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This roleplay is currently Free join. Keep in mind that if I get continuous god-modding and drastic plot-stealing/altering, I will kick the offenders and restrict the RP to those I invite.


Mobius is home to an immense variety of fauna, many of whom have supernatural properties, such as Elemental manipulation. However, in the wild, there is no such thing as complete safety, and many of these creatures fall prey to an unnatural threat; poachers.

Hunting is not an uncommon practice on Mobius; meat and pelts are valuable, especially to those who live outside of cities and towns. But poachers take things an illegal step further and typically target vulnerable species, killing them either for sport or for monetary gain. They may even capture live specimens and sell them for money. Quite a few species on Mobius have become endangered or close to it thanks to the works of poachers.

Things are not all grim, however; there are many conservationists who have tirelessly fought back against poachers, and have managed to thwart some of their efforts. Unfortunately, there may be a rise in more powerful groups of poachers...


  1. Stick to the plot. Do not alter it to revolve around your character, do not change it drastically, etc.
  2. No Godmodding. You should all know what this means; no auto-hitting, no random attacks, no constant avoidance of damage, no metagaming, etc.
  3. No Trolling.
  4. No picking random fights with others.
  5. Do not just randomly jump into a scene. Either ask, or build up your arrival accordingly (I.E "Suddenly, such and such and such" or "Meanwhile, somewhere else blah blah blah")
  6. No hogging all the glory.
  7. No controlling other users' characters without their permission.
  8. Put effort in your posts. I mean it; none of this "Person: Shadow Ball! *uses Shadow Ball*" crap.
  • Acceptable method: (Person: Shadow Ball! *charges up a concentrated ball of shadow energy, and then fires it at Person 2*)
  • Preferred method: ("Shadow Ball!" Person yelled. Cupping his hands in front of him, he began charging up a concentrated ball of pure shadows. After a few seconds he threw the ball at Person 2.)

Current Participants

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Banned Users

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Those with generally heroic motives, most notably being opposed to poaching and the destruction of the environment. Characters in bolded italics are side characters, not likely to impact the plot significantly.

  • T.S.E.P - Played by Ryu and anyone else who owns a character that is a member of this group. A small, nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental concerns.
  • Rowan the Squirrel - Played by Ryu. A zoologist who is staunchly against poaching.
  • Conner the Squirrel - Played by Ryu.
  • Ice Clan of Kyanos - Played by Ryu and and anyone else who owns a character that is a member of this group.
  • Nature Clan of Mokuhana - Played by Ryu and and anyone else who owns a character that is a member of this group.
  • Calvin and Micah - These two boys love animals, so naturally they wouldn't want them to get hurt. Played by Ryu.
  • G.U.N - played by anyone who has a character that is a member of this group.
    • Lt. Rufaro Machán - She primarily operates within the Efrikan division of G.U.N. Played by Ryu.
  • Arid the Shrew - A compassionate shrew who will do anything in his power to protect the environment and the creatures living in it. Especially from those who seek to use them for their own gain. Played by SuperSilverXtreme14.
  • Natalie the Chameleon - A traveling botanist, Natalie searches for new and exotic plants to write about in her plant journal. If the environment is in any danger, she won't hesitate to save it, and the creatures living in it. Played by SuperSilverXtreme14.
  • Razer the Fox - After getting himself lost for unknown reasons, he sought himself vying to protect the animals from capture and harm. Of course, he soon finds himself allies with a common foe, but they also have the same goal; to protect animals from even bigger, more dangerous foes! Played by VGN34D.
  • Ajax the Hawk - He might have a surprise encounter after being initially sent to find his friend! Played by VGN34D.


Those with unclear motives, or characters who may oppose both the protagonists and the antagonists. Characters in bolded italics are side characters, not likely to impact the plot significantly.

  • Cooper the Squirrel - Played by Ryu. The cowardly younger brother of Roland the Squirrel, Cooper more often than not acts as unwilling bait for the dangerous creatures his brother hunts.
  • Avalaine the Eagle - Despite her allegiance to the Eggman Army, this Soumerca Sub-Boss detests those who would harm the environment or its animals...although it's hard to say that she enjoys working for the Eggman Empire.
  • Orbot and Cubot - Played by VGN34D. Although these two obvious lackeys work for Eggman, they lean towards on the more neutral side because even they refuse to allow the environment and animals to be harmed, but they will need the aid of various Egg robots along the way.
  • The Storm Syndicate - A mysterious mafia-style group stationed somewhere within Eurish. Played by Ryu and anyone who has a character that is a member of this group.
    • Clemente Adesso - The current leader of The Storm Syndicate. Played by Ryu.
    • Finnegan Sarsaparilla - An orphan boy who was adopted by Clemente. Played by Ryu.
    • Eloisa Adesso - Clemente's mother; she happens to own a pet Pilvegern. Played by Ryu.
  • Zeta the Echidna - A echidna-alien "hybrid" through experimentation. She could care less what happens. Played by Gothic.
  • Lightning Bolt - Formerly the athletic entourage of the former Olympic star Bolt, they are now reduced to some kind of "mercenaries" after the former's fall. Played by Spyken.
    • Bolt the Cheetah - A formerly famous Olympic champion, he lost everything after one big scandal. Played by Spyken.
    • Bolt's sister - Bolt's older sister, sticks with him no matter what, even if she by her own words "hates his guts". Played by Spyken and anyone else who wants to use her for comic relief. (Just don't forget asking for it)
    • Raul the Bull - Bolt's best friend and former personal trainer. Nice to everyone and knows quite a lot about the workings of the body, but is lacking in some other daily aspects, which tends to make him look dumb. Played by Spyken and anyone given permission.
    • Flix the Cat - The newest addition to the group, no one really knows where this mysterious shadow-manipulating cat comes from. Originally just kept around for his powers. Played by Spyken.
  • Crytus the Fox - Crytus is neither good nor bad, and is in it for one reason; money. Having hired to rescue animals (or poach them, in this case), Crytus, despite initially objecting the idea, was sent to Artika to search and rescue animals, even if it means counter-poaching them. And might get a bonus if he were to successfully take down the Silver Huntsmen! Played by VGN34D.


Those with selfish motives, most notably being poachers or otherwise actively involved in environmental destruction. Characters in bolded italics are side characters, not likely to impact the plot significantly.

  • Roland the Squirrel - Played by Ryu. A Moebian who only cares about the thrill of big-game hunting and the money he gets for selling the valuable parts of his kills.
  • The Silver Huntsmen - A powerful, rich and influential mafia-run group that operates all over Mobius. They run an illegal hunting/poaching ring and also sponsor cage fights. Played by Ryu and anyone who has a character that is a member of this group.
  • Alkaline the Destroyer - A mysterious, alien-like being who seeks to use the environment and the creatures dwelling in it for his own evil intentions. Played by SuperSilverXtreme14.


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