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This RP concerns Dismal the Hedgehog's childhood, as well as him reuniting with his parents in the present. But Rageik finds out about this, and decides to capture Dismal's parents and replace them with clever fakes...


This is a CLOSED RP for Flash and I. No one else may join, unless I decide that someone may be able to play an important role in this RP...



Part 1

(In the Troll Moon Base, Ghost the Hedgehog is seen dragging Dismal towards Bubonic's lab. Dismal had tried to escape the base not too long ago.)

Dismal: P-Please, no!! I d-d-don't wanna go back!! I DON'T WANNA GO BAAAACK!! *sobbing*

Ghost: So sue me.

(Ghost reaches Bubonic's lab and opens the door, dragging Dismal inside.)

Bubonic: It's about time.

Ghost: Yeah, we finally got the little brat. (throws Dismal onto the bench)

Dismal: (Lands hard) Uhn!!

(Robo-Claws immediately shoot out of the bench and pin Dismal down on his stomach.)

Dismal: AAAGH!! L-Let go!!

Ghost: No chance! We can't risk you wandering off again.

Dismal: *crying*

Bubonic: Dismal, quit your crying. (pulls out a syringe) Now, let's see how well these Helper Robo-Claws that Torque installed work. *snaps fingers*

(A Robo-Claw appears out of the bench and grabs Dismal's tail, moving it down.)

Dismal: *yelp* Wh-What's going on?!

(Two more claws, the latter holding a cotton ball soaked in antiseptic, work together; the first goes towards the base of Dismal's tail, near the spinal cord, and pushes the fur away from the skin. The one with the cotton ball disinfects the area.)

Bubonic: Hehehe, it works perfectly. (sticks the needle into the disinfected area)


Bubonic: (Removes needle) There we go.

Dismal: *crying* L-Let me g-g-go!! P-Please!!

Ghost: No need for that, runt! We need you to be healed, so we can remove that nice tech in your arm for Reaper.

Dismal: *whimper* I-I-Is this g-gonna h-h-hurt...?

Ghost: I would say so. Enjoy it, and Tantrum might not hurt you afterwords...much.

Dismal: *cries*

Bubonic: Now, firstly, to disable the chip...

(Dismal cringes and whimpers, waiting for Bubonic to do something to him which he believes will obviously be painful. Bubonic withdraws a large needle, which he inserted directly where he inserted the chip, forcibly removing it)

Dismal: AAAAAGH!!!

Bubonic: Oh, be quiet. That's only the first one. Now, I have to rid you of the lovely infections, because I need you to survive the operation to harvest those unused connections in your arm.

Dismal: *miserable wail*

Bubonic: Why must you make these noises, guinea pig? (Bubonic withdrew a set of needles, checking the tip of each one carefully) If you be good, I'll even replace the connections, to see whether that gives you any courage in having a "weapon", even though you can't use it.

Dismal: Ohhh.....

(Bubonic inserts the needle into Dismal's left arm, directly into an artery, before injecting a mixture of antibiotics and painkillers into that point. He lets out a yelp.)

Bubonic: If Reaper didn't need this so badly, I might not have used the painkillers, so feel lucky, guinea pig.

Dismal: (Ears droop) *whimper*

Bubonic: I'm not done yet, runt. (Bubonic inserts the second needle into Dismal's spinal cord, injecting a muscle relaxant directly into his nervous system; again, he yelps) Your heart and lungs won't stop, but the rest of your muscles will sleep.

Dismal: (Watches nervously) *thinking* Why does this stuff keep happening to me...?

(Bubonic withdrew a scalpel, and skillfully cut a line down Dismal's arm to the metallic plating on the bone. Dismal squeezes his eyes shut, not wanting to watch. Bubonic tried to cut through the metal, but failed.)

Bubonic: Damn! That stuff's harder than I realized... I'm going to need a better cutting tool.

Dismal: ?

Bubonic: Either it's molecularly bonded to your bone, or you're purposely hardening it...or I just forgot how hard it was. Strange.

Dismal: ...........

(Bubonic walks off, muttering something about unusually hard metals. Dismal looks around, unsure of what to do. Bubonic starts to rummage around in a cupboard, allowing Dismal a chance to try anything to escape)

Dismal: (Begins fighting the restraints) *soft grunting*

(A mysterious hedgehog appeared.)

???: Use the arm! It's elasticity should be able to reach the release for the restraints! Gotta go! (The hedgehog grabs onto a window, and launches himself out with rubber arms)

Dismal: ! (stretches his right arm and grabs one of the Robo Claws, trying to pry it off of his body)

(The claw starts to release. Bubonic, still deep in the cupboard, was oblivious to the sound. Dismal then went after the next claw, eventually forcing it off.)

Dismal: *whispered* Yes!

(Then he suddenly remembered the muscle relaxant; with that still active in his system, he'd never be able to run.)

Dismal: *thinking* No!! I was so close...!!

(The unknown hedgehog's head reappeared in the window)

???: Hey, now you've got it! Try locking the scientist in the cupboard, then jump out the window! I'm a member of the Peacemaker corps, a group of aeroplane pilots! I'll grab you, and fly you to safety!

Dismal: Huh? (looks over at Bubonic) ....okay.... (stretches his right arm and slams the cupboard doors shut, locking them)

Bubonic: (Through the cupboard doors) WHO WAS THAT?!?!? I CAN'T GET OUT! MAC! SOMEONE! UNLOCK THIS DAMNED CUPBOARD!

???: Oh, man! The boss would have loved this!

Dismal: I...I actually did that...!

(He looks at the cupboard doors rattling furiously.)

Dismal: *whimper* Bubonic's gonna be pissed when he finds out...!

???: Come on, dude! He's not going to get out for a while, and when he does, he's not going to pin it on you, but a Troll enemy who ran off with you.

Dismal: A-Are you sure?

???: As sure as my name's Rubbz!

Dismal: ....."Rubbz"?

Rubbz: Well, that's my callsign. My true name is TJ, but nobody calls me that in the Peacemakers. We call each other by callsign unless we really trust each other.

Dismal: Oh........uhh......can we get out of here now...?

Rubbz: Ah, right. (Rubbz's arms stretched into the room and wrapped around Dismal, dragging him out of the window and straight into an plane cockpit)

Dismal: Thanks...!

Rubbz: No problem, mate. Just strap in, and be ready when I punch it forward. Now, where to? (Rubbz aims the plane away from the Troll base, firing the thrusters)

Dismal: Uhh...(uses right arm to put on seatbelt)...anywhere except for here...

Rubbz: Right-o...I got just the place. Capital of the Acorn Kingdom...New Mobotropolis. I'll get you there before any Trolls realize you've gone! (Rubbz launches the engines up again, launching the small aircraft at a rapid rate away from the Troll base)

(Now in Mobotropolis, Rubbz landed right next to the Blue Tornado, before helping Dismal get out)

Rubbz: I gotta go see the boss, but you'll be fine here. Have a look around, and here, get something to eat. You look like you're starving. (Rubbz hands Dismal 50 Mobiums)

Dismal: Uhh, thanks...!

Rubbz: No problem! You earned it by locking Bubonic in the cupboard.

Dismal: Ehehe...okay...! (humbly rubs the back of his neck, blushing)

Rubbz: I should be back soon, so go find somewhere to rest and get a bite to eat here. Maybe by something nice for your lady friend. (Rubbz starts his plane back up, preparing to take off)

Dismal: Okay...(waves goodbye to Rubbz and walks away)

(A little bit later, as Dismal is walking, he comes across a house. There's certainly nothing out of the ordinary about it, but once Dismal sees it, he is suddenly struck by a tidal wave of old memories!)

Dismal: Guh! (grabs his head) Wh-What's going on...?! Th-These memories...what on Mobius...?!

Part 2: Old Memories

(Inside Julayla Memorial Hospital, which is located in Mobotropolis...)

Dr. Quack: Well, I am amazed. Your son seems to be silent. If I didn't have direct feeds proving me wrong, I could have sworn he was close to death.

Olivia: Wh-What?!

Dr. Quack: Indeed. In all my years of experience, I have never seen a child so...silent. And yet, even in an incubator, he seems not to cry. His lungs are strengthening, though. In a day or two, you can take him home.

Olivia: Okay...

Sterling: At least he'll live...

(The two parents and Dr. Quack look at the tiny, infant hedgehog laying inside the incubator. He is sleeping peacefully.)

Daniel: Zzzz...

Dr. Quack: See, nothing to worry about. He's snoring, so his lung strength is improving rather fast!

(The baby's eyelids flutter briefly, then slowly open.)

