A few months after the World Hero Tournament, a mysterious figure stands atop a tall mountain, looking over Station Square. "Enjoy your era of peace while you can," he said, "because soon, it will all come to an end." And with that, he lept off of the mountain and vanished into thin air.

This RP is open to anyone, heroes and villains, but the main villain is the above character.

There are a few rules though:

  • No Godmodding (I will be scanning for it)


  • No twisting the plot to revolve around your character
  • The maximun is 5 characters per user.
  • Stay on track please. This RP has a plot and a goal. Simple sidestories are okay but should not distract from the main story.
  • Also, try not to start random fights unless they're important

Now, enjoy the RP!



Anti Heroes

  • Thetis the Wolf
  • The Red Baron(played by Tailsman67)
  • Rage (Played by Kasei)
  • Sinu (Played by LuckytheHedgehog900)
  • D(played by Tailsman67)



  • Station Square
  • Underworld
  • Betwixt and Between
  • False World

Part 1: The Beginning

Part 1A:

It is a peaceful day in the busy Station Square. People are hustling about, going about their daily activities. Suddenly, a rogue hedgehog appears on the scene. He dashes into a couple of buildings, damaging them, and is attacking innocent civilians.

???2: *looks at the hedgehog* What is it up to?

????: (Steps out of the rubble, revealing none other than Sonic the Hedgehog) Hello there. Wanna play?

???2: Whatever Sonic. *smirks*

Sonic: (Dashes into ???? at high speed and knocks him into a building)

????: *gets up out of a building and uses Volt Tackle on Sonic*

[Meanwhile, a strange-looking being is watching the fight...]

???: Something is wrong here...

Sonic gets up, without a scratch on him. "What, is that all you can do? Who are you anyways?"

???: No...I can control much more than that..I can control Space and Fire as well got a Problem? My name is Keith The Dragonolf, the fastest ever...

[The mysterious being turns invisible and gets closer to Keith and Sonic.]

Keith: *uses Spacial Rend on Sonic*

[Something suddenly counters the Spacial Rend attack with a ChronoBlade!]

??? 3: ... *looks at Sonic* What are you doing here Mr. Hero?

Keith:What was that and who was that who attacked me?

???: Enough of this fighting.

[A mysterious-looking, anthropomorphic being with pink markings reveals itself. It has a female's voice.]

Keith: Or what will happen?

???: There is a much greater evil threatening to consume Mobius. Fighting amongst yourselves will solve nothing.

Keith: Oh yeah? *uses Thunder on ???*

???: [Dodges easily]

Keith:*uses Flamethrower on ???*

???: [Counters with Hydro Pump] Is violence your answer to everything?

Keith:Yes....(uses Overheat to counter Hydro Pump)

[The two attacks engage in a power struggle!]

???: I must admit, that is quite...sad...

Keith:Oh really...(uses Blast Burn countering Hydro Pump)

[Due to the power loss from using Overheat, Keith's Blast Burn is a bit weaker than normal.]

???: Yes...[teleports out of the way, appearing behind Keith]

Keith:What where did it go?

???: [Floating a foot off the ground] I'm right behind you, if you wish to continue wasting time and energy fighting me.

Keith:So? *uses Thunderbolt on ???*

???: [Uses Static Cling to absorb the electricity]

Keith:*uses Ice Punch on ???*

???: [Counters with Fire Palm]

(Sonic): Well, you guys certainly have some unique abilities. Mind if I use them for a while?

Sonic then fades to a pure black colour. His shape slowly changes, and he reverts back to his original form.

????: Hey everyone.

???: !

Keith:What?! How can he shapeshift?

Nusquam: Hehehehe. That's because I'm not Sonic you moron. My name is Nusquam the Doppleganger, and I'm going to borrow your powers for a while.

[Then, a being similar to the one with pink markings appears.]

??? 2: You! You're the cause of all this!

Nusquam: Who, me? No, you think? (teleports in front of ???2 and kicks him/her in the face)

??? 2: [Goes skidding back a few feet] Gah!! [dashes at Nusquam suddenly, about to use Inferno Slash]

Nusquam: (does the same, extending his claws and charging them with fire) Hah!

[??? 2 and Nusquam's fire-coated claws collide, creating a small explosion of fire.]

Another being appears, shifting out of Nasquam's shadow; Rage the Bear. "You're quite an interesting person, able to change your shape and all that." Rage then jumps away and fires a dark bolt at Nasquam.

Nusquam: (quickly jumps out of the way) Not bad, but you'll have to do better than that! (fires two pure black energy beams at ???2 and Rage) Two against one? This is beginning to be a fair fight.

Rage snickers. "Using a darkness-based attack on me? Do you even know who I am?" The beam slams against him with no evident damage, but at the same time Rage fires a wave of darkness towards Nasquam. "No way to dodge this!"

Nusquam: Hm, well that would do quite a bit of damage...(the wave hits Nusquam head on, but phases right through him and heads towards ???2) if I was someone else. Shadow beams won't work on you eh? Well then, maybe this will work. Final Lament! (A coil of pitch black negative energy (not darkness) fires out of Nusquam's hand and wraps around Rage)

Rage growls as the negative power coils around him. "Hmph, you have some ability, I see. Still, this is nothing." Rage turns pitch-black and falls into his own shadow, only to reappear a few feat away. "You can't fight something like me, fool. And you're about to find out why!" Rage launches another blast of darkness at Nasquam, followed by a Nightmare Spear attack.

[Not expecting Rage's attack to go through Nusquam, ??? 2 gets hit full on.]

Nusquam: (Suddenly vanishes, avoiding both attacks. Then behind Rage...) You shouldn't talk like you have power. Besides, you didn't let me finish branding you. (His arms then turned pitch black, grow and extend, grabbing Rage and lifting him several feet into the air) You'll need a lot more power to defeat a god!

Rage again shifted into the shadows, reappearing a distance away again. "No wonder neither of us are getting very far, fool....I was a god, worshiped by my people, and feared the whole world over! You don't have the means to defeat me!" He roared, firing three dark bolts at his enemy.

The bolts phased through Nusquam once again. "You really never learn do you? I was hoping to make thin flashy, but I guess I'll have to do this the quick way. Lucky for you." His arm turned black and extended towards Rage at high speed, his palm hitting Rage in the forehead. Rage started emitting waves of negative energy, and when Nusquam removed his hand from his head, he left a mark on his forehead. "There, you've been branded."

Rage smirked, the mark disappearing as soon as it appeared. "You can't mar a body like mine. It seems you are the one who won't learn." He then jumps into the air and fires a barrage of dark bolts. "No one can be intangible forever."

(fair enough)

"Tch! You really are a god then. No mortal can simply shrug off my brand." He created a purple barrier around him and deflected the bolts. Looks like I'll have to use other abilities to defeat you.

Rage continues to assault his opponent with a hail of black bolts. "Oh yeah!? What abilities would those be?"

Nusquam began building up energy in his hand, deflecting the bolts with the other one. "Let's see if this works, shall we?"

Rage remains wary of Nasquem's energy build-up, but nevertheless continues attacking. "Bring it on!"

"Fine." Nusquam was finished charging. "Chrono Slow!" Everything slowed down immensely. The bolts rage fired at Nusquam now moved at the speed of a snail. "Hm."

Rage himself didn't notice a change in time. He didn't know that he was wide open to attack.

"Well this certainly does the trick." He took his time walking over to Rage. "You're good, but not that good." He extended his arm, and fired a big blast of negative energy at Rage.

Time reverted back to normal speed

Rage is blown to the ground, several injuries visible. "W-what the!?" He stammered, before glaring up at Nasquam. "You'll pay dearly for this....just you wait." He stammers, before falling unconscious. (And then I'll need to bring his super-form in to beat you, huh?)

(Probably, but not yet. This is just the beginning of the story, remember?)

"That's all? I'm dissappointed. The only person worth branding is un-brandable." He then sighed. "Oh well. There's bound to be someone around here who can open the doorway for me. Maybe they'll be in Greenflower City." With that, he rose into the air, and flew off in the direction of the city."Whoops. Nearly forgot to brand this area." His arm turned black and his hand grew to the size of a car. He then stretched his arm and slammed his hand into the ground, leaving a massive shaped scar on the ground. "I'll give this place a few days till it fully falls apart. That's the power of my Lamenting Curse." He then flew off towards Greenflower City, with a certain echidna on his mind.


Ichiro and Kenji: [meditating onto the grassy field]

Ichiro: Hitotsu ha, chuudan dare se zu ni, shizen to ketsugou suru houhou o manabu hitsuyou ga ari masu. (One must learn how to bond with nature, without anybody interrupting.)

Kenji: Hai. (Yes.)

(Claude is seen watching Station Square, with faint panicked commotions)

Claude: [thinking] What just happened to Station Square...? [walks over to Station Square to find out what was going on]

Nusquam's prediction was correct, because two days later, a large portion of the city near the mark collapsed into rubble almost instantaneously

Part 1B: Greenflower City

A blue echidna watched the news reports in his home. A fight broke out in Station Square. After leaving a lot of damage in the area, the victor of the battle left a mark on the ground. The echidna looked very concerned. "What on earth...?" He examined the mark a bit better, as long it was onscreen. He didn't really recognize it from anywhere. "Something's wrong here..Why would someone do that? What are they planning?" He stroked his chin. "This most certainly doesn't bode well..." He looked over his shoulder, glancing at another echidna behind him.

She shook her head. "I don't know what it could mean. Who did this?"

"That's the question." He said, standing up. "I think this requires further investigation..."

Not too far away, Rage was starting to wake up, looking around. "Where...where did that guy go..." He stammered as he got to his feet.

A woman dressed in long flowing robes and emitting a bright glow appeared in front of him. "Please, you must stop him. I will explain later, but for now, you must got to Greenflower City!" Then, as suddenly as she appeared, she vanished.

"Super-powered time gods...hallucinations....saving the world...this sounds a lot like something Sonic should be mixed up in..." Rage mutters as he gets to his feet. "If that freak ran off to Greenflower City...then there's nothing I can do for them now...He's already proven too strong for me before, but if I'm at full power...well, then even for a moment, there's nothing in existence that can defeat me...I have to retrieve my other four Rage Gems." He said finally. And with that, he turned tail and ran into the horizon.

In Greenflower City...

Standing atop a skyscraper, Nusquam observed his new playground. "Now, if I recall correctly, a famous fighter lives somewhere here. If I can find him, good. If I make enough of a mess to draw him and maybe some other heroes, very good." He scanned the area, trying to look for a clue as to where the fighter resides. "Darn it. This may take a while. I need to find someone powerful enough to open the Doorway for me, and this echidna may be my only option!" He then dove into the city, ready to cause some chaos.

Meanwhile, a green falcon flew above the city. "Are you sure this is the place we're looking for," he said into a communicator, "It looks pretty deserted." A female voice spoke back, "Just keep looking Rad. The commander never gives us fake hits." Rad continued to soar over Greenflower City, circling with a watchful eye.

Then, a massive explosion occurred in the center of town.

"Woah," shouted Rad with excitement, "This is BIG! I should listen to you more often." From the communicator again, the voice said "Yes... Yes you should. Heh..." Rad dropped altitude, getting ever so closer to the site of the explosion.

Nusquam was standing in the center of a huge crater he made in the central hub of town. "Good. That should've gotten some attention. But, no one said I can't have a little fun." He shot bolts of negative energy at buildings, overturned cars, and destroyed several shops, and he was greatly enjoying himself.

((Actually, the city should be quite lively.))

The first person to show up at the scene was a red and blue multicolored hedgehog. He quickly came from behind Nusquam and delivered a flying kick towards the back of his head.

Nusquam caught his kick with relative ease, and tossed the hedgehog into a nearby shop.

(Scroll up to see what Rage will be doing for a bit. Message me when you feel it's time he returns, or I'll post when I think that time comes.)
((Lively? I read it's page and it said that that the city was blown up.))

Rad dropped to the ground, ready for combat, he saw the hedgehog attack Nusquam, but was still unsure who the bad guy was. "Alright, what's going on here?" he called out, trying to pinpoint his target.

Keith: *uses Thunder on Rad*

Rad dodged at the last moment, almost surprised at how easy it was. "Hey! What's the big idea?" he shouted in anger. Rad back up a bit, trying to keep the two in the crater and this new guy in his line of sight.

Keith: *uses Thunderbolt on Rad*

With more notice this time, Rad managed to dodge again, but landed off balance. "Great, now you gone and gotten me angry," he said before flying high up into the sky once more. "Y'know, I've got friends like you," he started, "Hit first, ask questions later. Ya... that doesn't always work out for them, so you ain't gonna be much different." Once he finished, Rad began to spin on the spot at unimaginable speeds.

Keith: *uses Volt Tackle on Rad*

Nusquam watched as Keith and Rad duked it out. "Well, these two are certainly interesting. Let's test their power." He built up energy in his right hand, which then took the form of flames. "Blazing Star!" He then fired a large fireball in their direction.

