A mysterious thing is happening on Mobius; everyone is turning OOC (Out-Of-Character)! Can our heroes cope with their new personalities and find the culprit?



  1. No godmodding
  2. No changing the plot
  3. No making the plot revolve around your character
  4. No sexual content
  5. No uncensored swearing
  6. No trolling
  7. You must put a brief description of your character's OOC change after their name
  8. The OOC change must revolve largely around the character's personality, and it must be a big change!

Invited People

Those automatically on the list are those I can trust to follow the rules and plot, as well as those I've RP'ed with for a long time. If you want to join, ask me on the talkpage, and I'll see if you can join or not.
  • Kagimizu
  • Flashfire
  • Famotill
  • Tails6000
  • CelestialSun
  • Nikkie
  • Shima
  • Lightning
  • Memphis
  • Cameron
  • Vampire
  • Hunter
  • BlackSkyEmpire
  • Wh!te
  • Draon
  • Nero TH
  • Gale TH



  • The Random Rangers (played by Ryu)
    • Ryushu the Cat - Annoying but friendly stereotypical prep girl.
    • Shanoa the Fox - Undignified tramp that hates Albus; flirts shamelessly with every other male.
    • Albus the Cat - Womanizing jerk that hates Shanoa; flirts shamelessly with every other female.
    • Linebeck the Ferret - Apathetic emo/goth dude whose common answer to everything is "Meh".
    • Rosa the Rattata - Believes she is a bird, possibly a parrot.
    • Kotuumath the Halfbreed - Pacifist hippie.
    • Vira the Acara - Kawaii desu sunshine & rainbows girl
  • Dismal the Hedgehog - Constantly aggressive, sulky and wanting to be left alone, yet he will not hesitate to attack his former tormentors (played by Ryu)
  • Hotdog the Hedgehog - A vegetarian against meat...and really loves toast (played by Twist)
  • Murdock the Fox - A stereotypical butler (played by Twist)
  • Twister the Fox - A greedy womanizing selfish Brat (played by Twist)
  • Zulto the Hedgehog -Aggressive, easy to anger, ancient hammer wielder who simply does what he has to do: Discipline those that have done world-impacting selfish deeds and to kill anyone who wishes to get in his way (Played by Xabior)
  • Temporal Kitsempt - A Womanizer (NeroTH)
  • Mazda the Lion - An overall excited guy, full of drive.
  • Lorelei the Wolf - A classic killing machine.
  • Ookamoni the Wolf - Kind and pure, a perfect Marty Stu who does the right thing and never does anything wrong.
  • Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight - Excited, laid back Hedgehog. (2315)
  • Cuoleputure the Pheonolf - Girly mama's-boy (2315)
  • J. S. Blisslight - Violent womanizer (2315)
  • Angeloz the Light - One of the coolest and most arrogant jocks to date (Memph)
  • Cutlass the Hedgefox - A shy, selfish, timid kind of guy full of happiness. Only shows his braver side when somebody is attacked. (Draon)
  • Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog - Unaffected (SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Felix the Echidna - Evil killer, but afraid around girls (he was a lady's man)
  • Hood the Hedgehog - Evil Arcane Archer Assassin
  • Wolfgang the Cat - Now he hates music and is out to destroy all sources of it. (Hunter1034)
  • Dalton the Cat - Statistic, Violent, but unnerved by Women for some reason... (Hunter103)
  • Hunter the Fox - Afraid of the moon, The Lunar Crystals, and shadows.
  • Fortuna the Panther - Obsessed with Dalton. (Hunter1034)
  • Renegade the Hedgemorph - A pepped up, happy guy with no worries and a lot of social issues.
  • Ming-Ming the Panda - A mopey opposite to her former self, Ming becomes an over dramatic "downer Debbie" who seems to always be depressed. She plays the role of the generic pessimistic.
  • Flare the Wolf - The stereotypical drifting swords-master, with a dark outlook and little apparent care for anybody. (Flash)
  • Kyro the Drako-Wolf (an Unaffected Mysterious Mobian who appeared out of no where and seems to have control over the physical power of Gravity-SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Gold The Light Energy ( In her OOC form, Shes Emo, queit, and girly..)



  • Isaiah the Demonic Hedgefox - An Angered ravager of worlds who just doesn't know how to quit killing harmless civilians (Draon)
  • ??? - The guy who set the OOC beam into motion! (played by Ryu)


Part 1

[One day, a mysterious beam appears from the sky and hits people! It makes them act OOC! The beam hits the Random Ranger base...]

Ryu: ?! [looks around; *preppy girl voice*] Like, what was that? [covers mouth] o.o"

Albus: ?! [looks at Ryu; gets a strange light in his eyes] Well hello there...