Olivia: He's waking up! <3

(Sterling bends down to watch his son, his eyes full of rapture at the marvels of his son. Daniel's eyes fully open; they are the same pale blue shade as his parents'. Tears of happiness begin to slowly course down Olivia's face.)

Daniel: (Cocks his head inquisitively) ?

Olivia: *smiles*

Sterling: Look, he's got a bright spark in his eyes. I'm sure he'll grow to have the intelligence of his mother.

Olivia: *blushes*

(The baby hedgie's tail begins to wag excitedly as he scoots over to his parents. However, since he has no idea there's plastic (or glass(?) in between them and him, he bumps into it.)

Olivia: !

Sterling: Whoa! Is he ok?

Dr. Quack: Dazed, that's all. It's not going to kill him.

(Daniel shakes his head, then stares at his parents longingly, looking like he's about to cry.)

Sterling: Hey, little guy, don't worry. You're going to be out of there soon.

Daniel: *sniffles*

Olivia: Poor dear...

Sterling: He WILL be allowed out soon, won't he?

Dr. Quack: Well, I'd prefer him in there for the next few days, but he should be well enough tomorrow to be taken home.

(Daniel wipes his nose with his tiny fist, sniffling and whimpering.)

(The next day, Dr. Quack reached into the incubator, and took young Daniel out)

Dr. Quack: Now, you need to be immunized before you go, so I'll do that now. (The doctor withdrew a set of needles)

Daniel: (Sees the needle) O_O" (begins whimpering)

Dr. Quack: It won't hurt, little one, so don't worry. (Dr. Quack gently grabs Daniel's arm and starts to lower the needle onto it)

Daniel: (begins struggling) WAAAAAHHHH!!

Dr. Quack: Olivia, Sterling, someone, help me! He's trying to shake free!

(Sterling runs over and gently but firmly grabs his son, holding him still the best he can. Daniel continues to cry and struggle. Dr. Quack quickly gives Daniel the shots, being careful not to miss his veins. As soon as he started, the immunizations were finished and Dr. Quack quickly stood back, to make it clear that he had finished. Daniel curled up in his father's arms, crying.)

Dr. Quack: A common childhood action. Most kids hate needles. Good luck with your new son!

Sterling: Thank you...(picks up Daniel, who is still whimpering) He seemed unnaturally afraid, though...

Dr. Quack: Well, his next round of immunizations is in two months, so we'll find out if he's unnaturally afraid then.

Sterling: Right.

(So Olivia and Sterling take Daniel home. At their house...)

Sterling: Welcome home, Danny-boy!

Olivia: (Hugs Sterling) We're both so happy to have you, Daniel...

(Daniel nuzzles his father and mother. Sterling smiles at his wife)

Sterling: He's a beautiful boy, huh?

Olivia: Yes he is... :)

(Daniel looks quite content. Sterling strokes his son's forehead, walking him over to his crib. Daniel yawns, showing tiny fangs.)

Sterling: Time for bed, little guy. We'll be listening. (Sterling kisses Daniel's forehead, then lies him in his crib, tucking him in)

(Olivia bends down to kiss her son's forehead as well. Daniel snuggles into his crib, and soon drifts asleep.)

Sterling: Well, now what should we do?

Olivia: I'm...not sure...

Sterling: Well, I'll set up the baby monitor. Maybe watch some TV or something, and we'll be able to hear if he needs anything.

Olivia: Okay.

(Sterling bends down and sets the white baby monitor down on the side of the crib, before turning it on. The two then leave the room. Later, at night...)

Sterling: He's been rather quiet. Do you think he's ok?

Olivia: I hope so...I thought he would have cried at least once or twice...

Sterling: So did I...

Olivia: I think I'll go check on him... (gets out of bed)

Sterling: Alright, honey.

(Olivia goes into Daniel's room and looks inside his crib. He is sleeping peacefully.)

Olivia: *thinking* Well, he's sleeping fine...(she exits the room)

(Back in her and Sterling's room...)

Olivia: He's perfectly alright. He's sleeping.

Sterling: That's weird. I seriously was expecting him to cry.

Olivia: (Gets back into bed) Me too.....

Sterling: Still, we'll see how he is in a couple of hours, make sure he's still ok.

Olivia: Okay...

(Soon, the two are back to sleep. A few hours later...)

Sterling: He still hasn't cried? I think I'll check on him this time, so you can get some more rest.

Olivia: Thank you...

Sterling: No problem, honey. (Sterling gets up and heads into Daniel's room, and finds him sleeping peacefully. He walks back and slides back into bed next to his wife) He's still asleep.

Olivia: Still...? I can't help but feel worried....

Sterling: Me, too.

(Morning finally comes...)

Sterling: Ugh...long night. Is Daniel ok?

Olivia: I'll go check... (gets out of bed)

(She goes into Daniel's room and finds him still asleep, just as peacefully as ever.)

Olivia: *thinking* Why don't you cry at all....?

(Sterling walks in and wraps his wife in a hug.)

Sterling: Still asleep?

Olivia: Yeah... (looks at Sterling) Should we wake him up...?

Sterling: I don't know...

Olivia: Well...he might get hungry later...

Sterling: Yeah, he'll wake up then, I think.

Olivia: Okay.

(Sterling plants a light kiss on his wife's head, and softly runs his hand across his son's fur, making sure he wouldn't wake up purely from that touch)

Daniel: *still asleep*

(The two then exit the room. A bit later...Daniel wakes up and starts to cry. Olivia and Sterling hear this.)

Sterling: He's awake! I bet he's hungry.

Olivia: Yeah. (gets up and goes to his room)

Daniel: *sniffling*

Olivia: (Gently picks Daniel up)

(Daniel calms down slightly in his mother's arms, but still has tears on his face and a whimper.)

Olivia: (Gently strokes his quills) Don't worry, I'm here...are you hungry?

Daniel: (Perks up)

Olivia: (Smiles) I thought you might be...(walks out of the room with him)

(Sterling smiles when he sees his son, and pulls a funny face to try to make him laugh. The baby hedgehog giggles in that sweetly innocent way. Sterling takes his son from his wife to let her get his food ready, running his hands through the soft downy fur on his body. Daniel sighs contentedly and snuggles against his father's chest. Sterling strokes his fur, a proud smile on his face. Olivia then returns with a bottle of milk. Sterling offers her their son in order to feed him. She takes him and begins to feed him.)

Olivia: ^^

Daniel: (Sucking contentedly) ^^

Olivia: He must've been hungry.

Sterling: I'll say!

(He eventually finishes the whole bottle.)

Olivia: Wow! He finished it all!

Sterling: Somebody's a growing boy! (Sterling tickles his son's chin)

Daniel: *giggling happily*

(Sterling smiles at his wife and son)

Sterling: He's going to grow into a big and strong boy, I can feel it! Strong as an echidna, I bet!

Olivia: Yeah! :)

(Two months later, Olivia looks at the calendar and sees that it is time for Daniel's second round of immunizations, as well as a general check-up.)

Olivia: I guess it's time for Daniel's immunizations again.

Sterling: It would appear so.

Olivia: Do you think he'll still be afraid?

Sterling: I'm not sure. (Sterling points to Daniel, who was playing with a teddy) I hope not, he's grown a whole lot since last time.

Olivia: Yeah...

Daniel: (Ears perk up, and he looks over at his parents) ?

Sterling: Still, who knows? He might be over it, and there'll be nothing to worry about. I remember someone saying only children are lonely at a young age, but in Danny-boy's case, where both his parents are home, I don't agree. Do you, honey?

Olivia: Nope. Why should he be lonely?

Sterling: Exactly my point! I don't think he ever will be, because he has us.

Olivia:, shall we take him for his check up?

Daniel: (Has no idea what "check up" means) ?

Sterling: We better, because it's smarter to be safe than sorry. (Sterling bends down and scoops up his son) Come on, Danny-boy, we're off to see the doctor.

(Upon hearing the word, Daniel's ears droop.)

Daniel: O_O"

Sterling: What did I say? Okay, um, there'll be a treat for you!

Daniel: *low whine* .......

Sterling: (Strokes his son's head, before looking at his wife) You HAD to say about him being afraid, didn't you?

Olivia: Sorry.... ^~^;

(Later, at the doctor's...)

Daniel: (Clinging to Olivia) *whimpering*

Olivia: I don't understand why he'd be so frightened...(brushes a hand against Daniel's forehead) Ohh...? (feels his forehead again) He feels warmer than normal...

(Daniel's face looks flushed. At that moment, Dr. Quack enters the waiting room, ready to see Olivia, Sterling and Daniel.)

Olivia: Oh, Dr. Quack. I think Daniel may be ill...

