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One day, an explosion occurs in Station Square! An act of terrorism, destroying the residence of the Mayor, the first bombing in years. People are panicking over the situation, and it got even worse: the Mayor was found dead inside his residence. What's more, the attacks continue, and nobody is sure where is safe. Though police insist that they're right on the trail of the culprit, supposedly a red-and-blue-quilled individual, something still seems off. There have been federal agents all around the city, members of organisations and divisions some people have never heard of. On top of that, some weirdo has been snooping around the crime scenes at night. Just what is going on in Station Square? The truth is most certainly not simple...



Smash The Echidna




Frost the Wolf

Julia Finitevus


Involved Characters

A bunch of dudes that do plot stuff (Time)

Smash The Echidna (STE)

Splice The Hedgehog (STE)

Reens the Hedgehog (RR)

Transford the Hedgehog (Doom)

Xavis Pyrovolt (Xoph)

Melissa Craw (Xoph)

Mimic the Mockingbird (FtW)

Static the Cat (FtW)

Jewel the Bat (J.F.)

Max Irvaron (MI)

Alexia the Hedgehog (MI)


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Roleplay:Secret Discord/Part3

Roleplay:Secret Discord/Part4

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