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A blue and purple hedgehog stood in the middle of the street of Station Square. The driver of the car honked at him. "Hey! Get outta the way!" The man yelled. The hedgehog lifted a hand up and an energy ball formed. He then extended his hand forward, the energy ball growing in size. The man quickly put the car in reverse. However, he wasn't fast enough. The hedgehog shot the ball at the car, taking the top of the car clean off.

"Who are you?" the man asked, scared beyond belief. The hedgehog smiled deviously.

"I'm Gabriel." He answered, ending the man's life and alerting the city. Police was called and they attempted to take the hedgehog out. All efforts failed.

"WE NEED BACK UP!" An officer yelled, dodging energy blasts left and right.

"We'll send the best we can!" The other officer yelled over walkie-talkie.

Our heroes are in a battle to save Station Square and even the world. Will our heroes efforts be successful? Or will they be thwarted by other foes?


1. No god modding - An obvious rule used in every roleplay. You know what it is. So if you do it more than once, I will kick you out. NO INSTANT KILLING.

2. Keep it PG-13 - I do not want any nudity, sexual references, strong language, or gory deaths or violence that is unnecessary.

3. This is an free join. No need to ask.

4. Do not use other people's character with out permission.

5. HAVE FUN. Please? For me?


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These are the people who aren't fighting. They are watching everything in fear or being a pacifist.


Part 1: Hero Arrival

Kyros and Rapid ran down to Station Square. The two heard of what was going on down there. "So you really think that this is him?" Kyros asked.

Rapid nodded. "Gabriel seems like the only candidate to destroy Station Square. He's always wanted to do it." He answered.

The two walked around asking witnesses what happened. 

After a couple of minutes, the sky turned a faint purple for a couple seconds. Kyros looked up. "What the hell?" He walked down the street looking for the source. Then something struck his head.

A blue and purple hedgehog stood before him, a devious grin on his face. He held a magnificent purple energy ball in his hand. In the other hand was the same thing. He then put his hands together as if he were going to pray. He then separated his hands, a large ball of purple energy in his possesion.

"Gabriel!" Kyros yelled. He quickly did a handspring backwards to get on his feet. Gabriel threw the mass of energy at him, nailing Kyros and sending him flying. The fight was on.

A yellow lynx with baleful red eyes was watching the ensuing fight with an expression of cold detachment as Kyros was sent flying. "Pitiful... Just pitiful, might as well go on and start with the chaos." The lynx mumbled in a monotone voice as he stuck both of his hands out. A scythe and an executioners axe appearing in his left and right hands respectively as he walked towards Kyros.

Kyros quickly got up and charged up two energy attacks, one for each hand. He didn't know who this was, but he knew that he was trouble. He waited until he got close to unleash a simple energy attack.

"My name is none of your concern pitiful creature... But you could serve to amuse me for a while." The yellow lynx chuckled as he readied his scythe in a swinging position. "Actually, nevermind. I'll deal with you another time." The lynx said as he melted into his own shadow.

"Hey!" shouted a voice from a distance.

Gabriel turned his head towards the voice. Kyros looked as well. "What?" Kyros called back.

The owner of the voice was an orange female goat who was putting on fingerless, athletic gloves. A veign mark appeared on her forward as she bagan speaking with her eyes closed. Next to her was a basket full of flowers. "I leave for one day to visit some friends in Twerunka Jungle and you go around killing people and causing a ruckus. I'm giving you one warning, leave now or face the consequences!"

Gabriel laughed and sent an energy blast flying at her.

The goat deftly jumped out the way, dodging the blast. She then began running at a moderate speed towards Gabriel.

Gabriel quickly teleported behind her. "Over here!" He said, taunting her.

The goat sent a roundhouse kick behind her with frightening speed. "You think you're slick don't you? I just so happen to be birthed by a dirty fighter like you!"

Gabriel got kicked harder than he anticipated. He was lifted off the ground and landed hard on his back. He got up. He was now angry. "Alright! I see you're a fighter. Let's do this." He said with a devious smile. He rushed at her, a purple aura surrounding him.

Orange aura surrounded the goat as she raised her fists to her face in a defensive gesture. Let's test the new ability I worked on with The Elder

Gabriel jumped and sent a spin kick to the goat.

