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Love is in the air! The Sonic boys have a few admirers at hand. Who will love who, and will they love them back? This dramatic roleplay will leave the ladies fighting for who they want. While everyone is caught up in the romance, Eggman and Eggman Nega are planning their best plot yet!


  • No killing, just minor things, like bruising or burns.
  • Kissing, cuddling, and all that stuff is allowed.
  • All cursing must be censored (except for crap and hell)
  • Only two characters per catagory
  • Keep up with your characters
  • Have fun!


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Little michael


Involved Characters

Boys Being Loved

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Jake the Hedgehog

Jake the hedgebat


Add your girl fancharacter here and who they love in () NOTE THAT SOME MIGHT CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE ROLEPLAY

Amy Rose(Sonic)

Sally Acorn(Sonic)

Blaze the Cat(Sonic and Silver)

Mina Mongoose(Sonic and Ash)

Cream the Rabbit(Tails)

Cosmo the Seedrian(Tails)

Rouge the Bat(Knuckles and Shadow)

Wave the Swallow(Jet)


Spark the Hedgecat(Shadow)

Paula the Rabbit(Scar)

Alexis the Fox (Danny)

Candace the HedgeFox (David)

Christina the Hedgehog (Cole)

Michelle the Cat (Sebastian)

Gabriela the HedgeCat (Kester)

Savannah the Hedgehog (Sonic)

Yumi the wolf(Jake the hedgehog)

Tailsalyn the fox(Jake the hedgbat)

Part 1: Love in the Air

Nikki" *walks through Green Hill Zone* Oh, I can't wait for Sonic to get back from his trip.
Tails: *hovers over Nikki* Hey Nikki! *stops propelling his tails*
Nikki: Oh, hey Tails.

Paula:*runs pass Nikki and then stops* Hey guys.Have you seen Scar?

Nikki: Nope. What about you Tails?
Tails: That's what I was coming to tell you guys about. Sonic returned from his trip and we're having a party at Mobo Park. Everyone is there, come on! *flies off*

Paula: Let's go then. Maybe Scar is there!*runs in the direction of Tails*

Nikki: *runs of at a supersonic pace* I can't wait to see Sonic! Hey Paula, think you can keep up?

Tails: *looks down at Nikki and Paula, then looks ahead* The park is only a few miles ahead!

???:I can.*runs passed Nikki*

Nikki: W-what! Who are you?! *tries to run past, but fails to do so* Wow, you're fast.

Tails: Here we are, Mobo Park.

Nikki: *sees Sonic and all their friends* Sonic! *runs towards him*

Paula:Scar!*runs to him*

???:Rex is that you?*runs to him*

Nikki: *reaches her arms out to hug Sonic, but Sally Acorn already has reached him*

Sally: Oh Sonic, i'm so glad your back.

Sonic: Hehe, nice to see you Sally.

Nikki: *sadly walks away*


???:Oh no.

Amy: *grabs Sonic tightly and hugs him* Oh Sonic! I missed you SOOOOOO much! Did you miss me?


Nikki: *quickly runs back and pulls Amy off of Sonic*

Amy: Hey!

Sonic: Thanks Nikki.

Nikki: *scratches the back of her head* No problem.

???:Hey Sonic.

Sonic: Spark, is that really you?

Amy: You can chat with your friends later. It's time to catch up on our missed dates.

Sally: You mean Sonic and I are going to make up our missed dates.

Amy: No, I mean ME and Sonic.

Spark:Sure is Sonic.

Sonic: Good to see you.

Amy: *tugs on Sonic's arm* He's my boyfriend! Right Sonic?

Sally: No, he's MY boyfriend. Right Sonic?

Sonic: U-Uh.

Nikki: Aw come on guys.

Spark:Sally, can I be honest with you?

Sally: Yes? *grabs Sonic's arm tighter, making sure he doesn't get away*

Spark:I hate you.

Sally: *lets go of Sonic's arm* Ugh! HOW DARE YOU!

Sonic: Guys, i'm losing blood circulation in my arm!

Sally: I'm princess, and you better take that back!

Nikki: Well, i'm princess of Solaria and Amy hates me.

Amy: *quickly runs off with Sonic* HAHA!!!

Sonic: *getting dragged on the ground* Help me!

Sally: I'll handle you later! *runs after Sonic and Amy*

Nikki: Man, those two are lovestruck.

