This roleplay is currently Free join. Keep in mind that if I get continuous god-modding and drastic plot-stealing/altering, I will kick the offenders and restrict the RP to those I invite.


Golem Guy helped me come up with much of this roleplay.
This Roleplay will be done in episodic format.

The legendary Elemental Orbs have long been revered as ancient artifacts of immeasurable power, and fables dedicated of them are dotted all throughout history. Back in older times, they were considered little more than myths.

But now, people are not so sure. The ten Orbs are said to be scattered all throughout Mobius, and more and more people are beginning to take notice of the fact that they may be entirely real, divine objects simply waiting to be found.

But who will find them?


  1. Stick to the plot. Do not alter it to revolve around your character, do not change it drastically, etc.
  2. No Godmodding. You should all know what this means; no auto-hitting, no random attacks, no constant avoidance of damage, etc
  3. No Trolling.
  4. No picking random fights with others.
  5. Do not just randomly jump into a scene. Either ask, or build up your arrival accordingly (I.E "Suddenly, such and such and such" or "Meanwhile, somewhere else blah blah blah")
  6. No hogging all the glory.
  7. No controlling other users' characters without their permission.
  8. Put effort in your posts. I mean it; none of this "Person: Shadow Ball! *uses Shadow Ball*" crap.
  • Acceptable method: (Person: Shadow Ball! *charges up a concentrated ball of shadow energy, and then fires it at Person 2*)
  • Preferred method: ("Shadow Ball!" Person yelled. Cupping his hands in front of him, he began charging up a concentrated ball of pure shadows. After a few seconds he threw the ball at Person 2.)

Current Participants

Moderators are the peacekeepers of the RP (their names are in green). Listen to them if they tell you that you broke a rule, and don't throw a hissy pissy fit if they give out constructive criticism on how you RP. Only people that I (Ryushusupercat) absolutely trust get to be moderators.

  • Strikes: 0
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Banned Users


A Cimmerian Search

  • Status: In progress

This one revolves around the Aphotic Orb of Voidstar.

The Aphotic Orb, the object representing the God of Darkness, Voidstar, is said to be hidden deep within the Fearful Caverns, the home of the Dark Clan of Voidstar. The caverns run far deeper than most people see, but access to these deeper areas is prohibited by the Clan themselves, due to how hazardous the terrain is.

This does not halt the growing interest in the Orb, particularly from the likes of Dr. Eggman, who wishes to acquire the Orb for himself, in order to finally complete his latest creation; the Egg Chameleon, a sinister mecha designed to be fueled by darkness. Conquering the Fearful Caverns and the Dark Clan, to take advantage of the supposed mountains of Tenebrite hidden within the caverns, as well as take a good amount of prisoners, is his other goal.

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