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( ok it has started! But why is it just me and Spark!? ~ RavenCool. There are times when RavenCool just does what she just did. This is one of those times. ~ Super Silver Fan)*Also I should just call myself RavenCool*

( Ok, I'm thinking of rebooting this because Spark has been missing for a LONG time and I can't go on without him/her on. ~

BACKSTORY ( put your backstory up to when you get to RavenCool's area)


RavenCool runs and trys to find her dad, and then hears a pained howl. "DAD!! Where are you!" She is only 6 years old, but is smart and trys to help when she can. RavenCool then sees her dad is being hit and hurted by Ix the echidna. She then runs to hit the echidna with her new sword, Fuzionedge, but Ix said " Retarded wolf, know your place!" and hits her hard to get her flying. Ix then picks up RavenCool's dad and kills him. " DAD!" she yells and runs up to her now almost dead dad. She then sees Ix has picked up a weapon and is now has hit the poor wolf. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh..."
RavenCool jumps up from her sleep and looks around and sees that she is in her home in Station Square, not her family's home on Wolf Island in the Sol Dimension. " I hope that's not a bad sign, having that dream, that not how that ended....." She gets up and puts on her things, then goes down to have something to eat. Her pet Chaos Chao see she's up and all three go with her to eat. After eating, RavenCool goes out to feed her pokemon, but notes she sees none of her friends who live on her side of the road, not even Blaze, who's awake before the 15 year old wolf ( who was 11, but turned 15) and wakes up Silver and Shade( if Shade is not awake yet.), but is not there to say hi to the wolf. RavenCool goes to the other side of the road and sees everyone is gone. Well, almost everyone, as her love, Lighting and her teamates, Chaos and Iblis are still there. She looks and sees she has 7 Sol Emeralds when most of the time, only 2 or 3, as Iblis sometimes has 1 as well.
She sees Lighting is in the home of her teamates and goes in to tell them everybody is missing. Lighting sees her and goes and hugs her, happy she is not missing, unlike his teamates. A little later, after talking it over, they go out to look for their friends. Lighting says before they go that he has all 7 Chaos Emeralds and had gived one to Chaos, just in case. They then set off on to their goal to find their friends!
But they find new friends along the way, to help them at their goal!


Spark found herself somewhere she had never seen or been to. A female hedgehog stood next to her, looking at the sky."You must leave with your mother now!" the hedgehog exclaimed.Spark woke up with the sound of yowling outside her den.She ran out of her den finding her mother lying on the ground with her opposite Thunder the demon hedgecat crouched over her."Mom!"she yelled out as she ran toward Thunder.Thunder pulled out her sword and held it out.Spark pulled out her bow and arrows and pointed them at Thunder."Do you really think you can defeat me?"Thunder said."Yes,"Spark replied shooting the arrow.Thunder gave a pained yowl as she ran toward Spark with her sword held out."Chaos CONTROL!"Spark yelled out as she transported to an unknown place with her mother. She reconized the place from her dream.She then started to yowl hoping someone would hear.


Wreck was in the village of nazino, when kaboom. Everything goes completely white. Wreck wakes up in an unusual place, which he had never been to or seen before, but yet he recognised it. An unusual figure stood behind him. The figure advanced, and Wreck turned round in a flash. It was a dark red being of cyberdarkness. The figure said: "Now Wreck, there is something I need from you." Wreck questioned how the figure knew his name, and what he wanted from him. "What do I want from you? Oh… only every single aspect of your power and existence…"

