Master Hade has discovered the legend of the Eighth Chaos Emerald. He and Champ have vowed to find it, and in doing so have blown up Maeshar. The two plan to use the power of the eight Emeralds to destroy Mobius.

Our heroes must search through the ruins of the island, with only the legend scroll and whatever powers they possess, to find the Emerald before Hade does. They need to get there before he destroys the world forever...


Heroes (these are the people trying to save the Emerald from Hade)

Villains (these are the people helping Hade and Champ)


(Our heroes are next to a dried-up waterhole on Maeshar)

Myesha: All I can see is ruins. Where do we look?

Carmmen: I don't know. What does the scripture say?

Myesha: *Reading aloud* Hidden deep in cavern's in a cave somewhere.

Lucas:*Lost and scared roaming around*

Carmmen:*Runs over* Hi!

Lucas:*Scoots Back*Hi...

Carmmen: My name is Carmmen. *Smiles* Who're you?


[Rapid and Kyros are then seen running from 5 giant robots]

Rapid: *runs into Kyros*

Kyros: *gets thrown into the air by a robot*

Rapid: Handy's robots always attack us! *gets kicked by a robot*

Lucas:*Gasps*PK FIRE!*Trys burning a robot*

Carmmen: *Destroyd all the robots with a star* Since you lot are here, will you help us look for the Emerald?


Carmmen: Thanks Lucas.

Myesha: So, we have to look for a cave somewhere!

Lucas:*Still confused and shy*Your welcome...

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Luger & Lien-DOS: *walking around*

Lucas:* Steps back*

Lien-DOS: Oh! There are people over there! *walks up* Hello.


Lien-DOS: Are you alright?


Lien-DOS: E-excuse me?

Lucas:Who are you!!?!?

Lien-DOS: Oh I'm sorry, my name is Lien-DOS. And this is my creator's great-grandson, Luger.


Lien-DOS: Who are you?

Lucas:Lucas...Thats Carmen...The mintish Fox over thier..

Lien-DOS: Nice to meet you Lucas. I've met Carmmen before.

Lucas:*Thought*When did I grow hair on my arms*Relizes he Mobian* *Outload*AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lien-DOS: Oh my!

Luger: *steps back* Is something wrong with him?

Lucas:*Thought*This is Sonic's world...If I find Sonic he can help me!Thank gosh I went to Subspace...

Rapid: So we're lookin' for an emerald right?

Luger: You know about it too? We're trying to find any information we can on it.

Lucas:*Thought*Who's robots are these!

????:No you can't make me!

Friga:Be quite Wolfgang,We are together to get the emerald1

Wolfgang:No!I hate you!


Rapid: Uh...we're looking for an emerald. Not fighting saying we hate each other. If you two are going to keep fighting, don't help us. Got it?

Lien-DOS: Yes, please don't fight.

Friga:I won't!

Wolfgang:Fine,I won't fight.Just get me away from,Snooby!

Myesha: What do we do now? That Emerald isn't going to find itself.

Friga:*Steps Wolfgang Back*Then we have to Find it!

Wolfgabng:Get off my BACK!

Friga:*Gets off of Wolfgangs Back*

Lucas:*Thought*These two are just plain childsih...

Luger: *standing there calmly watching*

Lucas:*Jumps atop a rock to look*

Myesha: It says we have to look in a "cavern dark".

Lucas:Spins around*Nothing yet...

Lien-DOS: Does anyone know of any caves?


Myesha: Is anyone here a treasure hunter?


Carmmen: Are you alright, Lucas?

Lucas:*Shaking*Too much energy

Carmmen: Here...*Uses a star to remove some of Lucas' energy, leaving him ith the right amount*

Lucas:No The Energy is coming from there!*Points at one direction**Thought*Its far away but so powerful I can feel its energy from here!

Myesha: There's supposed to be a secret cave somewhere on Maeshar, and it's also meant to only be visible to treasure hunters.

Carmmen: Let's test the theory...

Lucas:*Thought*But which one of these guys is a bounty hunter...

Carmmen: Is ANYONE a treasure hunter?

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Myesha: Let's see if we can find anyone.

Rouge: *Flies over*I heard there some treasure aroung here...Say aren't you that Lucas boy Sonic told us about from Subspace Emissary?