Ryu: ?

[He reaches for Ryu and puts an arm around her waist, drawing her close.]

Ryu: Like, back off, jerk! [punches him]

Albus: Guh!! [falls over]

[Kotuumath walks in.]

Kotuumath: Hey, hey, dudes, let's not be fighting...

Albus: @_@

Ryu: He was being a pervert! DX

[Linebeck is sitting on the couch, ignoring everyone and listening to emo/goth metal.]

(meanwhile at twister's place he's currently washing his kitchen as it now gets struck by the same beam!)

Twister: jee what in the heck was THAT! *sees an older female pass by the house he gets a smirk and runs out to her* you, me, date tonight

Girl: it's a shame I'm older than you....but no

Twister: meh whatever, you ain;t my type

Girl: I don't care...

Twister: well I'll see you later hot stuff *pats her on the back* hehehe

[Meanwhile, again, Dismal gets hit by the same beam!]

Dismal: What the-?!

[Tantrum approaches him.]

Tantrum: Hey, Dismutt! Come over here so I can beat the crap out of you!

Dismal: *growl* Piss off!!


Dismal: PISS...OFF!! [starts strangling Tantrum with his right arm]

(now with murdock at his hyome he gets the strange beam)

Murdock: *now with a british accent* I think I shall vaccumm the dirty rugs in this house now *runs to the closet*

In Mazda's house, he's still bored out of his mind when the ray hits. All of a sudden, inspiration and happiness flows inside him. He feels driven, full of energy, like there's something new to look forward to. He dashed down the stairs with " Yahooo!" as his feet crashed into the floor.

"What was that?" he asked happily as he saw Ray and Alice on the couch. Alice had this strange, sad aura to her. She was like a zombie. On TV was one of those perverted shows, to which Ray said," Turn that trash off, I don't need to see girls disgracing themselves!"

"Whatever." Alice said. Immediately Mazda knew something was wrong. With that he sped out the door, running as fast as he could to find his friends.

(Back with Cuoleputure and 2 others, they are at their home, as J. S. is heard with his booming voice..)

J. S.: What the hell is this?!

Cuoleputure: I-It was a late birthday present....*tears up*

J. S.: I HATE it!!!!! So unuseful!!!!!

Selenia: *jumping up and down on the couch* QUIT THE YELLING!

Mazda practically tore down Selenia's door when he came in. He ran by, picking her up off her feet as he smiled and said," 'Sup dollface? Any idea what happened?"

Selenia: *giggles childishly* Hey Mazdy! Nothing happened!! Just everyone enjoying today!!!

Cuoleputure: *cries*

J. S.: *ranting*

Selenia: Almost everyone!

(Angeloz is seen walking through the busted door, he is wearing a leather jacket and looking suave)

Angeloz: Yo sup everyone... *looks at the door* What happened here? I didn't go and tackle this did I? *cocky laugh*

Zulto: -_- Angeloz you realy need better lines.. *enters as well*

As he puts her down on the couch, Lorelei kicked down door. She looked angry...worse than normal Selenia angry. Behind her was Ookamoni, who was whistling as he strolled in. With twitching eyes, and possibly foaming at the mouth, she screamed," WHAT HAPPENED!?! I'm too mad, you're too happy, and I'm pretty sure my brother's gay! I WANT ANSWERS NOW!!!"

Selenia: Whoa chill out!!! What's the matter with being happy?! *smiles happily*

J. S.: *growls loudly* And who the hell are you to come in like your the owner?!

Cuoleputure: *crying*

Zulto: Yeah, take a chill pill before you catch on fire. *small chuckle*

Lorelei grabbed Zulto by the arm and swung him to the wall. With a gaping hole behind her, she said (somewhat) calmly," I want to know what's going on so I can beat the crap out of whoever's fault it is. And you guys lounging around like this is some vacation doesn't exactly help."

Selenia: Awwwww! Fun's over!

Zulto poked his head through the wall he said: "SO, you want us to go to your vaction site: Hell?" Once again he chuckled. "But your right, we need to find out who did this..".

Angeloz: *to Selenia* Nahh the fun is always on when the Angeloz is here!

Selenia, Giggles normally. She then turns a tiny bit serious, but more cheerful. "Lets go kick whoever's butt did this to us!" With a big smile across her face, she raises her fist in the air.

"That's right, 'cause we can do anything if we believe in ourselves!!!" Ookamoni said with determination. A strange silence fell over them as he raised his fist to the air. They stared, confused, dumbfounded, like they wanted to throw up. It was then that Lori said," Don't you want to punch him so bad?"

