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{have they been to kongs tree yet benn away for a while LM}.
{have they been to kongs tree yet benn away for a while LM}.
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Pebbles (Peggy) is having drama at school, and seeks help from Luce while the anti-heroes and villians play with love, and create disasters for the couples to ruin love and happiness. People will be manipulated, hearts will break, and discoveries will be made.

This also proves that some love is meant to survive, and some is meant to die, ad to some, it is th eultimate test to how strong love is.


Part 1: Introducing the couples

Part 2: Vacation!

Part 3: (not named yet)


Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night) (Lyric Video)

Ispired by Neon Trees


The names of invited usernames will be below:

  • SPop120 (owner)
  • True Lycalo
  • Monk the Cat
  • NikkiKaji123
  • Savy101 (invited)
  • Warrior4ever
  • Kiramazing
  • Frost the Wolf
  • Little michael
  • Flametfh
  • CrymsonShokwave (invited)
  • BananaPop1

Involved Characters

Loved Characters (please put the love interest in parenthesis) (My characters except Luce and Pixie will change throughout)

Characters who Dislike Love

  • Willow the Snow Leopard
  • Paula the Rabbit
  • Auburn the Fox

Alia the Foxbat

Characters seeking to ruin the Characters' Love

  • Lulu the demon (Moebian version of Luce)
  • Skyla the Hedgecat (working to ruin everybody's love)
  • Skylar the Hedgecat (Skyla's henchman/pawn/whatever)
  • Static Nega (Working with Brynette to ruin Static and Crymson's love)
  • Byrnette the Cat (Working with Static Nega to ruin Crymson and Static's love, also has a crush on Static Nega)
  • Nightmare the Lycalo
  • Thunder the demon hedgecat(opposite of Spark)

Characters who Seek to Ruin Love Altogether

  • Dr. Knackburn
  • Raian Laminas
  • Jade the Merhog (Since the characters are gonna be at a beach, I can actually use Jade! :D )


  • No sexual content whatsoever (Kissing, Hugging, flirting okay)
  • Do not abuse swearing. (Crap, Damn, Hell, okay, but all other profanity must be censored due to the wiki's policies)
  • Wait for others!
  • No Godmodding
  • Do not auto- hit
  • Do not control other's characters
  • Have fun!
  • RP will start when enough characters and users join

"Part 1: Introducing the Couples

.RP is Open! Those who are invited but have not yet been joined may still joined, as may others join by asking. I will most likely say yes, unless there are too many users involved. Thank you!

Lucinda the Angelfox had had a brush with death a couple weeks prior, on the day of her birthday. She still was afraid that at any moment Dr. Knackburn would come back, but when she was with her love interest, Twilight, she felt her fear melt away. She still had physical and mental scars, but when she was with Twilight, they dissapeared. She loves him very much, and cares for him so much.

It was a typical morning for Twilight the Lycalo, soaring high above the sky with his azure bat wings. The fresh air flowing through his short sky blue fur and his keen nostrils was infinitely refreshing. The wolfbat was on his way to see a very special person who he found getting quite attached to. He had even purposely unleashed the cursed Nightmare to protect her from the tyrannical Dr. Knackburn. Lucinda was her name and it had been long since Twilight gazed into the Angelfox's luminescent cobalt eyes. An anticipated smile was stretched across his ivory furred muzzle as he pushed onward.  

Luce had also been planning their yearly trip to their beach house, and she decided to invite much of their friends. Peggy had gone off to school, and Paula was around, but she didn't know quite where. Auburn was at her apartment, and Flames at his dorm. She was excited to see Twilight, but also was nervous about asking him if he wanted to come on the trip.

It didn't take long for Twilight to reach Luce's residence. His speed suggested he was wanted to see the Angelfox quickly and his wings even began to ache upon reaching his destination. The leathery appendages retained their curved edges as the hybrid landed on the front doorstep. He raised a gloved hand and knocked a few times, waiting patiently and nervously for Luce to answer.

Luce was lost in her thoughts, and the loud knock was an awakening. She rushed to the door, and opened it. She greeted Twilight with a hug. She looked down at her neck. She was wearing that sapphire necklace that he had given her a couple weeks back.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Twilight's face lit up upon seeing Luce. His hands were behind his back, obviously hiding something for a short time. As such, he couldn't do much to hug her back exept rest his chin on her shoulder.

"Hey yourself." he replied with glee, an ear to ear grin fixing across his lips. It was at this moment he chose to reveal what was behind him; a moderately sized bouquet of flowers which was a mixture of tulips and roses. He held them out for her shyly, his ears folding back slightly. "Here, I got these for you." he said with a nervous chuckle and a deep blush.

Luce eyes glowed with delight. She gave him another kiss, and took them.

"I love them!" she exclaimed.

"Come in, come in," she said. She gave a smile. She went into the kitchen and fixed a vase.

"So Twilight, I was wondering if you wanted to come with us on our annual beach trip. Other people are coming, so I thought I should invite you," she said.

Twilight couldn't help but do a victorious yes inside his mind as she appeared pleased with the gesture. His muzzle tingled from the embrace and began to get sore from the amount of smiling. 

"I'm glad." he replied happily, stepping into her humble abode. He had visted this place numerous times to help bring it back to normal after the incident not long ago. He stayed at the doorway for a short moment before following Luce into the kitchen, closing the door with a gentle kick on his way over. He leaned his side against a counter and crossed his arms, fixing his golden eyes on the brown furred Angelfox.

"Beach trip?" he asked in wonder, tilting his head to the side like a curious dog. "Sounds like fun, Count me in." he responded with a smile, placig his sky blue head in its normal position.

"Cool. We leave about sometime next week. We'll pick you up," Luce said.

"Okay." he said with a nod and a wag of his long and bushy tail. "I'll be sure I pack a few UV lights so we have no issues." he said, his smile fading somewhat as he sounded slightly more serious. But the smile as well as a red muzzle returned as he stepped closer to Luce. "That'll be nice though, you and I on the beach, together." he stated, allowing the endless possibilities to flow through his mind. It was definately something he looked forward to.

Luce blsuhed and gave a smile.

"Yeah," she said. She looked forward to this trip, and she knew she woul enjoy it even more with Twilight there.

Twilight let out a giggle and planted a kiss atop her forehead.

"So whatya wanna do for today?" he asked with a smile.

Luce gave a giggle.

"Picnic," Luce answered.

Twilight took a look around her kitchen upon hearing the suggestion. He nodded his head a few times as he saw she had everything they would need. Even if she didn't, it would take little time to stop by a store real quick.

"Okay." he said, his golden eyes finding her once more. "I know the perfect spot too." he went on.

"I'll set up the basket," Luce said. 

"I can help you, just let me know what I can do." Twilight replied with a gleefull smile. "I've never set up a picnic before so this'll be fun." he stated with a light chuckle.

Luce smiled. "Alright. I have some apples in the refrigerator. Do you mind cutting them up?" Luce asked, grabbed a loag of bread and stuffing it in the basket with some deli meat and cheese. Luce then began heating up some white chili, then putting it in a thermos. She also put in a bag of chips, and some homemade cookies.

"I'll be right back," Luce said, walking and rummaging through the hall closet.

"Sure thing." Twilight replied as he opened the fridge. He looked about briefly for the apples the found them on the second to bottom shelf. He reached in and pulled them out. There was a cutting board on the counter beside the fridge. The wolfbat layed this out and proceeded to cut the apples. His movements were slow and cautious sonsidering he had only done this a handful of times and he didn't want to cause himself any harm.

Luce smiled, as she prepared the picnic basket and the blanket.

"Looks like we almost have everything we need." Twilight pointed out after a short time, looking down at the sliced apple wedges on the cutting board. His tail was wagging and he was excited for the picnic. His eyes were situated on the Angelfox and he gave her a warm smile.

"Cool. Shall we go?" Luce asked with a smile.  Luce swept up the picnic basket. She took Twilight's hand.

"Sounds good." Twilight replied with a smile of his own and a red tinted muzzle as Luce grabbed his hand. "Here, allow me." he insisted, reaching over and grasping the basket with his free hand. He then escorted the Agelfox out of her house and to the bright and sunny outside. He would look at her, then point to the sky and flap his wings a couple times, signifying for her to fly with him. Of course he was aware of the injuries her wings faced not long ago and wasn't entirely sure if she could use them yet. Regardless, the Lycalo ascended slighty to where th tips of his shoes were just barely touching the ground.

Luce did follow, but she only ascended to a couple of inches above the ground. She pointed to her damaged wing," I can't fly very high up yet. I'll still follow." Her wing was bent in a way that most would render it useless. It had scars healing at the base of them, and scars healing on the wing.

"Oh,I'm sorry." Twilight said with a slight lowering of the ears as he took a look at her wing. Another idea formed in his mind however. "Here, hold this for a second?" he requested, holding the basket out. Once Luce would take it, the Lycalo would scoop her up in his arms. "It's okay, we can get there like this." he stated with a blush. His wings took the couple upwards to the sky where he would stop for a brief moment to make sure he was going in the right direction. "Okay, we'll be there in no time." he informed with a grin as he sped off into the distance.

"It's not your fault," Luce stated, taking the basket, and when she felt her feet not touching the ground at all, she found herself in Twilight's arms.

"Alright," she said with a blush.

The couple would find themselves out of the city and flying over an vast grassland. The seemingly infinite grass swayed like an endless wave of green as the cool air flowed, bring a crisp and fresh scent to the hybrid's keen nostrils. Luce would spot a lone and robust tree that towered high in the sky. Twilight headed for this and slowly decended.

"This is one of my favorite places to go." he said as they neared the base of the tree. His white soles found themselves in the grass and he leaned forward slightly to wait for Luce to hop off.

Luce hopped off. She scanned the area for a second, and then said," It's beautiful," Luce said. Luce set out the picnic blanket, and sat down, admiring the scenery.

Twilight smiled, blushing heavily from the thought he had just now. "Yeah it is. This is where I came my first morning free of Nightmare." he explained, taking a seat next to Luce, lying in the grass and streching his arms, legs and wings which remained fully spread out. He interlocked his fingers behind his head, closed his eyes and let out a relaxed exhalation from his ear to ear grin. 

Luce smiled, and had turned around for a minute. She saw a marking on the tree. It had her parents' names on it. She decided not to dwell on it for too long. She sighed. She never knew her parents for very long, and she loved them very much. She knew that they were very much in love, and wanted the same future for her and Twilight.

"So Luce." Twilight began as he sat up and faced her. There was something that had been dwelling within him for some time, ever since the fateful first kiss he shared with the Angelfox. He couldn't continue to be shy on the matter any longer. He placed his hand ontop of hers as his mind fumbled about to find the right words. His muzzle was a deep red but he retained solid eye contact and resisted the urge to look away in shyness. "It's no secret you and I have strog feeling for eachother." he stated. Swet trickled the sides of his head and he felt his throat was in a knot, but he still got his words out. "But I've noticed we haven't made it official. So, I'm here with you today to ask you, Luce, will you be my Angel?" he asked. In his mind, he said all the wrong words and was mentally kicking himself in the head. He wanted to reach out and grab the words, but alas, all he could do is sit and wait for a response.

Luce nodded, and blushed," Of course." She pulled Twilight into a kiss.

Twilight felt relief like no other. He had found his true love and everything was perfect.

"Thank you, Luce. I can't even say how happy I am." he said, his entire face lighting up. His shyness had prevented finding somebody for the first 18 years of his life. After Nightmare was unleashed, he was a huge blockade as the Lycalo was scared nobody would be accepting of it. Luce had seen the cursed beast more than once and she continued to be by Twilight's side, something he couldn't thank her enough for. Now was his agelessness. Staying young will your love withers away with age was something he didn't want to go through. He wasn't aware Luce had the same trait and that was something he wanted to clear up."Just one quick question and I know this is gonna sound strange, but it'll be important later on. Are you... ageless by any chance?" he went on, wincing slightly at how strange that sounded, but he was glad he asked.

Luce smiled. She also blushed, then said, "Yes, I am. But I really haven't told anyone this. I can be killed by one thing, and Knackburn has it. It is an ivory gun. It can only kill angels and demons. I'm scared that one day he really will use it on me. He has actually, he shot me in the leg." Luce pointed to a scar on her ankle.

