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An ancient artifact has recently been excavated far north in the Kartilla Desert. An exhibit in the museum of Station Square has been made for it, and has attracted many people far and wide.

A day after the opening, a strange virus begins to spread across the city. People suddenly change into darker versions of themselves for a short amount of time. In this form, they feel more energetic, and overall stronger than they had been. However, when it wears off, a wave of fatigue falls over them, which leaves them in a worse state than before they even transformed. No one knows where this virus originated from, nor do they know the real dangers of this "disease".

Somewhere, a secret organization lead by three power-hungry individuals, is orchestrating the entire scheme. As they sit in the shadows, they are increasingly gaining energy from the people...


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Power.. power is all I need.. I want to taste the dark gourmet of power. Power can be used in many ways.. it can be used as a tool of justice, it can be used as a bringer of evil. But I see power as something to be eaten. I will set the stage, I will give heroes and villians a harbinger of power to fight over. An ancient artifact, well.. a fake artifact of my own devise. Go, spread false rumors of this artifact. Bring the strongest heroes and villians to fight over the artifact. Let them touch it, let it touch them. Their delicious aura shall be infected with the spice of flavor, the spice of darkness. Then.. I shall feast.

Part 1

A blue echidna slowly sat up in his bed. He woke with a start, now sweating bullets and taking deep breaths. He looked around the room, trying to get oriented and realize that he was safe at home. It was a dream... He thought. He glanced over at the window, noticing the sun rising above the horizon. Looks like I overslept...again... He stood out of the bed, careful not to wake his sleeping wife. Rubbing his temple, he couldn't help but worry about this now. This is the second time I've had that nightmare...A nightmare where I'm all alone, in the endless dark abyss...facing a monster with no true form. What it means, I have no idea...However... He picked up a booklet from his night table; one that spoke of an ancient relic being presented in Station Square's museum. That dream isn't the only thing that's giving me a bad feeling...

Smash set the booklet down, and headed out to start the day.

* * *

A pure white hedgehog with flowing fur is seen reading a booklet, he mutters to himself as he recites the location of the museum in which he hopes to attend. "So a relic of power huh? Maybe I can touch it and see the power it provides." He laughed quietly to himself as he stated the comment. After a few moments of walking he stops and looks up to see the grand relic museum in front of him. It's old crumbling state dictates how old the structure is. "Hmm.. this museum should be in a museum." The white hedgehog phases the booklet away with his telekenisis. "Welp let's see how the line is."

* * *

A grey hedgehog stood ontop of a tall building, eyeing the city below. He slowly lowered his eyes to the small booklet in his hand that told of a relic of power that was in the museum nearby. "I can see this going bad very quickly. If I don't hurry, who know what'll happen. I'll investigate." He sighed and smiled as he jumped over the side of the building landing on his extreme gear, Huricane. He road to the Museum and strode inside.

* * *

"Fire Blast now, Liutas!"

A violent burst of flame erupted from the mouth of an Arcanine, engulfing a wooden dummy made to look like Toxic. Immediately the dummy went up in flames, soon crumbling into smoldering ashes that drifted to the ground. A small group consisting of a cat, a vixen, a ferret (who had a pink Rattata perched on his shoulder), a dragon halfbreed and a horned, cat-like creature were watching with great interest.

"Dayum, he smoked that dummy!" said the halfbreed. A purple cat was standing behind the Arcanine. She laughed.

"A shame we don't have the REAL thing here to practice on," she said. The ferret suddenly perked up.

"Hey, there was that exhibit at the museum today, remember?" he said.

"Some kind of ancient artifact, apparently..."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmreally?" the purple cat asked.

"Yeah. It looked pretty interesting."

"There's probably gonna be a huge line of people wanting to see it, though," the male cat sighed.

"And I really don't wanna stand waiting in line for what could be an hour."

"Well, I'm gonna go see it," said the ferret.

"You have fun with that."

"Thank you, I will."

And with that, he jogged towards the museum.


" God.." He exclaimed in disbelief as the he sees the line stretching far beyond what he expected. "Ugh gatta get in another way.."


Nearby the museum, 3 Humans were standing together talking, 2 males and a female. One male said to the other "and your sure this is where it was said to be" to which the other Male responded "yes Endac, i found a booklet on it on the sidewalk and i can feel a strange aura nearby, it has to be here." The female looks at them "why are we looking for this relic again?" Endac looks back at her with a stern look, his face almost to worn to be that of a 20 year old "because we can't let is't power get into an enemies hands, especially with Dracomancers here on this planet somewhere".

The Grey Hedgehog notices the group and stops and smiles as he recognises Endac's voice. "Well, never expected a Dragon born to be going to a museum. Trying to dig up some history?" he siad with a chuckle, walking up behind the group

Endac turns to see the hedgehog, scowling at the mobian until he recognizes him. He makes a half smile turning fully towards him "been years since i saw you Gale, you probably wouldn't recognize me or my friends here, correct?" Endac's companions nod towards Gale, then continue talking amongst themselves.

Gale chuckled and put a hand on the man's shoulder. "You kidding me, I'd recognise your cocky self righteous voice anywhere." He says, walking past the group and starting to head into the museum. "So, you here to watch over the relic as well, or just wanted to see me?" The hedgehog looses the grin and replaced with a stern face.

Endac starts chuckling before he replies by saying "well it was a miracle Selenia fell for you with that ugly mug so i don't think thats the reason, so the relic of course". He looks back at his companions and then back to Gale "still don't who they are?"

Gale looked at the two then back at Endac. "You really think I care? Come on, lets head inside, We need to go in the backdoor cause th front is way to crowded."

Endac sighs and shakes his head as Gale goes in. "why do i hang out with that guy, when he is such a dick?" The other male human walks up and says "dunno you tell me". Endac turns back to the Female "come on Jen, me and Yuyeri are going in". She looks up from talking to a local of the city and runs over to catch up with them, as they go inside the museum, saying "Hopefully we don't get caught back here".


Somewhere in the city, An ice blue hedgehog is jumping from roof to roof. "Tch it's too hot today." In the middle of his next leap, a piece of paper flies into his face, startling him and making him miss the next roof and down an alley into a dumpster.

Corsin hearing the comotion in the alley walks over and sees the hedgehog in the dumpster. He looks up to the sky were he fell from chuckling then looks back down at him. "i think you missed just slightly mate, need a hand?"

At the same place a firely red hedgehog with black gloves and a pink cat were walking near the alley. "What was that" said the red hegehog. " I dont know but lets approach it very slowly" Said the Pink Cat. (Guys as a reminder I type slowly because sometimes i need to think on what i need to type, i have a different style os doing these types of roleplays so bear with me ok?)

The hedgehog just simply lays in the dumpster for a few seconds before removing the piece of paper stuck to his face, a flyer showcasing the ancient relic at the museum, crunches it into a ball and fliks it "Sigh, no." he then leaps out of the dumpster and straight up the side of the building.

A purple hedgehog finds the paper. "Ive seen this thing before........" he said. -he picks up his scythe and walks towards the museum. "I wonder if its just an old statue"

Corsin looks up after the hedgehog. After awhile he decides to leave the alley and follow the other hedgehog to the museum (maybe i'll find something to do there)

* * *

"How did I get dragged into this...?" Fredrick asked in agony. In one hand, he clutched a map to some museum he'd never heard of before, and the other was being pulled by Alice. "How did I get dragged into your little circle at all?!"

"Destiny," Mazda said mater-of-factly, earning him an eye roll from the stag," Seriously, I've been hearing alot of rumors about this new exhibit, few of them good. I want to see what all the fuss is about and make sure there's no danger."

"So why are we bringing along Romeo and Juliet?" Fredick replied, glaring at the two humans of the group.

"I'm here to help Mazda. I'll be able to determine whether the artifact has any magical properties, and if so whether of dark or good magic," the blonde replied, her boyfriend draping his arm over her shoulders as he said," And I'm there to help!"

"No, you're there to 'help' Alice get accustomed with the janitors' close-" Mazda said before Ray tackled him to the ground.

"How did you find out!?" the boy demanded, hardly a few inches from the lion's face/.

"I walked in on you two," Fredrick replied, smirking at the memory.

"Where!?" Alice almost shreiked," The bedroom, bathroom, closet, office? Wal Mart!?"

"Guys," Mazda said, pushing Ray off," We're here."

* * *

Gale stood outside the back entrance waiting for people who wanted to get in that he knew could sneak past the front gaurd and gate. "This would so get me killed if I actually gave a flying flip about security." He says, chuckling and turning the corner to see who was coming.


Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox stood on a rooftop overlooking the museum. "Strange power, eh?" He dives down, catching himself on his wings and lands softly, looking around. He walks up to the line and looks for anybody who he might recognize. "I might have to just wait and watch to see what happens." He then parkours up the wall and onto the roof of the museum silently.

* * *

Smash finally pulled up in the museum's parking lot. Unfortunately due to the crowd, he was forced to park pretty far away from the actual building. "Tch. Figures there'd be a crowd." He mumbled to himself. He locked up his bike and hurried to get inside. An ancient artifact, dug up in the Kartilla Mines... He pondered on his way. I'm curious as to why they'd bring it to Station Square. Usually they keep their treasures to themselves...Still, what worries me is this "Latent power" supposedly in this thing. That's even more reason for them to keep it, yet they didn't...So what happens when someone steals this thing? Smash folded his arms, feeling troubled by it all. Trouble, that's what.


A young, mobian, pink, feline creature can be seen running around outside the museum. "This is the place, Rika-chan!" She shouted to a younger mobian raccoon dog with big round glasses trailing behind her. "Wow", said the raccoon dog, "this place is amazing!" The cat creature looked at the raccoon dog with a confused look on her face. "Rika-chan," she said, "how come you like old, dusty museum stuff so much?" The raccoon dog looked at her friend as if she was shocked. "Are you kidding?" She asked, "I never miss an oportunity to learn about history, and what better place to learn than a museum?!" The pink cat creature rolled her eyes at her nerdy friend. "Eh, If you say so.


Inside the museum, Endac is looking around the Museum looking for the artifact when he sees a crowd surrounding an exhibit. "That must be the artifact, now how do we get a look at it?" His two friends walk up behind him. Jen nods to Yuyeri and they both transform into miniature Dragons, Jen white, and Yuyeri red. Endac nods "should make it easier with one human instead of three."


On the other side of the room Apallo and Heidi are looking at the exibit called the "History of the Mobi-Gods"

"You know, If they only knew" Apallo said after remembering what happened during his last adventure and what happened to them.

"Sorry Master Apallo" Said Heidi


Somewhere in Station Square, a young seedrian girl with rough white leafy hair was playing on a strange guitar, she merely touched a screen to play every harmonic note. But then a piece of paper flew up into her face causing her to create a loud awful note! "What the heck!?" she moaned as she took the thing from her face with a scowl. The seedrian noticed it was a booklet for a museum, she opened it up and landed on a page for a strange artifact. Nora moaned and tossed the thing away, however she was indeed curious so she got up from her bench and began to walk to the museum with a wry grin on her face.


Meanwhile, A young Bandicoot was inside the museum, aparrently working as a gaurd. Gale stood next to him and surveyed the area as he looked for the relics location. "You know, you could have had a better cover Lucas." Gale said, noticing others aproaching. Lucas looked at his friend and rolled his eyes. "Be happy I let you in the back. You could still be waiting outside if it weren't for me." Gale rolled his eyes back. "Yeah yeah. your a great help. I got work to do." he says as he heads into the crowd to get to the relic.


Smash's foot tapped against the concrete floor just outside the museum doors. There was a long line to get inside, and that line lead to the front desk. It seemed to split up once past there. Understandably, since the line was only formed of people trying to pay to get in. He took a step forward as the line moved slowly, and went back to tapping his foot again. Thiiis is gonna be a while...


Back outside in the line, Corsin is waiting tapping his foot impatiently. "Well this is boring" he says to himself noticing that the line wasn't moving. (Man i wish i could do something without regret, it's boring being a goody goody) his thoughts racing in anticipation. Suddenly a ghostly blurred form of a little Teddiursa wearing a Black hood like Corsin appears next to him. The teddiursa looks up at him "well you can do what ever you want, your neutral in most political sidings so you can choose to live inside or outside the law". Corsin looks down at the spirit and replies "yeah but it's to much of a pain to get out of jail, especially when there is something i want to see here, so i have to play goody goody". The spirit tilts it's head sideways in confusion "you creatures are so peculiar".


Back with the Purple Hedgehog known as Eclipse, he entered the building to try to find any machines of darkness.


"Finally!" Memphis said with a disdained voice as he enters the museum, he is greeted by a cheerful voice with which he recognized right away. "Memphis, hi." There stood a beautiful pink echidna, some of her bangs contained a soothing blue. He dress simple yet abit revealing. Her greeting soft and timid but it carried it's own presence. She smiles at the sight of her friend. "The stone brings you here as well?" Jasmine asked in her soft voice. Memphis walks over to her and smiles. "You called it. Seems this thing is a big deal." Jasmine looks around and plays with one of her dreadlocks. "My yes.. it has attracted quite alot of people."

Gale was walking through the crowd and spots Memphis, slightly bewildered at his appearence. "Huh, so it attracted you here too, eh?" He says with a smile as he approaches his old friend.