Dr. Quack: Well, bring him into my surgery. I'll take a look before I give him his immunizations.

Olivia: Okay. (follows Dr. Quack into the O.R. Sterling follows silently)

(In the O.R, Dr. Quack has Olivia place Daniel on a padded bench, before checking the young hedgehog's temperature.)

Daniel: *whimpering*

(Dr. Quack shakes his head slightly)

Dr. Quack: The young fellow is running a fever, so I'd say keep his fluids up for the next few days, and bring him back then. Now, though, I'll give him his injections. (Dr. Quack reveals a set of needles, filling one and motioning for Sterling to hold his son down in order to give him the jab)

(Sterling gently but firmly grabs his son by the waist, holding him steady. Daniel immediately begins to cry and struggle.)

Olivia: I don't understand......why is he so afraid?

Dr. Quack: Most children don't like needles, but this is slightly more than simple dislike. (The doctor manages to give Daniel the first immunization, before preparing the next needle)

Daniel: *crying*

Olivia: Slightly?

Dr. Quack: It appears to be some kind of psychological condition, triggering fear. A phobia, if you will. However, I can't do anything about it. I'm a doctor, not a psychiatrist!

Sterling: Should we take him to a psychiatrist...?

Dr. Quack: None of my business, that's your decision if you desire to make it. However, could you please try to calm him or distract him so I can finish giving him his immunizations?

Olivia: Okay. (strokes Daniel's quills)

Daniel: *whimpering*

(Dr. Quack quickly darts in, injecting Daniel a second time, withdrawing the needle slowly before preparing the final one.)

Dr. Quack: Almost done. I'll give him a lolly once I'm done.

Daniel: *whimpers* (tries to pull away from Olivia)

(Dr. Quack turns to see the struggle, holding the final needle as Sterling grabs his son's arms and tries to calm him.)

Daniel: *wailing*

Olivia: Daniel...! (grabs Daniel's waist)

Dr. Quack: Just thirty seconds! (The doctor poises his needle to give Daniel the final jab)

(Sterling and Olivia work together to restrain Daniel. He can no longer fight, and simply stares at the needle in terror. The doctor quickly and painlessly gives Daniel the needle, then turned to a jar of lollies)

Dr. Quack: Take one for him. It might help pacify him.

Olivia: Okay. (picks a lolly out of the jar)

(Daniel is curled up on the bench, whimpering and sniffling. Sterling picks up his son, stroking his head and feeling his temperature)

Sterling: What should we do if his fever gets any worse?

Dr. Quack: Bring him back here. I'll treat him.

Olivia: Thank you.

Dr. Quack: Happy to be of assistance.

(After the three leave the hospital...)

Olivia: (Looks at Sterling) Should we take Daniel to a psychiatrist?

Sterling: I...don't know. I don't know if it would help him or not, because he's such a good boy normally.

Olivia: Yeah...

(Daniel was still sniffling, but was quietly chewing on the lolly.)

Olivia: I wish I knew how he got sick, too...

Sterling: Yeah, I just want to know. I heard that sometimes, abilities can appear with symptoms like a disease, then reveal themselves, but I'm not sure I believe it.

Olivia: Abilities?

Sterling: Powers. Kinetic abilities. Precognition. Things like that. Superspeed and super strength supposedly appear after a few days, while Mance supposedly takes many years to appear. Everything else normally appears any time between birth and puberty. At least, that's what I read somewhere.

Olivia: Weird...

Sterling: I know.

Olivia: Could Daniel have possibly gotten some ability?

Sterling: Something from our bloodlines that we don't know about? Possibly. How many generations ago did anyone in our family have any kind of power? I don't know. Heck, I don't even know if I have an ability like precognition or anything. I'm just lucky. Lucky to get a beautiful wife and an amazing son.

(Olivia smiles and hugs Sterling. Later that night, Daniel is in bed...)

Sterling: Sleep well, son.

Part 3

(Olivia gently kisses her son on the forehead. His face is still somewhat flushed. Sterling and Olivia leave the room and shut off the light. Not long after, Daniel begins to his dream, he finds himself in a strange room. A group of greatly distorted hedgehogs were in there, towering over him.)

Daniel: *whimpering*

Green Hedgehog: Hey, lookit that! Dismutt's waking up!

Daniel: ???

Green Hedgehog: Can I hit him?

Green-striped Hedgehog: You may NOT, Toxic!

Daniel: (Scoots away)

Neon-Green Hedgehog: Someone stop him!

Uber-haired Hedgehog: Happily! (The blue uber-hair grabbed Daniel, stopping him from scooting away)

Daniel: WAH!! (starts struggling)

Neon-Green: Ah, hows my little Dismal feeling? (The neon-green hedgehog brings forward a needle, and the dream goes black. A blue light is seen nearby)

Daniel: (Looks over at the blue light) ???

(Then, Daniel wakes up with a gasp. He is drenched in sweat, and he also wet himself.)

Daniel: *whimpering and yelping*

(Olivia happens to hear Daniel whimpering over the baby monitor.)

Olivia: Huh...? Sterling, wake up...I can hear Daniel whimpering!

Sterling: What?!?

(Sterling jumps up and races to his son, with Olivia close behind. They find Daniel cowering in his crib, shaking violently and crying. Sterling reaches in and tries to lift his son out of the crib to calm him. Daniel flinches upon being touched, and Sterling feels how wet his fur is with sweat.)

Sterling: There, there, Daniel. Dad's here. I've got you. (Sterling looks at Olivia) I think he's had a nightmare.

Olivia: Yeah...[strokes Daniel's forehead] He's soaked...

Sterling: What do you think we should do?

Olivia: I'm not sure...right now I think he should at least have a bath...

Sterling: Agreed. I'll change all the sheets in his crib as well, because they'll be all wet.

Olivia: Okay.

Daniel: *whimpering*

(Olivia gently picks Daniel up and carries him down to the bathroom as Sterling starts to bundle up the sheets on the crib. Daniel seems to be trying to curl into a ball)

Olivia: Come on, Daniel, we need to get you clean.

Daniel: *sniffling*

(Olivia sits Daniel down next to her as she runs a bath. He promptly tries to curl into a ball again, but Olivia grabs him and places him in the warm bath)

Daniel: *yelp*

(Olivia instantly lifts him out and adds more cold water)

Daniel: *low whine*

Olivia: I'm sorry, Daniel, but I don't want you going to bed before you are clean.

Daniel: *whimpering* (obediently keeps still)

(Olivia checks the temperature again, before lowering Daniel into the much colder bath. He whimpers again, but doesn't struggle, allowing Olivia to bathe him. Eventually, she finishes with the bathing.)

Olivia: There, now isn't that better?

Daniel: *low whine*

(Olivia picks Daniel up and carries him back to his crib, which had been changed by Sterling. The baby hedgehog at least doesn't look so strung out anymore.)

Sterling: There, that looks better, doesn't it?

Olivia: Yeah. (Olivia sets Daniel down into his crib, before tucking him in)

Daniel: (Looks around, then holds out his arms to his mother) *whine*

(Olivia frowns, before bending down and picking Daniel back up. He huddles against her. She smiles and pulls him closer to her in a hug. Sterling wraps the two of them in a large bear hug, and they just stand there)

Daniel: (Eyes start to close, and he yawns)

Sterling: Night, little man. (Olivia bends down and puts Daniel back into his crib)

(Daniel ends up falling asleep, so Olivia tucks him in.)

Daniel: Zzzzzzzzzz...

(In the morning...)

Daniel: Zzzzzzz....

(Sterling walked in, tired but happy to be checking on his son)

Daniel: *yawns*

(In the present, Dismal falls to his knees in front of the house, trying to comprehend the visions he just received.)

Dismal: Was a kid...?

(He puts his head in his hands.)

Dismal: Did I used to live here...?

(A shimmering, ghost-like image of his parents seemed to flicker before his eyes, mirage-like)

Dismal: *gasp*

(Suddenly, a second wave of memories struck Dismal)

Dismal: !

(In these memories, Daniel is now three years old, and just waking up from sleep.)

Sterling: Good morning! How's my little boy feeling?

Daniel: Good. ^^

Sterling: That's what I like to hear! Come on, Brekkie's almost finished.

Daniel: Okay! [jumps out of bed]

(Sterling walks down into the kitchen, where Olivia was preparing some food. Sterling sat down to his own bowl of cereal, and grabbed a newspaper from the table)

Daniel: Momma!

Olivia: Daniel! How's my special little guy feeling this morning?

Daniel: Good, momma!

Olivia: Goodie! Now, what do you feel like for breakfast?

Daniel: Uhh...cereal, pwease!