"It will only kill me if I'm shot in the head or the chest. In case you wondered, what Knackburn wants from us is his and Auburn's daughter, Alia," Luce said.

"Luce, you truly are perfect." Twilight said, placing a palm on the side of her face and gently stroking her cheek with his thumb. His other hand softly touched the scar on her ankle and he frowned at the sight. "That evil doctor won't ever harm you again. He knows the power I possess and the last time he messed with you, he ran away scared." he assured with a smile, directing his golden orbs to her cobalt ones.

Luce smiled and gave a little laugh. Her muzzle grew a deep red, and then she looked at his warm golden eyes sadly.

"He'll come back. Not alone, though," Luce said.

Twilight shared a laugh with her, then cleared his thoat and continued speaking.

"He can bring an entire army. Protecting you has been the only good thing Nightmare has done and I can control him into doing that. It won't be long until I can control his power naturally. Knackburn is the one who should be scared." the Lycalo replied with a confident smile.

Luce's muzzled continued to stay red, and then she smiled. "Thanks. You're too sweet," Luce told him, and then she planted a kiss on Twilight's cheek. She hoped that Knackburn wouldn't ruin the vacation they were to embark on later on.

A nervous chuckle escaped Twilight's crimson muzzle from both her comment and her kiss on his cheek.

"Anything for you." he said, returning her kiss with one of his own on her cheek. The Lycalo wasn't worried about Knacburn at all. For once he found hope in Nightmare and knew he was able to defeat the docter, permanatly if need be.

"You're too sweet," Luce complimented, and her muzzle remained red. She pulled out all of the food from the basket.

"Let's dig in, shall we?" Luce asked.

"Thanks, you are too." he said with a giggle. Twilight's `stomach agreed with Luce's comment as a loud growl was heard. "Oh, hehe, sounds like a plan." he said slightly embarrased as he gave his white furred belly a couple pats. The wolfbat first started with the apple wedges as fruit was one of the things he enjoyed eating.

Luce smiled and gave a laugh. Luce snacked on some chips.

Twilight's eyes were locked onto Luce and a smile was planted on his muzzle. The happiness he felt within his heart could not be fathomed.

"I'm happy to be happy to be here by your side." he told the Angelfox, finding his fruit had been finished. The Lycalo reached inside the basket and grabbed one of the sandwhiches.

"Me too," Luce said, also reaching into the basket and grabbing a sandwich. 

Twilight started eating his sandwhich and continued to look at Luce as he lay in the grass once more. The Lycalo had a grin on his face and his muzzle had grown red.

"You're really pretty Luce." he told her, blushing heavily from saying such a thing.

Luce gave a big smile, and was speechless. Her muzzle grew a pronounced red, and then she finally mustered the words, "Thank you."

Twilight let off a giggle watching her shy reaction. His heart was pounding away inside his chest and he found it moderately difficult to breath.

"You're quite welcome." he said with his own shyness, his ears folding back. The eating of his sandwhich had to be put on hold as he found it difficult to swallow plus his entire body filled up with warmth.

Luce's eyes gave off a comforting look. Luce found it hard to breath also, and her muzzle stayed crimson.

Twilight was at a loss for words. His muzzle was at a constant red and his grin never waned. He sat up and scooted closer the Angelfox to the point the sides of their bodies made contact. This increased the effects of this moment further and his breathing became somewhat audible. He could hear his own heartbeat as well. He stared amorously into her cobalt orbs and the lack of distance only increased the things he was feeling.

Luce leaned a bit closer to Twilight and on impulse, pulled him into a soft kiss. She wrapped her arms around Twilght's neck.

Twilight was moderately shocked by the sudden embrace, but his sky blue eyelids closed as he met her kiss with one of his own. The hand closest to Luce was used to support the Lycalo's weight as he leaned more towards her. His other hand found itself at the side of her face with the thumb softly gliding along her brown fur. His mind was lost in the embrace and the happiness he felt within his heart had reached levels he never thought possible.

Luce felt her heart melting and found herself not wanting to let go of the lycalo, and found herself lost in her happiness. She knew eventually she'd have to let go, but she didn't want to.

After what appeared like an eternity, Twilight hesitantly broke the lock on their lips needing to catch his breath. He breathed heavily on her muzzle and stared at her with limitless passion in his golden orbs. His hand was still gently planted on her face as he let out a big exhale before retaining his normal breathing.

"I love you, Luce." he said softly, blushing more than ever before.

Luce stared into Twilight's golden eyes. She found herself thnking that Twilight was her soulmate, which she truly believed with in every fiber of her being. Her muzzle was a deep pronounced crimson.

"I love you, too," she responded.

Twilight pulled the Angelfox in for a hug, feeling a single tear of joy slide down his chee where it stuck to the bottom of his chin.

"Thank you, Luce. I wish I can say how happy I am to hear that." he said, softly stroking her back. He pulled away after a short time. He had looked at his empty hands and realized he had dropped his sandwich in the grass amidst the moment. He payed little mind to this after mentally facepalming himself and instead focused on Luce with a hearty smile.

Luce's ears perked up with joy and a wide smile grew upon her face.

"You do make me really happy,"Luce said," and no words can explain how much I love you."

Her words brought had made Twilight's face brighten. His ears were perked up and he had just realized his tail was wagging to new speeds. It had even began to ache which is why he noticed it. It was quickly ignored as he pulled the Angelfox in for another passionate embrace of their lips. His hand had left her face and traveled down to plant itself on her hip while he did so. Through his closed eyelids, he noticed the it wasn't as bright outside as it usually was. He opened his golden orbs to see the sun was beginning to set. He abruptly broke the kiss and got to his feet in a hurry. He looked at the Angelfox apologetically and let out a sigh.

"I lost track of time. I'm sorry, but I gotta go Luce. Thank you for a very special day. I look forward to the beach trip next week." the Lycalo said to her with remorseful smile. His time was limited and as such, his leathery appendages quickly propelled the cyan hybrid to the darkening sky where he sped off towards his residence at top speed.

Luce was surprised at the kiss and the abrubt break of the kiss. She then realized the time also, and nodded, for she knew why.

"See you Monday," she said. After he flew away, she packed up the basket and set for her own residence. She wondered who else her siblings had invited.

Somewhere else, Bladelocke was enjoying his time walking though a forest and interacting with the creatures he found there. In the same forest, Nikki was walking around with Sonic the Hedgehog. "It's such a wonderful day." Nikki exclaimed, the beams of sunlight raining through the trees. "It sure is." Sonic replied. Nikki looked over and saw Bladelocke interacting with some of the creatures. "Hello there." she said, looking over.

Suddenly, the trees started rustling.

"Nikki, Nikki!" a voice called.

Nikki looked above her and noticed the trees rustling. She jumped back, trying to exclaim who it was.

Pixie emerged from the trees.

"Nikki, Bladelocke, we were wondering if you all wanted to come on our annual beach trip," Pixie said.

Bladelocke turned around, a little startled, "Huh? Um... hi... oh, a beach trip? I'd have to ask my dad..." He replied. He then looked at the lyre in his hand and then back at the two, "What are you doing heree?"

"Just taking a little walk, since Amy was gone for the day. Just imagine if she was here." Sonic said, then shivered. The thought of Amy seeing him walking with just a friend that is a girl sent chills down his spine. "So, what are you doing here?"

"Practicing..." He replied simply. A small blue bird landed on his ear, which made him smile a little.

Nikki looked at Pixie. "I would love to go! What about you, Sonic?" Nikki asked the blue hedgehog. Sonic shook his head. "No thanks. The beach isn't really my thing."

"Cool," Pixie said,"Flames, my brother, whom you may know, will be the one to pick you up."

Kong was up in a tree eating a bannana cloud gazing wondering what his voice would sound like if he could talk then he heard a cracking sound "oh no" he thought and the trea branch broke and the little monkey fell.

Nikki smiled. "Yeah, I know who Flames is." she said. Then, she sees Kong fall from the trees. "What was that?" she asked. Sonic looked to where Nikki pointed. "It looks like someone fell from the trees." he said.

Bladelocke looked at the monkey who fell from the tree, "Are you okay?" He asked.

Kong wiped bannana off his face and said in sign language "im fine thanks" (kongs a mute)

"Okay." Bladelocke signs back and says aloud, obviously understanding sign language.

Kong thought to himself "now to find another tree" and he looked around a bit

A little rustle came from some bushes behind Sonic. And then, someone jumped out from the bushes and grabbed Sonic's sides. "Hello!" She said with a slight laugh. It was Savannah.

[To Savy101: Could you please add Savannah to the character's list? Thanks. I just don't want to get confused or anything. -Pop]

Paula walks up next to Nikki."Hey guys," she says.

Nikki looked at her two friends. "Hey guys. We were going to a beach trip soon. You wanna come?" she asked.

"She was already coming. She moved in with us," Pixie said.


The evil Dr. Knackburn managed to retrieve Luce's Moebius counterpart, Lulu.

"What do I need to do Knackky?" Lulu asked.

"I'm done with this Moriss family. Kill them all. I'll help, Lulu."

"Don't call me that," Lulu snapped.

"Fine, Lu. What about the wolfbat monster you mentioned?"

"He can't die. Simple as that. What about the angel?"

"I lost the gun to kill her. There's only one left in the world, and she has it. We need to get it before it's destroyed."


Back to Nikki and the others- "I guess I can come with you guys to the beach," said Savannah.

"Cool," Pixie said," my brother Flames will pick you up. My sister Luce doesn't have anymore room left in her car."

"Oh, alright. That's fine," Savannah said with a smile.

"Cool," Pixie said.

Bladelocke looked at the ground, then back at Pixie, "Would it be okay if I brought a friend?" He asked.

when Kong climbed up another tree he  thought to himself "you should really go talk well not talk to those people make some friends for once" so hclimbed down and walked up to the people he waved and smiled he then said in sign language "hello my name is Kong"

A red fox and Brown wolverine walk nearby, they appear to be talking about video games; they notice the group and stop nearby, The Wolverine spoke up "What is everyone talking about?"

Kong turned around and waved

Bladelocke looked at the newcomers, "Hey Flame. Hey, Jad." He greeted.

"Salutations." Flame replies, Though he wasn't making eye-contact, he was too busy playing a video game on a portable system.

Kong sighed and thought "making friends when you cant talk is really hard"

Flame looks at him "You can't talk?" He sighs "Mind reading by the way." He goes back to playing his video game.

Kong didnt bother with the sign lanuage since this guy could read minds and thought "no i cant talk i was born like this"

"Oh really? Do you know why?" Flame asked kong

Pixie then said,"Hi." She gave a wave.

Kong then followed to say "who are all you guys?" in sign language

Flame Nods "Oh you're asking our names, My name is Flame."

"Jad, Pleasure" Jad replies to Kong.

Bladelocke nodded, "I'm Bladelocke..."

"I'm Nikkell Percival Kaji, but everyone calls me Nikki. It's a pleasure to meet you." Nikki said delightfully.

Kong thought "i dont think im doing that well in the making friends department urrgh it would be so much more easy if i could talk"

"I'm Pixie Morris," Pixie said. She gave a slight nod, then looked down at her phone to read a message:

Where are you? -Auburn

Pixie quickly typed back:

In the forest! -Pixie

She quickly recieved a message back: I'm coming then! -Auburn

The tree and bushes began to rustle and a brown fox with red, orange, and light yellow highlights walked in.

"Oh, hello!" Auburn called to everyone.

Spark jumps out of a tree landing next to Auburn."I'm Rainheart but everyone calls me Spark," she says.

Kong really didnt know how to start a conversation he was useless at it

Spark looked at the people that had gathered in the forest."What are you guys doing in the forest?" she asked.

"I was just about to ask the same thing" Jad replied "I honestly have no clue."

"I live here,"Spark tells Jad.

"Oh I see, Honestly I was just passing through and saw all those people." Jad relied

Flame sighs "By passing through you mean Dragged me out here."

Kong laughed silently

Auburn and Pixie both gave laughs.