Zulto: *to Lori* Nah, just find him a boyfriend *laughs* Or you can find out what makes him angry.....I can see he is one thing that makes you mad.. *laughs*

"...That's the spirit Ooka!!" Selenia laughs, giving him an attacked hug.

Mazda then ran out the door, dragging Lorelei and Ookamoni with him. He left a trail of upturned dirt and grit through the streets, yelling to them," Our best bet is to search for someone who knows what's going on. Let's go!"

(I'll be on DA. You guys, just pretend I'm there as an extra. XD)

(2315-Kay :3)

"Hey! Wait up Mazdy!!!" Selenia runs after Mazda, as J. S. scares Cuoleputure, Making Cuoleputure to follow /chase Selenia for protection. J. S. filled with rage, he follows Cuoleputure, cursing bad words to the two. "GET BACK HERE!"

Part 2

(with Endac...)

Endac: *sleeping with a stalk of hay in his mouth*

Felix: *walks up* hey, jack*** get up and fight me

Endac: *wakes up* huh, oh sup felix

Felix: *anger crosses his face* I SAID FIGHT ME! *hand catches fire and tries too strike Endac*

Endac: O_O whoa *rolls out of the way then dodges an Arrow sent by hood*

Endac: whats the matter with you two, Dragon blast *blasts fire from both his hands at them both*

Felix: *gets hit and falls too the ground*

Hood: *dodges then fires again*

Endac: <=( i gotta get out of here PYRO *Pyro mancer flies in and grabs him* wtf has happened here

Pyromancer: i don't know but Folin and Hungara are acting strange

Endac: so are felix and Hood.........but whats wrong with them and more importantly is this contagious

Pyromancer: i don't know but at least we're unaffected

Endac: and thats another thing.........why us

Pyromancer: i have a strong bond with you and maybe whoever did this didn't set it too affect half humans

Endac: maybe

(meanwhile hotdog is walking around at A SALAD BAR looking for food to eat)

Hotdog: veggies, veggies :) *looking through a salad bar*

Guy at salad bar: dude, why are ya here? meat sections over there

Hotdog: vegetarian, also, do ya make toast?

Guy at salad bar: ah, and no, no toast

Hotdog:;s okay I'll take the salad *walks off with his salad* *thoughts* WHY AM I EATING A FREAKING SALAD?????

(Meanwhile, the beam hits Wolfgang's house...)

Wolfgang: (suddenly stops playing his guitar and looks down at it) ... (eye twitches)...... RAAAH!! (he throws it against a nearby speaker then proceeds to trash his house, destroying anything musical he finds)

(Up on Hunter's mountain, it seems that the beam has also hit here...)

Hunter: (runs out of his cave screaming, trying to get his bracers off) GetitoffGetitoffGetitoffGetitoffGetitoff!!!!!

Dalton: (throws his new sketchbook at Hunter, followed by his pencils) SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

Hunter: (one of the pencils stab him in the leg) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHG!!!!!! (he falls over)

Dalton: (jumps on top of Hunter and starts beating on him) SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter: (eventually gets knocked out and goes limp)

Dalton: (hits him a few more times, then gets off) >:} That felt good...

[Back with the Random Rangers....]

Ryu: Like, this isn't normal for us! What's going on?

Albus: [Staring at Ryu's chest] Iunno.

Ryu: Like, my face is up here!

[Shanoa walks in, wearing an extremely revealing outfit. She glares at Albus.]

Shanoa: Eying some girl's chest again, I see?

Albus: [Glares at Shanoa] At least I ain't a slut.

Shanoa: You're just jealous because I can attract better men than you can attract women!

(Suddenly, Wolfgang bursts in, destroys the random ranger's TV then busts back out)

Kotuumath: Whoa...what was that?

Ryu: Like, he totally busted out TV!

Linebeck: [Still listening to his music]

(A red spark from outside shoots in and shorts out Linebeck's MP3)

Linebeck: ....... [takes off headphones] Aww, crap.

Rosa: [Sitting on Linebeck's shoulder like a parrot] Caw!

Linebeck: IKR?

Ryu: Like, what is going on with everyone lately???

(A chorus of screams are suddenly heard out on the street, mainly male. Vira runs out, wearing a cute, girly pink outfit.)

Vira: OMG you guys! Did you hear that?! It sounds like someone's hurt! D:

Linebeck: Meh.

Ryu: We should, like, go help them!

[So everyone goes outside (even Linebeck, because he has nothing better to do). Outside Dalton is running about, armed to the teeth with things he either stole from Hunter or threw together. He's currently setting people and buildings on fire with a make-shift Flame-thrower.]

