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A mysterious hedgehog stood in the middle of the street of Station Square. The driver of the car honked at him. "Hey! Get outta the way!" The man yelled. The hedgehog lifted a hand up and an energy ball formed. He then extended his hand forward, the energy ball growing in size. The man quickly put the car in reverse. However, he wasn't fast enough. The hedgehog shot the ball at the car, taking the top of the car clean off.

"Who are you?" the man asked, scared beyond belief. The hedgehog smiled deviously.

"I'm Gabriel." He answered, ending the man's life and alerting the city. Police was called and they attempted to take the hedgehog out. All efforts failed.

"WE NEED BACK UP!" An officer yelled, dodging energy blasts left and right.

"We'll send the best we can!" The other officer yelled over walkie-talkie.

Our heroes are in a battle to save Station Square and even the world. Will our heroes efforts be successful? Or will they be thwarted by other foes?


1. No god modding - An obvious rule used in every roleplay. You know what it is. So if you do it more than once, I will kick you out. NO INSTANT KILLING.

2. Keep it PG-13 - I do not want any nudity, sexual references, strong language, or gory deaths or violence that is unnecessary.

3. This is an invite only roleplay. If you ask, I will get back with you ASAP.

4. Do not use other people's character with out permission.

5. HAVE FUN. Please? For me?


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Part 1: Hero Arrival

Kyros and Rapid ran down to Station Square. The two heard of what was going on down there. "So you really think that this is him?" Kyros asked.

Rapid nodded. "Black seems like the only candidate to destroy Station Square. He's always wanted to do it." He answered.

As the two arrived they saw signs of destruction with no source to be found. Overturned cars, crumbled buildings, and scattered bodies both dead and alive littered the streets.

"Jeez, what happened here?" said a voice. Its owner stepped into view - a grey wolf with a red coat and black clothing, plus a sword and guns strapped to his back. "Looks like a twister touched down here!"

He looked among the carnage, studying it. Just what did cause all this?

Kyros shrugged. "Who knows?" He replied. Rapid sighed and looked around. Pedestrians and citizens were lying around. "Let's ask these people." Kyros said.

Rapid was off to the side, dragging bodies from rubble and car wreckage.

Christina showed up at a bad time. She looked around to find the destruction and damage. "Wow, it looks like a tornado hit here....." Christina then found Kyros, Rapid, and the grey wolf. "Who might you three be?" She asked.

The wolf glanced towards the hedgehog's direction. "The name's Blitz, sweetheart," he said charmingly. "I dunno what happened here, though."

Christina looked down, and then at Blitz. "It looks like a tornado hit this place." She told her. "By the way, I'm Christina. It's nice to meet you."

Kyros gave a slight nod. "I'm Kyros. Nice to meet you." He introduced himself.

Rapid called out from across the street. "I'm Rapid." He yelled.

Christina looked at Kyros. "I'm Christina. Nice to meet you too," She then looked at Rapid. "Hi! I'm Christina! It's nice to meet you!" She shouted to reply.

All of the sudden, a car flew from behind a building that blocked the view of the street.

"Look out!" Rapid yelled, running away from the car. As the car was in the air, a purple and blue hedgehog followed behind it.

Blitz dived for cover, watching the car fly through the air. "Whoa!"

Christina ran away from the car, barely missing it. Her eyes were looking at the blue and purple hedgehog. "Could it be?" She asked herself.

The blue and purple hedgehog charged towards Christina at a very fast speed.

Christin pulls out her javelin and uses it as a pole vault. She is then found in the air.

Then a blur of light blue and purple came by and smacked into the blue and purple hedgehog.

Rapid looked confused. "What the hell?"

Kyros pointed. "It's Fist!" He exclaimed.

Fist was wrestling around with the unidentifiable hedgehog.

Christina came down. "Need a hand?" Christina asked. 

Fist laughed. "No. I got him under contro-"

Fist was interrupted by an explosion of energy coming from the hedgehog. Fist was propelled backwards, landing on Christina.

The hedgehog arose from the ground. He laughed.

"Who are you?!" Kyros exclaimed.

The hedgehog chuckled. "Gabriel. Gabriel the Hedgehog. What's it to ya? You gonna try to defeat me?" He asked sarcastically. He charged an energy blast aimed for Christina and Fist.