Friga:Wolfgang is a Treasure Hunter!


Rouge:Well the treasure is mine!

Myesha: Right, Rouge. Have you heard the legend?

Rouge:Oh yes and when I get this Emerald!

Carmmen: *Turns to Lucas* *Whispers* We'll let her think she can have it, so she'll help us. Then we get it off her when we find it, to protect it from her AND Hade. Alright?

Lucas:*Uses Telepathy*Ok.

Carmmen: *Whispering* You're telepathic? I wish I could do that!

Rouge:So you guys wanna help me get this Emerald!


Rouge: Let's go then! I sense Chaos Energy...that way. *Flies East*

(The heroes follow her)

Lucas:*Throws Snake at Rouges Boot*


LUCAS:DON'T WORRY HE WON'T BITE...Unless I tell him to...

Lien-DOS: Oh my! Why'd you do that?

Lucas:It allows me to hold on and she flies for me...

Rouge:He better not bite...

Carmmen: *Falls over a rock*

Luger: *helps her up*

Lucas:*Jumps off*Rouge!Carmmen are you ok?

Carmmen: *Dizzy* Oww...

Lucas:Does anyone have any elemnetel projectles!

Myesha: Eh?

Lucas:If You do Shoot them at me I have a plan!

Hade: Would THIS be an "Elemental Projectile"?

Myesha: *Jumps* Hade.

Carmmen: H-how did YOU get here?

Lucas:Hade Can you reflect this!PK FREEZE!

Champ: *Jumps in and rebounds the attack*

Carmmen: *Tries to stand up* *Falls over* Lucas!

Lucas:*Absorbs with PSI Magnet then shoots his new attack*PSI Magnet Attraction!*Heals Carmen*

Myesha: *Nods* Good one.

Carmmen: *Stands up* THANK YOU! Finally!

Hade: *Fires a cannon*

Carmmen: RUN AWAY!

Myesha: *Runs away*

Lien-DOS & Luger: *run"

Lucas:PK THUNDER!*Hits himself*

Hade: *Pauses* You were meant to run away.

Friga:Why Cannon?Can't you just use a Lazer or something?*Runs*

Lucas:*Hits into the Cannon Ball deflecting it but hurting him*Must protect--Friends!

Lien-DOS: *turns around* Lucas!

Lucas:*Telepathy to friends*It was to fast to run I had to deflect!

Hade: Right then. *Fires a nondeflectable homing laser*

Lien-DOS: STOP! *pulls Lucas out of the way then scatters her nanites to confuse the laser*

Hade: *Raises eyebrows* Clever. I'll leave him alone, just for that. What age are you, Echidna?

Lucas:*Thought to Myesha and Carmen*Should I help or stand down for a bit!

Myesha: Stand down.

Carmmen: Lien-Dos'll be fine. Hade won't hurt her yet, he actually seems quite impressed.

Lucas:*Goes back behind rock with them and thinks*In Sonic's world I have to stay strong or else I'll be terminated!

Carmmen: *Turns to him* That was REALLY brave.

Myesha: *Thinking*

Lucas:Thanks...Whats wrong Myesha?

Myesha: Where are you from, Lucas?

Lucas:Tazmily Village...

Myesha: I was wondering, because I've never seen those powers before and I've lived here seven years now. Where is Tazmily Village?

Carmmen: *Yawns and falls asleep*

Lucas:Well,its in a different world...

Lien-DOS: @Hade: I was created less than a year ago.

Hade: Good, since that means that Miss Mary-Sue over there...*jabs a thumb at Champ*...won't have that power. I needed another power she didn't have, 'cos she's always boasting about the ones she DOES have.

Lien-DOS: What do you mean by you "needed" it?

Hade: I needed it to annoy Champ. Don't worry, I can't take it or anything!

Lien-DOS: I'm not sure how much of a power it is. I'm able to do this because I am made up of nanites.

Hade: *Looks slightly nervous* Er...I kinda don't know what they are...

Lien-DOS: Nanites are a type of microscopic machine.

Hade: T-thanks. Now, I've got an E-emerald to find! *Teleports away*

Champ: *Teleports away*

Luger: That was strange...

Lucas:Very esspecially since there was no sneak attack!

