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New neighbors have arrived! This is the haunted mansion. What kind of suprises go on in here? Who knows? Maybe it's a sweet dream! It's whatever you descirbe it as! Will our heroes be staying at this mansion, or leave?


  1. No stealing other people's characters
  2. No Godmodding
  3. Proper Grammer is Needed
  4. No changing the story (Espicially cliff hangers Exp: The fighters attacked...... but were saved by ponies.)



Involved Characters


  • Alexis the Fox (Pianoteen)
  • Christina the Hedgehog (Pianoteen)
  • Michelle the Cat (Pianoteen)
  • Danny the Hedgehog (Pianoteen)
  • David the HedgeFox (Pianoteen)
  • Cole the Echidna (Pianoteen)
  • Kester the Echidna (Pianoteen)
  • Lina the Hedgehog (Pianoteen)


  • Mimi the Cat (Pianoteen)
  • Jamie the Dog (Pianoteen)
  • Chloe the Cow (Pianoteen)
  • Krys the Unicorn (Pianoteen)



One scary afternoon, rain was pouring from the clouds. Our heroes are walking through the woods on the way to sightsee the so called "Haunted Mansion". They could be pranked by the evil Team Fashion. As of now their are being dropped off by Carly, Christina's mom.

"You guys have fun!" Carly reminded them, "But make sure you guys are home by dark. I'm making meatloaf and pie for dinner. *Whispers* or maybe I could sneak into the little haunted mansion......." Everyone was getting prepared to go in. Alexis, Michelle, Christina, Cole, Danny, and David were walking together.

"My mom's right. This is gonna be great!" Christina said, "After all, everyone needs a little scare in their life right?" Everyone agreed with Christina. "Think of it! Spiders, Darkness, The walls caving in" As Christina went on, Alexis was worried about her nycto and claustrophobia interrupting all the fun.

"Right...... Also we're going to see a rich feast and all that other fun stuff." Alexis stated sarcastically happy.

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