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For 50 years, the Northern Kingdom of the Merbian people has suffered under the iron fist of Aegaeon the Shark, and the Southern Kingdom is in the process of falling to him as well.

Above the surface, life goes on as normal, until the discovery of a partial skeleton marks the scientific find of a lifetime; the Merbians, long thought to be a myth by the land-dwellers, may in fact be real. The skeleton is taken in by G.U.N scientists to be studied.

The discovery of the skeleton marks the start of something much, much worse for the people above the waves, however...


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Those who want to defeat Aegaeon and free the Merbian people!



Those who are either sided with Aegaeon, or those who wish to usurp him and take over for themselves!



The prologue will detail Aegaeon's takeover of the Northern Kingdom.

Pt. 1

In a room deep within the G.U.N base, a few scientists are busy cataloging the partial skeleton that showed up on shore.

"Do you really think it's proof?" one of them asked. "Have we finally found the answer?"

"I believe so," said the head scientist, using what looked like a large pair of tweezers to gently lift one of the skeleton's legs.

"See how the legs are reverse-jointed, like those of a feral? The toes are also very long, like a scuba diver's flippers."

"Amazing," another mumbles.

* * * * *

Down below the ocean's waves, however, a quarrel was beginning to brew. An adolescent Mer-Otter by the name of Atreus had dared to defy her "king", and was now standing in front of him, flanked by two Deep Ones. The shark leered down at the girl from his throne, one clawed hand drumming idly at the armrest.

"Now, tell me again, child," he growled. "Your exact words against me?"

The Mer-Otter was looking down at the ground, her long "hair" obscuring most of her face.

"I refuse to serve a tyrant," she mumbled.

"Louder!" the shark roared.

"I refuse to serve a tyrant!" she yelled, finally glaring up into the face of the monster she despised, eyes burning. The shark feigned a look of hurt.

"You believe me to be a tyrant, my child?" he said, one hand covering his heart, as if wounded by her words.

"I don't see what makes you think that; why, without me, you and your fellow Merbians would've been devoured by the monsters that lurk outside the kingdom. It is me and my Deep Ones that keep them out, after all."

The Mer-Otter grit her teeth.

"Tiamat has kept us safe long be-"

"TIAMAT IS NOTHING BUT AN OLD WATER LIZARD!" he roared at the girl, slamming his left fist on the arm of his throne and causing the Deep Ones flanking him to cower slightly.

"Why do you think was able to best her so easily, hmm?? Because she is no better than a fairy tale, and I am a legend given flesh!!"

Keep telling yourself that, thought another person who looked on at the events occurring. He was a hammerhead shark who had definitely seen more than his fair share of conflict. Ornate armor adorned his body, signifying his status, while a massive claymore was strapped to his back. A locket with a red gemstone was around his neck as well.

Currently, the hammerhead was standing beside the Deep One to his ruler's right, arms folded behind his back. He was silent as the king took his time raging at the Mer-Otter before them. If only there was a spell to quiet him down...

"You have no idea how much you and your people owe to me," the shark growled, fist clenching.

"Before I came along, you were nothing but passive little urchins that swam away and hid at the slightest sign of danger."

He seemed to be calming down, at least.

"I brought you the means to be warriors; fealty to me is the only thing I required of you. And look how well it's worked out."

He made a sweeping gesture.

"No predatory sea-beast has breached the walls since! Ahaha!"

"Because you're the only beast in this Kingdom," Atreus hissed. The tyrant leered down at her.

"Would you rather have me, or some mindless monster that sought to devour you all?"

"Actually?" the hammerhead said aloud. "If I may, Your Highness? The huge beast that had attacked us months ago did, in fact, breach our walls. You haven't forgotten it had taken my planning and the combined might of all our military to defeat it, and ensure that it wouldn't happen again, have you?"


The shark grumbled a bit, glaring at the hammerhead.

"Thank you for reminding me, Arkham," he growled, looking displeased. "But still, that proves my point..."

He turned back towards the Mer-Otter, grinning.

"...that were it not for us, you would have perished in that beast's attack."

Arkham hid the sly grin that threatened to appear on his lips. He certainly got a kick out of annoying his master, even if just a little bit. He knew his limits - he wasn't stupid unlike some of the troops he had the (mis)fortune to interact with. Then again... he supposed it happened when one had a greater intellect than many.