The goat retaliated with a punch twice the strength of his kick, directed towards Gabriel's crotch before she slumped forward, panting.

Gabriel's eyes went wide and he landed on his butt. He held his crotch and writhed in pain. He had tears in his eyes.

Panting, the goat l smiled as she looked at Rapid and Kyros with a smile before her eyes widened when she saw Rapid.Kyros went over to the goat. "You alright?" He asked. Rapid stood next to her. "You look tired." He said.

Ignoring her fatigue, the goat rushed over to Rapid and gave him a warm and tight hug, tears in her eyes. "It's been so long! Where were you?! I'm so glad you're okay Krinkinko!" she cried, tears of joy now streaking her face.

Rapid looked confused. "Krink? That's my brother." He said.

"Huh?" said the goat as she broke her embrace and looked at Rapid's face, She stepped away and looked at the ground sadly. "Oh, sorry. I-I thought you were him." she said. "It's been so long since I saw him that he probably would have looked more like you if he were still here." she choked, her tears of joy turning into ones of sadness.

Rapid felt bad. He didn't know what to do other than put his arm around her in comfort. "I haven't seen him in a while either." He said, trying to reassure her.

The goat looked at Rapid with sad eyes. "They didn't tell you?"

Rapid had fearin his eyes. "Tell me what?" He asked, worried about his brother.

The goat turned away. "He's...he's dead..."

Rapid stood for a moment before falling to his knees. He zoned out and tears formed in his eyes. "No...he can't be..." He mumbled. He got on his hands and knees and punched the gorund. "DAMN IT!" He yelled, crying with anger in his eyes.

Now it was the goat's turn to comfort him. "It was about a year ago. He vanished during a G.U.N. mission and was declared MIA then KIA. We held the funeral service soon after."

Rapid, now glowing red turned to Rachel. "Does anyone know who killed him?" He asked, furious with the world.

The goat shook her head sadly. "No, I'm sorry. We've never found out. Some, like his friend Droget are still wandering, looking for him while others like his other friend, Fa-La-Stu have given up..."

Gabriel then sent an energy blast at Rapid. Rapid quickly got up and kicked it back. Gabriel deflected it into the air where it detonated, releasing a violent explosion of purple light. Rapid, now comepletely blinded by anger charged after Gabriel. Gabriel seemed to be losing.

The goat watched on as she wiped tears frk\om her eyes,alert if Rapid needed any assistance.

Rapid had the upper hand until a blue blast of energy hit Rapid from the back. He was launched forward and landed on a car. Kyros quickly turned his head to see a gray and blue hedgehog. Kyros' eyes went wide. "Ex...Exodus?!" He exclaimed in terror.

Rachel growled as she punched her fist into her open hand and walked towards the evil hedgehog. "Who are you people and what do you want!?"

Exodus looked at Rachel. "I want to watch the world burn in front of my eyes. I want to hear the screams of agony, pain, and fear. I want death and massacres." He said in a sadistic tone. He launched a few energy blasts at buildings, destroying them completely. Kyros got angry. "THERE WERE PEOPLE IN THERE!" He yelled. "I know." Exodus replied in a satisfied tone.

Rachel growled lowly as she made both of her hands into fists. "You monster!" she shouted before running towards him and throwing a powerful punch at his face.

Exodus simply took the punch, taking almost no damage.

Rachel blinked in shock before throwing another punch at Exodus' face, Rachel threw another puch at his face, with all the strength she had.

Exodus took a little bit more damage, but wasn't fazed. He then charged an energy attack of pure darkness.

"This is going to be awesome! Let me join in on this battle!" The yellow lynx who previously melted into the shadows in order to observe the carnage shouted as he swung his scythe at Rachel in an arc that would make it hard to dodge if she didn't have good reflexes. "I always wanted to carve something up!"

Kyros shot an energy blast at the scythe, hoping to knock it out the way.

Saren just smirked as the scythe came into contact with the energy blast. Absorbing a portion of it while dispersing the rest and still heading towards rachel. "Hm... I wonder how it feels to have your own powers used against you." Saren grinned manically as he swung his axe at Kyros, sending the same energy absorbed by his scythe back at him.

Kyros was hit and flew back. He managed to land on his feet. "Alright! Let's do this!" He yelled, charging at Saren.

