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A little girl, her sister, and a mad scientist walk into station square, and now everything is going insane. Plastic like manniquens and anything else you can imagine are coming to life and attacking everything in sight. With plastic clones coming to life and trying to replace their real life duplicates, things in town are getting just a little bit crazy, is there anyone out there wanting to stop it?


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  • Do not de-rail the plot, though side quests are welcome and enjoyed
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  • Suddenly being invulnerable to all attacks is not allowed.
  • Killing or defeating other people with one single attack is not allowed.
  • Any other form of godmodding is also not allowed
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  • Do not break the fourth wall openly. Little references or nods to something here and there are fine, openly breaking it like stating that we are in a roleplay or something along those lines is not allowed.
  • For the first time in forever, "Do try to have fun, dear."




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Involved Characters

Part 1: Welcome to Station Square

Station Square looked lovely at this time of day. The sun was out and shining, there were citizens walking to and fro, there was a low rumble of talking voices around, and there seemed to be a moment of peace at a building known as Genesis Cafe, a local cafe with an almost infinte amount of menu options. It was an outdoor place, one where you could sit outside and enjoy your meal, and that was where a particular green fox in a black over coat, matching shoes and pants, and a grey shirt happened to be.

Over looking the street and on top of the buildings was a blue hedgehog, in a grey and red shirt and pants outfit, with matching shoes. He had a scythe on his back and he seemed to be watching the people go by, not really doing anything of harm just...watching.

This scene played out for a while when a young adult yellow cat with two guns on her hips and a smaller yellow cat with a deck of cards on her belt came running onto the street. They looked foreign from their outfits being a bit...odd. The older cat wore silk baggy pants and a silk shirt, with a pink color scheme, while the younger one wore a sky blue dress, which looked odd since she also wore a belt on it that obviously did not go well with the dress. The two of them seemed out of breath and looked lost, as if they had been running from something.

And soon you could see what they were running from. There was a man in a white lab coat, wearing what appeared to be a suit underneath it running after them. He seemed a little too athletic considering he had long white hair and looked rather elderly. Nevertheless he had things jingling around in his pockets and one of his pockets had a large item, but it couldn't be made clear what it was.

"Son of a..." The older cat said in a thick accented voice.

"Fate, it's time you stopped this running and return the girl to me." The doctor said.

"We don't even know you, what are you talking about?" The cat asked again.

From a good distance, a golden blonde hedgecat can be seen. She has pink eyes, and long, beautiful hair. She is wearing a purple tank top shirt with a matching skirt. For footwear, she wears blue boots with white laces, and white long socks underneath them. For an accessory, she wears a blue scarf around her neck. She approached the café and is about to go in.

Neo watched the fight between the cats and the doctor as he sat, wondering whether he should try to intervene or not, considering he didn't really know what was going on between the three of them. Still the man seemed as if he was doing something bad to them. Luckily a familiar yellow girl, caught Neo's eye. "Christina!" He called to his cousin.

The yellow hedgecat named Christina spotted Neo from the café window. "Neo!" She replied to her cousin, in a happy tone. She entered the café, and sat next to Neo.

Next to the cafe, was a red hedgehog with goggles, black shorts, and a sleeveless jacket was eating pizza with a boy with a Wario hat on, a green female hedgehog, and was sitting by a light blue kirby with a bunny hat and a red vest.

"??" Zapor stopped eating his pizza and turned his direction to the fight with the two cats and other person.

A light lavender fox with long hair and light blue eyes, wearing a simple outfit of a short sky blue dress, a jean jacket, and knee-high boots, was in the middle of her morning commute to the store a fair distance away from the cafe. She stopped walking and stared in confusion out into the street as people charged down it, being chased by a guy in a lab coat. As they became out of sight, rather than shrug and move on like most bystanders always do, she decided to follow them to see what's going on. The vixen turned on her heel and began to walk hastily in the direction the weird chase had gone.

