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It's a few days 'till Halloween, and everyone's exited for that day. But little does everyone know, there is a dark-side to that day, and it's something about demons (mostly regular enemies from other video game series') escaping from the fiery pits of Hell to terrorize the earth. In the meantime, everyone is preparing for that day, whether they're decorating for a party, or buying costumes, unaware of the upcoming danger.



Sonic ()

Knuckles ()

Tails ()

Amy ()

Silver ()

Blaze ()

Fan characters go under this line

Abby (Cameron33268110)

Klonoa (Cameron33268110)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Murmaider the Water Godess Hedgehog

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Overdrive the Hedgehog (Darkblood)

Megan the Hybrid (Darkblood)

Jake the Echidna (Scroundernuts)

Isaiah The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)

Jayden The Coyote (Mr.Zaya)

Erik The Dingo (Mr.Zaya)


Shadow ()

Fan characters go under this line

Gus Chaos (Hudhouse)

Jared (Frozen scorp.)

Natalie (Cameron33268110)

Brahm the Naga (Needlemouse)

Flower "Karina" Prower (KayumitheWallaby4)


Eggman ()


Chaos (Hudhouse)

Flood and Gravemind (Hudhouse)

TD (hudhouse)

Diablos ( Contributor X)

Demon soldiers((anyone can use these))

Death the Hybrid (Darkblood)

Demon generals:

  • Bowser
  • Marx
  • King boo
  • Mecha sonic
  • Nightmare ((the one from Kirby))
  • Kerena (Karina's evil ego) (KayumitheWallaby4)
  • Rufus The Demonic (Mr.Zaya)
  • Devin The Lion (Mr.Zaya)

Part 1:

(4 days 'till Halloween)

Jared: (walks out of house, that strangely resembles Luigi's mansion)

Darkstorm: I am going as Malefor

Murmaider: Dark Cynder

Darkstorm:(Kisses Murmaider and Vomits) Seriously wash your mouth

Jared: I can't believe it. Only 4 more days 'till the party. (walks towards the nearby neighborhood, his house is located on a far away hill)


Jared: (looking around the neighborhood, noticing everyone (except darkstorm) is decorating their houses to match the upcoming day) My, my. It seems everyone is getting into the spirit of Halloween. Too bad their houses aren't normally scary, like mine.

(With Sonic and the others)

Abby:(Dresses up as a locker) Boo!

(Sonic didn't get scared)

Abby: I said boo!

Jared: (walks to to them) Hello.

Abby: Boo!

(Jared didn't get scared)

Jared: How original, a ghost.

Abby: I'm the First Day of School. (Fake Ghost Voice) Social Studies begins in 5 minuuuuuutttttteeeeeeesssssss.

Jared: Actually, I liked school. All the classes were so easy.

Abby: Nothing?

Jared:Well, besides the sudden return of memories of near-death from bullies, no.

Abby:(Gets sad)

Brahm: *bursts through wall* Hmm, so this is civilization. How strange. Hello, little creatures. Is All Hallows Day (Halloween) celebrated here?

Jared: Huh?

Sonic: It doesn't start until 4 days, and my little sister is still not scary.

Jared: And I still haven't decided on what I'm going to where for the party.

Klonoa: I can't understand, Abbs. Halloween is coming soon. I know it should be scary, but I'm just not feeling it.

Brahm: I am Brahm the Naga. I am a guardian. And you are?

Jared: Anyone have any suggestions for what I should be?

Brahm: Civilization sure is rude. What horrid manners. Well, back to the Tinga-Tanga Jungle. *spits hooded cobra eye-hook marking on the floor, and leaves thru hole in the wall*


Amy: I thought you like Halloween when you were 6.

Klonoa: I did, but now I'm 13 years old. I fought real monsters. Real demons.

Jared: Same here.

Gus: *apears as 11 year old kid holding a bloody teaddy bear and a video game in had* hey sonic wana play sonic R with me?

Klonoa: Like this guy. (Pulls out his sword)

Jared: No thanks.

Gus: *screems so loud while making scariest face on planet that makes jared and klonoa fall backwards with bloody ears and extrmely scared*

Jared: (gets back up, then makes a cross with his hands) G-go back to hell, you mother F**ker!

Sonic: That's Gus. You scared a 11 year old.

Klonoa: Ah ho ho. Uh.... If anybody asks, I beat up a 12 year old.

Gus: well father guess ill be seeing ya! *waves to soic and runs faster then him away*

Jared: Now that is a way to scare someone.


Jared: Sooo.... Who's going to be what in a few days?

Sonic: While Abby is thinking of a scary costume, I made this. (Pulls out a cape and a crown)

Jared: Okay.

Sonic: T_T You have no idea what I'm going to be, do you?

Jared: A king?

Sonic:(Shakes his head no)

( Massive Explosion, giant Robot Machine appears from under the ground with Fiery red Bull standing on top)

Diablos: Sonic....I've found you again. Your fate is sealed this time. Prepare to DIE.

