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You have just been given a scholarship to the mysterious Genedean University through unknown means. Rumor has it that some people died at the university 30 years ago, and their ghosts still haunt one of the dorms on campus. Upon arriving on campus, you hear a scream go out as you head to your dorm.

You cannot locate the person who screamed, so you continue on. Some people say they saw a ghost of a woman near a dorm last night. Something's up.....


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  • Azure the Hedgehog (SonicFanG7)
  • Petal the Raccoon (SonicFanG7)
  • Kyle the Shark (SonicFanG7)
  • Sasha Petals (Piano)
  • Anna the Seal (Fox)
  • Verne the Seal (Fox)
  • Merle the Paluki (Fox)
  • Jack Bucket (TAILSTHEFLYING)
  • Matthew "King" McTurningham-NLG
  • Lilith the Demonette (Jaredthefox92)
  • Nex the Icefox
  • Alan kale the squirell(another one of those fans)
  • Kate kale the eagle(Another one of those fans)
  • Arle (Black Silver)
  • Eggdelena Lianna Dark (SuperSilverXtreme14)
  • Mitchell Barner (SuperSilverXtreme14)
  • Add your name!


  • Maximus the Mole (SonicFanG7)- Science teacher
  • Amy Rose-Cheer Teacher-NLG
  • Jerome MacMillson-Football Coach-NLG
  • Arnzarel the Revolting-History teacher.
  • Templeton Kanbara - Dodgeball Coach (Black Silver)
  • Sturm - Assignment monitor and Liberian (Black Silver)
  • Add some staff members


  • Spirits the Ghost Ram (Fox) (Only for this Roleplay)
  • Xavier the Cat (NLG)
  • "Regulus" the fox(Another one of those fans)
  • Malcom "Geo" Wiggins (Only for this Roleplay)
  • Add a ghost/deceased character...


RP Rules

  • No godmodding, we all know this.
  • Cussing is forbidden.
  • Stick to the format.
  • Act as if you were attending a college. 
  • Never talk about anything sexual.

School Rules

  • Physical violence is allowed, but please don't do it unless you feel completely threatened.
  • Violence is never the answer.
  • Don't use guns, smoke cigarettes, or use electronics during class (unless required).
  • All students must be on the campus from the first class to the end of the day. You may leave for lunch, but don't leave after 10:00 PM.
  • Follow the schedule. 


Time Name of Period Description
6:45 AM to 7:45 AM Breakfest Students eat lunch and then report to first block.
7:50 AM to 8:30 AM 1st Block (See student schedules)
8:35 AM to 9:45 AM 2nd Block (See student schedules)
9:50 AM to Noon Lunch Students will eat lunch and return to their rooms if there is time.
12:05 PM to 1:10 PM 3rd Block (See student schedules)
1:15 PM to 3:30 PM 4th Block (See student schedules)
3:35 PM to 5:05 PM 5th Block (See student schedules)
5:10 PM to 8:30 PM Dinner Students will eat dinner and go straight to their rooms afterwards.


Chapter 1: "The Scream"

(It is a dark, rainy day as students arrive on campus. Characters get out of their cars and run for their dorms, some carrying umbrellas. Others are wearing hoodies, and lightning strikes. A bluish-gray hedgehog is running through the rain, wearing a dark red hoodie with the number 9 on the back. Across the campus, a brown raccoon is seen also running while carrying a pink umbrella shaped like a flower. Meanwhile, a shark is rushing to get into the dorm first without an umbrella or hoodie.)

Azure: Aggggh! What I'd do to get out of this rain! Thankfully the dorm's not so far away.

(thunder strikes)

Azure: Is this an insult????

Kyle: No, Azure, it's a punishment from Poseidon. 

Azure: Kyle! I knew you'd show up!

Kyle: You read my Twitter.

Petal: This rain is ruining my tail...

(a scream goes out across the campus)

(A brown colored fox is seen with an umbrella she is wearing a purple rain jacket and a green one sided skirt.)

Sasha: Hello? Is anyone here?

???: (screams again)

Petal: Where is that scream coming from?

Sasha: I have no idea..... who are you?

Petal: Oh, I'm Petal the Raccoon. And you are?

Sasha: My name's Sasha Petals, or just Sasha the Fox.

(A mysterious black colored fox was under a shelter wearing red long sleeve shirt and black pants)

Jack: So, what's this nonsense? I heard there's a scream like two times. I feel like this is spooky. Also Jack Bucket, but don't call me Jack the Fox. Just Jack Bucket.

Matt: Finally! All off those nonsense and now I am in college!

Jack: You meant we are in college. Plus let me see what's dorm am I in? (reads the dorm members) Okay, my roommates are Azure, Kyle, Sasha, Petal, Matt. Wow, that's cool!

