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  • No sexual content allowed. No kissing or extreme romance either please. No rape!! (flirting and hugging is allowed)
  • No cussing or saying bad words. No verbal abuse. (Stupid or weird is okay.)
  • Physical abuse and bullying are allowed as long as it doesn't get too crazy. (for instance, one student rapes another student..)
  • Blood is allowed but no killing unless its one of your own characters or just a random, no-name character you stick into the plot.
  • Powers are allowed and mind-control is too as long as you ask before mind-controlling a student or teacher that someone is using.


Fantasia Middle School has always had its share of troublemakers and problematic children, but has managed well even with these odds. That is, until a new student comes to the school, and with werewolf powers at that. New enemies and new rivalries are aroused and even more darker forces are at work. How will the students and the teachers deal with this student and these new challenges, and will life at the school change either for the better or for the worse?


  • SuperSilverXtreme14- Creator of RP.


  • Snow the Arctic Wolf-SuperSilverXtreme14. A new student on campus. A young wolf with hard to control, were-wolf powers.
  • Angus the Ermine-SuperSilverXtreme14. Snow's best friend both off of campus and on campus. Been going to the school ever since he was little, and knows the ins and outs of campus.
  • Terrance von Vamp-SuperSilverXtreme14. A vampire, Terrance is a rich brat who takes pleasure in harassing the younger students and is good at pretending and acting like he is a harmless and innocent youth. He is also a skilled manipulator and a killer at that. He is also quite popular among the students and is known to be the leader of a posse of bullies at the school.
  • Mitchell Barner-SuperSilverXtreme14. A young human girl who is also a new student on campus, is often mistaken as a boy.


  • Alkaline the Destroyer-SuperSilverXtreme14. History Teacher. He also serves as the superpower courses' teacher.
  • Natalie the Chameleon-SuperSilverXtreme14. The school assistant librarian and the school grounds' botanist.

Subjects and Times

  • History- 7:00-8:00
  • Latin/Greek- 8:10-9:20
  • Grammar- 9:32-10:30
  • Lunch break- 10:30-11:00 (After lunch, students get an hour to themselves.)
  • PE- 12:00 (PE, isn't optional and all students must attend.)
  • Pre-Algebra- 12:55-1:40
  • Literature- 1:45-2:30
  • Biology/Chemistry- 2:35-3:45
  • After School classes- (Times vary.) (School ends between 5:30 and 6:30.)

Other Subjects

Some subjects that are chosen personally by the students to do after classes after Lunch Break or after all the subjects have been completed for the day can do these subjects:

  • Art.
  • Music.
  • Botany.
  • Reading. (Spend time in the library.)
  • Combat courses.
  • Archery.
  • Superpower courses (Students who have special powers can come here and either fight other users, or learn more about their powers and how to use them.)

Chapter 1: New Arrivals

Part 1

A small blue car pulls up to Fantasia Middle School and parks in brake. "Well, here we are, Fantasia Middle School. Just as Mrs. Ermine said. Now, time to go kiddo!" In the back seat, Snow folded his arms and pouted. "Mom, do I have to?" Snow's mom turned around to face her son. "Snow, you know as well as I do that the schools in Holoska can't offer the proper education for you. Besides, your friend Angus has been attending here for so long and has had no problems here. Plus, the school system is actually pretty well made. And, I have no doubt you might make some friends." His mom smiled and winked, gesturing out the car window at a group of girl students that passed by their car, chattering amongst themselves.

Snow blushed. "MOM!!" His mom chuckled and then glanced at her watch. "Oh boy. Your class will be starting soon. Your going to need to go now." Before Snow and his mom could further argue, his mom had already stepped outside of the car and was walking around to Snow's side. She held the door open for him and Snow, seeing no other choice, stepped out, hoisting his blue and black backpack over his shoulder. His mom pulled Snow close to her, and even though a group of boys that were going inside snickered into their hands and Snow felt himself blush, she held onto him. She whispered into Snow's ear in a voice so quiet that Snow could hear her, "At least try it out and see what you think."

Saying so, she let him go, and Snow saw tears in her eyes. "I love you, Snow." And then she kissed him on the cheek, making Snow blush even more. "Okay, mom. I love you too. Now will you stop!" Snow hastily pushed her away, gently, and stepped around her. "Okay, okay! I'll see you later, kiddo!" She hugged him one more time and got into the car, driving away. Snow waved goodbye and turned around, and almost fell back in shock when his best friend Angus stood there, a smile playing along his lips.

"Hey Snow! Long time no see! I'm so glad your parents agreed to send you here! Your going to have SO much fun here! Trust me, I know! Let me show you around! Come on!" Before Snow could respond, Angus had already whisked Snow into the building.