Memphis looks over to Gale, a confused look on his face "Um yes.. might I ask who you are?" Memphis inquired. As he does so, Jasmine shyly runs behind Memphis and glimpses over to Gale from time to time.

Gale looked at Memph, gaining the same confused look as he had. "Um......Memphis right? It's me Gale..." He says, looking from Jasmine to Memph again.


Statyx sat at a table in the outdoor section of a cafe near the museum, and it was no coincidence. This artifact had attracted a lot of attention, and the higher-ups at G.U.N. were suspicious of the rumors that were spreading. G.U.N. intended to extract the artifact as soon as possible for security reasons, and had ordered Statyx to keep an eye on it. But if there was anything over eight years on the job had taught Statyx, it was that mysterious artifacts surrounded by rumors always equated to bad news. So instead, the green hedgehog kept his distance, avoiding actually entering the museum. However, he was by no means careless. While pretending to read the newspaper, skimming over his blue friends latest exploits against that crazy bag of lard, Statyx carefully observed the crowd. Wearing his Scanner Shades, he scanned the crowd using his Radio Sight, looking to spot any familiar and unwanted faces. Not to mention anyone who might try to sneak in unannounced. Slumped next to his chair was also a bag full of the rest of his gear. The green hedgehog knew that with his luck something was gonna go down, but damn it all, he was going to be ready for it.


Memphis' eyes light up "OH! GALE! I'm sorry you are thinking of Solarestro Memphis. I am Memphis the Kid! Remember me? I was a feather fragment and well.. I quick aged apparently. I am the new legacy of Memphis." He smiles when he states the fact.

Gale nodded in sudden relisation. "Aaaaaah Okay. Well, you sure grew fast." He says as he chuckles. "So, you come here for the dusty old stone too?" He looked back at Jasmine. "She your girlfriend?" He askes, slightly confused again.

Jasmine blushes horribly and squeals cutely, burying her face in Memphis' back. "Hahaha no no no This is Jasmine, she is like a sister to me. But she still crushes on me" Memphis laughs. Jasmine squeals again "shut up!" She says in her cute quiet tone. Memphis calms down abit and looks around "yeah I heard some interesting fact about it. You too?" He materilizes the booklet and waves it to Gale.

Gale nodded and turned to the crowd. "Yeah, it seems to be drawing everybody. I'm sure we'd find a few friends in this crowd somewhere..." He turns back to Memphis, his face now serious. "And more importantly, a few foes." He says, tapping his glocks.

Endac walks up with the 2 dragons still perched on his shoulder. "I don't see any threats right now, no one i recognize...who's this? He seems odly familiar" Endac says looking at Memphis


Finally, Smash made it to the front desk. He would have asked where to go to see the new exhibit, but it was kind of obvious when looking at where everyone was going. He just simply paid, and went on his way.

Now that he had free movement, he felt a lot more relieved. He headed down towards the artifact's exhibit, following the many people with the same intentions. I still have a bad feeling about all this. He thought to himself, folding his arms. Made even worse by how many people have shown up. I need to know what the deal with this ancient treasure is...


Isaiah went through the ducts and hopped down into an empty room, and began to make his way to the artifact. I can't touch it. The power might be too much for me to handle...or it may be tainted; but I need el tug htofe eltugh to feel the radiational power of the artifact... He thought to himself as he slowly worked his way through the crowds.


"Luka, Luka, Night Fever~!" the three sang in a monotone chorus, once again wearing away at Fredrick's sanity. The only think keeping him from screaming his head off was a very curvy rabbit in front of them with a nice....well it helped distract from a concert of Pon Pon Pon, Yellow, Just Be Friends, and a few other Vocaloid crap sung out of boredom.

"Next," the attendant at the counter asked for the umpteenth time that morning. It was obvious she was as bored as they were.

"Tickets for four, you know where we're going," Fredrick said, hastilly handing the woman his money before his "friends" could start up another song. Somehow they still ended up singing a (poor) version of Emi Hinouchi's "Magic" as they strolled through the large halls of the museum. Something in the stag's gut told him it was just to annoy him.

This damn rock had better be worth it he thought.

* * *

"I'm beginning to think this was a bad idea," the ferret muttered to the pink Rattata sitting on his shoulder.


There was still quite a line of people in front of them. The ferret was sorely tempted to sneak into the museum; a few years of sneaking into Eggman's numerous bases at the behest of Dr. Quack had been great practice. But, of course, there was always the possibility that he would be caught. And that was something he did not want to deal with.

* * *

Inside the building near the artifact, a komodo dragon was leaning against a wall keeping an eye on the crowd, was wearing a combat vest marked with the G.U.N. symbol.

"Sigh, what so attractive about a damn rock, ain't like it's gonna somebody invincible"

* * *

The white hedgehog's fingers drummed a pattern on the fans attached to his belt, a bored look on his face. He could see the presence of the G.U.N. agent, hence his tentative behaviour, but he knew what his master had said. He knew what this museum hid, and it's importance kept him here. With a slight gesture to raise the hood of his black jacket, he stepped back into the shadows of a side-alley, preparing himself for his task.

* * *

Gale, exhasted from pushing through the crowd had finally reached the front of the fifth crowd he had seen only to find just another stupid picture of some old famous guy. "What the hell is with this museum? Why can't I find a stinking rock in the middle of this huge crowd." He thought out loud, he started to head back through the crowd, some giving him dirty looks as he passed. Ehen he finally exited the area he looked around suddenly noticing a sign pointing to the next room that read: "Priceless Artifacts, this way." As the grey hedgehog read it in his head he had the sudden erge to slam his head into the wall, but instead just stepped inside and continued with his crowd navigating.


As the crowd enters the museum, a mobian Lopunny watches over them from ontop of the roof. "Hmm........" she said, "I wonder what all of the comotion?" She hops down from the roof and lands onto one of the vehichles. "Lets have a closer look." She said as she took out a pair of binoculars. "Hmm........." She spots the relic at the exibit. "Whats so special 'bout that? I guess its worth checkin out." She put the binoculars away and quickly hops towards the entrance.


As the crowd enters the museum, a orange hedgehog spots the Lopunny and then looks at the relic. " Welp....might as well check it out..."

* * *

A half-hour went by, and the throng of people had barely moved an inch. The ferret was trying his best to keep a cool head, but his patience was wearing quite thin.

"Oh for Ka's sake, this is absolutely ridiculous," he muttered to himself as he walked away from the others. He happened to pass by the alleyway which was right next to the museum, and looking down it, the thought of sneaking inside crossed his mind again. Getting caught was always a risk, but that risk exhilarated him; he enjoyed dangerous escapades. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching, the ferret slipped into the alleyway as quickly as he could.

* * *

At last, Smash had made it into the ancient relic's exhibit. He had to push past a few people to get a clear view of it. What...what is this thing...? The relic stood on a pedestal in what appeared to be a minature altar. The lighting in the room was noticably dimmer than the rest of the museum, but there was a very faint glow around the artifact which illuminated a small radius. It gave the whole room a somewhat ominous atmosphere.

"So...This is the ancient treasure advertised all over the city." Smash folded his arms, staring uneasily at the exhibit. According to the booklet he had, a hidden power lay dormant within the ancient relic. There had to be some truth behind that; He was sensing some sort of energy from it...and that worried him.

Apallo also made it to the relic. "Hummmmm Smash? You Feel that energy?" "What enegry" asked Heidi. "I sence darkness and evil like from a bad dream but only darker....not even Hades or Kintobot could withstand this" So anyay how are ya Smash?"

Smash narrowed his eyes at the person suddenly chatting with him. "...And just who the heck are you?" He asked bluntly.

Apallo relized that he knew Smash but Smash didnt know him.... -blushed- "Um.............just a friend?"

"Not one of mine, that's for sure." He remarked. "Why do you know me?"

"I just heard about you that's all" Apallo said as he grinned.

Smash rolled his eyes away from him, slightly shaking his head. Oh brother. Probably another fanboy from the Blitz Pit. He thought.

Apallo laughed and pointed at him "Naw I just know about all of the heroes that are just in my Power Group" Its nice to meet you though"

(Did he just read his thoughts?)

"I don't know what you're talking about but I'm not involved in any kind of 'Power Group'."

(Actually, why does Apallo know him? The two have never been in the same RP before. It's one thing if he heard of him, but they definitely did not meet before.)

(Well I kinda wanted to talk to you about that but ya its better if he heard about him)

(It'd have been a better idea to talk to me ahead of time, since that could have been an awkward plot hole.)

(Sorry it was late at night when I edited so I was tired and forgot to ask)

"That's it!?" Fredrick yelled over the hushed murmor of the crowd. His yelled, emphasised by audible pants and grunts of madening boredom, echoed throughout the hall as he continued," It's a glorified glowstick!"

"He has a point," Alice said, pushing her way through the other museum goers to see if there was anything worth noting from a closer look. There wasn't. "It's just...just a..."

"A rock!" Fredrick blurted out again, quieter than before but still drawing the glares of everyone around him," I spent fourty dollars to stare at a glowing rock in a badly lit room. I've been in crypts with better lighting than this room, and the artifacts inside were much more impressive."

"I don't know..." Mazda said, stepping beside Alice, his gaze fixated upon the rock like a child with his face against the glass of a candy store," I feel some sort of power from it."

"Probably radiation," the stag replied sarcastically," I bet they just ordered this thing from some cheap Chun-Nan factory. It's probably full of lead."

Alice just rolled her eyes. As she did, she caught a hint of blue from the corner of her vision, only to find Ray slumped over asleep against one of the massive pillars in the room.

Isaiah slid his way into view of the artifact, happening to overhear Fredrick's ranting. "More to it than just radiation, I can promise you that. This relic has some sort of power emenating from it...but I wouldn't trust it on my life. It feels...dark."

Endac steps up beside Isaiah and nods "thats a bit obvious, but it still seems strange to be attracting so many people" Yuyeri folded his wings to his body and stared at the rock with his glowing eyes "it's like it's pulling people around it so it can use them." The dragon muttered something to itself while Endac kept staring at it. "Why is it so facinating though? I feel power coming from it, so strong that it's almost tainting me with darkness." Endac thought as he stared at the ominous stone.

Gale appears on the other side of the exibit, practically be swallowed by the crowd. "Uh, A little help here please?!" He said, clawing at the floor, trying to escape the crowds grip on him.

"We'll teach you not to shove us out of the way. We all wanna see the stupid rock so you shouldn't be acting all high and mighty thinking your better than us and pushing to the front. "yelled the crowd amongst many other angry voices.

Gale just rolled his eyes and looked back at his old friends. "Would one of you please get this thing off of me?" He said rather un-amused.

Endac nods without looking at Gale "Pyro, could you?". The Dragon hops his shoulder and transforms into his human form, then he grabs hold of Gale's Arm and drags him out as if he was as light as a feather dropping him on his feet, afterwards returning to his original form and Endac's shoulder. Endac nods again "any other miniscual tasks you want me to preform or would you care to join us?" he says unamused by Gale's lack of patience.

Gale thought for a moment then looked at Enda and simply said, "Oh, here's a good one." Followed by a slap to the face with a random bag. "Nothing like wacking an imbecile with a bag of sand to cheer you up in the morning." he says looking at everybody. "So, how you guys been?" *turning his center of attention to Mazda, Ray, Alice and Fredrick.

"Uhh...fine?' Alice said, trying to be polite but put off by how they'd simply bust into the conversation.

"Not well," Mazda said," snapping images of the statue with his phone," We're down fourty dollars and there's a dark energy source in the middle of the city for everyone to stare at as they're exposed to Gaia knows what. I think the answer to how we're doing is obvious."

Gale looked from the rock back to Mazda again. "Good point there. Well, I'm gonna have a friend of mine start up a little crowd control so we can get some better diagnostics, that okay with you guys?" He siad looking at everybody.

Endac stands up rubbing his head. "Yeah sure, but the sack wasn't needed" he says as the 2 dragons retake their places perched on either of Endac's shoulders.

Isaiah looks at Endac and Gale, but then shrugs it off. Wow, you never expect what a few years will do to a couple of good friends until you run into them and they start smarting off with eachother like a couple of pricks. He thought to himself, but then shook off the thought after a while.

* * *

Meanwhile, the ferret had successfully slipped into the museum's ventilation system. He was crawling Army-style while the pink Rattata rode on his head. He peered carefully through each vent, trying to find an empty room that he could jump down into; the last thing he wanted was to cause a fuss by landing on top of someone.

At last, he found a vent that dropped down into a janitorial supply closet. But he would certainly look suspicious if he just walked out the room; after all, he wasn't part of the museum's maintenance staff.

And then he had a brilliant idea. Grinning, he pulled out a Swiss Army Knife and used its blade to unscrew the vent and carefully remove it, after which he dropped down into the room. Only a few minutes later, he strode out, now dressed like a janitor. He was pulling a wheeled bucket and mop; the Rattata's muzzle could be seen poking out of it.

"It's a cliche, I'll admit, but there's no denying that it works," the ferret said to her, chuckling a bit.


And with that, she ducked down so she wouldn't be seen.


The two young girls make their way to the front of the line along with everyone else. "There it is!" Said the nerdy raccoon dog as she pointed to the relic, but her feline friend doesn't seem interested is the relic. "Yeah, that's nice." Said the pink cat beast. "I'm hungry, and bored." She added with a groan. "Come on," said the raccoon dog, "we just got here."


