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    Regular Show - Benson's BEST Flipout EVAR!!!!!

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Story Part 1

Dr. Eggman builds a machine that sends sonic and friends from mobius to a different planet called earth So the gang wont interfear with his plans to build Eggmanland.Sonic and the gang meet some new friends who try to help them get home.But Eggman hired some other villains to kill sonic and his new friends to make sure that they never return home so Mobius will be Eggman's to conquer..

Story Part 2

You may be wandering if there are no chaos emeralds on earth and sonic defeats the villains than how will they get home? Well I'll tell a. there is a hidden treasure that can take you anywhere that you can im


Meet Muscle Man and High Five Ghost

agine. But only skips knows where it is. You will have to talk to him to find out where it is. Unfortunatley Skips will not tell becaus it is very valueable and Skips dosent want it to get in the wrong hands. So you will have to find a way to get it yourself

Story Part 3

You might be wandering what exactly is Dr. Eggmans Plan and why did he send them to that specific planet. Dr. Eggmans plan was to send them to another planet so they wont get in his way. But he sent them to earth becaus it is farthest from Mobius and Eggman wanted them to be as far away as possible. Eggman also sent Blackarms and 3 others to hunt down Sonic and Friends to make sure they don't return.


(Characters with no name beside them can be RP'd by anyone)







Muscle Man


Hig Five Ghost





Matthew the hedgehog---Sonichog14

Holly The Hedgehog---Sonichog14




Mr. Maellord---Sonichog4


Rapid the Hedgehog---RTH

Kyros the Hedgehog---RTH

Flower "Karina" Prower---KayumitheWallaby4

Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox---KayumitheWallaby4

Kayumi the Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby---KayumitheWallaby4

Sha-Sha the Shadow Chao---KayumitheWallaby4

Joey the Hedgehog---KayumitheWallaby4

Monic the hedgehog/wolf




Master Prank Caller---Sonichog14---Master Prank Caller DEFEATED in Chapter 2

Doug the Doppleganger--Sonichog4


Black the Hedgehog---RTH

Nack The Weasel (Bunnie)

Nic The Weasel (Bunnie)

Rooch The Bat (Bunnie)

Opal The Raccoon (Bunnie)

June The Raccoon (Bunnie)

Alma Wade (DB234)

Isaiah The Hedgewolf (ITH)

Chapter 1: Bye bye Mobius

Eggman: Hohohohohohohohoho i have finally captured you sonic

Sonic: uugghhh how!

Eggman: I already explained it before i captured you

Matt: Just let us go dude what are you gonna do with us anyways?

Eggman: You dont want to know hee hee heee.

Matt:What are you doing!

Eggman: Pressing this button *pushes button* Beeeep hohohohohohohoho i love that noise



Mordecai: Dude im soooooooooooo bored

Rigby: I know trees are the same people are the same

Mordecai: Thats it! We need new people here and we will have to do less work

Rigby: YEEEEEEEUUUHHH but how are we gonna get more people here

Mordecai: I dont know dude

  • Sonic and friends are teleported to earth

Mordecai and Rigby: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO more people means less work for us.

Mordecai: Hey guys want a job here?

Sonic: Wha?

Matt: Where the heck are we?

Mordecai: Your at the park.

Tails: Whatt park? How did we get here

Rigby: You just fell from the sky and now your here.

???: You know who else fell from the sky? MY MOM!!!!!!!

Mordecai: Shut up Muscle Man

Muscle Man: NO one tells me to shut up!

Knuckles: Chill out dude

Matthew: Hey wheres Rapid and Shadow and Silver? Its just me sonic tails knuckles and Holly

Holly: Yeah maybe they got sent somewhere else

Mordecai: We could help

Rigby: Yeah

Benson: NO YOU CAN'T You guys have to get back to work and stop slacking off or you are fired

Skips: I'll go with ya

Pops: ooooo can i come too

Benson: Fine: But the rest of you stay here

Mordecai Rigby Muscle Man and High Five Ghost: AAAAAAAAAAAAA MAN!

Knuckles: Hey Amy is gone too

Sonic: Yes she is but no one cares...

