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Summer is here, school is out and it's time for some fun! And what way to kick off the summer than a beach day? Not just that, but a beach PARTY! You get a text from your friend, Alexis Petals about an epic beach party that's going to take place tomorrow at the Mariala Beach. Lots of superstars, such as herself and her friends, are going to be there! You wouldn't want to miss out on that, would you? So grab some sunblock, your phone, your beachchair and a few friends to head down to one epic party at the beach!


  • This is just a normal, fun roleplay;please don't burst out into huge action-packed fights (Regular 'fistfights' are okay as long as it's for a good reason)
  • This roleplay is story format, like this: The man looked up at the clown, "I like ninjas." He told him as he petted his turtle.
  • Please no godmodding.... although who would godmod at a beach party anyway?
  • Please don't cuss! (Crap, damn and hell are okay)
  • No sexual content (Flirting, kissing, and hugging are okay)
  • Have fun! It's a beach for heaven's sake!


Involved Characters

Chapter One: (The Day Before)

It was a really cloudy day. The time was about five o'clock PM in the middle of July. The sun is practically invisible, and it was intensely humid. The temperature was only 84 degrees. Alexis was lying down. She invited a few of her friends over, and they were no different. Nobody had any idea of what they wanted to do. Most of them were on there oPhones. "Guys" She started to say, "We should go out and do something tomorrow. I heard it's going to be nice out."

Kyo, who was lying on the couch looked up. "Like what, a lake day?....I don't know any lakes."

Neo must have been pretty hot, considering he sat with his back on the wall and refused to take his long black coat off. "Nice out? Have you seen the weather today?"

Kala didn't seem bothered. "I don't know what's up with you guys, feels like home out today."

Christina turned to her cousin and replied. "Yeah, it's pretty humid out." She told him, "Beach Cove City has a cooler temperature than this..." She took out a handheld fan from her white purse and started to wave it at her face. She looks at the window;it's wide open. "Can someone please close the window."

Michelle got up from her seat on the couch. "I'm on it...." She seemed to be a little on the lazy side. She took the crank and turned it counter-clockwise until the window was completely shut. "Alexis, how do you even live like this?" She asked her. She turned the ceiling fan on, and everyone felt refreshed.

Alyssa lay down her head on the knee of her boyfriend, Kyo. It was obvious she was exhausted;probably from a little too much dancing. She let out a yawn. "Why can't we just go to the mall or something tomorrow?" She asked her in a somewhat whinny tone.

"It's a nice day tomorrow, Lyss..." Michelle told her, "We gotta do something outside. To get up, and be active, and I dunno... have a life?" Michelle lowered herself down on the couch.

"I don't have anything to do with the band tomorrow." Neo shrugged. "I guess I'm free for whatever..."

"It's not like you have any...uh...'gigs'." Kala giggled.

Christina looked at Neo blankly, "You're not in a band though...." She told her while a sweatdrop roller down her face.

Zapor, not very tired, put his head on top of his Kirby friend. "Dude, what should we do? I can't dress up as a fish again since Echo ate the last suit."

Zak looked at him blankly. "Well, with what I've gotten by weather reports, tomorrow is a perfect day for a beach day. According to sources."

"Uh. Kala, wrong form of band..." Neo told her. "I meant, like, the group we normally hang out with."

"The way you guys talk is weird..." Kala noted.

"You'll get it eventually." Lexi said. "..Wait, why'd you dress up as a fish?"

"I lost a bet to Zak, and I had to go to Echo dressed up as a fish. The suit didn't come back." Zapor said.

Offended from the fact of what Neo said, Christina gasped, "I can't believe you wouldn't invite me to your 'band' though....." She told her cousin.

Nikki: *pops out of nowhere* Someone say band? 030

Neo scratched his head. " me when I say that as of right now, that might not be the best idea..."

Alexis and Christina are both excited to see Nikki as they run up and hug her. Michelle on the other hand lets out a 'gag' and rolls her eyes.