Yes... us. I did all the work, while you sat back and watched, and came in to steal the credit. I'll make damn sure that you see the folly of your ways, pretender, thought the hammerhead. He was fighting the urge to go ahead and challenge the man right there... but he remembered that it would likely get him killed for nothing.

Patience. Everything will come in due time...

"We never needed your 'help'!" Atreus spat at Aegaeon. "For all these years, we've been able to survive just fine without you!"

Aegaeon let out a harsh, barking laugh.

"Do you really consider cowardice to be survival?! As I've said, you and your people were nothing but timid little minnows before I came and sorted things out!"

Atreus grit her teeth.

"You've slaughtered our king-"

"He was nothing but an old, passive fool," the tyrant scoffed, waving a dismissive claw. "He allowed his people to languish and grow lazy. He was never fit to be a ruler! There was no reason to keep him around!"

Noah: That's wierd.

(Ryu-Okay, sorry, but no. Not acceptable. Not only is the palace heavily guarded, I'm pretty sure Noah cannot breathe underwater long enough to reach it.)

The first of the two guards, a tiger shark, watched the otter with disinterest. He was here because the position gave him power, respect and more wealth than the lower guards and even lower soldiers. He wondered if this would be another of the longer, more boring speeches the king gave, or his preferred version; quick, with him getting to devour the traitor after the king dismissed them. A quick smirk slid onto his face as he wondered what the otter would be like, but then he hid the smirk and got his mind back on track to making sure the otter didn't try any funny business.

The second guard didn't let his mind slip from his duty, either. Being a bull shark, he was smaller than the tiger, but more aggressive. His cold eyes loomed over the otter, waiting for the order to off her, or drag her off for other punishment. He always seemed to be roused by his kings speeches and rants, silently nodding when he said how they defended the weaklings from monsters. He almost raised his hands in solute when the patriotic acts were spoken of. The hammerhead that stood behind the king always got on his nerves. Probably because he was always trying to steal the king's credit.

"He cared more for his people than you ever did! You only want smaller creatures you can boss around!"

Aegaeon shook his head, chuckling a bit.

"Resorting to such childish drivel now, are we? Hmph, what else could I expect from a lesser creature?"

The hammerhead looked on in boredom, looking just as disinterested as the tiger shark. He, too, shared a dislike for his leader's long-winded speeches, preferring that things would just be done with instead of dragging them out. It always made him antsy.

"Sire?" he piped up, sort of interrupting his king. "As much as everyone adores your speeches... perhaps we could just cut to the chase and give this one a punishment already?"

Aegaeon snorted a bit, frowning slightly.

"Very well. No point in beating a dead seahorse, I suppose," he said, laughing. He turned his cruel eyes towards the girl, grinning.

"Well, since you're of no use to my kingdom, and you've proven to be rebellious, perhaps you'll find your purpose as a snack for my guards..."

Her eyes widened and she backed up a bit.

The tiger shark smiled with genuine enthusiasm. "The usual treatment, sire?" He asked, longingly as he eyed up what he assumed would be his next meal.

The bull shark cracked his knuckles, awaiting the king's orders.

Aegaeon smirked; it was no surprise that he had given out this fate more than once.

"Naturally. Enjoy."

The sharks smirked at the otter, before each roughly grabbing one of her arms and dragging her out of the throne room. They made their way down the halls and toward the prison, where they were to enjoy themselves.

Down in the prison area, some of the cells already held occupants, and the sight of the two sharks arriving filled them with fear. What poor soul had crossed Aegaeon now?

Continuing to swim by, the sharks dragged the otter past the first set of cells and back further into the dungeon, toward what looked to be the interrogation and torture rooms.

The prisoners cringed away from the two sharks as their prey struggled and called out for help. They wanted to help, but what could they do...?

Tossing the otter into an empty room at the end of the hall, the two sharks were getting ready to dig into their latest toy. Two other guards had already taken their place at the king's side, so they had some time to kill before returning to his majesty.

Atreus let out a yelp as she was thrown to the ground, rolling over onto her back and attempting to sit up.

"I-I'm...I'm not afraid of you," she hissed, glaring at them.

"You don't need to be, dearie. All you need to do is scream nice and loud, and have a pleasant aftertaste." The tiger shark responded blissfully, rubbing his hands together and licking his lips.

The bull shark just stood there, watching his partner talk to the prisoner. He was being uncharacteristically calm.

Komerl then was flung in via a warp ring as he fell into the cell. "What the....heck?" He said as he got up. A few prisoners looked over at this new arrival, but soon lost interest, going back to being glum.