Spark: Can I be honest with you?

Nikki: Look, it's fine if you hate me. Just don't tell me. Now, I need to go save Sonic *runs off*

Spark:*grabs Nikki's arm*I don't hate you.Its just I feel as if I don't have friends.

Nikki: Trust me, you have friends. Sonic's your friend, and i'm your friend, right?

Rex: Hey Spark!

Nikki: And then there's Rex. You have plenty of friends. Now, I need to go save Sonic.

Mina: *blast past Nikki* Hey Nikki!

Nikki: And it looks like Mina is already on her way. *runs off*

Spark:*walks to a tree a sits down and closes her eyes*


A few minutes later

Sonic: *runs back to Mobo Park with Nikki, Mina, Sally, and Amy*

Amy: So Sonic, who's your girlfriend?

Sonic: Truthfully, I don't have one.

Nikki, Mina, Sally, and Amy: WHAT?!

Sonic: Yep.

Nikki: *looks up into the tree* Hey Sparks, what are you doing up there?!

Sally: Great, because of these two fangirls, are relationship is falling apart.

Nikki: Relationship?! Sweetie, Sonic never liked you.


Sally: Sonic for a fact, does like me.

Amy: NO ME!!

Sonic: Look, I don't like either of you in a romantic way!

Nikki: Spark, why were you in the tree?

Spark:Because I have no l love.

Nikki: *walk sover to Spark* I'm sure you have a crush on someone. Don't tell anyone, but I have a crush on Sonic.

Paula:Whatever.*runs out of Mobo park*

Nikki: Okay, but you better not tell anyone!

Paula:Have you seen Knuckles?

Nikki: Nope.

Stupid Love

Spark:Why me?

Nikki: Feeling lonely Spark?


Nikki: What's wrong? You can tell me anything. I can keep a secret.

Spark:I have a crush on Shadow.Nikki are you okay?

Nikki: Yeah, I have a crush on Sonic.....

Spark: I know but me and Shadow...I mean come on Shadow likes Rouge.It's obvious.

Nikki: Isn't it obvious that Amy likes Sonic? Does Sonic like her back? No.

Amy: *runs over* WHAT WAS THAT?!

Nikki: Nothing. Anyways, there's lots of people who like Shadow. But for Rouge, she likes Knuckles, and Shadow a little.

(Starts raining)

Spark:Yay rain.

Nikki: Ugh, I hate rain. My hair ends up getting all frizzy.

Sonic: *holds umbrella over Nikki's head* Here.

Nikki: *blushes* Oh, thanks. You need an umbrella Spark.

Amy: *pushes Nikki* I'm sure Sonic meant to put that over me.

Nikki: *starts to get covered in flames*

(starts pouring)

Spark:No thanks.

Nikki: *flames start to dim down* Stupid rain.

Amy: Face it, Nikki. You and Sonic just aren't meant to be.

Sally: Neither are you and Sonic.

Amy: Can it squirrel.

Sonic: Ugh! *facepalm*

Nikki: Who ever said me and Sonic were ever romantically involved. I'm a princess of Solaria ya know?!

Sally: But to us, you're just a red headed little rat, and that's ALL YOU'LL EVER BE!! *pushes Nikki into a mud puddle*

Sonic: Nikki! *gets tugged on the arm by Sally*

Sally: Come on Sonic, let's leave.

Nikki: *starts to cry*

Spark:*helps Nikki up, looks at Sally, and growls*

Sally: Excuse me, did you just growl at me?

Sonic: Sally-

Sally: Shut it, Sonic!

Nikki: Don't talk to Sonic like that!

Amy: Yeah!

Spark:*looks at Sally*Yeah I did growl at you got a problem with that?

Sally: I have an extreme problem with that. Come on Sonic.

Sonic: No....

Sally: Did you just say no?

Sonic: I don't love you....I love-

Amy: I knew it all along Sonic!!!!

Sonic: No! I like Nikki!

Nikki: *gasp*

Spark:*smiles and walks away*

Nikki: Sonic, I-I never knew.

Sally: You WILL pay for this! *storms off*

Fighting for Love

Spark:Surprised aren't you Nikki?

Nikki: Of coarse i'm surprised! Oh, I can't believe Sonic actually likes me!

With Sally

Sally: Nack, I need your help.

Nack: With what?

Sally: I need you to help me get Sonic back, once and for all.

Nack: And what do you want me to do?