Rouge:The Emerald!

Lucas:*Smark in eye*Oh no...The Scroll an my vision...

Hidden deep in cavern dark

The glowing eighth is lost from men

Beneath the dusky floors you find

The treasure chest from now and then

The greed that drives those owning power

Will use their power as a toy

And the secret of the emerald makes

A paradise to be destroyed.

The last 4 lines Champ and Hade will use the power as a toy to destroy the Island with one death beam this place is paradise...And in my vision only 5 of us survive...

(They already have, Bluray)


Myesha: I think you're seeing the past. Only Jacob, Imogen and Red Rock survived.

Lien-DOS: They- they destroyed it all?

Myesha: Yes. Oh by the way, Lien, I have NEVER seen ANYONE make Hade stutter before. Congratulations.

Lien-DOS: Oh. Well thank you I guess.

Myesha: Well, let's get going!

Luger: Yes, we don't have any time to waste!

Lucas:Wait,Doesn't this mean they already have the Emerald since they destroyed the island and we have to go get them?

Luger: They destroyed the island looking for it. By what Hade said they don't have it.

Kyros: Hm...Then who does?

Luger: We can only assume it's still hidden in a cave somewhere.

Lucas:Then lets keep looking before they get it!

Lien-DOS: I can run a scan for any caverns in the area.

Mr. Happy Face: Ha ha ha, I'm gonna get those emeralds if it's my LAST BREATH! *appears in front of everyone with a knife and sword*

Isaiah: HOLY CRAP!

Lucas:I've seen better...

Lien-DOS: Oh my! Who are you?

Isaiah: He's Mr. Happy face.

Mr. Happy Face. *Shoots Lucas* YOU SEEN BETTER THAN A BAZOOKA?

Lien-DOS: He certainly doesn't seem happy!

Isaiah: They call him that for i-

Mr. Happy Face: I'll kill you, oh yes... *stabs Isaiah several times in the chest*

Shred: Isaiah... ISAIAH!!!!! RAAAAHHHHHHH! *becomes Dark Shred, and multi-fists Mr. Happy Face*

Lucas:Gets up PK FIRE *Fire bursts into colum at Happy Face* Somebody shoot me!!

(I'm leaving, but I'm gonna keep going on this until Epic looks at my blog and sees I've given him Hade.)

Hade: *Appears* What's going on?


Hade: *Sarcastically* Oh, that REALLY made sense.

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(Oh thanks...)

(What about Penny?)

Lucas:*Jumps away*Hmph!

(You control her)

Myesha: Go away, Hade.

Hade: What have I done?


Hade: ...apart from that.

Myesha: Who cares what else? That's bad enough! *Summons a sword* En garde!

Hade: *Shoots a bullet*

Myesha: *Bats it away*

Lucas:PK FREEZE *Trys to Freeze Hade*

Hade: CHAMP!

Lucas:*Opens one eye*So you need your girlfriend for help your pathetic!

Hade: I'm not an Ultimate Life Form. Champ IS. I can do THIS though...Freezes Lucas in a gold glow, turning him into his servant*

Lucas:How may I serve you master as in who shall I eliminate first!

Hade: Hmm...*Points at Carmmen*

Carmmen: *Squeaks and shrinks behind Myesha*

Hade: Mega Freeze. *This freezes them in the state they're in, with no free thought* (Hade doesn't know what Lucas was thinking, he just does that to reinforce his attack)

Luger: *watches cautiously with his hand on his gun*

(NO FREE THOUGHT, Bluray! Lucas couldn't have thought that!)

(Ok sorry)

Sara-su: *swings in from behind and shoots an arrow at Hade* You again!

Lucas:*Walks over to the to eliminate them*

Lien-DOS: Lucas? Lucas!?

Sara-su: Uh, Lucas? You know him or... Oh, don't tell me this Hade guy knows mind control or something. All I know is that he attacked a chinchilla village which makes him MY problem. But, anyhow...*points arrow at Lucas*

Lien-DOS: Yes, Lucas' thought is being blocked by Hade. But don't shoot him!

Sara-su: But he's attacking you! Do you HAVE a plan for bringing him back?

Lien-DOS: We will think of something! Lucas is our friend.