Rachel noticed the scythe a bit too late. She barely dodged it, getting cut despite her reflexes. "Darn!" she turned to Saren, a cut on her leg. "What do you want!?"

"I honestly just want to fight and fight until I die! I want to kill until I am killed!" Saren shouted out as he twisted his body and channeled some of his own power into the axe before making a slashing motion at an elementary school still in session, Saren's dark energy and kyros's stolen power mixing together as it hit the school. Causing the school to explode and go up in purplish black flames.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Rapid did a quick spin dash towards Saren. But Exodus kicked him like a football player kicking a field goal. Rapid felt a sharp pain in his ribs and had the wind knocked out of him. The kick also sent him flying off the ground. Kyros sent a kick at Saren, but Gabriel shot an energy blast at him. This sent Kyros flying away from Saren.

Saren channelled his own energy into his axe, as he used up the last bit of Kyros's power when he destroyed that school, before swinging it in a wide arc. Sending dozens upon dozens of really tiny explosive dark bolts at Kyros and Rapid that would explode on contact should they impact with something. "You know that building I destroyed was an elementary school right?" Saren asked in a frenzied tone of voice. "I wonder how many children were inside the building when it blew up! I wonder how much they screamed as their final moments arrived! Rest assured... I had so much fun killing them all, imagining their souls all screaming in anguish and agony! It's.... EXHILERATING!!!" Saren shouted out as he showed but a glimpse of the depths of his madness as he laughed. A maddening cacophony of loud shrieks and demented shouting erupting from his vocal chords.

Rapid tried to run, but was nailed by a dark bolt. He was launched through a building. Kyros barely escape, taking cover behind remnants of a crumbled building.

"Yes...Yes! Run! Run in vain as this city is destroyed and it's inhabitants gush out the wonderful crimson life I crave so vey much! Let them bleed rivers of blood so I may feast upon their despair as the wonderful crimson gushes out!" Saren shouted as he gave into his desire to kill as he lept into a crowd of people. A storm of bloodstained steel and fury as he massacred them. Shouting in psychotic glee as he did so.

Exodus looked at Saren with delight. "Keep it up. Soon, we'll rid the world of these pests and start over by ourselves." He said, sending energy blasts at the location Rapid was last seen.

"Amp it up... RAGE EVEN MORE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" Saren maniacally shouted as he started to envelope himself in a purplish dark energy field. "Die by my hands 'Heroes'.... Blackened Reign!" Saren shouted out as the dark energy cloak became more noticeable as saren stuck his right hand out and a vibrating beam of darkness gathered in his palm before he chanelled the beam into his axe, which glowed a malevolent violet as he pointed the axe at a far off apartment complex as the axe launched a pulse of darkness at the building that would leave no trace of the building and everything within a three mile radius of the apartment complex if the pulse makes contact with the building. The Executioners axe dispelled itself as the attack left saren without much energy left. "Crap! Looks like I'll have to start feeding if I want to remain in the fight!" Saren thought to himself as he sat in a lotus position as purple streams of energy are absorbed by Saren. "It's so good to be able to feed on others dark emotions!" Saren stated in a rough voice.

During the intense battle,  a grey babylonian hawk entered station square. The hawk wore his iconic turquoise t-shirt blue trousers and red Extreme Gear boots, on his wrists rested the Arks of the Cosmos and on his belt was where his sword, the Biting Gale, rested. As he walked into station square he looked up at Saren.

"Hey, ugly fox looking thing!" the hawk shouted.

"Shut it lunch meat!" Saren shouted back as he casually launched a black sabbath sphere at the hawk at high speeds, which would enshroud the hawk on impact if it hit.

The hawk dissapeared in a gust of wind and suddenly appeared on top of a nearby building some distance away from the sphere. "My, my watch where you throw those things! It could take a bird's beak off y'know!" the hawk joked.

Saren just grinned psychotically as the orb impacted a group of civilians. Their agonized screams echoing as they are slowly being cooked alive. "I guess you should also watch your surroundings 'Hero' wouldn't want these poor people to die now would we?" He grinned in a malicious yet sarcastic way.

"Good point." The hawk said. The hawk then looked up into the sky and and then let off a rhythmic set of sqwuaks. Suddenly the burning sensations within the civilians were being overwhelmed with satisfying relief as the hawk's healing spell took affect. The hawk then let off another series of squawks and 75% of the civilians with the area suddenly dissapeared off to another area away from station square

"Now things will be a little fairer, that is, if you want to stop displaying your weakness and decide to fight me directly," the hawk said.

