Part 1

At the Scorching Plains, a red, female fox looks over the environment with the use of binoculars, monitoring the current events. "Hmm. So far, so good."

She turned her attention to a nearby muntjac. "Any word about the Huntsmen?"

"No, not yet," Florina said, a bit stiffly. She didn't seem comfortable being out here and away from her work, but she tolerated it the best she could; after all, Stella had asked her for her assistance.

"Wonder how the boys are doing, Florina?" Stella asked, setting her binoculars down.

"Mmh... hopefully fine," she said, arms crossed. "I'd rather not return to the base and find another mess to clean up..."

"Heh, I feel you. "Stella mused. "Eggman surely doesn't tolerate any failures. Still, we could be out there and show these Huntsmen what-for."

"Hmm... Alistair doesn't tolerate failure either," Florina sighed. "In fact, he might be cross if he finds us out here doing... nothing."

"Well, there hasn't been any suspicious activity as of yet. If there was, Alistair would've notified us by now." Stella mused.

"I'm not sure if Alistair cares about the poachers much."

Meanwhile, at the Silver Huntsmen base, a male ox monitors the situation, with the female bat looking after the creatures.

"Anything, Jasper?" The female bat asked.

"Obviously not. 'sides, we're waiting for buyers to arrive and frankly, they take weeks to arrive and they're often slow too." Jasper groaned out of boredom.

Jubilee rolled her eyes. "They'll get there in due time. You can't rush these things."

A large truck could be seen over the horizon now, heading towards the base where the ox and bat were stationed.

Jasper turned to the truck heading over there. "Heh. Speak of the devil."

Jubilee watched the trucks arrive. "Seems they must be hauling creatures caputred in Northamer."

The truck soon pulled up next to the building, and three Mobians, a female coyote, a male goose, and a male grison climb out of it.

"Sorry we're late," said the grison, stretching his arms. "We uhh... picked up a little something extra along the way, hehe."

Jubilee merely huffed and crossed her arms, "Better late than never, I guess."

Jasper cocked his eyebrow with an intrigued expression, "Really now? Mind showing us, Harvey?"

The grison jogged over to the back of the truck, opening it up and pulling out something.

"Check this out!" he grinned. "We managed to nab some tech from that overweight idiot Eggman!"

The object seemed to be some kind of weapon, although it was hard to tell just what kind of weapon it was. The symbol of the Eggman Empire was unmistakable, however.

The ox whistled at the sight of advanced weaponry. "That took serious dedication to steal something from Eggman. I'm sure our buyers wouldn't be only interested in buying animals. Imagine the profits just raking in..."

"Weren't buyers only interested in just buying creatures?" Jubilee asked, as if unsure about it. Jasper, however, took an approach to the bat and wraps an arm around her shoulder.

"Poachers can take anything that's deemed valuable and sell them for high prices, not just creatures. If Eggman does find out, then we'll be sure to give 'im the one-two." Jasper chortled.

"I was thinking we keep this kind of stuff for ourselves," Harley shrugged. "I mean, it'd sure make taking out any goons who try to cross us easier, wouldn't it? Could even make robbing the fat guy easier, too... and then we'd be rolling in the good stuff! Sell what we don't wanna use, and keep what we can use!"

"Heh, swell idea, Harley. Sooner or later, Eggman will be truly outgunned, along with his lackeys." Jasper spoke. Jubilee looked over, as if she heard something.

"Hmm. think there's someone eavesdropping, Jasper..."

The coyote and goose pulled out rifles, looking around warily, while Harley frowned.

"Damn it... who's spying on us??"

"Take a guess." Jubilee states the obvious. It seems the Northamer Egg Army were listening in.

"Damn... what do we do now??" Harley growled, moving towards the building. The coyote gestured towards the truck.

"Get the cargo inside. Hurry!"

Jasper hopped into the truck and got the cargo inside, while Jubilee looks at the trio. "Shall we pay 'em a visit?"

"Yeah... let's teach 'em to keep their noses outta our business!" Harley grinned.

Fancy-Pants Thing 2

Back at the Northamer Egg Base, Stella looked at Florina with mild concern. But still concerned no less. "Get the boys. It seems the poachers know where we are."

"Oh, that's just great," Florina grumbled, starting to jog back towards the Crimson Citadel Egg base.

As Florina goes to get Alistair and the others, Stella begins to arm the defenses inside the base, as to prevent a likely breach.

"Eggman surely doesn't pay us enough for this..." Stella muttered softly to herself.

Alistair then came into the room, looking annoyed.

"What is the meaning of all this? What's going on??" he barked, glaring over at Stella; Florina and a male cat were hanging out a bit behind him, not wanting to interrupt the boss.