A gray tailless seal with a brown jacket with a fur collar, black jogging pants, and grey headphones angrily stomped out of a pizza parlor, his green hair and black headband flowing in the cool breeze. With a 'humph' he folded his arms. He had an air of arrogance and brattiness about him.

The seal began walking away from the store he left. "Tch! I don't need to demean myself working for them! I'm a pr-"

The seal stopped his rant as he saw the two girls run pass him down the street, followed by the scientist with a look of bafflement in his face throughout. The seal smiled and took a butterfly sword from his shoe with a cocky smile, his sour mood eradicated. "A beautiful maiden in distress? This should be fun!" said the seal to himself as he gave chase after the trio.

Leo watched the seal chase after the trio and turned to Zapor. "Should we do something?"

"Duh, it's my duty as a dude, dude. You stay here and pay for the pizza while me, Zak, and Lexi go after him." The three ran out the door, leaving Leo sitting at the table.

"Ok. I'll just wait here. Alone...I guess.....*sigh*" Leo muttered to himself.

Neo looked back over to the trio then to Christina. "There's a couple o' girls getting chased by some creep over there..." He noted. "You think we should help them?"

Fate, the older cat, noticed that there were some people that seemed to be gathering around her, her sister, and the doctor. "A little help would be appreciated, yes?" Trying to keep her calm composure, though she was a little freaked out by most of this.

The younger yellow cat stayed behind Fate, trying her hardest not to shiver with fear. "Please help!" She called out to the others. Her voice was much less accented than her sisters, but there was enough to tell that she may have been raised in a different country.

The blue hedgehog smirked as he saw the others go towards the trio. "Perfect." He mumbled under his breath and made his way down the side of the building and towards the group as well.

"Hey, mister! I will have to politly ask you to leave the cat, and her younger, attractive sister alone. I will give you five seconds!" Zapor yelled.

"....I think we need to do something. That involves less counting (considering you can't count that high)" Zak said.

"Sor-ry for trying to make an entrance..." Zapor reaches into his side pocket. 

The seal rolled his eyes and shoved Zapor and Zak out his way to get closer to the trio. He shot a fierce glare at the doctor and pointed his sword warningly at him. "Why are you chasing these fine ladies? Are you some sort of loan shark, a cold-hard murderer or...." the seal narrowed his eyes. "Are you attempting to force yourself upon them?!" The seal took a step forward. "Either way,I command you to cease your chase or else you will feel the full wrath of the gods!" the seal threatened, his voice strong and firm.

"Sorta already said the last part.." Lexi muttered with a sweatdrop.

Meanwhile, in Station Square's park, a purple cat was busy...well, relaxing. She reclined on the park bench, eyes half-closed, as if about to doze off.

Christina looked puzzled. "I'm actually not sure if we should..." Christina replied to Neo, as she turned her head to look out her window, "What do you think we should do?"

"The wrath of what gods?" The doctor said and pointed to the small girl. "The girl, the younger one, is a...paitient of mine, I guess you could say. She has something I have been researching for a long time, and I require it." He then held up his hands. "Now wait a minute, I am no criminal, what do you take me for? My name is Dr. Radon, and I am a respected member of the medical community, I've written books, given lectures, I am a man of class, not some scum off the streets or some raggamuffin kids like any of you!"

"We've never seen this man before in our entire lives." Fate declared. "We don't even know where we are, we just need some help, please!"

"You know, I don't trust this guy." The blue hedgehog said as he finally approached the group, a long smirk on his face. "I say we drive him off."

"I...don't know." Neo said. "We aren't exactly obligated to do anything, are we? This guy didn't really seem all that threatening, but then again...a guy chasing a couple of girls, one of which looked like a little kid...I hate to imagine what was happening before that." The green fox sat back. "Well, what's new with you?"

