticized)

Selenia: J....can you tell me, what was my past like....?

J: Well... seeing as how you're already roboticized. [takes a deep breath, then places his hand onto Selenia's head to reveal her past] Here I go.

Selenia: ...? *confused a bit* what are you doing...?

J: ! [lets go of his hand quickly and pants] I thought you wanted to know what your past is like...

Selenia: 8stops a bit, then everything comes back to her* I....I understand now....*clinches fist tightly* It was my father who killed her....not Mazda...*rubs J on the head* I remember now....I remember you, N, Luvenia, Sekebua, Darthoridan, Drathradien, Mazda, Ray, Alice, Annamaria......even Dr. Eggman...*looks regretful* this is the second time I've been robotized like this...

J: Selenia... I know someone why can help. I also wanted to tell you something.

Selenia: Who...? And what is it you need to tell me about...?

J: You know who was also roboticized? My other non-ULF sister.

Tahina: (Spying on J) Hmm....

Selenia: What's her name?

(Selenia's voice now has a robotic voice when her left side was roboticized. N comes back to J and Selenia, with Mecha Sadie with him)

J: N!

N: the one and only, with robo-sis!

Mecha Sadie: Hi, big brother!

J: [to Selenia] That's Sadie, my roboticized sister.

Selenia: *holds out her robotic left hand* It's very nice to meet you, Sadie

Mecha Sadie: Same here! [grabs her robotic hand and handshakes her] And you must be...?

Selenia: Im Lightning Selenia the-*thinks for a moment* Robohog...*her original voice starts to match with her metal robotic voice* J's younger ULF Sister....

N: Whoa-oh, that can't be good.

J: ....

Mecha Sadie: [growls] Eggman again, huh? When I get my hands on him, he'd learn not to roboticize everyone else again!

Selenia: *puts her youth hand on Sadie's shoulder* You don't have to do that....I placed a tracking device on him while he wasn't paying attention...I will be the one who will finish Eggman...*walks off a bit, then stops* I can tell you though....I Mastered how to change someone back into their normal stage....if they were robotized...*grabs a squirrel that was robotized by Eggman* Like this poor squirrel...This is a good example...*put's Her youth hand on the squirrel, which tends to sqerm, then Selenia heals it by returning it back to normal*........

Mecha Sadie: [doesn't return back to normal, since she has her free will] If that's the case, then you might need your free will in case you become a robot. [gives her left side of Selenia's roboticized body her free will (also delaying her roboticzation for months)] Only Eggman known how to de-roboticize me, buuut I chose not to. [giggles]

N: this reminds me, let's go find Eggman and give him a butt whooping! Or... unless he's creating a de-roboticizer. Then we'll steal it from him! [runs off]

Mecha Sadie: [groans] He's always hyperactive. J, be a good ULF brother and take care of Selenia. Okay?

J: Will do.

Mecha Sadie: Cool! Bye you two! [flies off to follow N]

Selenia: *chibi vein* Heheh....You didn't have to do that.../8big smile on her face* Take care, and don't expect me to butt in your happy moments if you get caught!

(2 Robo Sonics appear, hanging from ceiling)

(the Robo Sonics wake up)

???: I'm Nuts

???: And I'm Bolts

J: [confused look while sitting next to the half-robotized Selenia, with his arm around her roboticized shoulder]

The 2 Robo Sonics free themselves from the chains*

Selenia: J? are you a bit confused...? I know I am...

J: Yeah. I am. Dunno what are they doing here, Selenia...

Bolts: We're those Robo Sonics in the Sonic Colors multiplayer

J: [still confused] ....I don't get it.

Selenia: you don't get what?

J: They're referring to video games. I never played them, sis. I only like racing.

Nuts: We're here

Bolts To help you

J: Help? If you mean de-roboticiing Selenia, N and Sadie are already doing it.

Bolts: We were locked here, so we're going either way

Selenia: ...???

J: ....

Nuts: ...

J: [whispers to Selenia] What are they talking about, Selenia?

Selenia: I dunno...but I need to get everything in my mind straight....

J: [nods]

Bolts: He created us, but we disobeyed him, telling him to get lost

Selenia: I can heal you back to normal....but you have to follow me....

Nuts: We're fine, but thank you

J: Right...

Bolts: When we find Chicken Boy

Nuts: We're gonna beat him so hard his grandkids will feel his pain

Selenia: *walks off, into the shadows*

J: [follows Selenia]

Nuts and Bolts: *shrugs and follows Selenia and J*

Nuts and Bolts *combine to form BoltNuts*

Selenia: *Starts to see a very calm, soft, and peaceful lake, with the Moons reflection shining beautifully on it*

BoltNuts: We da man!

J: ?!

BoltNuts: We combined in case Chicken Boy is around

J: .... seriously? In case you didn't know, "Chicken Boy" isn't here.

Boltnuts: *decombine* Yes, sir

J: Riight... [stands next to Selenia]

Nuts: *sighs* Ah, God

Selenia: this is the Shirenya moon lake....this is where the first wave was born, from the moon. This lake can only be found by experts...But so far Im the only one who comes here often....

J: That's a prtty cool lake, Selenia ^^.

Selenia: this lake has been born for many years...this is my birthplace...

Nuts: *stares at lake*

J: [to Selenia] I see...

Bolts: Hmm

(somewhere else. zulto beltz has been exploring eggmans huge capital ship...)

Zulto Beltz; I need to find clues...maybe this so called docter has info.

(he finds a holo device and a holo-image of Dr.Eggman)

Eggman holo; What is it now/ ah, its failed project 2296! so what would you want to know

Zulto: doctor! I want to know who created me and why i have no memories of my own past? WHO AM I????

Eggman: Why you don’t know?? I and a group of other scientist created you!! We used a bit of Shadow, Silver, and Sonics dna to create the Ultimate Lifeorm!!!! But one scientest messed you up and put a decive in your mind that would kill you one day…and tonight you will perish!!!

Zulto: What!!!!!! I need to find those others….maybe they could save me.. *teleports off*

Eggman Holo: AH AHHAAAHHA!!!!!!!!

(Zulto teleports to where they are, but right above the lake!!!! He falls in it)


Selenia: ?! *waterbends the lake*

Nuts and Bolts: *charges* BOOSTU FYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! FURU POWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J: This can't be good!

Zulto: *On his knees rubing his head* Thanks…. *sees nuts and bolts and freezes the time around them*

Selenia: *stops him* who the hell are you?!

Zulto;Im…A failed creation….or as im called, Zulto Beltz….and aa device is attached to my brain…the docter said that if someone tried to remove it with any type of energy then I would die..and tonight it will instantly kill me…

Selenia: *pats Zulto on the head* I can help you....Im sure Eggmans lying

Drathradien:(watching at a distance)

Zulto: So your saying that this picture of a bomb attached to my brain is not real???? *shows them the picture*

Nuts: *drills a hole in Zulto's head and takes out thingy*

(The device keeps attached to the brain)

Selenia: it is real, but I can help, I was robotized half today....

Zulto: But today I learned that I am a life form that was never supposed to be…I’m both real and fake…..

Bolts: ...

Selenia: Your life does matter, you are a real lifeform, possibly, my brother....

Drathradien:(still watching)Pathetic

Zulto:*Spots Drath* Who???

Selenia: Hm? *sees drath* oh...!

Drathradien:.......(looks at selenia)My silencer. And gun.

Zulto; I see that Im interrupting something here…therefore I will leave for other help…the doctor said he could roboticize my brain so that the bomb wouldn’t blow on me…*teleports away*

Selenia: Hm? Zulto! I can help! just trust me!

Macabre: *to Selenia* Hi


J: [to Macabre] You again? [facepalms] Oi...

Selenia: hey ^^ *to drath* Why are you here?!

Drathradien:My gun and silencer, you never gave them back.

Selenia: *give them to him* If you ever see Zulto, catch him for me. ONLY catch him...

Drathradien:(extends hand as if giving the look of "payment first")

Selenia: *pays him*

Drathradien:(puts money away, and gets a net)Ill take a day or two

J: [looks at Selenia's lake with concern (hoping that no damage was done)]

Selenia: can you do it in i day? it concern me...*gives him a traking device, and a collar* these will help

Drathradien:*nods,thinking*Whatever gets me closer to sekebua.

(While Drathradien runs off to find Zulot, Selenia's roboticized body from the left side does not do anything as it doesn't progress through her)

Selenia: *looks at the water, trying to find her reflection* It's weird...I feel like a different person....

J: But you're still you, Selenia, even if you do look different.

Luvenia: *arrives, with Shadow and the others* Selenia!!! *smiles, then glomps her and hugging her* I thought you'd be dead- *looks at Selenia's left side, which is robotized* what...happened...?

Selenia: *looks at the water* I was robotized...*looks at the Shining moon* Lake Shirenya can't heal me...because it's too late...

Shadow: [thoughts] Damn....this is the 2nd time she was robotized...but last time was only her laft arm...

Luvenia: But....I thought you were dead...

Selenia: I....was saved...*her blank expression turns into a smile* by faith its self...

