wA horror RP inspired by the Silent Hill series, the Penumbra series, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The title idea actually came to me while I was listening to "735", a song by the dark ambient musician Brian Williams, who records under the name Lustmord.
Lustmord -

Lustmord -


There are rumors that the old, rundown hotel located on the outskirts of Station Square contains a portal leading to a dimension of unfathomable horrors. Apparently, Room 735 is the portal itself; if you spend the night in this room and then try to leave, you'll find that the hotel is not of our world!


  1. Do not godmod
  2. Don't make this RP into a joke; it's supposed to be serious and SCARY. If I catch anyone doing anything that would make this RP comical or silly, I WILL KICK YOU FROM THE RP.
  3. Do not alter the plot
  4. No more than 2 characters to a person
  5. No super-strong characters, demi-gods, etc. Think of it as being an average human lost in the world of Silent Hill; you must make use of your surroundings and rely on your wits to survive. Or I can just make it so that the alternate dimension robs its victims of all their powers. Also, don't be all like "Oh this isn't scary" or take down a Dark One with ridiculous ease, either. Again, think of it as being like an average human who's been confronted with something that's scary enough to cause messy pants. Or worse...

Invited People

  1. Flash
  2. Kagi
  3. Smash
  4. Banzai
  5. E-113 Xi
  6. Flab
  7. BloodSonic
  8. Memph
  9. Wh!te
  10. Lightning
  11. Vampire
  12. Shima
  13. PockyMalon
  14. Nevermind
  15. BoostPowah
  16. DigiKatana
  17. Shadowthewolf
  18. Nero
  19. Wolf
  20. Hunter


The Lost Heroes

Those lost inside the hotel.

  • Dismal the Hedgehog - Ryu (he's got the worst luck, doesn't he?)
  • Shadow the Wolf (Shadowthewolf)
  • Topaz the Hedgehog (Xi)
  • Shima the Hedgehog (Shima)
  • Hali the Hedgehog (Shima)
  • Temporal the Cat (Nero)
  • Kyle the Bat (Vamp)
  • Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)
  • Duke "Deuce" Zocker (Hunter1034)
  • Kayden Ouron (Chaos; Part 1 and ending only)
  • Kaialen (Chaos)
  • Claire Ouron (Chaos)
  • Axl the fox (Chaos)
  • Blair the fox (Chaos; Part 1 only)

Other Heroes

The Dark Ones

The unholy things that reside within the "hotel". Feel free to add creatures (and play as them).

  • Unnamed Dark One that resembles Sepulcher from Silent Hill: Homecoming (Ryu)
  • Zable the Fire Demon (Xi)



[One night, Dismal is being chased by the Trolls (again).]

Toxic: Get back here, mutt!!

Dismal: *panting*

[He finally comes across a run-down old hotel. Despite its creepy appearance, Dismal has nowhere better to hide, so he opens up the front door and runs inside.]

Dismal: [Slams the door shut] *panting*

[The hotel is in ruin; windows are shattered and broken, dust and debris cover the floor, chairs and tables are overturned and broken, and there are dark stains everywhere. The stains look suspiciously like blood...]

Dismal: *gulp* [looks around nervously]

[It is utterly silent...the air seems thicker than usual, and somehow more sour...]

Dismal: [Cautiously walks forward] H-Hello...? I-Is anyone h-h-here...?

[No one answers...]

Dismal: [Sees a set of stairs and decides to go up them] .......

[The air gets fouler as he ascends. He eventually makes it to the seventh floor, where the air is rancid and thick. The paint is peeling from the walls, and it's very dark, save for the unnatural red glow permeating the corridor.]

Dismal: [Holding his nose and mouth] ......

[He spots an old, decrepit door bearing the number "735". Gulping a bit, he hesitantly reaches out a shaking hand, the other still covering his nose and mouth, and turns the rusted doorknob, pushing the door open...]

Part 1

(Ryu-Okay, now you guys enter here.)

[A week later... The Rangers are sitting at the Duncan Hills Coffee Shop, watching a story on the supposedly "haunted" hotel on the small TV in the corner.]

Ryu: Makes me think of Lovecraft or some creepy s***.

[Then Kyle bursts through the door, arms full of odd-looking devices.]

Kyle: GUYS! Guys! I saw this thing on- Oh, hey, look at that. *watches the TV* Anyway, that thing. I have an idea! C'mon, c'mon!

