Every story has a beginning, and Anaelise the Cat it no exception; she's been through plenty of drama in her life. This isn't a freejoin; please ask permission on the talkpage before you join. I'll probably say yes, but still.

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Lisi's childhood friends, and Lisi herself.


Lisi's rivals and frenemies.


Bullies, evil, and whatever else fits under this category.

  • Lisi's Fears (Prez)
  • The Headmistress (Prez)
  • Umbra (Fight)


Life at the Orphanage

Lisi: *is playing on the swings*

Shadow the Wolf: *walks by*

Lisi: Hi Shadow!!! *jumps off the swing*

Shadow the Wolf: *stops* Hey Lisi

Lisi: *walks up, revealing that she has a slight limp in her step* Howre you doing?

Shadow the Wolf: *notices her limping* iam fine and you?

Lisi: I've been better. Headmistress is getting stricter if that's even possible.

Shadow the Wolf: That isnt possible till now

Lisi: Punishments are getting a lot worse too. I hope I get adopted soon...

Shadow the Wolf: I would but my master Darkstorm wont let me

Lisi: *sighs* Highly unlikely for me. You've heard Headmistress, I'm a freak.

Shadow the Wolf: No your not at all

Lisi: Well, watch this. *her hands glow grey and piano music comes out of nowhere* See? I'm a freak.

Shadow the Wolf: Not really *holds up the black chaos emerald and golden flames appear in her other hand*

Lisi: But I can do more than that. I can run really fast, I can change water, and I can make it dark too. I think it scares Headmistress, and she hates being scared...

Shadow the Wolf: I told my master Darkstorm about that and that just means your abilties are showing now. Trust me Lisi *removes the glove on her right hand showing a branding* If I was to show the Headmistress a predalien she would die of fright

Lisi: Well... Okay. And I think you should show it to her, the orphanage would be a better place without her.

Shadow the Wolf: Go and get her

Lisi: You know I was kidding, right? It's impossible to die of fright.

Shadow the Wolf: It depends on the fate of heart

Lisi: I really don't think it's possible.

Cervantes: -appears- it maybe sometimes

Lisi: Oh, hi Cervantes!

Cervantes: yo!

Lisi: *shivers at a sudden rush of energy* Ugh... How are you? *fake smile*

Cervantes: uhh... that was kind of creepy

Lisi: *her eyes flash blue and she playfully splashes Cervantes with water from the fountain*

Cervantes: -laughs then splashes water back-

Lisi: *giggles, bending the water away and sending it back*

Headmistress: *stomps out* What is the meaning of this?

Lisi: *freezes*

Cervantes: oops did to much -starts to warm her up-

Shadow the Wolf: *shapeshifts into a Predalien and roars in the Headmistress's face*

Cervantes: WHAT?!

Shadow the Wolf/Predalien: *snarls at the Headmistress*


The Predalien Shadow the Wolf shapesifts into

Cervantes: shadow what are you doing?

Shadow the Wolf/Predalien: Scaring the Headmistress

Headmistress: *used to this, unaffected* ... Change back, Miss Wolf.

Shadow the Wolf: *mutters to herself in spanish and changes back to normal*

Headmistress: Thank you. Miss Cat, I believe I told you no hydrokinesis on orphanage property.

Lisi: ...

Shadow the Wolf: *thinks to herself "Lisi wouldnt deal with this if she was on Yatjua Prime"*

Headmistress: *grabs Lisi's hand and pulls her inside* To the Box of Shame with you.

Shadow the Wolf: *mouths to Lisi "I will get you out at nightfall*

Despicable me box of shame

Box of Shame

Lisi: *mouths back "Thanks"*

The Box of Shame

Lisi: *in the box, quietly humming nursery rhymes*

Shadow the Wolf: *is digging underground*

Lisi: *taps her fingers against the box in a quiet beat*

Shadow the Wolf: *uses her claw and makes a hole under the box*

Lisi: *hears this, smiles and moves away from where the hole was made, makes the bottom of the box wet enough to kick a hole through*

Shadow the Wolf: *kicks the hole open*

Lisi: *jumps into the tunnel* Thanks, I thought I was going to go nuts.

Shadow the Wolf: anytime

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