"Oy, numpty! Catch!" Blitz yelled. Immediately, a hail of bullets went Gabrial's way at a brisk speed.

Gabriel was hit by a good amount of bullets. He laughed, blood streaming from entry points.

"You think bullets can kill me? You're pretty funny." Gabriel said, laughing crazily. The bullet wounds closed up.

"...huh. Guess I'll have to get up close then!" Blitz commented, unsheathing his blade and pointing it at the hedgehog.

Gabriel sighed. "But that won't be happening." He said, looking at his fingers. He snapped them and disappeared.

Blitz looked confused. "Wait, what?"

Christina looked at Blitz. "I have no idea if he's invisible or if he disappeared."

Fist got up dazed and injured badly. He limped to Kyros.

Kyros healed Fist as much as he could.

Rapid growled. "Show yourself!" He yelled. As soon as he said that, Gabriel appeared behind him.

"Surprise!" He yelled, scaring Rapid. Rapid quickly swing a fist behind him, but he missed. Rapid then was knocked back by a swift kick to the head. He was lifted off the ground slightly, rolled a good distance, and landed in front of Blitz.

Just then, we see Jack & Patricia walking by & they noticed this.

"Hi Rapid, what's going on today?" Asked Jack.

Blitz saw Rapid land in front of him, and moved to help him up. "Hey, you okay man?" he inquired.

Christina looked at Rapid. "Oh gosh...."

Rapid got up groggily. "I think I'm okay..." He answered to Blitz.

Gabriel stood there, waiting for someone to challenge him.

"Who is this guy...?" Blitz remarked, watching Gabriel cautiously.

"I'm Gabriel." Gabriel answered sarcastically. He threw a ball of energy at Blitz, but when it made contact it just turned into simple smoke.

Blitz braced for impact, then opened his eyes to find smoke around him. "Now what?"

Gabriel walked towards Blitz. "Tell me. What is your wish before you die?" He asked with a smile of pure evil.

"Me? Die? Hah! Yeah, that'll happen!" Blitz shot back, before running forward and aiming a slash at where he assumed Gabriel was.

Gabriel simply teleported behind Blitz. "Hey! I'm over here!" He called out. "Do you need glasses?" He asked jokingly.

Blitz turned around to see where Gabriel had gone. "Teleportation, eh? Well that's lame," he commented, holding his sword out in front of him.

Gabriel ran up to Blitz furiously. "TELEPORTATION IS NOT LAME!" He yelled. He jumped and attempted to kick Blitz.

Christina quickly ran up and made a sucessful drop kick on Gabriel, knocking him somewhat far away from her and Blitz. "I'm pretty sure that this won't be easy." She told Blitz.

Blitz had attempted to block Gabriel's attack with his blade, but noticed Christina knock him away first. Turning to look at her, he replied, "I guessed as much."

Gabriel flew backwards but recovered and landed safely on the ground. He laughed, spitting out some blood. "That was a nice kick." He told Christina.

Christina. "Thanks..?" She replied to Gabriel. It's like he's completely immune to EVERYTHING'.... she thought to herself. "I guess teleportation is lame...." She said in a somewhat quiet tone, talking to Blitz and partially herself and Gabriel.

"See? Toldja," Blitz chuckled, looking over at Gabriel. "Warping around and shiz, it gets annoying, ya know?"

"Exactly," Christina told her in a giggly tone. She then became calm and finished, "And besides; if someone turns invisible, I can find out where it is."

Gabriel quickly dashed towards Blitz, throwing a quick punch at his head.

A chained snake head came flying toward Gabriel from behind, attempting to clamp down on his arm.

Gabriel was successfully clamped. "What the hell?" He cried out in slight pain.

"Blitz?" Christina looked at him, "Are you alright?"

"Whoa!" Blitz said, turning to Christina. "Thanks for the save!" he added as he moved to slash at Gabriel while he was stuck.

Gabriel shot an energy blast at Blitz.

The chain retracted after the blast, tossing Gabriel into the air. Gabriel catch a brief glimpse of the new attacker as two more snake heads rose from the ground, catching him and sending him straight towards the asphault.

"No problem" She told Blitz.

Blit had rolled to avoid the blast while the snake heads attacked Gabriel.