"I'm so glad I managed to convince the principle to make me your honorary guide. It's an honor really. Here are the lockers. You have your own locker combination and everything, isn't it great! I tried to get the principle to have your locker next to mine, but," Angus sighed and made a face that made Snow snicker, "He's a total drag if you know what I mean. (Don't tell him I said that alright?) Anyway, my locker is locker 244 just so know, in case if you want to visit. Oh, and another thing, make sure you memorize your combination, cause if you happened to lose your combination or something, you'll have to wait, like, a full week till you get a new one. Which is CRAZY!! Anyway, here's your locker combination and number."

Angus handed Snow a small piece of paper. Snow looked down at it and read. "Locker 357. Code 2974." Snow and Angus approached locker 357 and Angus showed Snow how to use the combination lock. "Now, just throw in what you need for the first class, (which is History by the way..) and keep the rest of the stuff inside. Make sure you close the door tightly so the lock is secured." Snow took out his history book, notebook, and pens, and closed the door of his locker so the lock clicked.

When Snow turned to Angus, Angus was already halfway down the hall.

"Hey, wait up!"

"Come on, Snow, if we're any slower, we'll be late!" Snow ran after his friend, being careful to keep the black tip on Angus's tail in his sights. After running through several halls and dodging some students, Snow and Angus made it to history class. Angus entered the classroom casually and coolly, but Snow hung back in the doorway, his head swiveling up and down, back and forth, taking in his surroundings one piece at a time.

It was a fairly well sized room, the walls a light shade of green, the floor birch. Sixteen seats and desks in all were stationed evenly, two-and-two. Twelve of the students in the classroom were either chatting to one another, texting, or playing games. Four students, including Angus, were watching Snow eagerly and curiously, their eyes taking in the newcomer, but Angus simply smiled and waved. Snow turned to the front of the room, where a huge wooden desk stood. On top of it stood a wireless computer, and on either side of it stood well organized stacks of books of many colored bindings. A black leather swivel chair stood parked beside the table and a blackboard was positioned on the wall behind it.

Snow continued to observe, not daring to move, or to step inside. But, his nerves caused him to jump as a fluid figure seemed to condense out of thin air behind him.

"Ahem! Are you going to take a seat, or were you intending to waste my time?"

Snow let out a cry and stumbled back into the room. His cry was immediately heard and the remaining twelve students immediately stopped what they were doing and looked first at him, and then at the figure in the doorway, who glared back at them as it stepped into the room. All the students put their devices away and conversations immediately died as they set out their history supplies.

The teacher, as Snow looked him up and down, was a tall, human-like, 7'8" creature, whose head was a few feet away from the ceiling. His body was lean and hunched over, more like an animal than a human. His arms were long and his fingers arched out like curved talons. His legs were small, and crouched over as he tried to stand in the room. He wore a red and grey torn shirt, black jeans, and red sneakers. His hair was dark red, like blood, and his eyes were an almost reptilian green with black slits that seemed to shrink and grow with each slight twitch of his fingers. His skin was grey and pale, like a zombie and he lashed out a red, pointed tongue as he stared coldly down at Snow.

"What's your name, boy?" Snow didn't answer. He looked down and tried not to cry or show fear. The students and the teacher watched him intently, and a few scarcely audible whispers broke through the silence, and Snow could feel his face and ears reddening. He sniffed and thought he would break down crying then and there, but luckily, Angus managed to step in front of him and shield him from the eyes of the teacher.

"This is Snow, he's the new kid and has, um, problems with dealing with new people." The teacher didn't shift his gaze from Angus, or Snow, but hissed and disappeared briefly, only to reappear behind his desk. By the time he had sat down in the chair, he had managed to adjust his form so that he seemed to fit right into the chair.

"Well, then maybe you can introduce Mr. Snow here to the whole class, Mr. Angus." Some kids snickered but the snickering immediately stopped from a quick look from the teacher.

With Snow standing beside him, Angus told the whole class about Snow. But as he began to ramble, the teacher's hand fell down hard onto the table and the whole class, including Angus, held their breath.

"That's enough, Mr. Angus. Lead our new friend to his seat." Angus nodded and led Snow to a vacant seat by the window. "You get to sit right behind me. Isn't that great?" Angus whispered excitedly to Snow, who only nodded and sat in his seat, barely even looking up as the teacher introduced himself to those who were also new to the class.

"My name is A.D. But in this class, you'll address me as "sir", or "mister". There are three things you must know if you want to survive.. excuse me, I meant endure my class and the many things your pathetic.. I mean, brilliant minds must understand in order for you to understand the real world. Firstly, I detest your meaningless and disgusting complaints and if you so much as fuss or wine over my rules and my assignments, one of two things will perhaps happen to you. One, your grade will be lowered dramatically, causing your parents to become greatly disappointed in you, or two, you spend detention in class for 3 hours, causing you to be late for a class, or worse. Secondly, if you are late for class, have a bad knee, or simply decided to be lazy and chat to some friends in the hallway past the time you were supposed to come in, you will be held in detention and forced to either endure a very long and boring lecture, or spend your time in front of the whole class rehearsing a verse from a Shakespearean play. And thirdly, if you are idly playing on your devices, chatting with your girly friends, or just doing nothing, well, your punishment will be far worse than any of the following I have before mentioned! Now then, any questions?"