Meanwhile, the ferret had finally found the room containing the relic; it wasn't hard to spot due to the large group of people hanging around. He walked around, trying to get a clear view without having to shove past anyone.

"Damn, that's a lot of people," he mumbled. Pushing the wheeled bucket against a corner of the room, he picked up the pink Rattata and hid her in his shirt, crossing his arms over his chest and hoping that no one would notice the weird bulge she made. He then proceeded to carefully ease his way past the crowd, pressing himself against the wall as he went.


Corsin stood in the back of the room impatiently waiting for something to happen. "Come on...this is so boring just seeing a bunch of buffoons staring at a stupid rock. Why can't some one just bust though the roof guns blazing shooting everyone just get it?" He muttered to himself annoyed. The little Teddiursa spirit next to him stared past the crowds at the stone in wonder. "Maybe it's attracting people, so it can do something. You know, make a show out of it, like you would." Said the spirit in almost a child like wondering manner. Corsin gave a mischievous smirk and an irritated chuckle "Yeah maybe, but if it were me, i wouldn't need anybodies help in stopping whatever happened, I'm strong that way. Stupid heroes rely on others, but i can do it myself." The teddiursa shakes his head irritably and with obvious disappointment "You can be a real jerk, ya know Core?" It then returns to staring at the relic.


The Lopunny makes her way to the entrance of the exhibit, but she notices the large crowd. "Damn," she said, "I didn't know there would be THIS many people here, I gotta find another way in." She stops and thinks for minute, and then hops back up to the roof. She looks around and notices the air vent. "Hah!" She then quickly crawls her way in.


Using the psychic powers he had stolen, the white hedgehog simply removed himself from people's vision with a simple psychic command. The rock was within his line-of-sight. As soon as closing time came, it would be his.  


The purple hedgehog known as Eclipse sensed a Dark Force of Radiation. "Damn, what is going on?",he said. He walks in and stays in the shadows.


The raccoon dog takes a picture of the relic with her camera, and takes a look a the photo, but there is something unusual in the picture. "Hey Fuchsia-chan", she said to the cat beast. "Look at this." She pointed to the abnormality in the photo. "What is that?" Asked the cat beast. "I dont know." Said the raccoon dog.


The ferret and his companion had finally squeezed their way past the crowd and into the artifact room.


Looking excited, he slowly walked towards the artifact, noticing its soft glow. How strange; was it some kind of Evolutionary Stone, perhaps? Ryushu always carried a few around with her, and some of them glowed a bit. The pink Rattata poked her head out of the ferret's shirt.


"Yeah...I wonder what it is...?"

She suddenly squirmed out of his shirt and jumped to the floor, running towards the artifact. Immediately the ferret panicked.

"Rosa, no!" he said in a whispered hiss, going after her. "Get back here!"

Eclipse stood there and watched this, Eclipse: This is a ridiculous....children running in these matter..., He turns around and looks at the relic. Eclipse: I can see it's aura.

The ferret leaped at the Rattata, but just missed her, landing flat on his face as she scampered up the velvet rope fence post and sat on top of it, now staring silently at the artifact.

"Rosa, what are you doing, you crazy thing?" said the ferret as he got up. She did not say anything, but continued to stare, enraptured.


Isaiah paced around the artifact. "Okay, first things first, when did it become our obligation to keep people from seeing something they paid money for just because it looks fishy. I mean, it's understandable that we need to do something about this, but we're just going to start an uproar in the community if we can't back up our reasoning with proof. We should lay low for now, when people are gone, we can have more time to observe this artifact.

Eclipse walked over to where Isaiah was pacing. Eclipse: I couldn't agree more. As a user of the Dark Arts I know that that thing is bad news.

Endac nods as well. "Thats true, we all payed the same amount of money to get in here, it's unfair to get rid of the citizens just because WE can sense something wrong with it" he adds "but the problem is what are we gonna do if this thing goes berserk with so many people crowded around it?" Pyro over at the other dragon "Jen and i won't be much use in a confined space like this, but there isn't enough space to turn back into humans, and weapons are powerless like this. If something goes wrong we'll have to retreat and hope there are enough heroes here to give us cover." The white dragon on Endac's left shoulder nods "My brother is correct in the strategy but i don't think Endac could escape in the crowd...the only way out is up through the roof." Endac looks up and notices the vent shaft "yep...thats the plan then".

Eclipse: Mabye if I can look closer at it I can determine where this thing came from. (Eclipse then gazed at the relic and noticed that there was a purple aura. All of a sudden he jumped backwards) !!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS!?

(Ryu-And people are totally ignoring the fact that a pink rat just ran up to the artifact and is staring at it.)

A dark brown colored she-grizzly was sleeping in the grass of the Mystic Ruins. Shutting her golden eyes, she then suddenly heard a growl. "Who is this? And why does he or she disturb me, right in the middlve of peace?"


The pink cat beast spots the pink rat pokemon near the artifact. "Rika, look!" She said, "Its a shiny pokemon!" The raccoon dog took a look at the pokemon, "Well then, leave it alone," she said, "it probably belongs to somebody." The cat creature ignores her nerdy friend and goes chasing after it.

The Rattata notices the cat-like girl running towards her and promptly leaps over her head once she's close enough.

"Fuchsia, stop!"shouted the raccoon dog, but her feline friend but she doesn't listen and tries to fly after it. "Its mine!" She said.

Corsin looks up at the girl chasing the Rattata and scoffs "idiot girl, can she not tell there is barely any room to chase something in this room, she'll probably start knocking people over" he says leaning against the wall against as if nothing happened while his spirit friend looked excited. The Teddiursa was almost bouncing with excitement "i wanna play too corsin" it said looking up at him. Corsin looked away from the Pokemon spirit "then go i'm not gonna stop you...just don't get killed in there, i still need you for work". The Pokemon smiled "aw he does have a heart" and then he jumps into the crowd chasing the girl. Corsin scowled "stupid bear..." he then sighs (but he is my partner so i need his help).

The ferret was now leaning against the wall, watching the girl chase Rosa with an amused expression.

"At least she's not staring blankly at that rock anymore."

The Rattata was expertly weaving around and between people in her flight.

"Its mine! I want it" screeamed the cat beast chasing after the Rattata. "Fuchsia, cut it out before someone gets hurt." Said the raccoon dog.

Junior walks up to the cat beast and the Raccoon Dog (In case you have not noticed it yet but Im doing my style of RP is that ok?) Junior: Why did I walk over here?

Junior then walked away from the two. Junior: I dont know what's going on but please dont do it out here. Your causing a scene.

The cat beast shouted at Junior. "I don't care! That shiny Rattata is mine! I saw it first!" She continues to chase after it.

Junior: -sighs- Ok Junior.....this is your good deed for the day.

Junior walks back to the duo.

Junior: Hey, Why dont you two decide this with a game of rock paper siccors. Or mabye I can do something. How bout it?

The talk only made the cat beast even angrier. "Shut up!" She pushed him to he ground. "I saw it first, so its mine, and you cant have it!" She went back to chasing while the raccoon dog just stood there.

Junior sat up and watched the "brat"

Junior: -turning to the Racoon-Dog-

(Alright, SLOW DOWN. I know you all are eager to continue this and all, but there is only so much you can do before the plot is supposed to advance. I and a few others stopped editing to wait until Memph shows up to set the plot in motion. Now I haven't a clue as to where he is now, but we can't go on like this. I'm positive something important was supposed to happen once everyone got in the room. Everyone's been in here for several edits, and everything BUT that has happened. So, can you guys just wait a little bit? Thank you. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 07:31, November 2, 2012 (UTC)))

(And we are off! MemphEvil Dark Crat at your service 182004 512x288 generated 22:18, November 4, 2012 (UTC) )

The lights dim and a spotlight is shown on the artifact. A White hedgehog in a business suit comes out and waves. "Why hello there everyone I am so glad that you could make it to the grand unveiling of our latest artifact!" Memphis and Jasmine run up to see what is going on. Memphis smiles "Finally, some info on this great power source." He says to himself. Jasmine nervously moves "I sense something.. strange."

Averting his eyes from the strange incident taking place across from him, Smash looked directly towards the businessman who greeted them. A white hedgehog. He silently listened to what he had to say, but couldn't help but feel anxious to know about what the deal with this artifact was.

The Hedgehog fixes his tie and then his hair, he taps the mic. "Testing, testing this thing on?" He smiled as he joked with the audience. "Haha greetings folks. You can call me V.I. I am the spokes person for this little find." He moves and smiles the spotlight following him.

Mazda, Ray, Alice, and Fredrick all turned to the hedgehog. He...wasn't very impressive to them, though he grabbed all of their attention as if by an unnatural force.

(Ryu-Hey, is it alright if Rosa has a negative reaction to the hedgehog (fur puffing up, hissing, etc.), like she senses he's evil? I mean, who's gonna listen to her anyways (except for maybe Linebeck?)

The ferret walked forwards a bit, all while watching the hedgehog intently. Meanwhile, the pink Rattata had stopped running, and looked towards the hedgehog as well.

(Sounds good to me Ryu. -Memph-)

The White Hedgehog stopped and looked at the crowd, scanning who was there. "Now that I got your attention let's go over this wonderful little find of ours." The hedgehod looks at his Watch, he then looks back up. "This beautiful piece of slab you see before you is called the Uruboro stone. Named after a great being called Uruborus which was capable of using energy of its victims against others." He looks at the stone "From what our top researchers believe, it is possible that the energies of fallen victims still reside in this stone."

Smash immediately scrunched his eyebrows. So...It really is dangerous. He thought.

The pink Rattata started hissing, her fur puffing out and her body hunkering low to the ground. Noticing this almost immediately, the ferret quietly jogged over to her and picked her up.

"Hey," he whispered. "Rosa, what's wrong?"

She continued to hiss and growl at the hedgehog. No one else seemed to notice, however.

Endac Looked over the Hedgehog. "I don't like him he's too cocky for a simple buisnessman" Pyro mutters to Endac, who nods in agreement. Endac replies "be ready for anything, he looks like he might know how to use that thing over there" nodding to the rock. Both his dragons nod and become aware.

Corsin watched from the pillar he was leaning on as his Spirit Partner walks up to him eyeing V.I. "I feel something, something bad is gonna happen" it says to Corsin strangly serious unlike he normally would be. Corsin smirked "finally something to do".

(Ryu-....why are you guys stealing my idea?)
(Shad- i'll fix it if thats what your getting at...seemed like the only thing my characters would do both of them have some way of sensing things, Endac's Dragons, and Corsins friend. The characters them selves can't sense anything, they're just following the feelings of others. again if you want me to i'll change it.)
(Ryu-It just seems like everyone else is making their characters know that something's up just because Rosa sensed it. And how the hell would people NOT notice a pillar of damn fire erupting in the room? So, uh, I think just get rid of the whole pillar of fire and pole axe thing.)
(Shad- alright alright my mistake, i'll fix it...but just because you said it first though doesn't mean i was just following your lead, or copying off of you (which ever way you want to see it))

Isaiah eyed the Hedgehog, stepping away from the stone to give him room, watching with an amused look.

Outside, a purple chimp in a G.U.N. suit and Kevlar stood at the door, but with his large ears, he kept a good ear out for what V.I. was saying.

V.I. Goes back to the Mic "So it can be seen that ancient powers can be harnessed for the good of all mobian and man kind. So with this research will be condu--" V.I. is cut off by an explosion by the entrance. "W-what is going on!?" V.I. Speaks with a surprised tone.

Smash whirled around to see what was going on, taking on a defensive stance on instinct. Great, NOW what!?

Isaiah turned to the entrance to see smoke billowing into the hrolding, shrouding the entire room and keeping people from seeing. I can't unfurl my wings in such a small area...I can't draw my sword without hurting somebody...he's left me helpless...

A strange being walks into the room, his face covered by a half white and half black smiling jester mask. He was clad in a Jesters outfit. The only thing that appeared normal was his flowing blonde hair and that it is apparent that he was mobian The weird being laughs to himself. "Hahahaha hehehe hohoho for the good of mankind? That makes this clown smile with glee. Psych!" The weird being floats up and lays down on his side in thin air. His demented laugh ringing throughout the room. "So nice, so nice. What a turn out~~"

Corsin steps back a bit looking at the new figure. "Looks like someone's been hitting the crazy juice a bit hard" he says aloud while stepping back again.

Smash's face twisted into a look of confusion and disgust. "What the crap? Who are you!?" He demanded.

Endac Looks over at the Jester and says to himself "oh just had to be clowns". He stays still watching it and looks at his two Dragons who both understand to stand down onany attack until a threat is shown.

The Komodo dragon that was leaning against the wall is advancing towards the jester "Oi, clowny, that blast seemed a bit dangerous, so...." The komodo dragon cracks his knuckles. "I'm gonna have to take you in."

"What the hell is goin' on up in there?" Said the lopunny still hiding in the air vent. "Time for me to bust out of here." She repeatedly uses pound on the walls of the air vent and busts out and lands on the floor below. She then stands up and looks at the comotion caused by the jester. "Impecable timin', time for me to change." She removes her

Joker bunny

Nudge in her Joker form

earing and turns it into a magic staff. "Joker Bunny, Activate!" She undergoes intricate transformation sequence.