Luvenia: *Wails out* But I thought you were dead!

Selenia: *turns to her in sitting position and hugs her, letting her cry on her shoulder* Im not dead, Luvenia, appreciate that. I was caught almost dying 2 times this week, you should be greatful that god lets me live...

Luvenia: *crying on her shoulder, letting the tears go by swiftly*

Selenia: *patting her head, shredding some tears with her right eye herself*

J: All we can do now is wait and see if N and Sadie have stopped Eggman...

Anna:I'm so glad that your still you,I was really worried when you disappered.(Starts to cry)Good thing I got a great sense of smell.

J: Okay, please. You guys are gonna make me cry too....

Luvenia: *still crying*

Selenia: *wipes her tears, then her own* It's okay now. Thank J for returning my memories back...*wipes Annas tears*

Bew: *appears* AHHH SELENIA!!!! *flies to her, crying* I thought you died!

Part 5: The Dire Offer

(Back with N and Mecha Sadie, they are still looking for Dr. Eggman)

(Endac appears around the corner and just stares at them)

Endac: (with caden and his dragons) you looking for Egghead to?

N: Yeah.

Mecha Sadie: Ohhh he's gonna get it!

Caden: allwight what did Eggskuwl do this time?

Eggman: Oh ho ho ho! *in his hover thingy* You will never interfere in my plans!

Endac: oh eggy, Pyro Folin Hungara, go stall hardboiled

the three dragons: right

N: [shrugs] I dunno. Probably roboticized Selenia, and we're on a run to stop him.

Eggman: You will never save her! After I press this button! *holds out a big shiny red button, then presses it (which makes Mecha Sadie mindless and lose her free will (except Selenia)*

Endac: well thats sh*t. shadow sent me after this guy and now i failed..........well might as well kill eggy while i can. Pyro

Pyro: it would be our pleasure

Shadow: *appears* I don't like it when people control my sister...

(This causes Mecha Sadie to malfunction!)

Mecha Sadie: [garbled voices]

N: What the--?! [turns to Mecha Sadie] Sadie, NO!!!!

(Mecha Sadie loses her free will and becomes mindless again!)

Mecha Sadie: [sees N and her instincts kick in] Must, terminate, Mobian.

N: Wh-Wh-Wha?! Robo-sis! It's me! N! Your older brother! Snap out of it!

Eggman: [laughs] Poor poor Sadie! She can't listen to you anymore! You're her target now!

N: No... Eggman, you moron! You're gonna pay for this! [dashes after Eggman, but is held back by Mecha Sadie] WAH!!!

Endac: i'll take care of Eggbutt....just hold off your sister and buy me some time *pulls out sword and at charges Eggman*

N: [in a choked voice] I c-c-can't!!

Eggman: [laughs deviously] You can't stop me, unless you want the de-roboticizer! But it comes wiht a price. Destroy Mecha Sadie and N is spared, but free N and the de-roboticizer is long gone!

(Back with Selenia and friends)

Anna:Hey Selenia,could I ask you something?Because I got to know.

Selenia: yeah?

(J can sense a disturbance...)

J: No... N...

Anna:What's wrong J?

Selenia: Sadie...why...?! *rushes to where Sadie and the others are*

J: [follows Selenia]

Selenia: *arrives with the others* Sadie! *grabs Sadie's arm which is choking N*

(The two finds N and Mecha Sadie, with Mecha Sadie, who lost her free will by Eggman, is holding onto N, in an attempt to crush him! Mecha Sadie still grabs ahold of N, as if nothing is happening)

Eggman: [laughs, but is interrupted when he sees the hals roboticized Selenia] What?! How are you still retaining your free will?!

N: [choking noises, unable to speak]

J: [voice breaking; to Sleenia] Selenia, please try and free N! I'll stop Eggman! [turns to Eggman] You... you will PAY!!! [dashes torwards Eggman with ExtremeSpeed] RAHHH!!!!!

Eggman: Hey-hey-hey cool your jets! You could damage the de-roboticizer! [pushes the self-destruct button (which causes Mecha Sadie to activate a self-destruct] PSYCHE!

J: [destroys Eggman's ship, with Eggman on top of it]

Eggman: WAH!!

Anna:Take that Egghead!

(Eggman gets hit by Anna. Selenia manages to free N, although he is unconcious, just as Mecha Sadie explodes!)


J: Sadie.... no.... I'll avenge you....!

Eggman: Ugh... [pulls out an unusual ray gun (hich can reduce one's age)] AHA! [fires the ray gun at J]

J: [gets hit by Eggman's ray gun] WAUGH!!!!

(It looks as if J was dead... he isn't, hwoever, as he was blasted through a thick bush)

Anna:J!(Runs to see him)

(While Anna runs off to check J if he's okay, N, fighting to keep himself consious, crawls over and grabs the de-roboticizer and aims at the half-roboticized Selenia and fires. However, to his misfortune, the de-roboticizer has been malfunctioned!)

N: ! [keeps firing the de-roboticizer, to no avail] No...

Anna:(Got to bush and started pushing aside branches)J? Are you alright?

(She can see a large towel covering J)

Anna:J?(Takes towel)What the..?

(Be off for a while,but be back soon)

N: [rubs his neck to relieve pain] J...? [sees J, who is now an infant] J?!

(J cries)

N: [sweatdrops] Okay...? I'm not changing his diaper.

Anna:(Picks up J and started rocking him)There,there,your ok.(turns to N)We need that gun Eggman has.

N: Yeah. [sees Eggman run off] Aw geez! Does he really have to do that?! [turns to Anna] Take care of my brother while I take care of Eggman. [runs off to pursue Eggman]

Anna:(Call to him)Be careful and good luck!

(N runs off to chase after Eggman. Anna turns back to J, who became an infant caused by Eggman, and is sleeping)

Anna:(Smile)You've been though so much J.(Kisses forehead)Let's go find our friends.

Paisley: *is walking down the street when she notices Anna* Hey Anna.... Is that J??

Anna:Yeah.(Look at J in her arms)Eggman hit him with a laser that turn him like this.(Looks up to Paisley)So N Ask me to take care of J,while he goes get the gun that did this.

Paisley: i see... say, you haven't seen Rose around, have you? she went missing a few hours ago.

Anna:No I haven't.Would you like some help?I can sniff her out for you.

Paisley: i dunno.... she usually lays traps when she wants to make sure we don't follow. and also, i can sense her aura, but it's fuzzy, and it's been jumping around from place to place a lot.... *closes eyes* wait! i can feel her! she's right around the block! but she's not moving! *opens eyes* we gotta hurry!


  • they round the corner and see Rose*

Paisley: *checks her pulse and breathing* She's fine. just knocked out. but what happened? and why does she have all the bruises and scratches?

Anna:Let me heal her,Here hold J.(Hands J to Paisley and place hand on her)Chaos Heal!

Rose: *eyes flutter open* huh? what am i doing here? ki thuought i was at a temple.... then there was this figure... and then total darkness.

Paisley: ......

Anna:Are you ok?(Smile)

Rose: i guess so. though i feel like i challenged herclules to an arm wrestling match.

Anna:Who"s that?

(ever heard of Percy Jackson and The Olympians? Hercules is basiclly a Demigod. son of Zeus. very powerful.

(Yes I have. So how's he in this story?)

(he's not. it's just a funny way of saying how sore and worn down she is)

(Back to story)

Anna:Ok Paisley,I can take J now before he gets fussy.

Paisley: k. *hands baby J to Anna*

Selenia: *arrives, with blood all over her face, but she hides what happened* What happened to J...? *picks up baby J with her robotic hand* J...*looks regretful* [thoughts] Sadie....I will return you...even if it means risking my life for you....not because you tried to help....becuase you were and are a great sister to J and N...i promise...

Anna:Eggman fire a ray gun and turned him into a baby and now N's going after him to get the gun.

Selenia: I...It's all my fault all of this happened...*comforts baby J* I got robotized...and now I fought with someone....that's why there's blood all over me...

Anna:(Hug Selenia and baby J)Its not your fault,somone must have plan all this.

Selenia: I hope not...because the last person I know that would do all of my father

Anna:(Grabs her hankercheif and cleans Selenia's face)If it is him,he won't stop us,we'll work though this till the very end.(Smile)

(Baby J fidgets in his sleep and he makes baby sounds, as if he's going to cry!)

(Meanwhile, Eggman has escaped and is at a undrground base preparing his new weapon….)

Eggman: Enough is enough….this will end and its time to test it… *looks at energy tube*

(there lies Zulto, but his powers have been sucked away and put into a metal version of him…)

Eggman: A HAHAHAHA!!!! *pushes a button and the mech awakins and tube releases a weak and dying Zulto*

Zulto: Yo…u…..lied……..*falls unconscious*

Eggman: Sleep tight on your last night!!! A HAAHHAAA!!!

(N skids to a stop to see Zulto fall into unconsiousness)

N: [growls at Zulto] Next time, let me handle Eggman! [runs off to resume chasing Eggman]

(Back with Selenia and the others...)

