I've made another Roleplay! You're all doomed! WAHAHA!!

This RP takes place a little after Christmas.


The Kids (Heroes)

The Bullies (Villains)

  • The Furry Stompers (played by anyone; between ages 11-13)


Part 1

(One day...)

Linebeck: WOO! Snowballs! (throws a snowball, hitting one of the Furry Stompers)


[Aurion's head pops out of the snow next to him]


[he spits a lot of snow at the same stomper]

Kid 2: HEY!!

Linebeck: Heehee! Awesome

Kid 2: I'm gonna kill you both!!

Twister: I got a better idea! *gets a cannon and fills with snow to knock out 2 furry stompers* As they always say, 2 is better than one.

[Aurion looks at Linebeck.]

Aurion:What are the chances of them catching us, do you think?

Linebeck: Uhh...

Kid 2: (Runs at them) RAAAARGH!!

Linebeck: Zilch! (runs)

Twister: WAIT FOR ME! *zooms off*

[Aurion leaves a tripwire, then burrows into the snow. Kid 2 trips on the wire.]

Twister: *now flying with his 2 tails* man what could happen next? besides fact my babysitter has hot chocolate for me.

[when the kid trips, Aurion pops out of the snow and blows snow at him again]

Linebeck: (Stops) Uh-oh...

(Three more Furry Stompers are ahead of them!)

[Aurion, who was running, slams straight into Linebeck! They both fall over.]

[SFX: Splot!]

Linebeck: *muffled, incoherent words*

Twister: I got it.....*crawls under the snow and jumps into a stomper and then others punch him then he bounces off the others*

[Aurion quickly jumps off Linebeck and burrows deep into the snow again. Linebeck gets out of the snow.]

Linebeck: (Shakes his head) Whuzzah?

Twister: what? it was meant for the comedy. *raspberries the furrystompers*

[Linebeck feels something tug his foot]

Twister: 0_0 don't tell me a Mobian dog is grabbing you

Linebeck: Huh?

[Cameron suddenly appears in front of Linebeck.]

Cameron: "BOO!"

Linebeck: AAAH!! (falls over into the snow)

Cameron: "Don'tcha just love Teleporting?"

(Linebeck looks up at Cameron and scowls.)

Cameron: "Not my fault if you've been scared."

Linebeck: Yes it is! you scared me! (picks up a snowball and throws it at Cameron)

Twister: at least your not a mobian wild dog, my mama told em to stay away from those things...unless it's Sonic's pet Muttski. Besides.....where's the Furry Stompers?

[Cameron twists around, gripping the snowball in his paw and whipping it back at Linebeck.]

Linebeck: ACK! (dodges)

Twister: ok you HAVE to teach me how to do that......besides, we might need it for another impending attack of the furry stompers....

Alyssa: (comes out with nothing but a sweatshirt, gloves, hat, shoes and jeans on (basically her normal outfit other than the hat) (sneezes) Whatcha doin'?

Twister: Hi Alyssa we're playing in the snow...AND messing with furry stompers at the same time

Alyssa: Oh. (a snowball hits her in the face from one of the Furry Stompers) Ow!

Twister: I got it *burrows under them and does the same technique when he crawls into one of them and another beats him up and kicks the other and returns* see? SOLO ACT!

Alyssa: Cool!

Twister: Thanks *blushes* besides, I wonder in spring we could have a beach break. maybe you guys can meet my babysitter. She'd be happy to meet you guys *gets his slingshot and fires a snowball at another furrystomper* see? Even I have marksmanship at a 5th grade level.

Alyssa: Wow! (throws a snowball at a Furry Stomper like a pitcher)

Twister: Nice you pitch at a 6th grade level *giggles a bit* anyways, I can't wait to get warmed up for tomorrow, Besides I'm ready for furry stomping butt kicking any day heheheh.

Alyssa: Yeah. (someone calls ther her) Aw...I gotta go.. Later! (waves goodbye and walks back to her house)

Twister: Bye! (his babysitter calls for him as well) I gotta go too, my babysitter has hot chocolate waiting for me! *zooms off to hug his babysitter for hot chocolate*

Linebeck: Yeah, I...uh...gotta go too....(walks away)

[as he does, something tugs his foot again]

Linebeck: Huh? (stops and turns around)

[Linebck's foot partially disappears under the snow.]

Linebeck: WAUGH!! Snow Sharpedos!!

[Linebeck's leg goes down!]

Linebeck: I knew it!! They're real!! (tries to pull his leg out of the snow)

[suddenly, the only thing abovesnow is his head]

Linebeck: (Pawing desperately at snow) AAAAUUUUUUGH!! SOMEONE HELP!!