Olivia: Alright, what kind?

Daniel: Uhhhh...Lucky Charms?

Olivia: Alright then, sweetie. (Olivia digs around in the cupboards, before pulling out a box of Lucky Charms, filling a bowl with them and carrying it over to the table for Daniel)

Daniel: Thank you, mommy!

Olivia: No problem, honey. (She walks back into the kitchen to make her own breakfast, as Sterling lowers the newspaper)

Sterling: You want any milk or fruit or anything, Danny-boy?

Danny: Can I have a apple?

(Sterling nodded to Olivia, who grabbed an apple and carried it over with her breakfast, giving it to Daniel as she sat down)

Daniel: Thank you!

(Daniel happily eats his breakfast. Sterling and Olivia each sit at the table, Olivia eating her breakfast while Sterling read the newspaper and drank coffee. A little bit later, there was a knock on the door)

Sterling: I wonder who that could be...

Daniel: ?

(Sterling walks out to the front door, and a few seconds later a shout is heard. Olivia grabs Daniel and runs to the back of the house.)

Daniel: !!

Olivia: Daniel, I don't know what's happening, but if I scream, get out of here straight away! I'm sorry, son.

Daniel: M-Mommy? (starts to cry)

(Olivia kisses her son on the cheek, before opening a strange case and pulling something that looked suspiciously like a hammer out, before heading to the front door)

Daniel: (Huddled up on a chair) *whimpering*

(A brief scuffle is heard, before a scream rings out. Footsteps come into the house, and a yellow recolor with green streaks and purple shoes walked in.)

Daniel: (Cowers away)

???: (on radio) Heh, hey, blue, looks like they had a kid.

??? (2): Scare him, make him run. I'll deal with him.

???: Deal. (The hedgehog approached Daniel, Chaos Energy rippling around his hands)

Daniel: *whimpering*

???: Hey,, and never tell anyone what you saw, and I'll let you live. If not...

(Daniel obediently leaps off of the chair and runs for his life, but halfway there, he trips.)

Daniel: WAH!!

(Suddenly, a blue hedgehog with a massive array of hair dives forward and catches him)

???: I got you. My name's Larry. I'm part of the Trolls. What happened?

Daniel: (Surprised and terrified, he struggles)

(Larry loosens his grip, then glares at the hedgehog)

Larry: Well, if it isn't Potion, my old nemesis. How many people did you kill this time?

"Potion": Why do you think I killed them?

Larry: Grr... (To Daniel) I'll deal with this freak. (He stands in front of Daniel, his own hands rippling in Chaos Energy)

Daniel: Wh-What?! K-K-Killed?!

Larry: He's a killer, but he's right. I don't think they are dead. Still...Miguel, Vic, I.M, keep an eye on our friend while I deal with this freak.

(A trio of strange hedgehogs walk over and take up protecting positions around Daniel. The strangest was a giant blue hedgehog, almost twice as tall as Larry, who wore a green t-shirt and white pants. The other two, one being black with blue streaks, the other being navy blue with a white suit and black tie, were more typical in appearance)

Daniel: (Looking around, confused and scared; he edges towards the door)

(the trolls move to let him out, but I.M used his long arms to hang onto him just outside the door)

I.M.: Let us do our job, little one.

Daniel: *low whine*

I.M: Maybe we should have brought Emily with us for this.

Miguel: Maybe, but I'd be happier with "Potion" defeated and this little guy safe at base. I mean, I don't want to see the little guy go through the foster system and end up like you, I.M.

Daniel: ..............

I.M: Yes. That is no way for a child to grow up. Come with us, little one. We can protect you like your parents did, and keep you safe from people like Potion.

Daniel: A-Are my mom and dad okay...?

Vic: Maybe. We don't know. We came this way to stop Potion seeing us and knowing something was wrong. I mean, it's pretty hard to hide a seven-foot tall hedgehog, so if anything bad has happened to them, it's our responsibility to protect you. The Trolls never let someone suffer at the hands of others.

Daniel: Are you superheroes...?

Miguel: In a way. We stand up for the poor and the defenseless against cruel people like Potion in there, and groups like G.U.N, Eggman and the Editors.

Daniel: Wow...

I.M: Yes, we have amazing powers, long life spans and the ability to not die while fighting as some of our powers we all share, while each of us learns to control whatever powers and gifts life has given us as well.

Miguel: Excuse me, I'll be thirty seconds. (Miguel disappears, then Potion is seen splattering into a window, Miguel blasting him with a Big Bang Kamehameha x 10, using his Troll powers to let him use the DBZ attack)

Daniel: !

I.M: Showoff.

Vic: Hey, my attack names take ten minutes to say, and yours are just weird. Let Miguel have his fun helping Larry.

Daniel: .........

I.M: See, we just want to protect you.

Daniel: Okay...

(Larry and Miguel walk out, leaving Potion behind)

Larry: Right, what's your name, little guy?

Daniel: D-Daniel...

Larry: Daniel? Well, little guy, I think we're going to have to change your name, there's a lot of Daniels out there, but we'll take you to our leader first. I.M? (I.M. bent down and picked up Daniel, putting him on his shoulder as the five hedgehogs Chaos Controlled, and "Potion" got up. He walked to the shower in the house and washed the green dye from his fur and quills, then Chaos Controlled as well)

(The memory ends, leaving a stunned and confused Dismal. A few locals looked at him, confused)

Dismal: ...........

(He slowly stands up.)

Dismal: I need to find out where I went back then...(leaves the area)

(He goes to look for Rubbz, and eventually finds him; Rubbz had just landed his plane at the airport, and was drinking from a two liter bottle of cola.)

Dismal: Rubbz!

Rubbz: Dismal! Find anything interesting in town? (Rubbz takes another swig of cola as he talked)

Dismal: Yeah...I found my childhood home...

Rubbz: Yeah? (Rubbz finishes his cola, throwing over his shoulder straight into a garbage bin)

Dismal: *nods* As soon as I saw it, I started getting all these memories back...memories of my childhood...

Rubbz: Awesome! I take it that cleared up some answers in your mind?

Dismal: Some...but now...(looks at Rubbz) I need to go back to the Moon Base.

Rubbz: Dude, if you go back there, they're going to recognize you, take you back and torture you. Your arm ready for battle?

Dismal: Uhh...(looks down at his right arm) I think so...

Rubbz: Good. You're going to have to be. I'll call in some help once we get there, because once you get seen, we are going to be up to our necks in Trolls.

Dismal: O-Okay...

Rubbz: Oh, don't worry. I have faith in you. I'll teach you a lil' bit of rubber arm control when it comes, but you better get ready for a flight.

Dismal: Okay...let's go, then...

(Rubbz leads the way back over to his plane, which was being fueled.)

Dismal: I just hope we don't get found...

Rubbz: That's why I'll get my boss and the other Peacemakers involved. They like blowing things up. That should keep them busy. Who knows, the memories might be unlocking powers within you, although I doubt that. Too Shadow-like.

Dismal: I don't have any powers anyways...

Rubbz: Oh...sorry, mate. Still, the Trolls have some good tech, right? You can get your hands on it and turn it on them?

Dismal: I think so, yeah...

Rubbz: Good. With that arm, and whatever weapons you feel you'll need, we'll be fine. (Rubbz stretches his rubber arms, launching himself into the pilot's seat of his two-seat fighter) Want a lift, or are you right getting up yourself?

Dismal: No, I got it...(stretches his right arm and manages to pull himself into the passenger seat, but falls onto his face) Oof!

Rubbz: You ok? It's a tricky launch for a beginner. I don't know how many time's I've done that. Anyway, helmet on, that way you get to hear the planning on this run.

Dismal: (Pulls himself upright) Okay. (puts on his helmet)

(Almost instantly, a rather laid-back but commanding voice cut through the radio)

???: This is Peacemaker, calling Runner. Do you copy, Runner?

Rubbz: This is Runner, and I got a passenger. Troll, although if I'm right, after this run he'll be almost an ex-Troll.

Dismal: ..........

Peacemaker: Right...designation for him while he fights alongside us? Can't call him Troll, that's not smart...

Rubbz: He has a flexo-plate arm, but he looks rather sickly.

???: Sick-mind?

Peacemaker: Banshee, please.

Rubbz: Flexo?

Peacemaker: Kid, I thought I'd ask, what you want to be called?

(Rubbz taxis the plane down the runway, before kicking in the afterburners and boosting them into the air)

Dismal: Uhh......

(He thinks back to the memories he had encountered...)

Dismal: ........I want to be called "Daniel".