Pops: Whos amy?

Tails: Sonic's girlfriend

Sonic: IS NOT!

Skips: Theres no shame in having a girlfriend


Sonic: SHUT UP!!!!!

Matt: Stop gihting we gotta find our friends

Holly: Right Lets go.......this way!

Chapter 2: We're going on a friend hunt and don't think we don't know how to weed em' out

Amy: Sonic help! This crazy phone guy is chasing me!!!!!

Sonic: I'm Coming

Mordecai: HEY THATS THE-

Rigby: Master Prank Caller!

Mordecai: Hey! I thought we were friends now

MPC: (MPC stands for Master Prank Caller) Hahahahahaaaaa it was all a trick so i could become better than you behind your back

Mordecai: Then why are you hurting these guys friends?

MPC: I dunno im complicated but who cares!!!

Amy: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Sonic: HOLD ON *Spindash!*

MPC: Owwww im gonna kill you! *dials number to shoot out a fireball*

Sonic: *gets hit* OW!!!!!!!

Matt: hmph *uses Large Fireball

MPC: *Gets hit* AAAAAAAAAA NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic: Dude you just wasted 33 and a third percen of your wristband power with that one attack

Matt: I know i just freaked out i mean its a giant telephone

Holly: Yeah what else was he supposed to do?

Tails: never mind we gotta look for the others

Knuckls: Yeah C'mon everyone

Amy: My hero

Sonic: Leave me alone we gotta go!

Skips: Yeah hurry up Benson wants us back by 3

Pops: Oh yes we better get a move on!

Nack: *Hiding* Wait Hunter Squad......

Skips: Oh wait its 3 now. we better get back to benson we can look for the rest of your friends tomorrow

Pops: oooo i agree a little shut eye before friend finding should do the trick

Sonic: Well i am kinda tired ok guys lets go back to the house

Nic: Im tired of waiting!

Holly: Wait i heard something!

Matt: Nah its probobly just the wind...C'mon baby lets go.

Holly: ok

Rooch: Maybe we should get closer.....

Brittney: *appears out of nowhere upside down in a tree* LEEDLE FLEEDLE!!!

Kayumi: Brittney!! *whaks her on the head* Whats wrong with you!?!

Brittney: Oww. Why you do that. *has this .3. face but hurted*

Kayumi: Because your in idiot!

Nic: Better than nothing! *Leads the Squad into some bushes close to the house*

Kayumi: What the..Who the heck are those people?

Brittney: *shrugs*

Kayumi: I'm not asking you!

Brittney: MEEH!!!

Kayumi: Shut up.

Opal: *Falls out of bush* OOF!!

Kayumi: Thats it I'm tired of hiding in this tree and I don't know how in the world are you upside down if theres no branch near you *jumps out of the tree*

Brittney: *falls out* Aww you ruin my funs!

Kayumi: Don't I always?

Brittney: Mostly.

Kayumi: Then I always.

Rooch: Get back in here!!

Kayumi: Huh?

Brittney: . 3 .

Opal: *Jumps back in bushes*

Kayumi: Wonder what that was for.

Brittney: *shrugs*

Kayumi: For the last time I ain't asking you!

Rooch: Looks around* I dont see anybody......

Kayumi: Can soebody tell me whats goin' on here?!

Nack: *Gets out with others* Now to stop them......

Brittney: *gets her Shadow Chao ,Sha-sha, and uses him as a battering ram at the door* CHAAARRGGEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crashes into the door making in fall off*

Sha-Sha: SHAAA!!!!!!



Kayumi: And why did you use him as a stinkin' battering ram?!

Brittney: Duh! He has a hard head!

Sha-Sha: Yes I do! *bonks head twice*

Nic: What was that!?

Brittney: *has pacman shaped eyes which are fully colored brown* Meeee!! :D

Sha-Sha: *has the same kind of eyes* Me toooo! :D

Nack: Those 2 are weird.....

Kaumi: Tell me bout' it. I have to be with these two idiots.

Nic: I feel sorry for you......not!

Kayumi: (sarcasticly) Why am I'm not suprised.

