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It's Halloween for most of Mobius and Liberty City is holding a big party.However,during the party some of the party goers turn into were-(the species of the character here) as well as the party waking the dead.Now the heroes must help their fellow party goers turn back to normal and appease the angry spirits.Will they prevail?



  1. No God-Modding
  2. No Sexual Content(Kissing,Flirting,Hugging,and Making Out are ok)
  3. Censor Swears
  4. No Vandalizing(The Page)
  5. No De-Railing the Roleplay

Involved Characters


Kaytlin the Fox(Fox)

Ken the Wolf(Fox)

sonic the hedgehog(now werehog but good )(goofman )


Sarah )(goofman)

Jacob the armadillo (BTM)

Annabelle Rich the Wolf (Anna)

Kristy Summers the Dog (Anna)

Marisol the Chihuahua (Anna)

Carmen the Leopard (Anna)

Raskustung the Fox (MegaPhantaze)

Cassidy the Raccoon (Eezy)

MC (Beast.)

Tye Gnehm The Hedgehog (Tye)

Trails "Lee" Fox (Tye)

Nitro the Fox (Nitro L. Cortez)

Skye the Mink (Venom)

Toby Ski (Milez)

Greg McFar (Milez)

Snow the Arctic Wolf/Were-wolf (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Angus the Ermine (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Priscilla the Snowy Owl (SuperSilverXtreme14)


Travels the Ram/Were-Ram(Fox)

Ashura the hedgehog(goofman)

The Seven Deadly Sins(Fox)

Kabo the Bomb (MegaPhantaze)

Venom the Echidna (Venom)

Scroundrel the Raccoon (Venom; my fursona)

Cyan Link (Milez)



dr.eggman(strong and teenagers)(goofman)

Fantoom (Werehedgebat)

Perish the Skeleton (Mutation given by Mephiles) (MegaPhantaze)

Angry Spirits(Anyone)

Hideo the Trickster. (Jaredthefox92)

Belle the Tigress (Venom)

Akrozin Link (Milez)


Part 1:"The Party"

(It's night time in the center square of Liberty City.Music is blaring and the lights almost seem like they can be seen from all across the globe.A bronze furred fox is leaning against a wall next to a gray wolf)

Kaytlin(Dressed as ):So you having fun at the party,Ken?

Ken(Dressed as ):Sort of,but I'm not that much of a fan of parties...Hey shouldn't you be over by the food table?

Kaytlin:Usually I would,but this a major public place and I don't think people would want me to eat all the food....That and I'm pretty the food here costs a lot of money....

(Marisol and her friend Carmen walk along talking)

Marisol: (Costume ) Too bad Isabella went home for that huge party her friends were throwing.

Carmen: (Costume ) Hmph. A bit of peace and quiet is good enough for me...Isn't that right sweetheart...? (A King Cobra snake slithers around her neck as she stroked it's head)

Kaytlin:Woah...Look at that lady with the snake!

Ken:It's not everyday you see a snake as large as that one.....Maybe because I'm more used to garter snakes

Fantoom: (Dressed as Vampire)*at the corner there is seen some throwing nearby him. The thrown objects seems to go through him* Hmph. Could you two stop arguing?

Perish: (dressed as Convict): what? * Accidentally throws platinum plate to Fantoom*

Fantoom: *Gets hit* Ouch! *Hides to bathroom*

Kabo: (Dressed as himself. Egoist personality involved in this RP) Hah, he ran from one innocent plate. You don't come to our way when we fight.

Perish: what we were fighting about anyway?

(A rattlesnake slithers along the ground and up to Carmen. She smiles and picks him up)

Carmen: There you are Asim.

Marisol: Where'd he run off too? (The rattlesnake hisses softly)

Carmen: Went to find something to munch on.

Marisol: Ahh.

(Two girls peek around a corner, scanning the area)

Annabelle: ( ) Hmph~! I'd say it's time to put the TRICK in TRICK or Treat...~

Kristy: ( ) A perfect way to pass the time until your totally amazing sleepover Anna~ Let's get to it...(The two giggle and head off)

Ken:Oh yeah!Kate,where's Travels?

Kaytlin:I don't really know....He's really shy so he might not have shown up..Though he did say he was coming dressed as Simon from Gurren Lagann.

Annabelle: Take THAT! (A few girls nearby yell as they are pelted with water balloons from an unknown source)

Marisol: Hm?

