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Talking Under Construction
"We're ready to go! Any time!."
—Cream the Rabbit

The roleplay, Olympic Sports Mix, by Pumpituppartyzone, is not being worked on for whatever reason. Until and if people continue to edit it again, it will be unfinished.

People from everywhere are coming together for one pretty fun event: The Olympics. But not really. In this version, everybody can compete, whether they're pros or not. Plus, they have to do every event required. It's much harder than it sounds! So you think you can win? Come on over and test your skills!


  1. Keep PG as possible.
  2. Try not to get into physical fighting unless the character's getting on your last irk.
  3. Lucky you; humans are allowed in this roleplay!
  4. Teams of 4. You don't have to have all the people you made on one team.
  5. No goddmodding.
  6. Uh... what else? Have fun, I guess. Oh yeah. I can pause and play the roleplay, but none o' y'all can.
  7. NO Cheating



Cliff McMuffin

Kaiko the Dog

Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Bluebrow the Velociraptor

Apallo The Hedgehog

Lunas The Hedgehog

Silver The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Pika the Parasuar(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Rapid the Hedgehog ((RTH and Sonicfan919)

Jared the unknown (Frozen Scorpio)

Isaiah The Red Wolf (ITH)

Adrenaline The Hedgehuman (ITH)

Kyros the Hedgehog (RTH)

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Ghost The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Kimmiko The Seedrian (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Vector the Crocodile

Roy the fox (Apallo The Hedgehog)


Maxie Flippercorn

Twila Mouse

Whitetip the Velociraptor

Vitani the lioness

Diana The Hedgehog

Violet The Hedgehog

Kake the Unknown(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Blaze the Cat

Cream the Rabbit

Juliana Meritz


-Frozen Blaze - 1st (18 points)

  • Blaze
  • Cream
  • Jesse
  • Jared

-The Pirates - 7th (5 points)

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Twila
  • Jack

-Team Solar - 2nd (15 points)

  • Apallo
  • Lunas
  • Silver
  • Ghost

Team Female - 3rd (13 points)

  • Diana
  • Violet
  • Patricia
  • Kimmiko

-The Frendlies - 5th (8 points)

  • Maxie
  • Kaiko
  • Cliff
  • Kake

-Outlaw Immortalz - 6th (7 points)

  • Adrenaline
  • Isaiah
  • Shred
  • Bumblebee

-Dinosaur Passes - 4th (10 points)

  • Kyros
  • Rapid
  • Pika
  • Juliana


Sadie the Dog

Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Part 1 - The Teams Show Up

Maxie: This is so cool! We get to do our own little version of the olympics!

Kaiko: I can't wait for this to start! I hope more people show up.

Apallo: Hi is this where the Olympics are being held my Sis and Bro and Wife also wanna join

Twila: Ya! The sign thing says anybody can join! C'mon in, mates!

Dragon Darkstorm:(Lands with Vitani, Whitetip and Blue Brow)

Cliff: Wow! Looks like you got yourself a team! It's like you all came from nowhere!

Maxie: They're just ninjas, Cliff.

Twila: Real ninjas? Crikey! Do you have ninja stars?

Kaiko: *face palm*

Darkstorm: (Turns to his humanoid form)

Rapid enters. He has a cast on his left arm. "Hey! What's up everyone!"

Maxie: Hi, Rapid! Why do you have a cast?

Pika:*Runs in*Wait!

Kake:*On Pika's back*

Lunas: Hello fellow athlets

"I'll tell you if you promise not to tell Desiree." Rapid said.

Maxie: 'Course!

Twila: What is it?

Jared: (walks in) 'Ello, fellow competitors.

Kaiko: Heya.

Cliff: Hi.

Twila: SHHHH!

Rapid took a deep breath. "I was riding my skateboard. And I wanted to try to do a Laser Flip 360 Backflip Twist, and I was going to do it by jumping off a 10 foot house into a pool. So I jumped off and landed on my left arm and broke it. I also broke a rib. It doesn't hurt that much though."

Jared: Sounds interesting.M

Maxie: ...Into a pool?

Twila: Ya! You gotta do it offa a tree into a daisy garden! It gives the perfect landing! I've done it tons!

Darkstorm:(Holding on laughing)

Blue Brow: Epic Fail Rapid

Pika:Leave him alone.

Apallo: hey hey hey what's going on here!

Lunas: Cool it guys

Twila: Rapid's just talkin' 'bout how he broke his arm.

Isaiah: Oh god. Apallo, the so-called demigod. *tsk*

Rapid's face lit up with excitement. "Cool! I'll use my parkour to do even more stuff!"

Lunas: Hey Apallo and i want to be in an all boys team and Diana and Violet will be in an all girls team

Twila: What the horseraddish is a parkour?

Rapid laughed. "Parkour is a type of excersize. It's like this." Rapid then ran up a wall and backflipped off of it.

Kaiko: That was like the matrix!

Jared: Parkour is abbreviated as PK.

A voice called out. "No! This is matrix!" The hedgehog that spoke threw a rock at Rapid. Rapid jumped out the way. "What the heck Kyros!"

Maxie: Kyros? He's here too!

Kyros smiled. "Yup. I'm here to test myself. Oh! Hey Apallo!"

Apallo: Diana did he follow you here

Diana: I dont know but im glad he's here

Maxie: I think he followed Rapid. :P

Diana: Hugs for mi hubby!

Sadie: *hiding behind Diana*: You have a hubby now?

Diana: yep Kyros is my hubby. *snuggles Kyros*

Sadie: That's so sweet! Gross, but sweet!~

Kyros blinked twice. "Hubby?"

Kaiko: So you're not married?

Jared: Neither am I.

Twila: No kidding!

Cliff: No need to be rude, Twila.

Twila: Well!

Jared: It seems nobody loves me. (sighs)

Twila: Look who's catchin' on!

Kaiko: Twila! Jared, even if that's true...

Twila: Ha!

Kaiko: Don't go and get us depressed. :P

Jesse walks in and sits down next to Rapid. "Hey, people."

Kyros smiled. "We're not married. Until now!" Kyros went up to Diana and got on his knees. "Diana, will you marry me?"

Jack: Hello

Patricia: Hi there


Rapid stood there speechless.

Maxie: She's obviously stunned. So, Rapid, how are things-

Twila: -with you and that French marine lady?

Maxie: Twila, she's not a French Marine! How are things with you and Desiree?

Rapid looked a little ashamed of himself. "Well, I haven't really had any contact with her. I forgot to ask for her number..." Rapid sighed.

Twila: Wow! What a dag!

Kaiko: How could you forget that? XD

Rapid sighed. "I didn't want to sound like a jerk. I'm too shy also."

"Tutorial for picking up girls: just say and do what comes natural," Jesse says. "They should like you for who you are."

Jared: I've tried that already. I failed miserably.

"Maybe you haven't met the right person yet?"

Jared: Maybe you're right.

Maxie: Lucky you, Rapid. I have her on speed dial. Here's her number. *shows Rapid her phone*

Rapid smiled and copied the number and put it in his phone. He called Desiree.

-On the Phone-

Desiree: Hello? I promise you, if you're another telemarketer....

Jared: Looks like I'll have to find someone else who likes roses.

Rapid laughed. "No! It's me! Rapid! I just wanted to call and see how things are going. But, I was wondering, do you want to go to the movies with me next week?"

Desiree: Hmm... depends what the date would be.

Rapid sighed. "Well, any day you want. But I understand if you don't want to."

Desiree: No, no! Of course I want to! I just have a pretty full schedule next week. How about next Thursday?

Jared: Anyone want to buy roses?

Kaiko: Why are you selling roses?

Jared: I sell anything I can. I NEED MONEY!

Kaiko: You should sell stuff people want. Like watches... or... stuff like that.

"I'm sure a certain someone might want what you're selling," he says, motioning toward Kyros.