Brittney: *has a megaphone and yells in the house* HEY GUUYYSS!!!!!!!!!!

Nack: What was that for!!!

Brittney: *shrugs* .3.

Nack: *Takes out gun* Now do what i ask and nobody gets hurt!

Brittney: OKAYY!!! :D

Kayumi: *is calm* Yeah, sure. Atleast I get somthing to do then try and be smart.

Rapid: *falls from the sky then lands on Kayumi*

Kayumi: HEY!! Whats the big idea falling on me?!

Rapid: *gets up* Sorry about that. My parachute didn't open.

Kayumi: *gets up and brushes herself off* Yeah, you better be sorry.

Rapid: Heh heh! I'm not sorry. I landed on you on purpose! Hahaha! Nothin' you can do now! *starts to run*

Kayumi: H-HEY GET BACK HERE!!!! *chases after him*

Rapid: Catch me if ya' can! *jumps in the air then disappears*

Kayumi: *stops running* Grr..I just met him and he's alredy ticking me off!

Rapid: *silently goes behind Kayumi* Boo!

Kayumi: *jumps* AHH!! *gets angry at Rapid* Hey!

Nic: Bro!!! Lets get what we want and get outta here!!

Rapid: Hi Kayumi! Did I scare ya?

Nack: Fine!!!

Kayumi: *steps on Nack's tail* Thats what cha get for aimming a gun at me!!!!

Rapid: 0_o

Brittney and Sha-Sha: *awesomeface*

Rapid: . . .

Matt: We have been watching this whole thing

Holly: Yeah you guys are pretty funny

Sonic: So you got suck here too?

Tails: Yep my DNA scanner says they are Mobian

Knuckles: Then we should help you guys

Amy: Yeah we are all trying to get back home.

Pops: But we better get some rest for tomorrow

Skips: Pops is right lets go. Rapid are you and your friends coming?

Sonic: Well they are following so i guess so

Chapter 3: Sweet Dreams Hedgehog for it will be your last sweet dream you will ever know....


Eggman: Now i will destroy this teleporter machine so they will never be able to make it back muahahahahahahahahahaha


Sonic: ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzz

Mordecai: ZZZZzzzZZZzzz

Basiclly everyone sleeping


MAtt: YAWN dudes you got some comfy beds here

Rigby: Thanks we boght em cuz we are rich

Mordecai: Quit lying dude Benson bought them

Sonic: Yawn lets get a move on....

Mordecai: What about breakfast

Sonic: Oh Yeah

Muscle Man: Hahahahahahahaha

High Five Ghost: Ha He is so tired he forgot breakfast

Kayumi: *playing Pokemon White on her DSi she brought with her*

Brittney: *also plays her Pokemon Black on her DSi*

Sonic: Ugh how can you be playing a crappy nintendo game play SEGA play SEGA I AM SEGA!!!!!

Tails: Me too!

Sonic: I AM SEGA NOT YOU!!!!!

Matt: Take it easy man


Matt: Dude calm down we need to find Shadow he is the only one sill missing.

Sonic: Yeah i guess i got carried away he heh uh lets go!

Isaiah: Where am I? Sonic, Sega forfeited making consoles, so don't diss Nintendo...

Kayumi: Me and Brit play the SEGA games. Where just playing these games cause where bored.

Brittney: Yep.

Knuckles: Lets just go already

Holly: Yeah c'mon


Sonic: on two?

Matt: Woah

Knuckles: There are 2 Shadows! Thats two to many

Shadow: Hey!

??? (Other Shadow: Hey!

Shadow: Stop it!

???:Stop it!

Kayumi: Is it me or am I seeing 2 Shadows?

Brittney: :D

Knuckles: I think we have noticed moron

Sonic: Ok wich one is the ral shadow


Sonic: Ok who does shadow love

Shadow: Maria

Sonic: Corerct

???: Rouge:

Sonic: Wrong!

Tails: I Shadow emo

Shadow: No im just upset

Sonic: Correct

???: No he's just u---i mean Im just upset

Sonic: HA! we have the loser *Punches ???*

???: *Transforms to normal* Yep im not Shadow i am Doug the Doppleganger *Runs off*

Sonic: CATCH HIM!!!