Selenia: *sences Zulto's death* Z-Zulto....*thanks Anna, then gives a small kiss to baby J on the cheek and hands him to her* I have to go!

Anna:Then take this.(Hands a small bottle to Selenia)

Selenia: What is this?

Anna:Its magical water that can cure and fix anything.I woke up with it next to me.But use it when its needed

Selenia: This might be some water from the Shirenya Lake...

Baby J: [nods]

Part 6

(Back with N, he is still chasing Dr. Eggman)

N: get back here, Eggman! [uses ExtremeSpeed] You'll pay for what you did for J and Sadie! [jumps and holds onto Eggman's ship]

Eggman: hey! Get off! [fires his unusual ray gun at N]

N: ! [dodges, almost losing his grip]

Eggman: [growls and shakes his ship] Putty little rodent, aren't you?!

(Eventually, N falls off and Eggman escapes!)

N: AGH! [lands onto his back (unaware that he nearly destroyed the de-roboticizer)] AUGH!! [sees Eggman, who already escaped] Guh.... Eggman..... get back here!!!! GET BACK HERE AND FIGHT!!!!

(N notices that he broke the de-roboticizer!)

N: [grabs and sees the damaged de-roboticizer] No... I broke it... [shrugs] But that doesn't mean I don't know how to fix it! [sighs] And only J knows how... maybe I can try to fix it. [walks away]

(Back with Selenia, while finding Zulto, she happens to see N and the damaged de-roboticizer on his hands)

Selenia: *walking by herself, She see's N* okay?

N: I'm battered up, but overall okay. Eggman got away and... I accidentaly damaged the de-roboticizer, Selenia. But I can try and fix it. And how's J, my... [gulps] "baby brother"?

Selenia: He's alright...It's best if you go to the Shirenya lake...that is the only peaceful and calm place I know...*grabs the De-robotizer* I can fix this, if you want

N: Umm....

(In the distance, N and Selenia can hear J crying!)

N: !

Selenia: *goes in a rush to J*

N: [follows Selenia]

(Selenia and N arrives to see baby J who was crying and comforts her (he is hungry))

Selenia: [thoughts] I can't believe I'm doing this...*sighs, then picks up baby J and breast feeds him* there there...

J: [baby talks happily to Selenia] ^^

Anna:So did you guys get the gun and de-roboticizer?

N: I only got the de-roboticizer, unfourtunately. I broke it. Sorry.

Selenia: (stops feeding him with baby food and cuddles J) I was about to go to eggman when I saw N...

Anna:There's no need to explan,we'll get him soon.

Anna:(Wipes J's face with cloth)Can it be fix?

N: Yeah.

Selenia: I could fix it

N: Okay. [gives Selenia the de-roboticizer and sees Eggman from afar (since he has an amazing eyesight)]

Selenia: But first...I need to save Zulto...

Anna:I'll stay and watch J for you.

Selenia: Okay, thank you *Kisses J's cheek* I promise I'll be back, big brother...

Anna:(Calls to her)Good luck and be careful!

Selenia: *carefuly hands J to her* I will! *disappears*

Anna:(Cluthes fist close to her heart)Please protect her....

N: I'm going after Eggman. Take care of J. [sweatdrops] If he doesn't cry again... [runs off]

Anna:(Calls to him)Okay!Good luck!(Waves to him and turns to J)I hope they come back for the both of us.

Baby J: [nods to Anna; baby talks]

Anna:(Smiles at J)Your not the first baby I watched J,I used to do at the orphanage I once to stayed at.

(Back with N...)

N: [uses ExtremeSpeed and easily snatches Eggman's ray gun] Got it! [runs off]

(Eggman was completely asleep, having set his ship to autopilot and unaware that his ray gun was stolen. Back with the half-roboticized Selenia...)

Nuts and Bolts: If you wanna stay alive, then we'll have to do this *Nuts replaces his right hand with a laser cannon and Bolts replaces his left hand with a claw*

Drathradien:(voice)Selenia!(running towards them)

Selenia: ?!

Nuts: We're gonna protect you if you wanna stay alive

Drathradien:I lost zulto's signal. No refunds.

Nuts: *points cannon at Drath* Come on, we both know you're gonna get owned

Drathradien:....(dashes and pulls out his M4A1 SOPMOD)Dont try it

(suddenly a blast comes from the air and a few seconds later they see a robot resembling Zulto…metal Zulto)

Bolts: Aww, forget about him, Nutty! We got a mecha to destroy!

Drathradien: I'm a higly trained assasin, so dont even think about it

Nuts: We were born to destroy retarded mechas, so shut it!

Drathradien:(activates his grenade launcher)

Bolts: *tackles Nuts* YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Drathradien:*thinking* Sekebua....(loads it with a grenade, and grins)

Macabre: *appears and disables grenade launcher*

(The grenade launcher is attached to the M4A1)

Macabre: Don't think about it.

Drathradien:(aims it)Nighty night

(Back to Anna and J)

Anna:I'm getting worried J,but everything will be fine,at least I hope so.Anyway come,time to chage your daiper.

Baby J: [nods]

Anna:(After changing J)There you go!(holds him in the air)You're all dry.Now do you want to play horsey?

Baby J: ^_^

(Back with N, he arrives with Selenia)

N: Got that ray thing that turned J into my... little brother, Selenia.

Selenia: Yes...*holds it*....N...I really want you to think of me as your sister...Because If something happens to me...Then nothing will let me hold the shame of my past...because of J...he changed my life...and I changed his...

N: Okay...

Selenia: Thank you...

(Selenia's robotic appearance has not changed yet, thanks to Mecha Sadie, which has delayed the progress of her roboticization)

N: Always there to help.

Macabre: *opens coffin and hops in*

Macabre: Will someone close the coffin please?

Selenia: *shuts it*

Macabre: If I die, I may be dead, but I'll be a ghost! *dies of suffocation*

Macabre: *ghost flies out of coffin* I'M ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE

(Suddenly the Metal Zutlo appears to them, after escaping from the others, it seems to have all of Zulo power as if it was sucked right out of him and put into the mech..)

Nuts and Bolts: Mecha for dinner!

Selenia: Zulto...?

Nuts: *blasts Metal Zulto with his cannon*

Selenia: *blocks it*

Metal Zulto: *blasts him into a wall* …

Nuts: Heh! Nice effort. *charges lazer*

Selenia: Please stop!

Nuts: ... Yes, ma'm.

Selenia: Zulto, what happened?!

Bolts: No dinner, I'm out! *teleports*

Selenia: ???...I told you not to trust him...

N: ... [thinking] I just hope J is all right... hopefully he'll remember me adn the otehrs when Selenia changes him back to normal.


Drathradien:(jumps in front of metal zulto and pulls out a minigun)Time to die!

Selenia: Stop! *splits in half*

Drathradien:Thats not zulto!

Drathraiden's Helmet: Warning! Warning! Enemy A.I. detected.

Metal Zulto: *blasts them all with a powerful blast and a familiar voice is heard* Oh ho ho!!! You all realy think that you can save your frined here...DR. Eggman never makes flaws!!!!

N: [uses Chaos Shield with his Chaos Emerald he found on the ground]

Selenia: *growls* Drathradien! go and kill Eggman! Sekebua will assist you! *tries to make Sekebua come out*

Sekebua: *pops out* Hey! that wasn't fair! *sees Drath* Waz up?

Metal Zulto: *eggmans voice is heard again* You should all relize that Zulto is dea…all that remains is his energy which is happily in the robot…giving the mech all his powers!!!

Drathradien:(maniacle laugh)You son of a *****. I've said it before and i'll say it again, I'M NOT THE PERSON YOU WANNA **** WITH!!(pulls out his P90)

Sekebua: Selenia! If we try to use our robot powers on Zulto...

Selenia: We might bring him back!

Sekebua: Since you were robotized...

Selenia: you are ronbotized but with your right side...

Drathradien:VISR activation code:9920MIDNIGHT, wristblades activated(charges after metal zulto)

Metal Zulto: *attacks them all at once by throwing long range fists, then he escapes*

N: ! [dodges MEtal Zulto's attacks]

Selenia: Oh no you dont! *chases him*

Sekebua: I hate that girl....

Drathradien:Wouldnt you hate yourself?

N: [follows selenia]


VISR(voice):Preformance enhaned, weapons enhanced

Selenia: *Chasing after Mecha Zulto*

Metal Zulto: *goes faster*

N: This is not good...

Selenia: *finally reaches him, grabbing his hand firmly* Zulto! please! *her right eye filled with tears* Please! Snap out of it!

N: Yeah!

Metal Zulto: *twitches* Friend, cannot compute, cannot dama…eliminate Target…

Selenia: *puts her youth hand on his metal forhead* This si to help you....*tries to block eggman, and tries her best to return Zulto*

N: [stays alert and gets ready to use Chaos Blast in case things go bad]

MeTAL ZULTO: *BACKFIRING* Cannot compu...friend must...cannot....en.......*makes robot yell, but it is a mix of organic and metallic lif* AGHHHH!!

Drathradien:Can i drop em'?