Kong then signed"anyway i came here just to relax up in the trees"

Nearby, a white-and-black fox with icy blue hair was walking. The fox, named Valencia, was heading to her house. She actually lived in the forest. After a moment of walking, she found herself in an area with several people. "Uh, why are there so many people just out in the forest?" Valencia asked. "It seems a little bit strange.

"Agreed," Pixie said, agreeing. Auburn gave a nod.

"No kidding." A voice said. A moment later, a rust colored dingo, named Zorovar, with brown hair and amber eyes entered. He was wearing a black and gray outfit and was wearing sunglasses. The hood of his black jacket was pulled down. To everyone else, he was known as "Twilight", which just happened to be the same name as the Lycalo.

"It at least makes sense that I'm here. My house is somewhere nearby." Valencia said. "Maybe people just like gathering in weird places." The fox suggested.

Bladelocke looked at the new fox, "You should know I come here often, Valencia." He answered.

"I'm here to deliver an invitation to those who know and are friends with my sister, Luce," Pixie said.

"Oh yeah, I remember you." Valencia said to Bladelocke. She knew him from the time an outbreak of vampirism was going around. Then she turned to Pixie. "I'm a friend of Luce." She said. "An invitation to what?"

"A beach trip," Pixie said. Auburn gave a nod.

"Sounds fun." The arctic fox replied.

"Sounds too sunny." Zorovar said. However, he was clearly interested.

Without saying anything, Valencia manipulated the light around Zorovar, making the area around him brighter. She also changed the color of the light to blue.

Zorovar closed his eyes, trying to keep the light out. He normally didn't like bright light, but something about Valencia's was different. He kind of liked it.

"Should be on my way," Spark said as she started to climb a tree.

"Cool. I'll tell Luce to count you in. My sister, Auburn will pick you up," Pixie said to Zorovar and Valencia. She then gave a nod to the brown fox standing next to her.

Bladelocke looked at Pixie, "You still haven't answered my question on if I can bring a friend." He stated.

Kong then signed"can i go?"

"You're going to the beach? Mind if me and Jad come?" Flame asks "I hate swimming but the beach is cool."

"My apologies. Of course you can!" Pixie exclaimed to Bladelocke. Pixie then turned to Kong and nodded.

Auburn nodded at Flame. "Sure! I don't like swimming either. Pyrokinetic powers don't go well with water."

"Great. When are you going?" Flame asked.

"We've been thinking to leave Monday. We'll stay for a couple weeks. It'll be fun. We have plenty to do," Auburn said.

"A couple weeks?" Valencia asked. "That sounds more like a vacation. Either way, I've been needing to get out of the house a bit more, so this'll be fun. You can definitely count me in." The fox said.

"Count me in" Jad said happily "We'll be there."

"Me too." Zorovar said. "I don't have any monsters to fight or ruins to raid, so this would be the perfect vacation for me. And I don't need to ask Eclipse if she wants to go. She loves the beach."

As though on cue, Eclipse materialized right behind Zorovar. It was clear by her body language that she was excited about this trip.

Pixie had a big wide smile on her face.

"We have a big vacation house out there where we'll stay," Pixie said.

Yes, Kong thought with excitement, I'm making friends! And I'm going to the beach! Wait a minute, do I like the beach? I've never even been before.

"Did somebody mentioned the beach?" A female voice called that came from the trees.

"Yup!" Pixie called cheerfully.

"I know that voice anywhere, Crymson?" Flame says "Yes, We're going there."

Upon hearing Crymson's voice, Eclipse turned to greet her friend. She then pulled out a cell phone, sent a text, and then put the phone away. She then looked at Zorovar as though to say something.

"Alright, I'll tell them." Zorovar said. He then looked at the group. "Hope you don't mind, but Eclipse just invited a few people."

Bladelocke ran off to get prepared. "See you guys on Monday!" He shouted as he ran off into the distance.

"Bye!" Pixie called.

Kong signed"i'll be off"

"Bye, Kong," Pixie said.

Nikki: Good-bye! Hope to see you again soon!

"Bye!" Pixie called.

Spark hung upside down from the tree she was in."Mind if I come to the beach with you?" she asked Pixie.

Pixie nodded.

Crymson looked at the person hanging from the same tree she is on. "Hey, nice of you to 'hang around'." Crymson joked.

Spark gave a slight chuckle."I'm Spark,"she said.

"Crymson." She introduced herself as she jumped down the the ground. "Boy, I sure haven't been to the beach in a long time. I can't wait."

"Well see you Monday,"Spark said.She then climbed deeper into the tree.

"I'm guessing you're going, correct?" Flame asks.

"Well, I don't really seem to have a choice." Zorovar stated as he looked at Eclipse. "Oh," he added as he turned to Crymson, "No doubt your boyfriend will come along." He pauses for a moment, "According to Eclipse, Crystaline and Mimic are on their way here from the Sol Dimension." He then looks at Flame, "And she invited Terra and Zarex, too."

"Crystaline is coming?" Flame muttered under his breath, He seemed to be deep in thought.

"Why is Spots invited..." Jad scowled. He groaned.

"Don't know, don't care." Zorovar answered the upset wolverine.

Spark's head popped out of the leafs higher up in the tree."Huh?" she asked.

Crymson smiled. "Yeah, it would be great to have Static here. He's been with me during my two month absence." Then something popped into her mind. "Speaking of which, where is Static? " Crymson looked around.

Kong was felling very happy as he was swinging through the trees he had finaly made some friends

"Hiya Crymson, great to see you again." Valencia said to the black cat. "This trip is gonna be fun!" The fox sounded excited. Then she just remembered something. "Almost forgot to fix the light." With a wave of her hand, the light around Zorovar returned to its regular brightness and color.

"It's good to see you, too, Valencia. Been a while since we've seen each other." Crymson smiled to her Vampire Werefox friend.

In the distance, two voices could be heard.

"Are you sure she's around her, Stun?" a voice asked. Everyone who knew Static was able to recognize that it was his voice.

Crymson happened to turn to the voice who is very musical to her ears. She happened to smile as her Chao, Stun, was leading her boyfriend, Static, to her. "STATIC!!!!"

Stun geatured Static to Crymson. "Well, there she is. She's been waiting for you." He smiled.

"Static I presume." Flame says. "Also Crymson, I do not see it as a need to yell."

Bladelocke returned to the scene and looked at the new people there, "...What did I miss?" He asked, slightly disappointed.

Spark hung upside down from the same branch as she did before."Who are you?"she asked

Kong fell off a branch because of the shout (he had excelent hearing) he decided to see what was going on he front flipped out of a tree back to the others he signed "who just shouted? whoever it was you may have messed up my hearing"

Bladelocke smiled at Crymson, "Haven't seen you in a while..." He greeted. He lookes at Spark, "My name is Bladelocke." He said.

Static was suprised to hear Crymson yell his name in delight, though he should have been used to it now. He was nearly knocked off his feet as Crymson rushed up to give him a big hug. As soon as she hugged him, however, Static returned with a big hug of his own. "I take it you missed me?" He asked somewhat teasingly. He already knew the answer, but he just wanted an excuse to hear her beautiful voice again.

Zorovar rolled his eyes somewhat, "Oh, brother." He muttered under his breath. A moment later, Eclipse smacked him in the back of the head with her hand. The force of the impact knocked out his sunglasses, revealing his amber colored eyes. "OW!" He exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head.

"That makes two cats I haven't seen in a while." Valencia said. "Hey Static!" She yelled to her friend.

Kong introduced himself to the ones who didnt know him he signed "hello i am Kong"

"Well met, Static" Flame greeted calmly

"Yeah, What's up?" Jad said, Cheerily.

"Nothin'.I'm just 'hangin',"Spark said.She turned to Bladlocke."I'm Spark,"she told him.

Crymson held Static close to her tightly as she purred loudly. "Of course I missed you, Static. Why wouldn't I?" She giggled as the hug from Static made her all warm and fuzzy inside.

Kongs alarm on his phone went off he thought "oh no im missing ben 10" he then signed "does anyone have a portable tv?"

"Just asking." Static replied as he closed his eyes and listened to her purr. It was enough to make his heart beat faster. He couldn't help feeling fuzzy inside. Suddenly realizing that everyone else was looking at them, he stopped hugging her, though he wished he could have done it for a little longer. "So," he began, "What's everyone doing here in the middle of the forest?"

"That almost sounds like the start of a bad joke," said a voice from within the trees. A moment later, a male mocking bird wearing a fedora and a pair of green and black boots and a young, white, female wolf with unusual eyes entered the clearing. Following them was a female metalic figure. While it was impossible to see her face, it was assumed that she was a bird of some sort since she had tail feathers.

"Hey Mimic, hey Robin." Valencia greeted. She turned to Static. "I have no idea why the majority of the people are here. I was just heading back to my house. But, like always, I'm having a bit of trouble. All these stupid trees look the same."

Kong sighed and then signed "i might as well tell you all this is where i live, in a treehouse just over there" he pointed to a small treehouse up in a tree 

Bladelocke tilted his head to the side, confused, "Why would you need a portable TV, when your house is right there?" He asked.

Kong then signed"acctualy come to think of it yeah i could of just done that oh well ive recorded it  just like watching it as it comes on"

"Hmm, Well..." Flame started "I suppose we should be off now. Tonight is Dungeons and Dragons night and I'm the Dungeon master today, So we best not delay, Besides I want to throw flecks and keiz at Jad endlessly."

"Yeah, Bye guys, See you monday!" Jad said.

The two teleported away.

Kong signed (im going to stop putting this but just so you know he never speaks he just signs LM)"i'll be off now too dont wanna miss my favorite show" he then goes back into his treehouse

"Bye!" Pixie yelled with a wave.

Static heard Jad's last words. "Wait. Monday?" he asked. "What's happening Monday?" He looks around to see if anyone would answer him.

"Eclipse said that there would be a beach party on Monday." The metalic bird, who's name was Robin, answered. While her face was completely hidden behind her helmet's opaque purple visor, it was clear that she wasn't so sure if she was supposed to be excited.

"I don't know about you," Mimic started, "But it sounds like fun to me. Count me in!"

"I guess I could come too." Crystaline said. "A beach party sounds like fun." Plus, she thought to herself, it sounds like Flame will be there. It would be nice to do something with him.

Zorovar picked up the sunglasses he dropped earlier and put them in a pocket in his jacket. Since it was getting to be evening, he didn't really feel any need to keep the light out of his eyes.

"Oh, would you look at that. It seems like evening is gonna be here soon. Gimme a minute to fix that." Valencia closed her eyes and focused her photokinetic abilities. She manipulate light all around them to make the forest as bright as it would be in a field at noon. She was doing this because the werefox wasn't particularly fond of nighttime; she was nyctophobic, afraid of the dark.

Spark jumped out of the tree she was in."See you guys Monday!"she called out as ran into the forest.

Zorovar, seeing that the clearing was getting brighter, put the hood of his long-tailed jacket over his head. He wasn't really fond of bright light. Being part vampire himself, he prefered the night. "Hmm. Since we're going to the beach, I'll make sure to pack some extra sunscreen." He stated. While sunscreen was a good idea, he was thinking more of Valencia. He knew that, although she wasn't a full fledged vampire, she still retained one of the trademark vampire weaknesses: extended exposure to sunlight.

"Sunscreen. Smart idea." Valencia said. "Although it'd make all of our fur greasy." But it is a pretty smart idea. The vampiress thought. I sunburn easily.

"Better to be safe than sorry," Pixie said.

"Well, Pixie and I really must be on our way. See you all Monday! Oh yeah, we'll staying at my family's beach house!" Auburn grabbed Pixie by the collar of her shirt and began to drag her out of the forest.

Zorovar turned to Valencia. "I guess Eclipse and I could help you find your way back to your treehouse." Zorovar offered. Eclipse knew the forest quite well, and they could have Valencia home in no time. Plus, it would give the dingo some time to be with Valencia. For some time now, he had been quiet about his true feelings for the vampire werefox. The beach trip gave him an idea. He would admit his feeling to her in private, so as not to make her feel pressured in front of everyone else.