Rad flew away from the Volt Tackle at supersonic speeds. When he stopped spinning, he was glowing brightly. He saw the fireball heading his way, and flew even higher. "Good luck with that, dude," he called down to Keith.

Meanwhile, the two beings from earlier, being followed by a third similar one, had arrived in Greenflower City.

Keith: *dodged out of the way like it was nothing* How useless....

The fireball then exploded in a massive, supernova-esque explosion, blowing everyone in the area back.

Keith:*falls back from the explosion* Ugh...

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Greenflower City, a purple-furred female cat happened to hear the explosion. She was accompanied by a shiny Ampharos.

"What the heck was that?!" said the cat, looking around.

"Ampha," her companion said.

"C'mon, we should check it out!"

So the cat and her Ampharos ran towards the source of the explosion.

Meanwhile in the other part of Greenflower City...

Keith:What was that for?!

The hedgehog came back out of the shop, dusting himself off. "Alright, you. Just who do you think you are, coming here at random and wrecking everything!?" He demanded. "We just got this place fixed up for the THIRD TIME!"

Keith:It's not me...stop blaming me for everyhting!

He looked over at Keith. "I wasn't even talking to you! I'm talking to the one that DID this!"

Keith:Third Time are you serious what happened last ime?

"We had a problem with these Crystal Warrior dudes. Made a mess of everything." He explained, quickly.

"I'm not the first to mess up this city? Now I'm disappointed," Nusquam said. "By the way, do you know anything about The Doorway?"

(Ichiro and Kenji have been moved to part 1A)

"Like I'm gonna give you any information!" The hedgehog snapped at him. "Who the heck are you, anyway!?"

"Unless you're strong enough, it's none of your business. Now get out of my way." The villain then fired several bolts of negative energy at the hedgehog.

The hedgehog was quick enough to dodge every shot easily. "Get out of the city, and maybe I'll get out of your way!" He yelled before firing several fireballs towards him as a counter attack.

Rad flew back down after observing the fighting. "Alright. I think I've got this down now," he said to himself. He started spinning again, and flew down straight towards Nusquam.

"I may not be at full power, but even at this level," Nusquam then created a barrier around himself, deflecting the shots back at the hedgehog and repelling Rad, "No mere mortal can defeat me."

The purple cat had just arrived on the scene, spying Nusquam. She promptly hid behind a small building.

"Who the heck is he?!" she said to herself.

"You, hedgehog. You're stronger than you look. You might make a good avatar after all," Nusquam said.

"Ow! I HATE shields!" Rad shouted in frustration. He flew up once more, going into a loop. On the downward, he headed for Nusquam once more and shouted "Barrel Shield BREAKER!" A spinning aura appeared around him, turning him into a sort of energy drill.

Flame: *heading towards the sight of the battle, a fair distance away, see's the energy drill though * well... something's happening... i should get over there. *takes off at top speed towards the battle*

The Hedgehog merely absorbed the fireballs back into his hands. "I don't know what you're planning, but don't think I'd just turn and help you out!"

Flame: *skids to a stop once he arrives* Alright, what's going on here?

Pyro: (lands nearby) sup?

Flame: *glances at pyro, alarmed by his sudden appearance*

Nusquam's arms turned black and extended, and he grabbed both Rad and the hedgehog in his now massive hands. "I never said you had a choice."

Flame:(Drop from a tree)Hey guys.:)

Cold(Also drop out a tree)Hmph!

"Hey, I remember you! You participated in the World Hero Tournament recently! On second thought," Nusquam dropped Rad and grabbed Cold in a strong grip.

"Hrk!" The hedgehog grunted and squirmed, trying to break free. "Let..Me..GO!" His entire body erupted into flames, in an attempt to burn his hand.

Cold:You need to learn some manners.

Nusquam then dropped Cold. "Never mind you. You're a tad bit weak."

Rad lay on the ground, stunned at Nusquam's power. "I... How did he-- Jade," he began to his communicator, "Reinforcements... Powerful ones."

Nusquam held on to the hedgehog. "Now stay still while I brand you." He squeezed him a little, and then a flash of black light emitted from the hedgehog. When it faded, a clear mark was seen on his forehead. "There. You've been branded."

Keith:*uses Volt Tackle on Rad*

Flame:Wait a minute!

Rad rolled out of the way, but not quick enough; he got hit by the attack's aftermath (It's super effective!). "Will you STOP DOING THAT!" Rad yelled in anger, "I'm not here for you!"

Flame:Who are you hear for then?

Rad got up and said to Flame, "I was sent here to investigate a possible attack. I got here too late, so I called for help." He pressed a button on his collar, which surrounded him in a green right. "I'm taking cover for now, since some people don't know when enough is enough," he said gesturing to Keith. After that, Rad flew off.

Pyro: not sure what's going on, but i could use some training before i go after my real target. (flicks his wrist. a sword made of a forced fusion of fire and water appears in his hand.)

Cold:Well I could train you.

Pyro: there's no training like actual combat. besides, i never said im not good, im just a little rusty.

Cold:(Goes in battle pose)Lets see how good you are.

Pyro: (readies his sword) right.


Keith:*uses Iron Tail on Pyro*

Cold:(Blocks it)No you don't

Pyro: (catches Keith's tail one-handed without looking. the whites of his eyes are now cyan and the pupils dark blue)

Keith:*uses Thunder Tail causing his tail to glow with Electricly*

Pyro: (doesn't see the attack coming and gets electrocuted. lets go of his tail and jumps back a few feet)

"Why are these fools fighting amongst themselves?" Nusquam asked himself. "No matter. None of them are worth branding anyway."

Keith:*uses Iron while using Volt Tackle at the same time while charging at Pryo using Iron Tail at Him*

(Exactly why are you guys fighting?)

(cuz Keith attacked)

Pyro: (collapses into a puddle of water. comes out of another puddle behind Nusquam) what was that you said?

"What, are you deaf?" the villain replied.

Pyro: just so you know, i've been 'branded' by a villain before. at least someone saw potential in me.

"Well let's see that potential in action then!" Nusqam the fired a massive black laserbeam in his direction.

Pyro: (dissappears and reappears behind Nusquam. slices at him with his sword)

Cold:Your a great fighter Pyro.

The sword phases right through him. "You thought it would be that easy?" He then elbows Pyro in the face, hard, sending him flying back a few feet.

Pyro: well, that's irritating. (jabs the blade of Searing Surf (his sword) into the ground) let's see you dodge this! Weapon Style: Searing Surf! (boiling water gushes out of the hilt of his sword, creating a guyser. Pyro takes control of the water and sends it in a massive tidal wave aimed at Nusquam)

Keith:*uses Iron Tail on Pryo*

Pyro: (a small stream of the scalding hot water separates from the rest and slams into Keith full force)

Nusquam sees the tidal wave coming towards him. "Well, that's a big wave. You've got some power I'll give you that." Pyro then hears a voice coming from behind him. "But not that much," Nusquam said, leaning against a lamppost, now behind Pyro.

Pyro: (Nusquam feels wave after wave of scalding water wash over him. the tidal wave flickers and fades away as a second one fades into being already slamming into him full force) more power than you know.

When the waves finally dissipated, Nusquam was seen standing, burnt from the hot water. "Looks like I underestimated you. That would've killed me, if I wasn't immortal." As he spoke, his burns slowly disappeared until they vanished altogether. "Is that all you've got? Cuz now I'm really disappointed."

Pyro: (removes the sword from the ground) dismissed. (the sword dissappears in a burst of steam. a staff made of water appears in his hand) a good water being can use up to three weapon techniques in a row.

"If I'm not mistaken, you're related to that Tsunami girl, right? The one who competed in the WHT a while ago?" Nusquam asked his opponent.

Pyro: sorry. i don't know a 'Tsunami'.

"Hm. I suppose she may be known by another name. She looked a lot like you. Anyways, I'm getting bored with you. Show me what you have left," Nusquam said.

Pyro: (holds his Rain Staff up high) very well. Weapon Style: Rain Storm! (it begins to rain) Rain Staff! Acend! Flood Spear! (the staff becomes a spear made of water)

Flame:Who is Tsunami?

"You know, there's a reason I'm known as 'The Doppleganger'." None of the raindrops hit the ground. They all fused into a massive orb of water that only grew and grew.

Pyro: (smiles) hah. that won't help you. in fact, that's even better than what i'd planned. (jabs the Flood Spear into the ground) Weapon Style: Flood Spear! (the orb of water grows larger and larger, becoming a massive wave. the wave flows straight for Nusquam, the edges seeming to change shape, becoming a flood of spears)

"Sigh." The flood completely stopped in its tracks. "What I meant was, I can control water as well. Not only that, but I can do this as well." The flood of spears reverted back into a massive wave. Then, it turned into pitch black negative energy. "Have fun." The wave then changed direction and headed for Pyro.

Pyro: (vanishes in a burst of flame. behind Nusquam now) sup?

"Sup?" Nusquam suddenly appears behind Pyro in an instant.

The hedgehog was in a kneeling position, injured from being crushed in Nusquam's giant hand. He coughed a few times, and looked back up at what was happening. "How am I supposed to stop this guy..?" He asked himself.

"Oh, you're awake now? I was beginning to worry you couldn't handle it," the demon said.

"What the-" The hedgehog looked around quickly. "Who are you?"

"I should be asking the same question. What is your name?" Nusquam asked.

((When you said Demon, I thought you meant someone else.))

"Wait, hey! I asked you first a long time ago!" He stood back up. "If ya gotta know, my name's Splice. And I'm not gonna tolerate this any further!" He spread his arms outward, seemingly charging an attack.

"My name is Nusquam, and before you do anything else, I'd take that mark on your head into consideration," he said.

He stopped. "Wait a minute..." He felt his forehead, soon feeling the mark. ...Not good. He thought.

Pyro: (rams into Nusquam with his shoulder) sneak attack!

Almost directly after Pyro's attack, something struck at Nusquam hard from above, aimed for his head. In fact, a blow like this would brutally kill a normal person.

"Gyah! What the heck was that?" he was furious now for falling for such a dirt trick. "You're lucky I can't kill you because of the brand. But you, water boy, you're going to die!"

Pyro: bring it on noob!

((I honestly can't believe he just said that.))


"And what about me?" The voice of a blue echidna asked, standing in front of him.

Splice looked over towards them, and his face brightened up a bit. Oh boy am I glad to see him! He thought.

"Splice, Are you alright?" A female voice asked. A pink echidna with purple hair came rushing over to him. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine, Thanks Pearl." He said. "This guy, though..." He looked towards Nusquam, clearly concerned

"Looks like you finally showed up. And you brought your friends too. Now I can brand them just like that hedgehog!" The villain looked quite excited about the new arrivals.

Just then, Rad returned, carrying a jade-green hedgehog as he flew. With them were several melon-green mechs. "Looks like you're seriously outnumbered," Rad said as the group landed. The hedgehog then turned and said, "I guess we weren't the only ones to think of getting help." Each mech lifted an arm to Nusquam, all of which turn into machine guns.

"Dammit. I wasn't counting on so many of you to show up. Farewell for now." He raised his hand high into the air, and then smashed it into the ground. "Final Lament!" A massive shockwave erupted from him, blowing back nearly everyone and everything not strong enough to withstand it. When he raised his hand, his signature mark could be seen on the ground, although much smaller than the one in Station Square. "By tomorrow, this entire area will collapse. Good-bye." With that, he then vanished into thin air.

Pyro: dang. he got away.

"Well, that's disappointing," the hedgehog said as she recovered from the blast. "Ugh... Gammas! Spread out, command: guard," ordered Rad to the mechs. He looked around at everyone else, then the mark on the ground. "Well... what now?"

Pyro: no idea. i started this battle with him to train for my final confrontation with my true target. but, after seeing what happened here, i feel i must help out in whatever way i can.

"Well, he was our target, so we can't really back off," the hedgehog replied. "Right. We'll have the Gammas watch the city in case he come back, while... I guess we go look for him," added Rad. The hedgehog began jumping around anxiously, as if she were about to break into a run. "Any of you boys wanna come with?"

Pyro: glad to.

Splice looked at the mark on the ground with concern. "...Pearl, look at my forehead." He asked. Pearl glanced at it, soon looking somewhat confused.

"What's that mark on your forehead?" She asked.

"Is it the same as on the ground?"

She looked back and forth a single time, soon gasping. "It IS!"

The blue echidna examined the mark on the ground. "This is the same mark as the one in Station Square. That could only mean that this guy is the one who attacked there.." He said. "But how can we prevent this mark from destroying the area?"

The purple cat and her shiny Ampharos companion were still watching the scene from a short distance, hidden by the shade of a building.

Pyro: (senses the cat's body heat. turns to look in her direction) who's there?

"Uhh...I-I am," said the cat, cautiously walking out into the open. The shiny Ampharos was by her side, looking ready to defend her trainer should anyone try to attack her.

Pyro: no need to be afraid, i wont hurt you. what's your name?


Pyro: Pyro. nice to meet you.