Matt: No it says that some of my roommates are Sasha and Petal, and I read who is in my dorm, and you aren't in it, Jack.

Jack: Oh yeah. I'm with Azure and Kyle. Well no fair that you have the girls.

Matt: No, Azure and Kyle are in a different dorm.

Lilith: *Enters the campus.* Now, where is my chamber?

Matt: Oh, your in a dorm with Jack.

Jack: Yep, Just let me go to my dorm. Coming anyone?

Matt: We can't go in YET.

Lilith: *Walks up to them. She appears as a young demonette with horns, a serpent like tounge,having sharp talon like nails, and a devils tail.*

Jack: Okay, smarty pants. What are we going to do?


Lilith: Hi! :D

Jack: Uh, hi. I'm Jack and this is Matt and I hate him and can you tell me, what's your name?

Lilith: Daddy calls me Lilith, but my mortal name was Lilian, you can  just call me Lilly for short. ^^

Jack: Okay, Lilly. Wanna go to our dorm?

Lilith: Sure, where is it?

Jack: Okay, follow me. I show you.

(Jack and Lilith started going to their dorm)

Jack: Have you got an umbrella? I'm wet.

Lilith: What's an unbrella?

Jack: Uh. Never mind. Let's go.

Lilith: *Shrugs* Okay. *Follows.*

Jack: *at our dorm* We're here! *gets my towel and dry myself.* You wanna study together or anything?

Lilith: Okay, why not?

Jack: So we can improve our grades. Or we can sleep.

Lilith: I don't need to sleep. :)

(Back at Campus) God, there is more people coming to my dorm. I have to wait for them for God's sake!

(A Mobian Paluki was wandering around the campus)

Merle:>Be at Campus. >Cannot find dorm room. >Probably going to share it with some normie.

Jack: *opens window* Hey you there! *points to a mobian paluki* Are you Merle?

Merle:>Be Merle.

Jack: You're must be my roommate. Look, my roommate that is a girl is sleeping. So, come in quietly.

Merle:>Be girl as well.

(Merle walks into the room quietly, making sure not to wake up the other girl)

Jack: (whispers to him) I'm Jack Bucket. There's a spare room upstairs.

Merle: (Whispers)>Be Merle the Paluki.

Matt: The name's Matthew "King" McTurningham, but you can call me Matt. Say, Merle, that name sounds familiar, you might be in my high school! Which high school did I go to?

Merle:>Went to Apalasia High.>Doesn't remember a "King'.

Matt: Wait... *mumbles* I thought I knew you by your name

Nex:Why are you wondering around the campus?

Matt: Hey, I'm just a student, bro! *pats Nex hard on the back* You are my last dormmate, eh?

Nex:I guess?

Nex:Am I the only one who heard the screams?

Matt: Um.... No. All of us heard it.

*A random squirell would appear*

The squirell:Wait you heard a scream?

Nex:Yes,and apparently everyone heard it.

Jack went up to Nex and Matt and a random squirrel for some reason.

Jack: Okay, you heard it?

*everybody nods except Jack*

Jack: Where did the scream come from?

Nex:Well that's what I'm trying to figure out.

A man walks in. After taking off his coat he blows a whistle. Its Templeton, the dodgeball teacher.

Templeton: Alright. All of you go to the breakfast hall (or whatever). You ALL need something to eat. No exceptions. (Sigh) Its not easy telling people what to properly when your specialty of being a teacher is just teaching dodgeball. (I ran out of ideas)

Nex:Sorry sir.

Nex:Guys we need to talk about it during breakfast.

Arle: OH! IM LATE! (Accidently bumps into Nex and falls over)

*Kate would see the incident*

Kate:Great!an incident!*Kate* would sigh* a perfect day to start the first day of class.

*Alan would notice the incident but he would turn his head away*

Alan:Im used to this.

*Alan would continue..whatever he was doing before*

Arle has a confused and dazed expression.

Arle: What did you say?

Templeton notices and helps Arle stand upright.

Templeton: Come on, Arle. I'll bring you to your dorm. Anyway, like what I said, go to the breakfast hall.

Nex:OW!Right in the spot were I broke my arm.

Nex:*takes out keys and unlocks car*I need to get my laptop And camera.

Matt: Why?

Nex:I'll tell you later.

*after eating breakfast*

Nex:I am gonna try to capture videos around the campus.To see where that scream is coming from.

Jack: Are you kidding me, Nex? *looks at him with his camera facing Jack*

Nex:Well something is going on and I need figure out what it is.

Nex:Besides its will work(sometimes I think people dont understand me).

Jack: It can be a fake scream or something.

Nex:But it's worth a try.

A boy in a cloak walks by and bumps into Nex.

???: Oops! Sorry!

