(Yawn) This will be fun.


A certain user is using her powers of parodying and fourth-wall breaking to bring you this roleplay that you see here. She encourages you to add yourself. Not your OC, but you as you. Who knows what will happen, but all we know is, your adventure starts today!


  1. Swearing should be kept to a minimum. It is allowed uncensored.
  2. Keep everything PG-13 rated at worst.
  3. No rule 34
  4. If you want to be a certain character, please let me know in the comments. (Unless if I personally asked you to join on your wall.)
  5. You can not include your OCs in the main story. This has to be you as you. However, they can be in the background or have small lines. They can also be referenced.
  6. You will write in paragraph-novel form.
  7. If writing in a foreign language, please provide an English translation.
  8. Parody as much as you can!
  9. Have fun!


Already Filled Roles

Roles That Can Be Filled Later

  • Team Chaotix (Espio is already filled. We just need Vector and Charmy)
  • E123-Omega

Extra Roles

  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Blaze the Cat


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