Part 1

Spark heard footsteps coming near so she began to yowl louder. RavenCool hear some yowls so she howls back then comes running to where it's coming from. " Come on guys! I think it's a cat or hedge-cat." Iblis gets there first and see a hedge-cat that is'n Jade." Hey who are you little kitty?"He said in a tone that tells he thinks you going to run when you see him. " Iblis! We don't know who this is! We need to be careful!" " Lighting, this person is hurt." She points to a hurt person that she think is near death. " Hey guys I think we should help and we will be helped back."Said Chaos as he sees the person Iblis is next to.(hey who is the person Spark sees in the dream? ~ Super Silver Fan) Spark stopped yowling as soon as she saw the three."I need someone to help my mom,"she said as she took her bloody hand off of her mom's chest.(the person she sees is someone from StarClan~ "Hi I'm RavenCool the Wolf and this Lighting the Hedgehog" she points to the cyan and yellow hedgehog."This is Chaos the big Chaos Chao" she points to Chaos, who is seeing what they can do for your mother. " And last but not least, This is Iblis." She points to the lava thing that had found you. "Hey RavenCool!" " What Chaos!?" "Come over here!" "OK!" She walks over to where your mom is and sees the damage. Iblis looks over to Spark and asks " What is your name?" in the kindest tone he can do. Lighting unpacks their stuff and says "This is going to be a long night". RavenCool comes over to say " Your mom needed first aid, but me and Chaos did it for you, so could you help us find our friends? That and your mom needs to heal,so she will not be up and moving a lot."Spark threw her poke balls in the air releasing a Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, Reshiram, Zoroark, and Eelektross."I'm Spark,"she said.RavenCool looks into her bag and pulls out six poke balls. " Come on out team!" Out of the poke balls come a Golduck, Emboar, Galvantula, Sawsbuck, Giratina, and Lugia.( fun fact: That is my team from Black 2) " That Giratina I have had feeled bad for me when my dad had died. So six weeks after that, it wanted to be my first Pokemon and I'm happy it was, not everyone starts with something like her ( yes I think Giratina is a girl) But you have a good team yourself, Spark!" " So I'm guessing you have powers like mine?" Lighting said as he tosses a mini lighting bolt at some wood to start a fire. RavenCool goes over to the fire and for some odd reason, gives Lighting a kiss on his cheek. Lighting then starts blushing but sits close to the gray wolf and holds her. Iblis goes over to get a hug from Chaos, who gives him a kiss so Iblis will hold him for a little bit.Spark walked over to the fire and grabbed a flame from the fire."Not just lightning powers,"she said. " Two powers? Hey that like me and Iblis can do, I have ice and fire, and Iblis has fire and geo." said RavenCool as she eats something. "Hey I can do that!" said Iblis as he picks up ALL the fire. (hey RavenCool,Lighting,Chaos and Iblis are as tall as humans if not taller)Thunder transported to where the six were, holding out her sword."Time to die angel," she said. RavenCool hears someone unkown and gets Giratina to use Protect, then her, Iblis, and Chaos get ready to fight as Lighting puts out the fire to keep them hidden. " Guys, I going ahead to see what is going on, if I need you I will howl, Ok?" then the wolf goes out and gets ready to fight this person.Thunder threw out her dark pokemon Umbreon, Sneasel, Weavile, Houndoom, Seviper, and Tyranitar."Ready to battle?"she said.RavenCool sends out all of her pokemon team and Golduck uses Aqua Tail on the T-tar( yes I'm going to call it a T-tar), Emboar use Arm Thrust on the umbreon, Sawsbuck uses Jump Kick on the Weavile, Galvantula uses Electroweb on the Seviper, Giratina uses Earth Power on the Sneasel, and Lugia uses Surf on Houndoom, when RavenCool trys to hit this odd person.Spark grabs RavenCool's arm."You can't attack the trainer,"she said."Ok" said the wolf as she backs down and tells the pokemon to uses the moves one more time and use them at the same time to hit all the foes."Chaos CONTROL!" Thunder yells out as she transports somewhere else with her Pokemon."She's gone," Spark says.A bush starts to move and two echidnas walk out, one Knuckles Clan, the other Nocturnus. " That person is gone! We don't need to find a new hiding spot, Tikal!" the Nocturnus said as he sees RavenCool and Chaos are there. " Good, Steve. Now we can help our friends!" RavenCool sees them and says " Good! The two best echidnas we need! Right guys?!"Spark transformed into a bloodthirsty tiger and jumped on the Nocturnus echidna.Steve goes into his were wolf form and starts to try to get Spark off. Tikal roars and goes in to her were lion form and jumps on Spark to get her off poor Steve."Spark, It's ok, Steve's with us!" The wolf said.Spark kicks Tikal off of her, stands up, and tranfroms back into a hedgecat." Hey, don't kick my love! GRRRRRR...." Steve says only to be cut off by Tikal hugging him to get him to calm down. ( They got out of were form) " And that is why I ever make echidnas mad...." Chaos said as he sits down to rest.Spark looks at the echidna then at the sky, grows huge feather wings, and flies off into the sky.Something flew through and went straight into Spark's side.Spark gave a pained yowl as she began to fall out of the sky.RavenCool hears and goes were.