The ground around Mazda spiderwebbed and split, the shards flying to coat his fist in a glove of rock perfect for breaking bones. Alice's hands radiated energy. Her hair flew in all directions as arcane circle formed from her palms. Ray's arms began to turn to the beautiful scales of a dragon, a tail sprouting from his pants, though he kept the transformation in check until the newcomer made a move. Fredrick simply put up his fists, looking at the others around him and sighed," Great, how am I supposed to compete with these guys?"

Endac looked at them surprised. "Don't you think it's a bit dangerous to fight in this crowded space, with all these other citizens?" he said to Mazda and the others.

Smash glanced around at all the people getting ready for a fight. Naturally, who wouldn't be alerted by this thing's presence? Though, something seemed wrong to him...but he couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Rosa hissed and snarled at the strange jester as her ferret companion slowly backed away.

"Well," he mumbled. "Guess we better split, Rosa."

Using her hind legs, the Rattata sprung away and landed on all fours, and started running towards the mysterious newcomer. The ferret threw up his paws in exasperation.

"Why on Mobius do you put me through this?!"

"Aww!" Said the cat beast, "this guy ruined all of the fun!"

Eclipse: -is on a shelf of fossils- What is going on!? He said as he was looking at the Loopany o.e

(Fill me in I missed alot~Apallo)

As expected, none had noticed him. The white hedgehog grinned from behind his cowl, his right hand hovering over the summoning tattoo that adorned his left arm, in case he was forced to reveal himself in the fight he could sense coming. Before that, he'd been marvelling at V's show, although it wasn't quite his forte. But this? As a former Soul Reaper trainee, he was certain that he could take any one of them in a straight fight, and possibly multiple should he be given a chance to unleash his full power. He'd never lost the love of a fight, but it wasn't the time. Not with the stone there. If he could reach it, and tap into the power his benefactor claimed it held, this would be a cinch.

Heidi and Apallo watched all of this going on. Heidi: Apallo.....what should we do? Asked Heidi hiding behind Apallo.

Apallo: I dont know but lets stick together.

Smash stared down the clown, who was just lazily sitting in the air, giggling to himself. The mere sight of it disturbed him to no end. But he still kept feeling like something was wrong. What did he want? Why wasn't he making a move? He didn't hesitate to blow up the entrance, so why wasn't he doing anything else? Then it hit him. He wasn't here to fight...
Smash whirled around to face V.I, just hoping that his suspicions weren't true.

"Who are you," Fredrick demanded from the clown. These chaos users get creepier and creepier...

Isaiah stepped forward up to them, ignoring the clown comepletely, instead he kept his eyes closed, listening for movements and feeling the energy in the room. Although his efforts weren't doing him much good as the fact that so many people had unleashed their power it was conflicting with the radiation of V.I. and the newcomer. But something was different, a third power could be sensed...but he couldn't trace it through the massive amounts of energy so close to him.

Corsin looked at all the people ready to fight and yelled out "all hells broken loose because some moron in a costume blew up the enterance?! He's not even doing anything!!" He sighed and muttered on about how every hero is an idiot. His Muttering was cut off by his Spirit partner who looked up at him realizing something after seeing Smash turn around. "Wait Core, he's not doing anything." Corsin looked at the Spirit and Blurted with obvious iritation "I KNOW !" then what the spirit meant hit him. "He's not doing anything?...why would someone go through all the trouble to blow something up and then do nothing...". Corsin continued pondering this while the Spirit Pokemon looked at him with an Expression that almost screamed "your an idiot".

(Shad- I set it up so it didn't seem i was copying off of you smash but more like the spirit realized what Smash did, is that fine or should i change it?)

(Meh, do what you want. I'd prefer that you try to take the initiative and make these moves yourself so nobody comes to the conclusion that you're copying off of others.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 15:15, November 5, 2012 (UTC))

(Shad- right okay just wanted to know after the problem above with Ryu)

(honestly, wouldn't it make sense to sort of prepare yourself for battle, especially if a demonic clown just burst through the entrance in a massive explosion? :/ ~White)

(Shad- well yeah the situation would call for it but also you have to remember the other factors of the scenario, 1) there are more innocents than just the main characters here who could get in the way of attacks, or for ranged weapons, in the crossfire. Also 2) it's a crowded space which contributes more to the first problem. I'd also state the fact that the building would get damaged but that state of thought would be thrown out the window as soon as the entrance blew up)

The lopunny pulls a card from her hat and then places it in between the "ears" and the "hat" of her magic wand and then snaps her magic wand in half and the fragments into two black and white pistols with yellow diamond emblems on them. "Shoot first, ask questions later!" She said as she started firing at the jester not caring about the large crowd.

The jester laughs happily at all the commotion he stirred, he warped around and then appeared by the stone and pushed V.I. away. "Yoink my turn!! Now then ladies and gents! Let's all play a fun fun fun funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn GAME!" He claps his hands and the lights dim. Memphis holds Jasmine close to him to protect her. "This is not going to be fun" He exclaims. A spotlight comes on and the Jester is sitting on top of the artifact. "Ohhhh hehehehehahahaha this is ganna be a laugh riot." He slaps his knee as he laughs and giggles to himself.

Smash's attention was ultimately drawn back towards the clown, who had now moved to a position where he could see both him and V.I. His eye twitched as he watched the thing snickering and giggling madly.


Meet the wild Jester Grimore. Will fix him more and digital color soon.

"Too bad the riot police are here."

A small orb of electric light flies through the air and towards the jester. It carried intense magnetic force, enough to knock someone across the room on impact and then some. The source was none other than a specific green hedgehog, keeping his distance at several meters away from the rest of the group, and especially the exhibit. However, this time Statyx was decked out in an entirely new set of accessories; his gloves, shoes, and even his arm band were of different color and design. Additions included high-tech sun-glasses and an electric-blue pauldron on his right shoulder.

"Oh wait, it's just me. Never mind, that's even worse for you." he said smugly.

"Hooray," the ferret muttered, rolling his eyes.

"It's Mr. I'm-Better-Than-Thou."

Smash's eyelids lowered at Statyx' entrance. Oh, brother. Freaks in one corner, arrogance in the other.

Rosa was now below the jester.

Endac looked over towards Statyx and nodded "yet another face i've yet to see before, this is getting way out of hand now. I need to find a way to either help or stop this now." Endac's two Dragons look up at him and nod to him then both leave their spots on his shoulders and fly up through the vents outside. Endac then draws his glock from his hip holster and slips into the crowd to hide.

Statyx merely rolled his eyes, his expression now calm and professional. "Yeah, keep making jokes. Let's see how funny you are when we have a talk about something called 'breaking and entering'." Statyx then turned to the civilians, who were beginning to show signs of panic and confusion. Clearing his throat, Statyx spoke. "All civilians, a G.U.N. operation is currently underway in this building. All civilians are required to leave the premises immediately in a calm and orderly, yet urgent, fashion. Please take the nearest exit out of the building, and make sure to keep track of all friends and family. Please avoid leaving anything behind that might interfere with this operation. Any objections will be met with immediate arrest. Except all of you," Statyx said, pointing to Smash, Memph, Linebeck, the Lopunny, and the other individuals present. "all of you are required to remain for questioning. And for at least two of you, arrest."

"What the crap!? What'd I do!?" Smash retorted. "Bah, doesn't matter. Can we just get rid of the clown? His insanity is making my skin crawl."

Taylor steps in after Statyx, still clad in a now partly damaged set of Kevlar from the jester's earlier entrance at the front gate. His G.U.N. suit, although, was still in tact. "Thanks for the back up, quick to clear things out I see." He said, trying all he could to keep a tone from his voice.

(Kagi: Hope you guys don't mind this. Just clearing out unnamed civilians, and the best way to do that is... well, this. At least from my POV. Any objections?)
(I think it's fine. Also, if you don't mind, since I've opted Natural Enemies out of my canon, Smash will not know Statyx anymore, since that is when they first met.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 05:52, November 6, 2012 (UTC))

"You!?" Fredrick yelled as the civilians rushed out," You're that scum agent..."

"I take it you've met before?" Mazda asked, watching the hedgehog suspiciously. Though, his attention soon turned back to the jester. Realising no one was around anymore, Mazda surrounded himself with a ring of stone, ready to kill the clown at his whim.

Corsin smiles "hmph looks like the innocents are out of the way" he pulls his poleaxe off of his back and readies it.

Endac puts his glock away as his cover disperses "well there went that plan". At that moment Yuyeri flies back in and drops a sword handle to Endac who materializes flame through it to make a blade. Yuyeri then transforms into a human.

Yuyeri's human form

The two young girls quickly grab ahold of each other in fear. "Rika," said the cat creature, "Im scared!" She hugged her friend tight. "Me to." Said the raccoon dog.

The ferret, Linebeck, did his best to hide his frustration at having been identified by Statyx. He kept quiet as Rosa paced under the jester, growling up at him.

To those attuned to psychic power, a massive peak of rage rang through the room, although he remained masked to all organic eyes. His hand slid closer to his summoning tattoo, but he remained otherwise motionless.

Isaiah kept his eyes shut, concentrating on what was unseen, the energy around them. The prescense could still be felt, but it was all wrong. He was sure that nothing was there, but the soft radiation of the energy mass lingered there still, standing in a corner. He chocked it up to be a matter of stress and shrugged it off silently, opening his eyes, and drawing his sword calmly, wings unfurling.

Smash took notice of everyone's ways of preparing for battle. Hmph..This exhibit's attracted all kinds of people with crazy powers. Somehow I'm not surprised. He remarked in his mind. He kept a close eye on both the Jester and the V.I, waiting to see what they were trying to do. Was it trying to bring out the power of the Uruboro stone?

Rushing through the entrance to see the rest of the individuals and the jester, a pure white caolf and a dark furred wolf arrive at the scene. The brown wolf's face was concealed by a black hood of her outfit. "Oi! Jester, you crazy piece of %$&* , I have a bone to pick with you!" the brown wolf shouted. The white caolf looked around, seeming to be only interested in what else has happened. "There's a lot of people here..." the white caolf muttered to herself.

The komodo Dragon had a somewhat annoyed look on his face "You just had too keep the most dangerous lookin' B*****ds here during a potencial combat situation, smart move livewire"

The Jester grinned and claps his hands "Clap, clap, clap, slap, slap. Slap!!!" Grimore laughs as Statyx attack is all of a sudden absorbed by the stone. "Wow look at dis bad boy go. It went nom nom on your attack." Grimore laughs again.

"What do you want?" Alice demanded, pushing her way through the crowd. Behind her, Mazda and Ray and even Fredrick rushed to pull her back, but by then the damage was done. Nothing but open space stood between the young witch and the strange creature.

The lopunny then pulled a third pistol from her hat. "Nom this, d**ch bag!" She fired at the jester repeatedl.

Smash's eyes widened as he saw what happened to Statyx' attack. "Wait, did it just...?" He slowly began to realize what this thing was after. Quickly, he grabbed the Lopunny's arm and pulled back as the Uruboro stone began to absorb her bullets. "Wait, Stop!" He exclaimed.

Endac watched Smash "what are you doing, you want that crazy thing to keep rampaging..." then he sees the uruboro stone absorbing her bullets as well. "Wait...did that just happen?" he says as he stares at the stone in shock.

Isaiah felt a pulse run down his spine. He tensed and yelled out as pain shot back through his body. This's...overwhelming...Gotta get...away... He thought to himself while he struggled to move away from the stone. "Guys, something's coming. We gotta get away."

"Yes, because going near a suspicious rock of unknown material surrounded by multiple unconfirmed rumors is a good idea in the first place." Statyx said, maintaining his distance from the rock as he eyed the clown. "So, jester, what exactly do you plan to do with this little rock? Or are you just one of those anarchist types who likes to see the world burn and be set to chaos?"

"Answer carefully clown, i might have to brake your arms depending on what you say next. Or give you a Venom bath, whichever's easier." The komodo dragon say's as he cracks his knuckles again.

Smash stared at the clown uneasily. He was thinking about what the V.I. said in his description of the Uruboro stone. It uses the energy of it's own victims against others...How very vague. But if what he says is true, then the stone consumes the energy from anything that attacks it, as we witnessed just now. But why? What's it's purpose? You'd think that it would consume the energy of anything it came in contact with after it absorbed those bullets. So how does this clown plan to use this thing...?

Eclipse leaped down and joined the others.

Eclipse: Yes. I too would like to know why you want to tamper with a dark artifact such as this.

"Oh sure. You're the wise guy on this now, Sparks?" Elena muttered, her comment directed to Statyx. Tenshi shook her head. "We actually should protect that stone" Tenshi spoke.

Isaiah looked at Tenshi. An image flashed through his mind, but quickly he shook it off. This thing isn't even safe enough to needs to be destroyed as quickly as possible. Isaiah thought to himself as his wings extended slightly, his sword glowing faintly.

"What the hell?" Asked the lopunny. "What is this s**t?"

(Draon- Smash, you do realize Isaiah thought that to himself, he didn't say it. Cheese Graters for everyone! The Narwhal King commands it! All hail King Jay Jay! 21:25, November 6, 2012 (UTC))

((Well pardon me. It's really hard to keep up with this stuff when every time I get a chance to edit, I have to look over 20 other edits to see what's going on. And I saw your post by looking at recent changes so I really couldn't tell at first.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 22:24, November 6, 2012 (UTC)))

(Smash is in the right for Draon did not state anywhere that Isaiah was thinking to himself. You merely made him speak. Please make sure that the moment he is thinking is obvious. -Memph-)

(Okay, understood, I'll fix that then. -Draon)

The Jester stopped clapping and tilted his head abit, "What do I want? Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll~~" The Jester stands up and makes a smiling face with his hands. "I wanna show the world some beautiful art. I wanna show the beauty of death and destruction. Ohhhhhhh~~ What a joyous painting I will make.. it fills this clown with glee~!" The Jester hugs himself and acts as if having an intimate moment with himself and makes weird lustful noises.