Kaiko: Kyros wants to buy roses? What? For Diana?

"Well, I would certainly hope so."

Kyros nodded.

Rapid smlied. "Sound like a plan."

Jared: Cool. Maybe I should do what you said, selling stuff people want.

"Start by selling Kyros flowers. Right now," Jesse says.

Jared: Okay. (Walks up to Kyros) Would you like to buy some flowers?

Diana: Does this give you mi answer *kisses Kyros*

Kyros put the ring on Diana's finger and kissed her back. He gave Jared 5 bucks while kissing Diana.

Twila: Aww, gross! This is supposed to be an Olympic Stadium! Not a hotel room!

"It's a proposal. It's supposed to be memorable," Jesse says angrily to Twila.

Twila: They'll remember this!

Kaiko: Yeah. They'll remember you ruining this moment.

Twila: You ruined it too!

Jared: When will the games start?

Maxie: I don't know. Maybe we need more people. And then there's the teams thing....

Cliff: I think we do the teams once everybody's here... but isn't this everybody?

Kaiko: Whoever's running it must be waiting for somebody.

Kyros looked around. "I wonder who...Maybe like that idiot Sonic..."

Maxie: Wow! Everybody's been hating on Sonic lately! Even my little brother.

Sonic: *shows up* I heard my name twice!

Jared: *Thinking, "Maybe this persons waiting for Blaze. I hope she shows up like sonic did."*

Blaze: I heard an olympic competition was being held here.

Cream: It sounds like fun!

Tails: Yeah! We're not late, are we?

Maxie: Not to my knowledge.

Jared: Yay! More people showed up.

(The Dome fades to black)

Tails: Looks like we showed up right on time!

Twila: What the heck is this?

"Obviously, the opening ceremony. There's always one at the Olympics," Jesse says.

Jared: Finally, it's starting.

(On the Mic)

Announcer Dude: We're gonna skip the opening ceremony because all of our preformers are lazy sacks. So, when you guys form your teams, we'll start the team opening thingy.

(In the Background on the Mic: Harry! Can't you just use the actual terms?)

Announcer: Sara! I didn't turn the mic off yet!

Sara: Good! They need to here this! -into the mic- Everybody, my husband Harry is an idiotic-

(The mic turns off)

Blaze: That was odd.

"Hey Rapid, are you on a team?" Jesse asks.

Jared: Who wants me on their team?

(Krinkinko,The Elder, and Droget entered the area with with determined faces except for the Elder who had a calm face)

"Alright, Jared, I'm with you then. Rapid, you should come over here..." Jesse comments.

Twila: Nooo! Rapid, you sould be on my team!

Krinkinko:(Smiles at Rapid)Hey bro!You should come on our team.

Jared: Who are they?

Maxie: Meh, just people.

Cliff: Maxie, it's like you know everybody!

Maxie: I try. :3

Jared: I'm not good at remembering names sometimes.

Rapid looked at Krinkinko. "I gotta join my bro's team. Bros before-"

Kyros interrupted and yelled, "PIE!"

Twila: PIE?! WHERE??

Kaiko: *face palms* Twila's not gonna be on my team.

Maxie: Cliff and Kaiko, you're on my team. But we need another.

Krinkinko:C'mon bro. We'll leave these other losers in the dust!

Jared: What about you, Blaze?

Blaze: I'm not quite sure. Maybe I'll just be on whatever team is available.

Cream: Blaze is gonna be on my team for sure!

Jared: Oh.

Blaze: Do you want to be on a team with us?

Jared: Uh.. sorry, I'm already on a team.

"Of two people. Which means we can go over there," Jesse comments.

Jared: Oh, ok then.

Cream: So are you joining us?

Jared: Yeah, it seems so.

Cream: Yay!

Twila: Sonic, Tails, I've decided to join your team.

Sonic: But you didn't even...

Twila: Too late! We're teammates!

Tails: Uh oh.

Sonic: Oh well. We still need another person on our team. Anybody interested?

Jack: I guess so

Sonic: Cool! Looks like we have a team!

Tails: Are you sure Patricia is okay with being on a different team?

Patricia: Don't worry, I won't mind at all

Twila: Awesome! We'll be... the Pirates!

Tails: Sonic and I thought we could be...


Jack: Oh brother, you've been watching to many Pirate Movies

Twila: I haven't watched a pirate movie in months, mate!

"So then, what are we?" Jesse asks Jared, Cream, and Blaze.

Blaze: I'm not sure.

Cream: Ice Cream Cones? :D

"If this were an eating contest, I would definitely go for that," Jesse comments. "No, we need something else..."



Maxie: I don't mean to interrupt, but if you say "My mom", I'll punch you in the mouth.

Kaiko: Isn't that over-reacti-

Maxie: NO!

"Blazing Fire," Jesse suggests. "Heh, get it? 'Cause Blaze is on our team?"

Blaze: I like it. :3

Cream: Me too! It sounds tough!

Jared: It does. What about.. FROZEN-FIRE?

"Compromise, Frozen Blaze. Done. Next, please."

Jared: Okay, then.

Patricia: Hi Maxie, would you like to join me?

Maxie: The question is: Would you like to join my team? I got Kaiko and Cliff on my team right here.

Isaiah: I wasn't going to say my mom, but now you mentioned...


Maxie: Not so fast!!! *takes out a grenade and chucks it at Isaiah's head, then it blows up knives*


Isaiah: AGH!!! *dies*

(Read da rules....)


(LOL I didn't mean it that way :P But Isaiah doesn't have to die :O)


Adrenaline: Wow. Just Wow. You killed a 9-year-old. Hope you get locked up.

Maxie: I couldn't have really killed him. No way! Not possible!

Cliff: Maxie, he's not breathing.


Kake:*Heals Isaiah*

Maxie: THANX YOU SO MUCH! *hugs Kake*

Isaiah: ...

Maxie: Whoever you are, thank you for keeping me from going to Juvenille Hall!!

Tails: I hope Isaiah doesn't say that again.

Maxie: So... Patricia... hehe... still wanna be on our team?

Kake:I am the one who healed the Red Wolf,My name is Kake the Unkown.

Maxie: Nice to meet ya!

Kake: It is a Pleasure to meet you,too.

Maxie: Wanna join our team?


"Wow," Jesse says, jaw dropped, "that was really, really overexcessively violent."

Maxie: Well, I told him not to say it. *shrugs* :3

Kaiko: Now we have a full team!

Silver: HI GUYS!

Apallo & Lunas: SILVER BE ON OUR TEAM!

Silver: Ok......i will.......

Apallo: Yes! Yes! (M. Bison Style)

Cliff: Okay then...

"So where do we sign up our team?" Jesse asks.

Blaze: There's a white-board over there with the words "Teams" over it. I heard the first team to confirm gets an advantage!

Cream: I'll write our names! *writes team name and members on the board* Yay!

Patricia: I love to join your team Maxie

Maxie: Oooh... Sorry, Patricia. This girl named Kake, who saved me from going to juvie, just joined the team. But I'm sure Apallo and Lunas and Silver would want'cha on their team.

Patricia: Ok (To Apallo) Apallo, Lunas & Silver, can I join in your team?

Pika:I believe their team is full!

Kaiko: Really? Who's their 4th?

Patricia: Who is their 4th Team Member?

Pika:This guy named Ghost the Hedgehog.

Maxie: Seriously? I haven't seen him.

Twila: Anybody else think there are way too many hedgehogs around here? It's freaky!

Patricia: I need to join a team

pika:I need to join a team,too.

Sadie: You guys should form a team! Maybe later you could get Rapid and Kyros to join. They're gone for some reason.

Kimmiko: We need a fourth girl so we can form Team Female

Sadie:What I meant was... every girl for herself! One of you join so you have a team!