Carmen: Just a bunch of stupid kids...(She shrugs)

Kaytlin:*Groans*...This early in,in the party,and somebody crashes it....Give me a break!

Ken:What are you complaining about?It's not like this always happens...Besides if you were pelted with water ballons,I don't think you would care

(Suddenly, a small ball bounces and lands between Kaytlin and Ken, before exploding into a green ball of smoke. Annabelle and Kristy snicker as he make their escape)

Perish: *suddenly transforms into Rico* Darn, it happened again.

Kabo: Hehehehe *Gets from the water balloon* Who throw? Just come here and get punished.

Fantoom: *Comes carefully from the bathroom and sits to chair* Why am I even here?

Rico(Perish): *walking around* This chance will give me opportunity to ruin my enemies reputation *goes to steal someone's wallet*

Raskustung (Dressed as Groove, Pilot's designed cyborg): *eating in the air* Yet another thing, what master of gravity can do, hehe

Marisol: So, do you wanna see if we can get any food for free?

Carmen: Got nothing better to do.

Raskustung: everything is free. I have checked.

Rico(Perish): *nabs Carmen's wallet, but at the same second he turns back to perish* o.o

(The Cobra around Carmen's neck hisses alarmingly as Carmen stopped, twirled, and kicked Perish in the head)

Carmen: Pendejo estúpido. ¿Quién demonios te crees que eres ?!

Marisol: Hm?

Perish: OW! Man, this morphing thing cannot be controlled. 

Kabo: Be an Orthodox, and steal from empty houses

(Meanwhile, in the centre of the square, the rapper sensation, Cassidy, aka Young Ringtail, is tearing up the stage)

Cassidy (Dressed as  
Chris Brown - Gimme That instrumental-3

Chris Brown - Gimme That instrumental-3

Cassidy starts rapping at around 00:10

(Verse 1) Ok, it's that scary time of year again
Where all the kids go around, just scaring their friends
Going around, from house to house
Knocking like the Five-0
Only difference is that they say
"Can i have some candy though?"

All they really want is that trick or treat
They want that sugar coated goodness that we all will eat
when I'm done for the night, I'll instagram that stuff
i got so many bags haters be like "that's enough"

It's that time of year, what do we call it again? Halloween!
That time when all the ghost and wolves are seen? Halloween!
That time where kids get all the rotten teeth, Halloween!
The time that guilty pleasures got the thieves looking, Halloween!

(Behind the stage there was a band of dogs preparing to play after him)

Greed:That guy on the stage seems pretty good...We got competion this year guys!Why can't you write like that,Sloth?

Sloth:It takes time to write good songs...I don't think I have the time to do that....

Lust:Are you kidding,Greed?She can write songs better than that in her sleep!

Sloth:I can write songs in my sleep?

Greed:Sloth,don't listen to her...She may be a cutie,but she's to old for this game

(Carmen growls as she walks off, Marisol shrugging as she follows)

Annabelle: Cassidy is doing a concert~?

Kristy: I had no idea~!

Annabelle: Same! Lets go~ (The two grin as they walk towards the stage)

Kaytlin:*Seems to be unaffected by the smoke,swishing it out of her face with her hands and tail*What the heck was that?

Ken:*Doing the same*Some idiots threw a smoke ball at us..

Kaytlin:Well they have to try harder!Smoke doesn't affect me either!*Looks towards the stage*It seems Libery City finally hired someone to sing for the party

Fantoom: *Comes closer to listen the music* 

Kabo: *cough* *Cough* Are they gonna play Smoke on the water or what?

Perish: *morphs int Coral* Only water is missing.

Kabo: And the fire in the sky *Both of them starts laugh hysterically*

Fantoom: Oh brother... *Facepalms*

Cassidy: [still rapping] (Verse 3) It's midnight everybody let the party begin
Bring the crew to the house invite in all their friends
You guys better hurry and choose your girls it's time to dance
Don't worry bout me, I'm too fly, so I won't be last.

Shake it to the left (left)
Drop it real low (low)
it's a halloween party, you know how the story goes
And if a girl's really lucky and scores a dance with me
she might just get her wish while we hit the V.I.P (you get me?)

It's that time of year, what do we call it again? Halloween!
That time when all the ghost and wolves are seen? Halloween!
That time where kids get all the rotten teeth, Halloween!
The time that guilty pleasures got the thieves looking, Halloween!