"Okay, Ew. Ew. No." Smash had to turn away.

"God, clowns are f***ing creepy," Linebeck muttered, making a disgusted face. Rosa, meanwhile, leaped up as high as she could and attempted to bite the jester's foot.

"Alright, It's clear that we're gonna have to take you out, so let's just make this quick." Smash stated, looking back at the clown. I have to concentrate all my attacks on him, and make sure not to touch that stone or it'll absorb my energy... He thought to himself.

"Sorry, but your art show's cancelled!" Alice said, unleashing a magic circle around herself as the others took up fighting stances.

"If your done having sex with yourself," the lopunny added,"would you mind tellin us whats up? Unless you want an a** whoopin'!"

"Yeah, let's. The faster we get rid of this creep, the better" Elena remarked, drawing out her knives. Tenshi sprouted her angel wings, creating an orb of light.

The jester snapped a finger and all time warps to a standstill, the enviroment turns black and absolutely no one can hear or see what is taking place. Vincent appears his flowing white hair marked by black imprints. "Are you about done?" As he asks he looks around, looking at all the heroes readying up for a fight. He sees V.I. calling someone, most likely more G.U.N. reinforcements. The jester giggles to himself. "Yes yes yes almost done, almost ready. The show is going to commence!" Vincent looks at the Jester and frowns. "Good speed it up.. I am getting impatient and so are the others.." The jester spins happily "Art cannot be rushed." He happily replies. Vincent folds his arms and grins abit "No I suppose not.. Do it.." Vincent warps off and the Jester snaps his finger and makes reality normal again. He sits on the pillar again. "Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ARE YA READY CUZ IMMA ABOUT TO GO BOOM BOOM BOOM YEAHHHH GANNA GET YA, BOOM BOOM BOOM YEAAHHHHH, Ganna get YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Jesture explodes into a barrage of confetti, shattering the rock and sending pieces of it flying and smacking on every hero and hidden villain. Other pieces warp away and the Jester is seen reforming and with his fists to his hips he walks away with a funny skip to his stride. He then warps away in another barrage of confetti.

Part 2

Instinctively, Smash batted the shard of the rock away from him, only for the sharp end to slice his arm. He stared at the sudden confetti explosions, completely bewildered. "The crap was that all about?"

The komodo dragon shields his face with his arms causing multiple shards to stab them, after he brings his arms down he is noticeably very annoyed. "You son of a bi--" he stops himself when he see's the jester gone.

Rosa let out a squeal of pain as one of the shards cut across her back.

"Rosa!!" Linebeck yelled, running towards her and right into the path of the shard that had cut her. He let out a grunt as it cut him in the side, but he managed to stagger over to the pink Rattata and pick her up, holding her close.

Statyx, having been several meters away, managed to avoid the fragment easily with his super speed. But he wasn't going to take any chances whatsoever. Using his electrokinesis to grab an old war hammer on display, Statyx launched the fragment to the opposite side of the room, making sure to use electrokinesis to control the hammer so as to avoid even indirectly touching the stone. "Why can't I ever get a simple mission?" he asked himself with a weary sigh.

Smash clutched his arm, feeling a stinging pain in it. He glanced around the room at all the people. "Everyone alright back there?" He called out.

The two young girls emerge from the debris. "Fuchsia!" said the raccoon dog. "Are you alright?" The cat creature stood up and tried to shake the dust of her wings and her tail. "Yeah, Im fine.

Ray held Alice in his arms, her arm badly cut and bleeding slightly. Ray's cheek was bleeding as well, though he seemed to pay it no mind. Fredrick helped clean their wounds despite his own arm and torso being cut deep. Mazda, however, remained unaffected thanks to his rock covered arm, which he used to shield himself from the blast. As he observed the scene around him, Mazda asked," Does anyone know exactly what on Gaia's green earth just happened?"

How the HECK should I know? Said the grumbling voice in Smash's mind. He shook his head, going for a less hostile response. "Your guess is as good as any of ours." He shrugged. "The court jester's gone, the artifact is in pieces...I don't know what to make of any of this, now. Should we be glad that the thing's been broken?"

"Well if almost a decade on the job has taught me anything," Statyx answered with a typically honest opinion, "it's that you guys got hit by stone that at best will give you some sort of powers at the cost of an adverse effect on your bodies. At worst there could be.... 'alterations'."

Statyx' theory hit him like a blow to the head. Smash looked down at his cut, seeing his glove stained with his own blood. So that's it...It was all a big trap. We had all fallen into a big trap...The clown never had any intentions of fighting. He just wanted to draw in whoever would stand up to fight so he could use the stone on us...! Smash began sweating bullets as he placed the pieces together. Then...Then that means...!?

Memphis groans as he feels a warm sensation covering him, it was Jasmine using her healing aura on him. "Jasmine?" His voice is weak as he coughs out some blood. She hushes Memphis and continues working on him. On the other side of the room V.I. is seen bleeding badly, his business suit wrecked. "Haah.. what in the blue blazes?.." He tries to stand but collapesses.

Isaiah stood up, his sword was in shatters and a peice of the fragment was gripped in his hand. A deep bruise lay in his chest, staining his white shirt red as blood poured out of his wound. He angrilly tossed the shard aside and threw a hand over his chest, healing it in a short restitching process. " it's begun." He says as he pulls out a bluetooth earpiece and puts it in his ear. "Guys, has anything strange happened? ...You're kidding? ...CRAP!" He yelled as he yanked out the earpiece and threw it on the ground. "The missing shards that didn't hit us have been teleported across the landscape. Even the Heroes who weren't here have been hit by the artifact..." He says, kicking a hole into one of the walls.

((Seriously...I would have preferred that bit of information to be kept a secret until the time came. >.>; ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 00:50, November 7, 2012 (UTC)))

(Kagi: Statyx is just talking from experience. Really, unknown source usually mean "new powers" or "transformation". Statyx doesn't know exactly what's going to happen. Heck, for all he knows all of the afflicted characters could turn into zombie plushies.)
(I was talking about the missing shards teleporting away. There is no way anyone should know about that, let alone the significance of it since the people outside wouldn't even know what it is.''~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 00:59, November 7, 2012 (UTC))

"Anyways," Statyx continued, "any alterations could range from a simple scar to "Chao mutated into liquid death" levels. One thing's for sure; none of you are going home like this. And get that other guy some medical treatment." the green hedgehog pointed to V.I.

"can somebody pull these shards out of me arms, they've gone numb." the komodo dragon said " the wounds will get infected if they get left for to long."

As Statyx finished a loud feedback as if from a mic. The laughter of Grimore rang through the building. "Hehehehohohohahahaha! Oh no no no no nooooooooooooooooo can't have you doing that~~ LADIES AND GENTLEMENNNNN!!!!!! ON CORNER RIGHT LIES EXPLOSIVES!!!! AHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH WHOOOOOOO" As Grimore Jeers and acts as an audience explosives appear on the far left hand corner. It was obvious that it was to complex and genuinly insane to diffuse. The timer on it reads two minutes before going off. "ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDD ON CORNER LEFTTTTTTTTT!!! WE HAVE TELEPORTER!!!! WOOOOO YEAHHHHHH HAAAAAAHHHHH!!! IT'S ONE SKILL IS TELEPORTING BUT BEWARE FOR IT WILL SEND EVERYONE TO A RANDOM LOCATION SO YOU WILL NOT BE NEXT TO EACH OTHER.. 97 percent of the time. snicker snicker.. WOOAHHHHH YEAHHHH!!! HAAAAHHHH!!!! NOW FIGHT!!!!" A teleporter appears on the left corner and the timer begins to count down. "Oh.. and the doors locked in a different reality. Giggle giggle have fun~~"

"What the FREAKING--WHYYY!?" Smash bellowed.

Statyx merely gave a deadpan look, before holding his hand out towards the explosive and striking it with electrokinetic power, shutting the explosive down. He soon did the same with the teleporter. "Really? Use electronic devices to hinder an electrokinetic? You're not just lacking sanity; you're clearly lacking brains. 'sides, Chaos Control and Super Speed are also under my belt. I could teleport these guys or the bomb with a snap of my fingers."

(Kagi: Please don't hold it against me that I'm playing Statyx as he would act in this situation ^^|)
(Feels kinda cheap since it seemingly utterly destroys what Memph had in mind, but I'll wait and see what he has to say.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 00:50, November 7, 2012 (UTC))
(Give me a second while I remedy the situation. ^^ -Memph-)
(Kagi: Again, sorry. Statyx may not have the most raw power out of all my characters, but he's certainly becoming one of the overall dangerous [or OP, if you want to say] characters since I've decided to actually make use of his experience. Up till now it was just informed ability.)

"Wooahhhh lookie that~ Well I gotz a trick of my own! Snicker snicker" The area around them turns black, the colors on all of them turned black and White. "Warp warp warpie warp to my warp zone. No escape for teleporters. Wanna shut em off? Okayyyyyyyy~~ let's play a fun game!" another bomb warp in, this time with thirty less seconds. Another Portal opens up. "Keep shutting them down, please please oh pleaseeeeeee~ I'll keep sending more with less and less time. You have three strikes and the last strike that bomb will just go pop pop. So make your choice. Save the people or stroke your cute little ego. Only that one lil portal will let you out. Shipping and handling not included." Grimore let's out a loud maniac laugh.

"And what if I magnetized you to the bomb and left you to boom with the rest of us?" Statyx said in counter. "Or used Chaos Rift to send that thing to some other place, time, or wherever that technique takes crap caught in it? Try all you want, but I will not allow these people to be sent out in the world where they live their lives, then wake up amidst a nightmare with blood on their hands. And if I have to get some blood on my own, so be it."

Smash was ultimately disturbed by the change of scenery, now questioning what around them was real and what wasn't. At the moment he wasn't sure what to do, but he soon realized that Statyx seemed to have everything under control. Still, he wasn't sure if it would be that easy.

Endac listens to all this, noticing the shard in his arm, he leaves it there. For some odd reason he felt like there was no reason to pull it out, untill yuyeri pulled it out himself looking at Endac and saying "be more careful" then he transformed back into his dragon form. Endac looks over at the commotion "well obviously the best option is the portal, so why don't we take it.

Corsin looks around then steps forward to enter the portal saying "if no one else will try it then i will, i'm not gonna die today by a crazy clown's bomb". He then goes to enter the portal but is stopped by his pokemon partner. The little spirit Teddiursa was holding corsin's arm and shook his head insisting him to stay.

"..MASTER I AM BORED!!!" As Grimore stated this, the strange white hedgehog appears and bite's Statyx's neck. "You are a live one.." The hedgehog states.

"What the--" Smash whirled around to see the hedgehog sinking his teeth into him, and immediately sprung into action. He attempted to slam his fist into the hedgehog's face while he was distracted, soon after demanding "Who the heck are you!?"

Statyx growled, then grabbed the white hedgehog's head and forcibly removed the white hedgehog from his neck by throwing said hedgehog over his shoulder. "He's a pain in the neck, that's what! One hell of a first impression, you power-draining creep."

The White hedgehog dodged the attacks with a quick leap back. He merely brushed himself off and grinned. "Ahh thank you for such an interesting taste of energy. Your a true livewire." He chuckles to himself, he brushes his flowing hair to the side, his black imprints glowing with electric energy. "Now then electric one.. your powers are locked.. please follow my little lackeys rules or die. Oh.." Turns his attention to Smash "Next time you try to punch me square in the face.. I'll drain you bone dry.." He crosses his arms and waits to see what they do.

The two young angel girls look around as if confused. "What do we do now Rika?" Asked the cat angel. "Im not sure," said the raccoon dog, "but this situation seems pretty dangerous." The cat creature began to cry. "I wanna go home."

Within the room, in an attempt to make Statyx's job harder, the hooded hedgehog dropped his psychic camouflage, his body already healing the tiny cut beneath his eye from the stone explosion. His hand touched the summoning tattoo, and the vicious scythe he had used before materialized in his hands. He threw his hood back and began to laugh.

"Nicely done, Grimoire, but this hedgehog's a little too resourceful for this plan."

Isaiah turned on the hedgehog. "I knew I wasn't seeing things." He said as his sword rematerialized in his hand, fully repaired.

"You clearly must be a powerful psychic then. Not many can see through Scott's Psychic Shield, and I stole it from him when he died. I am, as Statyx well knows, Reaper, the Hand of Rageik and leader of my own Troll Legion." The young hedgehog straightened his back, his scythe held in an irregular one-handed grip.

Suddenly, a pink and white arrow zips passed the hedgehogs head, and the mobian lopunny from before can be seen behind him holding a red bow and arrow. "I ain't done here!" She said.

The hedgehog smirks, and eyes the bow. "Actually, you are." In a blur of black and white, he whips the hand not holding his scythe in a violent motion, sending a small metal shape from his sleeve directly at her bowstring, snapping the small metal item into a razor-sharp fan as it approached her.