Atreus scooted backwards, the necklace bouncing slightly against her collarbone. Her eyes shifted down towards it; there was a gemstone embedded in the center of it. The necklace had been a gift from her mother, but she had told her to use it only in an emergency. Apparently it was linked to another, similar necklace.

She knew what to do now.

The gemstone began to glow, and she promptly recoiled, as if acting afraid of it.

"Wh-What's happening...?!"

She started to pull off the necklace as the glow became brighter, eyes wide with faked fear. Standing up now, she looked over at the sharks, still holding the shining necklace. She held it up in the air, flashing them a brief smirk.

"Sorry, no take-out for you!"

She threw the necklace, where it let loose a brilliant flash of light.

The teleportation process was near instantaneous, although it left her temporarily dazed. She was now back in her own home, in her mother's bedroom. The other necklace was hidden in a secret compartment in the jewelry box; her mother had told her this before.

"I have to get out of here..."

Grabbing the necklace from the secret compartment, she put it on and left the house, soon swimming away, away from the kingdom. She had to get help, but where? The Southern Kingdom was too far away for her to just swim there...

The surface might be her only hope, so she swam upwards, towards the sunlight. A few dark shapes could be seen here and there; boats, obviously.

* * * * *

The two sharks had reacted from instinct when she started acting up. But as they turned to watch the glowing necklace be thrown, their prisoner disappeared.

"Witchcraft!" The tiger cried out as he grabbed the necklace and swam as fast as he can toward the king's throne room. However, he was forced to stop and wait until the king granted him audience before he could tell his majesty of the horrible news.

Aegaeon frowned when the tiger shark came swimming towards him, clearly frantic.

"What is it now?" he growled, looking irritated.

The hammerhead blinked, looking at the tiger shark. His eyes shifted to look at the necklace, and he stared intently at it. "...what kind of bauble is that?" he asked, suddenly very interested.

He approached, bowing low before his ruler. "Your majesty, that prisoner was a practitioner of witchcraft! She used this cursed necklace to disappear into thin water!" He spoke, his voice completely sincere. He offered the necklace up to his majesty, not afraid of punishment, not that he expected to receive any for delivering the information.

Aegaeon narrowed his eyes as he leaned forward, staring at the necklace. It didn't look like anything special to him.

"She used this necklace to disappear? You're certain of that?" he asked, turning his attention towards the tiger shark.

"Very certain, sire!" The tiger shark answered immediately. "It glowed from her witchcraft, she threw it and then disappeared. The cell door was untouched when I came to tell your majesty immediately."

The hammerhead stepped forward, reaching for the necklace. "I would like to study it. Give it here," he said, extending a hand toward the tiger shark. "Perhaps it can be useful to us." And perhaps I can use it for my own ends...

The tiger shark reluctantly handed the necklace over to the hammerhead. He then resumed a position of bowing before his lordship.

Komerl suddenly burst out of the cage using the Spin-Dash and used Chaos Control to teleport the necklace to his hand. "Later, sharky!" he said with a smug smirk on his face as he teleported away.

(Ryu-*facepalms* Please don't have characters just show up suddenly...also, they're all underwater, how would Komerl even be able to breathe?)
(Duh, Bubble Sheild! ;) )
(DarkMantis - That's a terrible excuse. Besides, I don't think it fits the atmosphere of the RP. I think Ryu did tell you not to have your character pop up without warning, and you disregarded it... could be wrong though.)
(Ryu-I did, but I removed what I said and just decided to roll with it for now. But I'm afraid this is unacceptable.)

The tiger shark remained bowing low, preparing for anything his king would do next.

Aegaeon looked over at the hammerhead, a rare look of curiosity on his face.

"Well? What do you see, Arkham?"

Arkham studied the necklace intently, turning it over in his hand. Whatever it was and whoever made it, it was definitely magical...

"It's a magic trinket, alright," he observed. "I believe it is some sort of teleportation object designed to warp the wearer to a different place entirely. A useful escape tool, I'll bet. Perhaps it can lead us to wherever she's gone to..."

"Yes, you're right. She will not taste freedom for long..."

"Sire?" The tiger shark spoke, "Do you have any more need of my services?" He asked, still keeping his head down and bowing down. Aegaeon waved a hand at the tiger shark.

"You are free to go. Your find was greatly appreciated."

The tiger shark bowed lower. "Thank you, your Majesty." He praised, turning and swimming out of the throne room and closing the doors behind him. He went back to the torture room to see if he had missed anything else.

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