"You "guess I could say"? Sorry, but I'm a bit skeptical doc. It's obvious that these fine women don't want you near them, regardless if they've seen you before or not so I suggest you quietly walk away." the seal suggested. The seal made a dramatic sweeping motion with his arms towards the sky. "The gods that watch over the kingdom of Aknurewt. They are the ones who created the kingdoms and all of the emperors who have departed. I have the Mandate of Heaven with me, so it would not be wise to anger me." the seal then folded his arms and closed his eyes. "I do not care if you are a doctor, you'll never be as good as an Aknurewt medicalist. I don't tryst the doctors around here anyways, they're all crooks."

"What's up, doc?" An eight year old hedgehog said as he sat in a beach chair. He looked an awful lot like Sonic, but his spikes were yellow and his shoes were green. You could easily mistake him for Sonic. "Get it? You're a doctor, and it was Bugs Bunny... Eh, forget it." He crumpled up the wrapper of the chocolate bar he was eating and threw it, hitting the doctor. "Resume."

Zapor had a confused look on his face. "Raggamuffin? Look, Dr. Mario, I think you need to go back to your office because I don't think any of these girls are Nurse Peach." (Translation: go home you stalker)

The doctor looked around at the group and glared. "You have no idea who you are messing with."

"Just leave 'em alone, gramps." The blue hedgehog said. "Don't you have a retirement home to go to?"

"You'll regret this." Radon told them. "You'll all regret this." He turned and stormed off, running towards some large skyscraper.

"Thank you." Fate said. "My name is Fate, and this is my little sister; Echo."

"I'm Zero." The blue hedgehog muttered.

"I'm Zapor, the kirb with the rabbit hat is Zak, and the green one is Lexi....Zak, are we missing anyone?" Zapor turned to his light blue buddy.

Zak thought for a second, "I don't think so." However, Leo was still at the pizza shop, trying to get money from his wallet to pay the $200 bill.

"Two hundred dollars?" Echo asked. "What does that even look like?"

"Probably like a piece of paper." Zero answered.

"Yeah, Leo has it covered. Anyway, you guys want to go to Zapor's house and freshen up?" Lexi asked.

The seal held one hand out towards Fate and Echo while the other held his knife with he was holding over his shoulder. "It's a pleasure to be in the presence of you beautiful maidens. I am Prince Remnant Chun Chang the Third." the seal introduced with a warm smile.

Christina shook Fate and Echo's hand. "Hi there, I'm Christina Transon," she started to say, "It's a pleasure to meet the both of you. Sorry I couldn't introduce myself beforehand..."

"I'm Neo." The green fox said. "Nice to meet'cha."

"A prince?" Echo asked. "Like in the fairy tales?"

"I suppose you meet all kinds in this country." Fate said, with a hint of a smile. "I think my sister and I could use a place to rest..."

"I have a question." Neo asked. "Your clothes...seem a tad...foreign...where are you from, exactly?"

"We are from Shamar, a little country not far from here. Big desert there, lots of sand." Fate answered. "...Um...where exactly is here?"

The seal chuckled. "I guess you could say like the very tales but I, Remnant Chang am very much real. Like you I am not here, I hail from the distant attic kingdom of Aknerwt. From what I've learned in my months living here, this place is known as Station Square, a gigantic metropolis home to many different types of people." explained Remant.

"Basically a city of never ending wonders." Zapor said. "Let's all go to my house!" And he took off to his house.

"A city of never ending wonders?" Echo asked. "That sounds so cool!"

"Once you get past the...uh...not-so-glamorous part of town, I suppose it is rather unique." Zero thought out loud.

"We're in Station Square?" Fate asked. "That...that is a lot farther than I thought, I must have lost track of the days." She looked around at the group. "If you don't mind me asking is there a place where we can clothes? Not that did you say it...'place', sounds bad Zapor..." She looked around for him only to find that he wasn't there. "But...we need to find a place with clothes for...girls."

Christina gasped in excitement. "Did somebody say new clothes?" she asked, "Because I could just make some clothes for you! I own a boutique on Cherry Lane, if you want me to give you girls some new outfits!"