Brittney: RAGGLE FRAGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles Doug*

Kayumi: That was easy

Brittney: *gets ductape and tapes Doug to the ground* I DIDZ IT!!!!

Sha-Sha: :D

Isaiah: *stawmps Doug's head* RAAH. >:;

Doug: heh heh heh *Grab sIsaiah's arm and transforms into him* AH Doug get off of me.

Mordecai: Crap wich Isaiah is the real one?

Brittney: Obviousleh itz!! *points to the fake Isaiah* HIM!!!

Kayumi: *facepalm*

Sha-Sha: *dressed as a dectective* Indeedz.

Sonic: Ok so then that ones Doug?

Doug: No no im not!

Sonic: *Kicks Doug in the nuts*

Doug: Owwwww *Turns to normal*

Benson: *Comes Outside* How did Doug get out of jail Mordecai and Rigby get Doug back to jail then get back to work or your fired!

Monic: let ME control this! I know what to do. *walks over to the criminals*

Isaiah: Gumball dude, he turned into me! Ha ha ha! *transforms into Super Isaiah and deforms* See?

(ITH: Whoever did that to Isaiah, that was low, just be happy I'm letting it slide*

Kayumi: -_-"

Eggman: My plan isnt working i need to call in someone much more powerful Death go attack them

Death: With pleasure AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

Sonic: *Yawn*

Death: Shoots Sonic with Death Lazer

Amy: Sonic!

Isaiah: *Pointing at Death* You just wasted my energy... RAAAAAAHHHHHH! *becomes Turbo Isaiah*

Death: *Creates 20 Clones of Himself* This is gonna be all too easy.

Chapter 4: Epic Battle

Muscle Man: LETS DO IT YAAAAAAAAAAAA *Tackles a clone and it crumbles into dust*

Death: Hahahahahaha Creates 10 more clones

Holly: Oh no every time we kill a clone he creates ten more

Matt: That means we need to destroy the real one before there are to many to kill us all!

Isaiah: *think Isaiah, think... AHA!* Time to fight clones with clones! *creates 30 clones, all with the amount of Isaiah's power* ATTACK, MAH CLONES. C'MON! *Uppercuts Death and kicks him in the nuts*

All of Isaiah's Clones: WOOOOOOOO! *they all tackle Death* YOOOOUUUU FAIILLL!

A brown hedgehog shoots one of the clones with his lazer gun and the clone crumbles into dust

???: *blows the smoke that comming out of the Lazer gun away* Liek a bawss.

Brittney: JOEY!!!!

Kayumi: Whaaa?!

Joey: Sup, Brittney. Sup, Chicken Nugget.

Kayumi: ._. I thought you stopped callin me Chicken Nugget

Joey: Nope, still do.

Isaiah: Stop being a jerk, dude. Do YOU want to be called out YOUR name?


(SH14: okay)

Matt: Uh Oh its not over yet


Death: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *Grabs Matt and Holly*

Matt: Why me!


Death: *Runs Away*

Mordecai: We gotta catch them

???: Hey Mordecai:

Mordecai: Oh hey margerate

Rigby: DUDE

MordecaiL Oh yeah see ya later Margerate

Margerate: Wait can i come to whatever it is your doing

Mordecai: Sure just hurry!

They Chase After Death

Isaiah: Oh no you dont... *teleports in front of Death* Not until you get a Double Dyamic Kick! *kicks death into the air, kicks him down, and spindashes down on him, and releases wolves' fist, and punches into the wall* Hey, that can be my signature move!

Matt: *uses signature move at the exact same time* CHAOS BOMB!!!!!

Death: AAAAACK!!! *Explodes and his guts goes everywhere*

Some of his guts fall into sonic's mouth

Sonic: ACK! Woah Im alive!


Margerate: Wow Mordecai you were really brave


Benson: Mr. Maellord i can explain well actually i cant

Mr. Maellord: Shut up and clean up this mess beantean

Benson: My name is Bennson sir

Mr. MAellord: Whatever you say Beanteen now clean it up!