Dalton: Burnburnburnburnburnburnburnburnburnburn!!!!

Ryu: Like, OMG! Dalton, what are you doing?! D:

Dalton: (glances over at her, then jumps once he realizes it was her talking, points the Flamethrower at her and takes up a defensive stance) >:{

Kotuu: [Gets in between Dalton and Ryu] Hey, whoa, let's be reasonable, man...

Dalton: (smirks) Do you really think I'd fry her? (pulls the trigger, revealing the device needed to be re-filled. He throws it to the side) What do you people want?

Kotuu: We just want to talk; why are you attacking everyone?

Dalton: Because it feels good! >:}

(back with Twister he somehow has an orange visor along with his normal mine hat and for some reason is playing some card game)

Twister: heheh you guys aren't worth the trouble >:) more money for me *takes some stacks of chips* *thoughts* my goodness first the girl now me playing no limit Texas hold em? this is way outta my head, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON???????

  • in the skies with Endac*

Endac: O_O WTF *looking down on some buildings that are torched* hey there is Ryu and the others

  • he lands*

Endac: guys wtf is going on here who torched the buildings.........and are any of you guys acting out of whack as well?

(Meanwhile with Dronic)

Dronic: That was weird. I don't seem to be changed, but everybody else is. I have to split up *tries to split but can't* Ah Sh*t *runs off looking for anyone else unaffected*

(At the Chronohog base, the beam hits)

Isaiah: O_O AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *His fur turns dark red and his Angelic wings turn black as midnight* I'm... changing...losing...angelic...power...must...fight.....can't. AAAAAAAAH!!!!!

(Giant Light)

Isaiah: *Turned to a demon* Time for some fun. HAHAHAHAHA! *Dissappears*

(twister is now back home pacing around)

Twister: okay first the girl I saw this morning which somehow wasn't too bad, now the poker game, who else was hit by this beam? if hotdog did he'd be a vegetarian, if Murdock did he'd be not crazy, if meta was hit he'd be some guitar freak :/ okay lets leave that mental image out of my head...... WHAT IS GOING ON????? *sees all the stacks of money he won from the card game* then again...all this money could get me 25,000 dates in one week >:) or 1 date with 25,000 women...............yeah if I was gonna do that I need a giant bed.... *slaps himself* okay that I deserved....that or I could buy a mansion for them *slaps himself again* or I could buy 25,000 dinners for them....ok that's it *punches himself in the gut*

Murdock: *comes through the door* twister whats wrong? and why do ya have 25,000 dollars worth of poker money?

Twister; murdock ya hafta help me everything's gone topsy turvey in my life......

Murdock:' *now dressed like a butler again dusting and in his British accent* so have I I STARTED CLEANING AND DRESSED LIKE A BUTLER...AND I'M NOT HOWLING CRAZY D: THIS IS EVEN WORSE....

Twister: I KNOW D: I HOPE SOMEONE WOULD HELP US....but first we hafta cope with our personalities T^T that is not gonna be easy...........considering the huge fight with myself a few minutes ago....

(Outside, a dark shape enters the town. A dark wolf with red fur-streaks, carrying two katanas and wearing black, he walks simply through the town, towards the source of the commotion, all the while hiding his face)

Dronic: *see's Twister* Hey Twist are you screwed up too?

Twister: if you see my brother cleaning instead of firing at targets and my stacks of poker money then yes..... Besides......I just had weird thoughts about my usage of the money before ya do not wanna kn ow unless you want to knoow some of it

Dronic: I have one guess: You wanna spend it all at a strip club? Either that or trying to pick up girls.

Isaiah: *Appears in a dark Red Ball of energy* Heheh. Alright. Who wants to die first? *Evil Smile*

Dronic: O_O Ah Sh*t. Isaiah, don't do anything you might regret.

Twister: the way I'd take neither.....I'm just gonna keep it in the safe...... but I'll need at least 500 for 1 date........ in case I find someone......

Dronic: Oh okay. Isaiah don't try to attack me.

Isaiah: Alright then, Dronic goes first. *Lunges at Dronic*

Cutlass: *Jumps down and hits Isaiah on the back with the hilt of his cleaver, knocking him out* Down you go.

Twister: *zooms off with some of the poker money from the pile*

Murdock: uhhhh master dronic? where'd twister go?

Endac: *breaks through the roof on Pyro* alright Demon Hunter, lets Tango *pulls out the Drakos Soul Blade

Dronic: Endac don't attack Isaiah, he's not right in the head.

Endac: i'm not going too hurt him i'm just going too knock him around till he's unconscious

[Then, Toxic and Dismal happen to pass. The two are locked in a fierce brawl...and Dismal's winning???]