The mysterious boy runs off through the hall.

Jack: There we go, another boy. We should better go now, this is kinda creepy.

*starts taking a video*

Nex:hello my name is Nex and next to me I have Jack,today Jack and I will going to the west side of the campus to look for some ghosts.

Arle and the mysterious boy are walking by.

Arle: So Malcom. Hows life as a gh---

Before Arle can finish, the boy covers Arle's mouth.

Malcom: Shh! Don't let anyone find out my secret. (He goes past Nex and bumps into a wall but walks through it like it's not there. His cloak falls off, revealing his legs which rather look like they're fading.)

Some random freshman: (Points at Malcom) GHOST!

*Nex points the camera at Malcom*

Malcom, being a rather camera shy spirit, has an expression as if someone just saw him naked.


Malcom turns solid again, running with a bayonette in one hand and a swiss army knife in the other into the library.

Arle: Malcom! Please come back!

In a hurry, Arle chases after Malcom. But then Arle stops and stares at Nex and Jack.

Arle: Come on! Want some more footage or not?

*Nex follows Arle*

Nex:Finally a real ghost,the moment I step into this campus I felt something is fishy I just didn't think We would find a ghost.

Matt: Woah! Where is it?

Arle licks her thumb (she has a special ability to be able to touch Malcom with or without his ghost form and sometimes, the ectoplasm gets on her fingers. Cleared up some confusion) and wipes it on her middle finger. It instantly points at where Malcom would be, like a helpful arthritis.

Arle: (Looks in the direction her finger is) over there! In the humor section of the Library! (Runs there. Jack and Nex follow.)

Jack: Come on Nex. We need to get them before it's too late!

Matt: Everyones going...

Malcom throws a baseball at Matt and shouts "Phsyc!" before turning transparent and running through the wall like its not there.

As soon as Arle takes 5 steps forward, everything starts to shake and 3 zombies break through the ground like it's gel.

Arle: Eek! Malcom's woken the dead! (Gets out some knuckledusters and tries to pound the zombies back in.)

Chapter 2: Zombies?


*Nex takes long metal stick in his shirt and started wacking the zombies*

Matt: *takes a machine gun and starts shooting the zombies*

Jack: What the heck? Give me a second. He ran to the parking lot to get his car, while people starting to fight monsters.

Nex:where in the world did you get a MACHINE GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt: First, you gotta be strong. Second, you gotta be tough.

Jack get into the car and started driving to the zombies.

Matt: Oh geez. *starts shooting the zombies again*

Jack: Okay, get ready. Matt and Nex. Three, two, one.

He drove his car into the zombies!!!!

Matt: Hey! Watch where your going!

*nex jumps out the car and kicks the last zombie*

Nex:Wow this was easy

nex:Uhh...what are we gonna do about schools wall?

Matt: I'm not in the car!

Suddenly, Malcom casts another batch of zombies. One of the zombies grabs a nearby student and hurls him over. Matt just about dodges the boy, but he hits Arle instead. The boy is on the ground with a nosebleed. Arle runs over.

Arle: Cig? Are you OK?

???: Im fine. Im fine.

Arle dusts down her dress and turns to Matt.

Arle: Matt, this is Cig. My best friend so far.

Cig: Yeah. (Cig pulls down his jacket to reveal bombs inside.) I came from Australia. But I was shipped over to Antarctica and I took a rocket here.

Arle: He went to military school 3 times! But that didn't stop him from beliving in ghosts.

Cig: I can see them. But, what goes up must never come down, mate! I can see Malcom from here!

Eggdelena: *watches the kids as they fight zombies from where she sat in the benches* *her pink eyes watch them silently from within her hood* *beside her, shaking all over with fear, was her roommate, Mitchell Barner* *she rolled her eyes to the ceiling* (Why of all things did my roomie have to be a total scaredy-cat?) *then, standing up in a cool pose and looking down at the zombies below, she takes out her crossbow and arrows, and jumps into the action, shooting zombies down here and there with grace and skill*

Mitchell: *shakes all over her eyes wide with fright* Why me.. Why me.. Why me..

Nex:don't worry this is easy,I my parents left me in the streets and a general from the military found me and became my foster dad,he even taught how to use a shotgun!

*nex pulls out a shotgun and shoots the zombies into the face*

Nex:like I said...TOO EASY!

Matt: *still shooting zombies with a machine gun*

Jack: You gotta be careful, zombies can be anywhere. I didn't even know how zombies are existed.

Cig: Me too, guv. (grabs a shotgun and tries shooting the zombies) (they do not appear to realize the bullets through their chests) But I came prepared. (gets out some sort of pistol and tries to shoot Malcom with it) (It shoots out an orange net which fixes to the ceiling and traps Malcom) Bullseye!

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