Raven is lying down on a nearby wall, saying: "Hot, Hot, HOT!!!!!" As he looks up at the sky. Nicole is applying an anti- rust module in her wrist. "Yes, it is." Nicole looks over at the group, and is soon tugging at Raven's foot to join them, but he wouldn't move. So, she got up to join them.

Chilly and Spirit were resting their backs on a wall. They were bored out of their minds. "If only I brang my drawing...stuff..." Chilly said, in a half frustrated, half tired voice.

Moros was just stitting in a corner, carrying a pencil and paper along with a plush toy that's seen better days.

There was a knock on the door. Then they heard a voice saying."Hey, ... Is anyone here". It sounded like the person was out of breath.

Kyo sighed in a tired manner. "Man, why are all the pools closed tomorrow?..."

Zapor waved at Nikki. "Hallo." :3

Lexi looked at the door, where the voice was coming from. " Can someone let that poor soul in? I can't feel my legs.."

Michelle raised from her seat on the couch... again. "I'm on it!" She hip bumped Nikki out of the way and opened up the door. She was a little surprised at what she saw.

There was Tye clearly out of breath from the heat. He says "May... I Come in".

Walking down the street outside, was an Egyptian cobra in ancient Egyptian clothing, walking with a spotted female leopard.

"The heat reminds me of home..." The cobra sighed.

"The heat makes me want to curl up into a ball and DIE." The leopard hissed with a spanish accent.

Behind Tynic, Nicole peeks over his shoulder. "Can I come in, too?" She asks.

Moros just played with his plush toy, which had the appearance of a blue wolf with red tribal markings, holding a silent conversation with it as if it were alive.

'Neh, Phaeron, it's hot isn't it?..'

The doll didn't speak or move to anyone else who may have glanced at him. Yet to Moros, the doll was alive.

'Hm, alright. But we'll need to hitch a ride off of someone...' Moros mouthed to the doll.

(Okay i have no idea what's going on at this point...Q_Q RIP Nikki gg boyz See you guys on the next chapter)

Zapor sighed, almost about to give up from boredom. "Ok, I'm really bored, so all in favor of going to the beach tomorrow raise your hand."

Moros raised his left hand and the plush toy's left hand.

'Phaeron says yes..'

(If i'm confusing anyone with Moros' interaction with the plush toy, Just look up Calvin and Hobbes.)

(I love Calvin and Hobbes .3.) Chilly and Spirit put up their hands. "We agree!" they said at the same time. "Pickle jinx!" Chilly yelled. Spirit thought for a moment. "Your magesty." she said. Chilly sighed.

Alexis, Christina and Michelle looked at each other and smiled. "The beach sounds like a great idea! I got to text a lot of people!" Alexis told everyone. "But first..." She stared at Michelle.

Christina then cleared her throat at Michelle. Michelle looked at them blankly. "The door?" Christina told her.

Michelle looked at Tye and Nicole. "Yeah yeah come on in~" She told them.

Kala raised her hand in a very excited manner.

Neo shrugged and raised his hand.

"Alright, majority rules. Tomorrow, we live like beach goers. Cuz we'll be at the beach!" Zapor said.

Alexis stood up. "Alright, the beach it is!" She was excited all the sudden. Then everyone clapped and cheered. "Make sure you guys pack your stuff. Lotion, beach chair, an umbrella, and a phone to take a selfie!"

"Surfing!" Lexi cheered.

"Sand castles!" Zapor piped in.

"Water." Zak said in a straight forward way.

"Alexis, what is you don't like selfies, like me?" Chilly asked, trying to be annoying. Spirit rolled her eyes.

Moros just mouthed something about swimsuits, though the lack of any blushing or snickering would make it hard for anyone to call him a perv.

There was light knock on the door. A couple of latecomers, but still people who might want to be informed.

"Yay!!!" Nicole shouts. I am going to pack, bye now!!!" Nicole says as she hurries.

"The Beach, Sounds good to me." Tye says in a excited manner.

Zapor went to go open the door. "We're going to the beach!" Was the first thing he said when he opened the door.