Gabriel landed on the ground. He was a bit injured. "Okay. I'm not playing around anymore." He said, charging a couple of energy blasts. He was bleeding out of his mouth, constantly spitting out blood.

The wolf got struck in the chest by one, but managed to avoid a few more. "Come on man, try actually aiming for once!" he remarked.

The attacker flipped around the blasts, making her way to Gabriel, bringing her foot down toward his head.

Gabriel smirked. "Okay. If you insist." He said, before disappearing.

"Tch." The attacker struck air as Gabriel disappeared. She turned around, her face could finally be recognized... The Tyrant of OmegaCorp's Id Lux Ultima unit, Natalie Alister.

Rapid finally was able to stand on his own. "Rapid. A minor hero."

Kyros sighed. "Kyros. Leader of myself." He joked.

Fist gave a big smile. "Fist the Echidna. Strongest echidna in the world. Blah blah blah..." He said.

"He's on to something...." Christina muttered. "I can just picture him reappearing behind me to strike me."

Fist danced around. "Hey! Gabe! Come get me!" He taunted, doing silly dance moves.

Christina giggled at Fist. "I guess both of us are top heroes. We both have crazed lunatics who devote themselves to putting us down!"

"Reminds me of the time I faced Krieg," Blitz commented as he watched for Gabriel.

A pink vixen sped toward Christina, aiming her gunblade past her shoulder -- Christina would recognize her as Masako. She dashed around her, switching Susano'o to its blade form. "Don't worry, I've got your back, Christina."

Gabriel reappeared behind Kyros, grabbing him. "No one move. Or he'll die." He said, an energy blast aimed at his head.

Christina gulped. Before he could do anything, Christina pulled her javelin out. She threw the javelin at Gabriel's head. This aim, was perfectly direct.

Gabriel saw the javelin and disappeared with Kyros.

"I thought this would happen." Christina dashed up, actually knowing where Gabriel disappeared to, and grabbed the gun, therefore making it visible again. Kryos is alive, but is nowhere to be found.

Rapid looked around. "Argh! Darn it!" He exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Christina asked Rapid. She hid the gun away.

"Hiding won't save you, you know! Come on out and entertain me some more!" Natalie called out.

Gabriel then reappeared and threw Kyros on the ground. Kyros was beaten pretty badly.

"This is what happens when you don't comply with orders." Gabriel said, a stern look on his face.

Blitz frowned as he saw Gabriel reappear. "Seriously?"

Gabriel laughed lightly. "Yes." He answered. Then he quickly dashed towards Blitz, sending a punch to the face.

Blitz managed to duck and perform an upward sword slash from under Gabriel, hoping to send him flying upward. "Nice try!" he remarked.

Gabriel moved ahead of most of the sword, but was nailed pretty good on his knee. He was knocked off balance. This gave Rapid the opportunity to punch Gabriel.

Rapid got some good punches in. Gabriel threw his own as well. There was a a blur of green, blue, and purple. After a while, Gabriel grabbed Rapid and spun. Gathering enough speed, he launched Rapid towards Blitz.

"Oh jeez-" Blitz said as he managed to catch Rapid without falling over, though he slid back a few meters. "That was close," he murmured.

Natalie slid up towards Gabriel, clawing at him. Several chains extended out from her palm, attempting to ensnare him.

Gabriel encased himself in a ball of static energy, possibly shocking Natalie if the chains were made of pure metal.

Although it isn't clear what the chains are made of, Natalie started spasming as she was shocked.

Gabriel smiled and cancelled his flight, doing a judo kick as he fell out of the air.

Kyros, with the last of his energy, shot a large energy blast at Gabriel. The energy blast was a midnight blue and about the size of an elephant.

Natalie recovered from the discharge somewhat quickly, rolling backwards and out of the way. "I'm seriously gonna kill you!"

A red hawk appears with a tagglemust covering his mouth and parts of his face, his eyes very visible. He watches the battle field from a rooftop of sorts, awaiting to enter battle.

Masako sped toward Gabriel, her blade gleaming as she slashed upwards and over her head, unleashing a whirlwind that threw him right towards the blast.

Gabriel absorbed the power of the energy blast Kyros sent. This gave Gabriel enough energy to send the same sized blast at Masako. He then created a ball of fire in both hands after the blast was sent. However, the whirlwind blew out the flames. This left Gabriel vulnerable.