"Thanks guys." Valencia said. "Here, gimme a second and I'll fix the light again." After a short moment, the lighting in the forest returned to normal. "Remember, my house is hidden above the leaves so it's harder to find. If you think you've found it, check around the walls. My house currently has a hole that I've got about ninety-percent done fixing." The last time Valencia had transformed, she was inside her house, so the feral beast she'd changed into had wrecked the wall to get outside. She just wanted to go on the beach trip so she could relax a little for once.

"I guess I could help you fix the last ten-percent." Zorovar offered. "It's supposed to get cold tonight." He had visited Valencia's treehouse a few times before. He guessed that it wouldn't take too long to find.

"Thanks again." Valencia responded. Normally she would've gotten the hole repaired very soon after she made it, but the fox was getting low on funds. She didn't have  a job, and had been relying on the money the orphange where she used to live had given her when she left. The fox was actually surprised she managed to make it last as long as she had; Valencia stopped living there 2 years ago.

"I don't really mind the cold very much, though." Valencia said. "Not only am I an arctic fox, but I'm from up north, so coldness isn't really anything new to me. Plus my fur is pretty warm." Even though the werefox liked the cold, she really wanted her house fixed, and having Zorovar help would be greatly appreciated by the arctic canine. Valencia actually also just liked spending time with Zorovar, even though she never showed exactly how much she enjoyed his company.

"Still," Zorovar replied, "A hole in the wall should be fixed. Come on, let's go." And with that, the dingo proceeded to escort his friend to her home. Eclipse dissapated as she fuzed once again with Zorovar's shadow, helping him find the way to her treehouse by giving him directions in his mind.

Mimic thought about making some sly remark, but he knew better. The last time he made a remark about the dingo and artic fox's "friendship" didn't end well for him. "Well," he said to those who were left, "I better head back too... Actually, I don't really have a place to stay." He realized. In fact, he, Crystaline, and Static didn't have any place to stay in Station Square. Their homes were in another dimension.

"Goodbye, everyone." Valencia said as she waved back at the group that was gathered in the forest. Then she returned her view to the forest ahead of her and walked with Zorovar to where her treehouse was. Vacation on Monday. She thought. I just hope the next full moon doesn't show its ugly face while I'm there.

Then, Auburn came walking back into the forest to gather her thoughts. Should I bring Alia? Or put her up for adoption? I think I might after the trip. I'll make my decision after.

"Hey, Static. What should we bring over to the beach? I was thinking of making some lunch and snacks. Any suggestions?" Crymson asked, smiling.

"Lunch and snacks sound good," Static replied, returning Crymson's smile with one of his own. He then added, "Since we're going to the beach, we should also probably bring something to swim in. I think Twilight said he would bring sunscreen."

"If you need to buy anything," Robin chimed in, "I'll gladly let you borrow some money." She didn't mind letting her closest friends use her money since she had quite a lot of it. She was very wealthy, though she didn't like letting anyone else know that.

"Well," Crymson began to speak. "I should bring my big beach umbrella just in case. I'll also bring my beach ball and some bags. I would love to go shell collecring as well." She turned to robin. "Maybe a few bottles of SPF 50 sunscreen would be great. And some extra towels." She suggested.

"Actually, Twilight -the dingo, not the lycalo- said that he was bringing sunscreen." Static said to Crymson. He then turned to Robin, "And I guess I could use the money to buy some things for the trip. I didn't bring anything from the Sol Dimension. Are you sure you're okay with it?"

"Absolutely." Robin answered. "I have no problems with letting you borrow some money. I know you're responsible."

Static smiled at his friend, "Thanks!" He said. "I guess I'll buy supplies for me and Mimic." He then looks around, "I guess that leave the question of where Mimic, Crystaline, and I will be staying until the trip." Static said.

"Crystaline can stay with me," Robin offered, "And I'll buy her some supplies for the trip. But it might be best if you and Mimic stayed elsewhere."

"My cousins don't mind the company. Their parents are out on a business trip while they are in charge of the house. Maybe you and Mimic can stay there." Crymson grinned at Static, suggesting the idea. Crymson's cousins and brother-figures, Surg and Burg, always have good hospitality to their guests at their house.

Static wasn't so sure he liked the idea. While he had no problems with Surg, Burg tended to tease Static a lot. And when you have Mimic and Burg in the same room,  pratical jokes and chaos were bound to follow. Mimic, on the other hand, seemed thrilled about the idea. "Oh, great!" He exlaimed. "Now Burg and I can prank Sparky and the Count for almost a week!" he laughed for a few seconds before an idea came to him. "Say, I wonder if they want to come." he thought outloud.

Crymson started to growl. "For the last time, Mimic: His name IS NOT SPARKY!!!!!" A comical scene showing fire roaring behind her and fire raging in her eyes in irritation.

Mimic smirked at Crymson's reaction. "I know, Saphire." He stated happily, calling Crymson by the nickname that he came up with. "So, think you're cousins would want to come?" he asked as though Crymson's outburst had never happened.

"They have a very tight schedule tomorrow. They got chores to do, and they have to visit our grandmother for the day to keep her company. But they will make sure they give yourl great hospitality." She grinned. "Surg will make sure Mimic and Burg won't mess with you." She said to Static.

"Thanks, Crym." Static said to Crymson as he looked into her beautiful red eyes. He couldn't help but smile when he was looking at someone as beautiful and kind as her.

Crymson couldn't help but melt away when she gazed at Static's electric blue eyes. Her fur turn bright red as she moved to Static to give him a warm and soft hug. "Anything for you, love." She started to purr.

Static returned her hug with the same warmness and softness that Crymson gave to him. As he hugged her, he closed his eyes and couldn't help but feel as though his problems were melting away as he listened to her purr. Her purr had become a sound that calmed the electrokinetic feline, a relaxing tune that always brought a feeling of pleasure to his soul.

"Yeah..." Mimic said awkwardly, "I guess I'm going to go ahead on to Brug's place. Who knows? Maybe I can convince him to come. After all, how can he say no if I tell him that there will be pretty girls there?" He starts to laugh mischeivously, knowing that Burg had a tendency to hit on every girl, and then go into a fake heart attack episode every time he was rejected. "See you there, Sparky!" He shouted as he sprinted in the direction of Burg and Surg's residence.

"I better get going to." Robin said. "Good night, you two." She then turned to Crystaline, "Come on, Crystaline. Tommorrow, we'll go out shopping and get you some supplies for the beach trip."

Crystaline smiled as she followed her friend. "Thank you, Robin." She said with some cheerfulness in her voice. "Bye, Static! Bye, Crym!" The young and blind white wolf called to the two cats as she walked away. Once she and Robin walked away, only Static and Crymson remained in the forest. They were now all alone with each other.

Bladelocke was still in the forest at that point. He watched for a few seconds and smiled before walking away quietly, as to not disturb the moment.

Crymson, not noticing that everyone left, opened her eyes, seeing herself alone with Static in the forest. Her black fur turned to a deep red. Oh, geez. I'm alone with Static. What should I do!? Crymson thought. She looked at Static for a second. "W-well, guess it's just us left in this nice and quiet forest." She said, trying to start up a conversation with her love.

Static opened his eyes when he heard Crymson mention that the duo were alone. He blushed slightly and stopped hugging her. "Uh, yeah. I guess so." He said somewhat awkwardly. Although he loved Crymson with all his heart, he couldn't help but feeling a little awkward whenever he was alone with her. "Soooo....." he began. "What do you want to do?" He didn't have to be at Surg and Burg's place for a while, so he was more than willing to spend time with his love.

Crymson was at a loss of words. Even though she wants to head back home, but she couldn't stand the fact that she would alone while Static is at her cousin's place. "You can come to my place for a little bit if you want to." Her black fur turned bright red at the idea.

Static smiled nervously, "I'd like that." He said, blushing slightly. "Thanks." He, Stun, and Crymson began to walk back to her house. Along the way, Static couldn't help but feel nervous, but happy and content at the same time. He was spending more time with the girl that he had fallen in love with around Christmas. Thinking back to that time, he faintly smiled as he remembered their first kiss underneath the mistletoe. He was thinking about it so much, in fact, that he didn't realize that he was about to walk right into a lamp post. He was rewarded with a hard hit to the face, knocking him on to the ground. "Ow!" He exclaimed as he landed on his rear end, massaging his hurt nose.

Crymson realized Static is on the ground after a hard hit from the post. With a worry look, she went back and knelt down to see if he is alright. But her eyes caught the sight of his sparkling, electric blue eyes that seem to have hypbotized her in a matter of seconds. Her black fur turned red and she was still gazing at her love.

Static shook his head quickly, as though to shake off the dizzyness. "Uh, I meant to do that." He said, slightly embarassed. His gaze shifted from Stun to Crymson. The minute his eyes locked with her's, he became transfixed. Normally, he had a lot of trouble making eye contact with someone, but this time he found himself unable to look away from the beautiful, sparkling crimson colored eyes that were looking right back at him. It seemed like he could just look into them forever. He couldn't help but smile as he looked into the black feline's eyes.

Crymson's heart began to flustered and beat rapidly. In her head, she would want to kiss him just because she admire him so much. But instead, she took his hand and picked him off of the ground. She blushed too much at that thought. "Come on, I should fix up some dinner for you." She said to him with a warm smile.

Static took her hand and got up off the ground. "Thanks." He said with a warm smile. He knew first hand that Crymson's cooking was great. "Mayber after dinner, I could clean the dishes for you." He offered. Since she was going to do the cooking, it only seemed to be fair that he should do the clean up.

Crymson warmly smiled back. "I would be delighted. Thanks." She gave him a warm hug, with a little purr.

Stun was right behind them, staying quiet so he wouldn't disturb their moment. He just smiled.

Part 2: Vacation!

Lucinda had finished packing for the beach vacation. She was told several other people were invited. She then decided to split up with her family. The order of who would be picked up was this:

Luce: Twilight, Valencia, Zorovar, Crymson, Static, Zarex

Flames: Nikki, Spark, Bladelocke, Peggy, Flame, Jad, Pixie

Auburn: Alia,  Mimic, Psyche (Tobias), Crystalline, Katherine, Kong

Also, these are the ones who will share a room:

1st Room: Valencia, Crymson, Luce, Kath

2nd Room: Static, Zarex, Psyche, Jad, Flame

3rd Room: Peggy, Eleveah, Crystalline, Parlor, Paula

4th room:  Nikki, Spark, Pixie, Alia, Savannah

5th room: Kong, Mimic, Bladelocke

6th room: Twilight

7th room: Zorovar

[Frost: Could we switch Mimic and Zarex around? I don't think Jad and Flame would want a room mate that would probablly bully them throughout the night.]

[S3: I just noticed that it wouldn't be so wise to give Twilight roomates. Not only does he not sleep, but I don't think the others would be too fond of a UV light shining all night lol.]

(To S3: Yeah, I was thinking about that. I'll cahnge it. To Frost: Ya, that would be fine if Zorovar had his own room. -Pop]

[Frost: Just wanted to say two things. First: would it be okay if Zorovar had his own room, considering that his shadow, Eclipse, is female. Second, should I bring Robin in or not? I'm not sure how she'll do at the beach...]

[Flame: You have missed Zarex on both lists and Flame and Jad on the rooms list.]

{I will add names if any name wasn't added onto the list -Pop]

[Monk: you forgot Katherine and Bladelocke]

[Nikki: You forgot Savannah]

[Savannah: Yeah you forgot me xD]

[LM you forgot Kong]

[S3: So, aside from a couple characters needing to be added to the list, I'm assuming we can start now?]

[97: I guess but where would Spark wait at?]

After a nice morning flight, Twilight the Lycalo was spending the rest of his morning packing the things he needed for the upcoming trip. It didn't take him very long which allowed him to get things done past second with no problems. He had a fairly sized suitcase which housed a few fluorescent black light tubes covered in bubble wrap to prevent damage. He wanted to avoid inviting Nightmare at all costs. Also in his bag was enough pairs of orange pants and white socks. He wasn't sure why, but he felt as if he was bound to that attire, however, it wasn't a bother to him. He also packed more beach appropriate clothing which was a pair of orange swim trunks and yellow sandals, not straying too far from his usual appearance.