(her's is a dragon) She flys up and gets Spark and looks around and sees a echidna. (and the person Spark gets hit by if alt) " IX!" The wolf yells. " Happy to see me, kid wolf? I hope so, or this is going to be not a lot of fun" Ix said as he runs to the two.Hollyberry shoots an arrow right into Ix's side.Then RavenCool runs to as fast as Blaze the Cat and uses Fuzion Rush. " You want fun? Then here you go!" " Cusre you.... wolf but I will be back!" Ix said as he warps away.Spark drops to her knees."Mom!"Hollyberry yells as she runs to Spark." Wait Spark, your that person's MOM!" RavenCool said as she heared that. " I guess she's older than 15, because that's our age." Lighting said as he ran over to make sure the wolf is ok. The wolf just gives a hug and a kiss to the hedgehog and tells him." Don't worry Light, I'm ok, but I think I need to rest for now." Then she notes she got a bad hit that got her a few cuts on her gut area, and Lighting sees them too, and cleans and bandage the cuts up, even when the wolf wiphers pianfuly. " Don't worry, my fuzion pup, your ok now. Shhhhhhhhhh....." He said as he got donegy and picks up the wolf. RavenCool, right now wanting to rest, just suggles up to Lighting's crest fur and falls asleep. " Hey, Spark, why did you atteck Steve?" said Chaos as he trys to find a place to sleep.Iblis picks up the big chaos chao and sits down and holds him so Iblis has something to hug."I am 15,"Spark said as she hugged Hollyberry." Well at leslt no got killed, but RavenCool and Spark got hurt, that's why RavenCool is asleep in my arms. But Spark, if your 15, then who's this?" Lighting said as he points to Hollyberry. RavenCool's ears fold down and she wiphers like she is in fear. Lighting holds her a little closer and pets her utill she calms." Sorry, any time she's hurt from fighting Ix, she gets bad dreams about when the Nocturnus atecked her famliy's home in the Sol Dimension."I h, the only Nocturnus that were there who did't kill any wolfs are Steve and his two brothers, Bob and Pete. And Shade was not there. It happened when she was 6 and she lost her dad. That and Ix aged me and her 4 years, so we sould be 11, not 15." Lighting said so everyone knows RavenCool's past a bit."This is my daughter,"Spark said.A green hegdecat jumped oug of a tree landing next Spark." Care to explane that and who Mr. Green is?" The cyan and yellow hedgehog asked."Quiet do not make fun of Lightningclaw,"Spark snapped."He is my son." "Sorry!" Lighting said. " I don't know." Chaos looks up and says " It's getting dark, can we just go to sleep?" Iblis is aready asleep and staying like that."Sure," Spark said.She then laid her head down on the ground and closed her eyes.Lighting lies down and holds RavenCool and goes to sleep, hoping the wolf's hugging of him will keep her calm. Iblis just falls back and Chaos uses him as a pillow and Chaos goes to sleep. ( Steve warped him and Tikal back to their home ok?)Jamie howled into the night.At 11 PM, RavenCool wakes up and hears the howls and howls back to the full moon.Spark wakes up to the howls and notices the full moon."I have to go,"she says as she wakes up Hollyberry and Lightningclaw." Do you want us to come with you?" The wolf asks but then feel a little pain. " RAAAAAAAAAA!" she roars as she goes into her dragon were form, and Lighting, Chaos and Iblis go into their's but staying asleep." Sorry, the full moon makes us go were. It just happens at 12 AM most of the time." The wolf says as she gets up on all fours."Sure,"Spark said as she teleported them to her home. " Who,what,where,what!" Iblis says as his wings start to move up, down and all around. ( SA1 anyone? XD) ( Iblis= Balor * look it up* Lighting= Dragon Chaos= Crocodile) " Iblis, stop your wings!" Chaos yells as he got hit by one. " 1. Where are we? 2. RavenCool, why are you up?" The cyan and yellow were dragon asks. " Just doing some howling." RavenCool said as she lies next to Lighting.A orange hedgehog walks up to Spark."Who have you brought here and are you ready for the Gathering?"he asks.