N: [covers ears from Metal Zulto's screams]

Selenia: *tires harder*

Metal Zulto: Must Try….Does not Compu…. Never Giv…Does not comp….*the mech explodes leaving only Zultos Energy*

Drathradien:(vacumes it up)Now we have zulto's energy

N: [nods]

Drathradien:Hopefully that'll allow us to recreate his organic body

Sekebua: Yeah...

Selenia: *has a blank expression, looking down at the gorund frozen*

N: [turns to see Selenia] Selenia...?

Selenia: *frozen*

N: [worriedly] Selenia?? Are you okay??

Selenia: *eyes grow back to normal* I...I...

N: Selenia... we have to go back to J once you finished fixing the de-roboticizer. If we don't, he'll lose his memory! [voice breaking] Please... i just want my big brother back....

Selenia: I already fixed it...I-I'll meet you there...*gives the De-roboticizer to N*

Sekebua: *grabs Selenia and yanks her* they might be in the Shirenya Lake, that's the most peaceful lake to keep a baby in, and the water's are always calm


Anna:Huh?(Sees smoke far away while J is on her shoulders)I don't know whats going on J,but we better move away from here.

Baby J: [confused, even though he was concerned] Uh?

Anna:(Puts J in her arms and started to run.)(Kept running for some time before she finds a cave)We'll stay in here.

Baby J: [looks at Anna curiously] ?

Anna:(Sits on ground,holding J close)I'm scared for everyone safety J,I dont want to lose them(Feels like crying)

Baby J: [looks at Anna, who is about to cry, and is also starting to cry (since he doesn't like to see anna cry)] ;~;

Anna:(Looks at J,with sad face and wipe his tear then hers)I'm sorry J,I'm suppose to be brave for you,but I guess I'm also a baby deep down,but I'll protect you,just like I protect Selenia.(Hugs J)With all my heart.

Baby J: ^_^

[They see a pair of greenish blue glowing eyes from the back of the cave]

Anna:(Stands up holding J tight)Who's there?!

Baby J: O_O

Anna:(Slowly walks backwards,holding J and keeping contact with the eyes)Don't worry J,let just find Selenia and N...

Selenia: *appears* Anna...hand me J please

Baby J: ? [turns to Selenia]

Anna:Selenia?(holds J tight and sniffs air)You don't smell like her.

Baby J: ...

(N appears as well and pants with exhaustion)

(suddenly there is rustling in the bushes!)

Sound Effects (S.E.) - Rustle Rustle!!

N: What the--?!

Baby J: .... [looks up to Anna]

(suddenly Red the Cat and Leon the Echidna apear/ Xabior: Red is making his first apearnce since a long time!!)

leno : So are we there yet!!??

Red: OMG< can you ever shu i....*sees them* Wha...who are you guys???

Baby J: O_O [cries] WAHHHHH!!!!!

Anna:There there little J(Starts humming a tune)

N: [facepalms] Man...

Red: *looks at Leon* See what you made me do!!!!! All I came here was to see that one guy called Zulto and...*continue on an d on*

Selenia: *real one* J...*holds J, and rocks him*'s alright....

N: Heh. [turns to Anna] We need to bring J back to normal, or he may not be able to remember us.

Baby J: [was calmed down by selenia (despite being still half roboticized)]

Red: *embarresd for everything thats been happening* Um..but we where told to bring this.. *holds out a portable De-roboticizer, the device becomes huge after laid on the floor* a from-baby-to-orginal-age device and a ride.

Selenia: Thank you....*uses same gun that turned J into a baby* I hope this works...

Anna:Please work.(Cluthes fist close to her heart)

N: [fires the de-roboticizer at Selenia, thus turning her back to normal]

Selenia: *turning back to nromal, with her hair growing a bit longer*

Anna:Selenia!(Hugs her and cries)

Selenia: *turns to normal* There there...*hugs her*

N: [sighs; to J] Please remember us... [turns to Selenia; nods so she can fire the ray gun at J]

Selenia: *picks up J, then hugs him, which means she's giving her own energy*

(Selenia also fires the ray gun and this causes J to return to his normal, 21-year old self. He was drifted into unconsiousness for a short while)


Selenia: *catches J* you alright...?

J: [wakes up and looks up to Selenia] .... [slowly turns his head to Anna and N] .... [triying to remember]

Selenia: Please....Im your sister....

J: Sister.... Selenia... [trying to remember hard] Anna... and my brother... [voice breaking; tears running down] N... I remember you guys...!

N: I'm sure you really do, J.

Selenia: *laughs, then Hugs J tightly, not letting go*

J: [hugs Selenia back tightly, trying to holds back tears]

N: [chuckles, his arm around Anna's shoulder (Most likely because he feels like a brother torwards Anna] That's our J.

Anna:(Notice N's arm on her shoulder and smile)Yeah.

Selenia: *letting the tears drop*

J: [cries, still hugging Selenia] I-I-I love you, sis....!

Selenia: I love you too, bro!


Red: THey never said what happend to that Zulto Guy...

Leon: You know..Something is up but Its none of our buisness

Red: I geuss...

(they both walk off, now back with the others)

Anna:Hey Selenia,what this cave?

N: [looks around from the cave]

Selenia: Tihana...*smiles*

N: "Tihana"? Wow...!

Anna:Who's that?

J: Who's Tihana, Selenia?

Anna:You see while me and J were inside,another Selenia appeared and didn't smell like you came to us and ask for J.

Selenia: I remember Tihana...*giggles* She's pretty awesome...and that was Sekebua

Anna:Is Tihana a friend of yours?

Selenia: Yes, I met her yesterday.


Sekebua: *scoffs*

Anna:So there's two of you(Looks at Selenia and Sekebua)(Sniffs one,then the other)You two smell different,so I can tell who's who.

Sekebua: We are both the same person...idiot...Im Darkning "Sekebua" the hedgehog...

Selenia: And of course Im Lightning "Selenia" the can tell a bit differences from us though...

Anna:Anyhow,whats the deal with this cave?

(Flab walks out of the cave, with guitar-axe in hand)

Flab: I am what's with this cave! Who goes there?

Anna:Sorry for gonig in your cave sir.Me and my friend needed a place to hide before.

(The blades of the axe dissapear and it instantly turns into a long guitar-like staff)

Flab: Please don't start with all that 'sir' stuff. I get it enough from my lessers ... but still you haven't answered my question, Who goes there?

Anna:My names Anna.These are my friends Selenia,J and N,and she Sekebua,Selenia's counterpart.

(Flab lowers his guitar)

Flab: Pleased to meet you all. My name is Flabornamue the Demonhog. But everyone calls me Flab for short. (Looks around) What were you all hiding from, exactly?

Anna:I was hiding from a battle protecting my friend J,then soon Selenia,N and Sekebua came to check on us.

Flab: That's okay (the guitar melts away into Flab's vest) I thought that you would've met up with the person who's after me.

Anna:What do you mean?Who's after you?

???: That, young one, would be me. (A shimmer is seen as a single troll in a heavy black robe appeared) You may call me...Reaper.

Flab: (Alarmed look on his face) Reaper? Satin Dammit i thought i lost you over at mystic cavern zone! How'd you find me so fast?

Reaper: Your soul glows with a strange darkness anyone in my family could see with ease. I followed that.

Flab: (turns to Anne and her frineds) Get in the cave! Quickly! He can't attack you there (Enters battle ready stance) I'll take him from here

Reaper: What, run again? You tried before. I used a technique your father taught me to beat you. Besides, I'm not here alone. (A second ripple shows, revealing a Mephiles-lookalike with gold streaks) I'm sure Pheer doesn't want you to get too badly hurt.

Flab: *gasp!* Pheer? I thought you were with mum in the Demon zone, what are you doing here?

Pheer: Dad asked for me to get rid of you, Reaper here just led me to you

(Reaper smirks, disappearing in the same shimmer as before)

Flab: Why does Dad want to get rid of me? Has he had enough of trying to kill me himself to get me to become a Demon? You do realize that he's using you to do his dirty work.

Pheer: So? It's the family business, and it's Dad's priority what I do. He promised to teach me more Spectrakinetic abilities for it.

Flab: (stops his battle ready pose and stands upright) Spectrakinetic powers? REALLY? *chuckles* You can't handle that, he tried with me when we held a truce last christmas, and it took me the whole day to learn this (makes ball appear and dissappear) He doesn't know spectrakinesis if i hit him ... AND I DID!