The lopunny springs up into the air, and the uses bounce on the hedgehog. She then pulls a card from her hat, and turns her bow into a black and white pistol with a yellow diamond emblem on it.

The hedgehog placed his off-hand on the scythe's shaft and swung himself horizontal, so his body was parallel with the ground. With a touch of geokinesis to wedge the scythe into the ground, plus nature manipulation to extend the shaft and head of the scythe away from his body, Reaper began to spin on the shaft, using it to build momementum before releasing it and catapulting himself into the air feet-first at the lopunny, his hands each holding a fan as the scythe vanished into thin air.

The lopunny falls to the ground and drops her pistol causing it to turn back into aa magic staff with a bronze rabbit head wearing a black hat. "Stubborn b******d!" She said. "Your gonna pay for that!"

(Kagi: Can someone get me caught up? I didn't edit for a bit and now I'm a wee bit lost.)
(To my understanding, Reaper's revealed himself and has started fighting the Lopunny, although he revealed himself mostly to distract Statyx. - Flash)

Reaper sighed boredly. "I'm an omnikinetic and trained soul reaper. You seem to be an escaped member of a Playboy troupe with a few fancy toys. How am I going to pay, with your pleasure or..." Reaper's voice dropped to a bass rumble. "your pain?"

"Aw Hell naw!" She shouted. "Well then this playboy bunny's about to whoop yo scrawy a**!" She pulled another card from her hat and placed it on her magic wand, turning it into a blue katana with a dark blue spade emblem on it.

The hedgehog smirked, his scythe reappearing in his hand. "If you really wish to fight, fine. But, I wouldn't if I were you. Not with a hunk of rock stuck inside you. Not when you're THIS outclassed."

"Hunk a wha-?" The lopunny looked at the hedgehog strange. "Boi, what you be talkin' 'bout?"

Reaper simply smirked, and simply looked at her. "That rock exploded. Everyone in here at the very least inhaled some of the dust, or, like myself, were struck by a larger shard. From what I can see, you haven't noticed it, but you're bleeding. You've been hit, and it wasn't my scythe."

The lopunny touched her long fluffy ears, and then noticed the blood on her gloves. "Oh hell no!" She screamed in fear. "My fur! My hair! My ears are bleedin'!"

"Well, don't expect to fight. Our bout wasn't fair to begin with, but I'd rather see you struggle to unlock these mysteries than kill you here and now. Besides, one of my associates may want to have you to himself, blood or no blood." Reaper threw a mock salute to Statyx, and closed his eyes. "Of course you couldn't Chaos-lock. Chaos users, you're free to leave. Chaos Control." With that, the white hedgehog vanished, although the use of Chaos Control was simply for show. Instead of teleporting, Reaper simply brought his psychic shields back up, and added a shadow filter over his movements for greater stealth.

((Wait so, lemme get this straight. The white hedgehog who bit Statyx was Reaper? Or are both hedgehogs actually white? I'm confused about who's doing what here. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 16:49, November 7, 2012 (UTC)))

((Grimoire was the one that bit Statyx, while Reaper was the one that attacked the Lopunny. Both of them are white. -Draon))

((But Grimoire was the clown. It was never stated what species he was. Furthermore, The white hedgehog came and bit Statyx while Grimoire was talking. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 17:10, November 7, 2012 (UTC)))

(No, Draon, Smash. In actual fact, it was Vincent who bit Statyx. -Tenshi)

Elena and Tenshi slowly recovered from the wound they were given. "Damn it.." Elena muttered. Tenshi, however, noticed Jasmine and Memphis. She rushed over, trying to avoid any of the fights that were present. "Memphis? You're here?" Tenshi asked, also trying to heal him. She smiled a bit at Jasmine. Elena frowned, also running over. "Jeez.. this place gone to hell or what?" she muttered, watching what was happening.

Endac walked over to the four and shook his head. "Thats not the memphis we remember, thats memphis the kid all grown up...or so i heard from his talk with Gale." He looks over at Statyx forgetting the fact he didn't know him and said sternly "do you know who the hell that last guy was, the hedgehog? any info would be nice."

(Where are my characters in this part?~Apallo)

Isaiah threw his sword on the ground in a rage again. "Damn it!" He yelled loud enough to crack the windows of some of the exhibits. "I'm tired of this. I'm leaving." He said as he started walking towards the portal.

Smash looked around at everything that was happening, unsure of what he should even do. There were at least three villains in this dark dimension--or was it all an illusion? Who could tell? Either way, taking them all on might not have been so much of a problem is what he first thought, however, he remembered why there was a portal there in the first place. Looking over in the opposite direction, he saw the big pile of explosives sizzling and crackling, seemingly close to exploding. The countdown showed in big bold numbers, that they only had 15 seconds to escape. "Uhh...I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the heck outta here!" He bolted past everyone and headed for the portal. "You've only got like 13 seconds left before that bomb goes off!"

Corsin following Smashes example stepped through the portal right after him, carrying the teddiursa with him.

Endac looks over at the bomb to see the timer and the truth in Smash's words. He mutters an obscenity and then looks down at Memph, Jasmine, Tenshi, and Elena. "Well we'll have to fix him up on the other side, come on we don't have time" He said focusing the last part towards Tenshi. Yuyeri runs over too the portal as Jen Flies over and lands on Endac's shoulder.

The two young girls notice the portal. "Rika", said the angel cat, "look at that!" The raccoon dog looks to the portal. "Let's see whats on the other side!" She grabbed her friends hand and flew into the portal.

((Before anyone says anything, (with Kagi in mind,) If Statyx had gotten rid of this second bomb, remember, a new set of explosives would show up again with a decrease in the timer. Just to make things clear. Ignore this if you already understood that. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 17:52, November 7, 2012 (UTC)))

"Tss, no time eh. Agent Statyx, it's probably best to let everyone leave, the G.U.N. should be able to locate everyone later." With that said the komodo dragon heads towards the portal "Once i can feel my arms again i'll need to report in."

Isaiah walked into the portal, followed by the G.U.N. agent Taylor, who turned back and said to Statyx, "See ya on the other side." He quickly hopped through afterwards.

Statyx snarled angrily, before looking at the jester and the white bathog. "Whatever blood they spill will be on your hands. And let me be clear," Statyx's expression turned to such cold fury that it would send a lesser man into shock, "when I find you, I will make sure all three of you pay in kind. With interest." He then walked away and to the teleporter, his mind reeling as he tried to think of all the ways he could fix this. One thing was certain; as soon as his power returned, he wasn't going to rest until this was over.

Still carrying the pink Rattata in his arms, Linebeck ran over to the teleporter as well.

((Well I dont know where eveyone is at so Im just going to assume that they are still in the museam right?))

((No, we're all leaving the museum. If you just read over the last few paragraphs you'd know. -Draon))

(9I have but I dont understand))

Apallo and Heidi Walked over to the teleporter and warped with everyone else. Eclipse followed.

Junior: I dont know what is going on here but I feel strange.

He said as he walked towards the teleporter

(@SDK Why can that tediursa talk?)

(because right now he's a suppernatural spirit...when he becomes tangible he becomes a normal pokemon and can't speak english but when that happens he also acts more like a pokemon...)

The White hedgehog grinned and chuckled to himself "Mmm about time they see reason. Our job here is done.." He bursts into darkness and disappears.

Tenshi lifted Memphis, supporting him by putting his arm around her shoulder. Elena also helps him. "We're going in" Elena spoke. Tenshi and Elena began walking over to the portal. "I've got you Memphis.." Tenshi said as she stroked his cheek. She and Elena then go into the portal.

Endac follows through the portal right behind Tenshi and Elena. Looking back at the room he begins to think this might be another begining to an adventure that could risk all of their lives. "And it begins, he says as he steps in and teleports out of the room.

Eclipse was still in the building scanning the room, checking to see if there was anyone else that could follow them. Then he walked into the portal. Eclipse: I feel...uneasy...

(Whats the hold up?)

(Actually, I don't really know. I guess I should give this a little push. Now to my understanding, the teleporter will not send everyone to the same location. Everyone will be separated.)

Part 3

Statyx didn't take more than a few seconds after the warp to look around, being all too used to such movement thanks to Chaos Control. He couldn't exactly tell where he was, but it seemed to be somewhere in Chun-Nan. He still couldn't feel his powers returning, and he could only hope that the loss was temporary. But he had much more important issues to deal with than his own combat capabilities. Activating his Scanner Shades he attempted to contact the G.U.N. base, while going over the images of the people he had seen in the museum. Aside from Ryu's ferret friend he didn't recognize any of them, but he knew that whatever had happened to them would most definitely be trouble. Finally, he managed to get in contact with the main G.U.N. Base.

"Who is this? The line you're on is a secure channel restricted f-"

"This is elite G.U.N. 04, Statyx the Hedgehog." the green hedgehog cut off the agent on the other end, hardly having time for formalities. "I've come across a threat of potentially global scale. One of them is the troll known as "Reaper". I'm sending you an image of the other two known conspirators. In addition, I'm sending pictures of personnel who have been infected through unknown means with as of yet unknown effects. They are to be immediately detained and secluded from innocent bystanders..." Statyx trailed off as he sent the images over, thinking about what had happened. He thought about what that crazy jester had said, and his own experiences with these strange situations. Those three planned to use these innocent bystanders to cause damage on a large scale, without personally getting involved. But from what he could tell only a few of them had the raw power to do it. He continued to go over the conversations and images in his head, a few notes he caught in particular being his own comments about the potential effects, the jesters anarchist tendencies, and then his own comment about the blood being on the bystanders' hands. It finally clicked with him when he was brought back to the real world from the person on the other end.

"...Sir? Is there anything else you want us to do?"

"....Yes. Scratch everything I just said about about the civilians. Send out small squadrons of G.U.N. soldiers, each of them with a hostage negotiator. Have heavy-duty detainment and capture equipment on standby, and put everything on red alert. And finally..." Statyx let out a heavy sigh, quite reluctant to give the order he would have to. "...have everyone from the MARS unit on immediate notice for deployment, and all of them fully prepared for war-level combat. We aren't just dealing with super-powered personnel.... we're dealing with dark form transformations."

"Y-yes sir, immediately!" the agent on the other end said, before closing the line. Statyx prayed he was wrong, but he couldn't take the chance with it. Statyx stretched his legs and arms before performing a few rapid-fire shadowboxing maneuvers, followed by a series of speedy kicks. It certainly seemed his speed was retained, so he'd be able to make due until his chaos powers returned, if they did. He felt fatigued, no doubt from whatever that bathog had done to him, but it was nothing someone born from the "Ultimate Lifeform" gene pool couldn't deal with. With that, Statyx dashed off in a random direction at maximum speed, knowing that one way or another he'd find some sort of civilization. And the sooner he got to a G.U.N. Base, the sooner he could prepare to pay that bathog back one-hundred fold.


Smash covered his eyes to shield the blinding light from the warphole. In only a matter of moments, he felt the ground change under his feet. It felt softer, like grass. Removing his arm from his eyes, he saw that he was no longer in the city anymore. He was on top of a hill in the grassy, flowery plains. The hill he stood atop was almost like a giant wall of dirt; there was no slope leading downward, it was just a cliff. Not a fatally large one, however, so he could probably jump while taking little damage.
Wait, I know this area... He scanned the area one more time, and soon caught sight of a lone house on the top of a small slope in the distance. This is Greenflower Zone...But what am I doing back here? He silently wondered.


Endac simple closed his eyes to avoid the blinding flash. He then reopened them when it dissapeared to find him self in a Graveyard full of ominous mist. Not only that but also it was night time but no moon. Endac looked around him then up at the Stary sky and noticed the moon. "This is a new dimension, or maybe i'm still on Mobius" He said to no one in particular. Endac turned full around to find tomb stones all around him almost with no End. He saw off at the edge of his vision then fencing around the graveyard. It was then that Endac finally noticed what was missing. He looked around for his two companions and finally saw Yuyeri still in his human form in front of a tombstone lying face down. Endac ran over to him and lifted him up off the ground as Yuyeri came to. "Where's Jen?" Yuyeri asked rubbing his face from the headache the portal caused him. They both looked around not able to find her. Endac looked back at Yuyeri sullenly "if anything, she didn't teleport with us, so she might be with that girl carrying memphis...what was her name...Tenshi?". Yuyeri nodded slightly worried "shes my sister...but she is also a dragon like me so she should be able to handle herself...but how are we gonna find her?". Endac shook his head "first we need to get out of this graveyard" he replied looking back around them again. Yuyeri nodded and they both started walking lookind for an exit.


"Rock Fly!" The young raccoon dog angel shouted as her wings expanded to form a shield around herself as the blinding light intensified in the portal. She takes a few more steps forward, but then the floor seemingly disappears and she is sent falling. "WAAAAAAAH!" She screamed as she covered her eyes fearing that she will fall to her death, but then sudenly, she is stops falling. She lifted her hands from her eyes and discovered that she was unharmed, she cleaned her glasses and then looked around and finds herself in what apears to be a grassland with only a few trees. "Where am I?" She said confused, "Fuchsia! Fuchsia-chan where are you!" Her pet chao comes out of the charm on her necklace. "Chao chao!" Said the brown angel chao. "Hi, there Tanu, do you know where Fuchsia is?" The chao shakes its head no. "Aww," said the angel dog, "mabye we're not the only ones here, c'mon Tanu." She flew of with her chao and began to search for her missing friend.