[He proceeds to grab Ryu by the arm (somehow, since his hands are full) and drag her out of the shop, the other Rangers in tow.]

Ryu: Oh boy, what is it now, Kyle?

Kyle: *talking while walking* You know that TV show news item thing about the haunted hotel? Well, I wanna check it out so I'm going to go in there with a camera that live streams back to a monitor and I basically need you guys to watch it and make sure nothing goes wrong. *takes a deep breath*

Ryu: ............okay.

[Eventually, he drags the all the way to his workshop where a large monitor is set up on one wall, and shelves and benches are lined with odd mechanical devices]

Kotuu: What's this thing do? [about to poke a strange-looking device]


[He pokes it.]

Kotuu: Huh?

Kyle: Eep! *grabs the device and hurls it out a window just before a claw pops out and attempts to grab Kotuu's finger, locks the window as a large BANG is heard along with a mustard colour cloud* Don't touch means don't touch! No touchy! Ix-nay on the ouchy-tay! *exhales* That is the world's most potent stink bomb. If that'd gone off in an enclosed space, the smell would never come off. Ever. No joke.

Kotuu: O_O;

Kyle: So anyway. *picks up a high-tech camera, and looks into the end, his eye appears on the monitor* Excellent, working. So. *he turns and abruptly leaves, still talking, but he is still seen on the monitor* I'm going to fly over to the hotel, and go inside, and then you guys'll see what I see. Good idea, right?

Ryu: Yeah.

[the image on screen changes to a bird's-eye view of Station Square, Kyle is obviously in flight. Soon, he lands and the hotel fills the screen]

Kyle: Alright, here we go. Just so you know, I can't actually hear you guys anymore.

[He opens the door and enters. It looks like a normal, albeit derelict hotel.]

Ryu: Ooh, creepy.

[Whistling a tune, he walks up the stairs and stands outside the door of the 735th room.]

Kyle: Aight, here goes nothing.. *opens it and steps in*

[The Rangers crowd around the screen, watching intently. it appears to be... a normal hotel room.]

Kyle: Hm. Well... anticlimax, much... *shuts the door, and begins to film the room's contents*

Linebeck: Boring...

[After a few minutes...]

Kyle: Well, THIS was a waste of resources! *moves to leave*

Albus: [Snoring]

[Suddenly, the door slams shut!]

Kyle: !!! *startles* What the-?! *shakes the door handle*

Ryu: What the-?!

[The door handle comes out of the door and into his hand.]

Kyle: Oh, turds... *starts kicking the door*

(Just so you know they see all this like a first person movie)


Ryu: O.o'

Kyle: Get the hell open, you dumb door! *tackles it*

[It breaks open, but with a sound that is disturbingly similar to breaking bones and tearing flesh. Ryu and the others cringe at the sound.]

Kyle: *checks himself over* Fine, fine... So if that wasn't me... *peeks his head (and thusly the camera, which is attatched to his head) out and looks around*

[The corridor has changed tremendously. The floors and walls were stained with blood and rust, and the ceiling was a metal grating, with light fixtures and industrial fans placed at various intervals.]

'Linebeck: Judas Priest, it looks like something out of Silent Hill!

Kyle: Oh... Um... I think I've just figured out why they call this place "haunted", guys... *he sets off down the corridor nervously*

(Ryu-Wait, doesn't the feed cut off at some point?)
(I thought he could get attacked by a monster and then it cuts out, horror movie style)
(Ryu-Ah, okay.)

Kotuu: Wow, this is better than a horror movie!

Ryu: You igloo moo-moose, Kyle could get attacked!

Kotuu: By a ghost? Pfft, yeah right!

Kyle: *enters the main lobby*

[Ryu thinks she sees something off to the left side of the camera.]

Ryu: [Blinks] Huh...?

Kyle: *looks around more, very freaked out now* Front door, front door, front door... *makes for the front door*

[He hears a strange, trilling sound.]

Kyle: What the hell is that...? *looks around for it*

[There's a very faint shape in one of the dark corners of the lobby.]

Kyle: ...Hello...? Just know I'm gonna regret this... *approaches it*

[With a horrible screech, the shape lunges at Kyle!]

Ryu: !!! [nearly falls out of her chair]

[Kyle yells as the shape fills the screen and suddenly it cuts to static.]

Ryu: KYLE!!

Albus: W-What the hell was that?!

(This is the end of my part, until they actually get inside the hell-hotel world.)