Sara-su: Fine then. But I'll be ready if things get out of hand. Now as for you, Hade..*starts fighting Hade*

Lien-DOS: There must be some way to sever the connection. *scans Lucas*

Kyros looked at Lien-DOS and Lucas. "There's no time for that Lien!" Kyros yelled. He ran to Lucas and stared at him. "Lucas! We're your friends! Not enemies! We are your FRIENDS! FRIENDS!" Kyros yelled over and over again, hoping it would work.

Rouge: OR! We could all go at Hade at the same time I'am sure he can't control more than seven minds at a time!

Luger: That makes sense.

Sara-su: Well, you guys better do that, like, NOW! This guy's tough!

Lien-DOS: Ok. *flys towards Hade*

Luger: *approaches Hade from the opposite side*

Lucas:*Smashes Kyros arcoss the face*

Rouge:*Runs towards Hade*HAAAAAAADE!Screw ICK *jUMPS UP AND TARGETS AT Hade don't forget hiss girl!

Hade: *Blocks* Oh, hello. I'm afraid I have to leave you, you know. *Teleports away*

Rouge:Yeah uh...Forget Lucas there is know way we'd be able to save him at this point so lets just get the Emerald and save him like thta if the Emerald is that strong.

Lien-DOS: But Hade left. Perhaps it severed the connection?

Myesha: *Picks up a piece of paper* Hey, look at this! It says that Hade's left us our accomplice...healed.

Luger: *looks over Myesha's shoulder at the paper* Why would he do that?

Rouge: He must have something in store...

Sara-su: Yep, he has now made a spot on my "top ten most creepy villains list." By the way, who are you? *points at Lien-DOS* You seem good, but you kind of remind me of.......someone I know.

Lien-DOS: My name is Lien-DOS. May I ask who you are?

Lucas:*Falls to the ground*

Lien-DOS: Oh! *runs over to Lucas and scans him*

Rouge:Whatcha scanning for?

Lien-DOS: To see if he has any injuries.

Rouge:He never even got hit!

Lien-DOS: Something caused him to fall over.

Rouge:Alot people pass out after mind control.

Lien-DOS: I just wanted to make sure he was ok is all.

Rouge:Well ok

Lucas:Gets up Guys?

Lien-DOS: Lucas! You're ok!

Luger: So Hade was telling the truth...

Lucas:Guys he have to stop Hade but first we're gonna need some technology.

Luger: We're probably best off finding the emerald before he does.

Lucas:Ok some of us work on a technology to stop mind control and some try to stop Hade choose your teamand move out!


Lien-DOS & Luger: *go with Lucas*

Rouge:*Goes tofind Hade*

Sara-su (talking to herself): Mind control. Must be the worst weapon ever. Huh, these guys seem like they're on the good side, but it's hard to trust anyone now. I guess that Lien-DOS girl isn't part of the Dark Legion, but her name sounds so much like....Lien-da. Well, working alone isn't getting me anywhere. I'll just tell them who I am when they get back.

Rouge:Hey Sara you coming on anyones side?

Myesha: I'm going to find Hade... come on, Rouge! We need to look for some sort of cave.


Lucas:Ok so you going with Myesha Carmmen?

Carmmen: *Shrugs* I don't really mind... does anyone particularly want me to go with them?

Rouge:Well Lucas' team has 3 so you should come with us.

Carmmen: Alright!

Rouge:Ok lets get movin!

Luger: *nods*

Lucas:I think I know where to find this technology!

Luger: Lead the way.

Sara-su: OK I'm finding Hade. That is my mission, after all.

Hunting for Hade (Only edit if your character is searching for Hade)

Myesha: So where do we go?

Sara-su: The question is - where would Hades go? He has to be after something.

Myesha: He IS. The Emerald.

Pyro:Hello I'amjust here to say something if you see Nega take him down at all costs!

Sara-su: Agreed. But I just have one question. What IS this emerald?

Pyro: Obviously The 8 Emerald from that Fighting Torunement.

Myesha: (To Pyro) What? (To Sara-su) The Emerald he's looking for is the Eighth Chaos Emerald. With it he could destroy the universe at will. He could do ANYTHING. And he wants it.

Pyro:Ya know the Fighting Tournament with the The Mean Polar Bear and Stupid Green Duck.