"My weakness!? Oh well. I can still taste the fear and terror that has saturated the air, and it is delicious!" Saren stands up. Summoning his scythe and his dagger. "Now... Let's see what you got little birdie! Make the first move." Saren said as he hefted the scythe with his left hand and held his dagger in a reverse grip with his right.

The hawk took a step forward and suddenly leaped high into the air, as be began to descend at a speed towards Saren, he placed his left hand on his sword and right hand out in front of him. Once he got within range he quickly unsheathed his sword and unleashed a slash aimed at Saren's torso. The momentum of drawing his sword combined with the slash would cause and increase in the speed and strength of the slash with considerably less effort on the hawk's part.

Saren jumped back and took a glancing blow from the slash but quickly retaliated by spinning around on his right foot with his scythe out at an angle that would make it hard to dodge without good reflexes. The momentum he gained from hopping back and spinningwould decrease the stamina expended from such a maneuver and increase the speed and power of the strike. "Heh! This is a battle! Not like that farce with those other three! I can finally cut loose and use my full strength!" Saren shouted as he was fighting Nate the hawk.

By manipulating the air around himself, the hawk manages to steady himself quickly and block the scythe with his sword. An small harmless shock wave formed as the two warriors locked weapons together. "You haven't seen nothing yet," the hawk said with a grin.

"Good, I would hate to go all out only to for the battle to end very quickly... Now show me what you can do!" Saren shouts with glee as a menacing dark aura surrounded him as he twisted the scythe to an angle where the blades would lock together and gave the scythe a strong yank as he moved his right hand, with the dagger channeling the same dark energy and still in a reverse grip, in order to deliver a slash across the hawk's eyes that should connect due to how close they currently are and thanks to the dark energy coating his dagger, increasing the sharpness of the blade and elongating the range of his dagger's slash arc by ten centimeters.

The hawk didn't expect such a slash and let out a screech as dagger slashed at his eyes, blinding him. He then instinctively used his Sonic Squawk attack, he let loose a squawk so powerful that it could potentially deafen Saren.

Saren was caught completely off guard by the Sonic Squak attack and screamed as blood started pouring out from his ears as his hearing was badly damaged and thanks to the surprise attack along with the previous fights he is beginning to run low on energy. He jumped back before snarling with an animalistic fury as he charged up dark energy and compressed it into a small orb. "Darkened...Malice...Surge!" Saren shouted in fury as he squeezed the orb with both hands before extending one arm out and pointed it at the hawk and firing as a highly comdensed, thin purple beam of dark energy came rushing out at the hawk with the intent of striking him in his chest and due to the hawk probaby still panicking about his lost eyesight and because the beam was highly condensed and was fired from a distance of one yard. The beam would have a high chance of hitting the hawk and piercing through the hawk's chest area.

The grey hawk was surprised at his lost eyesight, but he also realised that it left him very vulnerable. Thinking quickly, he pulled up a defensive barrier in front of himself, barely blocking the beam. The hawk then let off a eries of squawks which were similar to the ones he did before. Suddenly, his eyes started to reform and his eyesight was healed. As he got used to being able to see again he noticed that his shield was starting the crack. He barely managed to dodge to the left before the beam smashed through the shield. "Not bad, but you do know that i haven't even started to get serious yet," the hawk warned.

"Well now... looks like I don't have to start limiting myself." Saren said as he absorbed the ambient emotions around him, restoring his strength and healing his ears. "You may have caught me by surprise with that incessantly loud shrieking. But it won't happen again!" Saren stated in a deathly calm tone as he dispelled his dagger in favor of his axe. "Come!.... Meet your end with honor!"

"Well, as i made the first move last time, it is only fair that you go first this time," the grey hawk suggested whilst clenching his sword.

Kyros got up and sent a blast of energy at Exodus. Exodus deflected it with a flick of his wrist. Soon after, a flash of orange, red, and yellow flashed and hit Exodus. There was a fire starting in some grass. A red and yellow hedgehog stood in front of the wreckage. He spit next to him. "What the hell is going on here?" He asked in a monotonous voice.