It was Rose at the door, in a t-shirt and shorts opposed to her usual clothing. "Oh. Well, I suppose I don't even have to ask then. Thanks~"

Neo shrugged. "Eh, could be fun..." He said, a hint of nervouesness in his voice.

"I can't wait!" Kala called out.

"Neo, call the crew!" Zapor shouted from the door.

"Everybody else is doing something, I think." Neo shrugged.

Zapor made a derp face. "Oh. Then its just us!"

"Well, Argent's not here, anyway. Which is weird, because I thought he liked the water." Anderson said.

"He's off on an assignment with his new girlfriend. So, what did you guys want me to bring, then? If Anderson and I can come along." Rose said.

"Parden the intrusion." A voice said softly. The Egyptian cobra from before is now suddenly in the room, "I hear you all are preparing a 'party'? Perhaps I may suggest entertainment."

Nathan was on the sky. He was reaching the beach on a cloud, and he was coming fast. "Hmm, where could i stay for a while?" He then saw the beach with people. "Yeah, a beach, let's descend here." Nathan got above the water near the beach, and he jumped there.

Alexis looked at the cobra, "Ummm.... I'm not sure I understand...." She told him.

"I think he means us going to the beach." Kyo told her.

"If you are having a celebration or a get together, may I provide entertainment? A performance rather?" The cobra said.

"Yeah, that sounds cool." Kyo told the cobra.

Alexis's eyes lit up. "Well, sure then. I mean, being a performer myself, I never really got the chance to actually watch one." She told him.

"Hm. How do the Dancing Treasures sound?" The cobra asked.

Alexis was about to say something but Christina bumps her out of the way, "Dancing treasures?" She asked the cobra excitedly.

"Yes." The cobra replied, "Yes. Isabella, Marisol, and my Mistress, Carmen. They are usually available when not working at their night club or treasure hunting. I shall see if they would like to be hired for this party of yours."

Alexis, getting up, told the cobra. "That sounds like a great idea~ " Glaring at Christina, she turned back to the cobra, "Maybe some of us can help you. I'm a singer, Christina's a clothing designer and Michelle is a gymnast."

Tye then told the cobra. "I can help if you need it I'm a designer myself". He then looks at Christina, "I could probably help you with some Ideas". He gives her a smile.

"Oh, why, you're all very helpful." The cobra smiled softly, "However, I assure you, these girls know exactly what they are doing, and then some...but I'm sure that Marisol or Isabella will accept the help...My mistress however can be a bit...stubborn when it comes to accepting help but...only time will tell..." He nodded his head a bit.

"When you said treasures I had..." Neo sighed. "Never mind."

"Hm...?" The cobra turned to him, an eyebrow raised.

"Ahh don't worry about it, Neo. The more you stress, the less you can do." Anderson said.

Christina turned to the Tye, in a late response. "Are you?" She asked him, "That's wonderful." She then turns to the cobra, "Also, Neo is a........ treasure addict" Turning to Neo she gave him the 'I-tried-my-best-to-not-tell-your-secret' face.

"Ohh, I already know how that feels, living with Argent." Rose admitted. "If he's not hunting vampires or trying to show off to everyone, he goes treasure hunting."

"Sure, let's go with Treasure Hunter." Neo muttered in response.

"Well, you hunt for treasure, that makes you a treasure hunter." Zapor stated simply.

The cobra raises an eyebrow at this, getting a bit suspicious at whatever they're hiding but he ignores it.

"Look, it doesn't mean anything." Neo said with a shrug. "That sounds fine."

(I'm confused about what's happening here. -Zero)

(Well, none of our characters are currently at the beach, we're just talking while we're in Alexis' house right now. -Neo)

Moros just clutched his doll, finding comfort in the fact that he's going unnoticed.

The cobra looks over to Moros, tilting his head a bit.

Alexis looked at her friends, "Tomorrow's gonna be a night that we won't forget!" She exclaimed to them in an excited tone. "I'm super excited that we're gonna have a lot of fun."

Moros looked back at the Cobra, curiousity etched on his face.