Myesha: Nope.

Carmmen: What is it?

Pyro:Well I'll tell you about later there are more important matters1 *Leaves*

??????:Another Emerald!

Myesha: Er... who said that?

Bluray:Me! My Name is Bluray The Fox! Anyway I heard whta happened and Nega did give Lucas fair helmets but after he left he didn't Nega didn't know that the helmnets were to stop Hade and so he went off to Hades base and I'am gonna go find him!

Myesha: Calm down!

Bluray:What? Did I say to much?

Myesha: No... you just seem a bit excited.

Bluray: Well ok I'am gonna go find him and see what hes up to


Sara-su: An eighth Chaos Emerald!? That must be why Hades attacked the village! He was looking for it! Well, he's not getting it, that's for sure. Bluray, where are you going to look for him?

Bluray:Where else follow Nega and hunt the base down

Sara-su: Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Kyros kept running towards everyone. "Wait up!" He yelled. By the time he got to everyone, he was tired from running about 5 miles to get to everyone.

Bluray:How long were you on the ground it was just a slap.

Kyros stared at Bluray. "Whaaaat?" He asked.

Bluray:You don't remember.When you were yelling something about friends Lucas smacked you across the face.

Myesha: Let's just find Hade!

Carmmen: Where's the base though?

Kyros pressed a few buttons on his watch and a virtual map appeared. "I need someone to hack into Hade's base so we can figure out where it is." He said.

Sara-su: any of you good at hacking?

Rapid then ran up to Kyros. HE hacked into everything. "Anything else?" He asked cockily.

Sara-su: Well then, where is the base?

Stopping Mind Control (Only edit if your character is helping to stop the mind control)

Lucas:When I came here I met this one guy.

Lien-DOS: Was he nice?

???: Who was he?

Pyro:Well let me just say that was Eggman Nega.

Lucas:Isn't that that fat guy SOnic alaways beats up?

???: That's Eggman. Eggman NEGA is the alternate version of him from the Sol Dimension.

Pyro:Who is that

Lucas:Well he said he needed help on something and I hid him from someone.So now he said he'll help me.

Pyro:He was hiding from me.

Luger: You want us to get technology from a version of Eggman?

Pyra: *Steps out of the shadows in a burst of flames* Evidently he does.

Lucas:Well he owes me but he probably knows you guys so I'll go in and ask for a certain amout.

Pyra: One thing. Wouldn't Nega be far more willing to help Hade, who seems to have the upper hand in this situation?

Luger: I don't trust it. My grandfather got technology from Eggman and it had bombs in it.

Lucas:What if they team up well I'll go and get the helmets first!

Shred: Hm?

Lucas:*Walks off*

Pyro:We should tell the others about Nega!

Luger: We can see what they think about it.

Pyro: Ok.

Lucas:*At lab*Hey nega

Egg.Nega:Hello Lucas how can I help you?

Lucas:Hmm counts 17.

Lucas see ya Doc.

Nega:Ok...*When Lucas leaves now to meet hade...

Lien-DOS: Oh! Lucas is back.

Lucas:Here guys!

Pyra: Any result?

Lucas:17 Helmets!

Pyra: Likely with bombs in them...

Lucas:Well I did save his life from Pyro so he owes me. *Shakes it* Its not a bomb!

Pyra: Well, whether it is or not, Nega is evil. He's going to be up to something.

Lucas:Let me get to the others! Saturn Board! *Flies off and leaves the ones with there helmets.

Luger: Lien-DOS, please scan these helmets.

Lien-DOS: Yes, sir. *starts scanning*

(During the scanning bno bombs were fould present)

Lien-DOS: I can confirm that there are no explosives.

Pyra: I still don't trust Nega.

Luger: Me neither...

Lucas:*Comes Back*I'am back evreyone got one!Oh no! And yeah you know he is probably teaming up with Hade as we speak.

Lien-DOS: Perhaps if we had a backup plan if the helmets do not work?

  • explosion*

In Master Hade's Base (only edit if your character is allied with Hade)

EggMan Nega:This looks like ethe place *Yells*HADE!

Hade: (Behind him) Yes? No need to shout, you'll wake the cat.

Eggman Nega:Oops.Sorry I came to offer my services to you, also I'm stupid

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