"Very well.. Whatever your name is." Saren said as he chanelled a small amount of energy into his axe and made a slashing motion at the hawk as a wide crescent of dark energy was sent flying at the hawk. It most likely wouldn't hit but it would give saren enough time get into close range for him to deliver an upwards slash with his axe and follow up with a downwards slash with his scythe that would draw some blood and leave scars in the form of an 'X' if it connected.

The new hedgehog looked at Saren, then Kyros, then back to Saren. The hedgehog then attacked Kyros, sending a flurry of fireballs at him. Kyros ran, getting clipped by a fireball. His knee was burnt.

A wolf was watching the ensuing battles from the view of the top of a building. "Looks like I might not have to get involved... Oh well! Might as well have some fun!" The wolf grins as a massive thunderstorm appears, shooting out black electricity at the various buildings. 

The hedgehog looked up, confused. "What the hell?" He asked himself. He shrugged it off and went back to battling with Kyros.

As the two continued fighting the storm got more destructive in its lightning strikes. Now buildings are collapsing from the lightning strikes and a few explosions happened when the black lightning struck a few gas stations along with cars and even people. "Hah! At this rate the city will be levelled completely!" Mars said as he vanished in a violent surge of electricity only to reappear on the roof of a taller building away from the fighting that's currently going on.

The grey hawk ran towards the energy wave and slide under it, consequently he also slide under Saren's upward slash. He then pulled up his sword to defend himself from Saren's downward slash. "The name's Nate by the way," the hawk said as he blocked the scythe swing with his sword.

The new hedgehog then looked at the hawk and sent a large blast of fire at him.

Nate looked upwards and saw the blast coming in his direction, within seconds he had teleported away from his previous position, leaving the blast to hit Saren instead. Nate appeared a few feet away.

"So you want me dead too?" He asked the hedgehog.

The hedgehog shrugged. "I'm for myself. Unless you want money too. I was assigned to stop the fight, regain control, and launch an attack on city hall." He answered.

Saren saw Nate teleport away and heard the telltale sounds of a fireball heading towards him so he slashed his scythe at the fireball, absorbing some of the flames while dispersing the rest. "Hmph... Another time lunch meat!" Saren said in a slightly annoyed tone of voice as he quickly melted into a nearby shadow and reemerged in the middle of a tall building's roof.

Mars smiled as he spotted city hall. "Looky here...City hall. I wonder what would happen if I were to direct the storm to strike city hall! Lets find out shall we!" Mars stated with an excited look on his face as black lightning started striking city hall. All while Mars was sitting in the middle of an apartment complex roof.

The hedgehog looked at city hall. "Hey! That's my job!" He yelled, shooting a fireball at Mars' assumed position.

Nate then teleported himself towards Saren's position eager to continue their fight. He appeared a few feet in front of the lynx. "You weren't gonna leave me hanging now were you?" Nate said with a grin.

"No, just wanting to make sure that no one else interferes!" Saren said as he rushed towards Nate with his axe and scythe in a reverse grip before coating the axe in his own energy as he attempts to slam the axe straight into Nate's head as a feint that would force him to duck in order to avoid the slash as a dark spike would erupt from Nate's own shadow, heading towards his cranium as he ducked down and lodging itself throught Nate's brain if the feint was successful.

Mars smirked as he saw the fire ball hit a smaller building two blocks away from his actual position.

Nate quickly jumped into the air, doing a small front flip in order to avoid the slash and the potential spike attack. He then landed behind Saren and then teleported silently in front of him again. The hawk then gathered a ball of raw gravitational energy and then pushed it into Saren, if it were to connect a large explosion would occur. The explosion would damage Saren and probably push him away a few feet.

Saren's eyes widened in fake surprise as he made it look like he got hit, only to melt into Nate's shadow at the last second, taking a glancing blow. "let's see if you can avoid your own shadow!"Saren said while inside Nate's shadow.

Nate looked down at his shadow and pondered on how he would get rid of this situation. "I'm sure that there's a spell for this somewhere," the hawk said to himself.

Shadow spikes started launching out of Nate's shadow at lightning speed as they attempted to skewer the bird. Most likely they would hit his lungs or sever Nates's achilles tendons seeing as how you can't outrun your own shadow and the sheer amount of them being launched at Nate.