"Yeah...uhh...what happened here..." she said, looking at the unusual brand seared upon the ground.

Flames: *Walks into town, has a backpack on* Finally. ^^ here. I've been waiting to go here for a while. *Talking to himself*

(Just so you guys know, my Flame is now Flames. Since someone posted in the rp with a fc named Flame. His new name for now is Flames)

Pyro: (to Ryushu) im not quite sure. that Orochimaru wannabe made it.


Pyro: which one? Orochimaru or the other guy?

"Both," she said.

Pyro: Orochimaru is a white snake. trust me, he's not someone you wanna meet. the other guy....i don't know anything about him. just that, like Orochimaru, he claims to be immortal.


Flames: Hey guys what's goin on? *stops near them*

Flame:Nothing much.

Flames: *notices the mark* what's that? looks like some kind of ancient marking or something.

"That mark is far from ancient." The echidna stated. "It was just put here a few moments ago."

Pyro: i have some experience with strange black marks.

Keith:*gets washed away by water and gets hit by Blast*How useless...I'm sure Smash won't even stand a chance against that guy...

Flames: what i meant was that it's an ancient mark that does SOMETHING... probably some sort of explosive marking... can't tell cause it's not my field.

Cold:I'm sort of puzzled now.

Skate:(Jump out a tree)Hey dudes

LT:(Also Jumps out a tree)What's up!

???3:*uses Air Cutter on LT*

Skate:CHAOS BLOCK(blocks the attack),be more on guard LT!

LT:Wait what tried to kill me!?

Skate:A wind attack.

???3:*uses Heat Wave on Skate&LT*

Keith:*uses Thunder on Skate&LT*

Cold:SPEED KICK(Deflects the attacks)

Keith&???3:(dodges the attacks with Incredible speed) LET'S FINISH THIS!!!(they both uses Overheat on Skate)

Skate&Cold&LT:CHAOS KAIO-KEN(Powers up)!

Keith:*uses Volt Tackle on LT*

???3:*uses Overheat and Flamethrower causing a more powerful Fire type attack against Cold*

(Ryu-Actually, Overheat would have weakened ???3's power, making the resulting Flamethrower weaker.)

"What the hell?!" Ryushu cried out, startled by the sudden outbreak of violence. She ran over to them, followed by her Ampharos.

"What the hell is your guys' problems?!"


Cold&LT&Skate:CHAOS BLOCK(protects themselves)!

???:You guys don't half to do that,your the strongest people I know.

A brown monkey then suddenly appeared from the trees, carrying a large, heavy staff and was followed by a telekinetic wolf. The monkey then looked around and surveyed the recent carnage. "Dammit! We missed him!"

"I told you we didn't have time to stop for lunch. And why is there a random pokemon here?" The wolf looked puzzledly at the Ampharos.


"Uh, excuse me," said Ryushu, waving at the monkey and the wolf. "That random Pokemon happens to be one of mine..."

"Don't mind him. He's not very good at being...nice. I'm Banzai, and you haven't seen a tall, red, demon-looking guy with long black hair around here have you?" Banzai the Monkey then noticed the mark on the ground. "Nevermind."

The wolf then sighed, a habit of his, and introduced himself. "My name is Thetis. Nusquam didn't brand any of you did he?"

Cold:Hey LT look it's Banzai.

LT:Time to kick butt!

???2:LT cool it.


???2/Skate:Yeah it is me.

Cold:Sai get down here.

???/Sai:Okay Friend.>:)

Banzai noticed tha familiar faces. "Oh, hey guys. Long time no see. As fun as a rematch sounds, there're much more important things to do."

As soon as Banzai mentioned the word 'rematch', Thetis noticed Smash, and he remembered his defeat in the WHT. Save it for another time. We have a goal to achieve right now, he thought to himself. He then noticed the mark on Splice's forehead. "Oh no. This is bad." He looked worried. "Is there someplace we can talk?"

((Okay, I have no idea what the crap just happened. I got left behind again.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 02:45, March 2, 2011 (UTC)))

Smash looked up at the group. "..Oh hey I know you. You're Thetis, right?" He asked. It was only then when he followed his gaze to Splice's forehead. "...I don't know what this means other than trouble." He said. "Lets go to my house. Pearl, I want you to prepare a meeting at my house, pronto." He ordered.

"Okay, Smash. I'm on it." Pearl said before rushing down the street ahead of them.

Smash then looked at the group. "Lets hurry."

Splice stood up, frowning. "Hey...What's going on..?" He asked, worried.

Flames: dunno... but it doesn't sound good. You guys mind if i try to help out?

"I'll take any kind of help I can get." Smash said.

Pyro: i'll come too. that guy who did all this reminds me too much of Orochimaru. he must be put down.

Flames: great.

Rad turned around, overhearing the others' conversation. "Then we'll all go together," he said cheerfully. The hedgehog examined the team that appeared to be forming, and gave a smirk.

Keith:Looks like Somebody Didn't think I was in the tourment too...because I was..

???3:I was too..We where Fighting Pearl...

Part 1C: The Aftermath

(Back in Station Square, Claude arrives the city to see people injured, running in panic, shoutings for help can be heard)

Claude: Whoa... [looking around to see Station Square in chaos] Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé...?

Lucky: Whoa... this is bad... *just arrived*

Claude: [helps one of the injured citizen up to his feet] What happened?

Businessman: I dunno, something just attacked us from right out of nowhere!

Claude: Who did this??

Businessman: I don't know! It's really evil though!

Claude: Evil...? [shrugs] Anyway, I should take you guys somewhere safe.

(He walks off, with most of the panicked and injured people following Claude to shelter)

At Smash's house...

"So, is everyone here?" Thetis asked.

Pyro: i am

"Here." Splice said, raising a hand.

"Here." A red cat said, also raising a hand.

Smash looked over all the people who had taken seats. Pearl sat down next to Smash. "Unfortunately, not everyone was able to come. But in place of them, we have new people to help us." She said.

"Hm, I see." Smash nodded with his arms folded. "I do remember Violet telling me that she was going out of town to see family." He said. "Alright, if that's everyone, then lets start the meeting." Smash then cleared his throat, and began to speak. "Now, for those of you who don't know, There is a mysterious man with long black hair has been going around, attacking cities and leaving his "mark" on them. As far as I know, the mark will cause the entire area to collapse in time. Why he's doing this, I don't know. But what does it mean if a mark is on someone's forehead? If it causes an entire area to collapse, what will it do to a living being? And how is it fixed?" Splice's head lowered in depression, as Smash turned to look at Thetis. "Thetis, if you please?"

Keith:*watches Smash&The others* Thery aren't even going to get far....

Smash completely ignored Keith, and listened on.

"What this mark does," Thetis continued, "is that it forces people to complete a certain task within a certain amount of time, otherwise something very bad will happen to them. What the consequences are depends on the person. Assuming Splice, Banzai and myself all have the same objective, we need to find an open somehting called the 'Doorway'."

"On the bright side," Banzai butted in, "you can tell how much time you have left by looking at the mark. It's black on all of us right now, but it'll gradually get redder, until it starts glowing. By that time, it's all over."

Pyro: i have experience with strange marks on people, but i've never seen this kind.

"The mark may can be removed, but only by those with enough power, like the gods from the World Hero Tournament a while ago," Thetis added.

"The Doorway?" Smash asked. "Sounds like an obvious goal for someone evil." He stroked his chin.

"Nusquam..That's his name, right? He mentioned something about The Doorway to me." Splice said.

"The problem is, we have no idea what this Doorway is," Banzai said.

"Bah! He's just sentencing people to death." Smash complained. "So, What're we gonna do?"

"Well, there may be something. Do you still have that letter from the WHT?" Banzai asked.

"...Wait one second." Smash stood up and left the room. After a few moments, he came back holding the letter. "Here. I managed to get it back after the tournament." He said.

Thetis took the letter from Smash. "God I hope this works." He focused some of his energy into the letter, causing it to glow. Then, the letter levitated out of his hand and in front of him. It then expanded, until it became a large, blue portal. "There, now we can go back to Betwixt and Between."

Flames:... *standing near the back, watching, seems to be deep in thought*

"Betwixt and Between?" The red cat looked at the portal. "Where on earth is that?"

"I've never herd of it, either." Splice stated.

"That's where they held the World Hero Tournament." Smash said. "Are you going to try what I think you're gonna try?"

"From what I've heard, Nusquam's from here, so we're gonna need 'their' help to win this," Thetis said as he stepped inside the portal. "Coming?"

Flames: *walks forward* of course. Besides, if i'm hearing right, this place is an exclusive area. The people there might have a clue as to what i'm lookin for... don't worry it's just some antiques from my tribe.

Smash stood up, looking at Thetis. "Is that so?" He smiled a bit. "Well, looks like we're onto something here. Alright everyone, Meeting adjourned. We're going in."

Pyro: im in.

"Well, this portal won't stay open forever, so whoever's coming better hurry up," Banzai said.

Flames: alright. *walks through, still has his backpack*

Pyro: (steps into the portal)

Rand and the hedgehog followed, as she fiddled with a handheld device. "Hopefully they can hold on here while everyone's gone," she said, mostly to herself. The two stepped into the portal, unsure of where they would end up.

Flame:Hey Smash.

Cold:Hey Smash this is Sai.

Sai:Hello,I scene you are kind of wise.:)

LT:Hey Smashhead.:D


(Back at Station Square, Claude has gathered all the survivors inside a large building)

Claude: Is everyone alright?

Citizens: [nods in agreement]

Claude: Okay then. I would find out what was going on, but my main concern are your safeties. Hopefully, this building shall be your shelter, so there's plenty of food, clothes, and others to ensure survival until everything's back to normal.

(The citizens agrees to Claude's suggestion)

Lucky: *patrolling the city, the only one outside that he knows of* geez this place got decimated... hmmmm. wonder who did this.

(He can hear people chatting inside a large building as a shelter)

Part 2A: Betwixt and Between


Betwixt and Bewteen

Unfortunately, simply going and getting the gods' help won't be that easy...

All the heroes (with the exception of a few anti-heroes) arrived in the heavenly world known as Betwixt and Between.

"Okay," Banzai said, "where are Laniatus and Nemesis?"

"," A female voice said.

When everyone looked up, the powerful god's Laniatus (goddess of harmony) and Nemesis (god of Chaos) were trapped inside a strange orb.

"Uh, we're kind of in a situation here," Nemesis said, embarrassed.

"W-What happened here?" Pearl asked, looking up at them.

Flare: my guess is the baddie got here before us, knowing we'd try this. And he caught these two here by surprise. That's my guess. *Has no clue that the two are gods* Hmmmmmmmm...

"Oh, gimmie a break, man.." Smash facepalmed. "We came for help with our own situation. Were we all just screwed from the beginning or what?"

Nemesis clarified things. "Long story short, We banished Nusquam from here thousands of years ago, but he left a trap that activated once he got enough power, which was just now apparently. That also explains why we're in here." As he spoke, he tried ramming into the barrier several times, but it wouldn't budge. "You guys understand right?"

"We thought we dealt with him long ago," Laniatus said, "but we had no idea he had planted this. This cage prevents us from directly from doing a lot of things. We could use your help, but it would involve helping you-know-who."

Splice kicked the ground in frustration.

"Man, I just hate it when they have the upper hand in the beginning." Smash grumbled. "Do you know anything about this "Doorway" thing that he's apparently looking for?"

"Of course we know," Nemesis answered, "We're the ones who created it! The Doorway is a portal leading to a dimension known as the 'False World.' Lani and I have sealed up many dangerous things in there, including the rest of Nusquam's power. Luckily, we have planted a seal on the doorway preventing him from accessing it. That's why he's using you."

Laniatus then interjected. "Wait, maybe you can help. We can't escape from the inside, but maybe you can destroy it from the outside!"

Flames: By the way... do you two know of any relics of a tribe that specialized in turning fire into power? i'm trying to preserve what's left.

"I believe there is such a relic inside the False World. It was a huge danger in the past, but now it may not be so. Once this is over we can give it to you," Laniatus said.

Flames: Thanks... hmmmmmmmmm... *walking around the barrier, looking at it*

"Destroy it from the outside, huh?" Smash asked, raising an eyebrow. "So what do we do, just beat on the barrier till it breaks or is there a catch?"

"No, it should be as simple as that," Nemesis answered.

"Well, in that case....CHAOS BLITZ !" Banzai starts attacking the barrier at extreme speeds and power.

"Sheesh! You don't have to go all out already!" Thetis cried.

After the attack, the barrier was slightly cracked.

"*Pant* Come on! *Pant* It's still up?" Banzai asked.

Pyro: let's see if i can help. (closes eyes)

Flames:... that's it! Say, how powerful are your healing powers? *Talking to the gods*

"Use as much energy as you like. Once we're free, we can bring you back to like if we have to," Nemesis said.

Flames: well... if i can absorb enough fire, i can change into my Nova form. I might be able to break this power... problem is... well.... as a result of the transformation, for some reason, i always end up in critical condition upon exiting.