Dronic: *see's them* WHAT THE F*CK?!?

Dismal: I'm going to break your f***ing neck, rip out your spine and shove it down your throat!! [strangling Toxic with his flexo arm]

Murdock: *watching the fight* if only relax-o-vision was real but I like this, GO DISMAL GO :D

Part 3

(The wolf races towards the fight, a pair of swords starting to arc from a hidden pair of sheaths)

Toxic: *choked voice* Dismutt, WTF is wrong with you...?!

Dismal: [Stretches his right arm enough so he can punch Toxic in the face] Payback for all the s*** you've put me through, you son of a b****!! [punches Toxic again]

(Suddenly, both Dismal and Toxic get blasted apart by a lightning bolt from nowhere!)

[SFX: *boom*]

[Ryu hears the explosion]

Ryu: Like, what was that?!

Dalton: My cue! (he pulls out a bottle of vodka, lights it on fire, then runs off)

Dronic: *screams from where the explosion was from* WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON HERE?!?

(The wolf growls, the remaining sparks leaping from his sword like fireworks. He turns, and starts to walk off, ignoring Dronic)

[The Random Rangers run towards the scene.]

Dronic: *growls* ENOUGH FIGHTING *draws his sword, Cataclysm and blasts a huge beam of bright energy into the sky*

(The wolf starts to laugh, as he re-sheaths his sword)

???: I do not fear your fireworks.

Dronic: *growls* I'm know the four best battle skills. I could kill you with a strategic War strategy before you even blink....................but I won't.

Ryu: [Sees the wolf] Is that...?!

[Dalton runs past, followed closely by Fortuna]

Dalton: Sh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

(The wolf continues to laugh as he whips his cloak off, revealing a tall and heavily muscled body)

???: I doubt it. I am the swordsmaster, the blacksmith who's swords are known as some of the best throughout the multiverse! I am Flare! Only a fool uses a display of power to the sky to stop a fight. The true way to break a fight... (Flare smirks as his stance shifts) is to enter it yourself! The lightning was the barest edge of my powers! Just stay out of my way. (The wolf seems to shimmer with heat, before he walks over to his cloak and simply slides it over his shoulders, as he turns and walks away, covering his face once more)

Ryu: FLARE!! [runs after him] Like, wait up!!

(Flare looked over his shoulder and saw Ryu, but didn't stop. Instead, he pulled out an Ultra Ball.)

Flare: Let's ride, Volt! (Out of the Ultra Ball leapt a Zapdos, which allowed him onto it's back before flying off)

Dronic: *growls as a glyph glows brightly on his chest, and thrusts his sword forward* Cataclysm, Glyph Break. *draws a Glyph in the air and turns it into raw energy* My name is Dronic the Hedgewolf, and I challenge you to a duel.

Ryu: Flare! Come back!

(Flare freezes, and turns to face Dronic. As he did so, his cloak slid from his shoulders and a grin appeared)

Flare: Challenge accepted! (His wings suddenly formed on his back, and he patted Volt on the head, whispering to it, before leaping from it's back and racing towards Dronic, swords out and ready)

Dronic: *races at him, Cleaver ready to strike*


(Flare ignores her and backflips in midair. With practiced ease, he simply catches Dronic's sword within his dual blades. Ryu tries to intercept, but she is easily held back by Kotuumath.)

Kotuu: Don't'll only get hurt...

Ryu: B-But, that's, like, my boyfriend in that fight!

Flare: You challenged me, so make it one! (Flare's grin was darker than ever as he disengaged his swords from Dronic) Your move.

Dronic: *flips and kicks him in the back, knocking his sword out of his hand* Not too hard, I hope your just warming up.

Ryu: S-Stop!! Stop hurting my boyfriend!!

(Flare rolls with the kick and simply grabs the dropped sword in his left hand, his right hand never wavering from it's blade)

Flare: Please, I do more than attack blindly. (Flare remained low to the ground, launching himself vertical with pure strength as he pointed his right sword at Dronic) Taste the flame! (A blast of blood-red flame leapt from the sword, directly at Dronic)

Dronic: Glyph Shield *blocks his fire with a glyph of light* Ryu, he's not himself right now...............and to be frank neither are you.

Ryu: SHUT UP!! I DON'T, LIKE, EVEN F***ING KNOW YOU!! Iwillkillyouplz

Flare: Her voice...never used to annoy me so much, but no matter. Focus on the fight! HA! (Flare threw the sword from his right hand out in a spin towards Dronic)

(Gale, Alex, Charger, and Justin's Spirits appears next to Dronic)

All Five: RYU, IT'S US. NOW SHUT UP, WE WON'T KILL HIM, JUST KNOCK HIM OUT. *Dronic grabs the sword and his eyes go white as he begins to glow yellow*


Kotuu: [Pulls Ryu away] I apologize, she's just upset...