"That would be very kind, thank you." Fate nodded.

"Ok. While you guys go with Christina and get new clothes, Zak and I are gonna make sure Dr. Whatshisface doesn't show up." Zapor said.

"Right...Uh...I'll go with Fate and Echo to Christina's store. Just to make sure he doesn't come around again." Zero nodded.

"I'll go with Christina too." Neo said.

"I need new girl clothes. I'm going with them. Zapor, keep watch and don't do something...'Zapor' unless it's completely nessasary." Lexi said. Zapor only thumbed up on this.

Christina nodded. "Alright then. Let's go." Christina ran and lead the way to her house with Neo, Fate, Echo, Lexi, and Zero following her.

"...We are going to my house later, right?" Zapor asked Zak.

"Yeah, but shouldn't we guard her house?" Zak asked.

"Meh, let's just guard her house. Its way easier." Zapor picked up Zak, and walked to Christina's house.

Meanwhile at the park, a red fox in white short sleeve button-up shirt, blue jeans, and a black baseball cap approached the purple cat and tapped her arm. "Excuse me, mrs." He said. "You look as if you're about to pass out, are you all right?"

She blinked a bit as she sat up, scratching behind her ear.

"What? Oh goodness no, it's just so nice outside. Makes one a bit drowsy."

She tilted her head a bit, looking at the fox.

"What's your name?"

"Ah, I see, you can never be too sure, in my kind of work." The fox sighed. "My name is Ages Tranquil, I'm a detective, and you?"

The cat smiled and held out her hand for him to shake.

"I'm Ryushu. You might've seen me on TV if you watch the Pokemon Tournaments."

"Pokemon tournaments?" Ages said. "I think I've heard of those, but I don't know if I've ever actually seen one. My partner talks about them all the time though." 

Meanwhile, a certain alicorn was walking by.

"A winged...unicorn?" Ages noted about the alicorn. "You see all kinds in this place, reminds me of this one time-" As he spoke, a plastic bottle on the ground nearby started to shake fiercely.

The winged unicorn looked over at Ages and Ryu. She walked towards them. "Um, pardon me," she started to say, "but did you see a plastic bottle just move?....... on it's own?"

The bottle shook again and this time seemed to be thrown off the ground right into Ages' face, bouncing off and landing a little to the left of where it once was.

"The...hell?" Ages asked. "It didn't really hurt, but how the hell did that happen?"

Krys studied the bottle, and came to the conclusion it was being manipulated. "I know there's a book in my library about manipulation, but this seems.... odd..." Krys told the group, "Maybe if I cast a counter-spell version of the come to life spell, it might work...."

" someone's using psychic powers on it from afar?" Ryu asked.

"That's what it sounds like..." Ages nodded. "Go for it."

"By the way," Krys started to say, "Who are you two?"

"I'm Ages Tranquil." Ages told her.

Krys smiled. "It's nice to meet you Ages, I'm Krystal Escavirlno, but you can call my Krys."

"I'm Ryu," said the purple cat.

Meanwhile, not too far from the park, a female "shiny" Lopunny ,wearing a pink and black sweater and a lollipop sticking out of her mouth, could be seen shooting hoops on a basketball court.

Krys had an idea. "Maybe we should go to my house," she started to say, "I'm sure my library has a book that can give us more information about this plastic bottle moving..."

The plastic bottle started to shake again and flew towards the Lopunny.

The Lopunny the quickly drew her attention to the plastic bottle, she then quickly leaped back and then thows her ball at the bottle with great force and speed.

The ball smacks right into the bottle, and causes the plastic object to land on the ground.

The Lopunny walked towards the bottle and picks it up. "What the hell?"

"I wouldn't touch that!" Ages said. "We...don't really know how it's managing to float like that." The fox, looked from the lopunny to the alicorn. "We're going to try to find out, if you want to come with us. I somehow get the feeling that more than that bottle is moving on it's own..."