Pyro: my Advanced Ocean Eye might be able to help, but im not sure if i should use it. i haven't had to in a long time.

Flames: Unless it's an area-of-attack or it has side effects that effect you, don't worry about me... i can absorb a lot.

"Please try anything. Use your most powerful attacks. Banzai went all out and only managed to make a small crack," Laniatus said.

"Try aiming for the crack. That looks like the weak spot," Nemesis added.

"I say we all hit it at the same time." The cat suggested, before pulling out a small cannon, fitting onto his hand. The cannon began to charge with energy.

Smash and Pearl exchanged glances and nodded. "Both together, now." Smash said. They both looked up at the orb, and a blast of energy surrounded Smash. His fur changed from blue to lime greenish cyan as a sky blue aura surrounded him. Pearl also looked to be focusing her strength, but couldn't get anything out.

Splice stood next to them. "I'm not sure what team attack you two are about to pull off, but I'm in on this!" He spread his arms outward, and they both burst into flames.

"Ready...." Smash waited until they were all ready.

"Just do it already! I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic!" Nemesis shouted.

Flames: *enflames in an aura of fire, starts to spindash into the barrier from the opposite side so the blast won't hit him*


Cold:(Stands quietly)

Sai:We might never make it.

The Red Baron:I came fast as I could.


LT:Damn this is it.

(Ryu-Aww man, everyone got far ahead of me... T^T )
(The portal's still at Smash's house. You can go in if you like :))
(Ryu-Is Smash's house in Greenflower city?)

"Well," said Ryushu, who had just arrived. "I've got no idea what's going on here."

"Now!" Smash and Pearl both leaped up into the air, simultaneously. High above the orb, the both of them had their fist's cocked back. Splice leaped up after them, both arms over his head. Smash's fist began to glow brightly as his aura flickered into a lime green color. His fur slowly changed to lime green as he and Pearl both came down upon the orb. "Divine FIST!" They both cried out as they threw their most powerful punches towards the barrier. A huge blast of aura would shoot upwards upon impact. At the same time, Splice shot himself downwards, turning into a fireball, and dove down into the orb. From the side, The canon wielding cat fired a large, powerful blast at the orb.

Cold:Do you mind if I tried?

Flames: *Flames fizzle out, still spindashing into it though*

Then, in a blinding flash, the orb disintegrated, freeing the two deities.

"*Sigh* Finally. Now, first things first. Let me heal all of you," The goddess used her power to fully heal everyone who exhausted thei energy.

"Okay, now let's take care of Nusquam!" The god said as he teleported, or at least tried too. "Grrr...YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"

"Don't tell me the orb has taken our power!" Laniatus said, exasperated. "It'll be a while before we recover all of our abilities."

Smash let out a frustrated sigh. "Looks like it." He shook his head. "Man..Now what?"

"Well in our current state, we can't influence events directly, nor can we remove your marks," Laniatus gestured to Thetis, Banzai and Splice, "which seem to be a mahogany color as of now."

Banzai looked at his tail shockingly. "Wah!? Time's running out guys!"

"There is one more thing we can do, but it's incredibly risky..." Nemesis said.

"Which Is?" Splice asked, uneasily.

Pyro: i might have a way to return to mobius, but it might not be a good idea.

Sai:Let me and Lisa try.




"What are you two talking about?" Nemesis asked.

Smash gave them an irritatedly baffled look. "What are you guys doing?"

"Never mind that. What you need to do is go to the False World and find the infinity crystal. It should restore our power instantly. The drawback is, opening the Doorway to the False World is exactly what Nusquam wants," Laniatus explained.

"If you can go in and get out fast enough, maybe Nusquam won't be able to get inside!" Nemesis said.

Sai:(Runs fast and his sword began to glow)AHHHHHHHHH!

Lisa:WHO HA HE HA HO(A ball of wind mix with energy)!

Skate:Do it guys!


Cold:(Stands quietly)

The Red Baron:(Stands quietly next to Cold)

Thetis then immobilizes everyone using telekinesis. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL DOING!?"

"THANK you. That was beginning to get annoying." Smash said through clenched teeth. "Anyway, Where exactly in there is this Infinity Crystal? I kinda wanna know as much as I can learn before going in there. Saves us the time."


Sai:Wait what!

Lisa:(Lets go the blast)What(a huge wind attack shape as a hand)!

(seriously, what are you all doing?)

"Normally we could look into the False World and see exactly where it is," Laniatus said

"We could have gotten it ourselves," added Nemesis.

"But in the False World, things just float around. The only thing I can tell you is to follow the brightest light you see." Laniatus said.

"Huh...sounds simple enough." Smash shrugged. Okay...That's totally not disturbing. He thought. But then again... He had a quick flashback of a mysterious, colorful, crystal like realm. ...It was kinda the same back there, too.

"We volunteer," Rad called out from the small crowd. The hedgehog gave him a suprised look. "Are you kidding?" she shouted, "We don't know how dangerous it could be!" Rad paused for a moment and looked up to Laniatus and Nemesis, then to the group. "Look, we got into this almost by accident, but we're here now, so we should help in whatever way we can. That's what we do," he explained. With a sigh, the hedgehog face-palmed, and said to herself, "Oh boy... The commander's not gonna like this."

"If it's gonna cause you trouble, Let us handle this." Smash offered. "After all, we were directly involved in it so there's no way out of it for us."

"It's not a problem. Our job is to help people, and this Nusquam guy is clearly a threat," Rad replied. He then turned to his partner and asked, "You with me Jade?" She paused. Observing everyone around her, Laniatus and Nemesis included, she came to a decision. "I'm in. I might regret it, but Rad's right."


Flames: Alright. By the way... what are you two? your power is off the charts.

Pyro: and mine's not?

Flames: Well... after what i went through to get this vase... no. Your power is greater than mine, granted, but... well after that experience, it takes A LOT of power to surprise me. And these two have done that and more so I'm really curious.

Pyro: i wiped out an entire town with a single burst of fire. (a palm sized fireball appears in his hand) this big.

"Look, We don't have time to brag, alright?" Smash reminded him, raising an eyebrow at him sternly. "I've heard enough boasting to last me a lifetime or two."

Flames: still not impressed, considering my specialty is absorbing fire... though would ya mind topping me off? it might help in the fight against nasquam if I'm close to unleashing my Solar form. if that fireball is as strong as you claim, it should get me close to it.

Pyro: (tosses the fireball at Flames)

Cold:Come out of there,I will stop you.

((Look, Sonic1000. Nobody understands what your talking about anymore. Can you try to stick to the plot at hand a little more?))

"Alright. If you're all done showing off, allow me to open up a portal to the entrance to the False World." Laniatus waved her hand, opening a rift leading to a barren cliff-like area.


Rad looked through the portal. "Well then, let's go," he said nervously. Jade simply stood there, almost mesmerized by it. "Anyone else coming?" Rad continued.

Pyro: im comin

"Lets get to it then!" Banzai said as he stepped through the portal.

"Let's go." Thetis also went into the portal.

Part 2B: The Edge

Once upon a dark cliff by kaber13-d32swb8

The Edge

"So, the entrance to the False World is somewhere here," Thetis said, "We'd better find it quickly. My mark's getting redder."

Banzai looked at his mark too. "Dammit! We need to hurry!"

Flames: *follows the others* Agreed... but how do we find it?

Smash's group followed behind, soon stopping to look around. "This is going to be rather tough. Just look at this place.." He said.

Splice noticed the marks on Banzai and Thetis, soon feeling even more worried than before. "I don't know where it is, but we'd better hurry..

Banzai then spotted a small pedestal at the edge of the cliff. "Hey, what's that?" he said as he walked over to it.

"Be careful you primate!" Thetis said as he followed Banzai.

Pyro: whould we really be going over here? (follows anyway)

"I doubt there would be a random pedestal here for no reason, so, I'm guessing this must be the entrance." Banzai said.

"Okay then Einstein, open it," Thetis dared him.

"Um, okay. How am I supposed to open this?"

Pyro: (Advanced Ocean Eye activates) i could use Kamui

"What's that?" Banzai asked.

Pyro: i'll show you. (closes left eye. glaring at the pedestal with only his right) Kamui! (space begins to distort within his field of vision, becoming a vortex that, if the move worked, would suck the pedestal into another dimension)

Thetis read Pyro's mind. 'Wait! What are your doing? How is sending the possible entrance to another diensionn going to help us?"

"Uh, guys," Banzai said, "It needs a key." he pointed to a keyhole embedded into the pedestal.

"Hey, the key's right on that tree over there! On the other side...of that cliff." Thetis said. "Good thing I have telekinesis." He then levitated the key into his hand. "There we go!"

Pyro: (Kamui and Advanced Ocean Eye deactivate) i wouldn't be sending the entire entrance to another dimension, just the stone that blocks the entrance.

Thetis inserted the key, and twisted it. "It's not blocking the entrance, it IS the entrance!" He shouted as the pedestal was lifted into the air and sucked into a rift in time and space, presumably leading to the False World.

"Yes!" Banzai shouted as his mark began to disappear. Thetis' own vanished as well. Splice's mark, however, remained.

Pyro: well, that's not good.

"So, you guys finally managed to open it huh?" A voice said, somewhere in the distance.

Flames: *turns * so your the baddie causing all the trouble huh? well... i saved this especially for you... *pulls a lighter out, activates it, starts absorbing the fire * You guys. get going. now. i'll hold him off here. Just get that item and get back... though if you DO see any relics that have fire markings, please bring em back if you can.

Pyro: i'll stay here with you. my flames could come in handy

"I think you guys are seriously underestimating him, but someone needs to hold him off while we ge the infinity crystal," Thetis said.

Pyro: i think you're underestimating me if you think i can't at least match him

Flames: Pyro, if this guy was like those other two... i'm not sure if even all three of us can beat him... but i do know we can definitly slow him down... *lighters flame fizzles out, no more fuel* alright... ready...

"Hahaha! That's funny, considering the fact that you haven't seen half my power yet. Guess it's time I stopped holding back," Nusquam said.

Pyro: then it looks like i'm gonna have to as well. (Advanced Ocean Eye activates)

Flames: *suddenly surrounded by an aura of blue fire, his skin starts to turn into a red-orange color, his eyes turning completely yellow* Heh... thanks to pyro's fireball and the fire from the lighter i had, i can access this form... that and the fact i know i can't beat you stressing me out... *floating too* now then... tell me... do you like to play with fire?

"Child, I've been to hell, and the flames there make you look like a miniscule spark," Nusquam replied.

Flames: Really? Heh... in that case, think you can burn me?

(Everyone except for Pyro and Flame(s) heads into the portal)

Nusquam created a tiny black orb in his hand. "Let's see what you've got."

Pyro: gladly. (closes right eye. glares at Nusquam with only his left) Amaterasu! (inextiguishable black flames flare up on Nusquam)

"You're so predictable," Nusquam said as the flames were sucked into the orb as it grew in size. "It'll take more than that to beat a god."

NovaFlames: Fine! *Aura flares, Charges directly at Nasquam*

Nusquam suddenly vanishes out of sight.

(I'm sorry if I seem to be Gmodding, but Nusquam's the main bad guy and pretty powerful)

(only thing im annoyed at is that i can't seem to get any edits in)

"Looking for something?" Nusquam appeared a few feet behind Pyro.

NovaFlames: *turns, speeds that way now*

Pyro: (charges at Flames and dissappears in a burst of fire. the real one kicks Nusquam from behind)

Flames: *The aura gets bigger with the addition of more flames, seems to be slowely shrinking though*

Another Nusquam catches Pyro's leg. "Nice try."

The real Nusquam lifted the orb, now roughly the size of a basketball, in the air. "Ha!" The orb then expanded almost instantaneously, enveloping the entire cliff and destroying it in the process.

Pyro: (when the dust clears he is covered with black markings in rip-like patterns)

"Hope you guys can fly because I just destroyed the ground and its a long fall down! Hahaha!" Nusquam said.

NovaFlames: Corona Flame! *creates a ring of fire around nasquam that grows smaller and smaller*

Pyro: too bad for you it's time for me to release the power of the Curse Mark

NovaFlames: *The blue fire aura vanishes, is replaced by a massive aura of normal flames* Dang it... only 7 minutes left...

Cursed Pyro: (fires powerful blasts of flame at Flames)

"Oh no, I'm so scared! In cause you've forgotten I'm an expert on curse marks." Nusquam then grabbed the ring of fire, turning it into negative energy, and threw it at Flames like a frisbee. He then creates a barrier, repelling the flames shot by Pyro.

Pyro: ever seen Orochimaru's Curse Marks? unlike your self-destructing Curse Marks, his grant the host incredible power.

"Doesn't sound much like a curse to me. Besides, all curse marks share certain similarities," Nusquam said as he fired a massive blast of energy at both Pyro and Flames.

Pyro: (behind Nusquam now) oh? like what?

"Why bother explaining it to you? You're not going to live much longer anyways." Jagged spikes then suddenly extended out of Nusquams back, damaging Pyro.