Patricia: Ok, I'll do it

Adrenaline: Who wants to be on my team...

Sadie: I'm sure Pika does.

Adrenaline: Wait, Team female? Sexist. Seriously.

Kaiko: Maybe they just wanted an all girl team. Not sure why, but hey - who knows what goes on in a girl's mind?

Maxie: *kicks Kaiko*

Adrenaline: Seriously, Maxie? You're agressive. Period. Jeez.

Maxie: What?

Kaiko: She can be much worse.

Maxie: Heyy!

Cliff: Uh... Kaiko! You should go sign us up!

Maxie: [pouting] I am not agressive.

Adrenaline: You killed a 9-year-old just for saying "my mom". You kicked a dude just for saying "Who knows what goes on in a girl's mind?". You are agressive.

Maxie: I didn't mean to kill him! It was supposed to explode cream filling! What toon carries around a knife grenade?!

Adrenaline: So you say.

Maxie: I'm not lying! *turns around*

Adrenaline: Whatever. Then what killed Isaiah? Wait- YOU IDIOT! Certian food mess up Isaiah's digestive track!

Maxie: *starts ccrying and runs out of the dome*

Twila: Wait... Isaiah is only 9?

Adrenaline: YES!

Jared: Conflict at the beginning. This is gonna' be fun.

Adrenaline: *looks At Jared* ...

Jared: What? Why are you looking at me?

Adrenaline: Never mind. *calls up shred and Bumblebee*

  • The two teleport there*

Shred: We're here.


Jared: Would you like to buy something?

Bumblebee: You're an idiot, we aren't from the future. No. We wouldn't. Where's Isaiah and Adrenaline?

Jared: (frowns, then walks off)

Twila: AM NOT! *rolls around on the floor*

Cliff: Uh... they're over there.

Shred: Who's the weirdo on the floor? *Him and Bumblebee go to Isaiah and Adrenaline*

Cliff: She's Twila. Sonic, Jack, and Tails are lucky enough to have her on their team.

Twila: HEYYY!

Adrenaline: Twila, you really need to go to school.

Twila: I DO go to school!

Cream: Don't bother! I already wrote it. See?

Adrenaline: *tsk* I bet special-ed.

Cliff: Whoa! That is really mean!

"Hey, Adrenaline, I don't quite think she is. Looks to me like you took all the stupid with you," Jesse comments.

Kimmiko: So what's our team name

Adrenaline: No I didn't, you don't know me, so why are you even talking to me?

Cliff: You don't know Twila and you were talking to her. What's your point?

Jesse whispers in Adrenaline's ear, "I don't want her worked up any more than she already is."

Twila: Hey! I heard that! I'm a mouse, ya know! Now I know why Maxie stormed off! *runs out of the dome*

Kaiko: Adrenaline - the guy with the power to repel any girl.

"Nice job." Jesse glares at Adrenaline, then walks back over to his team.

Shred: Guys, just quit it, we don't need any fighting. Jeez.

Kaiko: Fine. Fine. I'll go get those two bak inside. Adrenaline, don't kill them with your words. *runs out of the dorm*


Kimmiko: Uh Hello>

Jesse sits down next to Cream and whispers, "I'm glad I'm not on his team..."

Cream: Me too! You have to be really rude to make Maxie leave some place!

Blaze: Hey, guys. What are you talking about?

Shred: I heard both of you two.

Cream: Oh! Hello, there! Who are you...?

Jesse whispers to Blaze, "I said, 'I'm glad I'm not on his team', talking about Adrenaline. He sure doesn't know how to handle the ladies... no offense."

Shred: Dont cower, I can here you regardless. I'm Shred.

Cream: I'm Cream! It's nice to meet you!

Shred: Nice to meet you too.

Kaiko: I'm back! Twila and Maxie are both fine.

Twila: You're acting like people care!

Kaiko: Well, Maxie is.

kimmiko: Im Kimmiko, A Seedrian

Kaiko: Cool. You're the first seedrian I've met. I'm Kaiko. I'm a dog.

Shred: Just be lucky, Jesse... the dude will get POed.

Cream: Who? Adrenaline?

Shred: Yeah. He has a short temper.

"He ain't the only one," Jesse replies.

Cream: Who's the other?

"Me." Jesse looks over at Shred. "But I'm not one to go around and pick fights."

Shred: He wasn't. He lost it when Maxie killed Isaiah. You're lucky he doesn't hear any of this.

"Then I suppose that's three people that need handles on their tempers," Jesse says.

Maxie: He came back to life! And anyway, it was an accident! I told you!

Shred: That's not the point.

"Besides, where did you get a grenade?" Jesse inquires.

Maxie: The gag shop, of course! I guess somebody thought it would be funny to fill it with knives instead of cream filling.

Shred: Stuff like that poisons us.

Maxie: Cream filling poisouns you? Gee, I didn't know. Sorry 'bout that. *sweatdrop*

Shred: It messes up his digestive track.

Maxie: I had no idea. I mean, it doesn't mess up our digestive tracks. But I guess we were born immune. Sorry again! :P

Shred: It's okay. Just don't let it happen again.

Maxie: I won't! You think all the people her have teams?

Blaze: Rapid and Kyros still don't have a team.

Shred: Wait what? I never said anything about teams. -.-

Maxie: I know. But I just want to make sure. I wanna start the games!

Diana: Gurrrrrrrrrrrrr. *to who ever said something abbout Kyros*

Shred: Hm.

Announcer: Everybody got their teams besides Rapid and Kyros?

Diana: Oh Know Kyros wont be in a team :,(

Rapid and Kyros look at each other and simuntaniously yell, "I'M NOT TEAMIN' WITH YOU!!!!"

Jesse sighs. "Fine. Kyros, you can switch with me. See you three some other time, then."

Diana: Rapid be nice. Or else youll be living on the moon

Rapid rolled his eyes.

Kyros punched Rapid. "Don't roll your eyes at my wife!" Kyros said. He kicked Rapid in the side.

Rapid got up and punched Kyros. They got into a fight. They kept punching and kicking each other non-stop.

Juliana: Guys, stop fighting! Vector and I are on a team. Jesse and Rapid can join us!

Jesse steps in between them. "Guys! Stop!"

Juliana: Do they always fight like this?

Diana: Luna Upper Cut! *Uppercuts Rapid*

"Hey, there's really no need for this violence!" Jesse exclaims, trying to hold both Kyros and Diana away rom Rapid.

Rapd got up. He pushed Jesse out the way and punched Kyros.

Vector: Sweet! Fight!

Tails: Guys! It's against the rules to fight! You don't want to get kicked out, do you?

"Please stop fighting, guys!" Jesse exclaims.

Diana: Fine, but but, but. waaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaawaaaaaa!

Kaiko: Is she... crying?

Twila: Make it stop!

"Come on, nobody even touched you!" Jesse exclaims.

Apallo: No no it the effects of her going beserk. Hurry up tails

Tails: Hurry up with what?

"How do we make her not go berserk!" Jesse exclaims.

Apallo: She handed you a thingy to give people shots. INJECT HER!

Diana: Everrrrry Bodi is my Husband Wooooo *starts to turn red.

Kyros grabbed Rapid's broken armand kicked it. Rapid's cast fell of, revealing a limp arm. Rapid fell on the ground. Kyros kicked him in the face and knocked him out. He then walked to Diana. "What's wrong?"

"What shots!" Jesse exclaims as he starts backing up.

Announcer: Would Kyros please come to the orange door?

Kyros sighed and went to the orange door.

-in the door-

Announcer: Kyros, you know you're not supposed to knock people out, right?

Kyros sighed. "Yeah...I'm disqualified right?"

Announcer: No. Takes a lot to get disqualified. But... whatever team your on is gonna have a disadvantage.

Kyros sighed again. "The problem is, I don't have a team..."