Other Four: The four Rune Emeralds. They're infusing him with more power.

Dronic: This is useless. *stops glowing and lowers his sword* If I fight, the world will rip itself apart at the seams.

Flare:' You surrender? (Flare smiles and leaps, managing to land on Volt's back) My work here is done. (The sword suddenly frees itself from Dronic's grip and flies straight to Flare's hand as he pats Volt) Let's fly. (The powerful Zapdos screeches, before flying off, taking Flare with it)

(Dronic's voice echos through Flare's mind)

Dronic: I didn't surrender, I postponed. Till this whole mess is found out.

Flare: Bring it on. I'm always ready.

(back with Ryu)

Dronic: *looks at Ryu* My name is Dronic the Hedgewolf. Quadform of Gale the Hedgehog, Cousin of Shadow the Hedgehog. Alexander the Hedgecat. Charger the Hedgechilla. And Justin the Runehog.

Ryu: [Crosses arms] Okay...

Dronic: I am also one of the only people who didn't change from the laser.

Ryu: What? A laser?

Dronic: Yeah the laser that shot down here just earlier which caused all this nonsense.

Ryu: Ohh.

Dronic: Yeah, and I need any help I can to stop this nonsense by destroying that laser cannon.

Ryu: Like, we'll totally help! :D

Linebeck: *shrugs* Meh, okay.

Kotuu: *nods*

Vira: Yay!

Dronic: Uh............Your responses are very out of character but thanks. Lets go *runs off*

[So the OOC'ed Random Rangers follow Dronic.]

(Meanwhile with Johnny...)

Johnny: [headbanging (not completely aware of the changes of his personality)] WOOOOO!!!! THE WORLD NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THE TRUE MEANING OF MUSIC!!! [turns the volume from the music really high; runs off, laughs crazily] WHOOO!!!

(A white blur runs past and fries his MP3. Johnny does not notice it and continues running)

(back with twister walking around with his $500)

Twister: where is someone worth having a date with???? meh if I find the right one I';ll use this...but unsure how long it'll take though -_-' I wonder if ryu has any single friends or people who just broke up that are foxes, that'll work *gets his cell phone and attempts to call ryu*

(Back with Johnny, he has rented a truck before speeding off to find the others, only to end up getting himself lost, though he doesn't know it)

Johnny: [whooping as the drives around the truck wildly while not being able to search for the others] Woots!! AWESOME! [cranks up the music (though with windows off; thinking] Boy, the others aren't there with me! Ah well, more for me, then!

(back with Murdock trying to clean twister's place due to dust)

Murdock:dusting dusting oh how I love dusting :3 *dusting stuff*

(Dronic runs up with the Random Rangers)

Dronic: Murdock, Twister, If any of you want to return to normal, come with me. We need to get all the heroes up to that laser cannon in space so we can return Mobius to normal.

(Twist:twister is looking for his date remember?)

(Meanwhile, Flare sat cross-legged on the back of Volt, his Zapdos, just thinking)

Endac: *now on his Dragon Pyro* what are we gonna do

Pyro:..........go after the dude who did this

Endac: *sits up* great idea lets go it came from the East if i remember

Pyro: on it *flies off into the east*

(Meanwhile, back with the OOC'd Random Rangers and Dronic... A mysterious figure in an armless cloak is watching them...)

???: *gruff voice* Who are you?

(The figure turns to the owner of the voice)

  • he sees a Wolf with Dragon Wings, carrying a Bow in one hand with a Quiver of Arrows and a Flaming Axe over his back, and a Sword sheath on his Belt with a Hilted Sword*

???: *angry face* you don't look like the Ideal Hero

(The figure takes off his hood, revealing a teenage male hedgehog, with two swords, one made apparently of dragon bones, and one made of treasure, strapped to his back, wearing long pants, boots, and no shirt beneath his coat. He also has some sort of birthmark, shaped like a dragon's head, on his cheek.)

??? (Hedgehog): It's amazing how misleading appearances can be...

Kyro:......hmph my name's look alot like a Friend of mine.......Dragonbane had the same exact Birthmark.......hmm.......but on his Chest and it was a full Dragon

???: My name isn't important right now. What is important is the mysterious beam which is altering people's personalities. It's affecting my friends, and I can't let that happen.