NovaFlames: *Barely dodges* that was close...

Pyro: (explodes in a burst of flame. the real one appears further away) you don't actually think i'd go hand to hand with a god do you?

"Looks like you're finally beginning to understand my power." Nusquam said. The spikes on his back then bent, changed direction and headed towards both Pyro and Flames.

Pyro: (dissappears and reappears in a different spot)

"Fine then, you wanna play that way?" Nusquam charged a ball of energy in his hand and then threw it at Pyro.

NovaFlames: *grabs the spike when it stabs him, sends all the fire he's absorbed into nasquam*

The spike flame was holding on to vanished into thin air. "Not a chance," Nusquam said.

Pyro: (dissappears)

"Predictable." The energy ball disappears as well.

NovaFlames: *reabsorbs the flames* Enough of him. How about you play with me? or ya think i can actually burn ya? *smirk*

"I think I'm done here." He raises his hand into the sky, and his signature mark appears in the sky, blazing red.

NovaFlames: figures. When the going get tough, the tough get going.

Pyro: your wrong Flames. the truly tough never back down. especially when they've already won.

NovaFlames: wait... he never wanted to enter the False World? then why make a doorway? unless...

"I meant I'm done with you two," Nusquam said, as the entire sky turned a bloody red colour. "Have fun. Mwahahaha!"

NovaFlames:... *Smirk* Hey Pyro... think you can do that Kamui thing again?

Cursed Pyro Level 2: (brown and very dinosaur-like in appearance) on what?

Flames and Pyro feel their bodies slowly freezing up.

NovaFlames: first a question... does kamui lead to the same dimension?

Pyro: if your thinking of using it to escape, you can forget it. you'll be torn apart by the distortion. you won't make it out alive.

NovaFlames: Not escape... a tunnel that Nasquam can't see through... but that won't work... hmmmmm...

Pyro: i do have an ability that would bring Nusquam down with us. (stares deep into Nusquam's eyes. the dark blue triforce design on his irises begins to spin, slowly at first, then picking up speed, becoming almost hypnotic and forcing Nusquam to look deeper)

Nova Flames:... ?

"Your petty illusions won't affect me." Nusquam was standing behind Pyro. "Can you move your arms? Legs? Any part of you?"

Flames and Pyro are completely paralyzed.

(Pyros's eyes till work though)

"That mark in the sky is my Chrono Sphere. First, everyting within it is paralyzed, then, completely frozen in time until it is broken."

Pyro: (simply increases the power of the move, making it nearly impossible not to look deeper)

NovaFlames:... wait... Pyro... is there anyway you might be able to overlap the Chrono Sphere mark with something else?

Pyro: like what? (doesn't take his eyes off Nusquam)

NovaFlames: *surrounds something in his bag, which seems to be made of non-flammable material, the fires pull a vase out, on it is a mark of fire* This. May do nothing, but it may make the mark go haywire and backfire on Nasquam. Worth a try, especially since we really have no other options...

Pyro: what's your plan?

(If Nusquam is behind Pyro, and Pyro is immobilized, how can he still be looking at him?)

"I'll keep you alive, just so you can watch me destroy your world," Nusquam laughed sadistically as he entered the rift to the False World.

NovaFlames: Study the mark, then make the changes to the mark in that sky... if this works, we might've found a way to fight this guy...

(tell me, where exaclty does it say that he is behind Pyro. i don't see it)

(scroll up)

(you know, you should put things like that somewhere people are likly to notice it)

(sorry. my bad :( )

???: Nusquam. you are interfering with the space-time continuum and that i cannot allow.

Nusquam stepped out of the rift slightly to see who the newcomer was. "And you are?"

???: (a rust-colored hedgehog with cyan streaks is floating nearby. it is impossible to tell how old she is) you may call me Pause.

"Well, honestly I don't care who you are nor do I want to know," Nusquam said, "I've waited thousands of years to regain my full power and I'm not going to let some rat stop me."

Pause: at the moment i couldn't care less about your goals. i just want that gone. (points to the seal Nusquam made in the sky) anything that disrupts time in such a way must be destroyed.

"What, so everytime someone uses Chaos Control you intervene? Deal with that yourself, self-proclaimed mistress of time," Nusquam said as he was about to enter the rift again.

???: *a little part of the space near the portal to the False World twists, like something is trying to get free*

"Gr! I've got no time for this." Another Nusquam quickly dashed into the portal while the other stood in place, ready to meet the newcomers

Pause: (begins releasing chronokinetic energy into both the mark and the spot where space is twisting)

???: *suddenly the space starts to crack, despite Pause's efforts*

"I wonder who that could be," Nusqam said arrogantly.

Pause: (finishes getting rid of the mark and continues helping ??? get free)

Nusquam notices Pause's abilities. "How cute. You can control time and space too?"

Sinu: *suddenly breaks free, rolls out, landing on an invisible floor onto her face* >< OW OW OW!!! WHO DID THAT!?

Pause: (to Nusquam) time and space go hand in hand. one cannot exist without the other. but only time belongs to me.

"I was being sarcastic you fool," Nusquam told Pause.

Pause: (in the next instant she is sitting on Nusquam's head) what was that?

Sinu: *sense's, turns, hair raising, hissing like a demon that's been caught off gaurd*

"You said time and space go hand in hand, correct?" Nusquam asked, now standing a couple of feet away from Pause.

Pause: indeed.

Suddenly, Nusquam's hand appears behind Pause and attempts to grab her. "Let's see how your time abilites do against my space abilities!"

Sinu: Sleep Gas! *fires a cloud of sleeping gas at them, seems to feel very threatened*

Pause: (suddenly behind Nusquam) what are you aiming at?

Sinu: o.o *caught off gaurd, turns invisible suddenly, attempts to sneak up on them*

Suddenly, something grabs her by the neck. "Everytime you manipulate time, you create a small rift in space. I can sense the rifts and predict where you're going to appear." Nusquam then tightens his grip on her.

Pause: is that so? (a second Pause appears behind him)

"Yes," said another Nusquam, standing behind Pause.

Sinu: *shapeshifts hands into daggers, close now*

(None of mine can)

Pause: (appears next to Sinu. puts a gentle hand on her shoulder) i will not hurt you.

Sinu:... *silent for a few moments* Will he? *meaning Nonsquam, appears to not be in the right frame of mind*

Pause: most likely.

Darkstorm: Where the friggin hell am I?

"*Sigh* This battle is going nowhere, and I'm eager to fulfill my plans, so I'll be seeing you later," Nusquam said before disappearing. "See you in the False World, if you have the guts to follow me."

Sinu:... *falls into a sitting position, turns normal* v.v plans? *sighs*

Darkstorm:(Scar begins to glow)

Pause: (dissappears)

Darkstorm:(Roars in rage loudly) Where the everloving hell am I!!!!!!!?

Sinu: HEY! PIPE DOWN! I DUNNO!!! BUT YOU DON'T SEE ME RAGING DO YOU!?!?!? *surrounded by an aura of evil energy suddenly, seems very annoyed*

An image of a female hedgehog in flowing white robes appears before Darkstorm. "Um, I don't know where you came from, but if you're a good guy, I'd go in the portal leading to the False World (next part). Also, watch your crude language." As suddenly as she appeared, she vanished.

Darkstorm: No one tells me what to do it is bad omen.

(I'm trying to get you involved in the story)

(I know but he hates it when someone bosses him around)

Darkstorm: Might as well, let it go and head the words that female said, stubborn more like it.

Pyro: (to Sinu) come on. you should probably come with.

Sinu: sure. got nothing better to do. *yawns, scratches behind her ear*

Flames: *turns normal* Who are you?

Sinu: Names Sinu. Why?

Flames: No reason. Just curious. After all you did just break free from a spacial prison. How am i to know you won't try to rip...

Sinu: i wouldn't. not my style. i rather do it quick and easy. Besides, after my father sealed me there, i've decide to rebel and help the good guys.

Pyro: good to hear. (holds out a hand to her) name's Pyro

Sinu:...? why are you doing that? and nice to meet you.

Pyro: (lowers the hand) you too.

Sinu: sorry. i've been sealed the past 600 years. people didn't do that back then. then again, i never really was around a "normal" crowd. Anyway, let's get going.

Pyro: right. (heads toward the portal)

Sinu: *Follows, sniffs, smells Nusquam* Geez... his soul is really evil...

Part 2C: The False World

Fractal 97

False World

"Whoa, what is this place?" Thetis asked.

Jade looked around in awe. "I've never seen anything like it," she said faintly. Rad fiddled around with his communicator, and began to get frustrated. "Argh! Blasted thing's shorting out on me," he growled.

"Yeah, I don't think that's gonna work." Banzai said. "By the way, has anyone noticed there's no floor?"

"Wait, we cann fly in this world?" Thetis said, testing out his flight abilities. "Cool"

Smash looked down and gasped. "Whoa..You know I kinda expected this, but to see that it's true is kinda shocking." He said. "I'd better get used to this"

Splice still looked worried. "My mark's still here. What am I supposed to be doing, if it wasn't this?" He asked, quietly.

"That probably means you have a different objective than we did," Banzai said, "You'll get rid of it soon."

Jade looked down, and gasped in shock. Rad began to fly around, as if they were in the sky. "Wow, I guess I'm so used to flying that I didn't notice it," he said with delight. Jade then began to fiddle with her own communicator, and said "I think I can get a faint signal, and I might be able to get some help." She continued to press buttons, and eventually received white noise. "Hello? Hello, Gabe?" she shouted into the mic. "Gabe? How's he gonna get here," Rad asked.

"Some of my stuff isn't working, either." The cat stated as he was fiddling with a few weird looking gadgets.

"Don't worry, I don't think we'll need them anyway, Gizmo." Smash said.

"What did L+N say? Follow the brightest light?" Banzai asked. As soon as he said that, something caught his eye. It was a bright, star-like light far off into the distance. "I'm gonna guess that's it," he said as he flew off in the direction of the light.

"Tch! Don't you know the meaning of 'wait up'?" Thetis asked as he followed after Banzai.

"We can't afford to get separated here! C'mon, guys, after him!" Smash ordered before they all followed Banzai.

((Yeah, I got left behind a great bit. I ended up skipping over half the battle above due to how long it was. I just added a few parts on this chapter, so I don't look completely left behind.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 08:06, March 7, 2011 (UTC)))

"Mind if I butt in?" Nusquam was flying above the group.

"You!" Thetis shouted.

"Yes. Yes I DO Mind. Go Away." Smash growled. Crap! How'd he get here so fast!? He thought as he picked up the pace.

Cold:(Hides and watches)...

Cold:(Hides and watches quietly)Hmmmm.

((You just repeated yourself. And I really don't think there's anywhere he can hide in this place.))

((Cold used Chaos Chameleon.))

((Bah. How many times must I tell you guys? You have to SAY these things. You can't just expect people to automatically know these things.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 23:40, March 7, 2011 (UTC)))

((Okay sorry.:|))

Jade quickly reacted without thinking, and pulled out a hand gun. She aimed for Nusquam and pulled the trigger. "Jade! That's not going to--" Rad yelled, but the shot was already fired.

The bullet flew straight through Nusquam. "S'up bubblegum," he said. "What have you gouys been up to?"

Sinu: *following nasquam still, eyes closed, floating towards him*

(Sorry, wiki logged me out for some reason)

"Now if you'll excuse me, I can see the seal keeping my powers intact." Nusquam then sped off in the direction of the infinity crystal.

"Wait, is he after the crystal too?" Banzai asked.

"Don't think so. His seal and the crystal are probably just in the same direction," Thetis answered.

"Hey Splice, Banzai asked, "How's your mark?"

Cold:(Stands there quite)

(You really don't need to keep repeating yourself. We understand that you're hiding)

Cold:(Still Hides while Thinking to himself)I wonder if I can find a chaos emerald here?

Devin: You can try.

Flame:Hey new guy.

Devin: Call me Devin, Devin the Fox. I was wondering, maybe I can help Cold out in finding the Chaos Emerald he's looking for?

Cold:(Appears)How did you know I was here?

"I can't tell." Splice answered. "I don't have a mirror." The mark on his forehead was still black, but was showing slight signs of turning red.

Smash, Pearl and Gizmo flew as fast as they could, trying to race Nusquam to the light at the end.

LT:(Follows them)Later!

Cold:Wait up(Does Peel-out)!

Flame:(Starts to run)Yeah.

Skate:(Runs after them)Hm

The Red Baron:Damn they are fast.

((There really isn't any ground to run on. That's why everyone's flying. But I guess they could be doing running motions in mid-air, but that'd look kinda silly. =P ))

Cold:(Floats in the air)WTF!!




(a large ball

of fire appears between Nusquam and the Infinity crystal)

Cold:I GOT IT,ICE Grab(Grabs the Infinity crystal)!

Energy Ball by killabee1827

The seal on Nusquam's power

"YES!! My power! I can see it!" Nusquam dashes towards a massive mountainn sized energy ball.