Benson: Yes Sir...

Isaiah: Ha ha ha, a villian always deserves a paintful death! Oh wait, death was his NAME! What a wimp...

Wait, hold up, hold UP! I should be the one cleaning up, because I was the one who killed him! So, why should it be unfair and let him clean it up if HE didnt do it?

Joey: WE won't clean it up.

Brittney: Cause we're awesome

Kayumi: But what about me?

Joey: Shut up, your not awesome.

Brittney: YEAH!

Kayumi: -_-"

Mr. Maellord: I dont care who wrecked it i want it clean

???: I can help Muscle Man clean

Muscle Man: Huh? STARLA YAY!

Starla: *Smooches Muscle Man on the cheek*


Eggman: Well Eggmanland is finally complete but the hedgehog is still alivemaybe i need to send more than one at a time heeheehee

???: It will be our pleasure heehee hee

Eggman: Now Attack!!!

???: Yes Sir! *The rest of the villains except eggman go through the portal to Earth

Eggman: Hahahahaha of course they will be defeated and the heroes will make it back so now i will destroy the portal so none of them get back hahahahahahahahaa why am i talking to myself? Ah well who cares *Pushes self destruct on the teleportation device and it explodes*


Matt: Well the park is all clean

Mordecai: Yeah can we take break now?


Benson: uhhhhhh i dont think so!

Rigbu: What Why!!!???

Benson: THATS WHY *points at the villains behind them*

Everyone turns around


???: It is i Blackarms and some other villains like Black the hedgehog and plenty more now everyone aattack!!!!!

Sonic: oh man

Isaiah: *teleports the guts into teh dawmp* :l

Chapter 5: Heroes Vs. Villains

Margerate: C'mon Mordecai we can take them right

Mordecai: Sure!

???: I can help too

Margerate: Hey its Eileen cool! Now i think we hav eenough people

Muscle Man: C'mon ladies lets beat up these Turd Nerds

Mordecai: Dont Call me a lady

Rigby: C'mon guys

Mordecai: Oh yeah sorry CHARAGE!!!!!

Sonic: Woah

Doug: We're back!

Death:Yep and we are taking you down

Sonic: But how!

Death: We know a guy

Sonic: You better spit it ou

Death: We just said we know a guy he has a big mustache and stuff

Tails: Eggman....

Knuckles: Man That Creep has gone and done it thing time

Amy: I am so gonna smack him with my hammer when we get home

Holly: That is if we get home

Matt: Holly dont say that i know we will get home i promise you will be safe

Holly: *Blushes* Ok lets do this

Blackarms: Its gonna be fun pounding you to a pulp

Sonic: Heroes Attack!!!!!

Death: VIllains attack!!!!!

All: *Screaming and Battling*

Joey: *has lots of wepons* DIE B-WORDS!!!! *uses the wepons all at once*

Brittney: BOMBZ BOMBZ I LUV MAH BOMBZ!!!!! *throws bombs at some of the villans*

Kayumi: *grabs a stick* HIYAAAA!!!! *whacks an enemy with it*

Sha-Sha: *cornered* Uhh..!

Isaiah: I WILL MAKE BOMBS. *blasts all of the villians surrounding Sha-Sha, using dirty fireworks* Chickin nugget dude, just stop acting like an imbiscle. *talking to Joey*

stt: Ok Blackarms you have been my enemy for too long its ime to end this.......

Blackarms: Agreed:.......

Matt: Prepare to die Blackarms

Blackarms : Same to you

Matt: Chaos...................!!!!!!!!

Blackarms: Wait you cant do that! It will kill both of us you idiot!

Matt:...............*Charaging up his power for the attack*....!!!!!!!!!!

Isaiah: UGH! HOW?! *veins enlarge in Isaiah's head*

Joey: *to Isaiah* The name's Joey. *aims at several enemies* NOW SAY HELLO TO MAH LITTLE FREINDZ!!!! *continues shooting*

Sha-Sha: LOO LOO LOO LOO LOO!!!! *attacks an enemie*

Brittney: YEAH, DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE CHAO!!!! *throws more bombs at enemies*

Isaiah: BOMBS? IT'S YOU, MY FRIEND. *A female villian explodes; considering Android 18*.