[The song ends]

"Nice song." whispered MC, sitting on a bench. (Dressed as a Grim reaper, complete with blood and a scythe.)

Kaytlin:I don't think he can hear you while he's on the stage and you're here....

(Marisol and Carmen clap somewhat as they sit on a nearby bench, avoiding the crowd)

Cassidy: Thank you everybody! Enjoy the party! [Takes a bow and walks backstage]

Annabelle: Think we can get backstage to talk to him~?

Kristy: Well he KNOWS you after all~ I don't see why not!

Annabelle: And he knows your boyfriend some how...C'mon, lets go~ (They head around back)

Cassidy: [looks at the Seven Deadly Sins] I hope I warmed up the crowd enough for ya?

"Let's see what's on." thought MC.

Greed:(To Cassidy)You may have..But that won't stop us from being the band here!

Lust:Greed,may I remind you that he sang original lyrics and that we're doing a cover song?

Greed:It's not my fault!Sloth is the one didn't finish the song in time!

Sloth:I didn't even start the song....Halloween songs are hard...Easier ones are to cheesy and the better ones are too hard to make....

Cassidy: Too true, anyway, shall i introduce you on stage?

Perish: Play paranoid

Kabo: Creature feature, or Lordi

fantoom: *sighs*

Sloth:(To Cassidy)Sure....

(Annabelle whistles)

Annabelle: Cassidy? Cassidy! It's Anna! Are you here?

Cassidy: Isn't that? [turns around to see Anna and Kristy] Anna! Wait, is that a Victoria Secret Model behind you?

MC: Oi, Cassidy, is there any metal on tonight?

Greed:Ah!So your name's Cassidy?.....And who's these two chicks?

Sloth:...She said her name's Anna....She could be the famous Annabelle Rich....But I wouldn't know....

Annabelle: Why yes it is~! (She grins) This is my BFF, Kristy Summers. The youngest Victoria's Secret model known to man~

Kristy: Pleasure to meet you!

Tye:*comes in * (Sasuke costume) Hey Anna, Hey Kristy

(The two scoff to each other and nod, thinking the same thing)

Annabelle: Do we KNOW you...?

Kristy: And DON'T talk to us like you know us...Now please, LEAVE. Thank you! (They turn back around)

Lust:*Whispers to Sloth*Wow...Aren't they just great people?..

Sloth:*Whispers to Lust*I know right!I hope I can write songs for Annabelle someday!


Greed:(To Annabelle and Kristy)It's a pleasure to meet you two as well....By the way who was that guy?

Cassidy: Someone that they don't know, that was pretty rude girls...

Perish: hey look, seven deadly sins, tehehehe

Fantoom: *comes closer* Hmm...

Kabo: *Checking his playlist* Now where were that one song, hmm....

Annabelle: (scoffs) He has a habit of treating us like he KNOWS us, and he's been doing it ever since we've hit the big time. He's just basically like a stalker...

Kristy: (To Cassidy) We weren't tryin' to be hun. He just can't take a hint....(She shakes her head as she folds her arms across her chest)

Cassidy: Well if he is a stalker, I guess it's kindoff ok to react like that. [Looks at his Rolex] Crud, I've got to go on stage and announce these guys. See ya in a couple of seconds. [Heads on stage].

Annabelle: Ok~! (she nods as she straightens up her pirate hat)

(The Seven Deadly Sins head onto the stage after him)

Raskustung: *Comes to see the stage* There will be a show soon?

Kabo: *Accidentally (Kabo: Accidentally and accidentally, pfft) hits Raskustung with shoulder making the arm cannon shoot cyan gas called "flow gas"* Oops, sorry.

Perish: *Comes to stage wet and starts flow in the air* Hey, what's this? I was few minutes out and got a cold shower from cyan hedgehog's boyfriend cause my morphing machine turned me into his girlfriend and this has happened?

Cassidy: [Steps onto the stage] For all ya'll people enjoying the party make some noise!!

Crowd: [Cheers]

(Annabelle and Kristy clap)

Kabo, Raskustung and Fantoom: *Claps*

Perish: *claps and falls down*

Kristy: (She talks to Annabelle) You were right! He IS pretty cute~

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Told you~!

Cassidy: Alright, next up it's time for some late night rock and roll. So lets give it up for, the one, the only, The Seven Deadly Sins!!!