Mr. A.D. reptilian eyes scanned all the faces of the students, until they landed on Snow. "Mr. Snow?" Snow shuddered and felt a cold hand roughly grab his chin and forced his face upwards to look into Mr. A.D.'s cold eyes. "Do you understand me?" Mr. A.D. flashed Snow a sinister smile and his finger nails dug into Snow's skin like claws tearing through flesh. For a brief moment, Snow thought he saw his teacher's face shift into something else, but as the pressure on his chin increased and he felt the hands close to puncturing his skin, all these thoughts were hastily driven out of his mind.

"Yes, I understand, Mr. A.D., sir." Snow hastily let out in a hurried sentence. Mr. A.D. watched his face for a moment and then, released his grip on Snow's chin and stepped back towards his desk, sitting himself back down into his chair.

"Now then, I'd like to inform everyone of one more, teensy, weensy, itty-bitty little thing. Don't waste my time." Then, as if his mood had changed slightly, he began to shuffle through the pages of an opened history book and held up a page number to the whole class. "Now then, as we were. Let's talk about the French Revolution."

After class had ended and everyone was handed their assignments, Angus steered Snow quickly out of the room before they could be stopped by Mr. "A.D."

"Man, that guy's a total creep. Rumor has it he's a psychopath that wants to kill us all. But, heh, rumors. You can't believe those things am I right?" Snow walked silently beside Angus, his hand on his jaw, feeling along the nasty bruise given to him by Mr. A.D. The bruise was already starting to yellow around the edges. Angus worriedly glanced at Snow and punched him on the shoulder. "Dude, don't worry about it. That guy scares even the teachers. Besides, once, he actually put this kid in the medical office. The kid's name was Lenn, I think? Anyway, you could've had it worse, right?"

Snow only nodded, but his friend's remark seemed to lift his spirits somewhat. But still, there was something, off about Mr. A.D. And not in a good way.

Angus stopped in the hallway and looked down at his schedule. "Okay, language class is next." Snow looked over his friend's shoulder, and Angus caught this and managed a smile as he pulled out of his pants pocket a crumbled piece of paper. "Heh! Sorry about that bud, forgot to give you this!" "What is it?" "Oh, your grocery list. What else do you think it is? No, silly, it's your school schedule of what class you take next. All students must have one."

Snow accepted the schedule from Angus and looked it over. "It says here I have.. Greek class. What about you?" Angus gave a sad shrug. "Oh, Latin 1. Man, I wish we were in the same class, that would have been awesome." Snow laughed. "Yeah! Then we could have joked all day!" Angus gave Snow a relieved smile. "Yeah, that would have been fun." Then, his eyes widened in shock as he glanced at his watch. He then set off at a run.

"Come on Snow!" Snow groaned and chased after his friend. "Why!?"

"Because class starts in 7 minutes and I can't afford to be late a fifth time!" "Hey! Wait for me!" Both boys laughed as they raced through the hallways to their classes. Unbeknownst to them, a shady figure watched them from a distance.

"Hmm.. interesting, very interesting." The shady figure laughed a demonic laugh.

Two classes later..

Snow's stomach growled as he closed his locker door shut. Angus gave Snow a wryly grin. "Dude, are you hungry?" Snow licked his lips. "Starving!" Angus chuckled. "Me too dude! I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" As if right on cue, Angus' stomach let out a deep growl. Both boys broke out laughing and a group of girls exchanged dark glances with them.

"Will you boys ever act your age! Yeesh! Immaturity! And you reek especially of it Angus!" remarked a female otter. Her friends giggled as the girls walked on. Angus, however, had his own comeback before they even had gotten a few feet from them.

"Yeah, well you know what you reek of Ollie? You reek of pretty frills and bows! I mean, what, are you all dolled up for a tea-party!" The otter and her friends stopped walking, and when Ollie had turned toward Angus, her face was as red as a tomato. For indeed, her attire consisted of frills and bows and everything.

"You take that back you rat!" And there were tears in her eyes. Snow's heart ached for her. Angus took a step forward, his face all scrunched up for another comeback. "Yeah well you're a-" Snow pulled Angus away from the girls, to everyone's surprise, while Angus attempted to free himself. When they were far from the girls, Snow released his friend, only for Angus to spin on him in fury.

"What is wrong with you Snow! I had her on a hook!" And Snow was on all fours in an instant, baring his teeth and snarling like a beast.

"She was crying. Are you really the friend I thought you were, Angus? Or was that all an act?" Angus bowed his head in shame. "Look, I'm sorry man. I guess I was getting too into the moment." He crouched down and scratched Snow under the chin, being careful to avoid the bruise. "I promise I won't do it anymore. For your sake." Snow shook his tail and immediately was back on his two legs. "Thanks Angus." Then, he touched Angus on the shoulder and was off down the hallway. "Race you to lunch!" Angus laughed. "Wait up! You don't know where the lunchroom is!"

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