A blinding light hit Apallo and Heidi as they walked out of the light. Apallo: Uh heidi you can let go of me now....

Heidi blushed and stepped backwards until she felt something cold on her back. Heidi: EEEEEEEEEEEE! THAT'S COLD!

Apallo: We must have been seperated, and it looks like we are on the Ice Plains.

Heidi: Oh Well. we have a long way to go dont we master?

Apallo: Ya. Come on we have to regroup.

And so Apallo and Heidi walked across the frozen ice cap to see if they could find a village in this ice field.


Gale had fallen unconcious when navigating throught the crouds but was teleported like everybody else. He was sent to mountain rage of somekind. He woke up slowly as if still in a daze. he tried to get his bearings straight as he tried to think clearly. "Where-where am I?" he said, slightly confused.

Corsin stood nearby looking over the mountains. He didn't look at Gale, just started talking. "Don't ask. My teddiursa decided it was best to drag you along so i guess you can thank him. He's convinced me to work with you so that we might get out of this faster. Now lets get one thing straight" he finally looks at gale, "I do what i want and take out whoever is in my way, wether it's a innocent or the person who gave me the job. That being said i know your with G.U.N. so i don't believe i'll be sticking with you for too long, that is, if they are tracking you." Corsin turns back to the mountains, and the Teddiursa walks over. It, still being a spirit, smiled at Gale. "Sorry he's such a stubborn dick Gale. He and I are stuck together but i still have free will. Hope you can put up with him" it smiles at him cutely.

Gale looked from Corsin to the Teddiursa and then looked away dumbfounded. "Why the hell am I stuck with a this giant ball of wacko and his pet Jango?" He whispered, rubbing his head.

Corsin looks at the teddiursa "i told ya he'd be a pain. If thats how ya want it then fine, go your own way". He jumps from the ledge he was on and starts jumping down the cliff, then across from mountain to mountain until he was out of sight. The Teddiursa stood there with Gale then turned to him "you could have atleast been nicer. I thought you were better than him not worse". It then follows it's master leaving Gale behind alone on the cliff.

Gale watched them leave, hoping he didn't have to deal with those two again. He got up and searched the area. "This seems to be some other dimension. I can't seem to track any auras of power nearby. Looks like I'm going solo." He siad as he ran throgh the mountain range in search for a way out.


Isaiah welcomed the blinding light. It offered warmth and time to think, because somehow even in the half second he was teleporting, he could think over millions of things. He stepped out of the portal, standing in an empty downtown alleyway in Station Square. "Well, looks like it's a short walk for me...lucky me I guess. I need to get back to the base and see if the team is fine." He says to himself as he steps out and starts running southeast.


Reaper materialized on a fluffy white patch of land. He smiled - aside for the actions of that fool Grimoire, everything was according to plan. Then, he realized where he was - a place he had sworn never to return to unless under Rageik's command, a place he was wanted for murder and kidnapping - Sky City.


Deck was standing scanning the horizon, he was in a desert and nothing could be seen for miles in any direction, he thought back the last few moments, a blinding light, the feel of the ground changing. Thankfully, feeling was coming back to his arms and he began to remove the shards that had embedded themselves. "Okay first i'll need to bandage the wounds then i'll report in." Deck removes a small medkit from his combat vest and quickly treats his wounds. "alright now to call in." Deck replaces the medkit and pulls out a phone and dials in a number although all he gets is a dial tone. "Tss, out of service range huh, sigh better start walkin'. I would have to get the short end of the stick."


Eclipse woke up and found himself around ruins and smoke.

Eclipse: Oh no...not the Mobi-God's Mountian.....

This was the final battle between Him, Apallo and the suped-up Dr. Kintobot

Eclipse: -looks over to the side of him- Oh no....


Smash opened the door to the only house in the area, and looked around. Immediately he was overcome with a feeling of nostalgia and safety. It had been a long time since he last came to this place. To his right was the living room, with a couch in front of a coffee table facing a large window, which let the sunlight in. There was a small, old TV on a night table by the window, one he remembered all too well. Further to the right was the brick fireplace and a pair of bookshelves on each side. In front of him was a small hallway which turned to the left to lead upstairs, along with an entrance to the kitchen just before the staircase. at the end of the hallway in front of him was a door leading to the bathroom.

"Heh...This place still hasn't changed a bit." He muttered to himself, with the vision of his smaller self running through the hallway briefly playing through his mind. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He needed to relax for a bit, and gather his thoughts. As much as he was still troubled over the recent events, he felt at ease being back in the place he once called home.


ThunderHart had a strange feeling. Her adoptive son, Talahk, had been gone for days, and she felt hungry. She wished that she could go and catch salmon ---Or even go shopping, which was considered crazy to her son---, but Talahk had told her to stay in the spot. "I have no choice", She told herself, and she left.

The strangest of all, was that ThunderHart began to forget about things. By this point, she had started to forget her own name! But one thing that kept in her mind was that strange artifact that she had heard about. She did not want see it, nor did she want to think about it, but she always did. It bothered her like a flea on her fur. She just wanted to get it over with.


The lopunny pulled a card from her hat with the ace of clubs, and then placed it onto her magic wand turning it into a green and bronze shield with a green clover symbol on the front, and then uses it to block the blinding light as she fought her way through the portal. As she lifted the shield from her face, she looked around and found her self at what appears to be an abandoned laboratory. "Where am I?" She asked herself as she walked through the halls.


Meanwhile, the portal had dumped Linebeck and Rosa out in what appeared to be a small valley nestled beneath a range of rust-red mountains. The ferret got up and dusted himself off, looking around as he did. The distinctive color of the mountain range made it easy to tell where he and the Rattata had ended up.

"Looks like we're by the Red Mountain Zone, Rosa," he said as she jumped up onto his shoulder.



As Isaiah rounded a corner, turning into a neighborhood, the building was in sight. No explosions, no fire; half of him felt relieved, but something must have happened.

Isaiah hopped up the steps in one jump and tapped the passcode into the keypad. The door swung open sharply at his aggressive typing and slammed and he ran to the back of the empty home. He typed another code into another keypad and the floor dropped from underneath him, instead of lowering him down; it apparently knew he was in a rush.

Isaiah slowed himself as he hit the ground lightly and continued running along the white underground tunnels, running through a blast door into the main room.

"GUYS!" He yelled, but then wished he had taken it back. He felt like a complete idiot when he noticed the scene. Everything was fine. Nothing destroyed, nobody hurt, nobody changed.

"Um, Isaiah? Is everything okay?" A green Hedgehog, who very much resembled an echidna more, asked confused. "You look like you just ran to uptown and back."

Isaiah grunted. "That's because I did, Geo. What happened? The com went down."

"Oh yeah," Geo chuckled, "it was severed when this strange shard came through the wall."

"It resembles the strange rock with a 100% match in power and radiational energies." Another green Hedgehog stated, standing in front of a tank that held the shard, a computer in front of him.

"Of course it does Gyro, because it is the rock, but a shard of it. It exploded while I was there and the shards have been disrtibuted to the exact location of every hero and villian in a 20 Meter radius around the city."

A third green Hedgehog looked up at Isaiah from a lower landscaped section of the room. "You mean the entire city and a 20 meter radius outside the city?"

"Yeah, thanks for the correction, Gregory." Isaiah walked forward. "Have any of you touched it yet?"

Geo shook his head. "Gyro wore a hazmat suit when he collected it with a pair of tongs and put it in the tank."

"It's still too late, Geo. While it sat there, we were all exposed to enough radiation to kill an entire species in half a week." A grey hedgehog stepped out from a corner, where nobody had previously seen him.

"Glad you could join the party, Renegade." Gregory stated sarcastically.

"He's right...whatever is supposed to happen, we're apart of now." Isaiah stated. He was frustrated that everything had been going wrong. Nothing he had done was worth anything. Usually he wouldn't be having as bad a day as this one...


Gale looked out from his peak at a vally full of rolling hills and grass. It seemed he had reached the end of the mountain range and was able to take a more suitable approach. "Finally, I get to use my Extreme Gear." He says as he hops onto his air board and rides it down the side of the mountain oand through the vally.


Inside a rather worn down facility is the ice blue hedgehog had earlier fallen into the dupster in the city, he was inside what looks to be the facilities command centre watching a large screen showing a breaking news report about the attack at the museum. "Meh, whats so interesting about an attack on a house of old crokery."


Smash snapped out of his peaceful daydream at the sound of a certain melody playing. He dug in his pocket and pulled out his cellphone, which was receiving a call from one of his friends. Flipping it open, he held it up to his ear. "Yo."

"Smash, are you alright?" The voice on the other end sounded paniced. "I heard you went to the museum in Station Square, and--"

"Yeah, about that..." He just remembered that this was no time to be relaxing at all. "Meet me at my house. I'll explain the situation there."

"A-Alright. See ya." Smash hung up and stashed the phone back into his pocket. With a sigh, he stood up and began to head back out.


Endac and Yuyeri stop walking looking around finally seeing the exit of the Cemetery. The duo step through it into the forest beyond. As soon as they step out of the Graveyard, the fog dissapears and everything becomes normal. Endac looks around then steps back into the graveyard. Everything turns eerie again and the purple fog rolls back in around him. He steps out and chuckles to himself. "Like something out of a Video Game" he says remembering his days transporting from world to world and ending up in a world with the object of mention. Yuyeri looks at him and sighs rolling his eyes, then he closes his wings to his back and walks forward into the forest with Endac right behind him.

They keep walking only seeing trees for miles around. They then find a simple cottage with smoke coming out of the Chimney. Endac sighed with relief "someone's home, we might be able to find out where we are". They walk up to the front door but before the knock it slams open into Endac's face knocking him out. A Teenage human girl stomps out with a bow and Quiver over her shoulder. She walks past the two ignoring them and walking to a tethered horse. She climbs onto it's back and rides off into the forrest. Soon a man runs to the doorway "JIA..." he sighs and looks down worried, "oiy she's pissed at me".

The man then notices Yuyeri looking down at Endac's nearly lifeless body "Oh frick, I'm sorry. Here, i'll help you get him inside." the man then picks up Endac's upper body and Yuyeri picked up his legs as they half dragged him into a living room of sorts laying him down on a couch. The man then looks over at Yuyeri "I'm sorry about my daughter. She can be pretty...cold, when she's angry." he then extends his hand to Yuyeri "my name is Rendolf but just call me Ren". Yuyeri shook Ren's hand and nodded back "Yuyeri...but my sister calls me Pyro for my hot headed temper at times". Ren laughed then looked down at Endac "will he be okay?" Yuyeri nodded "not a problem, he'll be up in just a moment".

As soon as the words left Yuyeri's mouth Endac shot upright then rubbed his head. "Ugh, Yuyeri...did you get the plate of either of the 16 wheelers that hit me just now". Yuyeri chuckled and shook his head "it was a girl with the pride of a lion and the temper of a bull". Endac nodded "Endac Korinth Solarium" he said extending his hand towards Ren who took it and gave his name. "So what brings you here?" Ren asked looking at the two.

Endac explained their situation and the fact of Jen missing and asked if he had seen her. "No i haven't seen anyone like that." he said "but strange you lived to escape Johan's Cemetery. Anyone who goes in there has there soul stolen by the Reaper who lives there. Your lucky to be alive." He said smiling. Endac nodded holding back the urge to boast about his true strength. He had to find Jen, but until he was sure he didn't have brain damage maybe it wouldn't be bad to stay here. "Do you mind if we imposed on you for the night?" he asked looking at Ren, who simply smiled and nodded. "I'd be happy too on one condition. Just a small favor to pay off your night of food drink and lodging. I need you to go out and find my daughter Jia for me. She always makes it hard on me to go find her so it would be a big help if you could do it for me. For some reason i think you'd be able to find her faster than i on a horse". Endac looked to Yuyeri who nodded. Endac looked to Ren "We'll do it. It won't be much of a-" endac stopped there as yuyeri stepped in. "I'LL do it, because we don't need you making any brain trauma worse. You stay here and rest i'll go find the girl." Endac looked at Yuyeri and nodded hesitantly. Yuyeri then said farewell to the two and left to find the girl.

"Hello Anybody" , Yelled Junior....

Ren hears the voice "oh yay more visitors". He walks outside followed by Endac to see junior. "What brings you here friend?" Ren asked him.


Linebeck and Rosa had been walking for a good hour or so, trying to find their way back to the city. It didn't help that the ferret had no clue how far away and where it was from the valley below the Red Mountains, and he feared that he could've been walking the wrong way the entire time.

"Ryu's gonna be pissed," he sighed.


Eclipse: -discharges his Darkness Wave Attack at the shadow enemies- Damn, they just wont give up

Eclipse then pulls out his Quantam Emerald Shard and used Quantam Controll to teleport off the mountian.


Junior: Well, I walked though the portal and I fell outside of here, wondering where I was I walked inside.

Ren looked at Junior then to Endac and back to Junior. "Sounds like the same problem as this fellow" He said looking confused at Junior, "he already told me the tail of the exploding stone and how you were forced to warp to random places. If your wondering, yes, your still on Mobius." He looked to Endac again and nodded "Do you recognize him from the place you were at?" Endac looked Junior over and nodded to Ren "yeah, i remember catching a glimpse of many people in the crowd and i also remember this guy being one of them. Whats your name?"