Kyro: it is Affecting my Friends as well *a Dragon flies over* and his, so it seems we have a Comon Goal, where do we start

(with twister officially sitting down)

Twister: yeah it;s official...can't find a girl worth dating...if 1 girl was to pass by RIGHT NOW and make me wanna have a date have it walk RIGHT in from of me.....

(Meanwhile, Flare was flying on Volt's back. He frowned as he suddenly realized something)

Flare: Of course! That beam, it hit all of us. All of the Elementals. I...I deserted them! No, I can't go back now, but if I find the guy with the beam, maybe I can figure out an antidote. Alone. That is, alone aside for my team, right Volt?

Volt: Kyah!

(Meanwhile with Johnny's Pokémon...)

Scratchy: (Uh dude, where are we?)

Electro-Q: (Don't ask, don't tell. >>)

Scratchy: (Pfft)

Part 4

[Ryu answers her cell phone.]

Ryu: Hello?

Twister: hey ryu...

Ryu: Oh, like, hi Twister.

Twister: o_o' okay...I was wondering if ya had any friends that are foxes I could date...don't ask....I got hit by some odd beam like you possibly did...... anyways if ya have a fox thats a girl you know put her on the line...

Ryu: Oh sure! [to Shanoa] Shanoa! Like, phone for you!

[Shanoa takes the cellphone.]

Shanoa: Hello?

Twister: free tonight? because I wanna take you on a date ^^

Shanoa: Ohh, really?~

Twister: yeah ^^

Shanoa: Well where do you plan on taking me?~

Twister: wherever you'd like to go is fine by me ^^

(Twist:I had no idea where to choose XD)

Shanoa: How about we go out to eat?~

Twister: sounds good to me... ^^ I'll meet ya at 4 pm unless it doesn;t matter what time for you ;)

Shanoa: 4 is fine for me~

Twister: good ^^ see ya tonight...bye *ends the call* YES :D I GOT A DATE :D but I don;t want her angry at me :/ should I just be myself? *zooms off home* well what time is it.... *sees the clock* good, I got 1 hour to get ready..... man I am so happy...I bet every other guy is gonna be *gets hit in the gut* thanks Murdock

Murdock: Not a problem. *returns to dusting and gets his accent again* Dusting is easier don't you believe?


Twister: *currently waiting for his date* I'm nervous...say something to make me calm murdock

Murdock: *British accent* British troops e trained not to move, but the soldier says "no we're not, thats just our women)

Twister: o_o' you think THAT calms me down....well it does, but I doubt the girl I'm with would appreciate that joke :/ but still thanks :)

Murdock: no problem master twister (still british)

Twister: jee nice butler accent, I hope the girl doesn;t hit on you for being british

Murdock: just doing my good old job silly old bean

Twister: okay now ya sound like a monty python sketch dude, DO SPAM VIKINGS :D

Murdock: *starts saying spam alot and twister laughs uncontrollably*

Twister: well I'm gonna wait outside for her :) *walks outside wearing a jacket smiling shyly* But I gotta get flowers..... T^T she'd kill me if I don't get flowers D= *panics frantically then sees a few flowers* good *picks the flowers and makes a bouquet* there we go ^^ hey mursdock...if I do fall in love...keep me from going too crazy okay

Murdock (thumbs up)

Twister: yeah I kinda get the idea... now leave me alone, I forgot if she meets me or I meet her.... :/

[Then, Shanoa arrives.]

Twister: *thoughts* more beautiful than I imagined! *outloud* hello..... *waves shyly, blushing deep*

Shanoa: Well hello there~

Twister: it is VERY nice to meet you miss....

Shanoa: It's nice to meet you too~

Twister: so anyways, shall we go ma'am? *thoughts* total...shoe-in! :D

Shanoa: Of course~

Twister: okay ^^

Shanoa: Where shall we go to eat?~

Twister: Not sure, any specifics?????

Shanoa: Hmmmm...

Twister: *trying to think of a good idea* *thoughts* I really should of asked on a dinner note from murdock :/ maybe she has a good idea..... *he is staring at her chest*

Shanoa: You like what you see?~

Twister: *blushing a bit still staring* yes............ your not mad aren't you? *nervous still staring at her chest*

Shanoa: I don't mind at all~

Twister: good..... *blushing a bit more* and I'm still thinking about the dinner idea, staring kinda helps me think *still staring at her chest*

Shanoa: Hmhmhm~

Twister: *still thinking* I think I have an idea.....

(with hotdog currently bvack in his room eating more veggies)

Hotdog: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME????? *sees the toaster is done* yay! toast :3 *eats the toast with his vegetables* I'm serious the toast I get BUT VEGGIES, THIS IS...WRONG D: I hope twister wasn't hit, or else he'd be crazy too!!!!!! oh no! I GOTTA CALL RYU D= *quickly dials ryu's cell phone number* COME ON PICK UP D: PLEASE PICK UP!