Now the sky blue wolfbat was waiting outside to be picked up, sitting on the front doorstep with his suitcase beside him. He was informed Luce would be doing so and he was one of the first . It had been a week since he saw the Angelfox last and he was quite excited to see her. This was shown through his wagging tail and his anticipated grin as he waited ever so patiently.

Not to far away, Nikki was finishing up packing everything she needed. The suitcase was not very big, fitting in everything she needed. There was three white tanktops and three pairs of sweatpants. Under all of it, was her red swimsuit with musical note designs on them. Finally, she put a picture of her and Sonic on the top. Nikki took her phone off the charger and it was 100% full. She wished Sonic would've come, but his fear of water always kept him away from the beach. She pulled on the handle of her suitcase and rolled it outside. Nikki played with her pyrokinesis and waited to be picked up.

A few blocks away from Nikki, Savannah was finishing up with her suitcase. It was a medium sized suitcase. She had some pairs of shorts packed up, tank tops, her original sneakers, and her light blue flip flops. Folded nicely under her clothes, was her dark blue and cyan blue two-piece bathing suit, and her beach dress. She packed up everything else that she needed, grabbed a bracelet off her dresser, and waited outside, playing around with her hair and looking at the sky.

Spark packed everything she needed for the trip. She got out her best beach clothes including  her red and gold striped two-piece bathing suit, shorts, tank tops, and short sleeve shirts. She even decided to leave her sneakers and instead bring her red sandals. Spark then grabbed her suitcase and a chunk of wood and whittled the wood while waiting to be picked up.

Paula rummaged through all she had and found her black and red polka-dot bathing suit, her black, yellow, blue, and purple tank tops, shorts, and despite the warm weather, she brought her one sleeve shirt and long pants.

Packing everything the night before, Kong had everything ready and packed up in his bag. He had just woken up and made himself a drink. It took him a while before he remembered why he had packed his bag. Once he remembered the occasion, he ran to his bathroom to get himself ready. Afterwards, he put on some clothes (his usual purple hoodie and jeans). He also grabbed his coat and thought to himself, You never know when it might snow.

At Psyche's house three figures were waiting; A foxbat, a wolf and a serval. The serval was sitting in his wheelchair and holding two meduim sized suitcases. Bladelocke was holding two large satchels of things he would need. The wolf was carrying a backpack of supplies, and had a sword at her waist. They waited by the front door as the two people inside the house chatted about something.

Outside a large building, which was filled with lofts, apartmants and studio flats. Stood 3 figures, a short red fox, a short brown wolverine and a tall yellow hyena. They all seemed to have a large bag on and all seemed to be patiently waiting to be picked up.

Kong got out of his tree with his bag and waited at the outside of the forrest

Crymson is in the bathroom, brushing her teeth and hair. Today is the day!!! Can't wait to walk along the beach with Static!! She thought happily. Crymson has alreay packed up the nessesities for her beach trip, aling with sandwiches, snacks, fruit, and drinks. She even prepare a beach umbrella if anyone doesn't want to get too much sun.

"Crym, are you finished yet?" Stun flew to Crymson.

"Bombofst." With so much toothpaste foam all over Crymson's mouth seem to confuse the little Chao. She spit it out and gargled the water to get the rest out. "I said almost. Sorry about that." Crymson laughed a little.

Static started to walk down Crymson's drive way. He was wearing his normal outfit and was carrying a black luggage bag that Surg had let him borrow. Using the money that Robin gave him, Static bought himself a nice pair of blue swim trunks, a black water shirt, and a pair of blue and black swimming shoes. He also packed a couple extra jackets, socks, and t-shirts; some towels and sunglasses; a new toothbrush, new deoderant, and toothpaste; and finally a pair of swimming goggles so he could see underwater when he went swimming. The bag even had some extra space for other items. He approached the front door of Crymson's house and knocked. He couldn't wait to spend time with Crymson. And he had an important question to ask her.

"Coming!" Crymson said in an high-pitched singing voice as she rushed herself.to put a red tank top, black shorts, and sandles over her new bathing suit. She went to the door and opened to see her love, waiting by the door for her. She gave him a warm smile as she hugged him. "It's great to see you, Static. Come on in, I am just finishing getting ready."

"Great to see you too." Static said happily as he hugged Crymson. He then followed her inside. "So, you exicted about the beach trip?" he asked, hoping to start a conversation.

Crymson giggled as she zipped up her backpack and giggled. "I'm really excited. I haven't been to the beach in a while." She put her backpack on her back. "So, what brings you here on this fun-filled day?" She smiled wide. She was more happy to see Static in front of her.

"Oh, I just thought I'd stop by and see if you wanted to go to the meeting place together." Static replied. "I also had a question I wanted to ask you." He couldn't help but smile when he looked at his love's face.

"Sure. And ask away." Crymson happened to blush. Plus, her heart is pound with anticipation to figure out what Static is going to ask her.

Static was about to ask when an idea came to him. "Actually," he started, "It can wait until we get to the beach." He thought that it might be better to ask her when they weren't in a hurry.

"Okay. That'll be good. So, are we ready?" Crymson said as she started to get her stuff. She is not bringing much, except for some towels, a beach umbrella, a beach ball, and some bags for shell collecting.

"I thinks so." Static said. "Here. I'll carry some of that stuff for you." He offered.

Back in the forest outside of Station Square, Valencia was in her treehouse and had just finished cramming clothes and a bathing suit into a backpack. The fox didn't actually own a suitcase, but she didn't really care. She was getting both excited and impatient, so she needed a way to pass the time. She decided to test her finishing move on a much smaller scale. She quickly destroyed an apple with the barrage of light, so now all that was left to do was wait.

Valencia grabbed her backpack and swung out of the tree, where she hung upside-down from a branch. She didn't mind hanging around until she was picked up for the trip.

"Well, nice to see you hanging around here." Zorovar said as he walked up to Valencia. He was carrying a large black and silver backpack over his shoulder. He didn't really bring much for the trip since Eclipse could call up any item he needed, but he promised to bring some sun screen for the vampire werefox. True to his word, he brought a couple cans of quick drying sun screen.

"Hey, guys!!!" Crymson came running towards the two wearing a red tank top and black shorts with sandals and her hairs tied down to a ponytail. "Are you guys ready for the trip?" She said, with an excited smile. With Crymson is a white and red cooler filled with the lunch, drinks and snacks. She also brought a surf board, a huge beach umbrella, a beach ball, and her bottle of sun screen. She even has a small gray backpack with her towel and swim suit.

"Hey, wait up!" Static shouted as he came running behind. He was carrying some other items that Crymson had packed in addition to the luggage bag that had his stuff in it. "Wow, I can't wait for this trip!" he said as he came to a stop beside Crymson. "I don't think I've ever been to a beach party before."

"Crymson, Static, Twilight, great to see all of you!" Valencia said. "I bet you're all as excited as I am right now! I even got my hair cut and everything." Valencia's hair did look different. Not only was she not wearing it in a ponytail, but if she were standing upright, it would only fall to just below her collarbone.

"Wow, Valencia. You look so cute. I'm so jealous." Crymson giggled, jokingly. "I am excited. This is my first time in a beach party. Plus," she blushed. "My first time at the beach with Static."

"Any cuter, and I'm going to need a barf bag." Zorovar said half-jokingly. He then looked at Valencia. He just now noticed that Valencia's hair was shorter, probably unable to notice it before because she was upside-down. It was then that he remembered the sunscreen. "Oh yeah," he said to the vampire werefox, "I got some sunscreen. Don't worry, this kind won't leave your fur greasy. It dries quickly after spraying it on."

"Thanks Crym." Valencia said. She then swung her body and hopped off the branch, landing on her feet. She turned to Zorovar. "Allergic to cute things? Want me to tape some stuffed animals to your ears?" She laughed a little from her joking tone. "And thanks for bringing sunscreen."

Crymson snickered at Valencia's joke. "Static came and help me prepare for the extra towels and food. It's in the luggage bag if anyone needs one. I always come prepared. And I'm glad Static came to help. " her fur turned red.

Kong was very bored at this point he just sat waited 

Luce soon reached Twilight's residence. She then rolled down her window. She gave Twilight a smile.

Twilight found himself staring off into space in a sort of day dream. He had his arms wrapped around his knees and rested his forehead on his arms. It was really the only thing closest to sleep the Lycalo could ever hope to ecxperiance. His ears twitched in reaction to an approaching noise and he looked to see Luce within her vehicle giving the cyan wolfbat a smile. It made him create one of his own as he got to his feet. He strecthed his body and wings out then grabbed his suitcase. He rolled it over and proceeded to open the trunk and lay it inside. The hybrid closed the door and made his way over to the passanger side.

"Hey you." Twilight greeted cheerfully with a warm smile as he hoped inside and sat down. Given the fact he wasn't too used to vehicles, putting his seat belt on had slipped his mind. "How are you? It's really nice to see you." the Lycalo told her. He blushed nervously at being close to her. He was so shy around her and being around her, especially after some time passed, always sent a wide ranged of emotions throughout him.

"I'm well. It's nice to see you too." Luce continued smiling, and noticed Twilight blushing. She began to blush also.

"Well, it's off to pick up Valencia, the other Twilight, Crymson, and Static," Luce said, pushing her foot on the gas pedal.

"I'm glad." Twilight replied when hearing she was doing well. As the vehicle pulled forward, he couldn't help but have a strange feeling moving forward without the use of his wings. The hybrid rolled his window down and placed an arm out the window, letting the increasing amount of wind flow thrrough the tan skinned limb and his sky blue fur. "Who else is going on this trip?" he asked as he looked at the brown furred hybrid.

"I do know that Valencia, the other Twilight, Crymson, Static, my siblings, Nikki, one of Flames' friends, Spark, Savvannah, Flame, and Jad, and some others," Luce said.

"Do you also know where Valencia lives?" Luce asked.

"Wow, that's alot of people. This'll be a fun trip." Twilight responded at first with a surprised expression then further replied with a series of nods. Her question caused the cyan Lycalo to scratch his head in thought. "Umm... I don't exactly know. I think she lives in some sort of tree house in the forest. I'm sure I can track her down. She has a distinctive scent given her... hybridization." he said, slightly hesitant as he wasn't sure how to describe Val's pair of curses without saying them. He didn't like his curse being mentioned so he wouldn't mention anybody else's in respect. His leaned his head out the window and scanned the air with his overly keen sense of smell. His ivory muzzle twitched about as he searched for the werefox's scent.

"Hmmm....." Luce said. "We'll probably have to walk. Or fly," Luce said with a smile. Luce couldn't help but continue to think about her strong feelings for the lycalo. She was very much in love with him, and was extremely excited to spend time with him during the trip. She then drove near the forest and parked the vehicle near the top where the brush started. 

"The forest is pretty dense, so flying would probably work more." Twlight replied. The Lycalo fell silent on the way there. His body was leaned slightly towards Luce and his golden eyes were glued to her. A love struck grin was fixed on his face.

"She's so beautiful." he thought to himself, blushing heavily from such a thought. The car came to a halt, whch startled the Lycalo from his day dream. "Oh, we're here already." he said mostly to himself with a chuckle. He got out and closed the door then proceeded to approach Luce. "Are your wings still injured?" he asked, making sure she was able to fly. Of course he could always carry her and he enjoyed being so close to the Angelfox.

Luce smiled.

"They're actually a lot better. I can fly several feet higher, but they're not quite healed," Luce said. Whenever she was near the lycalo, she could feel herself get nervous, but excited, and she never stopped smiling or blushing.

"Okay, follow close behind me and if you have any troubles, let me know." Twilight replied with a smile and a few nods. His azure blue wings spread out and slowly lifted him upwards. He offered a hand for the Angelfox to take for assistance as he did so.

Luce nodded. She took Twilight's outstretched hand. She then began to beat her wings, and rose several feet off the ground.

Twilight guided his Angel upwards where the tops of the trees could be seen. He stopped briefly to scan the vicinity with his nose. He soon found there was more Valencia's scent he could recognize, and he could tell just who exactly was gathered in the forest. He took off at a slow speed so Luce could keep up. It ddn't take long for the couple to catch sight of the group that had gathered below. "Look, over there." he told the hybrid as he pointed. "Looks like we're only making one trip." he said with a chuckle. The Lycalo glided downwards and soon hovered just barely an inch above the ground "Hey everybody." Twilight greeted with a wave, exchanging glances between the pair of felines and the pair of canines.