(Ryu-Okay, but what about Dismal?)
(Hmm... what do you mean?)\
(Chaos: Is it alright if I add my charaters in now? I'lll have bit telling why there there and then they might can find Kyle's cam and Axl can hack it to find out whats going on or to talk to Ryu.)

Part 2

(At a bar in town, Axl is siting there has if he is waiting for someone)

Bar owner: But kid aren't you abit young to be here?

Axl: ....Whats it to you?

Bar owner: What do you think?

Axl: I'm not here to get drunk so will you get out of my face?

Bar owner: Fine what ever...

Axl: Good. Though I'll take some water if you have it.

Bar owner: Coming right up. (Leaves)

(A pink female foxs sits next to Axl)

Bliar: Your here alone?

Axl: Like you asked...

Bliar: Alright then lets get started. There is a hotel on the other side of. There have been many deaths over there but no one has ever found the killer. Some say it's the hotel it's self. Hunted.

Axl: So you want me to go to this killer hotel....

Bliar: I'm paying you aren't I?

Axl: ...sorry I'll pass. (Gets up)

Bliar: It's up to you... but I herd a friend of yours went there.. What was his name. AH yes Dismal...?

Axl: .....where did you hear that?

Bliar: The nomal places.

Axl: .....take me there.

Bliar: You think I want to go anywhere near that old roting place? If I did theres no reson to pay you. I'll tell you where you have to go.

(Meanwhile at Kaydens shop)

Kaia: Kayden....

Kayden: What!?

Kaia: Come out I got smething to tell you.

Kayden: Get out of my shop I didn't let you in.

Claire: He's in his great mood like always..

Kaia: It's a job. Now you coming or not?

Kayden: I'm trying to sleep! ....Wait did you say a job?

Kaia: Yeah sleepy now get over here?

Kayden: (Walks out of his bed room) though I locked the door last night.

Kaia: Claire let me in.

Kayden: D@mn it Claire I didn't give you the key for you to play around with...

Kaia: So you know about the-

Kayden: Hotel all over the news? Yeah I know.

Kaia: I found somone who will pay to go look at it.

Kayden:... who?

Kaia: Why do I did to tell you?

Kayden: (Thinking) She's the one who wants the job..... Of well. (Talking fine then stay here and look after the shop. I'll be back.

Claire: Hell no we are going with you too.

Kayden: Why?

Claire: It's not like theres real ghost there. It's only a legend. And we haven't seen you in so long.

Kayden: Maybe the reson you haven't seen me is cuz I don't want to be seen?

Claire: .....Were going with you and you can't stop us.

Kayden: ...fine. Claire grab a sword off the wall just in case. Were going now!

(The 3 friends make it to the hotel, a few windows seems to be broken here and there)

Kayden: (Points to one of them) Well there's your problem.

Claire: Ugh.... Lets just go okay? This place is creepy.

Kayden: Alright already... geez...

(Has Kayden goes inside Kayden draws his sword and points it at A figer in the hotel. At the same time a gun is pointed at Kayden's head)

Kayden: .....nice to see you two Axl.

Axl: ....Kayden... didn't know you were here. (both of them put down there weapons)

Kayden: So what brings you here?

Axl: A job. I'm here to find out whats going on around here and to find a friend of mine.

Kayden: Sounds about like why were here. so looks like were working togeter.

Axl: Yeah...

Kaia: Guys I found something.

(Kaia is seen with a camera. It looks beat up but still seems to be working, just off)

Axl: Hmm. looks like a camera...

Claire: Oh you think?

Axl: .......

Kayden: Can you trun it on?

Kaia: I can try.. looks busted though. If it works I'm not sure it will work right.

Axl: I can fix it but it will take time. Lets see how it works frist.

Kaia : Okay here goes. (Truns it on)

[The camera lights up, and a very grainy and distorted picture appears on the monitor back in the workshop.]

Axl: Hey it's working.. kind of....

Claire: Cool! Maybe we can use it to find out whats going on.

Axl: Hold it Claire. The chip inside might be broken. So it may or may not have anything inside. Besides I think this Camera is the type that Streams video It might not have the need to keep the files inside of it when the PC it's linked too can do it.

Kayden: Well if it can then maybe we can contact who ever is on the other side.

Kaia: (Points the camera at herslef) Hello..? If there is anyone there please come to the old hotel in the city. We have something of your friends.

Kayden: Great I didn't say bring them here did I?

Kaia: Kayden shut up!

Kayden: What ever.

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