(The Seven Deadly Sins step onto the stage)

Lust:*Whsipers to Greed*Do you remember what we are going to play,don't you?

Greed:*Whispers back*Of course I remember!We're doing a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper.

Lust:*Whispers*Good.I don't want you screwing up like last time.

Cassidy: [in thought] Well I guess I'm done. [Walks backstage]

Annabelle: Great job, Cassidy~ (She smiles lightly)

Cassidy: Are you sure? I mean, maybe should've cracked joke or something? [rubs the back of his neck]

Annabelle: I think you did fine~

Kristy: Yeah! Just go with the flow.

Cassidy: Thanks girls, I appreciate the advice.

Annabelle: You're always welcome!

Cassidy: Come girls let's enjoy Halloween! 

Annabelle: Yes~!

Kristy: I though you'd never ask~! Lets go!

Kaytlin:Hey Ken?Who the heck do you think threw that smoke ball at us?

Ken:Why are you still worrying about it?

Kaytlin:There isn't anything better to do around,except listen to the music

(Annabelle texts someone before putting away her phone)

Cassidy:[pulls out a water balloon and throws it at Ken]

Annabelle: Awesome~!

Kristy: Now you're talkin'! Lets get back to the tricks!

Annabelle: Totally!

Ken:...Of f***** course....

Kaytlin:Ken,can I beat him up for you?

Ken:I don't think that you should do that at a party....

(The ground rumbles)

Kaytlin:The gods are calling me to beat that man up!

Ken:Don't beat him up,but if you really want to avenge me,just throw a plastic cup at him.

Kaytlin:*Throws a plastic cup at Cassidy*Huzzah!

Cassidy: *catches the plastic cup and throws another balloon*

Kaytlin:*Readys herself to ram Cassidy in the stomach*


Kaytlin:Too late!*Runs straight to Cassidy*This is for pelting my lover with a water ballon,you punk!

(Suddenly a white blur sweeps out Kaytlin's feet straight from under her)

Annabelle: I don't think so hun~ (She and Kristy grin)

Ken:*Runs over to Kaytlin*Kaytlin!Are you ok?!

Kaytlin:*Coughs a little*I'm fine...It's not like I haven't been bruised up before!^^

Ken:*Hugs her*Don't do something stupid like that again...

Kaytlin:Can't promise ya....Though I had to get revenge on them some how...I refuse to let this city and it's people be trashed by low lifes like these punks!

Cassidy: First off, we are the furthest things from lowlifes Secondly, it's Halloween! Live a little.

Kaytlin:Throwing water ballons at people is not living!

Ken:Don't worry about her she overreacts to little things.....(Underbreath)Though I have to agree...Throwing water ballons does humiliate people,so she's right to be angry...

Cassidy: let's make it fair then. [Gives Ken a bucket of water balloons]

Ken:*Takes the bucket of water ballons*I'm not really one to get into little kids games...

(The bucket of water ballons is gone from his hands)

Ken:Jesus Christ....

Kaytlin:*Holding the bucket of water ballons*You will pay from your sins,plebs!*Throws water ballons at the two girls(Annabelle and Kristy)*

(The balloons splat in midaire as if they had hit an invisible wall, leaving the girls completely dry)

Cassidy: That was weird [starts to grin] i wonder how that happened....

Kaytlin:(To Cassidy)You coward!Fight like a real man!*Throws a water ballon at him*

Cassidy: Ok, if that's how you want it [manages to dodge the balloom and throws two more at Kaytlin]

Kaytlin:*Grabs both ballons and squeezes them in her hands until they break*I'm sick of playing games with you!*Throws three ballons at Cassidy*

(The ground rumbles louder)

Cassidy: [gets hit by the ballons] Whoah, now i know why you got upset when i threw them at your friend there [picks up 3 water balloons and throws them at Kaytlin]

(Annabelle and Kristy look on from the side lines, cheering on Cassidy)

Annabelle: We need to do something to help him~...!

Kristy: You still got the bag of tricks?

Annabelle: Don't I always~? (She grins as she takes out a few of the small popping fireworks, lights them, and throws them at Kaytlin's feet before the two duck for cover. The fireworks pop very loudly, but don't really cause any damage)

Kaytlin:*Kicks the fireworks*Please,I've dealt with worse than tiny poppers!*The ballons hit her and then she grabs a few ballons and throws them at the girls*

(The ground starts quaking and a roar in the distance is heard)


(Annabelle and Kristy roll and duck behind more cover)

Annabelle: Something is wrong with this chick.

