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Drako the arkon

This is an rp about a battle to see who is the strongest.


Neon the Tenrec and Drako the Arkon have incredibly similar powers. after witnessing each other in battle, they wanted to find out which of them were stronger. and so, a race for the master and chaos emeralds began!!


  • ABSOLUTELY NO G-MODING!!! (this means you spongebob100 and others)
  • Keep it pg-13......Swearing is allowed tho....but censor it partially....(as i @#!*% becomes F**k)
  • no instant kills unless i say so!!!!
  • small sub-plots are fine.....JUST REMEMBER, THEY ARE NOT THE MAIN PLOT!!!
  • don't use someone else's characters w/out there permission!
  • I'm allowing the cannon characters to be controlled by anyone, DON'T abuse this power!!!


epicdrako, add more of your characters!


Sonic( anyone)

tails( anyone)

knuckles(tranzitz )(only because knuckles is essential to the plot)

amy( anyone)

cream( anyone)

shadow( anyone)

(add more if you can think of any)


rouge( anyone)

marine( anyone)

zero the tanuki ( mailjesuru )

core the hedgehog (mailjesuru)

pyro the kitsune(mail jesur)

(add more if you can think of any)

Flo the Cat (Flurrie)

Dusk Shitori (Starblazer105)


Neon the Tenrec (mailjesuru)

Drako the Arkon (epicdrako )

eggman( anyone)


(add more if you can think of any)

your characters

this space is for your characters, if you want them to be main, then put main next to them


Jade the Cat(tranzitz)

Jett the Hedgehog


Dusk Shitori (main)


Transford (DoomDegree) (Main)


Chapter 1: an ominous warning

Knuckles: *is sitting in front of the master emerald*

Dark clouds start to roll over angel island. A helicopter descends into the dense jungle.

Neon: zero, core! split up and search for the master emerald....Its on this island somewhere!!

Jett: *He spied on them, hoping he wouldn't be seen* What's going on?

(Distant Explosion)

GUN soldier: w-w-w what do you want from me?

Transford: (notices that the soldier has a Chaos Emerald and grabs it) This (Crushes it)

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