Part 2:The Gathering

" What's the Gathering?" RavenCool asks as she looks at the new hedgehog. ( Also why did you make a new part?) " Raaaaaaaaaaor...." Iblis says in fear. Chaos hugs the lava monster to keep him calm. " RavenCool?" Lighting says as he just looks at the hedgehog."The Gathering is when the four warrior Clans meet,"Spark says."This is Firestar." " Hi, I..I'm Iblis, Firestar." Says Iblis as starts to calm down. " I'm RavenCool." The wolf says as she pets Lighting. " And this is Chaos and Lighting." She said as she pionts to the big Chaos Chao and lighting hedgehog. ( Hey Spark, your back!)"No need to fear us,"Firestar says."Oh there is a need to fear,"a white male cat with black ears and paws."We smell fear." All four of the elemenal team get fearful from the cat.A red female cat with blue spots and the tip of her left ear missing stands next to the male cat."Shadefoot is just being mean,"she says."I'm Bluespots." " Hi there." said Chaos as seeing someone being nice was calming. " Have you seen any other odd people you don't know? Like a fire cat or a silver hedgehog or a dark shadow?" Asked Iblis as he was worryed about his brother, Mephiles the Dark " Or a White and Black hedgecat" He adds."No,"Bluespots replied."I have seen a shadow around,"Shadefoot said. " Did it look like Shadow the Hedgehog, but diffent color?" Asked Iblis."No,"Shadefoot replied."But he says that it is as black as my Dark Mist,"a beautiful white female cat with white ears says." Where do you keep seeing it?!" Iblis said/ yelled."It appears in camp sometimes,"the cat said."I'm Hawktalon." " Ok, can you take us there?" Asked RavenCool as her cuts are giving her pain and she wants to lie down."You are in camp,"Hawktalon says."It's time to leave."Hawktalon and the rest of the clan join at the front of camp. A shadow comes and starts turning into a hedgehog. " Brother?!" Said Iblis. " Time to leave? For you?" Asked Chaos."Yeah.We have to go to the Gathering,"Spark says."Want to come?" " Sure" Says RavenCool as she wants to be somewhere safe. " Hey what about me?" Mephiles asked as he got done turning to his hedgehog form."Come on then!"Spark says as her and the rest of the Clan follow her to Fourtrees. RavenCool and Her friends run to Spark's clan and go with them.As they aprouch Fourtrees they see three other Clans." I was going to ask, but I'm not." said Mephiles as he sees the other clans."You guys have to stay underneth Greatrock,"Spark says as she climbs on to the giant boulder with Firestar." This? Why?" asked Iblis as he points to the rock."Because only leaders and deputies are aloud,"replies a brown with white underbelly male cat says."I'm Hawkfrost." RavenCool and her friends get under the rock, unbelt little to no arm room."Warriors of all Clans!"Firestar says."We are here to tell about the new things in are Clans." " What do you think the new things are brother?" Wispered Iblis to Mephiles. " Don't know" said Mephiles."ShadowClan would you like to go first?"Firestar asks."Of course,"Blackstar says."WE have four new Warriors." " I wonder who the new warriors are." said Iblis. " Shut your piehole, Iblis, or I will use duck tape to shut it." said RavenCool. Iblis then shuts his piehole for now."There is a profechy that four friends, A yellow hedgecat, a grey wolf, a green cat, and a cyan and yellow hedgehog will meet a fate not like the others,"Firestar says. "A grey wolf....." said RavenCool. " A cyan and yellow hedgehog....." said Lighting. " Hey what about me and Chaos?" said Iblis."That is the end of the Gathering,"Firestar says as he and Spark jump off Greatrock." So what do you guys think of that profechy?" Asked RavenCool."Sounds like you, me, Lighting, and Oatleaf," Spark said. " What about us?!" asked Iblis and Chaos.You will probably acompany us on our journey," Oatleaf said walking up next to Spark. Mephiles sits on Iblis' head. " Oh." Said Iblis and Chaos."Well I'm glad that makes sense now," Spark says." Ok, but can we look for my friends along the way? " Asked RavenCool."Why not? I owe you one anyway,"Spark said." What do you owe her from?" asked Mephiles."For healing my mom," Spark says as she puts in her music and turns it up really loud. " Then lets get going. Wait I hear something." Said RavenCool. " It's just the wind." said Mephiles."It's not the wind,"Oatleaf says as he sniffs the air.