(the fireball flies straight at Nusquam)

"Please! Like that would ever hurt me!" He dashes straight through the flames. "You can keep the crystal. I'm after the bigger prize!"

(a hand reaches out of the flames and grabs Nusquam by the shoulder. a second hand comes out with a spinning ball of fire)

Pyro: Inferno Rasengan!

Nusquam grabs Pyro's arm and spins him around. Then he throws him into Cold with great force. "Out of my way!'

Pyro: oh no you don't! i've got one shot at this. (Advanced Ocean Eye activates. closes left eye and glares at Nusquam's power source with only his right) Kamui! (space around the energy ball begins to distort. if his plan works, the energy ball would be sucked into another dimension)

As Pyro attempted to suck the seal away, Splice floated in front of Nusquam, ready to try and slow him down to buy time.

"Do you really think you can send the raw power of a god to another space so easily?" Nusquam joked, "Your eye would most like explode from the stress. As for you," He turned to Splice. "Your brand is pretty red by now. I'd be worried if I were you."

Pyro: (curse mark activates)

Cursed Pyro: (continues using Kamui)

"I am worried." He said. "But what's the use if I don't know what I'm supposed to do? You have your goals right in front of you. If I'm no use to you and this mark's still here, then what can I do?"

"Hahahahaha! Ignorant fool! You overestimate your own capabilities!" Nusquam then swatted Splice away like a fly and finally retrieved his powers after thousands of years.

A blinding flash of light emitted from where the orb once was.

Pyro: (stops with Kamui) i doubt that'll work on him now. let's try...........Susanoo! (flames come up all around him, creating a massive translucent orange warrior)

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(Sorry Smash. Btw Pyro's beginning to seem very Itachi like)

"Now, let me show you a force greater than a GOD!" The white flash then turned pitch black, and Nusquam stepped out. His hair was now much longer, and he had two antlers coming out of his head.He was now blood-red in color, complete with six bat wings made of negative energy and a longer tail.

(well, the Advanced Ocean Eye was made to resemble the Mangekyo Sharingan in a way. in fact, at first i wanted to call it the Mangekyo Ocean Eye. then i found out Mangekyo is Japanese for Kaleidescope.)

Pyro: !


As Splice regained his balance, he looked in terror as he realized that they were too late. Gizmo took the Crystal with Cold and retreated back to the exit as fast as he could. Smash and Pearl shielded their eyes from the bright light, and gasped in horror when they saw the transformation.

"We're in big, BIG trouble.." Pearl whimpered.

Rad looked at the new and improved Nusquam in shock. "He... he's gone.." he began before being interrupted by Jade, "Don't you dare say what I think you're going to say." She continued to the others, "What are we supposed to do now? He's at full power and we have no means of contact with the outside. I hate to say it, but I'm out of ideas."

Pyro: my Susanoo has plenty of it's own power. and if that doesn't work, i've still got plenty of tricks up my sleeve. i just hope i don't have to resort to my..............trump card.

"Worthless mortals. even if you do have some power, you can never hope to defeat me now. I'm on a separate plane of existence." Nusquam laughed maniacly. "Just like 3-d can't interact with 2-d, you can't touch me."

"This...isn't...good," Thetis said nervously.

"Dammit!" Banzai cried.

"Now, I have a world to destroy." With that, he vanished in a dark flash.

Suddenly, everyone reappeared in Betwixt and between.

"Sorry for being so sudden, but we had to get you here quickly!" Laniatus said urgently.

"Do you have the crystal?" Nemesis asked.

Pyro: (Susanoo and Ocean Eye deactivate) yeah. i think Cold has it.

Splice rubbed his forehead. The mark was still there. He looked even more worried than everyone else now.

Nemesis quickly snatches it from Cold. "This should help all of us." Then, he crushed it in his hand, showering everyone in sparkling lights.

"Ah, my sweet power," Nemesis said.

"All of you have gotten a massive boost in power as well," Laniatus said, "Hopefully it will be enough; Nusquam's stronger than the last time."

"Are you all ready to finish this once and for all?" Nemesis asked.

Smash looked at himself. He felt power flowing through him. "Ohh yeah. I'm most certainly ready." He said.

Pearl also looked confident, but Gizmo looked to be in awe. "..I've never felt energy like this before..." He said, quietly.

Pyro: you bet i am!

Rad spun around at high speeds once more, and came out glowing bright green. "Let's do this!" he yelled. Jade, however, appeared no different.

"I think everyone's ready," Banzai said.

"Hm. Good."

Sinu: *pulls a red crystal out, crushes it opening a red portal* Count me out... me and "daddy" have some issues to sort out. *Walks through, the portal closes*

Then, everyone was teleported to Station Square, to battle for the fate of existence.

Part 3A: The Beginning of the End

2052729016 da27fe79b5

Station Square

The two deities and the heroes all stood within the burning city.

"Oh my.." Pearl gasped at the sight. "This is..."

"That curse mark either activated, or Nusquam decided to take things into his own hands." Smash said. "Either way, we're too late to prevent this."

"No matter! We'll fix this once Nusquam is permanently taken out of existence!" Laniatus said, for once sounding angry.

"Are you enjoying my handiwork?" Nusquam floated behid the group, smiling in triumph.

Pyro: (he's the first one to attack. charges head-on straight at Nusquam)

Darkstorm:(Sharpens his claws)

"Listen to me," Nemesis spoke to the group, "you all temporarily have the power of gods, meaning, you can fly, super strength yada yada.. Use all of your strength against him, as there's no way Laniatus and myself can defeat him alone." Nemesis then clasped his hands together. "It's been a while since I last fought. STARFALL!!"

Instantaneously, Hundreds of meteors fell out of the sky, raining down on Nusquam. "My attacks won't hurt you guys! Go and attack him now!"

Pyro: (still charging Nusquam) way ahead of you!

Rad flew into the air, preparing his drill attack from before. "Laniatus! Is there any way to transfer these powers to other people?" Jade asked.

Darkstorm:Blood Blast!!!

Cold:(Turns Ultimate Cold)Lets do this!

Flame:(Turns Ultimate Flame)Alright!

LT:(Turns Ultimate LT)Hell to the yeah!

Sai:(Turns Ultimate Sai)Bring it on!

Lisa:(Pulls out a pulse canon)Right on!

The Red Baron:(Fly's her plane)Alright now.


(You might want to be more descriptive. Not everyone's going to autmatically know what that is :\)

"Yes, but there's no time! The more people it's spread over the weaker it is!" she responded while firing arrows of light at the demon.

Darkstorm:Blood Blast!!!

(Can you be a bit more descriptive? Nobody knows exactly what that is!)

Smash and Pearl exchanged glances. "With this power, I feel like I can do anything!" Pearl said.

"Then in that case..." They nodded at eachother. "Lets do it." Smash said. The two grabbed eachother's hands, and began glowing brightly. Soon, they were enveloped in a bright light. When it faded, both of them were surrounded by a white aura. Their fur was light golden, with lime green stripes on their arms and legs, and their eyes were cyan.

Splice transformed as well. His quills grew much longer, sticking outwards, and his fur was purple. A fiery purple aura surrounded him as he completed his transformation.

Gizmo, however, didn't transform. He stood in the back, busy equipping himself. He took off his gloves, and put on a new pair of gloves with built in claws on the back of each. The claws were glowing and crackling with a red energy. He inserted a glowing crystal fragment onto the back of each glove. Then he took what looked to be some sort of safety belt and strapped it around his waist and shoulders. Now that he was all ready, he crossed his arms in front of his face, trying to bring out the energy. It wasn't long before it was released. His red fur began to flash a pinkish color as his body glowed white, surrounded by sparkles.

Banzai started glowing. "You guys said to go all out!" His fur then turned a bright red colour. "Chaos Form!" Then he charged directly at Nusquam.

Thetis wasted no time transforming either. He started glowing green energy and two large swords materialized near him. "Let's go."

Darkstorm:(Summons Apocalypse Energy)Apocalypse FORM!!!!!

Pyro: (reaches Nusquam, jumps up high, and throws a punch at him.)

Jade fed her power into Rad as he came down in a spin. "Barrel Shield BREAKER!" he shouted as he flew towards Nusquam, the drill-like aura larger than ever.

Ultimate Cold:(Starts to endlessly sending punch to Nemesis)

(You mean Nusquam right? Nemesis is on your side.)

Nusquam's hand then quadrupled in size. He caught Rad and threw him to the ground.

Nemesis then appeared and attempted to punch Nusquam in the face. The latter retaliated by grabbing his arm and throwing him into the sky. "This is for last time!" Nusquam then fired a huge energy wave at Nemesis, who fell from the sky and landed next to Laniatus.

"No!" Laniatus cried. "You guys take care of Nusquam. I have an idea but it will take a while."

Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Attacks Nusquam with his claws)

(the flames in the city become hundreds of clones of Pyro)

Pyros: (attack Nusquam)

Apocalypse Darkstorm:Black Fire BLAST!!!

Smash and Pearl flew at him like lightning bolts, ready to strike him in the face simultaneously.

"Grrrr...Hyah!" Nusquam repels all the clones, attacks and anyone within range with a supernova-esque explosion .

The two were thrown back to the ground from the explosion. They soon jumped back to their feet, and prepared for another attack.

"Try this!" Banzai appears in front of Nusquam and fires a volley of energy blasts at him.

Nusquam's winds extend in front of him and guard against his attack. "That all?"

Pyro: (the clones dissappear. he goes into Water Beast Form)

Ultimate Cold:DRAGON FIST(A huge dragon appears and punches Nusquam in the gut)!

"Space Shift!" In an instant, Nusquam appears behind Cold and his attack completely missed.

"I can't believe he's this powerful!" Laniatus gasped. "Listen everyone. I'm going to transfer some of my power to all of you. Hopefully it will give you enogh of a boost." The goddes then glowed, and released most of her energy to the fighters.

Water Beast Pyro: thanks! (Curse mark activates and immediately goes to Level 2)

Cursed Water Beast Pyro Level 2: (roars)

Super Ultimate Cold: I will not lose, Witness My Power!OMG A NOOB!!! Smash felt the energy flow within him, it was mind boggling to even himself to think about what he could do with this power. "Thanks a bunch."

Pearl felt it as well. And she was already in awe with the power she already had.

Splice immediately flashed as the energy was given to him. His quills grew slightly longer, and a confident gleam showed in his eyes. "Lets do it."

(I'm getting left behind. I won't be able to reply much at the moment. The computer is running really slow.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 00:16, March 9, 2011 (UTC)))

CWBPL2: (Advanced Ocean Eye activates) you will not survive my final attack!

Apocalypse Darkstorm: Dark BLAST!!!

"Oh please," Nusquam said, "Don't get ahead of yourselves. The difference in power between myself and you all is universal!" Nusquam then blasts everyone away with a massive energy blast.

Smash stepped in front of Pearl and guarded the blast. He withstood the whole attack.

CWBPL2: you have no clue of the extent of my power! (his hands catch on fire, black flames mingling with the ordinary ones)

Darkstorm:(Powers down) Now you gone and did it, DARK ELDER FORM!!!!

Ultimate Flame&Ultimate LT&Ultimate Sai:(Gives their power to Cold)

(Smoke cleared)

Master Cold:Witness My Power.

Dark Elder Darkstorm: Less talk more attacking!!!

CWBPL2: (charges at Nusquam, his claws infused with normal and black flames) Cursed Frenzy!! (swipes at Nusquam with his claws. his attacks gradually gain speed and power until he was nothing but a blur)

Smash, Pearl, Splice and Gizmo all shot towards Nusquam at the same time. Gizmo suddenly sprouted golden, sparkling, magical looking wings from his back as he leaped into the air. "All together, now! From each sides!" Smash ordered. Smash and Pearl came from the sides of Nusquam, delivering a powerful punch towards him. "SKULL CRACKER!" They both shouted right before impact. Splice came from above, diving down at Nusquam in a massive spinning fireball, while Gizmo came from below, attempting to slice Nusquam with his energized claw gloves.

Dark Elder Darkstorm:DARK BLAST CLAWS!!!

Master Cold:For once we agree(Charges at Nusquam),Chaos fist(Hits Nusquam)!

(and now we should wait for Banzai to get back and react to all these attacks)


((Since I got left behind drastically, I'm gonna add my parts everywhere.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 01:06, March 9, 2011 (UTC)))

(wow. u guys are really giving me everything you've got! :D)

Damn. Nusquam was busy trying to match CWBPL2's speed and block his attacks. I wasn't expecting them to gain this much power. Curse you Laniatus! He created two clones of himself to combat the others.

One of the clones extended its wings and blocked both Smash's and Pearls attacks, injuring its wings in the process.

The real Nusquam used his tail to knock back Gizmo while his horns shot out energy blasts at Splice.

The final clone steps between Cold and Darkstorms attacks, attempting to guard against it but takes considerable damage.

"*Gasp* DAAAAMMMMIIIIT!!" Nusquam shouted as he expelled energy from his body in all directions, attempting to repel everyone away from him.

Darkstorm: (Powers down) Crap!!!