Luce smiled and also gave out a chuckle. Luce then set her her feet down.

"Hi," she said with a wave.

"Hey Luce. Hey twilight." Valencia greeted. "So I guess it's time to leave for the trip. I'm pretty excited; I haven't been to the beach in forever!" Valencia secured her hold on her backpack, then remembered something. "Wait! Almost forgot." She dropped her blue and brown backpack on the ground and walked right up to her tree. With a strong kick to the trunk, a rope ladder fell down and the werefox began to climb. After a few short moments, she dropped out of the tree with the case of an instrument in her hand. "I'm bringing my trombone with me." Valencia said. "Seven years of practice and I think I'm pretty good. Haven't played in a while, though." She picked up her backpack with her other hand and threw it over her shoulder. "Okay now I'm ready." She assured.

Luce smiled. She didn't realize she was still holding Twilight's hand. 

"Don't worry. It's been forever since I last sang. I don't think I can even sing anymore," Luce said with a small laugh. 

Twilight watched Valencia with confusion as she summoned a ladder from a tree, almost at random it seemed. But he quickly remembered she lived in a house within the trees. As the arctic fox came back down, he eyed the trombone with wonder and a slight tilt of his head.

"Interesting." he muttered under his breath. He looked to Luce and gave her a smile. "I didn't know you sing. Maybe you can give me a perfomance." he said playfully, giving her hand a gentle squeeze which he didn't even realize he was holding. He blushed lightly upon the realazation and let out a chuckle.

Luce continued a smile, and let out a playful laugh.

"Of course. Maybe later. We have karaoke," Luce said happily. 

Twilight appeared pleased with the option of Karaoke. "Maybe we can do a duet." he suggested with a smile. While the Lycalo preffered to blend within a crowd rather than be the center of attention, being near Luce made him want to break free of his shell and just enjoy his time with her. Singing was something he'd never even attempted in his life and he was pretty sure he'd make a fool of himself. But it didn't matter as long as he had the Angelfox's love and comfort.

Luce gave a nod, obviously hppy at the suggestion.

"That would be fun. But I also want to sing you a song," Luce said.

Valencia blinked. She was waiting to go to the beach, but it seemed like Twilight and Luce were just gonna carry on a conversation with each other forever. "So... We going to the beach any time soon?" The teenager interrupted.

Twilight was just about to respond to Luce when he suddenly got interrupted. He looked at Velencia confused for a brief moment, then he looked as if a light bulb went off in his head. Once again he got distracted by the Angelfox and had become oblivious to his surroundings.

"Oh, right, sorry about that." he said, scratching the back of his head. "Is everybody ready to go?" the Lycalo asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry. Here, let me take your bags," Luce offered. Luce had the song ready that she was going to sing for the lycalo. It basically explained almost all of her feelings for Twilight.

Zorovar rested against the base of the tree that was Valencia was hanging from earlier. He then took off his hood and put on his sunglasses, concealing his amber colored eyes.

Static looked at Zorovar as he put on his sunglasses. "Stylish, Twi." He joked upon seeing the dingo looking all cool and relaxed. He then looked between Zorovar and Twilight. "You know," he began, "we need to think of a way to differentiate between the two of you when talking, since both of you have the same name."

"Here Luce. Thanks." Valencia said as she handed the angelfox her backpack and trombone case. Then she turned to Static. "Easy." She replied. "The blue one is older, so he's Twilight 1, and our stylish friend here can be Dog Twilight."

"Dog Twilight?" Zorovar asked. "Wow. Now I'm hurting." He was teasing, but he wasn't sure if he liked the new nickname that Valencia had come up with.

Luce laughed. Luce slung Valencia's backpack over her shoulder, and carried her trombone case.

"Let's head to the car, shall we?" Luce asked. 

"Yeah, I can't wait!!" Crymson help with luggage to the back of thr car.

Twilight simply shrugged at Static's comment and let out a slight chuckle at Val's.

"I don't have any ideas. Looks like we manage just fine." he replied, birelfy looking at the dingo. "I agree with Luce. I've been waiting for this trip all week and I'm excited." he said with a smile and a wag of his tail. The Lycalo's wings flapped and he hovered above the ground. He wanted to make sure everybody was good to go before he took off for the car.

Luce also began to hover above the ground, carrying Val's backpack and and trombone case. She rose a foot above the trees, and decided to go slow to lead the group to the vehicle. 

"Yay, a car..." Valencia muttered unenthusiastically. "Anyways, c'mon Static. You too, Dog Twilight." The werefox began walking.

"Don't worry, we won't be in it long," Luce called out from the sky. 

Twilight let out a silent sigh of releif upon hearing the trip wouldn't  be long. He wasn't sure how well he'd do in a car. He was almost tempted to just follow from the sky. It was something he was considering as he flew beside Luce with his hands still latched onto hers.

"Do you want me to take one of those?" he asked the Angelfox.

"I'm fine, but thanks for the offer," Luce said with a smile. 

Upon hearing Valencia's unenthusiastic remark about riding in a car, Zorovar cleared his throat. "You know," he began, "I have a dragon that could carry me and Valencia. Neither of us really like cars. Plus, it'll give you guys more room."

"Yay, heights..." Val muttered with the same unenthusiastic tone.

"Which do you hate worse?" Zorovar asked Valencia, "Heights, or being in a car full of people and feeling like everyone outside is trying to look in?" He was silent for about a few seconds. "Maybe that's just me." He muttered. He never really liked being in automobiles. It made him feel cramped and vulnerable. Plus, he would get carsick easily if he wasn't next to a window. He didn't have this problem on a dragon.

Valencia shrunk backwards a few steps, and put her ears down. The werefox had a slight fear of cars. Combine that with her paranoid feeling of being watched pretty much wherever she is and with what Zorovar said, and you get a very uncomfortable person. "Uh... I guess I'd prefer the dragon..." She said quietly.

"Alright, then!" Luce called out. 

"Looks like it'll just be you, me, Crymson, and Static," Luce said to Twilight with a smile.

Twilight looked to the pair of canines then back to Luce and gave a brief shrug.

"Apparently so. I'm curious to see the dragon." the wolfbat replied with a chuckle.

"I am too," Luce said, a chuckle also escaping her lips. 

Twilight looked to the pair of felines. He wondered if they would actually be riding in the vehicle or not. With such a thought in mind, he scratched the top of his head.

"What about you two?" he asked. Given their distance, the Lycalo had shouted slightly in order to heard

"We'll probably ride with you guys in the car." Static answered Twilight. "Just as long as I get a seat next to the window," he then looks at Crymson, "If that's okay with you, of course." He smiled a little as he looked at his love. Of course, it was important to Static for him to sit next to a window in a vehical; feeling the breeze coming in when the window was rolled down would help keep him from feeling nausious.

"I don't mind. I'll make sure to sit by you if anything goes wrong." Crymson replied, looking back at her love. Even though she wants to sit near the window, but she knows about static's little problem of being nausious.

"Alright!" Luce called.

Zorovar gave a sly smile at hearing Twilight's request to see the dragon. "Okay," he said, "If you insist." He then put two of his fingers to his mouth and gave a loud and sharp whistle. At first, nothing happened. A few seconds later, the heavy flapping sound could be heard from a great distance away. After about twenty seconds, the sky above them darkened as a large winged creature hovered overhead. It then flapped to stabilize itself as it landed a few feet away. It was jet black with deep purple accents. The size of the dragon was enough to make everyone else feel a little nervous, as it's mouth looked like it could fit everyone in it with some room to spare.

Static stepped back a little bit, somewhat nervous at seeing such a gigantic creature. He was astounded by the sheer size of it. "T-That's your dragon??" he asked in awe and shock. The feline didn't even know that such dragons existed.

Twilight's sensitive ears folded against his head from the whistle. The effects were short lived and the sound of the approaching dragon was heard next. One of the Lycalo's large bat ears perked up more to get a better sound of it. Shock and terror filled his face as the mystical beast made it's appearance. He gripped the brown fox's hand tighter and brought himself closer to her. This was to give both her comfort if she needed it and him as well.

Crymson was in shock to see a real dragon appear before her eyes. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Wow!!!! She thought in awe.

"Luce." he said in a slightly shaky voice. "I-Is your beach house big enough f-for him?" the wolfbat asked with a light stutter.

Luce began to blush, but her face looked a bit overwhelmed and bewildered. Luce shook her head, her eyes staying wide. "N-N-Nope," Luce said, her voice stuttering.

Twilight gulped nervously and clutched more onto Luce. "How about we get to the car now. I feel like I'm about to become a meal, and that's not on my agenda." the Lycalo suggested. Before she could reply, he sped off and took her with him. He was hoping the pair of felines would see him take off so they could follow close behind. If enough distance was traveled and there was no sign of them, he'd turn back slightly hesitant due to the hulking reptile.

Luce nodded. Luce then felt the tug of her hand. Luce then began flapping her wings to help so he wans't dragging her along. 

"Uh......" was the only sound escaping from Valencia's mouth as she stared at the massive dragon. "Please don't let it eat me." The fox finally said. "I'd rather not be something's snack..." Valencia's eyes were wide as she was staring, and her tone was a bit wobbly.

Zorovar couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "No need to worry, he won't harm you." he reassured to everyone who was still present. "He prefers fruit." He couldn't help but give an amused smile as Twilight and Luce ran to the car. "And don't worry, he's gentle." He then climbs on to the dragon and extends his hand down as an offer to help Valencia climb onto the winged reptile, a warm and confident smile forming on his face as he did so.

The dragon simply looked around. He was laying against the ground so that Zorovar and Valencia could climb on when they were ready.

"A dragon that eats fruit?" Valencia shrugged. "Okay then." She took Zorovar's hand and climbed onto the dragon. She was nervous to be flying on such a large reptile, but the dingo's warm smile helped to reassure her. A smile of her own formed on Valencia's face as Zorovar helped her onto his pet dragon.

After the duo boarded the dragon, Zorovar looked in Twilight's direction. "We'll follow from the air." He called to the Lycalo, who was a moderate distance away.

Twilight looked back the the dragon mounted dingo upon his statement. From this distance, he couldn't necessarily reply, but he felt it wasn't needed anyways. He slowed his pace to a small degree after realizing he wasn't in immediate danger. His sky blue head turned towards the Angelfox he was holding ever so closely.

"Call me crazy, but I think I heard him say the dragon likes fruit." he said with a shrug, somewhat skeptical on the idea. Given the fact it was true, the wolfbat's uneasiness would fade away once he knew for sure.

"I heard the same thing. Never heard of a dragon that eats fruit," Luce said with a laugh. Luce thought of that as weird, and laughed it off. Her stomach twisted into uncomfortable knots at the thought. To her, it just didn't seem right.....

Valencia, once onboard the dragon, decided to try and start a conversation with Zorovar. Valencia secretly had a crush on the dingo, but she always hid this because she didn't want him to find out. "So Twilight," she began, "what's the first thing you're gonna do once we get to the beach?"

"Don't know." Zorovar answered. "I'm not really the kind of guy that likes the beach all that much." He then thought for a moment. "To be honest, I've never been to a beach party before."

Valencia smiled. "This vacation'll be fun, don't worry." She said. "I have something fun-ish in mind, although it's kinda stupid. But that's for tonight." The fox had been planning on doing something she hadn't done in a long time: stargazing. "Anyways," she continued, "when we get there, wanna play Blackjack? I brought a deck of cards."

Zorovar wondered what she had planned for tonight. He also had something planned. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her, but he was waiting for the right moment. Perhaps this beach trip would provide the perfect moment for him to confess how he feels. Then Valencia said something that caught his attention. "Blackjack?" Zorovar asked. "Uh, sure. You'll probably have to teach me how to play though; I've never really played card games before."

"I can teach you." Valencia said. "It's pretty easy. Blackjack is also one of the only card games I know how to play besides Go Fish and War." Spending time with Zorovar would bring a smile to the arctic canine's gray muzzle. She always liked being with him, even when he occasionally annoyed her by bringing up her supernatural afflictions. This didn't bother her too much, though, as Zorovar was possibly the one Valencia trusted the most with her secret.