PART 3: The Were Rock ( Were forms anyone?)

RavenCool smells the air. " Tails if you here, show yourself!" She yelled."We better get back to camp"Spark says. RavenCool nods and her friends nod as well. Suddenly, a voice shouts out for help. RavenCool runs to where the voice comes from.Spark runs to the gorge and sees a wolf hanging over the edge. A sound growls in the bush, scared. Spark notices Vultro the Fennec hanging on the wolf's tail. Vultro looks up and says, "Uh, hi Spark. Me and my new friend here are in a bit of a sticky situation." Something in the trees growls at Iblis and Lighting. " Terros, I know its you, get down here, little brother." Said RavenCool as she heared the wolf talk from the trees. " Aw, come on sis, why can't we look around?" asked Terros as he came out of the tree with a leap. " Wait you have a brother?" asked both Chaos and Mephiles as they see Terros land on the ground. " Terros, why are you even here? Didn't you say your were going to Flame Core to train your fire powers?" The older wolf asked as she sees her brother came to Mobius with armor and sword making tools and a new sword. " Well, when I got to Flame Core, I also trained a power I kept sercet so I could beat you in a fight!" Said Terros as he shows the sword. " I have not just fire under my control, but earth as well. This sword I made from a odd metal I found at Flame Core." He finshed, helping Vultro and the wolf up. "Wait, but then why are you here? Do you need some training from me?" asked Iblis. "Training? What are you guys up to this time?" asked Vultro. " Who the heck are you, fox?" Asked Terros, not knowing Vultro. "I'm Vultro the Fennec. I'm good friends with Spark and RavenCool." Vultro explained. " Something makes me think she steped on you when you first meeted." Said the wolf, happy he could get a joke in. " Terros is only 13 so he acts a little odd a lot...." Said RavenCool. Vultro jumped up and gave RavenCool a hug. "It's nice seeing you, it's been awhile best bud!" "We should get back to camp," Spark said. She led them to her Clan's camp." Ok I'm going to show you my powers" says the male wolf when they get to camp. " Ok try it." says Iblis. Terros focres his fire powers first to shoot a flame at a rock,but the flames hit Lighting, RavenCool and Mephiles' heads, lighting them on fire. " AH!" Yell all three as they jump in to a pool of water."Idiot!" Hawktalon yells."You should not use your powers in camp. You could burn all of the dens." "Hey, lighten up! That was pretty funny." Vultro exclaimed while laughing. " Not for me and these two!" Yelled Mephiles.A cat was limping toward them, his leg twisted inward. " Who goes there?!" Yells Terros as he gets ready to fight. " Bro, calm down. The cat is hurt" Said RavenCool as she tells the cat to come closer. " Don't worry we won't hurt you."The cat stops in front of them."I'm not hurt,"he says."I was born like this. My name is Oddfoot." " Oh" Said both wolves."Cinderpelt, our medicine cat, knows how I feel,"Oddfoot said. " Heck I know how you feel, as you can see, I have no mouth." Said Mephiles, pointing to his muzzle.Three small hedgecats bounced around RavenCool's legs chasing each other."I got your tail, Birchkit," the biggest one said."Your the rabbit." "No you didn't, Featherkit!" the second biggest one replied. The smallest one looked up at RavenCool."Who are you?" he asked.  (I was going to get mad about you controling my characters, but it fits in this case, so I don't care. ~ Raven)"I'm RavenCool the wolf. Who are you three?" RavenCool said.

"I'm Stormkit!" the little male hedgecat says. "And I'm going to be the best warrior ever!"

"Not if you don't start listening to your mother and I," someone says. A mobian who looks to be a mixture of different species walks up to the group. She picks up Stormkit, along with the other two. "My name is Angel. These three are my grandkits."     Angel looks to be only 20, at the youngest, and 25, at the oldest.

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