The lopunny scracthed her ear.

"What in the, bottles don't move around on they own."

"That's true." Ages noted. "Which means that someone is making it move, but...why plastic bottles exactly?" He waited for a minute, looked over his shoulder, and then sighed. "Used to there...being someone...anyway, the point is; we think there might be magic involved, and this girl over here, might have a spell to solve it."

"I might just have one..." The alicorn noted.

"Then let's go!" Ages said.

(Now we can move on to part 2!)

Part 2: New looks and lots of books

The group traveled to a much better part of town then before. This street was normally where many stores, bakeries, boutiques, and other buisness were placed, and most of them they were well managed and sold many goods. The sun was starting to go down, but there was still a plethora of daylight left.

Zero looked around. "Been a while since I've been on this side of town."

"I was here just last night..." Neo mumbled under his breath.

"Wow!" Echo called out. "I've never seen a place like this before! Most of the stores from our town aren't really big."

Zapor walked to Echo. "They had pizza there?"

"They did and I heard it was awesome" a blue fox stated as he passed by

"They did, but I've never eaten it." Echo answered.

"Wait--" Christina interrupted. "My boutique is all the way back in Mariala City. Neo's been to my house quite a few times already, do you know how far Mariala City is from Station Square, Neo?"

"Yep." Neo nodded. "But besides normal means, like you know, driving, my dad happens to be CEO of a technology company. That includes transfixiation, teleportation, using chimneys and phone booths to get from one place to another, pretty much nothing is out of reach."

A female Meowstic with long, dark blue hair walks past the group as they converse. She turns towards them for less than a second than turns away and continues to walk appearing to show no emotion.

"Maybe we could use your teleporter?" Christina asked.

Neo nodded. "Gather 'round, everyone." Neo said as he pulled back the sleeve of his jacket and started typing on some technological looking bracer. Once done, the scene around the group started to fade out and a different city started to fade in. However this also grabbed the Meowstic and the blue fox who were not part of the group.

"Welcome to Mariala." Neo said and put his arm down.

"Oh good..." She said, "We're on Casino Avenue, Alexis's street, my house is only 5 blocks away on Cherry Lane. Let's go!" Christina started to run, with the others following her to her house.

The blue fox rubbedhis eyes, checking the area he was taken to, he looked over at the group running over to Christina's house and shouted at them.

Christina arrived at her big house, but made a screech hault when she heard the shout. She shouted back at them, and lead her friends and Neo to the elevator. She pressed the button, the door opened, she pressed the down button. 10 seconds later, they arrive only to see a flight of stairs leading to her boutique. Christina runs down the steps and behind the cash register, awaiting Fate, Echo, Neo and everyone else to come. "Welcome to the Transon Boutique, where every outfit is chic, unique, and magnifique!" She told them. "

"Well, this place still hasn't changed." Neo said.

"Wow! There are so many different clothes!" Echo said.

As she spoke however, one of the mannequins in the store, twitched, ever so slightly.

"Well, now that we're here, what would you like?" Christina asked the two.

The lopunny girl from earlier enters the botique, however, she seems to avoid being noticed. She then appears to be trying to steal some clothes off of one of the mannequins, not noticing that it is moving.

A person of unknown species seems to be wandering the store, picking out different types of clothing while taking copies for both genders, and seems to notice the mannequin's movement. His pupils shrink a bit, and a faint white glow begins to emanate from his mouth.

The blue fox enters the boutique and takes his headphones off. He flips a switch on the side, causing spikes to appear along the rim part.

Neo notices something moving doesn't see exactly what it was. He may have noticed the other two people if it wasn't for the blue fox who had spikes on his headphones now. "Whoa there, what the hell are you doing?"

The blue fox flipped the switch back and the spikes retracted back into the rims and spoke, "to get your attention, you dragged me here so your going to send me back"

"Okay, problems; one: you could have just asked, instead of using a freaking weapon, two; I don't like people demanding things from me, three; that's gonna take a bit, since the teleporter won't work again for the next couple of hours."