-back in the dome-

Jesse steps over to Blaze. "Bet you guys want me back now, don't you?"

Blaze: A little.

Cream: You left our team? :O Why would you do that?

"Well, since it's not written on the board yet..." Jesse has a seat next to Cream. "I guess it doesn't count, does it?"

Cream: Well, I guess not. It looks like the Kyros is coming out of the door, now.

Kyros came out the room. He looked around hoping to join a team. "I need a team..."

"Sorry, we're fresh out over here," Jesse says, glancing at Blaze, Cream, and Jared.

Vector: J and I still need two more members.

Diana: *injects herself*! All of you are lazy

"Hey, I'm not lazy, I just didn't have any meds, jeez!" Jesse exclaims.

(Oh, the rules. You know, you should read'em.)

(Me? All The Way!Negascott win-1- 03:32, August 12, 2011 (UTC))

Diana: well im back to normal

(Whoever is playing Diana, you can't cuss in this roleplay)

(Heh heh! :D All The Way!Negascott win-1- 05:10, August 12, 2011 (UTC))

Kyros hugged Diana. "I'm glad you are."

Diana: Ok now go to your team before u get in troub;e

Patricia: I think it's time to warm up

Jared: When will this start? I'm getting bored.

Jack: I don't know

Patricia: I need 2 more, I have Pika. Krinkinko, Rapid, would you like to join my team?

Maxie: Patricia, Kink isn't here. Besides; aren't you on Team Female?

Patricia: Oh yeah, sorry.

Maxie: Oh, it's okay. You probably forgot because it's not on the white-board yet. You should go write it.

Patricia: Ok (writes her Team Name "Team Female" on the White Board) There

Maxie: And the members.

Patricia: Ok (writes Diana's, Violet's, Kimmiko's & her Name under her Team's Name "Team Female") Done & Done

"Right, so when do we start doing events?" Jesse asks.

Shred: Wow. I was just about to ask that. You stole my idea. *chuckles*

(The lights go out again)

Twila: What is this? a black out?

Juliana: It's starting! How exciting! I've never even been to the Olympics!

Announcer: Welcome one and all to the Olympic Sports Challenge! Because all teams are set and ready... let's start the games! Who is excited?

Pika:I didn't get on a Team.

(record scratch sound)

Announcer: Right... well, find some people. Maybe you can be on the only 5 person team.

Vector: Or I can leave. Espio needs me. Gotta go! *runs out*

Juliana: Okay, Pika. You can join us!


Juliana: So what should our team name be? Kyros, have any ideas?

Kyros thought for a bit. "Well, does anyone have special abilities? I have telekinesis."

Juliana: I don't have any very speial abilites. I'm really just a plain old human. I don't know about Pika or... wait... we have Rapid in our group, right?

Pika:Well,I'm a Dinosaur!

Jack: This is gonna be fun

Juliana: We should be called the Dinosaur Passes! What do you guys think of that?


Kyros smiled and nodded. "Sounds like a good name!"

Patricia: And may the best Team win

(The room fades to black)

Announcer: Welcome one and all to the Olympic Sports Challenge! Because all teams are set and ready... let's start the games! Who is excited?

Adrenaline: Yeah...

Announcer: The first event takes place outside on the track. It's the 110 meter hurdles! Pick a player and get out to the field!

First Event: 110 Meter Hurdles

Jack: Ok, who's going to run in this event?

Tails: Sonic, of course!

Sonic: I'm the fastest thing alive! I'll win no prob!

Isaiah: You don't say.

Cream: That doesn't seem very fair.

"So who's the fastest person on our team?" Jesse asks.

Isaiah: On the contray, Sonic, you have to go slower than you usually run!

Sonic: How come?

Cream: I think it's me.

Blaze: Well, I think it's me.

Isaiah: Never mind.

Sonic: Okay. I'll gonna blow you all away!

Maxie: Kake, can you run?

Shred: Don't get so cocky, Sonic.

Sonic: Why shouldn't I? I'll win this no sweat. It's just 110 meters.

Shred: Because, you don't know the outcome.

Sonic: Fastest. Thing. Alive.

Cream: You know, Sonic, bragging can jinx you. What if something happens?

Shred: Exactly. Obviously you dont know what comes around goes around.

Sonic: Meh. I'm confident that I'll win. Easy peasy.

Blaze: Cream, You're gonna run. Show Sonic that he can't beat people just from speed.

Cream: Yes, Ma'am!

Shred: *sighs* So help me God, Sonic...

Maxie: Shred. Let it go. He'll learn his lesson.

Shred: Agreed.

Juliana: Rapid. You an run, right?

Shred: I'm the fastest on my team...

Patricia: I wonder who's going in for Team Female?

Shred: First, let me power up... *a red aura floats around him achieving his full speed, 732 mph* I can go faster than a Bugatti Veryon, dont you forget that!

Kaiko: Great. Now two of our competitors an run over 100mph.

Shred: No, the Bugatti is faster.

Kaiko: What... and who... is a Bugatti?

Jared: I wonder if there'll be a swimming race?

Shred: Dont worry about it.

"Cream, the hurdles run is about three things," Jesse says. "First, timing. You make a bad jump you're gonna be floppin' on the ground. Not a good way to start. Second, speed. Obvious in a race. Third, confidence. That's the one that's most important. Sonic is way too cocky for his own good. We have confidence in you, and you have to have confidence in yourself." He pats her on the back. "You'll do great."

Cream: Thanks, Jesse! I'll do my best!

Shred: *walks up to the track*

"And another thing," Jesse says to Cream. "Shred and Sonic may have speed, but I can say for sure Sonic needs to work on his timing...and attitude. I can't speak for Shred because I didn't meet him 'til just now, but he seems pretty cocky too. Now go get 'em!"

Shred: First of all, Jesse, you're talking behind our backs. And you don't know much like me, like you said. Finally, I never thought I'd win this, but I have the hope I can.

"Hey, I'm just trying to be encouraging."

Shred: I was never trying to be cocky, I'm just trying to prove that you shouldn't underestimate to Sonic.

"Same, considering I went harder on Sonic in that encouragement... No offense to either of you though."

Shred: Hm.

Apallo: Sonic is fast only because of his Shoes i and a lot of us have Natural abilities but hey good luck to us all

Maxie: Are you sure it's just his shoes? I though that was just a rumor.

Twila: Natural abilities? Shred, like, ate an aura, mate!

Shred: Thank you for sharing your information. *sarcasm*

Patricia: Do you think I should compete for Team Female?

Apallo: oh yeah it's true Watch this. Hey Sonic! Remember Sonic Laberinth (Eggman took his shoes in that game)

Jared: That game was AWFUL!!

Patricia: (Sighs) I gotta get ready

Maxie: Good luck, Patricia.

Sonic: Don't remind me, Apallo. You won't steal my shoes, will you?

Patricia: Thank you & Good luck to you too Maxie

Jared: Good luck, Cream.

Cream: Thanks, Jared!

Sonic: Apallo, are ya running too?

Kyros was worried. "Who runs this one? I hope we win...Because we have a disadvantage from me fighting Rapid..."

Rapid had an angry look. "Ya dang right!"

Apallo: you know it

Jack: Good luck Sonic

Kake:Yes Maxie I'm good at running.

Patricia: I'll go run for my team

Juliana: Rapid, you can run, right?

Maxie: Okay, Kake! You'll run!

Rapid looked at Kyros. "I'll run after Kyros heals my arm." Rapid said. Kyros sighed and healed his arm. "Now I can run." Rapid said.

Juliana: Yay! It looks like every team has decided!

Announcer: All runners to the starting line!

(Ok guys for the track and field [and only track and field] I (Ike) have to control all of the characters. So ok then!)

Announcer: Ready... set... go!

Sonic: *runs super fast but trips over the first hurdle* Ow!