[Ryu picks up the phone.]

Ryu: Hello?


Ryu: Well, broccoli is, like, good for you.

Hotdog: I know I like's, I AIN'T HAVING ANY PROTEIN!! I REFUSE TO EAT IT D: is twister nuts too????? I wanna know before he loses his mind with...whatever he has... :/ but still, it;s abnormal to have toast all of a sudden..... BUT STILL WHO ELSE GOT HIT??? and I can tell by your voice you were too....were boys staring at you for that or not????? *takes a bite from his toast*

Ryu: You need to eat protein too, Hotdog. And I think, like, all of us got hit...

Hotdog: I know...but atleast I'm eating more grain too, TOAAAAST! I coul;d just SING about toast....and other KINDS of toast today :/ if albus was hit what did he do that was crazy.....and is twister alright? incase he called you :/ did he??? if so, what did he say????

Ryu: Oh, Twister's, like, on a date with Shanoa.


Ryu: Weird thing is, Albus doesn't even, like, care. He hates Shanoa now because of that beam...and Shanoa got turned into, like, a slut.

Hotdog: wow, and she's with twister right now???

Ryu: Totally.

Hotdog: whoa.....should we stop 'em?????

Ryu: Nah...

Hotdog: why not????? despite age difference....for people out-of-whack, they seem good...

Ryu: *shrug* Iunno.

Hotdog: mind if I come over for a bit???? so we can think the matters over....

Ryu: Like, sure. ^^

Hotdog: good.....and well.....hide from albus in case he likes other women in his out-of-whack state :/

Ryu: Oh, Albus knows better than to, like, go after me. [glares at Albus]

Albus: ._."

Hotdog: good, be there in a couple minutes *hangs up* to get myself some toast for the road.... and my yeah toast cd *gets a cd and some bread with a portable toaster*

(back with twister and shanoa, their date is almost over, and they are out in the park)

Twister: that was a great date shanoa....

Shanoa: I know~

Twister: if only this was like...every day of our lives, it would be lovely.....sadly for that matter....I don't wanna be separated fro you *staring at her chest blushing a bit*

Shanoa: Ohh, I know...~

Twister: can we at least kiss this once before we go our seperate ways????

Shanoa: Of course~

Twister: thanks *shyly kisses shanoa*

Shanoa: [Blushes and kisses him back]

Twister: *blushes* that felt...good..... :) I'll miss you shanoa *staring at her chest again*

Shanoa: I'll miss you too, Twister~

Twister: We should get back to your would be nice to help you :) *blushes again*

Shanoa: Why thank you~

Twister: my pleasure ^^

(with hotdog now at ryu's place)

Hotdog: *outside the door* ryu??? is the door open??? my hands are full of toast :P

Ryu: Hang on, I'm coming.

Hotdog: okay :P

Ryu: [Opens the door] Like, hi, Hotdog. ^^

Hotdog: hey whats up.... *comes inside* so anyways, what did I miss on this problem...other than me becoming a meat hater XD and and albus...not caring for shanoa..... :/ lets just try to talk over life and this beam and have some good ol toast :) *gets a call* yeah? oh 0_0' well okay *hangs up* that was twister, he's taking shanoa back here....and incase he sees me here, he's staying to discuss.....the beam stuff :/

Ryu: Ohh...

Hotdog: and also....his date was perfectly fine :/ so he won't be hurt when he gets here :P toast? *holds a piece of toast to ryu* in case your hungry :)

Ryu: Thanks! ^^

Hotdog: no prob :)

(knock is heard on the door)

Ryu: I'll get it. [gets up, walks over to the door and opens it]

Twister: hey ^^

Gold: (walks in) Whats u- (Gets affected) I wanna get out of this joint and who's that ugly fox? (Points to twister)

Ryu: .....uhh....

Hotdog: :/ how did she follow him? and twister is not ugly....he's very nice :P

Twister: especially to shanoa *blushes and stares to shanoa* heheh ^^;

Hotdog: :/ ya know, ths is sorta getting easier as we speak...lets hope we dont see a second wave......I do't wanna see effects of THAT especially if it...turns me into a hippee T^T

(Twist:when he finds a girl he deems beautiful he sticks to that girl like superglue :P)
(Ryu-....doesn't really sound like a womanizer...)
(Twist: :/ yeah I don't try hard to show womanizer traits in charries, if he is surrounded by attractive women it'd work)

[Meanwhile, Flare and Volt had arrived in Central City, where the wolf began to hunt for evidence of the cause of the beam]

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