The fox put his headphones back on, "sorry, just give me a minute"  he said as he paused for a moment to clear his head, "I wasn't even going to use these, it was just the first thing that came to my mind, I wil openly admit its been hard for me to think straight lately after what happened to me this morning.

A mannequin moved its arm slighty, making its hand into a fist. Zak noticed this and nudged Zapor. "Uh, Zapor, did you see that mannequin move?" Zapor didn't answer since he was staring at Echo.

The Lopunny noticed the mannequin movr a bit more, she was became confused for a little bit, and then she hit with a blunt, metal object in an attempt to smash it.

The man continued his observations, now noticing that a few more of the mannequins are slightly moving.

"Oh, I want-" Echo was cut off as a mannequin grabbed her.

"What the--" Lexi was saying, but couldn't finish since a mannequin grabbed her in a headlock.

Christina gasped. "What in the world?" She asked and gasped. She had no idea what to do...

Zapor pulled out a pistol and fired a bullet at the manniquin who was grabbing Echo. Zak then spinkicked at the mannequin that was holding Lexi. 

Zero had his scythe out, observing the situation, but not actually attacked. 

Neo looked from one end of the room to the other. "Christina, what the hell is going on?" 

"I swear to god, Neo!" she exclaimed, "I have no idea!" Christina was thinking for a minute, and it hit her. "BLOOOOOOOODSTOOOOOOOONE!!!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, waiting for a reply.

"....And in english that is?" Zapor said.

As the man continued his observations, a mannequin would try to reach for him, and the man simply turned to it, opened his mouth, and fired a condensed beam of heat at it, causing it to melt due to the attack not having been charged for very long.

The manniquin that grabbed Echo fell to the ground freeing the girl. The manniquin that grabbed Lexi was knocked down as well.

"This certainly is interesting..." Neo noted.

"Something isn't right." Zero stated.

"No, really? I thought all of that was sunshine and rainbows." Neo mocked.

"We need to find out what's going on." Zero said after glaring at Neo.

Suddenly, a teal colored hedgehog with red spines came through the door. She held a magic wand, and a book. She looked at Christina. "What did you want, sis?"

Christina looked at Bloodstone's wand, and back to her. "Bloodstone, do you think you can use your magic to stop the my mannequins from moving?" She asked her.

The teal hedgehog named Bloodstone opened up her book and looked for a spell to stop it. "Mannequins? Moving?" She started to laugh, "Silly, mannequins don't mo--Oh my god!" Her jaw dropped, then she shook her head, and read her book, "Good thing I brought these two things down with me.... Now if I could just find a spell to stop the movement, then your mannequins will stop moving." She told her, as her eyes were skimming the words of the book.

Zapor walked to Echo, helping her up. "You okay, dude?"

Echo got up. "I'm okay." She said in a little voice.

"Well, where exactly do you plan on finding a spell that has caused plastic...things to move?" Zero asked. "From what I know about magic, that's not exactly a common school of magic to follow."

Bloodstone kept on looking until she found a spell. "Here it is!" She exclaimed, "A spell to stop the movement of objects. It says that my wand needs to contain at least 3 pounds of purple gas, a dab of blood, and a bunch of crystals." She sighed in relief. "I already have 3 pounds of purple gas..." Then, she clutched her hand really hard and a drop was heard, when she opened it, a blood glob appeared floating in the palm of her hand. She then put it in her wand. She then grabbed Christina's hand. Christina rolled her eyes and made a bunch of tiny crystals appear from her hand and dropped them into the wand.

She closed the cap of it, and then she closed her eyes. She started to wave her wand. From her book, she memorized the word. "Ituntaliun!" she shouted. Suddenly, a bunch of magic blue dust appeared out of her wand and swirled around the mannequins. The dust traveld inside the mannequins' foreheads where a brain would be. Suddenly, all the mannequins stopped moving.