Kristy: You don't say...(She cocks an eyebrow as Anna shrugs)

Cassidy: Why the hell does the ground keep shaking. Madre de Dios, last I checked I was not in Chile.

Annabelle: Or South California! If that even applies to the situation. I wouldn't know, I don't live there. (She shrugs)

Ken:I think I know why the ground's shaking...

(A beast like Mobian Ram is seen running towards the party)

Kaytlin:Is that who I think it is?

Cassidy: I hope it is....and that it's friendly....

Annabelle: And WHO is it suppose to be...?

(The beast stops infront of Kaytlin)

Kaytlin:*Hugs it's snout*Travels?......Is that you?


Kaytlin:What the heck happened?

Travels:I don't know...

Kristy: OK..severely FREAKY.

Annabelle: (She scoffs) No duh...

Cassidy: Wow, that was unexpected 

Annabelle: Tsk, what NEXT...?


(Ken points over to a herd of Were-Creatures running to the party)

Annabelle and Kristy What in THE F***?!?

Greg: Toby, what the f**k are you doing here?

Toby: Free food.

Greg: Lets go!

Toby: No way, entertainment is about to begin!

(Toby points to the were-creatures)

Greg: I don't think that part of the entertainment!

Toby: I know, that's why it's going to be so awesome!

Cassidy: Seems like your beast friend attracted some other beasts!

Annabelle: This is all kinds of messed up!


(Everyone stopped talking)

Toby: Were-creatures are attracted to movements, as well as sounds. Everyone stand still and be quite!

Annabelle: (Mouths to Kristy) This is such BS...(Kristy gives a slow nod)

Cassidy: Someone's been watching too much Jurassic Park...

(Annabelle cocks an eyebrow, as does Kristy)

Greg: Shhhhh.....

ashura:gregory,why do you have the worst soul for let's put these overgrowned dogs to the pound.(gets spike gloves on and punches the were-creature)

Greg: My name is Greg.

Toby: Well, I guess we will do this the old fashioned way, since Ashura obvious never seen any were-creature movies! Everyone scan for items that can be used for weapons.

(Toby then spots a shovel.)

Toby: Jackpot.

(Toby then grabs the shovel and hits a were-creature.)

Annabelle: I don't plan on getting this costume dirty unless its a life or death situation for ME, Kristy, or Cassidy here...(She narrows her eyes)

Cassidy: Whi needs to find weapons? Rule number one of being Rich and Famous: Never leave home without some form of protection. [opens his coat and pulls out his twin pistols]. 

Kaytlin:*Jumps onto Travels' shoulders and pulls out a pocket knife*(To Annabelle)If you can't dirt then run away,pansies!To victory Travels!

Ken:*Climbs onto Travels' shoulders as well*Don't hurt them that bad!They might have been Mobians before!

Toby: So? They were Mobians.

Greg: Wait, Ken has a point! Toby, you seen a lot of these movies, is there a cure!

Toby: In matter of fact, there is!

Greg: What is it?

Toby: I can't remember!

Cassidy: *sweat drop* Gee, nice worw smart guy...

(Annabelle and Kristy growl)

Kristy: I'll show you PANSY, you worthless b!tch! (She pulls out a black bead necklace as she flings one of the balls off and into her hands and it suddenly multiplies. Annabelle's tail grows long and spikey as the pieces of fur make her tail resembles a scorpians)

Kaytlin:Jesus Christ...You two are way qworse than I am!I take other people's words as fighting words,but I wouldn't go this far....Catch ya later,I've got a cure to find!*Travels runs off with Kaytlin and Ken on his shoulders*

Nitro: *Walks up to Annabelle, wearing a Foxy the Pirate costume* So what happened? I don't feel like insulting you today. It's Halloween, my favorite holiday, so I'll try to be nice.

Greg: Guys, your forgetting! Toby knows the cure!

Toby: But I can't remember!

Greg: Why?

Toby: I forget things when I'm bored!

Greg: We are about to attacked by real life were-creatures...and your bored!

Toby: Yep!

Greg: So if your not bored, you'll remember!

Toby: Yeah, but I'm always bored!

Annabelle: (Scoffs as she looks Nitro up and down) NOT the time 'Jack Sparrow'...

Greg: We need a cure soon!

(Cyan appears out of nowhere and shoots a were-creature)

Cyan: There's your cure!