Zorovar couldn't help but smile at Valencia's offer. She was one of the few friends that he had, and definitly the most interesting one. Her unusual vampirism was similar to his own. She had a genetic mutation when she transformed, but he was born half vampire and half mortal. However, he felt bad about not telling her his real name.

"We should get flying." Valencia said as her purple eyes examined the dragon she was on. "The quicker we get there, the sooner I can get a snack." The werefox had just eaten before she left her house. By 'snack', she was referring to the fact that her hunger and her vampiric thirst for blood were two completely separate needs. Even if she was well fed, Valencia would die if she went long enough without drinking blood. Lucky for her, drinking from something like a raw steak would satisfy her supernatural needs.

"Snack?" Zorovar asked. "I though you would have eaten before you-" A look from Valencia notified that she was talking about a different type of snack. "Oh." He said, realizing that she was refering to blood. He looks around to make sure no one is looking. "Once we're in the air," he said to Valencia in a quiet voice so that no one else could hear, "I'll give you something that should satisfy your thirst."

Valencia's eyes grew wide at this statement. To her it seemed like Zorovar was offering his blood for her to drink. She quickly frowned. Valencia didn't like having to drink people's blood, and she especially didn't want to take any blood from a friend as close as Zorovar was to her. That and she wanted to spare him the pain of having long, razor sharp teeth in his arm. Ugh, why can't I be one of those vampires that can just drink the color red?! She thought. Although I'd prefer not to be a vampire at all...

Seeing her eyes grow wide as he said this, Zorovar added, "I'm not talking about my blood." He kept his voice low so no one could hear. "I have something else that will work instead."

Valencia sighed with relief upon hearing this. "Thank you." She muttered. "Well, we should probably get into the air now."

"We'll leave when they do." Zorovar replied. He was trying to think about how he should tell Valencia his feeling for her. He was worried about how she would take it, but he pushed these concerns to the back of his mind. He then looks at the sky, watching the different clouds drift by through his sunglasses.

"Okay. I don't mind waiting until everybody else leaves." The werefox said. She closed her eyes as she drifted into a daydream. Nothing in particular was crossing her mind; just random pleasant thoughts. After a brief moment, she opened her eyes. "We'll that got weird fast..." She murmured. "Anyways Twilight," she began, "everyone outside the car is trying to look in?" The werefox laughed a little. "You sound more paranoid than I am! Don't worry, cars aren't really that bad. I just don't like them when they're going too fast. Or during sharp turns."

The sound of Valencia's voice caught the dingo's attention. "That's just how it seems to me." He replied. "Whereas with a dragon, no one else can see you. In the air, you have almost complete privacy."

"But in the air, birds and bugs can fly into your face." Valencia added. "And I have no idea what it's like to fly on a dragon, so I guess I wouldn't know."

"Well, we'll probably-" He didn't finish his sentence as the dragon had started to flap his wings. "Looks like we're heading out now." he said. As he looked over the dragon's head, he could see that the car was begining to drive away. Fortunately, the dragon was large enough so that they could sit comfortably in the middle without worrying about falling off.

"Alrighty, then." Valencia said. The werefox had a question she wanted to ask Zorovar. Since he knew more about the supernatural than she did, maybe he knew a way to make the bite marks on her neck go away. She at least wanted the bite marks to not be visible. Valencia didn't like things that reminded her of her curses.

In about a minute, the dragon was high in the sky, following the car from a reasonable distance. After about a minute of being in the air, Zorovar turned to Valencia and pulled something out of his backpack. It was a red water bottle fillled with a red liquid of some sort. "Here, drink this." he said as he handed it to Valencia.

Valencia looked at the bottle for a moment before taking it from Zorovar. "Okay." She said. "But I'd like to let you know that I find it kind of weird for you to just carry stuff like this around with you." The werefox then began to drink the red liquid that the bottle contained.

"There are a lot of weird things about me." Zorovar replied. "So, how is it?"

After finishing off the liquid, Valencia looked back at Zorovar. "Doesn't taste any different than any other blood I've had." She replied.

"Funny thing is, that wasn't blood." Zorovar said. "It's a blood substitute. It has all the same nutrients that vampires get from blood, only it isn't actually blood."

"Well that makes more sense than you just randomly carrying a bottle of blood." Valencia said. "If there's blood substitutes, are there also garlic substitutes that wouldn't murder my stomach whenever I try to eat it?" Despite being a vampire, Valencia liked garlic.

"Not that I know of." Zorovar answered. He then raises an eyebrow, "Wait, you like garlic? Most vampires are allergic to it and avoid it like the plague. I'm suprised you eat it."

"Yes, I like garlic." Valencia responded. "Excruciating amounts of stomach pain aren't going to stop me from eating foods I like." The fox still had a question about the bite marks on her neck that she was going to ask the monster hunter. "Now that we're in the air," she began, "there's something I want to show you." Valencia tilted her head so the left side of her neck was facing Zorovar. Using her fingers, she parted the white fur. If Zorovar were to look closely, he would see the marks from where Valencia was bitten. "Know how to make these go away?" She asked.

Zorovar leaned forward a bit to get a better look at the bite marks on her neck. "Weird," he started, "Most bite marks vanish after a few months. I guess your bite left a bit of a scar." He then stopped leaning forward. "I can't think of anything right now that would help." He then smiled faintly, "But to be honest, they're not really easy to see unless you try to look for them."

Valencia sighed. "But they're still there, and I don't want them to be..." The werefox became quiet.

Zorovar frowned. He hated seeing Valencia when she was upset about something related to her 'curses'. "If I think of anything, I'll let you know." he replied. Suddenly, an idea came to him. "Wait, I have an idea."

As though reading his thoughts, Eclipse materialized next to him.

Valencia's ears perked up upon hearing her friend's statement. "What's your idea?" She asked as she looked back and forth between Zorovar and Eclipse.

"Eclipse might be able to use her magic to make the scars disappear." Zorovar answered.

Valencia smiled a bit. "Then let's see if this works..." She said as she looked at Eclipse, waiting for the sorceress to use her magic.

Eclipse brought out her staff as it began to glow with a faint pink color. She gently placed the tip of it on the scars. After about a moment, she drew her staff away, revealing that the scars had disappeared entirely. However, Valencia was still a vampire werefox.

Valencia felt the side of her neck with her fingers and no longer felt the scars from her bite. She poked her fangs with her tongue and noticed that since they hadn't changed at all, her afflictions were still there. The werefox then looked at Eclipse. "Thanks." She said with a smile.

Eclipse nodded, then dematerialized back into Zorovar's shadow. "She says, 'You're welcome.'" Zorovar said.

Valencia, now happier because the bite marks were gone, decided to change the subject of their conversation away from her vampirism. "Mind me asking, but where the heck did you get a dragon as a pet from?"

Zorovar thought for a moment. "Actually, he's Eclipse's dragon." he answered after a few seconds of thinking.

"Then where did Eclipse get a dragon as a pet?" Valencia asked.

"Don't know." Zorovar said with a shrug. "I think she had it since she was a kid."

"Where would a kid keep a pet this big?" The werefox asked.

"Actually," Zorovar replied, "The dragon can shrink down to a very small size."

"How?" Valencia asked. Her violet eyes were faintly glowing at the moment.

"Magic?" Zorovar guessed. He wasn't really sure.

Valencia shrugged. She started to stare at the scenery that passed by below them as they flew on the dragon. A smile was on Valencia's light gray muzzle, and her eyes had stopped glowing. Valencia would've tried to continue the conversation with Zorovar, but she wasn't sure of anything to say, so she remained quiet.

Zorovar noticed that Valencia's eyes had glowed for a breif moment, but decided not to comment on it. "So," he asked carefully, "what was your childhood like? You know, aside from being turned into a..." he didn't want to finish the sentence, knowing that Valencia was a little touchy about her vampirism and were-mobianism.

The fox's smile seemed to fade. "Well," Valencia began, "it was pretty quiet. Once I stopped talking to people I had plenty of time to myself. I kind of just became the girl who didn't say anything. The other orphanage kids never really bothered me, I guess. I'd have to say that my childhood was okay, disregarding when I was five..." She paused for a moment and looked away. "I had bad luck back then..."

Zorovar listened intentively to her story. "I'm sorry to hear that." he said. He then looked down for a second. "You mentioned an orphanage. I guess that means you didn't have any parents to look after you." He sighed. "Same here."

Zorovar's last statement caught Valencia's attention. "You don't have any parents either?" The arctic fox asked.

Zorovar sighed. "No. My parents were murdered when I was a baby. Until I was about thirteen, I was raised by my uncle." He wasn't giving the full story, but it was a bad memory for Zorovar. He didn't want to go into more detail, but he was also somewhat hoping that the Werefox would ask for more details. Maybe he felt like he was being less open about his past than Valencia had been. She had shown him a lot of trust by confiding her secrets in him. Maybe it was time he returned the favor?

"I'm sorry to hear that... I have no idea what happened to my parents." Valencia said somewhat quietly. "They could be dead or they could've just dumped baby me at the orphanage if they didn't want me. I really don't know." The fox sighed. "But you had your uncle when I had no family at all..." Valencia sighed again. "And why until you were thirteen did he take care of you?" She asked. "Technically people aren't supposed to be on their own until they're eighteen."

Zorovar lowered his head. "At thirteen, I found out what really happened to my parents." he began. "My father was a vampire and my mother was mortal. After I was born, my uncle was sent to kill them. He killed my mother, but spared my father. As for me, he took me and raised me as his own, hiding me from my father. Since I was about five years old, I was taught everything there was to know about monsters. And how to fight them. At age thirteen, he tricked me into hunting down my father and killing him. As he was dying, he showed me an old photo of my family. After seeing the photo, and hearing him call me "son", I realized what my uncle had done. I went back home, confronted him, and ended up killing him in a fight to the death. I barely survived." he was silent for a few moments as the horrible memory filled his head. After about a minute, he spoke again, "Afterwards, I went to his study and tried to find out everything I could about why he did it, and who my parents were. It was there I found my father's old sword, Requiem. I searched the place top to bottom, but I didn't find much."

Valencia was silent. She didn't move except for her body slightly shaking from hearing Zorovar's story of what he'd been through. She wanted to try and say something to comfort him, but couldn't seem to move. Thoughts were running through the werefox's head at a mile a minute, all about how much of a monster her friend's uncle must've been to have done something that terrible to Zorovar. Valencia looked almost as if she were about to cry.

Deep in the fox's mind, however, some of Zorovar's words had particularly caught Valencia's attention: He mentioned that his father was a vampire. Did that mean that Zorovar was one too?

Zorovar looked up and saw that she looked like she was going to burst into tears. Upon seeing her so sad, he lowered his head. In his mind, he scolded himself for making her listen to his miserable life story. "I'm sorry." he stated.

Valencia remained silent and still for the moment. She kept herself from crying, but hearing all that her friend went through was a bit too much for the fox to handle. Valencia wanted to be alone, but when you're on a dragon in the air, that's a bit tough. The werefox moved her arms to cover her face and turned away.

Zorovar could hear her muffled crying from where he was sitting. He simply bowed his head and sat there, uncertain how to cheer her up. Trying to think of something, he opened his mouth. "It wasn't all bad, though." he began. "I mean, a few good things did happen to me in my life." He then looked at Valencia with a weak smile, "Meeting you was one of them."

Valencia turned her head to face Zorovar again. She was still crying, a bit less though, but she rubbed her eyes and moved her arms away to look at him. Her black eyeshadow had smudged around her eyes, making it look like she was wearing a mask. "You don't have to try and cheer me up..." She said quietly. "I'm fine." After a moment, Valencia made herself stop crying, pushed her sad emotions away, and faked a small smile. "See?"

Zorovar wasn't convinced, but he didn't want to argue. "Nice mask." he said with a small smirk, primarily referencing to the eyeshadow that was smudged around her eyes. He pulled out a small mirror from his backpack so that she could see. "I know it's hard to see your reflection, but..." he said as he held up the mirror so that she could see the mess on her face.