"Well, that seems...awfully convenient." Neo muttered.

"I don't think that's it." Echo said. "I mean, why are the mannequins moving?"

"And if these ones are moving, than maybe there is more of them moving..." Fate finished.

"We're gonna need more magic." Neo sighed.

"Or we just beat some more plastic stuff up until they spill the beans." Lexi said.

"Lex, those are inanimate objects being manipulated by some other force. That type of stuff doesn't work. If we're gonna need to find out who's controlling them." Zak said.

"Meh, I was gonna say we smash all the manniquinns until there aren't any more." Zapor said.

The man simply walks out while the others converse, simply leaving a large sum of money on the counter without consulting anyone and leaving with what he's picked up.

Meanwhile, Krys and the rest were running to her house to find a book about the moving plastic. She unlocked her door with her horn, and the doors opened, leading into a big library.

"Hm," Ages said as he entered. "This certainly is big. Let's hurry and find that spell."

"Yes..." She replied. Her horn lighted up in a purple color, as the books with the name "magic books" under it all lighted up purple, as she started to see which book had a spell of manipulation.

Ages looked around the large library. "What's doing magic like?" He wondered aloud. "When I got into my first case as a detective, I met a man who used magic to kill and rob people. I've heard people can do lots of good things with magic but...I've always wondered if it was possible for magic to corrupt."

Krys, still using magic and reading through books, looked back at Ages and spoke, "Well... I do know how to perform a death spell, but I keep a vow to never ever use it unless the circumstance is just that important." Krys was browsing through her books, and she found the one magic book. Her horn's aura faded away, as all the books dropped on the floor. "Aha!" She shouted.

"You found it?" Ages asked. "What do we gotta do?"

Krys's horn lit up and the book magically rose from the ground with a purple aura around it. "Everything to know about Kinetics and Mancers." The title read, and she said. She turned to to table of contents. She couldn't find anything about plastic manipulation, until she found the section "Other types" on page 256, the pages magically flipped to that page. She started searching and mumbled "Paper, Pizza, Pennies, aha! Plastic!" She exclaimed. She then read the text, "There is also a type of kinetic called plasteriakinesis or plasteriamancy. This is about plastic manipulation. Blah blah blah blah blah.... how to use this, why is this useful, aha! Counterspell: To counter a plastic item controlled magically or kinetically, use this counterspell: From your horn, concentrate on a plastic item fading away, then your horn will emit a pink and white beam causing it to explode"

"Well then, let's go find something we can blow up!" Ages called.

Krys nodded. Her horn lit up, and her purse on the shelf magically lit up, she put the book inside the purse with a bookmark on that page with the plasteriakinesis. "First, I'll need a test subject."

"There's an entire branch of Kinesis and Mancy dedicated solely to manipulating plastic objects?" Ryu said, adjusting her glasses slightly.

"Uhh...I dunno, I'm pretty sure someone with psychic powers could achieve the same affect. Maybe I'm just rambling, I dunno."

Just outside of the library, the Lopunny girl passed by and overheard their conversation.

(LD: If this event take place at the same time as the store incident, as implied by "meanwhile," how could Nudge be in both places at the same time?)
(PMNM: Good point, I wasn't thinking, I was just trying to bump the roleplay)

"Anybody know a place where we can find lots of plastic things? Maybe a toy store or something?" Ages asked.

The blue fox walked over to the group, "My sister used to own a toy store not to far from here, but she closed it years ago. Although everything should still be there so their's an option."

Krys snapped her fingers. From her horn, it lit up, and suddenly a plastic bottle appeared. The bottle appeared and landed gently on the coffee table. "Now..." she said, "I'm gonna study the object to see if it happens to move at all. When it does. I'll try to activate the spell."

"Alright..." Ages said.

Krys concentrates hard on the bottle looking for the slightest change in position so she could fire away.

The bottle stood still for a moment before it began to move a little, as if the beginning of something was just starting to affect it.

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