Pheer: He's the God of Darkness and Time, half of Solaris. He knows Spectrakinesis, and he taught me this! (Pheer's hands become a blaze of movement as he creates handsigns, a focusing thing he had, before forming six tentacle-like shadows from his back)

Flab: *chuckles* he showed me that too, and i nearly mastered it until i realised it started to corrupt me making me more demon like, still, i can beat you

Pheer: Wrong. I'm like my mother, and she taught me how to use darkness without losing myself. (Pheer launches one of his tentacles at Flab)

(Flab moves in an instant, moving in a two part blur that reappears infront of Pheer)

Flab: You can't win

Pheer: Can't I? (Pheer's right hand fills with shadows and becomes a quarterstaff which he gripped in both hands as he used it and his tentacles to block the strike)

(Flab doesn't strike Pheer, but blurs behind him and kicks him in the center of his back. Pheer recoils visibly, but manages to grab Flab around the leg with a tentacle. Flab pulls out his guitar and slashes the tentacle, freeing his leg)

(Flabs put's the axe away and blur away 10 feet from Pheer)

Flab: You've gotten good brother, i might have to pull my new move on you

Pheer: You've gotten better yourself. (Pheer's hands ripple in darkness) I, too, shall use my new move! (Pheer's hands link, as if preparing to fire a blast)

Flab: (Both arms get covered in purplish-black flames, and he raises his arms up to what seems to be a long-ranged attack)

Flab: I won't use it yet, but i shall see what you got!

Pheer: You're on! (Pheer's hands both tense) SHINING... (Pheer then connects the hands in the Kamehameha-style blast pose, before shifting all the weight onto his front foot) DARKNESS! (A massive black shimmering beam leapt from his fingers straight at Flab)

(Flab lowers both arms quickly, turning the flames on his arms into a funnel shaped beam, sending the bem directly into Flab's body)

Flab: The ultimate energy absorbing attack, for the ultimate energy eater!

(The Flames on Flabs arms turn grey, and Flab raises his arms away from his body to the left and right) And now ..... it's my turn .... DEMON (Flab's hands turn into two large claws) RELEASE! (The claws turn into black and grey fireball, pulling his hands together infront of him, Flab send a giant ball of Darkness and Flames directly to Pheer) sorry, brother ... please forgive me

(Pheer smiles as he crossed his hands across his chest, absorbing all of the darkness he could, letting the flames strike)

Flab: !!!

(RandomFlab 2 - i gotta go, see ya

(Back. Super Guy 100 =)

(Inside cave)

Anna:We better get moving before the blast cause a cave in.

N: Yeah.

J: [looks at Selenia, nods]

Macabre: *ghost flies into cave and out* HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE

???: *sleeping in the cave, wakes up*

Anna:(Sees someone):Excuse me,is there another way out of this cave?

???: There is no other way out, ma'm

Anna:Oh well,then I have to make one.(Run to the end of the cave)

???: *throws a pickaxe at Anna*

Anna:(Catches it)Thanks whoever you are.

Nuts: Make that 2 of us. Name's Nuts. This is my bro Bolts. And you're pretty.

Anna:Oh.(Hides blush)Thank you.

Nuts: *smiles*

Anna:(Reaches the end and gets to work)Hiyah!(Hits the wall)

Nuts: *dashes to the end of the cave*

Anna:Almost there(Keeps hitting wall)

Nuts: *grabs Anna and teleports out of the cave*

(They all leave the cave)

Part 7

N: J... I have a confession to make.

J: ?

Anna:(I hope Flab is donig ok.)

N: Our robo-sis... didn't make it...

J: What...?! How come?? [sees the roboticized remains of Mecha Sadie] No... [turns to N] Why didn't you save her?!

N: She lost her free will, thanks to Dr. Eggman! I tried to save her, yet I ended up risking my life for her!

Anna:J?(Place hand on his shoulder)

J: [looks at Anna] ?

Anna:We'll bring her back,somehow.(Sad smile)I promise.

J: Okay. Thanks, Anna.

Nuts: Note: Some mecha lady is dead, guy throws s**t fit about it. I'd do that if my bro was killed

N: [turns to Nuts] Stay out of this.

J: ....

N: That "Mecha lady" you're referring to is J's and my sister.

Nuts: Ya think I'm retarded or something?

J: Anna has a point. We can bring her back somehow...

Bolts: *shrugs* Probably.

Nuts: Yeah, right. You guys, including Bolts, will find a way to bring her back. I'ma go find Chicken Boy. 'Sides, I have some things to settle with him.

Anna:You be careful Nuts.(Smiles)

Nuts: Don't worry about, me girl! *thinking* I have to know me and Bolts's purposes... if Chicken Boy is willing to explain

Anna:(Turns to J,N and Selenia)So whats the plan now guys?

(N is picking up the pieces of Mecha Sadie's remains)

Anna:Here, let me help.(Stats picking up the pieces)

Selenia: I can return her too...I've done it many times before...

Sekebua: Selenia....Do NOT start it...

Selenia: *looks at Sekebua with a scowling look*

(not to far away, crawls a powerless Zulto...weak and vulernble)

Zulto: M...u...s...t...c...o...n..t..i..n...u...e

Selenia: [thoughts] What is that spiritual pressure...? It feels so weak...

J: [looks at Selenia] Selenia...? Did you sensed something?

Selenia: Y-yeah...but let me do my job by returning can be possible if I return her back into a normal Mobian...

J: Okay.

(N and Anna have finished picking up Mecha Sadie's remains)

Selenia: okay...*gets in a good position* Here I go...

Anna:You can do it Selenia.

Selenia: *begins to turn into light*

Anna:(Covers her eyes)Woah.

Selenia: *starts to return Sadie*

N: Whoa...

J: [looks at Sadie being restored back to life]

Zulto: *crawling, hurt, weak, dying, much closer to them..* C..o...n...t...i...n...u...e..*finally gives up and falls unconscience*

Nuts: *slaps Zulto* Hey, where's Chicken Boy?

Selenia: *zulto...* *heals Sadie faster*

Nuts: *looks at Sadie* She got pwned

Sadie: [was revived and looks at Nuts] Excuse me?

Nuts: ... Nothing...

Sadie: Hmph.

J and N: Sadie! [runs and hugs her]

Sadie: [giggles]

Nuts: *mutters* Jesus...

Selenia: *her left hand robotized, she falls gasping* I...did it....

Nuts: *under his breath* Big deal...

Zulto: *dying, hurt, unconscience* ..

Selenia: *gets up and walks off, then sees Zulto* *gasp* Zulto....!

Nuts: Just kill him

Anna:Thats cruel Nuts!

J: Yeah. That's uncalled for.

Sadie: Really? Kill him? Why kill an innocent person?!

Nuts: Why? I've seen the world's true face. It's a garbage can

Selenia: *takes Zulto and brings him to the Shirenya lake*

Anna:This place looks familier.

Selenia: This is the Shirenya lake, this lake is the Moon's spirit lake...AKA my birth place...*sets Zulto down* I know that the lake will heal him...this is the only peaceful lake around.

Anna:Its my first time here and yet it feels like I"ve been here before.

N: [notices Selenia's roboticized hand] Oh my--1 Here, lemme help you witht hat, Selenia. [uses his de-roboticizer onto Selenia's roboticized left hand, turning it back to normal]

Selenia: thanks...*her lips turn white* it's been awhile since 've tried this tecnic...*kisses Zulto, giving him a healing kiss*

Zulto: *energy flows throguh him and he begins to awakin* Huh? Wha?...

Selenia: *kinda kissing him now, giving him more energy*

Zulto: *blushing, stops her* Umm...Im fine now...*still blushing* ....

Selenia: *smiles a bit* Good...*sad smile* I told you not to trust Dr.Eggman....

Zulto: I was desprete.....*this is where Zultos head has a headache, no one notices including him..*

Nuts: *walks off to find Eggman himself*

Selenia: As long as your fine...*helps him up*

Zulto: Thanks...

Selenia: *nods her head as a "welcome" sign*

Nuts: Come on, Bolts. We have to find Chicken Boy

Bolts: *shrugs and follows Nuts*

Sekebua: Now..Let's go kick some egghead butt!

Nuts: *makes invisible wall, blocking Sekebua*

Anna:What are you doing Nuts?

Nuts: Gonna find Chicken Boy ourselves

Sekebua: *gets out* I can do what I want!

Bolts: We have unfinished buisness to settle.

Anna:Who is this Chicken Boy you two keep talking about?

Nuts: *sheds a tear, dispite being a robot* Eggman...

Selenia: Nuts....

Nuts: Just leave us to do what we have to do

Selenia: I can de-robotize you....

Nuts: WE WERE BORN LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nuts: *sheds another tear* We were created by Eggman

Anna:Oh Nuts..(Walk over to him and hugs him)

Nuts: He designed me and Bolts as hedgehogs, only with robotic features


Zulto: So your saying you have to stop us from trying to help you guys get Eggman...yet you want our help?? You cant stop us from helping one another...we where all born to lookout, protect, and care for one another...this, I belive in!!!

Selenia: Believe in us! We can help you!

Nuts: ...

N: Yeah, and Eggman will be no match for us! [sees J sleeping on a grassy ground from Selenia's lake; groans] J, this isn't a good time for you to sleep...!

Zulto: *grining* I call dibs on destryoing his flagship!!! *races off*

Selenia: *goes to J* He needs rest...

N: Okay. We'll just tell him that we defeated Eggman, Selenia.

Anna:I'll stay here and watch him for you until you get back.

Selenia: I will watch him, I think it's time you show off your awesome moves, Anna *gives a smile and thumbs up*

N: [nods to Anna]

Sadie: C'mon, N! J will be fine! Trust her!