Masako's blade gleamed again, and she stabbed into the ground, creating a wall of ice. It wouldn't stop the blast, no, but it would certainly lose some of its strength after colliding with it.

Natalie summoned a machete-like blade, rushing at Gabriel to stab him in the gut.

A quick shadow got in the way of the blade, knocking it away. It was another hedgehog, but an unknown one. He looked Gabriel in the eyes.

Gabriel looked back, confused. But suddenly the black hedgehog punched Gabriel, knocking him back.

"Hey, back off! He's mine!" Natalie shouted, brushing past the hedgehog.

Christina, even with a gun, didn't know what to do. I hope this works....... She thought, She took the gun, and shot Gabriel aiming for the brain.

Black chuckled knowing his plan. He would go after the bullet an touch it. He would simply put his index finger on it. The bullet would literally absorb into his finger and he would have become the copper alloy in the ammunition.

Jack & Patricia looks at each other in confusion.

"Do you know what's going on?" Asked Patricia.

"I don't know either." Jack replied.

An energy ball was thrown by Gabriel towards Jack. "Pay attention next time!" He yelled.

Patricia suddenly notices this & casts a magic barrier around Jack to try and protect him from the energy ball. "Are you alright?" Asked Patricia.

"I'm alright, but that guy really needs to be taught some manners" said Jack as he spindashes at Gabriel.

"Get out of my way!" Natalie snarled as Jack spindashed past her. Killing Gabriel was all she seemed to care about right now.

"Natalie, calm down!" Masako shouted.

Christina looked blank. She was really confused on what was going on. "I thought Krys was the only one who knew how to catch a bullet...."

"I'm sure anyone could do it if they had a giant diamond glove and good hand-eye!" somebody shouted. He sounded harmless. He ran over, revealing to be a teal mouse with a pink cat.

"That Gabriel kid is back?" the cat uttered, both surprised and annoyed.

"You know this fella?" Blitz said as the cat arrived.

"I'm Maxie," the cat sayed, folding her arms. "He kidnapped me and some of my friends."

Natalie jumped upward, throwing two of Orochi's heads at the ground beside Gabriel. The chains retracted, and she came flying at Gabriel with a kick towards his head. There was enough force behind the kick to send Gabriel crashing to the ground and bouncing into the air. "Virulent Stinger!"

Rapid looked at Maxie. " look familiar..." He said. The mysterious black hedgehog and Gabriel were at it, fighting each other.

The mouse looked closely at Rapid. "You know this guy?" he asked her.

"Uh.. yeah!" Maxie remembered. "It's Rapid! He's dating my friend Desiree," she explained to the Mouse. She turned to Rapid and smiled. "Hey, Rapid! It's been a while! I don't think you've met Bunky yet."

Rapid smiled. "I haven't. Sup Bunky!" He said. Rapid had a very calm smile on his face even though all this was going on.

"Hey, man!" Bunky greeted, fist bumping Rapid. He seemed completely oblivious to what was happening.

"Okay," Maxie said. "Now that you're aquainted, what the heck is happening? Why is Gabriel here?"

Rapid shrugged. "He just came back. I don't know why. But he seems angry and I guess he wants 'revenge'" Rapid answered.

Maxie sighed. "So much for my spring cleaning today."

"Should we break up that fight?" Bunky asked, confused.

Jack noticing Natalie's anger & says "I wonder why she was so angry about?"

"Hi Maxie, long time, no see." Said Patricia as she give Maxie a hug.

Christina looks at Maxie. "You seem a bit familiar..... I don't know from where, but you do." She told her.

Then Gabriel threw the black hedgehog towards Rapid. Rapid wasn't quick enough to move out the way and was hit with the hedgehog's body.

Fist, the purple and blue echidna, threw multiple punches at Gabriel. Gabriel dodged each one and grabbed his fist the last punch. He shot an energy blast at him and he was launched into a building.

Blitz had managed to summon his Burst Gauntlets during the whole thing, and aimed a Burst Blast at Gabriel, which would travel rather fast towards him and likely blast him away upon impact due to the raw power contained in the giant ball of energy.