Karina: *flying above the battle* A battle?! COUNT ME IN!!! *swoops down and starts fighting*

Matt: Everyone Stand back!!!!!!..................................................

lBackarms: YOU FOOL

Matt: EXPLOSION *Uses Chaos explosion to destroy all the enemies*


Isaiah: Bombs? It's you, mah friend. *throws a nuke inside Blacarms, and sheilds everyone*

The nuke explodes and all the villains suddenly dissapear

Holly: Matt! *Runs to Matt*

Shadow: Da**it I think the blast used all of his energy

Sonic: We can bring him back with the chaos emeralds but they arent here

Knuckles: We also cant get home without the chaos emeralds

Mordecai: Skips Can You Help Them

Eileen: Yeah is there anything that can get them home?

Skips: Ummmmmmm

Mordecai: Skips?

Skips: NO!

Benson: Ok then is there anyone who knows someone that can help anyone?

Muscle Man: I know someone who can help

Benson: If you say your mom your fired

Muscle Man: MY MOM!!!

Benson: GET OUT!

Muscle Man: IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Holly: Skips was acting strange

Shadow: Yeah

Amy: I have a feeling he knows what to do

Knuckles: Well then there is no time to lose

Tails: C'mon lets find him

Isaiah: Shred can help. ACCEPT OR DIE.

Amy: Ok? He can help us find skips

Tails: Just hurry


Mordecai: Skips Open up!!!

Skips: No i wanna be left alone

Sonic: I got this (Spindash's the door open*

Tails: Whats that? *Points to a flashing stone in skips hand*

Skips: NOTHING *Chucks it out the window and into the woods*

Knuckles: It must be important C'mon guys we have to find it

Sonic: Yeah

Chapter 6: Search for the Stone

Shadow: It landed in the woods

Holly: Maybe the stone can help Matt?


Mordecai: Skips whats your problem

Skips: I cant let that ston fall into the wrong hands!!!!!


Margerate: Yeah Skips

Skips: NO!!!!!!!!!

Mordecai: Hurry get the stone guys Holly you watch Matt and we will hold off skips

Holly: Ok

Sonic: Got it!

Knuckles: Everybody Move Out!

Brittney: ON IT!!!! *almost runs and hits a tree*

Kayumi and Karina: *facepalm*

Joey: *laughs*

Shadow: Sut up and Hurry Up!

Joey: Fine, jeez.


Sonic: Man 2 hours! How far did skips throw it

Knuckles: I hope the guys are still holding Skips down

Brittney: *has the stone* Hey, guys, look what I found it's shineh!!

Kayumi: Brittney, thats the stone!

Brittney: What stone?

Kayumi: The one where looking for.

Brittney: Ohh....HEY, GUYS, I FOUNDES IT!!!

Sonic: Awesome!

Tails: Lets go get matt and help mordecai and rigby

Karina: Okay!

They return and skips is knocked out on the floor

Tails: Woah hey if my readings are correct this stone has the same powers of a chaos emerald

Holly: Then heal Matt!!!

Sonic: Ok ok sheesh calm down *Heals Matt*

Matt: Woah wow much better

Brittney: *still has the stone in her hands*

Kayumi: Why are you still holding that?

Brittney: Cuz it's shineh.

Matt: Is everyone ready to go

Skips: *Wakes Up*

Sonic: CRAP!

Skips: No i need to apologize im sorry for all of this you keep the stone.....

Sonic: Thanks:

All the Regular Show Characters gather

Matt: Well i guess this is goodbye

Regular Show Characters: Goodbye

Kayumi: Bye guys!

Brittney: SEE YOU LATER!!

Karina: Goodbye to you guys too.

Joey: Syonara!

Everyone grabs the stone and teleports home

Chapter 7: Epilogue

Well things turned out good when we got back we destroyed Eggmanland and we visited mordecai and rigby every once in a while im just glad everything is back to normal


Thanks for RP-ING !!!

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