Jared: (turns to face Diablo, then forms cross with his hands again) Go back to hell!

Klonoa:(Kicks Diablos)

Diablos:( gets up) Heh..heh..heh...pathetic Mortals. You shall taste the Wrath of HELL, and I shall have my REVENGE!

Darkstorms haloween look

(Lifts Arms up. Several hundred Demon Soldiers rise)

Diablos: ATTACK THEM, PAWNS! ( throws Fire Ball, hits Jared)

( Disappears in a puff of Fire as Demon Soldiers close In)

Marx: (appears) Sorry, Diablos. You were too early. NOW YOU DIE!

Sonic:(Spindashes the soilders and Marx)

Marx: (teleports) I'm not here to harm anyone.
Dark Cynder

Murmaiders Haloween look

Darkstorm: (Looks exactly like Malefor)

Murmaider:(Exactly like Dark Synder)

Jared: (freezes a few demon soldiers, then gets hit by the fire) Ahh, It burns! (head catches on fire)

Darkstorm:(Pins a demon)

Marx: (opens a portal, that sends most of the demon soldiers back to hell) I said...... WAIT....2.....MORE....DAYS!!!!!!

Gus: *apears singing Beauty of Annihilation *

Darkstorm/Malefor: Hey

Murmaider/Dark Synder:(Circles Darkstorm/Malefor)

Gus: *opens massive portal that sucks all of the bad guys back to tartarus*

Marx: (teleports back to regular hell)

Jared: How does he do that?

Gus: *rips costume off and looks like demon shadow* CAN YOU FEEL THE DAMN SUNSHINE?!?!?!?!?! *scares everyone extremly bad*

Gus: *becomes kid form again* sorry.

Jared: Give me a heart attack, why don't ya'?

Gus: *still has 4 giant blue dragon tenculs* ill rip your body apart if i want to. *walks away and sleeps somwhere*

Murmaider/Synder:(Roars directly into Gus's ear)

Gus: *tenculs breaths blue flames on her while i telaport to forest and sleeps*

(Murmaider is a girl)

Karina: *walks in* Sup, guys!

Jared: Hello.

Karina: So, whadaya gunna be for Halloween?

Jared: Not sure.

Karina: I'm just gunna be dressed like a DBZ character or somthin'. Not sure who yet.

Jesse drives up in his sports car wearing fangs, and he seems slightly paler. "Hey guys, what's goin' on?"

"I'm so awesome, I have these bad boys glued on here," points at his fangs. "You can't rip these out, sucka!"

Jared: Who thinks I should wear an Olimar costume for the party?

Abby:(Came behind Jesse, dressed up as a kitty cat) Boo!

"Oh Jesus you scared the crap outta me! Don't sneak up behind me!"

Abby: So I scared you with my scary kitty cat costume?

Jared: -.-

"No actually," Jesse smiles, showing off his realistic looking fangs, "you simply snuck up behind me."

Jared: (sarcastically) right.

Karina: *leaves then comes back dressed like Trunks* So?

Jared: (wearing a meta-knight mask) It's... okay.

Abby:(Gets sad)

Sonic: She's still deciding what scary costume she has to wear.

"Yeah Abby. These fangs? They're real."

Karina: *to Jared* Wadaya mean "Okay?". Do you know how long it took me to get my hair like this?! *points to her hair*

"Seventeen point seven six four seconds?" Jesse asks sarcastically.

Just then, Jake walks by as the Grim Reaper.

Jake: Hey.

"Not bad, kid," Jesse laughs, purposely showing his realistic looking fangs.

Karina: Hey what about me?! Is my costume awesome?!

Sonic T_T Yes.

Jake: I'm almost 18...

"Yeah, that still makes me older than you," Jesse laughs.

Jake: I wonder what that little brat- i mean Jim is gonna be?

Karina: *to Jesse* If your gunna be Olimar, I wonder who'll be Louie.

"I'm not Olimar, that's Jared. Furthermore, I'm wearing my costume right now." Jesse smiles, showing his realistic fangs.

Karina: Oh, sorry, I meant Jared.

Jared: And I'm not going to do that. I'm probably gonna be meta-knight.

Jake: Meh. I'll be the Grim Reaper, of course.

Isaiah: *putting on his Super Mario Costume* I went as this last year.

Jared: Then who's going to be luigi?

Isaiah: *Facepalm* Jayden.

"As you can tell," Jesse says, looking at Abby, "I'm a vampire. So I'mm going to rip your face off, and drink all the blood from your corpse."

Jared: (now wearing a R.O.B. mask) Cool.

Jayden: That- was disturbing.

Jared: Anyone heard of r.o.b. before?

Erik: Yep. He's in Smash brothers, am I right? *puts on his Edd Gould Costume*

Karina: I played and beat Smash Bros. Brawl. It was awesome, but that dangit final boss was HARD!!

Jared: Partially correct.Anyone know where he originated from?

Karina: Somthing about the NES? Like a buddy or somthin'?

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