Reaper shut his eyes, ignoring the maddening itching from beneath his eye, where the stone had cut him. A side effect of healing he knew well. Instead, he began to meditate, in the hopes of figuring out how to escape Sky City. Chaos Control was obvious, but foolish. As soon as he did, he'd bring Soul Reapers in on wherever he jumped to - while he knew he was a prodigy and enhanced beyond the power he had during his training, he couldn't afford to face more than one at once, and he wasn't sure if his comrades would hold up against the most powerful assassins on Mobius. Stealing an aircar or flying with his own power posed similar risks. However, there was one plus-side - Sky City was renowned for farming Pokemon, both to assist in hunting and also as meat, for dragon filled the role of beef to the sky-dwellers. If he could get his hands on one of the more docile dragons, such as a Dragonite or Altaria, he might be able to dominate it's mind and pass himself off as a hunter.

Similarly, if he was extremely lucky, he might stumble across a hunter who had bred the rarest and most valuable of Power Hedgehog hunting aids - an Articuno. If he could convince the beast to help him, then his role was more than improved, it also meant that he would avoid using a food source to fly far enough away to safely Chaos Control to Vincent and the third member of the triumverant. But first, he had to distract the Soul Reapers. And only one threat was great enough to do so - he had to fake a Dra Gen Ra attack.

(Ryu-LOL Ryu would be pissed to see a magnificent beast like Articuno in the hands of a villain like Reaper.)
(Oh, I know. I'm not sure if I'll do that yet, but at the very least, Reaper will use some way to get out of the Sky Islands that's still living. - Flash)
(Ryu-Ah okay. Say how close would you think Sky Island is to the Red Mountain Zone?)
(Hmm, probably a decent distance - the Sky Islands are over the ocean, in a fixed place, unlike Angel Island. Still, depending on how close the Red Mountain Zone is to the coast, they might be faintly visible. - Flash)
(Ryu-Oh. I was just wondering if Reaper could end up running into Linebeck. Or were you planning on him running into someone else?)


Eclipse was sent from the mountian tops to a new location.
Eclipse: -appearfs from Quantam Controll and lands onto the city streets- That was almost too easy...
Eclipse then turned to the direction of the mueasum.
Eclipse: I wonder...... -said eclipse as he walked to the building- That Jester and everything that happened..... What the hell is going on.....and what ever it's making my energy and the Quantam Emerad act weird.....


Apallo and Heidi finally made it to the Border from thier current location to Station Square.

Apallo: Hold on..... I want to go somewhere first...
Apallo: Ya But we need to find the others. -turns arround- Come On.


Linebeck and Rosa had finally arrived at Station Square's border, rather exhausted from all that walking. The ferret was carrying the pink Rattata in his arms; their wounds had since stopped bleeding, but neither of them had any idea just what the shards of the artifact had done to them.

"I swear I saw some of those shards teleport away, though," he said to himself.

"Wonder where they went..."

Shrugging, he decided it was best to not worry about that and resumed walking, hoping to find his friends.


Gale finally arrived at Station Square. "What happened. I don't quite remember. I was in the crowd at the museum, A flash went off and then I woke up in that mountain range. What is going on, and what was that artifact?" He wondered through the city, trying to find any others who could be around. "I need to find somebody who can help me. A friend of mine would really be useful." He said, continuing his search.


Reaper opened his eyes once again, his plan settled. With a vile grin, he set to work. A nearby valley was an easy target. The hunting party within were caught unaware by the white hedgehog, expecting a legendary dragon Pokemon to emerge from a nearby cave.

Five minutes later, his work was done. In the conflict, he had come across one of the hunter's Pokemon, a magnificent Articuno old enough to fly someone of his size and weight but young and trusting enough to accept his commands the same as it's trainer. He returned the beautiful bird to it's Pokeball, and began the gruesome work of recreating the physical damage of a Dra Gen Ra attack. A few direct holes in the body through Light-based attacks created a perfect impression of one of the saurian race's solid-light weapons. A few wild slashes gave the impression of close-in combat with a clawed dragon, while the wide variety of elemental damage left no doubt as to what caused the damage. The lack of footprints in the surrounding environment simply increased that fact. With his disturbing deed done, Reaper called upon the Articuno and began to head for the others. With any luck, this would increase the war between his people and the Dra Gen Ra, and prevent them from catching his scent.


The lopunny made her way out side of the laboratory and then she took another look around. "Hello!" She shouted. "Is there someone who works here?" She steps forward and notices a young, pink, mobian cat-like creature with blue feathery wings and yellow halo completely passed out on the floor. "Hey!" She picked upp the child. "Wake up, are you alright?" The cat child wakes up a little bit. "Ugh, where am I?" She looked at the lopunny. "Oh my God!" She shouted with excitement. "Its a lopunny!" "Yes," said the lopunny, yes I am." ,And you can talk!" Said the cat angel. "This is gonna be a long day, said the lopunny.

The sound of glass shattering could be heard, meaning that they are not alone in this building...

The cat beast doesnt seem to notice the shattering noise, she seems more interested in the mobian lopunny. "How are you talking?" Asked the cat beast. "Pokemon can't talk". "Neither can animals, but you do."

In the shadows that surrounds them in the dark factory, several large, bright, red eyes begin showing, with their bodies shrouded in darkness...

The lopunny noticed the creatures, but doesnt seem the slightest bit frightened. "Not now kid, we need to find the others." She grabs the cat beast by the arm an quickly hops out of the building.


(Apallo: Hey do you mind if I add in a subplot)

(Im pretty suer thats NOT allowed, that falls under changing the plot to revolve around your charcters)

(You havent heard what I saied yet. and no it wont revolve aroun my characters so let that go please. All I was going to say was there could be something or someone following most of the heroes to serve as an spy for the villians, is that bad? -.-)
(That subplot won't even be necessary.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 22:08, November 22, 2012 (UTC))
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(Ryu-To be honest, I violated that rule too with my Random Rangers.)
(To be even more honest, I didn't really want to set such a small limit. Mainly considering how many characters of mine would undoubtedly get involved in this; especially after Smash just called a meeting at his house below.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 00:53, November 23, 2012 (UTC))
(Oh, well in that case........)

Back in Greenflower City, Smash had arranged a meeting at his house; the one he currently lived in. All his friends in the area gathered to hear what he had to say. As they sat around the table, waiting for him to begin, the atmosphere grew tense. Everyone knew just as well as he did that whenever a meeting was called by either of them, something serious was about to go down.

"Alright." Smash begun. "This morning I went to Station Square's museum. Many people did, in fact. They were all attracted to the newest exhibit, advertised here." He held up the small booklet, identical to the many ones scattered about in people's possessions, and tossed it down across the table. Everyone's eyes were drawn towards it.
"In that booklet, it only talked about the newest exhibit. An ancient artifact that was recently uncovered all the way up in the Kartilla Desert: The Uruboro Stone. This stone had the power to absorb it's victim's energy and use it against them. Naturally, it was in the hands of some great villain long ago. It's said that the energy of it's victims still lie dormant in it."

Smash flashed the group a warning look. "Have any of you heard about the attack on the museum this same morning?" A few people in the group answered yes, while the others looked shocked at the news. "Things began to get crazy in there; I almost lost track of what the heck was going on. I was eventually forced to flee. However, I don't think that was the last we'll see of the perpetrators. To my understanding, there were about three of them. The first one was a maniacal clown, the others were eerily disturbing, white hedgehogs. I don't know what they were planning, but in the end the Uruboro stone shattered."

"It...It shattered?" One of his friends, a red cat, spoke up. "Did they...Was it..intentional or accidental?"

Smash shook his head. "They did it on purpose."

"But why? You'd think that they would try to steal the stone for themselves, not break it...Unless..."

"Unless the entire thing was a trap to begin with." Pearl, Smash's little sister, deduced. "I remember when you got that booklet, Smash. It was lying in the middle of the street. Right in front of our house, at that. Isn't our house kind of out of the way to be losing things like that?"

Smash folded his arms and nodded. "I feared as much. But that's why I went to investigate. I needed to know just what was going on. With the stone shattered, just about everyone was wounded from it in some way or another. I think that this was their plan: Gather as many people into the exhibit as possible, cause a ruckus to fish out the muggles and leave only the people who'd try to fight back, then shatter the stone on them. For what reason, I'm still not entirely sure of yet. But since they tried to force everyone to run away after that, I'm sure that they had no more use for us. I'm afraid that something bad will happen to everyone who came in contact with the stone's shards."

Everyone began to give him worried looks. "Smash, were you...?"

Smash rose his arm, showing a bandage on his arm. "Yeah. It got me, too."

"Ohh boy...This is NOT good." Splice, one of the many people there, was looking pretty grim. "So what's our move? Do you think they're still at the museum, or...-"

"Not a chance." Smash shook his head. "They're long gone, that much I'm sure of."

Splice sighed and leaned backward in his chair. "Okay so, Museum was attacked, Uribo rock--"

"Uruboro stone" Smash corrected,

"Whatever. The thing broke, everyone got scratched by it and are now infected with whatever curse it had, and the three baddies made off to who knows where. We've got no leads, no idea what's in store for us, and no plans of action. Well that's a fine start."

Smash leaned back in his chair, folding his arms and closing his eyes. He's right. Where do we go from here..? He wondered. We've only just started and we're already at a dead end...I don't know what that stone inflicted on me, but I certainly don't wanna sit around and wait until it kicks in. So what should we do...? He fell into a deep thought, trying to come up with a plan.


Elsewhere Yuyeri had completely searched the area of the forest seeing how small it truly was. He was about ready to call it a night when he saw a broken tree branch on the ground. He looked up into the tree and saw a Girl with a bow, arrow knocked, pointed back at him. Not only that but under her resting on a thick branch was his sister Jenju in her human form.

Jenju's Human form

The other girl glared at him and pulled the arrow back to it's full extent. "Who are you and what are you doing in this forest?" she demanded Yuyeri holding her glare. Jen at that moment awoke from the other girls loud voice. She said annoyed "Uuuugh, come on Jia you told me to rest, so why are you shouting like-...BIG BROTHER !" She suddenly rolled off the tree branch and onto her sibling squeezing the life from him "i thought i'd never see you again". Yuyeri pushed her off of him "Ow, come on sis i thought you were tougher than that". "Says the guy who has no sense of direction" Jen shot back at him pouting then looking back at Jia said "You can drop the bow Jia his my brother, there's no trouble". Jia does so still glaring at him. Jen returnes her attention to Yuyeri quickly. "Oh is endac okay, is he hurt?" she said worry glowing in her eyes. Yuyeri shook his head " he's tougher than you for sure" he said chuckling as she play punched him. Yuyeri explained their situation to his sister quickly finishing with "we need to hurry back, it'll get dark soon and even with an injury Endac said we needed to get moving before the moon is high". Jia stopped them "Wait I knocked your friend out?" she asked. Yuyeri nodded in reply. Jia then apologized for the inconvenience telling them that she had just had a fight with her father and stormed out. Yuyeri nodded again "well you might as well come too, I left endac with your father anyway so we need to go back there first".


Taylor stepped out of the portal exit, standing on top of a building. He seemed to have been the closest one to the museum when he exited the portal, and noticed the stack of smoke still billowing across the street. A piece of the stone had managed to find it's way to the rooftop he stood on, which he picked up and examined.

"What a strange thing to make such a fuss about." He said. "I tell ya, these days, anything can happen. I better get back to base and fill in my report about this." He then dropped the stone and headed off to G.U.N. HQ.


Isaiah sat at the table, watching Geo and Renegade as he finished retelling what happened at the museum. When he finished, everything was silent. Geo blinked, then looked down, trying to get through his head what he just heard.

"So," Geo said, "You and a bunch of other people were attacked at a Museum because of a rock?"

Isaiah sighed. "No, Geo. They attacked us as if they had meant for all of us to show up in the first place. I think they destroyed the rock because they wanted us to get hurt in the first place. It wasn't an accident that it was done."

Renegade tilted back in his chair and swung his head back behind him to see Gyro still analyzing the stone shard they had. "Any news?" he asked Gyro in his usual tone devoid of emotion.

Gyro stood up and walked over to them. "Well, from the booklet Isaiah got," He said, "it's called the Uruboro Stone. I gem that used to be used in ancient times. It was dug up just recently in the Kartilla Desert, and they believed it to be a stone of great power, but...this stone is way more powerful than any one of us could have dared believed. After analyzing the single shard, my computer crashed, the analyzer went on the fritz, and the entire mainframe shut down."

"At least we have the mainframe restart still working." Geo stated. "So then, where do we go from here."

"Isn't it obvious?" Everybody's heads went to one of the room doors, where Gregory had just entered from. Apparently he had heard everything. "We go to the source."


Gale layed in the shadows on top of the museum, staring down into the room where the strange relic had once sat. He was still fuzzy on everything since he was knocked out when the event took place. All he had of a memory of the strange relic was a scar on his back and a burning desire to unravel the truth. He slipped into the room staying out of sight from the cameras and walked the museum, pondering what to do from here.

Anna was runnig through Station Square in a hurry,for she heard about the relic that was displayed and wanted to see it.But when she got there,the guards told her that it disspperedand that to go home.Curious,she left without a fuss as her old enemy Kraid watches her from the shadows

Anna said'I hope everyone is aright.I better go check on them before going to look for this relic."She then went off to find see f he can get some info.

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