Peacemaker: Well, Daniel it is. Tell me, Daniel, precisely where you plan to get in from. Is there a hangar bay, or some kind of docking area, or do we blast our way in? We need details, whatever you can remember.


Rubbz: We don't mean to put pressure on you, but we just need to know so we can plan our attack. (Rubbz flies his fighter over next to a rather vicious looking chop-job, painted black with a red flame pattern on the front. Beneath them, a trio of aircraft, two smaller and a much larger one flew, but weren't clear enough to see)

Dismal:'d be best if we snuck in...maybe a hangar bay...

Peacemaker: Right. Banshee, Hawk, Maxie, we're on cover. The rest of you, go with them.

Rubbz: Boss, can I say that I'm astonished that you got the Blackwing flying? It's a chop-job and shouldn't be flown.

Peacemaker: Shut up, Rubbz, and focus on getting the Runner into the main hanger. We'll deal with any defenses, and then Lance can fly straight in.

Dismal: ...

Rubbz: Copy that. Well, Daniel, you get your memories back, then get your revenge.

Dismal: Yeah.

(Rubbz flew his fighter into the main hanger bay, followed by the large aircraft. From onboard the large plane, a single wolf with hawk wings flew out of the hanger, while a large group of armed and armored soldiers burst from it's hold and joined Dismal and Rubbz, whom had climbed out)

Rubbz: Right, lead the way, Daniel.

Dismal: Okay...[starts walking]

(The commando team follow him)

Rubbz: Tell us when you start to get something.

Dismal: Okay...

(Near a lab, Dismal suddenly stops and clutches his head.)

Rubbz: Defense positions, now! (The entire team stop, with some flicking weapons out to ready position) What is it, Daniel?

Dismal: I-I think its another memory...!!

Part 4

(Dismal is indeed receiving another it, he is at the Troll Base, still sitting on I.M's shoulder.)

Daniel: ........ (looks around, slightly nervous) Is this the place...?

I.M: Yes, this is the place. Don't worry, we aren't going to harm you. Our leader is within the next room. (I.M walks into the room, to reveal the silhouette of a hedgehog) Boss, here is the youngster we rescued from Potion.

Daniel: ....

???: Come forward, youngster, let me see you. (I.M. gently grabbed Daniel and placed him on the ground, allowing him to move around as he wished)

Daniel: (Cautiously approaches the stranger)

(The hedgehog sits forward, to reveal Mac. He pats Daniel on the head gently, trying to show respect)

Mac: Welcome to the Trolls. I am Mac, the leader. I think you might need a new, Troll name, but before then, I think someone you know should show you around. Larry? (Larry stepped out of the shadows, back in his mostly-deformed human form) Would you be able to become something less...disturbing and take our little friend to a room while we prepare him for his "induction"?

Larry: Of course, sir. (Larry slowly transforms to his Extreme Coco form, then picks Daniel up) Let's find you a nice room.

Daniel: O-Okay...

(Larry takes Daniel to a warmly-colored room with a few small beds and toy-boxes scattered around)

Larry: We've had children your age here before, and sometimes their mothers and fathers too. We know how to make you feel welcome.

Daniel: Thank you..

Larry: Don't thank me just yet, we need to decide what we're going to do with you first.

Daniel: Uhhh....okay.....

(Larry turns and leaves, shutting the door behind himself)

Daniel: ........

(A little while later, Larry returned with news)

Larry: I gotta take you into the doc for a physical. Need to know what kind of physical state you're in.

Daniel: Uhh...a-a doctor...?

Larry: Well, who else is going to do a physical?

Daniel: Uhhh....(fidgets nervously)

Larry: What is it?

Daniel: I...I'm scared of doctors...

Larry: Aw, come on, don't be whiny, it's not that bad.

Daniel: B-But what if I have to g-get a s-s-shot?!

Larry: It's just a needle. Don't tense your muscles and you won't feel a thing.

Daniel: *low whine*

Larry: Jeez, you're so dismal. (An evil look enters Larry's eyes) I think I just thought of your Troll name.

Daniel: ?

(Larry grabs Daniel and carries him into Bubonic's lab)

Larry: Here's the little guy.

Daniel: *whimpering*

Bubonic: His name is?

Larry: Dismal.

Daniel: ...

Bubonic: Well, Dismal, I see that you're on your way to becoming a Troll, but first we need to make sure you are healthy. (Bubonic reached down and withdrew a large array of needles)

Daniel: !!! (immediately begins struggling to escape)

(Larry reached out and grabbed Daniel hard, pressing him down as Bubonic took a blood sample, then gave him the first shot)


Bubonic: Oh, pipe down!

(Daniel starts struggling madly.)

Bubonic: Larry?

Larry: Sure, I got the Dismutt.


Larry: Too bad, Dismal! (Larry holds Daniel down as Bubonic gets more needles)

(Daniel starts struggling harder, bawling.)

Larry: Geez, I thought you were braver than this when we found you...

Daniel: (Struggling, crying and shivering)

Larry: Now, now, this isn't the time for that! (Larry puts added pressure on Daniel's arms, and a sickening snap is heard) Oops... Does that matter, Doc?

(Daniel lets out an agonized wail as his arm snaps.)

Bubonic: Please, I would prefer him intact.

Daniel: (Looking like he may faint) *sobbing*

(Larry moved his hand to reveal Daniel's bone, snapped under Larry's transformed strength.)

Daniel: *frightened wail*

Larry: Well...what can I do about it?

Bubonic: Lighten your grip.

Daniel: (Whimpering and shivering in pain)

Larry: Oh, fine. (Larry lightens his grip, but continues to position himself so Daniel couldn't move to far)

Daniel: *crying* P-Please, I d-d-don't w-want any more s-shots!!

Bubonic: Too bad. I'll give you two more today, and then more in two weeks.

Daniel: N-No!! Please!!

Bubonic: YOU have no say in the matter, little boy.

Daniel: *crying*

Bubonic: I have a heart of stone for children. Ignorant brats. Your tears will get you nowhere.

Daniel: (Keeps struggling)

Larry: Geez, Dismutt, this is annoying!


Putty: (To Bubonic) May Putty recommend that Master just stick the tiny gray thing where it hurts and be done?

Bubonic: How very wise of you, Putty. I shall do just that! (Bubonic gives Daniel an injection into each arm with the two needles)

Daniel: *agonized scream*

Bubonic: And you are done. Take him out of here, Larry.

Larry: With pleasure.

Daniel: *sobbing*

(Larry carries Daniel out to the room set aside for him, then throws him in. He lands on his broken arm, and lets out a cry of pain.)

Larry: What doesn't kill you will make you stronger, Dismal. Learn to live with it.

Daniel: (Looks at Larry with a shocked and hurt expression, sniffling)

Larry: I mean, look at me! I've died many times, and I'm not dead!

Daniel: W-What? What do you mean?

Larry: The way of the Troll works in special ways, Dismutt. We can die of old age once we pass the age of 200 or beyond, but death in battle does not harm us, does not make us weak.

Daniel: ............

Larry: Like it or not, you are one of us now. (Larry turns and slams the door shut)

Part 5

(Daniel crawls over to the bed, gingerly cradling his broken arm, and weeps. A bit later, a chick that Dismal couldn't recognize from the current Trolls stormed in.)

???: How could they treat you like that?

Dismal: (Looks up) H-Huh?

(A black and gray female hedgehog with the same sort of hair as Penny the Pyrohog bustled in and immediately started helping Dismal)

???: My name's Emily. I've got twin sons a few years older than you, so I can't stand to see children be mistreated and in pain.

Dismal: Uhhhh...

Emily: Oh, don't worry about it, but let's splint that arm and get you some food.

Dismal: .....o-okay...

(Emily smiles, and she takes out a roll of bandages (which appeared to be torn up strips of clothes) and a piece of metal. She frowned when she looked at the break)

Emily: Larry doesn't know his own strength. Can I? It will hurt.

Dismal: *whimper*

(Emily takes his arm lightly and pulls it back into place as gently as she could. Dismal whines in pain.)

Emily: Sorry, but if I don't, Bubonic will have to give you more shots, and no kid your age likes shots.

Dismal: I-I hate s-shots s-s-so much...!!

Emily: Exactly. That's why I have to do this now. (Lightly, Emily places the metal so it was holding the arm straight, then quickly binds it with the strips of cloth)

Dismal: *whimper*

Emily: Now, what kind of food do you want me to grab?

Dismal: Uhhhhhh.....

Emily: What, no favorite foods? Nothing exotic or rare? I can get you anything to eat, anything you desire.

(Dismal, unused to being what he thinks of as "spoiled", doesn't know what to say.)