Nate didn't care for the shadows as he was capable of using his powers to make him intangible, like a ghost. Nate watched as the shadow spikes harmlessly went through his body, unable to feel him. Nate realised quite quickly that running from your shadow is going to be near impossible so he decided to come up with a plan whilst he waited Saren out.

"So... we're playing the waiting game huh? Unfortunately for you, I can do this for a long time, your intangibility must put a drain on your energy reserves...Plus I don' have to worry as much about power overuse." Saren said from inside the shadow as he dispelled the shadow spikes and started feeding on the negative emotions given off by Gabriel and Exodus.

Nate looked at his shadow and then released that Saren had a good point, He then opened up a small pocket dimension using a spell he learnt and pulled out a spell book from within the portal. He then flicked through a few pages and then shut the book as he learnt the spell that he wanted to use. Nate looked down at his shadow with a sly expression. He then closed his eyes, whilst still remaining intangible, and uttered a series of different rhythmic squawks. Suddenly, his shadow slowly but surely started to fade away from the plane of existence, If Saren didn't hurry up and leave his shadow, he could end up in god knows where.

"If you really want to play that badly.." Saren said, re emerging from a shadow a few feet away from Natae. "Then fine by me. But let's make this interesting, we could slug at each other with our powers and weapons and magic for a long time, never truly proving our mettle, or we can do this old school. No cheap tricks, no weapons, no powers. Just hand to hand. Like the Warriors of old did." Saren said as he tossed his scythe and axe at a nearby shadow where they sunk into it.

"And how do i know that you'll actually stick to the rules?" Nate said whilst staring at Saren suspiciously.

" I still have my pride as a warrior. Better question is.. How would I know you would stick to the rules. Being a 'hero' doesn't mean that you always follow the rules, likewise being a villain doesn't always mean you break the rules." Saren said as he shifted his feet to the side so as to make certain spots on his body harder to hit while bending his knees and extending his left arm in a fist while keeping his right arm near his chest.

Rapid finally got up. He limped and was wounded pretty bad. He looked at the red and yellow hedgehog. "Zero...Zerofuse?" He said weakly, holding his arm. Zerofuse looked at him, fireball in hand. "What?" He asked, irritated at the damage he missed out on. Rapid weakly walked towards him before falling down to his knees, too weak to continue. Zerofuse smiled deviously and tried to locate Nate and the source of the lightning.

"Eh sure, i'm up for a little are hand scuffle," Nate said whilst throwing his sword up into the air. A pocket dimensional portal opened up above him and the sword sailed into it before it closed up. Nate then entered his fighting stance and waited fro Saren to make the first move.

Zerofuse saw Nate's dimensional portal open then close. "There." He directed to himself. He ran towards the two.

Nate glanced towards hie left and noticed the red and yellow hedgehog closing in on him and Saren. The hawk then jumped backwards in a large backflip and landed on a vent. "Who the heck are you?" he exclaimed

Zerofuse shook his head. "Someone on a job. Look, leave the damn city hall alone. It's my job to destroy it. I need this money. Go play somewhere else kids." He said, mocking the fight about to begin.

"Sorry, but i want to protect the city. If you want to destroy it, you'll have to go through me first," Nate replied

Zerofuse smirked. "Oh do I now?" He asked sarcastically. He had fire around his hands, getting ready to throw a punch of fire.

Nate grinned. "That's the requirement," the hawk smirked. Nate then clenched his fists and the arks of the cosmos around his wrists began to glow white.

Zerofuse jumped forward with a full spin. As he jumped, he lifted his arms up, the fire getting bigger. Halfway through the spin, he got ready to release the fireballs. As he completed the spin, he released the fireballs. The fireballs were hurled at an amazingly fast speed directed to Nate.

"Humph... Time for me to finish this place off!" Saren said before he melted into the shadows and reappeared where Mars was at.

"Hey buddy, you wanna try a combo smasher?" Mars said as he saw Saren.

"Sure..." Saren said as he and Mars started channeling darkness and Dark lightning into a fused orb before launching it at the city.

"Dark Lightning surge!" Saren and Mars shouted in an echoed effect.

Exodus had finished destroying almost a quarter of the city. "Can we speed this up? I want to kinda destroy other places." Exodus said impatiently while throwing a bunch of knives everywhere, impaling pedestrians.