Lisa:What is it!?

Sinu: *suddenly a red portal opens, a demon is thrown out, follows, forces the portal closed, notices nasquam* It's you...

Master Cold:(Fly's up to Nusquam face)Hey Nusquam check my power level,I surpassed you by 100,your know match.

(A random hedgehog by himself is stronger than an all powerful god at full power. :\)

Nusquam's hand grows and grabs Cold in a tight grip. "Don't you dare get cocky with me you brat!" He then proceeded to crush Cold in his hand.

Master Cold:Ah,hmph,Master Control(appears behind him),You will pay for that.

At lightning fast speed, spikes eject from Nusquam's back and damage Cold.

Sinu: *turns invisible, hands shapeshift into daggers, starts to approach Nasquam slowely*

Pearl flew back from the shockwave of energy, but Smash forced himself to stand it. He threw another punch at the wing, aiming to damage it even further.

Pearl quickly retaliated and came up to the clone quickly, attacking with a rising uppercut.

The energy blasts just bounced off of Splice, but it caused him to stop in his tracks and get blown away by the shockwave. He flew back down in a fireball again, this time coming at him with twice the speed.

Gizmo flew up right in front of Nusquam and delivered a few powerful slashes at his arms, hoping to free Cold.

Pyro: (in a kneeling position. reverts back to normal) Laniatis, please tell me you've finished preparing.

"You won't get that time," Nusquam said. All his clones vanished and he began building up a ton of energy.

Master Cold:AHHH that hurt,thanks G-man,Master Blast!

The energy Nusquam was emitting repelled the Master Blast.

"Dammit!" Banzai shot another a volley of energy blasts in frustration, only to watch then vanish before reaching the demon.

Smash quickly backed up, along with Gizmo. Splice was still heading for Nusquam though. "This isn't good.." Smash said.

Thetis sent his two swords flying towards Nusquam catchin him in a flurry of slashes and finishing off with an energy blast . When it cleared, nusquam was still seen in one piece, apparrently unaffected.

Ultimate Sai:HEAR COLD(Trows the blue sword)!

Master Cold:Thanks Sai!

Master Cold:(Thinking)How could this be,this guy should be died.

Sinu: *Close to him now, flexes, about to attempt to stab him from behind*

Master Cold:(Thinking)How could this be,this guy should be died.

(btw feel free to look on google or youtube for some effects if you cant fully explain your attacks)

"Witness my power!" Nusquam had gathered all the energy he needed. "PERISH BLAST! "

Nusquam realeased a massive burst of energy, badly damaging anyone not strong enough to withstand it.

The blast sent Splice skyward. He screamed as he went flipping out of sight, soon a twinkle in the sky.

Pearl and Gizmo were sent to the ground, hard. Pearl managed to stand back up, noticing that she broke the pavement under her. Gizmo, however, did not. He was lying flat on his back, groaning in pain. Smash was blown into a nearby building, shattering a window and crashing into a bookshelf, which then fell down on him.

The Red Baron:(Fly's her plane)Ready

Flame:(On top the plane)Ready(does spindash at Nusquam)!

LT:DJ BLAST(Hits Nusquam)!

Pyro: (becomes Cursed Elemental Beast Pyro Level 2)

(Has everyone completely ignored thesupernova attack ?)

(never saw it. i was too busy trying to edit while everyone kept conflicting me!)

((I saw it, and I was still being edit conflicted. Try to look at what's conflicting you before you post.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 02:52, March 9, 2011 (UTC)))

(All I have to say is copy (Ctrl+C) your posts when you're done. Then if you're being conflicted, go back, reload the page and paste in your post. Also try and keep the posts short. Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 02:54, March 9, 2011 (UTC))

(i used to do that all the time. my computor refuses to copy for some reasonShinobi Path- -the first of the Six 02:55, March 9, 2011 (UTC))

((Whey the Hell are you talking about coping for?))

(He means copy what you type before you hit publish, then publish, if it fails, go back, and hit paste. Much simpler)

Sinu: *resists, and succeeds though badly damaged* darn... it... that... hurt...

Baznai had tried to absorb the energy into this staff, but it was too much for him and he took considerable damage.

Thetis attempted to guard against the blast, but was knocked into a nearby building.

CEBPL2: (takes the hit. the added power of all his super forms on top of one another provided some resistance, but not alot)

???:Need help?

Master Cold:What the!

A hedgehog jumped from off of a rail or a bridge. "What's going on?" He asked.

Pearl looked over at the hedgehog, clutching her chest in pain. "S-Stay away! It's too dangerous here!" She exclaimed.

The hedgehog looked startled and worried. "What's happening here?!" he asked with a scared voice.

Gizmo struggled to sit up, finally. "N-Nus..quam..He's a monster..."

"Are you alright, Gizmo?" Pearl asked, before helping him to his feet.

"I'm fine.."

Ultimate Skate:Oh hey dude!

???:Smash is hear to!

The hedgehog was confused. "Nusquam?"

They both pointed at the sky, where a frighteningly powerful demon remained suspended in the air.

Then, the true effects of the blast were revealed. Everyone who was hit by the blast now sported Nusquam's signature mark on their body.

???:Damn he is strong

Lisa:Go figure!

Banzai was quite frustrated when he saw his mark. "Dammit! I just got rid of this thing!"

The hedgehog got angry with the mark upon his forehead. "What is this mark?" the hedgehog asked with a furious voice.

Pearl and Gizmo both noticed eachother's marks appear on their foreheads. "That mark.." They both said simultaneously, soon gasping right afterwards as they realized that they had it too. Gizmo shot a fierce glare and stepped back. "Alright, I'm gonna finish this.." He took off his gloves, and pulled out a small cannon. He inserted both of his gloves into either sides of the cannon, via power compartments. He stuck his hand into the back, and with a few clicks from inside, began to charge the weapon up. "I need some time to get this ready." He said, as he stepped back and aimed for Nusquam. "But with the powers of the Eternal Claws and the Infinity Crystal..It should be enough to at least hurt him. You guys will have to weaken him." He took a few more steps back, heading for a safe spot to charge.

Pearl nodded and looked back up at Nusquam. "He's gotten so powerful..."

"Now," the monster said, "let me demonstrate one of my devastating abilties!"

"READY!!" Laniatus and Nemesis both cried in unison.

Gizmo looked over at Laniatus and Nemesis. "Oh yeah! I forgot you two were doing something!" He said to them.

Master Cold:(Sees his mark)Yo D come kick this guys ass!

???/D:Got it!

"Laniatus. Nemesis. I thank you for powering up your pawns so much. Now there are several reserves of energy for me to take!" Nusquam then began to very slowly draining the energy from those who bore his mark.

Banzai felt his energy being sapped, but it didn't stop him. "Third time's the charm! Energy Wave Volley!" For the third time, he fired a barrage of energy bullets at Nusquam.

Sinu: Huh... father was right... these two moves WOULD be useful... Reversal!!! *attempting to reverse the flow of energy from her mark*

Pearl felt her energy being sapped as well, but she knew that if she let this happen, it would be the end of her. She quickly flew up towards Nusquam as Banzai caused another explosion with his attack. Through the smoke of the blast, she came at Nusquam with a powerful rising uppercut.

No! I have to get this thing at full power before I lose all my strength! Gizmo thought frantically as he tried to boost the charging time of his cannon.

Suddenly, the top of the building Smash had crashed into earlier nearly exploded. A powerful green aura was coming from it, reaching high in the sky. "URRRGHIIIIII!!!!" Came a familiar battle cry as the aura appeared. The whole building shook from the amount of power coming from the one spot on the building's roof.

"Listen to me! Everyone!" Laniatus was trying to get the groups attention. She and Nemesis were holding an energy ball the size of a mountain in their hands. "Everyone! Please direct your attacks to our sphere!"

"Wait a minute, I recognize that attack!" Nusquam shouted, slightly spooked. "I refuse to allow you to complete it!" Using the energy he absorbed from the fighters, he began charging a powerful attack. "It's time I destroyed this entire dimension once and for all!"

((Did Pearl miss?))

Gizmo looked at them and nodded. "Got it. I'll give it all I've got!" He said as he aimed the cannon for the sphere. "It might come a bit late, but it should give it a big jolt."

D:Hey LT long time no see.

Pyro: yes ma'am! (focuses all of his power into the sphere. the loss of energy causes him to lose his CEBPL2 form)

Banzai redirected his energy volley to Laniatus and Nemesis's energy sphere.

Thetis fired his Psycho cannon at the orb as well.

Suddenly, a barrage of ice crystals rained down onto the sphere rapidly. Right next them was a huge column of flames shot down into it as well. Neither showed any signs of letting up.

The blast of energy revealed to have been coming from Smash. He was now floating above the ground, his aura was intense. He grew two spikes on his knuckles, and his hair grew a few inches longer. He shot down from the building, heading straight for the sphere.

Slowly but surely, the orb increased in size, absorbing the energy from the attacks and almost ready to meet Nusquam.

((Smash wasn't anywhere where D could see him. How could he say Hi?))

HellSinu:... i can't... you are goddess and god and i am a demon. Father always said the two energies mixing would cause the attack to become unstable... dunno if it was true but i'm not taking a chance... *looks at the sphere* But then again... maybe i can stall him... *closes eyes, her energy should turn into poisonous energy*

"It should still work. Laniatus is the goddess of everything good. I'm the god of everything that isn't, and that includes demons."

D:(Fly's up to Nusquam)Hey you better leave.

"SUPERNOVA CANNON" Nusquam fired a massive, purple energy blast, roughly 1/2 the width of Station Square, at all of the fighters.

(D is caught in the blast)

(Yeah, flying up there wasn't a good idea)

Laniatus and Nemesis retaliated by firing their attack. "ERASER CANNON!!"

The two deities and the evil being were soon locked in a beam struggle that shook the earth.

HellSinu: I see... *starts to give her energy to the beam, not poisonous, soon exits due to lack of energy and anger*

Pearl was fast enough to get back down to where everyone else was. Upon landing, she looked back up to see what was happening. "If we don't win this, We're doomed..It HAS to work!" She exclaimed.

Smash landed down next to her, along with Splice. "This is gonna be close..." He said.

"It's still not at full power.." Gizmo said, looking at the meter on the back of his cannon. "Laniatus? When it reaches full power and I shoot the blast from behind, will that-"

Banzai and Thetis continued to feed their energy into the attack.

Pyro: (sends a stream of Amaterasu into the beam)

"Now would be a really good time to put your power into our attack!!" Nemesis yelled.

Banzai and Thetis continued to feed their energy into the attack.

After a few seconds, it appeared that Laniatus and Nemesis were losing the struggle.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You two are past your prime! You'll never defeat me!" Nusquam shouted.

D:(Survives)You burned my coat(Punches him hard)

(You were caught in the middle of a beam struggle that had the power destroy an entire dimension. Even if you somehow did survive you would be blown back due to the force of the energy. Even if you withstood all of these i doubt you would be able to simply punch an extremely powerful god-like being. Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 04:23, March 9, 2011 (UTC))

((If D was alive, He should not be conscious. Seriously, D was not even powered up by the Infinity Crystal, and Nusquam is like, what, past God status if that's even possible? And even if he was conscious, He should NOT be able to punch him back. Being NEAR a blast like that should repel him, and D shouldn't even have the strength to attack him again. I'm not even gonna question his common sense.))

((He is blown back,he is an immortal,and you pissed him of by burning his coat that he had when he was just born))

Splice put his hands together and began firing several blasts of ice and fire, alternatively. Each of them headed for the back of the Eraser Cannon to add onto it.

Smash set his hand down on the Hand Cannon, and began to distribute his energy into it. "There's not much I can do other than melee attacks." He said. "This is the best way for me to give it my all."

Pearl put her hand on top of Smash's, and did the same. "Same here." She said. "This last attack is from all three of us."

Gizmo nodded and smiled. "Thanks, guys..Whoa." He looked at the charge meter, which was rising much more rapidly than before. "It's working!" A large glow began to appear from inside the cannon. The weapon itself was starting to glow bright with it's own mystical pinkish aura. Soon, the meter hit full, but Gizmo could feel that there was more coming in for the blast. The cannon began to feel hot, and steam rose from it, but it remained stable as it took in all the energy. "Just a little bit more.." He said, wanting to get as much power as he could. He took aim for the back of the Eraser Cannon.

Sinu:... *normal now, finishes*... what do you think would happen if someone attacked his beam directly?

"Physically, they would be vaporized. If you shot energy at his beam, he'd simply absorb it, do to you bearing his mark," Nemesis answered.

Pyro: (eye begins to bleed but he keeps up the Amaterasu) it's probably hurt. alot.

"That's why I'm resorting to this." Smash said.

D:Keep it up!

((Are you listening? If he got caught up in that blast, shouldn't he be at least WEAKENED?))

Sinu: hmmmmmmmm... what if i were to attack directly? would it at least divert some attention away?

((He is,but he is not weaken like you think.))