Emily: Oh, don't worry, that's the mother in me, but you don't want to eat the junk that people like Larry or I.M. eat, trust me.

Dismal: Why? What do they eat?

Emily: You DON'T want to know.

Dismal: Oh, okay.

Emily: I don't know what to get you, all kids are different.

Dismal: Uhhhh.....can I have an apple?

Emily: Of course you can! (Emily quickly disappears, before returning with a shiny red apple)

Dismal: (Looking quite amazed) That was so fast...!

Emily: Chaos Control works wonders, especially in a large place like this.

Dismal: Chaos Control...?

Emily: Haven't you heard of the powers of Chaos? The Chaos Emeralds? Anything like that?

Dismal: No...

Emily: Well, thousands of years ago, there was this god Chaos. He had massive amounts of power, but went on a rampage when the eight Chaos Emeralds, points of his power, were abused by the Echidnas. Eventually, the guardian Tikal sealed Chaos into the largest Chaos Emerald with her control of the Chaos Force, the same force he used, but had to seal herself in there as well. That became the Master Emerald. With practice, most people can use the Chaos Force, with two abilities being common - Chaos Control, which either slows time or teleports the user, and Chaos Blast, which is an explosive wave.

Dismal: Okay...

Emily: Who knows, maybe you can access the Chaos Force, like most of us Trolls.

Dismal: *sad shrug* Why? I'm not anything special. I'm Dismal. (He said the name with disgust)

Emily: Who called you that?!? Everyone is special, in their own way.

Dismal: Dismal's my Troll name now...Larry said so.

Emily: Larry.....Listen, "Dismal", or whatever you want to be called, don't let Larry get you down. He lives on causing pain for people.

Dismal: ...........*sad sigh*

Emily: What?

Dismal: (Looks up) I'm...I'm scared of him....

Emily: Well, try not to take what he says to heart...just a second. (Emily disappears in a flash of blue light, before something identical to Larry's head makes a crater in the wall)

Dismal: !!! (hides under the bed)

(Emily reappears, with a dark smile on her mouth. She spins and punches the wall segment, and it blows back out to normal)

Dismal: !

Emily: There, now he might not take the name back, but he's DEFINITELY sorry.

Dismal: Uhhhh, okay.

Emily: Sorry if I startled you, I just get VERY annoyed with the guy.

Dismal: O-Okay...

Emily: Well, I've got to go, but first, is there anything else you want?

Dismal: No, I'm good...thank you, though.

(The next day, Emily returned to ask Dismal what he wanted for his breakfast)

Dismal: Can I have some cereal?

Emily: Any specific kind?

Dismal: Lucky Charms?

(Emily smiles, and disappears in a flash of blue light, before returning with a tray with a bowl of Lucky Charms and a small jug of milk)

Dismal: Thank you!

Emily: No problem!

(Dismal smiles happily at her and starts eating. Emily smiles, happy to see him happy, but with the concern of a parent as she watched. He eventually finishes.)

Dismal: Thank you for breakfast.

Emily: Ah, no problem, but I doubt that I'll be able to help you forever.

Dismal: Huh?

Emily: Sometimes, I just want to get out of here, out of the Trolls, be free.

Dismal: Oh...

Emily: Then again, if I escape, they'll send people after me, so it's not the time. Not yet.

Dismal: Ohh...

(Dismal looks at his injured arm and whines.)

Emily: Is it sore? I'm sure I've got some painkillers for someone your age somewhere...

Dismal: I-It is kinda sore...

Emily: Wait right there, I'll get the medicine. (Emily disappears with Chaos Control, before returning with a bottle of medicine and a medicine cup. She pours the mixture into the cup, setting it on the little bedside table in the room, before pulling a small packet of jellybeans out of one of her pockets) Drink up, and I'll give you a jellybean to get rid of the bad taste.

Dismal: Uhh....okay....[hesitantly drinks the medicine; looks like he's going to gag] EWWW!!

Emily: Everyone hates that stuff, don't worry. Now, for the nice taste. Is there any color or flavor jellybean you want?

Dismal: I....I've never had jellybeans before...

(Ryu-Guess what? new chara!)
(Awesome! - Flash)

Emily: Never had jellybeans? Well, I keep a packet of gourmet jellybeans on my almost always. My son Flab loves jellybeans. Then again, he also loves ham and just about any food he gets his hands on, so that doesn't mean anything. (Emily shakes a few jellybeans into her hand) Hmm, lets see... pick whatever ones you want! (She offers the jellybeans in her hand to Dismal, with a variety of different colors and patterns on them)

Dismal: (Stares at the jellybeans in fascination) Wow...

Emily: Yeah, it's a bit overwhelming when there's so much choice, isn't it?

Dismal: Yeah...

(Emily takes one of the two-tone green ones and throws it over her shoulder, before eating a dark green one)

Emily: Watermelon...nice. That two-tone one was a Jalapeno chili-flavor, not nice.

Dismal: Jalapeno?

Emily: It's a kind of chili-pepper, very hot and spicy. I know, try one of the red ones, or maybe a pink and red one.

Dismal: Okay. (picks up the red-pink one and eats it)

Emily: Nice, the strawberry milkshake flavor. Like it?

Dismal:'s really tasty!

Emily: I thought you'd like it!

Dismal: ^^

Emily: See why I keep a packet on me?

Dismal: Yeah!

Emily: Heh, thought so. When the medicine wears off, you'll have to find me, and I'll give you another jellybean to get rid of the bad taste, ok? You should get some more rest though.

Dismal: Okay...thank you, Missus Emily...

Emily: Please, just call me Emily. (Emily turns and leaves, but leaves the door open a crack)

Dismal: Okay....

(He lays back down in his bed, the pain in his arm receding to a dull throb.)

Dismal: *sigh*

(There was loud footsteps outside)

Dismal: ? (sits up)

(A group of Trolls storm past, chasing a green and red hedgehog out. Dismal climbs out of bed and runs to the door to watch. As the hedgehog ran, he unleashed a massive beam from his hands, which was barely stopped by Larry)

Larry: Let's rip that little freak limb from limb!

Dismal: .......... (follows them)

(The hedgehog broke out laughing, releasing blast after blast into the group that made even Mac fall back slightly)

Mac: Can't you stop him, Larry?

Larry: Naw, even me and Tonic fused would be hard-pressed to beat him. You're the only one near strong enough to do it, and we don't know how much stronger SS124 will get if we beat his form like that.

Dismal: (Still running after them) *thinking* What is going on...?!

Mac: Very well. I shall face him for now, you pull the others back until my return.

Larry: Very well, sir. Come on, Tonic. (Larry and a yellow sonic recolor that looked similar to Potion turn and start to wave the mob back)

Dismal: (Skids to a halt)

(The recolor notices Dismal and walks over, a strange grin on his face)

Dismal: ?! (backs away) Uhh...

Tonic: Well, who do we have here?

Dismal: *gulps* Uh-Uhhh....

Tonic: What, cat got your tongue?

Dismal: A-Are you.....P-Potion...?

Tonic: Am I Potion? (Tonic exchanges a barely-noticeable look with Larry) No, not at all...

Dismal: Y-You look a lot like him...

Tonic: Potion is a recolor. All recolors look alike, but I'm no recolor. (Tonic strikes a dramatic pose) I AM ORIGINAL!

Dismal: ...........

Larry: (facepalm)

Dismal: Uhh...I-I'm gonna go back to my room...(starts to walk away)

Larry: Ok, Dismal. (Whispers into Tonic's ear)

Part 6

(Dismal reaches his room and goes inside. Tonic sticks his head in, and smiles)

Tonic: You're a cute kid. I could paint you white with my special paint, but that'd just be cruel for a nice kid like I'm just going to be watching you. (Tonic winks and leaves)

Dismal: ._."

(A little bit later, Dismal is busy drawing a picture. He's on the floor, bent over the picture on his knees, facing away from the door, which is open slightly...)

Dismal: *humming happily*

(Suddenly, something comes down lightly on Dismal's butt!)

Dismal: *gasp* (jumps up, blushing furiously and looking like he's about to cry)

(Behind him were Tonic, who's face was a perfect copy of the Awesome Face, and I.M. Meen, who had a strange light in his eyes. Dismal turned around, putting both hands on his bum.)

Dismal: W-Why'd you d-do TH-THAT?! D:

Tonic: Coz you have a nice butt...and I mean a REAL nice butt. Am I right, big guy? (I.M. just nods)

(Dismal blushes harder, but not from flattery... Tonic and I.M start to get closer to him.)

Dismal: (backs up) G-Go away...!!

(I.M. stretched his long arms out and wrapped them around Dismal, picking him up. The young hedgehog immediately began to panic.)