Saren grabbed Mars and melted into the shadows with him and reappeared by Exodus just as the aforementioned attack hit the city, destroying another quarter of it. "The fire works should be starting in three... Two... One... Boom" Saren said as a purple light with streaks of black lightning was given off from the attack.

"That was brought to you by the demented minds of two psychos with a penchant for using combo moves when together.. Often with explosive results!" Mars said. Laughing out as the city was being destroyed. "If it weren't for these pests that just keep showing up than this wouldn't be a problem."

Exodus snickered. "Let's send them away then, shall we?" He said, swinging a sword to create a rip in the sky and create a wormhole.

"What we are about to do will drain us significantly, so if you have any way for us to recuperate quickly after this, it would be very useful. Also we might want to warn the other one who came with you, so he can assist in the complete decimation of this place." Saren said.

"Let the wholesale slaughter begin!" Mars shouted as a huge black lightning storm was rapidly forming over the city and what appeared to be a large wolf composed entirely of black lightning gave off a mighty roar that sounded like a cross between a demon's shriek of fury and a werewolf's ominous howl before it raced down from the clouds and headed towards the city. "Black Fenrir wild decimation!"

"I will feast upon the fear and hatred this act of carnage will bring for many years!" Saren laughed out as the various shadows in the city started releasing small black balls of raw destructive energy and they coalesced into one giant ball that Saren sent crashing towards the city with a wave of his hands "Mausoleum of the dark tyrants!"

Nate pulled up a shield of raw gravitational energy as the fireballs drew near. The fireballs dissipated as the touched the barrier and Nate watched on as the three villains proceeded to attack the city.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Soundtrack - 28

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Soundtrack - 28. It Has to Be This Way (Platinum Mix) Instrumental

This song will probably start playing now

"What the-" Nate exclaimed as the trio destroyed building after building, sending numerous civillians into panic.

The hawk's eyes widened and suddenly he started to feel a power swelling up within in him. A sharp sky blue aura enveloped his silhouette. Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently and the sky darkened as Nate gathered his positive Djinn Soul within him and let out a loud scream. "I WON'T LET YOU WIN!!!" Nate shouted at the top of his lungs, loud enough for all of the people within the area to hear him.

"NOTHING SHALL STAND IN WAY!!! Mausoleum of the dark tyrants! Phase two!" Saren shouted as the black orb impacted, gaining strength as Saren was thanks to the fear given off by the civilians as it exploded with the force of the original nuclear bomb detonated at bikini atoll with dark fire raining down on the civilians, causing them to panic as they are consumed by the flames and the destruction.

"Looks like Saren has gotten serious." You might want to do the same of you want to get in some last minute destruction because once stage three is activated. That's when the fun begins" Mars laughed out from next to exodus as he shot out a bolt of dark lightning at fenrir, making him grow larger and larger as he grew closer and closer to the city.

Nate continued to charge his energy, causing the building he was on to continue to shake violently. After a few moments the transformation had finish and Nate was ready for a fight. The hawk;s pupils had dissapeared and the feather on his head had grown longer. A cyan coloured aura surrounded his body and his arms were covered in babylonian tattoos of a sort. The energy that his body was emitting was enough to make even the strongest of foes feel a little shiver.

Saren doesn't feel anything thanks to his maddened frenzy as his blackened aura extends outward and is visible, leaving all who aren't strong enough to resist when they are touched by it reduced to the same insanity he is.

"You dun goofed! Now my Fenrir can do it's job!" Mars shouted as the Fenrir impacted the city, destroying more of it and killing more people as it exploded on a violent surge of gale force winds reaching up to 345MPH as well as black lightning and the storm over the city growing even larger.

"Fear the wrath of Mars!"

Exodus had enough of the heroes interfering. He made the portal bigger before. Exodus thought more about what he was doing. Now he made a few more portals, sucking up Rapid and Kyros. Exodus then looked at Zerofuse and Nate, trying to figure out how to get the two in a portal.

"Hey.. Whatever your name is, If you can somehow use the hawk's powers against him you could knock him into the vortex, the other one should be a piece of cake if you can just knock him airborne while near the portal... Take my scythe and axe, the scythe absorbs and negates all non physical attacks that come into contact with it and the axe lets the wielder harness the same power absorbed by the scythe." Saren said as he summoned the two aforementioned weapons and handed them to Exodus.

