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Every one hundred years, a castle appears anywhere on Mobius that is designed to be similar to the Queen of Hearts palace from Alice in Wonderland, inside this castle is a unique power source that keeps it moving all across time and space, and Doctor Eggman has seen interest in this power, the problem with this, is the inhabitant, a Queen that taps directly into this power and can transform anyone she comes into contact with into her own personal slave, part of her army, The Deck of Cards.

Another setback, is that this castle only remains on Mobius for a total of Twenty Four Hours then it's gone for another one hundred years, shall the heroes not get transformed by this Queen and into her own deck of cards, and stop Doctor Eggman and anyone else who want to get their hands on it?


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Current Participants

Please follow the rules above or I may be forced to kick people from the RP



Those that want to protect the people from entering the castle and keeping the power source inside safe from harm

  • Temporal Kitsempt (Gotta remake his page) (Nero)
  • The Random Rangers (Ryu; not all of them avoid the Queen's influence)
  • Tye The Hedgehog (TyeTH)
  • Helga the Jotunn (Jaredthefox92) Perhaps she could drink a shrink potion or something?


Those who have been transformed by the Queen to be her deck of cards


Those who don't care about the fate of the castle and it's contents


Those who are after the power inside the castle or plan to harm the heroes from the inside


Part 1

A Castle appears in a flash of light enveloping the entirety of Station Square. The various citizens who were outside, enjoying the weather, begin to panic and run around, unable to see due to the blinding flash.

This flash of light has acquired the interest of the traveling fox sniper, Hikari Hyozan, she then starts making her way towards the light. She's not the only one; outside of a coffee shop, the light gets the attention of a group of six. The purple cat among them jumps out of her chair.

"Holy CRAP!"

Card Soldiers starting emerging from the light and taking the terrified people hostage and dragging them into the light.

"HO-LEE CRAP! We gotta stop this, fellas!"

The others jump up as well, and they all go after the Card Soldiers.

As Hikari gets closer to the light, she notices the group of six then jumps down to meet up with them. "What the heck is going on?!"

"There's people coming out of that light and kidnapping the citizens!" said the purple cat, barely stopping in place as she pointed towards the light.

"We gotta help them!"

Hikari let out a loud sigh, "Alright then, let's get on with it" She lunged into the light and a fighting noises could be heard inside, just then she was thrown out of the light, she quickly pulled out her bow and an arrow, and less time then a snap of her fingers and she fired the arrow back to who she was fighting, the arrow was specially made as a grapple so she was pulled back in and the fighting resumed.

The six looked at each other, and ten jumped in as well, weapons drawn.


Meanwhile the resident Frost Giant(ess) Helga started to move towards the light with curiosity.

"What is going on?" She pondered while she saw the light and chaos.

Suddenly the shroud of light dissipated and revealed the castle has emerged across Station Square.

Meanwhile in the chaos a young female fox woman in a red dress sat on the roof of a building watching all the chaos unfold. She observed it as one would watch an interesting movie as her eyes moved around from the paniced people, to the castle and cards themselves

"I wish I had some popcorn, oh wait." The fox said as she suddenly had a bag of popcorn in her hands.

In the fight, a Card Soldier threw Hikari to the ground, knocking her unconscious, it then drags her into the castle.

Out of the six that had gone into the light to fight, only three remained; the two cats and the demonic catrec. The other three were missing.

"What the-"

Exspira and moros had watched this, and out of some firm of friendship. Exspira had decided to get involved, dragging moros along with him.

"Hey! Leave the twintails alone!"

The door which she was dragged into made a loud bang as it was closed, a few seconds later, a loud screaming noise was heard from Hikari, as it echoed off the inside walls.

Exspira gulped. "Not good.."

Moros nodded.

The soldiers backed off and retreated into the castle, at this same time a battle cruiser appeared in the sky approaching the castle, from the cruiser came a laugh from the resident evil scientist.

Exspira, having no clue who said evil scientist is, clapped because who wouldn't find a battle cruiser awesome.

Behind them the noise of someone eating popcorn could be heard. The purple cat's ears perked up and she turned towards the source of the noise.


Standing there was a young adult female fox wearing a crimson red dress. She appeared to have dyed hair on her head in the color of dark violet. The woman was also strangely enough not wearing any shoes or socks. She just contiued to eat popcorn and stared back at the purple cat.

Moros looked at the female fox wearing a crimson red dress before facepalming. 'Today just got a whole lot more complicated...'

Exspira looked at the fox, then back at the battle cruiser. "Meh, that battle cruiser is cooler.."

"That's the fun of everything." The woman replied back to Moros as she took a piece of popcorn and tossed it at Expira's forehead.

Exspira caught the piece of popcorn in his mouth and swallowed it. "Free food."

Grau grinned and suddenly the popcorn dissolved into dirt inside him.

"I didn't know you liked to eat dirt." She said as she smirked.

Exspira shrugged. "Meh, I ate fungus before.."

"Fungus is tasty." Grau replied.

Robots are sent down from the Battle Cruiser and launched an assault on the castle where people captured are being kept.

Exspira paid Grau no mind and made his way to the castle with Moros following him.

Grau then dissapeared as soon as they turned their eyes away from her.

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