I.M: Make me, little one. Tonic and I need our fun.

(Suddenly, I.M starts to lose consciousness, and there was Emily floating behind him, fury evident on her face.)

Dismal: !!

Emily: Ba******!! Preying on a helpless child!! I should tear you limb from limb for that!!

Dismal: (Scampers under his bed)

(Emily and Tonic started fighting, and it was clear that they were almost as powerful as each other; Emily was just stronger. Dismal watches fearfully as Emily started to beat Tonic to a pulp.)

Dismal: *shivering fearfully*

(However, there was a flash of blue light, and the green hedgehog from before was standing directly behind Emily and Tonic. Emily smiled faintly as the hedgehog grinned darkly)

???: Bye, Tonic.

Tonic: Wut? (The hedgehog punched Tonic once in the chest, making him collapse, his breathing shallow. Emily stepped forward to thank the hedgehog, but he disappeared)

Dismal: ???

(Emily growled)

Emily: Damnit, Vicious.

Dismal: ..............

Emily: Are you ok, Daniel?

(Dismal nods, his eyes tearing up.)

Emily: I'm sorry I couldn't have done anything, but Mac takes whoever he can, and that shadowy leader pulling Mac's strings isn't about to do anything. I'm just happy Vicious showed up, and that's a first for me.

Dismal: (Crawls out from under the bed) I-It's okay..........(runs up to her and hugs her, crying)

(Emily wraps her arms around Dismal and tries to comfort him, like his own mother would have)

Dismal: *crying* I-I th-thought th-that th-th-they w-would h-hurt m-me!!

Emily: I know, I know...don't worry, they can't hurt you now. I'll protect you as much as I can.

Dismal: (Looks up at her, eyes still shimmering with tears) Th-Thank you....

Emily: It's ok, I'm happy to help you.

(Dismal simply buries his face in her stomach. Emily wraps her arms around him, feeling somewhat embarrassed that she'd ended up in this situation. Eventually, however, Dismal starts to fall asleep. Emily gently picks him up and lays him in his bed, before tucking him in. She then grabbed a seat and sat nearby, watching for any repercussions)

Dismal: Emily...?

Emily: Hmm?

Dismal: Can...can I call you "Mom"?

Emily: I...I guess so.

Dismal: I-Is something wrong...?

Emily: No, no, nothing's wrong. I'm just touched, I guess.

Dismal: Oh..I thought you were upset...

Emily: I am. Upset that they got to you, that is.

Dismal: Oh...

Tonic: Can *pant* I *wheeze* get *breath* up *cough* now? *gasp* (Emily just looks at him, before delivering a single swift kick to the head)

Dismal: !

Emily: Sometimes, I really hate him. Considering he's from the same homeworld as me, I have to put up with him, I guess.

Dismal: Ohh...

Emily: It's hard to explain.

Dismal: I understand..

Emily: I know you don't.

Dismal: You're right... :(

Emily: I can tell you a little, but I don't think that you, or anyone else for that matter, would understand.

Dismal: Okay...then maybe you shouldn't...

Emily: Yeah...

(The next day, Bubonic came to Dismal's room and collected him for his next set of "immunizations")

Dismal: *whimpering*

Bubonic: Oh, grow up.

Dismal: I-I don't want more shots...!

Bubonic: And I don't want to give a whiny brat shots, but Mac tells me what has to be done, so I do it.

Dismal: T^T

Bubonic: Listen to your superiors, and you'll get far. That's all I have to say. Come along, you need these shots.

Dismal: *sad whine*

Bubonic: Quit it! (Bubonic harshly grabs Dismal by the wrist and starts to drag him to the medical bay)

Dismal: Ahh!!

Bubonic: Oh, grow up.

Dismal: *whimper*

(In the medical bay, Bubonic unceremoniously dumps Dismal on the bed, before grabbing a set of needles)

Dismal: [Shivering and whimpering in fear]

Bubonic: If I don't give you these, you could die from one of many Mobian diseases and well as some that aren't Mobian.

Dismal: H-Huh? Diseases...?

Bubonic: Oh, yes. I see all different viruses and bacterial infections, and I study them. Most are Mobian in origin, but some are from other planets, including the original Troll homeworld.

Dismal: ._."

Bubonic: Why give me that face? I'm simply stating the truth.

Dismal: All those diseases sound scary...!

Bubonic: I find them fascinating.

Dismal: o_O"

Bubonic: That's my area of expertise, the study of diseases. Now hold still or I'll miss and inject your muscle.

Dismal: W-Would that hurt worse...?

Bubonic: Lots worse.

Dismal: *gulp* ._."

Bubonic: Yes, like that. (Bubonic raises the needle and swiftly jabs it into Dismal's arm)

Dismal: *pained yelp*

Bubonic: Oh, pipe down. It's not as if I pierced muscle or bone.

Dismal: *sniffle* I-It still hurts...!

Bubonic: You want to feel pain? I'll give you pain! (Bubonic rips a wooden paddle from a small hook on the wall and lifts Dismal up so his backside was exposed) This is pain! (Bubonic swings it in a powerful arc, bringing it down hard across Dismal's backside)


Bubonic: Oh, pipe down. Two more needles to go.

Dismal: *crying*

Bubonic: Right, hold still. Maybe the pain from your buttocks will stop you from feeling the sting of my needle. (Bubonic gives Dismal his second jab, in the other arm)

[Dismal winces, but does not cry out.]

Bubonic: Good, good. Almost finished, so hold still. (Bubonic gives Dismal the final jab, in the first arm)

Dismal: !

Bubonic: Now, off you go! I need to clean up.

Dismal: O-Okay...[jumps off the bench and skitters off]

(Ryu-What if he had another encounter with Tonic and/or I.M Meen?)
(Hmm, maybe - Flash)

[Outside, in the hallway, Dismal was walking rather stiffly. His hindquarters still hurt from the spanking Bubonic had given him.]

???: Aww, does your butt hurt? I could rub it better for you XP (Tonic was standing right behind the door)

Dismal: !!

Tonic: What? I'm being kind.

Dismal: [Puts both hands on his butt, blushing hard]

Tonic: What did I do?

Dismal: I-I don't want you t-touching my butt... >///<"

Tonic: So? You're a kid. You don't know what you really want.

Dismal: W-What do you mean...?

Tonic: Someone as young as you doesn't know what they really want, only what they want at the time.

Dismal: [Looks confused] Uhhh...

Tonic: I was a kid once, you know. (Suddenly, Tonic doubles over, a foot striking him in the groin from in between the legs. As he fell, Mac became visible)

Mac: Seriously, Tonic, quit trying to come onto the poor child. It's annoying.

Dismal: ._."

(Mac turns and walks off, dragging Tonic behind him)

Part 7

[The memory ends, leaving Dismal sitting there.]

Rubbz: Daniel? Daniel? You feelin ok dude?

Dismal: I-I feel tired...

Rubbz: Right. (Rubbz points at three members of the team) You three, on point. Watch for Trolls. The rest of us, we stay here, make sure Daniel is safe.

Dismal: [Mulling over the memories he had seen] .................

Rubbz: Hey, you feelin right? Looks like those memories beat you up a bit.

Dismal: I've was almost molested when I was three...twice...

(Instantly, Rubbz seems distance and furious)

Rubbz: Point 'em out to me, I'll give them a piece of my mind!

Dismal: One was Tonic...and the other was this really tall, thin hedgehog...I can't remember his name....I think it was something like "I.R. Meeny"....

Rubbz: Darn. Peacemaker Corps. don't keep running tallies of former Trolls, so I doubt that I'll deal with him. Tonic, on the other hand, I'll be able to find with ease!

Dismal: Former Troll.....?

Rubbz: I. M, we know. However, he hasn't been heard from for many years, which prompted us to consider him removed from the situation, shipped back to the Troll homeworld.

Dismal: !! The Trolls have their own homeworld?!

[He then remembers, from his memory, Bubonic mentioning diseases from the Troll homeworld.]

Rubbz: Yup, we believe that Mac, Emily, Tonic and Larry, as well as a handful of other, now inactive Trolls are non-Mobian, and are truly Trolls, from that planet.

Dismal: So...Tonic's non-Mobian...? A-And Emily...?!

Rubbz: Yes. That's our understanding, at least.

Dismal: ._."

Rubbz: Lot to take in, huh?

Dismal: Y-Yeah...

???: Sir! Status report! Apparently, we just missed Mac, he seems to have defected to a different cause. He's now calling himself Mac the Monochrome. Had a small run-in with a small group of Trolls, but they're gone now.

Dismal: ???