Shred: *zooms past, jumping over all the hurdles*

Cream: *not very far behind, not missing a hurdle*

-race finishes-

Announcer: Good job! First place was Shred! Second was Cream, and 3rd was Rapid. 4th was Apallo, 5th was Kake, Patricia was 6th, and Sonic finished in last place!

Rapid and Kyros laughed. "Sonic got la-ast! Sonic got la-ast!" The two said, sounding like little obnoxious kids.

Sonic: I can't believe I missed every last hurdle!

Tails: Sonic, neither can we! You didn't even bother to jump!

Cream: Good job, Shred!

Kyros and Rapid pointed and laughed at Sonic.

Sonic: Don't get your hopes up. We can win some other challenges.

Jesse claps for Cream. "Well done. You kicked some serious butt out there."

Blaze: Yeah, Cream. That was a great preformance.

Cream: Thanks, you guys! I'm glad I got a medal for it. I wonder what we're doing next.

Announcer: The next event is for the field. It's the hammer throw!

Second Event - Hammer Throw

Rapid chuckled. "I'll do this one!" Rapid said. Kyros shook his head. "Don't be an arrogant fool. Let us try. I'd like to try the hammer throw."

Juliana: I'm okay with this. Rapid, Pika, are you okay with it?

pika:No,I think I should do this I am a Dinosuar!

Juliana: That's true. I'm conflicted now.

Kyros nodded. "Go for it Pika!"

Juliana: Yeah! You can do this!

Sonic: I know I won't do this one very well, and neither will Tails. Jack, could you?

Jack: Oh sure, I got the Strength of my Ogre Form

Rapid looked interested in Jack's statement. "Ogre form? I'd like to see that!"

Jack: Ok if you say so. I'm preaty Strong though. Have you ever seen my Ogre Form before?

Rapid shook his head. "No."

Jack: Maybe you should see it after the Olympics, ok?

Rapid shrugged. "Whatever."

Patricia: Ok, Team Female, who is very good at the Hammer Throw?

Maxie: Okay, Cliff! It's up to you for this hammer throw thing! Oh, and good luck to your team again, Patricia!

Cliff: I'll do my best!

Jesse just sighs. "Yeah... I wouldn't trust me to pull this off. Blaze, Jared? One of you want to try?"

Jared: I'll do it.

Blaze: Good idea. You'll do great.

Cream: Yeah, Jared! You'll do well at this event!

Jared: Thanks.

Silver: Which one of us should do the hammer throw?

Lunas: Ill do it

Patricia: (To Team Female) Girls, who's going to do the Hammer Throw?

Diana: I am!

Apallo: Alright Lunas your up

Lunas: Ok

Patricia: Good Luck, Diana

Kaiko: Looks like everybody's ready but those Outlaw dudes.

Lunas: I did this in collage for my team so i can alteast get us to 2nd or 3rd place.

Apallo: Yeah but are there iron balls or hammers

Jack: You have to be very strong to get a Long Distance

Apallo: Hey when do we start

Kyros shrugged. "Dunno..."

Announcer: As soon as the Outlaw Immortalz pick their team member, the event can start.

(APH: hey remind me when it's time ok)

Apallo: Alright

(the length of time sience the last edit later)


Jack: Wait for it

Apallo: Isn;t there a rule saying that if a certin person is late they forfit?

Announcer: I suppose... okay, all the teams that are ready, head to the field!

(Everybody cheers)

Announcer: The order on who goes when is decided by what place the teams are in. The Pirates go first.

Jared: Aww. I wanted to go 1st.

Blaze: But this way, you can learn for the others' mistakes and try to avoid what they did.

Jack: Oh, I guess I can go first (Grabs the Handle of the Wire connected to the Iron Ball / Hammer & starts swinging it around & around & let's go of it & Iron Ball / Hammer goes very far between 77m & 86m) How did I do?

Lunas: Im second. (Grabs the Handle of the Wire connected to the Iron Ball / Hammer & starts swinging it around & around & let's go of it & Iron Ball / Hammer goes very far between 199m and 219m

Lunas: Beat that.

Jack: How did she do that?

Announcer: It wasn't really Lunas's turn... it was Dianas. But I guess order doesn't really matter. Who wants to go next?

Diana: I'll go last

Jack: Ok, but why would Lunas have a go at Hammer Throw instead of Diana?

Jared: I'm next. (picks up the wire, twirls it, then tosses it. the ball lands at exactly 218m)

Jack: Wait a minute, how does he do that?

Cream: Because he must be really strong!

Cliff: I wanna go next! (picks up the wire, spins around a little, then tosses the hammer. it lands around 214m)

Diana: Am i up now because im last

Jack: Oh ok

Juliana: Diana, Pika hasn't gone yet.

Diana: Ok

Patricia: Good luck

When is she going up

(Ike: Probably some time tomorrow. Kaytlinfencethefox isn't online right now. So for now, I'll pause it.)

(Okay, play again)

Pika:Ok,I am Ready!

Juliana: You can do it, Pika!

Diana: We waited like one day your you Pika

Twila: I guess some people aren't up till 10 roleplayin.

Jared: (juggles knifes) I like doing this.

Cream: Are you sure that's safe?

Jared: Safe? I've been doing this for 13 years without getting cut or cutting anyone.

Blaze: Wow. You must be really talented. Can you juggle those if they're on fire?

Jared: Sure, why not?

Pika:Cause got a game tend to that's why not!Now let me hammer Throw.

Juliana: Go, Pika, go!

Jared: (Starts juggling dynamite) I can juggle anything!

Pika:*Eats the Dynamite*

Jared: .......


Pika:So?Or wait.........Were they set on Fire?!?!

Jared: No.

Pika:Yay!Yes!Parasaur shail not be Exticnt!Now to Hammer Throw!*Picks up the wire,Spins awhile,Throws the Hammer,It lands around 219*

Juliana: Wow! That was amazing, Pika!

Maxie: Aww, man! Well, Diana, you can go now.

Diana: *Giggles* *picks up wire spins into a tornado ant throws the hammer, it lands 500m)

Jesse's mouth drops open. "That was epic!"

Jared: (Jaw drops) Amazing.

Maxie and Cliff: B[____]

Jared: S(___)

"Jared, from what I can see, we got third place. You did good too," Jesse comments.

Apallo: I mesured Lunas's distance and he got 225 not around 220

"Alright, so fourth then?" Jesse asks.

Pika:i got around 219!

Jared: 218.

Diana: Mr. Anouncer did i win?

Announcer: That's right! You won! Look at the ranks. And now for the third event - Table Tennis!

Third Event - Table Tennis

Jack: We maybe last place, but we're not giving up

Tails: That's the way to think, Jack! I'm pretty good a table tenn-

Twila: I'm doing it!

Tails: But...

Twila: I'm doing it!

Jack: But Tails is good at table...

Twila: I'M DOING IT!

Jesse looks around at his team. "GUN training really works out your reflexes, so excuse my saying but I'm not half bad at this one. Feel free to go if you'd like, because if there's a sniping event, I'd do better in that."

Jack: Fine Twila, just get out there & do your best

Blaze: I suppose you can do this one, Jesse.

Patricia: Ok, who's going to do Table Tennis?

Silver: Ghost is ouf best man but im a skill character so im up now

Violet: Im next

Isaiah: I'm good with my reflexes. I'll do table tennis.

Kaiko: I'll do this event, guys.

Maxie: well, okay. Good luck.

Twila: I wonder where Shred and his team are. They're gonna miss another event.

Isaiah: *facepalm* I'm ON their team. Ignorance is bliss.

(WTH who used the Announcer)

Twila: Oh yeah....

Announcer: Okay! We're gonna have an extra person for you all to go against in the tournament. Vector! The first battle is Juliana vs Silver.

Juliana: Aww! Why him?

Jared: (sacrastically) This is gonna' be fun. (laughs) Sarcasm..