[Linebeck is pulled under the snow, and for a few minutes, all he sees is rushing white...and cold. Very cold. And then, he's sitting in an undersnow ice bunker of some sort. Aurion is in the middle, using Aura to carve something]

Linebeck: Wha...?! Aurion?!

[Aurion steps back and looks at Linebeck. nehind him is what appears to be...A giant ice ballista!]

Aurion:Hey, Linebeck. I decided to give the furry stompers a real good way to remember this winter. Thing is, you can't load and fire a ballista with only one person.

Linebeck: (Stares at the ballista) Wow....

Aurion:Yep. One shot only, but it's a BIG one. I've got bunkers dotted everywhere under the snow, including an ice castle that is rigged to rise up from under the snow.

Linebeck: That is so AWESOME!!

Aurion:Yup. And here's how ya fire. See that crank? Someone has to crank that completely, to bring the arrow back all the way. Someone else has to release the catch to fire it once it's cranked back all the way. If the person on the crank doesn't hold it, then it just sets back into neutral position. Right now, it's aimed at a furry stomper eating a doughnut.

Linebeck: Let's try it!

[Aurion runs to the crank]

Aurion:THat catch is'nt going to be easy on you. Careful you don't snap your fingers.

[Aurion begins cranking the arrow back to the catch]

Twister: *burrowing through the other wall* hey guys, back from my hot chocolate, and my babysitter wanted you guys to have some too *leaves the tray with 3 cups filled with marshmallows and hot chocolate* wow....what kinda of balista is THAT

Aurion:It's gonna fire a giant ice arrow, wich will explode, breaking the hollow compartment full of packed snow. That and ice shards will hit the furry stomper currently on target

Twister: coooooool, anyone want hot chocolate *sips his mug of hot cocoa*

{aurion brings the crank back all the way]

Twister: spo your saying I'm the one firing this thing? sweet

(Then, a small R/C trophy truck (with racing #57, a large antennae attached onto its left sode if its hood bonnet, and ornage/white paintjob, along with its mini roof lights and a spare tire from the back) is seen sliding through the icy road, passing by the kids)

Desert Hawk: [sliding on the ice] Well, so much for using ice tires -_-'...

Twister: ......oooooookaaaaaay

(The R/C Desert Hawk htis a large pile of snow, burying it)

Desert Hawk: Aw crud! [struggles to drive off from the snow]

Twister: you look like sombody's R/C car I saw before........

Desert Hawk: [exits the pile of snow and turns to Twister] Yeah?

Twister: your J the Hedgehog's toy...why the heck are you here? and how can you even SPEAK?

Desert Hawk: J hated the cold. It makes him suffer hypothermia. Plus, I speak like you guys, and... if you want to find out on how come I can speak, might as well ask J, but he's busy hibernating right now.

Zack: Hey Guys

Twister: hey zack! we're doing a VERY hil;arious attack on furry stompers..wanna join us?

Zack: Sure *a Green Energy Forms around His Hand*

Twister: a snow type of prank not chaos powered, we're using a giant snow balista.....and theres a hot mug of cocoa from my babysitter on the try over there *points to a tray with 3 mugs* I have mine with me.

Zack:*Powers Down*oh

Bully:*Throws a Snowball At Zack and Hits Him in the Head*

Zack:*Falls facefirst into the Snow*

Twister: *shoves aurion into holding the catch-* stay there I got him *hops into the bully and fools around with him and makes him hit himself and knocks him out* okay we're good *takes catch back*

Zack:Who Told them we were here

Z: Me Red

Zack: Z!

Twister: you got that whatever guy he is I still gotta release the catch, AURION TELL ME TO RELEASE WHEN READY!

Zack:Leave Z to Me

Aurion:Whenever you your fingers....

Twister: WOO HOO! *releases catch without a scratch from his fingers* WOO HOO!

Desert Hawk: BTW, what are Furry Stompers?

Twister: bullies.....

Linebeck: They're these Overlander kids, and they're racist.

Desert Hawk: Ouch. Oh well, at least these bullies are but a match to me! [revs engine happily]

Twister: I'm just glad I can kill them with their own fists, as in the attack I go inside of one's shirt and others punch him whole trying to hit me.

Linebeck: (Accidentally spits out hot cocoa) Whoa, you didn't kill any of them, did you?!

Twister: I do......just I have over 25,000 different ways....... I'm using a bunch of them any time I'm near at least a group of them, besides I have one or two tricks left up my sleeve.....

Linebeck: ._.

Twister: as in I use different methods of offense on the overlanding jerks....

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