N: Okay, okay!

Nuts: *storms off furiously* They just don't understand, do they?!!

Anna:Alright Selenia.Then take this.(Hands her a small hand mirror)

Selenia: thank you....

(Thirza is watching Selenia sadly from a tree)

J: [suddenly wakes up and sees N, Sadie, Anna, and the others are gone] Huh...? N... Anna... Sadie...? [looks around] Selenia?

Selenia: *watching J, somewhere else*

J: [sighs] my brother's gonna kill me for sleeping like this... [looks at the reflection of the lake; sighs] I do look different... [shrugs] Id dunno why I'm staring at this lake. It's Selenia's.

Selenia: *appears* Because This lake is very calm and peaceful...*sits next to him* You alright?

J: Hm? [turns to Selenia] Oh, hey Selenia. I'm fine. [sits next to her] I see N and the others ran off to find Eggman, huh?

Selenia: Yeah...*hugs J*

J: Hehe. [hugs Selenia back]

  • Meanwhile*

Nuts: Selenia's right. I do need their help *goes back to the lake*

Endac: ok wtf did i miss

Selenia: *looks at him* Alot..*to nuts* whats wrong?

Nuts: You were right. I do need your help

Thirza: Selenia....

J: Huh? [turns to Thirza]

Selenia: Thirza...? Nuts...I will help....

Endac: i'm contacting Shadow with a friend of mine...................unless he's here

Nuts: I don't need anymore than 5

Thirza: Why do you keep leaving me behind? I'm trying to help....

Nuts: You're already involved in this. And so is Selenia and whoever you are.

Selenia: I never left you behind...I never leave anyone behind...

Nuts: That's what I like about you. You're reliable

Thirza: Well, I need some help too, come to think of it...

Selenia: Then I'll help gladly...but first, *smile* Lets go

J: [nods to Selenia]

Thirza: Alright! *Grins*

Nuts: Just tell us where his base is and we're off to see the wonderful Wizard Of Oz! Hahahaha


J: [chuckles] Can I go, Selenia?

Endac: i'll help cause shadow ordered me to stick with Selenia and i already failed once

Anna:(Smiles)You know I'll be there to help.

Nuts: Yeah, J, you can come

Selenia: Everyone can come...heheh

N: Yeah, 'cause he asked Selenia, not you (Nuts) >_>".

Nuts: Just shut up and let's go

Anna:Let's move out!

(They all run off to find Dr. Eggman)

Part 8: Stopping Eggman and Saving Jackson

(Back with Dr. Eggman, he is still asleep lazily, after almost roboticizing Selenia's abusive father, Jackson, inside his ship)

Eggman: [chuckles in his sleep] You should've treated your daughter with no harm more often... [snores] Oh well, That's not my problem.

Jackson: *growls* You will pay for all of this...

Eggman: [chuckles] It's only a matter of time before you take orders from me. Once you are roboticized, you can barely remember your own daughter.

(Suddenly, there is a breach from the door!)

Eggman: What the--?!

J: Eggman...

N: ...your days are numbered!

Sadie: Literally!

Thirza: You're gonna pay Egghead!

Eggman: Ohh-ho-ho-ho-ho! [scoffs] HA! It'll take more than an army to stop me! The "King of Shame" is already the king of slaves! [ponts to the now roboticized jackson] Now I'll how you what the true meaning of "royalty" is all about!

Thirza: Do we have an army?

J: Ummm.... we got more trouble coming! [points to the roboticized Jackson]

Nuts: I'll handle Chicken Boy

Eggman: Oh ho ho!!!! You all can nver stop me * fires laser at Jackson, suddenly, a huge mehc apears form the ground below the ship, eggman retreats to it* Face my latest, greatest creation!!

Nuts: Remember me? Left me and my brother to rot?

Bolts: *bursts through the ship*

Selenia: Let this team show you how butt beating works, Egghead! *punches Jackson*

Eggman: [laughs] SWATbots, destroy them!

(The SWATbots storm in and charges after the heroes, except to the roboticized Jackson)

Nuts: You guys fight Jackson! That Billy Hatcher wannabe is mine!

Zulto: the ships about to explode..Ill teleport you guys out of here *winks* Im going to use this explosin to my advantage..

(N, still having his de-roboticizer, fires it at the roboticized Jackson, reverting him back to normal (although half of his memory is lost as he can't remember what happened, or remember his daughter)

N: There we go...

Selenia: GO!

Jackson: *attacks Selenia* you remind me Of Selenia the Porcuidna..

N: Hey! [holds Jackson back and hurls him onto a wall] I de-roboticized you from Dr. Eggman, and this is the thanks I get?!

J: And if I were you, Jackson, I'd go after Eggman than to treat Selenia like a puppet.

Jackspn: I can do what I want...

Selenia: Me too! *punches Jackson straight forward*

N: [places his foot onto Jackson] Sorry, buddy, but as long as Eggman was the one who got you captive, I think you should get your revenge. Or better yet, we'll just leave you to suffer either way.

(The SWATbots traps Jackson and explodes onto him, giving him burn damage, while other SWATbots ram through Selenia, J, N and Sadie!)

Jackson: *tries to ignore pain, but then he ends up beating all of the SWATbots around them!* This won't count as heroic job...but get out of here now...!

J, N and Sadie: Ugh... [gets up and runs]

(More SWATbots swarm in on Jackson, as well as more SWATbots pursuing J, N, Sadie, Selenia and the others!)

Selenia: *stays* All of you, get out! *turns to Jackson* you idiot....I love you....*runs with the others*

(The guys runs off to escape the SWATbots, leaving Jackson to try and fend off the SWATbots, to no avail, since millions of them pins Jackson completely!)

Nuts: *blows up the SWATbots with his mega lazer*

Endac: oh a fight fun. Pyro you know what to do

Pyro: got it (flies at the SWATbots blasting fire at everything in his path)

Folin and Hungara: (do the same)

Jackson: Hmm?!

Nuts: *points it at Jackson*

Selenia: *stops him* We need to go, now!

Nuts: You guys go on ahead, I'll be fine

Anna:Chaos Arrow!(Fire a energy arrow to row of SWATbots and destroying them)

Selenia: *growling* Nuts....

Nuts: I'LL BE FINE! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackson: Destroys more SWATbots*

J: Anna, we gotta go! The ship is self-destructing! [grabs her hand and takes her (while following the others) to safety]

Endac: i can take care of myself (starts beating the snot out of swatbots with his sword) you go i'll be along shortly

Thirza: *Screams*

[She got caught!]

Selenia: Thirza!

Jackson: *destroys the SWATbots that grabbed her* GO!

Nuts: *teleports everyone out of the ship, but stays* I'm not leaving until Eggman burns

(Eggman makes his getway out of the ship and into the same huge mech from before...)

Nuts: *destroys mech, grabs Eggman and throws him into fires, burning him alive*

Anna:Wait where's Nuts?

Endac: he stayed behind

  • The ship blows up, supposedly killing Nuts (or so we think)*

Pyro: oh no

Selenia: Nuts...!!!!

  • Nuts's head flies over towards Selenia*

Chao from no where: thats discussting

Endac: Caden back off

Caden: okey-dokey

Zulto: *skydiving with a derbis under his feet, acting like a snowboard for when he lands..* WHO_HOO!!!!

Selenia: *walks away, with tears in her eyes*

Zulto: *lands, sees her crying* Whats wrong?


Selenia: *She walks towards the lake, then tries to look at her reflection, only to see someone elses*

Zulto: *sad look on his face* Wether I show that im happ or angry...or if I try to do something right..I only mess up...this is my fault AGAIN...*teleports away*

  • The antennae on Nuts's head glows*

Selenia: *looks at the antennae on Nut's head* *sniff* huh..?

  • Nuts's eyes open as his body parts approach him*

Endac: hey Caden where is Rebekah and-

Caden: there coming! *shoosh* this is the Dramatic part

Selenia: *looks at him surprised* n-nuts?

  • Nuts puts himself together*

J: !!!

Selenia: *hugs Nuts*

Nuts: *hugs Selenia*

Selenia: Please don't ever do that again...*kisses his robotic cheek*

(From behind, three mysterious figures come)

???:Looks like you need some help.

???2: What'd we miss?

???3:And how can we help?

N: Uhhh nothing?

???:Selenia? How's my boy?

Selenia: *turns around* Fine...he's doing great...

Mazda: Thanks. How's Ookamoni been?

Alice: we're ready to help.

Ray: And ready for destruction!!!

J: ?!

N: Oh boy... [facepalms]

Sadie: [confused] What destruction are you talking about??

Nuts: Eggman is dead

Selenia: *shows her robotic left arm* He's doing great....How are you three?

Luvenia: SELENIA!!! :D *glomps her*

Selenia: Hey ^^

Nuts: *walks off, ashamed*

Selenia: And where are you going?

Nuts: Somewhere. *continues walking*

N: J, I gotta go to an air show today, and I can't miss it! [runs off] Bye, big brother!

Sadie: I'm going too! Bye!