"Wassaaap?" Jean asked with a grin as she strolled in casually, amused at how suddenly she was appearing. "No, really, what's up?" She asked with a grin.

"Oh nothing... Just enjoying the screams of others as their livelihoods are decimated along with this city!" Mars said excitedly.

Exodus caught the scythe and grinned. "The name's Exodus." He said. He then moved toward Nate, trying to get him to use his attacks.

"Exodus hm... Interesting fellow." Saren chuckled as he watched him start fighting Nate.

Zerofuse had shot a fireball at Exodus. Exodus deflected it. Zerofuse sighed.

Saren grinned as the scythe absorbed some of the power from the fireball before dispersing the rest before he jumped into the fray with his axe glowing a maroon color as maroon flames appeared on the axe before he swung it at Nate. Releasing a wide crescent of maroon colored flames that burned brightly as they headed towards Nate. "It's time to party! Plus hand to hand combat would only be possible if there weren't so many people around us!"

Exodus stood there, waiting for Nate to use his ability. He was in a "ready" pose as if he were fighting someone.

Nate watched as the flames arc came towards him and suddenly he wasn't there. Without a warning of even a gesture Nate had teleported silently behind Exodus. With one swift motion he swung a powerful and blindingly fast right kick, aimed at Exodus' head.

"Mars... Send the other one straight into oblivion!" Saren shouted.

"Black Fenrir! Go for the flame wielding hedgehog!" Mars shouted as the huge wolf made entirely of black lightning ran in a zigzag pattern towards zerofuse. Most likely hitting and causing some serious damage unless he can outrun lightning.

Zerofuse quickly created a force field of fire. It was very strong, but he was draining his energy. Fast.

While the wolf was rushing at Zerofuse mars managed to fire off two bolts of highly condensed black lightning at the barrier in hopes of weakening it so the black fenrir would be able to do some damage before exploding and sending zerofuse flying into the wormhole that Exodus created.

Zerofuse's force field gave out and he was left vulnerable. He shot some fireballs at the black fenrir before falling to one knee.

The black fenrir seemed to be unnaffected by the fireballs as it reached Zerofuse and exploded, most likely doing serious damage to Zerofuse and knocking him up into the air and towards the wormhole thanks to Zerofuse being vulnerable as his fire shield gave out and because he would most likely be exhausted from the fights he has been while at the city, whereas Mars suffered damage from the fireballs that hit the black fenrir through a sort of empathy link. Though Mars, due to staying out of most of the fights and not using his powers save for a few instances was left somewhat exhausted, yet still in better condition than Zerofuse.

Zerofuse was swept up into the wormhole. The wormhole soon closed up. Exodus smirked. "Just an update, I have sent them to random locations throughout the world." He said outloud, knowing someone was eavesdropping.

"Rage.. Hatred.. Fear! Give me more! I want MORE!!" Saren shouted, his hunger for eternal combat awakened in its full ferocity as he prepared to unleash enough dark energy to destroy Station Square, wiping all traces of it's existence off the face of Mobius.

Those present and not sucked into a wormhole were in danger of being decimated by the dark energy from Saren. Exodus looked at Saren. "Are you ready to complete phase 1?" He asked, a portal of his own about to be formed.

Mars grabs on to Saren.

"Yeah, now I'm ready. What's phase 1?" Saren asked, a homicidal grin on his face.

Exodus looked up. "Destroying this place. With the power of all of us, we can destroy the planet. Phase 1 is the destruction of this planet. Phase 2 is absorbing the energy from the planet. Phase 3 is becoming almost invincible. Phase 4. Ruling the galaxy." He answered.

"So... God like power and nobody can stop us? Perfect!" Saren said with a grin as Mars began channeling his own energy in order to cause his own form of electrical mass destruction.

Exodus smiled devilishly. "Execute phase 1." He said. Anyone still here and not in a wormhole now was in serious danger of dying. Exodus gathered enough energy to destroy the moon. He charged it up, sucking up any other energy blasts someone had. The air quality changed, the moisture drying. The thunder from Mars had been supercharged and became more potent. The clouds turned a deep red. It began to rain hard along with hail. Winds kicked up to about 70 miles per hours.

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