Blinking slowly, the cobra continued to stare at Moros before speaking up, "Is there anything else you would like to inform me, before I inform your future entertainment for this party?" He asked politely.

Moros shrugged and went back to playing with his plush toy.

"Hm." The cobra was suddenly next to Moros as he blinked, looking on blankly.

Moros continued playing with the plush toy.

Christina then looked at Tye, "You're a designer as well?" She asked him, blinking twice.

Tye looks back at her then smiles, "Yeah".

Christina's eyes widened, "That's so cool!" She replied with a big grin.

Tye smiles and nods his head, "Yep"

Michelle looked at Christina, "Hey Christina, why not invite your boyfriend?" She asked her, while stretching on the floor. Alexis then looked at her with a somewhat mad and blank face.

Christina blushed for a little and then replied, "Oh sure!' She replied, "Danny loves beaches! And I think that David probably would tag along, and maybe....." Christina paused. "The other one."

Tye is confused a little bit but that did sound like a good idea to him.

Nathan, after landing, looked for a place to stay this day. He used a cloud to fly and look where to stay. After some time searching, he found a house. He decided to ask there, so he knocked at the door. "Hello, is anyone there?"

"Well...I suppose I should not be here for much to long." The cobra stood up, "I shall return to the Dancing Treasures and inform them that they have been hired by you all. Is there any information you would like for me to deliver?"

Alexis smiled at the cobra, giving it the response it needed. "I think that's all. Just deliver them to the Mariala Beach."

The cobra nods and bows. "Thank you." he heads for the door, opens it, and leaves after closing it behind him. If anyone checked outside, it seems as if he had disappeared into thin air...!

Alexis turns her head, with the door opened, noticing that the cobra disappeared. She then found Nathan, "Oh.... I'm terribly sorry to keep you waiting. Please come in!" She told him, as she smiled.

Nathan looked at Alexis with a smile. "Thanks. And don't worry, it hasn't been long since i was here." He told her before entering.

As Nathan entered, Christina sat on the couch. She was rather tired. "I really can't wait until tomorrow."

Moros just looked at Christina inquisitively from his spot on the floor before he returned to playing with his plush toy. 

Nathan entred the house, finding out that there are quite a few of people. "Hello everybody." He greeted everyone, before sitting on the floor.


Meanwhile, the cobra reappeared at a downtown night club called Hidden Treasury. Inside were the group of dancers he told the group about earlier.

"Adofo. Where have you been??" The spotted leopard growled softly.

"Forgive me mistress." He bowed, "But I was setting up a job for you all."

"A JOB!?" The lynx said happily.

"Oh, well what is it?" The ring leader, a chihuahua asked.

"A beach party tomorrow."

"Oooh!! Beach party!!" The lynx jumped up and down happily.


Michelle took her phone out of her pocket, looking at it, it was dead. "Does anybody know what time it is?" She asked everyone.

Alexis looked through her window;it was dark out. She then checked her phone and said, "8:43".

"Jeez, the day went by super fast." Kyo said, still lying down.

Tye was laying down fast asleep on the chair he was sitting on.

Slowly people start to leave Alexis's house and get ready for tomorrow morning!

Chapter Two: Beach Time!

Alexis, fully awake and on the driveway, is with Christina. Christina gets a text from her friend's limousine driver. He's on his way. It's only 5:30 in the morning. The two of them wait for everyone to come. A horrible-looking Michelle is literarily sleep-walking her way to Alexis's house. Alexis calls her name.

"Beach day!" She yells as she is alarmed. Her eyes go to being half open. She was slouching and said, "Oh, hi Lexi..." She yawns and then continues, "and Christie... Do you mind if I sleep in your limo?"

Kyo was standing outside his house, waiting for a ride to pick him up. "...(sigh)"

Meanwhile a Mobian in the form of an aqua blue dog was swinging already under the sea.

Nathan, fully awake, reaches Alexis house running, which seemed as if he was in a hurry. He then asked to Alexis. "Hi. Am i late?"

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