Rubbz: So Mac's turned traitor. Probably hunting Emily and Vicious. Not surprising. Well, we better keep moving.

Dismal: Y-Yeah...[gets back up]

Rubbz: Well, Danny-boy, let's start looking. Where to next?

[Dismal blushes faintly at that, but he hides it from Rubbz.]

Dismal: Uhhh....I'm not sure....

Soldier: Throne room is clear!

Rubbz: Throne room it is.

[Dismal nods, and begins to walk towards the throne room.]

[Rubbz gestures to the rest of his team who follow, weapons at the ready. When they reach the throne room, Dismal rubs at his forehead a bit, as if getting a headache. Instantly, Rubbz motions for the soldiers to hold the area, with the team fanning out to attempt to stop Trolls getting entry]

Dismal: Nngh....[falls to his knees]

[Another memory begins to it, Dismal is around 6 years old now, sitting in his room, as if waiting for something...]

Dismal: [Whines unhappily]

(Ryu-Perhaps this could be where Bubonic begins to run tests on him?)
(Yeah - Flash)
(Not going to show the chip launchers, though, they emerge when he's around 11 when Toxic and his brothers join, considering Frost is one of the designers. Instead, Bubonic uses the original idea - the same sort of diseases and effects, but within needles. - Flash)

Bubonic: Time for science, brat! [Bubonic grabs Dismal by the scruff of his neck and dragged him into the primary lab]

[Dismal stifled a yelp the best he could, and allowed himself to be dragged away.]

Bubonic: Good, good. Now, for the bench. [Bubonic dumps Dismal sharply into the bench, letting the restraints grab him.]

Dismal: !! [he starts shivering in fear]

Bubonic: Oh, quit it. This won't [Bubonic withdraws a rather large needle from a compartment near the bench]

Dismal: O.O" [he starts to whimper]

Bubonic: Didn't I say to quit it? The more you annoy me, the more of these I test. I'll start with an old classic - Hedgehog Red-rash.

Dismal: W-What's th-that...??

Bubonic: A virus found out in the waters of Tidal Plant Zone. Only affects hedgehogs, and causes a painful, itchy red rash over the sufferer's body, with a heightened temperature and loss of appetite. Soon, I'll make it more powerful, and probably airborne rather than water-borne, before adding it to my genetic weapons stash. Now, hold still, and it will be quick. Don't worry, I know the antidote...I just might not make it.

[Looking fearful, Dismal swallows hard and keeps as still as possible, even holding his breath a bit. Bubonic leans forward and inserts the needle with a rapid jab, quickly inserting it's viral payload before withdrawing it.]

Dismal: !!

Bubonic: I also added a catalyst to speed the virus on it's way, so it should take effect soon.

[Dismal whimpers unhappily.]

Bubonic: Oh, shut up.

[Dismal sniffles a bit, shivering slightly.]

Bubonic: And so it starts.

Dismal: O-Oh no... ;~;

[Bubonic grins cruelly as a red rash starts to appear around the injection site]

Dismal: *gasp* [whimpers again]

Bubonic: Next comes the pain and the desire to scratch. Then the loss of appetite. Finally, the temperature.

Dismal: [Looks like he's about to cry]

Bubonic: Oh, come on. It won't kill you.

Dismal: B-But, I'm s-scared...!

Bubonic: Fear won't kill you either.

Dismal: T^T

Bubonic: I'm simply telling you the truth.

Dismal: [Suddenly yelps as the rash begins to burn and itch painfully]

Bubonic: Don't be such a baby.

Dismal: I-It hurts...!!

Bubonic: I told you it would.

[Dismal whimpers in pain, his eyes tearing up.]

Bubonic: Pull yourself together.

Dismal: It hurts!! DX

Bubonic: I know that, you said it already!

Dismal: P-Please make it s-stop...!!

'Bubonic: All in good time, boy.

[The hedgehog whines pitifully, squirming and sweating as the rash gets worse. Bubonic starts taking notes on a small pad.]

Dismal: [Trying to rub his back against the table top, grunting and groaning uncomfortably]

Bubonic: Just a little longer.

Dismal: [Keeps squirming] Nnnnghh...!!

Bubonic: Interesting...

Dismal: Aaaaaagh!! I-It's so i-itchy...!! DX

Bubonic: Very interesting. [The scientist takes some more notes, watching Dismal carefully.]

[Dismal whimpers and cries, trembling fitfully as the itchy sensation increases. Bubonic grabs a thermometer and thrusts it into Dismal's mouth, noting the temperature it reached]

Dismal: Mmmph!!

Bubonic: Higher than normal, understandably. No method of testing appetite, but no matter. I think I'll leave you for another five minutes, then give you the antidote. I mean, I do have to make it...

Dismal: [Whimpers]

Bubonic: Oh, quit your whining. *Bubonic turns, and walks to the other side of his lab*

[Dismal squirms some more, whining. Bubonic ignores him, and starts to slowly and methodically mix different chemical powders and liquids]

Dismal: Nnnnghh.... ><"

[Finally, Bubonic returns, with a rather foul-looking white sludge. He pulls Dismal's jaw open, and pours the slime down his throat.]

Dismal: [Chokes and gags]

Bubonic: Oh, it's not THAT bad.

[The substance finally goes down his throat, and he pants hard, quite breathless. Bubonic shrugs, and looks at him.]

Bubonic: It will heal. Wait, and the itchiness will go away, then get out of my lab. Soon, I'll try something stronger on you.

Dismal: [Nods] Y-Yes sir...

[Bubonic rolls his eyes, and begins cleaning up the mess in his lab, muttering about something to himself. Dismal perks his ears, trying to hear what Bubonic's saying.]

Bubonic: Dumb kid...afraid of needles, afraid of everything! If only his genetic structure didn't make him such a good test-bed, I'd have him replaced!

Dismal: ! *thinking* M-My genetic structure...???

Bubonic: [continuing] Now I have to watch him? Me? No, once he recovers, the mild sedative in the mixture will cut in, and by the time he locks the door to his room, he'll pass out asleep, and stay that way for at least a day. More time with no brat.

Dismal: ........

[He quietly climbs off the table and exits the room, ears pinned down. Larry and Mac both pass him, but ignore Dismal's presence]

Dismal: ..... [finally reaches his room; he opens the door, goes inside and closes it]

[Once inside, he climbs onto his bed and lays on it, face down. He then buries his face into his pillow and begins to cry.]

[A light knock is heard on the door. He looks up, sniffling.]

Dismal: W-Who's there...?

[The door opens slightly, revealing Emily. He looks at her, tears flowing freely.]

Emily: I...I'm so sorry they did that to you. I didn't know...

Dismal: [Sniffles] I-It's not your fault...

Emily: Is there anything I can get you?

Dismal: N-No...I'm going to pass out soon anyways...Bubonic said so...

[Emily growled]

Emily: Why?

Dismal: I-I heard him talking....h-he said, "Once he recovers, the mild sedative in the mixture will cut in, and by the time he locks the door to his room, he'll pass out asleep, and stay that way for at least a day. More time with no brat."

[Again, the Troll growled]

Emily: He's not allowed to touch you for a week, so that's his attempt for revenge.

Dismal: What do you mean...?

Emily: I put pressure on Mac from one end, and the guy pulling his strings seems to find child abuse repulsive, but in this case, considering what Mac called your unique position, necessary. So, basically, Mac told Bubonic that your body has to rest between tests, not one after the other, day by day, but with a spacer of a week.

Dismal: Ohh...

Emily: Him drugging you must be his idea for revenge.

Dismal: He said I'd probably be unconscious all day...

[Emily nodded]

Emily: He won't kill you, not that that'd be an issue. But no, he'd rather keep you alive in one piece, so it's probably a harmless sedative.

Dismal: Uhh...o-okay...

Emily: I just wish it didn't have to be this way.

Dismal: Y-You mean with me getting tested on...?

Emily: [Nods] And being taken from your family like that.

Dismal: Th-They're not h-hurt, are they...?

[Emily looks away]

Dismal: W-What happened to them...?!

Emily: Tonic and Larry happened.

Dismal: What did they do to my parents...?! [his eyes are tearing up again]

Emily: You don't remember 'Potion'? The day you were taken?

Dismal: I...I-I do remember that...

Emily: Tonic.

[His eyes widen.]

Dismal: WHAT?!

Emily: The mission, I don't know the details about, but I know where the answers you need are. Don't try now, you're too young, but Mac has a small database built into the throne room, something that he and the shadowy leader use. The reason for the attack on your parents is bound to be there.

Dismal: Throne room...?

Emily: It's what we've taken to calling Mac's main office, because it's built like a throne room.

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