Nitro: Jack Sparrow!? Do you even know who I am!?

Annabelle: Um, no, and if I did, I wouldn't CARE.

Cassidy: Well i think we should all focus on the matter at hand, which is surviving this!

Nitro: Well that's that, I tried to be nice, I tried to make conversation. Why are you always acting like a stuck up snob!?

Cassidy: Guys....the Were-Creatures? Survival? Not being a monsters Midnight snack? Does that ring any bells?

(She puts a hand up in front of Nitro's face)

Annabelle: NOT the time! (She turns to Cassidy) I say we get back to my car and get the Hell out of here.

Marisol: Well Carmen. Any ideas?

Carmen: Watch the show. Adofo and the others can handle a few were creatures. Seriously. They're basically God's Mari. We'll be fine with them around. Right my sweet? (The cobra around her neck slithers down to the ground and turns into a Mobian Egyptian Cobra. He bows)

Adofo: Yes, Mistress...

Nitro: I say we fight them off! Arm Cannon, on! (A green and black Megaman styled arm-cannon pixilates on to Nitro's arm) Now, where are they?

(Travels,Kaytlin,and Ken return)

Kaytlin:I couldn't find a cure! 

Ken:There's nothing but Were-Creatures as far as the eye can see!

Cyan: Then let's thin out the numbers.

(Cyan takes out a gun).

Ken:No!They were once Mobian!Hell,one of them could be your family member!

Cyan: One, they were Mobian! Two, don't have a family!

Adofo: Mobian or not. They pose a threat. Asim. Akil. (A Rattle snake and a cotton mouth snake appear beside him) Our master wishes for us to dispose of these creatures.

Asim: And disposed of they shall be...(His tail shakes)

Cassidy: [turns to Anna] I agree, we should find somewhere safer.

(Pack of Were-Monsters are approaching closer to the party)

Annabelle: Then lets get out of here and get back to my estate! Chances are anyone there has locked the place up tight! I mean really, I've got security cameras and a GIANT STEEL FENCE around the whole thing!

Kristy: Then lets go!

Cyan: Go ahead, I would rather become one of them, then go into the home of filthy rich people!

Greg: What do you have against the rich?

Cyan: I'm a communist!

Greg: That....explains a lot!

Kaytlin:Maybe we should listen to her....Her family just might own weapons for security reasons,too!

Cyan: Typical Capitalists! I got my guns, you guys go! I'm staying!

Toby: I'm going! I always wanted to enter a mansion!

Greg: It's true!

Annabelle: Like my parent's are gonna let random strangers in my house...Let alone ME. (she narrows her eyes) Besides. My car can only fit a few people. It IS a sports car.

Cassidy: [twirls car keys in his hands] Don't worry Anna, i've got my own ride. Anyone up for a ride in my Rolls Royce?

Kaytlin:Ken didn't we drive here with my Ford Explorer?

Ken:Oh yeah!I forgot....

Cyan: I'll stick to my motorcycle! My pure, communist motorcycle!

(Annabelle and Kristy glance at each other and roll their eyes in disgust)

Annabelle: Cassidy? Are you coming?

Cyan: Only if dear father chose me...

(Annabelle and Kristy make their way to Annabelle's blue BMW)

Cassidy: I'mma coming [walks towards Anna's BMW]

(Annabelle unlocks the doors as she and Kristy get in)

Annabelle: Back door's open!

(Both Ken and Kaytlin get into Kaytlin's Ford Explorer.Travels climbs on top of it) 

Ken:*Sits in the driver seat*Should we follow them? 

Kaytlin:*Sits in the front seat*I'm not sure they'd like it....However...

Annabelle: I'm gonna texts my mom and dad to make sure they're OK...

Cyan: Text? You capialists make me want to vomit...I miss pure Mobius....

Kaytlin:*Yells out to Cyan*Mobius was never pure!

Cassidy: [hops in the back seat] I'm in!

Toby: (Read off his phone): "Pure Mobius" another name for the Link Empire, usually used by the citizens of the empire.

Annabelle: OK! Lets get the HELL out of here...(She starts the engine)

Toby: Super Agreed!

(Annabelle changes gears as she hits the gas and goes shooting off down the road)

(Ken drives down the road after them)

(Linkian soldiers then appeared)

Cyan: It can't be...

(Akrozin walks up to Cyan)

Akrozin: Pathetic....