Announcer: Second match will be Jesse vs Twila. Third is Kaiko vs Violet. And the fourth match is Isaiah vs Vector.

"This is gonna be interesting," Jesse comments.

Isaiah: I just hope I win; I feel like I'm in an elimination race in Ford racing 3.

Maxie: What kind of a game is that?

Isaiah: A crappy one.

Juliana vs. Silver

Silver: Im gonna use my powers because this is our veresion of the Olympics

Juliana: That's totally unfair! Can I have a ruling, Announcer?

Announcer: Hmm. Meh, no powers in this event.

Juliana: Thanks!

Announcer: Ready?

Silver: Oh boy this is my first time in this event. Sience Sonic didnt invite me in the Olympic games the first time.

Sonic: You're lucky I invited you to the winter one!

Silver: Dont make me do the Darth Vader Death Grip on you

Announcer: Silver, you serve first. First to 11 points wins!

Silver: HA!

Juliana: ...What?

Jack: Ok, let's watch

Silver: First Point Goes to Me

Juliana: What? You didn't eve serve!

Isaiah: If you dont even serve... never mind.

Silver: -Tricked Ya- *serves and scores*

Juliana: >:O So that's how we play! Okay. Serve again.

Silver: *eyes glow green* Psycho Serve

(Did he just serve or was he just talking?)

(yes he did serve)

Juliana: HA! The rules clearly state that you must state the score before you serve. My point! :D

Silver: *green psychic energy turns into red color* Serve! *puts psychic energy into paddle and hits it*

(I gots a nudder question. Is he telling her to serve or is it he servin again?)

(he's serving and this is confusing why do i have to say serve everytime)

Silver: You got to pay attenchion

Juliana: Ha! Two violations! You still didn't say the score and it was my turn! Two points for me! X3

Silver:You know what I quit! We somehow wont get out of fourth place any way so who cares! And I didnt know how to play and you did so that is alsonot fair i should be put against another beginer not someone who knows how to play. Either do that or i quit!

Juliana: 15 year old human against Silver the Hedgehog and Silver quits? Awesome!

Announcer: You don't mean the entire competition, do you?

Silver: No replace my opponent!

Announcer: My handbook says I don't have the power to switch apponents. Are you sure you'd like to forfeit the match?

Silver: How about some one replaces me? Im no good at anything i keep getting abused by Shadow and now a little girl *sigh*

Juliana: I'm a year older than you! >B0

Announcer: I suppose that's permitable... but Juliana has all of the points that she already aquired.

Jared: (thinking... "YAY! SILVER SUCKS!")

Silver: I can here your thoughts and i do quit everything i cant do anything even my super form sucks. Not even my best friend defends me. Bye every one.

(this event is to confusing to do as a rp)

(You serve and your character keeps hitting untill they hit an out or miss the ball.)

Announcer: Whoader! If Silver quits the entire competition, you have to find a replacement or your team is disqualified!

Roy: Ill replace him. Because im Silver's Foster Brother

Announcer: Well, okay then! Juliana, serve.

Juliana: I won't even ask how you got in here. Ready?

Roy: Ok. Think Fast * scores a point* Score. Me One

Juliana: Dude, that was my serve. MAH POINT AGAIN! *serves*

Roy: Hey *hits super fast* * scores a point* Score. Me One

(no one is changing the score)

(Roy shoulda pointed that out :P)

Juliana: Darn it! 4 to 1. *serves again really fast*

Roy: Sorry. *hits super fast* * scores a point* Score. Me Two.


(If you mean the team scores, they haven't changed sinsenI've changed them. If you mean the table tennis ones then you just keep score when u say it. And isn't just saying *scores a point* sort of godmodding?)

(I dont know but lets just end this in a tie and then roy or Julinana wins and then there is a runner up match)

(I have an idea! We can just say who would win for each match! The 2 ppl going against it can talk and whoever would win moves on! How's that sound)

(where do we talk and what about the match?)

Roy: Wait a minuet you have a point Frozen Scorpio. Sience her team is in second ours should win.

Twila: This is for M.L.! *throws a bag of Kangaroo Business on Roy*

(I'd say on user talk pages.)

Jared: I wonder if this will last for a few days.

Announcer: I know for a fact it'll take one day, but in hind sight, maybe I shouldn't have gone with Table Tennis. Probably a bad idea. Who thinks I should dump this event and change it?

Jared: I'm not sure that's a good idea.


Jared: No need to be fussy. I was taught to act like this.


Twila: ...

Jared: Fine.... I'll try.

Apallo: Ok can we go to another event, please because Table Tenis is hard to Roleplay

Announcer: Yours and Rapid's team were the only ones to try.

Apallo: *sigh why dont we split the teams up mi team and the other team go on to another event and the other two stay here

Announcer: We can't run two events at the same time. I'm sure you can wait for the other teams like they've waited for you.

Jessee vs. Twila

{C Apallo: Wait Is that Silver standing beside you sir.

Silver: I am an anouncer and Event holder so Apallo your team and that other team move on!

Diana: What about Team Female

Announcer: Silver! You can't do this! You're not certified!

Sadie: Don't be a baby! *throws dog food at the announcer*

Announcer: Aww, this is a new shirt! Oh, fine. But both of the teams can't move on.

Silver: Do you want me to Darth Vader You Boi!?

Announcer: depends. Do you want me to go Mephelis on your behind!?

Silver: I can seal you up in another Septor of Darkness, Mephelis

Pika:SHUT UP SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(People start clapping for Pika for telling Silver to shut up)

Apallo: Im not afraid to bomb this entire place with a Solar Bomb. Respect silver now or we will have a battle royale

Mario: Silver dont a worry i gotta your back

Announcer: Security! We have another universal leak! *puts on a shield and Mario disappears* You'd blow up a dome with tons of ppl in it just for one person?

Bumblebee: Okay... WHAT THE HECK?!

Apallo: Sorry..... i just gotta cool down.... ok done but hey Table Tennis is Boreing anyway who wants to see Jousting or a battle Royale!

Ghost: you know that's a good idea.

Mario: You cant a stop me with out me Sonic and all of you guys want a exist.

Pika:*Eats Silver*There the problem is Resolved.

Shred: *frowns*...

Apallo: Come on guys well go to the London Olympics instead.

FBI: Freeze

Isaiah: This is weird...

Maxie: This isn't going anywhere. *pulls down the screen to another event*

Third Event Take II - Triple Jump

Isaiah: :/

Maxie: What? That event wasn't working out, so I changed it. I'm sure somebody on your team could do this.

Isaiah: Nothing. Was that to break the fourth wall?

Apallo Jr: My dad told me to replace him Ghost and Lunas and Roy are staying here too.

Maxie: Yeah. That's kinda my thing.

Announcer: Well, okay then, little guy.

Kimmiko: Ill go first.

Isaiah: Hmph.

Jack: (To the Sonic, Tails & Twila) I wonder who's going to do the Triple Jump

Twila: No idea.

Sonic: Me neither. I don't know if Tails or Twila would be good at this. You wanna do another event?

Jack: So that leaves either you or me Sonic

Isaiah: *points to bumblebee* Bumblebee.

Twila: Yeah! He can do this for us!

Tails: He's talking to his team, Twila. We need somebody from our team to do it.

Twila: LEMME!

Apallo Jr: Im the lightest but Ghost is a ninja so hell go for me Tails i wan to go against you

Patricia: Team Female, let's see who's going to do the Triple Jump?

"Team, selection?" Jesse asks Blaze, Jared, and Cream.

Bumblebee: I'm up for this...

Kimmiko: Me.

Apallo Jr.: Me

Blaze: I think I could do this one.

Apallo jr: Hello Madam Blaze *kisses hand* i hope that your teachings will help me win for my team

Blaze: Uh... thanks I suppose....