"Sorry," Maxie turned to Christina, "I don't recognize you from anywhere. Maybe one of my brothers?"

Bunky started jumping around. "That was totally insane!" He exclaimed.

The red hawk turns his attention to the ruckus going on. He then notices Gabriel's actions and those surrounded. He jumps from his perch point, holding an assault rifle on his left arm. "I command you to yield this battle, you there!" He points to Gabriel vigorously. "You're under arrest!"

"I'll handle this. Lili taught much more than you think." Christina told the hawk. Quickly, Christina ran up towards Gabriel, and performed her signature Piercing Thron Fortissimo, knocking Gabriel out. She grabbed his arms and put them in the back.

"Okay, good!" Maxie said, relieved. She walked up to the unconscious Gabriel and said, "Good riddance, crazy bones."

"True heroes don't kill. So I'll just leave him like this." Christina told Maxie. She tossed away the gun, seeing if anyone could catch it.

Gabriel looked at the red hawk. "Are you going to make me?" He asked, shooting an energy blast at the pistol, ripping it the shreds and scraps.

"You're no villain." Christina told Gabriel. "You're just a punk."

Gabriel smiled at her. "Oh really?" He asked sarcastically. He teleported behind Fist and punched right through his back, his hand coming out of his chest. Fist gasped for air before falling on the ground dead. Gabriel smiled and shot an energy blast at Fist's lifeless body, adding insult to his death.

Christina looked blank. "Where's Krys when you need her? Energy balls are lame."

Gabriel laughed and then looked to Kyros. Kyros was still weak frm earlier. Kyros got up and charged an energy blast. Gabriel was too quick, however. He absorbed the raw energy and used it to send Kyros flying into a metal shard hanging out of a building wall.

Rapid saw both of his best friends die. He dropped to his knees and sobbed.

"How could he do that...?" Bunky uttered, putting his hand on Rapid's head.

Christina looked down. "No." She said. "It just won't end like this." Christina clutched her hand, and then opened it up to find a magic vine, through her florokinesis. She then made that vine reach Kyros, to then bring him down. "Everything will be alright." She then looked at Fist. She got out her cellphone. "Krys? It's an emegency. Come down to station square. Now!" She hung up.

Rapid's fur turned a black color. His eyes turned blood-red. His teeth got sharper. His fur got rugged and messy. He stood up, tears still streaming down his face. But now he had an angry smile on his face. He walked slowly towards Gabriel.

Gabriel cocked his head to the side in confusion. "What now?" He asked, confused yet intrigued in the transformation.

The hawk dusts his hands as the ashes of his weapon float around him. He shrugs with an expressionless look on his face. His hands burn up in fire. "You should not have done that, you really crossed the line."

Then the black hedgehog came from behind Gabriel and tried to shoot an energy blast at him, but Gabriel teleported just before he was hit.

"Whoa, that guy is fast" said Jack, who noticed Gabriel teleportation.

Suddenly, a purple aura showed. She has arrived. 

"Krys!" Christina shouted. She ran up to her.

"What is it, Christie?" Krys asked her. She seemed a little more tired than usual.

"There's a freakshow, and only you can outmatch him." Christina told her.

Krys looked confused. "Freakshow? That's kinda mean. Is he worse than Mimi?" She asked.

"Oh nonononono....... he's not worse than Mimi, but he is bad. But, he teleports after every attack. Which I find extremely lame."

"Where do you think he went?" Maxie asked in a solemn tone.

"Wherever he is, my blade will find his flesh soon enough." Masako growled.

Christina looked puzzled at Masako. "You're blade senses flesh?" She asked.

"Well that's something you don't see everyday" Said Patricia with amazement.

Rapid, now in his "dark" form, sensed Gabriel's energy presence. He quickly sent a kick behind him, hitting Gabriel and cancelling his teleportation.

Gabriel fell to the ground. "How the..." He was deeply confused. Gabriel charged after Rapid. Gabriel sent punches and kicks and even energy blasts.

Rapid was just too fast and aggressive. He took a lot of punches, dodged the kicks, and deflected the energy blasts. Rapid was currently unstoppable.

Maxie and Bunky stared in awe at Rapid as he relentlessly attacked Gabriel. "I gotta meet more of your friends!" Bunky said to her, still focused on the battle.

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