Cyan: What?

Akrozin: Were-creatures attacked us, we soon killed all of them. Knowing that those of this country are so weak, they will be soon wipped out!

Cyan: started this?

Akrozin: No...however...I am taking advantage of the situation! I will be here to enjoy the fall of our greatest enemy!

Cyan: That might not be for a long time.

Akrozin: I am quite patient! That's why I am the leader of pure Mobius!

Cyan: That's why you suck!

Akozin: Laugh now...go to the mansion...

Cyan: I don't have to listen to you!

(Soldiers then pointed guns a Cyan's head)

Akozin: I think you do!

Cyan: Fine.

(Cyan then ran away)

Annabelle: (Scoffs) What is this skeez doing following us...

Kristy: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Annabelle: (She grins) Lets lose 'em...

(Akozin smiled)

Akozin: true intention will soon be revealed...when it's too late to stop...

(A were-creature charged at Akozin, but was shot down by three soldiers)

(Annabelle drives quickly as she makes a sudden right turn and drives down it)

Annabelle: You OK back there Cassidy~?

Cassidy: I'm good back here. However, you might want to speed up because we have company

(A group of were-mobians jump from nearby rooftops and chase after the BMW but are still in front of Ken and Kaytlins Ford)

Kaytlin:Ken!Ram into the Were-Mobians with full force!I have an idea.....

(The Ford slams into the Were-Mobians)

Kaytlin:*Uses her pocket knife to pry off any Were-Mobians still on the Ford Explorer*

Kristy: Anna!! (Annabelle sees the Were-Mobians in her mirror and she hits the gas harder, getting up to 80)

Cassidy: Well, wish me luck ladies. *He winks at Anna through the rearview mirror and climbs out of the window o the top of the BMW*. Alright, bring em on!

Annabelle: What are you DOING!? (She gasps, trying to keep her eyes on the road)

Cassidy: Providing some cover fire! (Cassidy reaches into his coat pockets and pulled outhis dual pistols, Poison and Ivy. He then twirls them around on his fingers and fires them at oncoming Were-creatures)

Jacob:(dressed like springtrap) young Mula babr dang,what is happening with thoes were wolves?

(Some of the oncoming Were-mobians tumble in the road as Cassidy shoots. However a majority of them either take the hits unshaked on keep running)

Cassidy: Ok, this isn't working!

Meanwhile, Snow and his friends were still somewhere at the party, completely oblivious to what was going on, until..

Angus: (dressed as a wizard) This punch is AMAZING!! (drinks it all down) MMM!!

Pricilla: (dressed as a Ghost Buster) Careful, you don't want to need to go to the bathroom later on. Do you think there's an age limit for this party?

Snow: (dressed as Sonic the Werehog) (shrugs) I don't know, I just heard there was going to be a party. It's a shame Lea couldn't come.

Angus: (refills his cup and drinks more punch) Eh! Who cares? By the way, I'm really glad your wearing your costume my mom made for you Snow. Your kindness is very much appreciated!

Snow: (frowns) Yeah, I guess I'm just a nice guy, to wear something I don't even need.

Priscilla: Well, I don't Snow "really" needs to wear this costume, because he's already a-

Snow and Angus: SHHH!!

Priscilla: What?

Angus: NO ONE needs to know what he is.. Alright?

Priscilla: (snorts and turns away) Fine.

Suddenly the place around them is filled with screams and blood-curdling howls.

Priscilla: (jumps up and looks around her, startled) What was THAT?

Angus: (chokes on his punch) I.. don't.. know.. (cough)

Snow: (gets on all fours, sniffing the ground, his hair on end) (suddenly, his ears perk up and he bares his teeth and an animal growl rumbles in his throat) There's something here, that's not supposed to be here. (he sniffs the air again, and then backs up to his friends) Follow me.

Priscilla: Snow, what is going on? (there is panic in her voice)

Snow: (walks ahead of them) Follow me. And be careful where you step. (Angus looks at Priscilla and shrugs, then follows Snow, Priscilla hesitating before following suit)

The farther they go into the building, closer to the entrance, the more debris they find, along with unconscious bodies of.. things. The things are hairy, animal-like creatures, many of which resemble Mobians, or dead ones at that.. Priscilla had to stifle a scream as they walked on. While his friends looked around them in fear and disgust, Snow however, walked on, pursuing a single path, determined to get to the bottom of this chaos.

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