"It seems we have a problem, Alistair. The poachers know where we are after wiretapping them." Stella informed him.

"And what makes you think I care about those second-rate parasites?" Alistair sneered, arms crossed.

Stella frowned slightly, "Well, for one, they're going to try and breach in our base. And second... they stole Eggman's weaponry and claimed them as their own."

Alistair dragged a hand down his face, letting out a heavy groan.

"Great... the boss won't be pleased if he knows they're filching his technology," he grumbled. "Very well, get the Egg Knights. Do you know how many of those maggots will be approaching, Stella?"

"There's relatively few, but I'll deploy them right away." Stella responded, "Egg Knights, get out here and stop the poachers from breaching in."

The Egg Knights, however, didn't complied at first, because they thought that she was Razer, due to having near-identical appearance.

Alistair frowned and tapped one of the Egg Knights in the chest.

"Listen up! Get out there and stop any enemies from coming in here, all of you!"

Stella frowned while the Egg Knights nodded, emerging from the base and charging at the incoming Huntsmen.

"How come they follow your orders and not mine?"

"Well first of all, I am the boss, at least of this base," said Alistair, hands on his hips. "Other than that, I'm not too sure. They must not recognize you as an ally for some reason."

Stella crossed her arms with a small huff. "I guess these Egg Knights have a case of identity crisis, because they think I'm Razer for some reason..."

"I suppose that's what happen when Eggman decides to make clones," Alistair shrugged. "At least they're not attacking you."

Outside of the base, a few off-roaders were making their way towards the building, just in time to see the Egg Knights emerge.

"Damn! Look at those things!" Harley called out.

"They appear to be Eggman's recyclables." Jubilee mused, following Harley by flight. The Egg Knights, meanwhile, charged at the off-roader with no mercy.

"Imagine what we can get for their scraps! Or hell, even use that tech for ourselves!"

The driver of the off-roader veered the vehicle to the side to avoid the Egg Knight's lance stabbing towards them.

Their lance barely misses the tires, while Jasper walks through a walkie-talkie inside the off-roader, "Package is secured inside our base. Thought I'd let ya know."

"Well that's one less thing we need to worry about," Harley frowned, having to hang on tightly to the side of the vehicle to avoid falling out. One of the passengers pulled out a rifle and started shooting at the Egg Knights, but the bullets only pinged off their steel hides.

The Egg Knights, being obviously bulletproof, kept pursuing them, one even throwing a lance at one of the off-roaders in hopes of piercing their tires.

"Seems these recyclables aren't as weak we thought..." Jubilee spoke, narrowing her eyes to see the Egg Base's defense weaponry up, "Oh..."

The off-roader's tires were demolished, sending the vehicle spinning away before coming to a halt; the poachers riding it leaped out and headed towards their allies.

A sonic emitter had soon emerged from the base, letting out high-pitched noises that can't normally be heard except by those with super hearing, such as bats. Jubilee shouted in pain, covering her ears with her hands, causing her flight to disrupt and plummet down to the ground!

"Gah! Too... loud...!" Jubilee grimaced in pain while falling back onto the ground.

Harley looked over at Jubilee with a concerned expression as he jumped out of the off-roader and ran over to her.

"Jubilee! What happened...?!"

More Egg Knights swarmed the off-roader that was still intact, while Alistair watched from a computer in the command center that was giving live feed of the chaos outside.

"See? I knew we had nothing to worry about," he chuckled.

Stella smiled and crossed her arms. "Definitely."

Outside, Jubilee was still clutching her ears from the high-pitched noises. "Those damned sonic emitters...!"

Harley frowned as he looked up at the radar dish-like objects that had protruded from the top of the Crimson Citadel Egg Base, and he lifted up his rifle, shooting at one of them.

The dish was shot off, allowing Jubilee to recover, she growled in anger and looked at the Egg Knights closing in. "We're tearing these scrap heaps piece by piece...!"

"Uhh... how do we do that, Jubi??" one of the poachers frowned, narrowly dodging a lance thrust towards her face. Now, a few massive Egg Hammers were starting to move out of the base, towering over the smaller Egg Knights.

A walkie-talkie is heard, with Jasper's voice, "Guys, retreat for now! Get back to the base for plan B! It seems Egg-head's armies were more well-prepared so the last thing we want is my buds getting hurt!"

Harley frowned as he heard Jasper's voice from the walkie-talkie, turning to the others.

"Retreat! C'mon, go!"

The poachers ran towards the two off-roaders that were still operable, with the Egg Knights in pursuit.

The gang barely retreated back to their base, Stella smirking softly, having watched the action unfold. "Seems these Egg Knights weren't as easy as they thought they would be."

She glanced at Alistair, "Still, we should have a word with Eggman as to ask why they didn't complied with me when I ordered them."

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