Jared: (turns red)

Blaze: Are you okay, Jared?

Apallo Jr: Oh you know my Mistress Blaze she tought me how to control my fire and is my personal best friend

"I'm so sure," Jesse mutters under his breath.

Jared: Y-Yeah, I'm okay.

Blaze: Well, okay then.

Rapid asked, "Who should do this?"

Juliana: Maybe you should.

Rapid shrugged. "Okay."

Maxie: Hmm... maybe Kaiko should do this event.

Kaiko: I am a pretty long jumper.

Announcer: Okay! Everybody's ready, so let the games begin!

(What you do is... well... if you have SAMATOG, then you can figure it out. If not, don't go first)

Apallo Jr: *Runs faster than super sonic suoer shadow and buring blaze combined and makes his first jump then his second both perftct then his last on for a total of 300 what ever total muesure ment*

Juliana: He just broke the world record of 18!!

Twila: No! Really?

Announcer: Who's next?

Apallo: Were you insaulting my son?

(ITH: Really, Apallo? -.-')

Bumblebee: *Sumersault jumps all of the obstacles*

Juliana: No. The record is 18.29 meters.

Twila: ...Why, Bumblebee?

Apallo Jr: Sorry ol chap you did your best *shakes Bumblebee's Hand*

Bumblebee: *twists Apallo's arm* I wasn't doing it to WIN.

Jared: Then what were you doing it for, then?

Bumblebee: Why do you care?

Jared: I'm curious.

Apallo Jr.: I did it to test my skills and i did over do it

Apallo Jr.: So no hard feelings right

Bumblebee: Not at all, mai boi!

Jared: Good.

Mario Dressed as Knuckles: Oh Good a boys

Isaiah: What's up with your voice, Knuckles?

Mario as Knuckles: Oh Mario is my new voice actor

"Is Mario supposed to be here?" inquires Jesse.

Knuckles: Hes a great guy and i hav a no zipper on my back.

Isaiah: Okay...

"Then why are your legs slightly saggy?"

Jared: (puts on wario hat) I'm-a Wario. I'm-a going to win!


Jared: (pulls out waluigi hat) You want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough rubees!

Isaiah: *puts on a Sonic costume* YOURE TOO SLOW!

Jared: (puts on kirby hat) HI! HI! HI! HI! HI! HI!

Jason Griffith: Youre to slow! Hiiii Im Jason Griffith And i voice Sonic and Shadow!

Jesse dresses as Snake and pretends to get on his codec. "You're kidding, right? That's Mario."

Jared: This is getting out of hand.


"Good thing I survived long enough to meet him on the field of battle."

Jared: Can we just get back to the sports?

Jason: Im going to kill sonic where is he

Jared: Why?

JG: Becausae he fired me

Jared: Fired you?

JG: *Shoots Sonic* He-yeah

Jesse grabs Jason by the throat. "You don't get to shoot my friends."

Jared: You kill somebody because they FIRED YOU!?!?!?

"He ain't dead, it just clipped him."

Jared: Just be glad you're not me......(walks away)

Apallo: Jason Griffith your under arrest for being a bad voice actor


Announcer: *sends Mario back again* Now let's get on with the event before I die of "What the Heck" syndrome.

Jared: I think I'm starting to catch it.

Luigi: Mario no!

All: Anouncer......

Announcer: *sends Luigi back* Who's going next?

Jared: I forgot.

Announcer: You can go in whatever order you want.

Jared: I wonder if I can break the 4th wall....

Maxie: Dude! That's my thing! You can't steal my thing! And besides. Wondering that itself is breaking the 4th wall. DON"T let it happen again, please!

Apallo Jr: soooo who's next Mother how about you

Violet: Ummmmm no Kimmiko is doing it Junior

Kimmiko: Im ready! So mr anouncer start anouncing my name and stuff!

Jared: I wonder who's winning...

?Kimmiko: *Jumps over starting line then jumps once, twice, and then a third time for a total of 150 meters* how was that

Announcer: Gee, everybody's breaking the world record no sweat! Great job, Kimmiko!

Kaiko: That was pretty impressive.

Kimmiko: Tee-hee, thank you

Juliana: I'm so relieved I'm not doing it.

Jared: Same here.

Apallo JR.; Why do you guys say that

Jared: I have a bad history with triple jumping.

Apallo Jr.: Hey dont worry

Jared: Everyone tells me that. Even when I don't worry, I end up shattering my spine.

Well if someone were to take your place it would be a good thing to do

Jared: How many of these sports do we have to do?!?!?

"I thought Blaze was doing the Triple Jump..." Jesse comments.

Apallo Jr.: Why does every time i go some place i have a water problem i gotta go pee.

Lunas: where is the bathroom

Jack: (Points to the Bathroom) Over there

Junior: Thanks!

Jack: Your welcome

Patricia: I wonder who's up next?

Ghost: I dont know.

Jack: Well, let's find out

Ghost: I wonder how Junior is doing.

Junior: Maaaan i reeeely have to peee CURSE THIS LINE!

Announcer: somebody, please! Go!

Blaze: Okay! *jump, jump, lands an 146*

Jack: Whao, ok Sonic, it's either me or you to do the Triple Jump

Jared: Good job, Blaze.

Blaze: Thanks.

Twila: *bonks Jack on the head* I already told you I'm doing it, Dunny! Ready for this?

Junior: Blaze what happened?

Jared: Does anyone know the time?

Jack: Ow, Twila why did you do that for?

Apallo Jr: Madam Blaze You Did your best

Blaze: This event isn't just run and jump 3 times. It's pretty hard.

Twila: Cuz obviously you needed it if ya couldn't remember! *runs, jumps, hops, and lands on 149* Awesome!

Apallo Jr: Well Madame Blaze I won here and it's thanks to you and your training

Apallo: When is the score bord going to be fixed

Jared: How long is this going to go on for?

Cream: I don't think it's broken.

Tails: Not everybody has gone, and it only changes when everybody goes.

Jack: Hmmm, interesting. Anyways Nice Job, Twila

Jared: Oh, well. (starts making a card tower)

Apallo Jr.: Can the next event be a Dream Event

Silver: Hey, I thought Harry and I were in charged of that.

Announcer: Don't call me by my first name.

Kaiko: Here I go! *runs, jump, hop, lands on 139* Aww, chukes!

Jared: I see no problem with that. (continues to stack cards)

Blaze: Is that everybody?

Patricia: Is Team Female done?

Twila: Ya. Kim went for you guys.

Kimmiko: Hi

Jared: Hello. (tower of cards reached the ceiling)

Kim: Your cute

Jared: (turns bright red) Uh... Th-thanks. (the card tower starts to wobble)

Kimmiko: Here's my number call me *we should make a Jared x Kimmiko Relationship*

Jack: So what should we do next?

Jared: I don't kno-(tower of cards falls) WWRRAAK! (gets buried under the falling cards)

Kimmiko: Ice Bowling!

Jared: (comes out covered in cuts) Sure, why not? (starts bleeding)

Kimmiko: Heal cuts this might sting im usung the lemons on my bracelets to heal the cuts

Jared: Lemons? No, no.. NO!!!

Kimmiko: Just jidding but come with me Bug Boi <3

Jared: I ain't no bug, but okay.

Jack: Let's look at our Triple Jump Results

Jared: I'm feelin' a little light headed.

Apallo Jr.: Me to

Announcer: Looks like everybody's gone! I'll have the results in a minute!

Apallo: Thank Good Ness

Silver: While you wait, please enjoy this requested song.. The Egg Song.

The Egg Song

The Egg Song


Silver: Eggman! How'd you get in here?

Maxie: This is a longshot, but maybe through the front door.

Silver: SHH! I'm talking to the big egg here!


Silver: Yeah, yeah. I heard you.

Twila: You didn't get the joke? Really?

Silver: What joke?