J: Hehe. See ya guys.

Selenia: *glomps J* heheh


Nuts: *teleports himself to the moon*

Selenia: *looks at the lake* Ya know, if ya take a swim in the lake, it can heal all your wounds and make your muscles feel relaxed ^^

J: Haha yeah, Selenia ^^.

Selenia: If ya want you can just jump in...*takes her boots, gloves, and her shirt and skirt off (still wearing bra and undies) and takes a swim*

J: [chuckles] Yeah. This was the craziest day I've ever had, Selenia. [takes off his shirt and his shoes (since his pants are water resistant) and goes intot he lake with Selenia]

Selenia: *splashes water on J*

  • At the Moon*

Nuts: *sighs*

Nuts: I've made up my mind *teleports back to Earth*

Endac: oh hiya mazda

  • a metalic liquid floats through the pond and a girl comes running from the other side of the pond*

Caden: here they come Endac

Mazda: Hey!

Ray: When do we blow up robots!?!

Nuts: Selenia?

Selenia: 8in the lake, embarrased* Uh....Hiya Nuts! *spots the metalic liquid* whats this?

Endac: i know what..........i mean who it is. when ancient morphs teleport the become a metalic silver liquid and move through the ground and water this selenia is my frined Jango the FoxMorph

  • the liquid forms into a version of ten year old tails and when color returns it show that he looks like tails and sounds like him when he was 10 but he is red and white with the red being where tails was yellow*

Jango: hiya

Nuts: Can I uh, ask you something?

Selenia: Sure, shoot ^^

Nuts: *gulps* Will you marry me?

J: [to Nuts] You're crazy, aren't you? She already has a boyfriend, y'know. So I'm afraid you're out of luck, then.

Thirza: *Thinking* I wish I could swim...

Mazda and Ray: Jeronimo! (splash in with underwear) It's cold!!!!!

Alice: (in bra and panties) I don't feel very comfortyable guys.

Selenia: I've done this tons of time, it doesnt really matter ^^ *spots Thirza* Hey, arent you going to join?

J: [is relaxed at the lake as his stress was fading away] ^^

Alice: This is nice.

Anna:It sure is.

Thirza: I can't swim...

J: This is awesome, Selenia... ^^

Alice: I can hold you up Thirza!

Anna:And I"ll help.

Selenia: Me too!

J: Make that three.

Ray: That should be me!!!

Thirza: I'm scared though... And I feel stupid...

Selenia: You should be, the water isnt going to drown you, and it will help you swim too ^_^

Ray: What about me? T^T I want girls helping me...

Thirza: Okay.... *Dives in, clothes and all*

Selenia: *helps her in*

Anna:You can do it.

Thirza: There better not be fish in here...

Endac:.......................*just know notices the others in the water*.........................uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh well if ya can't beat em......join em *jumps in the lake followed by a female mobian hedgehog*

Rebekah :(the female who jumped in) wait for me Endac

Nuts: *drinks death potion*

Selenia: *sees Nuts* whoa there nuts...why are you drinking that?!

J: Trying to commit suicide isn't the smartest idea you can think of.

Nuts: Llama extract

Selenia: gets out of the water and sits next to him* why are you doing this? *grabs it from him*

Nuts: IT'S LLAMA EXTRACT!!!!!!!!

Alice: *Accidentally gived ray a noseb;leed when she gets out of the water to help*

Selenia: Don't drink this...*kisses him softly*

Nuts: One angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces

J: What are you talking about?

Selenia: Are you upset because I have a boyfriend?

Alice: That's nothing to be upset about. Ifb I were you. I'd be upset about Ahura!

Selenia: *looks at Alice with a "What do you mean?" face*

Alice: If he's upset you've got a boyfriend, wait 'til he finds out you've got Mazda's son!

Luvenia: you just made things worse...

Selenia: *looks at Nuts with concern*

Nuts: ... G.I. Joe is my mom

J: [groans] Looks like our having fun in the lake had abruptly stopped -_-'.

Alice: No it hasn't! (grabs ray) We can still have fun, right?

Ray: (faints) Aweeeeeeeesome...

Anna:(Sitting alone on rock and cries)

Nuts: What's wrong?

Mazda:What'm I going to do with you two?

Selenia: *Kisses Nuts cheek* I hope you stop being like this unless you want me to be this close to you ^^ *grabs Anna and jumps into the water*

J: Hehe ^^ [swims next to Selenia]

Selenia: Hehe! You guys like the water? ^^

J: Indeed I do, Selenia ^^.

Alice: I wonder...are we safe here?

J: Uh-huh.

Nuts: *goes rampant* Oh, really?

Anna:My head hurts.

Part 9

J: [sees Nuts go rampant] Are you kidding me...?!

???: *grabs Nuts head and reluctantly crushes it*

Selenia: Nuts! *goes out of the water, growling*

Mazda: What happened?

J: [gets out of the water too and looks at Nuts, giving him the "Stop ruining our fun" look]

???: *teleports with Nuts*

Voice: Simulation complete

Selenia: Who are you?! *coughs a bit, really hard*

Ray: Who are you?

Nuts: Dammit!

Selenia: *coughing* Damn! *gets up*

J: Selenia! [grabs her] Are you okay??

Mazda: What is this place?

Anna:(Passes out)


J: [comforts Selenia while looking at Nuts] What are you talking about?! Selenia's hurt!

Selenia: *coughing*

Luvenia: Selenia, you shouldn't force yourself...You could get hurt, or even killed...

J: [hugs Selenia] Please... we'll find a way out of this, and we'll make sure no danger gets in our way...

Nuts: *head spins, then falls off* Ouch

Nuts: *puts head back on and walks home*

Anna:(Feels pain)AHHH!

Selenia: ANNA! *runs to her*

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(it's alright)

J: [runs to Anna] Are you okay?!

Nuts: *puts cannon to his head*

Selenia: Let's all go to sleep...

Nuts: *fires the cannon, causing a huge boom*

(J uses Chaos Shield to cancel out the noise while he, Selenia and Anna walks off)

Selenia: *finds Nuts*

Bolts: *finds Nuts's body* Oh, God, please, no!

Selenia: What happened?!?!?!

Bolts: *mutters* God. Game over.

Bolts: He lazered himself

Selenia: Why?!

J: Yeah!

Bolts: Depressed. He said every night before the sun went down, he saw his life betraying him

J: "Depression"? Oh great. Just what we need. This is getting ridiculous.

Selenia: I didn't betray him...*sighs, then heals him*

Bolts: *storms off* ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna:(Half awake)Selenia...?

J: What...?! You're crazy. [to Anna] Anna...?

Bolts: I'M CRAZY? YOU'RE THE JERK THAT DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT THAT MY BROTHER IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J: First off, watch were you're saying. Also, he died caused by suicide, so commiting suicide isn't a good way to go.

Selenia: *heals Nuts to normal*

Endac: *eating popcorn like he's watching a movie while watching them argue*............................this probably isn't helping

Anna:I saw something.....

Selenia: *grabs Nuts* Why did you comit Suicide?!

Anna:Selenia,what happened to me?

Nuts: What happened?

Selenia: *crying* it scares me...!

J: [gives Selenia a comforting hug]

Selenia: *cries on J*

J: [comforting Selenia] It's okay... shhh..... it's going to be okay, sis... [kisses Selenia's forehead]

Selenia: I hope so...

Anna;Selenia...(Holds her hand)

Selenia: *holds on to Anna's hand*

J: I'm sure it will, Selenia. [gives her a smile] I'm always here for you, just like you're always here for me.

Nuts: EGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuts: He's alive. I'm out. *storms off*

Selenia: *gets infront of Nuts* Calm down...Or I will make you...*gets arm cannon

Nuts: I'm stuck in a nightmare. I'm getting out of it

J: Yeah, being hysterical isn't gonna solve anything. Eggman's gone. We already took care of him.

Nuts: Otherwise, then why did I commit suicide and become rampant? Eggman has control of me

J: how can Eggman still control you if he was caught in a blast? It's unlikely for that to happen. But if you still wish to go after Eggman, then please do so. Many of us wanted to have fun instead getting caught into yet another drama. Okay?

Nuts: You can kiss my ass goodbye 'cause I'm gone

J: Ugh... why must he be this dramatic. He's trying to ruin our fun in the lake, then he gave my obscene words to me. I will not tolerate this behavior he gave me.

Anna;It hurted so much....

Selenia: I wish...I could do something...

J: [looks at Anna] I wish I could use Chaos Heal... but instead of healing people... it does more harm than good.... [looks down]

Nuts: We have to put the Moon together. And this guy's gonna help you

Liam: Why me?

Selenia: *looks at J* It does was because I didn't have my powers...

J: [sighs] If you say so, Selenia... [bends down and places Anna's head, getting ready to use Chaos Heal] Chaos... Heal...! [heals Anna's pain with his Chaos energy]

Selenia: okay?