Sally: Shoot the girl....

Nack: My pleasure.

Back With Nikki and Spark

Nikki: What do you think Sally meant by i'll pay for this?

Spark:I don't know but I'll make sure your not harmed.

Nikki: Thanks Spark, I appreciate it.

Sonic: Hey Nikki, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Cream's birthday party with me?

Nikki: Sure, come on Spark.

At the party

(It's nighttime, and the moon is shining brightly through the trees. This part takes place in Cream's backyard) Cream: Thank you everyone for attending my party!


Sally: *whispers* The girl with the grey and red hair is your target.

Nack: Okay, i'll aim for her.

Cream: Okay everyone, it's time to open presents!

Spark:Don't worry Nikki.I'll protect you when Sally strikes.

Nikki: What do you mean when Sally strikes?

Sonic: Hey Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, hey Sonic.

Spark: When she does that your going to pay.

Sally: Now Nack!

Nack: *shoots gun*

Sonic: Nikki, look out! *pushes Nikki out of the way*

Spark:*jumps in front of Sonic and gets shot*Ah!*drops to her knees*

Cream: *screams*

Shadow: Spark! *runs to her aid*

Vanilla: Everyone get inside!

Nack: *shoots at Nikki again*

Sonic: Nooo! *covers Nikki, getting shot also*

Nikki: SONIC!!

Sonic: *grunt* No matter what happens, remember that I-

Nikki: What? WHAT? SONIC?!!!

Sally: Nack, you idiot!

Shadow: Spark, come on, get up. *picks up Spark*

Spark:*blood pools out of her chest*

Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL!!! *teleports to hospital with Spark*

Nikki: Spark! Sol control! *transports to hospital with Sonc*

At the Hospital

Nikki: I hope they're okay.

Tails: Yeah. Why would Sally do that at a seven year old's birhtday party?!

Spark:*walks into the room with bandages on her chest*Because she's crazy.

Shadow: Spark! *hugs* Ahem, I'm glad you're okay.

Nikki: Yeah, me too.

Sonic: *walks out with bandages on his arm* Hey guys.

Amy: Sonic! *prepares to hug him*

Nikki: Amy no! His arm! *grabs Amy*

Spark:*blushes*Yeah me and Sonic are going to be okay but I should go to my warrior clan.

Shadow: Good.

Nikki: Now how about we finish that party? *runs out with Sonic*

Kong had just had his monthly check up he sighed he thought "whats the point its not like theyre gonna get me to talk again he just grabbed a banna  started eatin it and walked out

Back at Cream's Party

Paula:*puts a slow song on the turntable*

Tails: Cream, would you like to have this dance with me?

Cream: Sure Tails!

Sonic: Nikki, would-

Sally: Hello there Sonic.

Nikki: YOU!!! *lights her hand with flames*

Sally: I come in peace. Sonic, would you like to dance?

Sonic: Uhhh.

Spark:*sits on the grass*

Savannah: *peeks over fence* Can I join the party? x3

Flames walks in and sees Nikki lighting her hand with flames.

Flames: Nikki! Calm down! *puts hand on Nikki's shoulder

Spark:*phone rings and answers*Hello?What?!I'll be right there!*runs up to Nikki*I've got go.N

Nikki: Aww, why?

Spark: Because my clan is in danger!

Nikki: WHAT?! Oh no! I'll come with you.

Sonic: Yeah, me too.

Shadow: And I guess I can help.


Kong saw the party and thought to himself "i wish i could talk because then i might be able to make friends and not be lonely", he sighed and continued walking

At ThunderClan camp

Blackstar:*slings Spark into Highrock*

Spark:*falls to the ground with a thud*

???:Spark!*slashes Blackstar*

Blackstar: You think you can defeat me Firestar?

Firestar: For Spark's sake, yes.

Kong walks into the camp looking for good trees to climb he then heard shouting he ran to where it was coming from

TCW: Who are you?

Kong signed:im kong who are you?

TCW: You just need to get out of here.

Blackstar:*drags Spark to the river*

Spark: Help! Nikki! Shadow! Sonic! Help me!

Blackstar:*throws Spark into the river*

Eagletalon: Outta my way, emo.*pushes Shadow*

Yumi:Hey has anybody seen a dark blue hedgehog with gold eyes?

Tailsalyn: Has anyone seen Jake the hedgebat? I want to tell him some thing.

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