(even if you are immortal, you are not immune to damage! We're talking the power to destroy dimensions here! Entire realms of existence! Even if he somehow inexplicably survives, he shouldn't be concious (or in one piece). Call me crazy but that sounds like extreme Gmodding. And I'm Rp-ing as someone who is past god status. Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 04:34, March 9, 2011 (UTC))

((You're not crazy, you're absolutely right.))

((He is the most strongest being in the universe,his profile said so on my show on youtube.))

((THAT is Blatant godmodding. I don't care what it said, You can't go making a character neigh invincible like that. I am not accepting this.))

(That is the most obvious, shameless example of god modding i have ever seen. Out of all the characters in Sonic Fanon, it is physically impossible to be the strongest. Honestly, that just sounds very unfair and shouldn't be used in an Rp. Besides, you're straying from the plot, and right now we're at the clinax point, which you're ruining with your gmodding. If he is that strong, he shouldn't even be aloud in Rps. Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 04:44, March 9, 2011 (UTC))

((What do you want him to do die!?))

(We do not want him to die. We are trying to be reasonable and realistic and just allow him to take damage. He can survive, but there is no way he can be concious. Let me pitch you an offer. He gets his by part of the blast, but is quickly saved by Thetis's telekinesis. Then, he can still be concious. The only thing I'm agains here is the whole (Strongest being in the universe thing) Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 04:51, March 9, 2011 (UTC))

"What the heck am I holding back for?" Banzai asked himself. "CHAOS BANG! " He shot a huge energy blast at the Eraser Cannon.

Nusquam's and the god's beams were now evenly matched.

"What!? How can this be?" Nusquam then began pouring more of his energy into the beam. The beam struggle itself began leveling the landscape. The ground around it began forming into a giant crater, and buildings were obliderated by simply being too close.

"So this is the power of the gods," Thetis said.

"Alright! We're at FULL POWER!" Gizmo shouted excitedly. The cannon was now brimming with a large pinkish aura. It was somewhat scary to think of what would happen if you got hit by that blast, but of course woulf most likely pale in comparison to the two interlocking blasts. Gizmo took aim again, with the support of Smash and Pearl. "With the power of the heavens and the earth, and the Infinity Crystal...Eternal Power Cannon..."

"FIIIREE!!" The three of them shouted at the same time as Gizmo unleashed the enourmous blast. The blast was a little more than half the size of the Eraser cannon, and it's power was stronger than anything either of the heroes could have pulled off alone.

Sinu:... *watching*... *looks at nusquam*... say, how weakened do you think his mind is?

"GYAAAAAHHHHH!!!! DAMN YOU!!!" Nusquam then output nearly all of his power into the approaching beam. The struggle was so intense that it was causing natural disasters to the surrounding area and had almost completely destroyed Station Square.

"ONE MORE BURST OF ENERGY SHOULD FINISH THIS!!!" Nemesis shouted to the group.

"One More Burst!?" Gizmo exclaimed. Although he was still firing the blast, which was weakening rapidly, The cannon actually looked like it couldn't take much more. "I don't think I can do that!"

Smash and Pearls hands tightened around the cannon. "Gizmo, Pearl, Put your entire form into this next attack." He said. "All that power that you were given..Put it ALL behind this."

"Wha.." The blast stopped, and smoke came from the front of the cannon.

"Charge it up again, and we'll finish this for good." Smash said.

Gizmo was silent for a moment. He wasn't sure if the cannon could take this at all, but they had to give it a shot. "Alright.." He began to charge the cannon again, and Smash and Pearl began to feed their energy into it.

"Give me that!" Nemesis literally sucked out the energy in the cannon and forced it into his own attack

Sinu:... *starts to pour her lifeforce into the beam*... Smash, Pearl and Gizmo all returned to their normal states, giving all of their energy to the Eraser Cannon.

"Nusquam! It's time to do what we should have done 74532 years ago!!" Laniatus shouted!

"ERASER CANNON!! !" The gods shouted in unison.

Nusquam's attack was absorbed by the power of the god's beam, and the demon himself was enveloped in it. "GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed as he was blown to the high heavens.

"" Banzai asked between breaths.

Sinu:... *falls over, very exhausted* geez... now i can't even look for him... *sighs* oh well... *Falls asleep*

((I was gonna have Gizmo's cannon explode from the amount of power being fired, but I guess that saves me the trouble. (And Gizmo's time of having to make a new one.)))

Gizmo lowered his cannon and looked up into the sky along with Smash, Pearl and Splice. "I think..I think we did it." He said.

"It should be over," Laniatus said, "That attack should have completely erased him from existence."

Thetis let out an exhausted sigh. "Finally! This whole thing's over!" He then noticed Splice's forehead, now markless.

Splice soon turned back to normal. His quills fell back down in their normal size and shape. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Looks like you finally lost your mark!" Banzai said happily as he slapped Splice on the back.

"Ah-ow! Heheheh.." Splice scratched his head with a grin. "I guess I Did! Yay!"

Nemesis then fell two his knees after exhausting so much of his power. "*Sigh* Finally, now we can rela-" He stopped speaking abrubtly as he noticed in horror Nusquam's final present on the ground.

A massive mark was on the ground where Station Square once was.

Smash already noticed it, and was staring at it the entire time with an equally horrified expression.

Part 3B: Parting Gift

"Everybody!" Nemesis shouted, "Clear this area as fast as you can!"

Banzai noticed the mark on the ground. "In other words: RUN FOR YOUR FREAKING LIFE!!!"

Sinu: *wakes up, stands, notices the mark* Oh for crying out loud... *pulls out a red crystal, crushes it* get inside. it's the quickest way out... well unless you two can make a portal... *turns*... nevermind... a dud...

"Oh CRAAAAAP!!" Smash cried out. He grabbed Pearl and Gizmo's arms and ran. He ran as fast as he could. Splice sped ahead of him, obviously frightened.

A massive star-like form of energy emerges from the mark, slowly enlarging and will possibly destroy the planet.

"May I borrow that?" Laniatus asked Sinu.

Sinu: sure... *gets another out, hands it to her* Careful though. leads straight to hell.

Laniatus and Nemesis tried conjuring up a portal using the crystal, but it was litterally sucked into the black hole. "Uh oh." Laniatus said.

"You all run off." Nemesis said. "This thing will eat the planet if it isn't stopped. I'll stay back and deal with it."

"If you're staying, then I must as well," Laniatus said.

Smash was not taking any chances sticking around. If anyone could deal with it, they could. But for now, he had to focus on getting everyone else out of there. He pushed himself to go faster, nearly yanking the two of their feet.

"Allow me to give you guys a head start!" Nemesis said.

The heroes were blown back several by an invisible force.

"Guys, I think we should run," Banzai said.

Smash took force as a sort of turbulence boost, using this to his advantage he was running at abnormal speeds.

Sinu:... *growls, frustrated she can't do anything to help, but turns to leave anyway*

Splice whizzed right by Banzai, seemingly saying a little prayer as he did so.

Laniatus and Nemesis used all of their power to destroy the black hole left by Nusquam. All of the ruins of Station Square were enveloped in a bright, blinding flash.

Part 3C: The End

When they awoke, the fighters found themselves in Greenhill Zone, safe from the black hole.

"What the, how did we get here?" Banzai asked.

"What I want to know," Thetis said, "is if 'they're' all right."

"URRGHII!!" Smash suddenly leaped to his feet in fright, looking in every which direction. "What's going on!? Where am I!?....Wait a minute.." He then came back to his senses. "What the crap? I thought we were in Station Square. How did we get way out here?"

"I don't know.." Splice said from behind. He was just starting to stand up. "But like Thetis just said, I'm wondering if Laniatus and Nemesis are alright.." He looked down at Gizmo and Pearl, who were both still unconscious.

Sinu: *awake* If they're anything like my dad, they're DEFINITLY alright... especially nowadays.

As Sinu spoke, two spheres of light, one light blue, the other purple, floated down in front of the group.

"We are fine," the blue orb said.

"We managed to stop the black hole and save this dimension," the purple one said.

"Laniatus and Nemesis!?" Banzai said in relief and confusion. "What happened?"

"During the struggle, we were forced to sacrifice our physical forms," Laniatus said.

"We'll regain them after a few months," Nemesis said, "Even us gods have to recover."

Sinu: i see... interesting... *stands* well i'll see you heroes later. I still need to pay my father back for sealing me in that dimension. *turns and leaves*

Smash wiped his forehead in relief. "That's good news." He said. "I've had enough problems keeping this dimension in order as it is." He put his fists on his hips and looked at the two orbs. "Thanks for all of your help.

It was around then that Gizmo and Pearl woke up, asking the same questions as the others when they awoke.

The group then gave the gods their thanks.

"I'd better get going before Chimera realizes I helped Banzai," Thetis said jokingly as he took his leave.

"So, what about you guys? Going back to Greenflower City?" Banzai asked Smash and his friends.

Smash stretched and folded his arms behind his head. "Yep." He said. "I gotta head back and see how things are doing back there. News reports must be freaking crazy." He chuckled.

Gizmo looked at the Hand cannon, still attached to his hand. "I've gotta go home and do some repairs to this thing." He said. "It nearly fell apart from that blast."

Splice looked over at the two orbs. "H-hey..How's Station Square..or what's left of it, looking? Is it all gone?"

"We managed to...fix it up a bit," Laniatus said, presumably grinning.

"Well, I don't think I'm in any condition to go back to Chun-nan right now," Banzai said, quite exhausted.

"We would teleport you there, but after all the energy we used up fighting and rebuilding Station Square..." Nemesis trailed off.

Smash shrugged. "Don't worry 'bout it." He said. "I've got a friend who can take us back." He said as he flipped out his cellphone. "We'll see for ourselves." He dialed a number and held the phone to his ear, waiting for someone to pick up on the other end of the line.

Oh well," Banzai said, "I've gotta find a place to stay. See you guys later!"

Splice turned to look at Banzai. "Hey, Thanks for the help. See you later."

Banzai looked back and smiled. "Anytime."

"Hello? Ah, Thunder, could I ask a favor? Are you out sailing right now?...Ah, I see. Are you anywhere near Green Hill? Good. I need a ride back home. I'll explain later. Thanks, man." Smash hung up the phone. "Alright, We're gonna have to wait." He said as he sat down on the grass. "Lets relax a bit until he shows up."

"Here's a parting gift from us," Laniatus said as a small bottle of clear liquid materialized in Smash's hands. "That potion has the power to instantly heal someone from injury or sickness."

Smash looked at the bottle in seemingly awe, but then looked up and smiled at the two. "Thank you. I'll be sure to keep it somewhere safe until I need it." He said as he tucked it away.

"And now, we must take our leave."

The two orbs then vanished, leaving Smash and his friends alone on the grassy hills, as they waved goodbye.

Epilogue (feel free to add)

  • Station Square is mysteriously rebuilt, with all evidence of the cataclysmic battle gone
  • Laniatus and Nemesis return to Betwixt and Between and regain their powers and continue to watch over the universe.
  • Banzai continues to travel the world, but eventually settled down somewhere near Station Square for a while.
  • The False World now has a more powerful seal on it, preventing anyone from entering it
  • Lucky had left before the destruction and so was fine. However, he saw the ruins just before the black hole was destroyed.
  • Flames is now in GreenFlower City, having found the artifact he was searching for in the False World (I forgot about him so i'll put it here: he stayed behind knowing he'd be basically no help at all, and to search for the artifact)
  • Thetis now simply lives life, until he is called by Chimera and Evanidus.
  • Smash and his friends returned to Green Flower City. Smash soon threw a party at his house to celebrate their victory. Afterwards, Gizmo finished the repairs on the Hand Cannon, and began working on a new project.
  • Sinu was admitted to station square hospital after returning pretty much near death. cause of wounds were unknown. she is alive and stable.
  • Thetis returned the WHT letter to Smash, realizing that it was his and thought it would be safer with him.
  • After the battle, everyone lost their god-like abilities and returned to normal.
  • Pyro, taking the battles as training for the one to come, continues his search for Orochimaru.
  • Laniatus and Nemesis watch over all the other characters, but still feel uneasy for some strange reason
  • There have been sights of a strange black orb around Station Square, but no one has been able to confirm what it was.

The busy city known as Station Square was once again active, with everyone acting as if the whole ordeal never happened. Thetis happened to be strolling by when a small flicker of pure black energy caught his eye. "Huh?" He stopped for a moment and looked around him. "Probably just seeing things," he said as he continued his walk. As soon as he left, a tiny, black orb appeared and flew into the sky.

Lucky: Geez i leave for 3 hours and this place gets blown up... oh well. At least it got fixed... still... wonder how it happened...

Devin: I agree with you. What in the world just happened here?

(Uh, the RP's kinda over. Why are ppl still adding characters?)

I don't get that.

(Well the conflict is over, and this is just the epilogue (And it says The End somewhere above), unless you want to continnue another story)

It depends. I mean if you want to do it or not. It's your choice.

I believe someone is starting a sidestory/sequel. I'll put up a link when I get more info

OK. You can tell me when it's up.

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