Nuts: Considering the fact that your brother's being a jerk, then no

(Selenia didn't like what Nuts said to her brother, J)

Nuts: I'm not gonna waste my time on you, Selenia. I'm not gonna do it

(J, not wanting to hear Nuts' negative comments about him, chaos Controls himself away)

Nuts: ...

Selenia: Then why did you want to marry me..?!

Nuts: Look, for everything I've done, I'm sorry

Anna:(Slowly opens eye)J?Selenia?What happened?

Selenia: *walking away, slowly, then lets the tears fall* I really liked you...I guess I was wrong again...*crying, She walks off* You shouldn't be sorry...I should...Cmon Anna...

Nuts: *bursts into tears* It's not your fault. It's mine. I regret everything I do.

Anna:Ok...(Struggles to stand up)

Selenia: *stops walking and runs to him, only to kiss him*

Flab: (Wlaks in all battered and bruised, using his guitar as a walking stick) Well isn't that a sight for sore eyes! Gald to see all of you okay!

Selenia: *embarassed a bit, she goes to Flab and helps him* you okay?!

Flab: Argh! (Staggers a bit) Yeah, i'll be all right, just my little brother is all.

Selenia: *helps him* I can heal you if you want

Flab: Thanks for the offer, but i don't need you to (Lifts hand to point at an indent in the cave) Fit a small rock into that hole for me, there is a secret compartment that has healing medicine that only works for Demons and half breeds such as myself. All i need is the green bottle, and then i should be fine.

Selenia: *surprised* Uh Okay..*does what he says*

Flab: *takes bottle* thank you *drinks from it* (white and grey streams start flowing away from Flab, instantely healing all wounds) That's much better! (puts guitar away) I trust that you are all safe?

Selenia: Yes..we had a little argument...but that is all over...

Flab: Well ... (saddened expression comes across his face) I am thankful that i didn't arrive to see it *thinks to himself* Otherwise all of us would regret it

Selenia: My name is Lightning Selenia the hedgehog, very nice to meet you...

Flab: (snaps out of thought) Oh! you are, are you? Well, my name is Flabornamue the Demonhog. But you can call me Flab. Sorry for the short introduction before but, family business calls ^_^*

Selenia: It's alright

Flab: By the way ... Does the name ... Laurion, mean anything to you? *thinks* Could she be THE Selenia?

Selenia: *sutters* y-yes...why...?

Flab: (pulls a glowing yellow stone from the inside pocket of his vest) I was entrusted as my final mission for the year, to give you, the living stone of light ... My superior Luminar said that it would be safest (looks up to Selenia) with you

Anna:Hey Flab,glad to see your safe...(falls down)

Flab: Anna? (runs to her side) you okay? (turns to Selenia) We'll continue this talk later, can you heal her please?

Anna:I'm fine...I just need to rest a bit.(Weak smile)

Flab: Still, I can't leave someone injured, not while i'm still kicking (smiles back to Anna, then turns to Selenia) Is everything okay?

(Good night for now everyone,see you tomarrow)

(some where else on a mountain top Shadow breaths in the morning air searching the ground for Endac and his sister)

Shadow: where is Endac...........i told him to meet me here after contacting selenia...............i need to find him

(all of a sudden a spirit like a genie but with the body and head of a dragon appeared before shadow)

???: but shadow i don't think you should go....................maybe he's just held up

Shadow: Forjin, Endac would have summoned me then if he had gotten lost. i must find him for somthing bad must have happened to my sister

Forjin: shadow...

Shadow: i need to keep my family alive especially my Selenia, J, N, and Sadie so i'm going

Shadow: (thinking) besides other than maria and the kids.........there the closest family i have

(meanwhile, Zulto is consulting with his self-conscience..)

Zulto: *thinking: She was not crying about me having a little fun...but her dad....who abused her all of her life........and died at that momnet...commited suicide....I need to stop caring about my problems...I need to think of the only people who act like my family..who are my friends...the only ones I truely trust for now on.......,,,grabs some equipment and heads off to where the group is..*

(a black streak passes him followed by a ghost of a dragon)

Zulto: ? *ignores it*

Part 10

(Back with J, not ever wanting to hear Nuts' negative comments, is wandering around (his shirt and shoes at Selenia's lake) before he stumbles upon an unknown racing driver)

Unknown Racer: Well, if it isn't the legendary racing driver on Mobius.

J: And you must be...?

Unknown Racer: Your fan and a racer. I don't want to take away your successful dream of becoming a wonderful racer. I hear that you have retired because you have families to take care of, am I right?

J: Yeah. I guess so...

Unknown Racer: Well, how about a last race beforeyour retirement?

J: Sure.

Unknown Racer: Good. May I suggest putting your clothes on? I cannot race against a formidable opponent with no clothes. Here. [gives J a unique racing outfit]

J: Thank you. [puts on his unique racing outtfit, as well as his helmet (which makes his ears pop out from his helmet) and gets on his supercar, the FR34 [which slightly resembles as the Ultima GTR); starts up its engine and revs]

Unknown Racer: [goes inside his unnamed race car and revs the engine]

(Both J and the unnamed racer waits for the green light as they rev theirr cars' engines. The green light turns on and they both race off, with J in the lead)

Unknown Racer: Looks like your skills haven't changed one bit, J.

J: Thanks.

Unknown Racer: Don't think I can make this easy on you. [races ontot he highway, in the lead, with J tailing on him]

J: Likewise. [overtakes the unnamed racer to take the lead]

(a shadow runs across the highway at super sonic speed in front of them)

J and the Unnamed Racer: ! [veers out of the way]

Unknown Racer: Someone is trying to interfere our race.

J: Yeah. That's not going to stop me from winning, however. [floors it to maintain his lead, witht he Unknown Racer tailing him]

(then somthing was running next to j but to fast to see anything but a blur)

J: ...

Unknown Racer: Somebody forgot to follow the #1 rule on a one-on-one race; never interfere the race.

then came a voice from the blur deep and strange but familiar to j

???: j, where is she?

J: Huh? Who?

???: Selenia of course

J: What do you want with Selenia?

???: let me see i've been looking for you guys all morning and now i can't see if my sister is alright (then Shadow the Hedgehog's form came into vision from the blur) so you let her out of your sight again

J: She's okay. Just let her know that I'm all right.

Shadow: but my question was where is she and is there somthing different about her that made my errand boy so slow (meaning Endac) cause i can feel her life force when shes "okay" but i can't feel anything right now

J: Ah. She's at the lake. You'll be able to find her, Shadow.

Shadow: if Eggman changed one hair on her body i'm going to throttle his body or his corpse .........either way my hand is gonna be around his neck (speed boosts off towards the lake)

(Back with Selenia...)

Selenia: *sitting on the edge of the lake, crying* Why did all of this happen to me...?! I only want to protect the people I love...instead of killing them...!

Ookamoni: You seem depressed. *chuckles* How refreshing.

Selenia: I only want to see everyone okay...Now my father's dead....I can't believe I want to see him again...

Ookamoni: So your heart's contradicting your mind. Interesting.

Thirza: *Sits down beside Selenia wearing a pirate costume* Can't you revive him?

Ookamoni: I'm the banished Prince of Hell. My hand could once pull the souls of anyone from the fires...but thanks to Mazda..

Ahura: *crawls from behind* :D

Ookamoni: You knpow, he threatened to completely destroy me if I didn't break my hold over you...

Shadow: *slides to a stop 50 feet from selenia*

Selenia: that isnt like him...

Ookamoni; Are you kidding? I threaten to desatroy his child's mom and you expect him to do nothing? Heh, shows what you know.

Selenia: He never cared about me...he even tried to rape me when I was little...I don't expect him to do all of this...

Jackson: Well this is the thanks I get...

Ookamoni: *sigh* If you say so. But I gotta say...after two thousand years of fighting, you learn a little about a guy. Sure he doesn't act like an angel, but his intentions are those of oine.

(Back with J and the Unknown Racer, J wins the race)

Unknown Racer: You won the race. Now I get why you're always victorious. Your skills are impressive. I will see you later. [drives off]

J: heh. No prob. [takes off his helmet] Now to see Selenia. [Chaos Controls to Selenia's lake, while the FR34 drives itself back to J's home]

Ghost: (Is somewhere looking for Shadow...?)

(Back with Selenia...)

J: [looks around for Selenia] Selenia?

Ahura: *at J* :D

Nuts: It's you again

Selenia: *looks at Nuts*

Ahura: *sucks his thumb* 3:

Ghost: *comes to lake but becomes invisible when she sees people there*

Zulto: *finally reaches the spot, no one can read his face* I got some for each of you...if yo need me I'll be meditating on the other side of the lake... *gives each of them a tent and walks off*

Thirza: *Sighs* Selenia, can you revive your dad?

Nuts: ...

Ahura: *crawls to Nuts* :D

Selenia: Yes...

Jackson: But Im already here...

Nuts: *looks at Ahura* ?

Ahura: *hugs Nut's leg* :3

(can I make the last edit, :3 - Xab)


Zulto: *continues walking, thinking: This msut end, too much pain has been brought and the moon must be brought together,,,,,sees the Ark in the sky,,,and I know how Im going to end it*

The End (?)