Jack: Can someone get Eggman outta here before he makes me angry

Silver: Sure. I still don't know how he got in here.... *puts up Anti-Villian shield*

Jared: My turn to make music!!
The Giygas Rap ( MP3!)

The Giygas Rap ( MP3!)

Silver: AAAAAAA Im melting.....*turns into pudddles*

Jared: It seems Silver could not grasp the true form of my singing.

Silver #2: Im the New Non Stupid Silver *fan girls say AAAAAAAAA*

Jared: (Pulls out silver baseball bat)

Silver: *grabs bat and blows it up* I got a new voice actor

Jared: (walks away with eyes wide open)

Apallo Jr: You Are Cool New Silver. 06 Silver sucked balls


Announcer: All of you watch your language! And that kind of irony is insane. Don't let it happen again!

Maxie: ...Okay then....

Announcer: Almost done with the new roster....

Juliana: You can't be. The Outlaw Immortalz and us didn't go yet.

Announcer: Oh. Well, they need to go soon!

Patricia: Ok, now we wait

Apallo: Why do we bother i sleeping tell me when to wake up

Apallo Jr: Oh,Dad

Announcer: Hmm. Maybe we should disqualify the teams from this event since they're not stepping up.

Juliana: Aww! :(

Apallo Jr: I think so to they can cheer from the stands

Juliana: Heyyyyy!

Jack: I guess we have to wait

Patricia: Yep

Announcer: Okay! I got the results! First place is now Frozen Blaze with 18 points. Team Solar is 2nd with 15 points, Team Female is 3rd with 13 points, and Dinosaur Passes are in 4th with 10 points. The Friendlies are 5th with 8 points, Outlaw Immortalz are right behind with 7 points, and last place is The Pirates with 5 points.

Sonic: I can't believe we're losing this badly! We should be winning!

"Next event?" Jesse asks. "Because I do believe it's my turn to participate."

Silver: Calm your muzzle! we're getting to it!

Fourth Event - Trampoline

Jack: Whao, this is a Trampoline. I wonder who is the most Acrobatic on Trampoline

Patricia: Ok Team Female, who's going to do the Trampoline Event?

Jack: I know we're last place, Sonic, Tails & Twila, but I know is that we'll never give up

Tails: I know I can do this event! Don't worry, guys! I'm great at this!

Twila: You sure?

Tails: Yeah! I'll do my best!

Jack: Ok then, good luck!

Maxie: Man, I love this event! I'm gonna rock it, and we're gonna do way better!

Kaiko: Okay then. Do your best.

Cliff: We know you can do this, Maxie!

Juliana: *crosses her fingers* Please let Rapid or Kyros or Phaya show up!

Jared: (thinking, "I wonder when this will end?")

"Suppose I'm up, then," Jesse says. "Unless one of you three wants to."

Blaze: Go for it.

Cream: Good luck!

Jared: You can do it.

Patricia: Team Female, we can do this

Ghost: I'll do it i havent done anything yet.

Mario Head: OH BOY I Cant Wait To Creep Some One Out.

Diana: Weeeeeee Me First i have one of these at home

Jesse sits back in a seat next to Blaze and Cream. "GUN acrobatic training really preps you for situations. I could probably beat these guys jumping off flat ground. Best not try my luck, though." He laughs under his breath.

Maxie: It's "better not" or "best not to". Not "best not;" that's bad grammar.

Sonic: No offense, but who cares?

Silver: Mario's head is still here?! *dropkicks the head away*

Weegee head flies in, then stares at Silver

Jared: Spooky!

Silver: AAAHHH! *ground pounds Weegee head*

Weegee head: (grows bigger)

Silver: Somebody get this abombination out of here! (The Weegee head suddenly disappears)

Mario Head: Im Firing Mi lazor!

Jesse pulls out his pistol and shoots the Mario head. "Can we get to the event now?"

Cream: The others still haven't chosen yet. This is becoming pretty annoying, huh?

Blaze: Deffinatley.

Jared: I hope so.

Blaze: You hope what?

Jared: That there will be no more distractions! (sees Giygas in the sky) NOT NOW!

Cream: O.O What's that?

Jared: (sees floating Mario 3 cartridge) Dear lord, not again!

Cartridge: YOUR MOTHER!

Mario Head: OH Boy U WIll DIE!

Cream: This is getting weird....

Cartridge: (turns to face Cream, then vomits on her)

Cream: EWWW!!! *starts crying*

Lunas: Ooops I left the Dimentional Portal on again sorry

Jared: YOU WHAT?!?!

Patricia: Let's not get side track, by the way Team Female, I wonder who's gonna do the 4th Event

Diana: Mee !

Patricia: Ok then Diana, your up. Good Luck

Cartridge: YOUR MOTHER! (Vomits on Patricia)

Patricia: (Dodges the Vomit) Missed me !

Jack: Can somebody do something about this Problem we're having, it's annoying us !

Shadow: Falcon PWANCH!

Maxie: Could somebody please tell me why Shadow's here?!

Silver: Announcer needs to stay on the job! Geez! *sends cartridge, Mario Head, and Weegee Head through the portal and closes it* Now they can't come in.

Twila: There are still tons o' people who haven't chosen yet. How long's this gonna take?

Jared: As long as it has to. (turns on DS)

Sadie: No! *turns off Jared's DS and chucks it at the dome, breaking it* They can get in through there! Be careful!

Jared: So you're saying I can't do one of the very few things that keeps me from suicide?

Mario Head: Silver you will -a- come with us. *drags silver in*

Jared: (thinking, "Yay! That's one down, none to go!")

Mario Head: And You Two Jared

Jared: (pulls out super scope, then fires huge energy ball at Mario head)

Sadie: See what you do? He got through!

Chief Justice: YOU'RE ALL OUT OF CONTEMPT! *smashes everybody and disappears*

Twila: What the crimeny was that?!

Jared: Dunno'. (blasts mario head again)

Mario Head multiplies into different Malleo clones and WeeGee doeas the same

Jared: Hmm. (pulls out Squada-larm cloak)

Gownam: Squadala!

Jared: (punches gwonam, then puls out Dinner blaster, and fires at Malleo and Weegee heads)

Maxie: You guys are INSANE!

Announer: You got that right! *throws Mario Heads, Weegee heads, and Cheif Justice into the portal* Nobody get out any Nintendo Restricted items!

Jared: Fine. (pulls out Acer laptop)

Apallo Jr: Hey what about silver!

Jared: What about him?

Jack: (Facepalms) Oh boy

Jared: What?

Sadie: No chances! *chucks laptop into a random pond*

Jared: And while we're at it... (chucks thousands of copies of black ops into the same pod)

Juliana: I love this kid!

Jared: (lights the games on fire)

Juliana: I LOVE this kid *hugs Jared*

Jack: Can we please, start the event?

Maxie: Ugh! Not until the rest of us pick somebody!

Patricia: (Sighs) Ok then Maxie

Shadow: Show Me Yo Moves

Jared: (puts on scouter) HERE I COME! HERE I COME! HERE I COME! (Mimicking fox)

Cliff: You guys are so weird. :P

Kirby: Hiiiii

"Alright, screw it, I'm going." Jesse walks up to the trampoline jump. "GUN training, don't fail me now."

Jared: Anyone have a portable tv?

Shadow: Humph You Suck Jared I've been Gun Longer than you

Jesse looks over at Shadow. "I didn't think Jared was GUN."

Jared: GUN? You mean one of those stupid "Army" organizations? I HATE THEM!!!

Shadow: I mean YOU SUCK JESSE!

"Psht, like I care what you think," Jesse laughs. "I dropped GUN a long time ago."

Jack: Ok then

Patricia: It's very nice to have fun in our time of need

Shadow: I've Been It Longer than you think i fact ive seen you first inter too.

Jack: We betta start training for the Fourth Event

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