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Scratch and Grounder for hire is a comedy about the duo from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. They try to get a job to make a comeback, but they always get fired or screw it up for hilarious reasons.

How it works

YOU decide the scenarios of how Scratch and Grounder plan to get back in action and put it in chapter form. You can pit them in any hilarious situation you want. The first chapter is done for you.

Rules to join

NO fighting.

Be as funny as you can because this is a COMEDY!

Don't harass people over their style of humor.

Have fun!



Scratch- a washed-up robotic badnik chicken who works with Grounder so they can get a comeback. He originally appeared in AOSTH.


Grounder- a...thing that is dim-witted and works with Scratch to get a comeback. He originally appeared in AOSTH.

Chapter 1

(Scratch is just sitting on the couch watching TV and drinking beer.)

Scratch: God, this stinks.

Grounder: What's the matter now?

Scratch: I've been thinking. Have you ever noticed that we haven't had a job in 18 years since our role in that TV show The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?

Grounder: No.

Scratch: Of course not. You can't notice anything because of your nimrod nature.
Scratch and Grounder

Scratch and Grounder trying to figure out where and how they're going to make their comeback.

Grounder: HEY! I'm not THAT STUPID!

Scratch: Never mind that. The point is, we need to make a comeback. Plus, we could use some money.

Grounder: But how do we do that?

Scratch: Get a job, stupid. How do you think we do it?

Grounder: Become hobos. They get lots of money.

Scratch: No, you ding-dong. Hobos are poor.

Grounder: Oh. Well, where can we get a job at this hour?

Scratch: Don't worry. I know a couple places.

(More coming soon)

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