Valencia got closer to the mirror and squinted, straining her eyes slightly to keep her sight focused on the ghostly reflection of her. After a short moment, she looked back at Zorovar. "I look like a raccoon..." She said as she saw the makeup around her eyes.

"Yeah, but I never meet a 'were-raccoon' before." he joked. "You're going to want to rub that off before we get there, otherwise you might draw even more attention." he chuckled a little bit from his joke.

"It's black makeup and I have white fur." Valencia said. "That means it'll leave gray stains after I rub it off. Then my face will just be gray..."

"Then I guess there's nothing left to do about it." Zorovar said. He then turns and looks over the dragon's massive head. "I think I see something in sight. Might be the beach house." He felt some anticipation build up inside of him. He had been so reclusive for most of his life that he didn't know what he would do once he got there. He just hoped that he wouldn't make a fool out of himself.

"Good." Valencia stated. "Because our conversation got kind of depressing..." The fox looked down for a moment.

"No kidding." Zorovar agreed. He then moved over a little closer to Valencia. "And maybe I can help you learn how to control your weremobian transformations while we're here." he added.

Valencia's head shot up faster than a bullet from a gun. "Really?"

Zorovar nodded. "Yeah. In fact, you could actually transform any night you wanted. However, there is one thing I have to warn you: Full moons and lunar eclipses always force a transformation. However, I can try to help you learn to control yourself during those transformations."

"Why would I want to transform? As far as I know, I never do anything except hurt people. And blood stains aren't easy to get out of white fur." Valencia responded. "But if you help me to control myself, well... Just try and help me, okay?" There was a slight look of desperation in the werefox's eyes.

"I will." Zorovar reassured her. He then notices that the dragon's slowing his speed. "I guess we're almost here." he observed.

"Okay." Valencia replied. "As soon as we land, I'll go wash my makeup off. That way my face won't have any gray splotches. Then we can play Blackjack."

(During Zorovar and Valencia's flight...)

Twilight soon caught sight of the car a small distance away. With his grip the Angelfox's hand never waning, he drifted downwards and soon planted his feet on the ground.

"It looks like the dragon riders are waiting for us.” He pointed out as he back at the two canines. He then opened the trunk so Luce can place Val's items within. He proceeded to make his way to the passanger side where he opened the door and took a seat. The window remained down from the previous trip and he slung his tan skinned arm outside. He twisted his body slighty to look at the two felines in the back seat. "Everyone comfy?" he asked with a smile.

Static had put his and Crymson's items in the trunk. He the opened the rear door for Crymson and allowed her to enter first. He then followed after, sitting behind Twilight. "Yep. We're ready to go." he replied to the lycalo as Static rolled down his window. He needed the air as they were riding in the car, otherwise he would start to feel carsick.

Luce had begun to drive out of the neighborhood.

Twilight watched the forest grow increasingly smaller as they drove off. He watched mildly uneasy as the hulking figure trailed behind. Diverting his attention away from the dragon, the hybrid looked to the sky. His wings twiched slightly as they ached to send the Lycalo upward. He enjoyed being near Luce more and decided to remain in the car for the duration of the trip. He looked to the Angelfox and couldn't help but smile warmly.

Luce smiled warmly back at the lycalo. The angelfox turned up the radio a bit, and looked at the road cautiously.

Twilight's ears twitched at the sound of the music. It wasn't something he listened to often, but it was a joy for him nevertheless. His eyes fixed on the road ahead as well, briefly looking behind them at the dragon. He was glad he wasn't flying as he feared he'd be a snack for the reptile. He decided to avert his attention on more positive manners.

"Thanks for the ride by the way, Luce." he said to the Angelfox with a smile. "I don't think I could've carried my things all this way." he continued with a chuckle.

"No problem at all," Luce said, smiling. Luce laughed. "I don't think I could've either."

After sharing a laugh with the Angelfox, Twilight turned his attention once more to the skies behind them, taking a look at the massive winged beast through the mirror.

"Speaking of carrying things, where do you suppose Twilight will keep that thing? He looks like he could be bigger than the beach house." the Lycalo pointed out.

"I have no idea. That thing wouldn't even fit on the lot," Luce said with a nervous laugh.

Twilight continued laughing, but as he noticed the orange feline asleep behind him, he covered his mouth with his palm while the laughing continued. Once it settled, he relased his hand and held his index finger in front of his lips. He gave a quiet "shh" sound and pointed a thumb Static, snickering slightly while he did so. He turned his body to look at the sleeping orange figure and looking closley, the Lycalo could swear he saw a small amount of drool trailing down the cat's white muzzle.

Static had been riding in the seat behind the lycalo with the window rolled down. After closing his eyes and listening to the wind rush by him, he had fallen into a light sleep. However, contrary to what the Lycalo thought he saw, the napping feline was not drooling.

Luce looked back at the feline and nodded. She turned the knob to the volume on the radio a bit. They would reach their destination in about 15 minutes or 20.

Twilight turned his head to lean it out the window slightly. He was wondering how far they were from their destination. The fist thing he was gonna do at the beach was fly high into the sky, then plummet into the ocean. The fun of that sounded endless and a grin formed on his muzzle from the thought.

Much later, the car arrived at the house.

"We're here," Luce announced rather quietly, trying not to wake Static.

Twilight himself had entered a sleep-like state. His mind was lost in the passing scenery and he found himself daydreaming. Luce's announcement jolted him out of it and he jumped slightly. The smell of the beach water filled his nostrils and it brought out much excitement to the Lycalo.

"Alright!" he exclaimed rather loudly, practically leaping out the car. He stepped out into the sand and looked to his friends. "Luce, you need help with anything by chance, before I go get lost in the ocean." he asked with a chukle.

"Probably," Luce said with a smile.

Static heard Twilight's exlaimation and opened his eyes. "Oh, we're here?" he asked, sounding somewhat tired.

As the car had pulled up, the dragon decended and hovered over the area before landing on the ground with a thud. Zorovar hopped off and helped Valencia down. Meanwhile, the dragon began to glow a goldenish color. After a bright flash, all that remained in the dragon's place was a somewhat large lizardlike creature with small wings. He was small enough so that he wasn't bigger than anyone else, but large enough to fit a whole hand in his mouth.

Luce popped open the trunk, then turned around, to see the dragon shrinking.

Luce was surprised. "Did I just see that? Because if so, that answers my question on how he'll fit here."

Twilight made his way to the trunk and grabbed a couple items. He fumbled around with them briefly in attempts to find the right comfortibility. The Lycalo nearly dropped the luggage in shock as he watched the dragon shrink.

"Well then, now I think I have seen everything." he stated with a dumbfounded expression. Luce nodded, surprised.

Valencia, once off of the dragon, walked over to Luce. Her eyeshadow was still forming a mask around her eyes from when it had smudged. "I can carry in my own stuff if you want." The werefox suggested.

"It's fine. Are you alright?" Luce asks quietly noticing Valencia's smudged eyeshadow.

"I'm fine. I just made the mistake of rubbing my eyes." Valencia responded.

"Alright. Just making sure," Luce said with a smile, grabbing several bags out of the trunk at once. Luce walked inside and set them down near the entrance.

Twilight glanced at the Werefox as she approached the pair. He had noticed her eyeshadow as well and she claimed to be alright. The Lycalo new something else was going on thanks to his overly keen nose. Of course he wouldn't say anything and simply keep to himself on the matter.

"How was the dragon ride?" he asked the arcitic canine. His tone was slightly teasing as Val had already expressed her dislike for heights.

"It was alright." Valencia replied. "I didn't get hit with any birds flying by or anything." Valencia wasn't going to mention that Zorovar had told her his life story. She would keep it a secret.

"That's good," Luce said with a smile.

Twilight nodded in agreement with Luce. He turned his head towards the brown furred hybrid and asked a question.

"So Luce, where's this beach house of yours?" he asked, rather excited about seeing it.

"Just over there," Luce said with a smile, pointing to a large-ish looking house.

Twilight looked at the beach house with interest. He wondered how Luce aquired such a thing, but it mattered very little. He had been looking forward to this trip for what seemed like forever. His sleepless nights appeared even longer with how anticipated he was.

"Cool." he said with a couple nods before making his way over to the structure. Luce smiled.

Valencia looked at the beach house as well. She began walking over to it. Valencia still needed to wash the smudged makeup off of her face.

Still feeling somewhat tired, Static unloaded some of his and Crymson's stuff from the trunk of the car. He then began to carry them to the house. He stopped a moment to look at the building. "Wow, this is nice." He complemented.

Luce smiled. "Thank you."

Zorovar followed Valencia from a moderate distance and also looked at the building. It looked like it had some history to it. "Does this place have a library?" he asked to Luce as he caught up with the group.

Luce noddded. "But there's not many books, but feel free to check it out." Luce smiled.

Twilight stepped in, his golden eyes instantly taking note of the interior.

"Nice place you got here, Luce." he complimented. He then realized he was less interested on the inside of a building. He'd have plenty of time to observe it come nightfall. Taking note of the 2 random bags he grabbed, one was his and one was Luce's. "Now where would I happen to put these?" he asked.

(( Haha! xD Yeah, Static and I both drool a little bit in our sleep. Wait, Static was in a light sleep. This means that he was pratically resting his eyes. He (and I) would only drool if in a deep sleep. ~Frost))

(I agree with you in retrospect. At the moment however, I couldn't help myself XD I was originally thinking he was leaning on Crymson where the drool would commence, but I decided against it. -S3)

While Luce and Twilight were busy picking up their passengers, Flames was busy picking up his...

Nikki decided to take a short walk around the neighborhood. She went to everyone's door and knocked on it, then ran off. How could she resist, it was one of her hobbies. Knocking the door at the final house, she ran off to Savannah's house, seeing that she was already waiting outside.

Flames then pulled up to Savannah's residence. 

"Ready to go?" he asked, rolling down the window.

Nikki gave a bright smile. "I sure am." she replied. She tugged on Savannah's arm and opened the car door. "Where do we put our bags?" Nikki asked.

Savannah followed Nikki, with her bag in her hand. "Hi," she said.

"Just throw them in the trunk," Flames said with a smile. 

Savannah walked to the trunk of the car. She looked at Flames and said, "Can you pop the trunk open first?"

Then the trunk popped open. Nikki threw her luggage into the trunk and got into the car. "How long will this take? I don't really like staying in the same place for a long time." she asked.

"Possibly a couple of hours. It depends on how fast we go," Flames said.

"A-A couple of hours? W-Without running?" Nikki asked. Nikki rubbed her face, trying to pull herself together. "Okay, get it together Nikkell. You can go without running for a while." she said to herself.

"We're also going to make a couple of stops, of course," Flames said in a reassuring tone.

Savannah threw her luggage into the trunk and closed it. Opened the car door and sat down and shut the door. "Well the quicker we leave, the quicker we can get there!" She said leaning over Flames seat.

Spatk jumped out of the tree landing next to Nikki."Hey guys,"she said as she continued to carve her statue.

Nikki looked at Spark. "Hey." she replied. Pulling out her phone, she texted Sonic, saying she was about to leave.

Flame and Jad walk up to them, "We were supposed to be going with Flames right?" Flame said.

Jad sighs "Man, That's going to get confusing" He laughs "Anywho, We're here."

Spark just nods her head and continues to carve.

Bladelocke, Katherine and Psyche reernered the house behind them to do something while they waited.

Auburn pulls up in her car. She rolls down the window. "I'm Luce's sister. I'll be picking y'all up," she said with a smile.

A neon orange fox looked out the front window at the person in the car, "Guys, I think your ride is here..." He told them.

The three made their way out to the car and got in. Psyche took the front seat, while the others stored his wheelchair in the trunk. They then sat down in the back, holding their supplies.

A small toddler waved. "Hello," she said. "I'm Alia."

Bladelocke petted Aila's head, "Hello, Aila. I'm Bladelocke." He said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you." Alia smiled. "Peggy, where are you?"

Peggy popped up her head from the backseat. "Oh hey Bladelocke. I see you've met my niece."

She was rummaging through her bag to look for something.

{Note: Alia is very smart for her age. She's only 3.:P -Pop}

Spark looked up and saw all the people that were ready to go on vacation.

{have they been to kongs tree yet benn away for a while LM}.

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