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Dungeon theme:

"The Labyrinth of Amala" - Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

"The Labyrinth of Amala" - Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

Part 2: Sarge's Dungeon

[Iris and Phantom run into the room]

Iris: Guys!!

[Loud yelling and thudding is heard from the floor above and a loose chandelier falls next to the entrance. Loud whispers tell the group to "Get out! Leave this area be!"]

Dani: Hm? What's wrong, Iris?

Phantom: *turns to Dani* This is hard to explain... Earlier Sarge had a headache, so he decided to head up to his room. Then after slamming the door, a bright light came from it... And then this happened.

Demente: *Walks to them* What's going- *Looks around* ...nevermind, I won't ask.

Iris: *Nods* We need to find Sarge. But this place looks huge. how will we find him?

Dani: *shrugs* I guess we'll have to look everywhere.

Iris: It starts in that place. Lets go there! 

[As the four enter the dungeon,  the door closes]

Iris: Now is a bad time to realize I forgot my weapon outside... *Laughs nervously*

Demente: Weapons? Are we going to need weapons?

Phantom: *sighs* I don't have many kunai with me.

Iris: I am sure we will be fine, as long as I can use my power.

Ghostly voice: We told you to get out! OUT NOW! WE WARNED YOU! Face your death slowly....

[A weird force blinds everyone and seperates them from each other]

Iris: G-Guys?! 

[A Shadow charges towards Iris]

Iris: *Screams and throws Fire at the shadow, it has no affect* 

[In the Velvet Room]

Igor: Welcome again, Iris. Do you know why I brought you here again?

Iris: *Looks somewhat scared for her life* N-no?

Igor: I summoned you again because now is the chance to use your abilities!.. Go on change them, focus your mind on the element you wish to master and use it to your advantage.

[Back in the dungeon]

Iris: *Closes eyes and concentrates* Change! *Flings out hand and lightning pierces directly through the shadow* Th-that....

Dani: That was awesome!! *her eyes are sparkling*

Iris: *Turns around to face Dani* Oh, there you are. You saw that?

Dani: *Nods* Mhm!

Iris: Alright, we have to find the others, get Sarge, and leave.

Dani: Alright.

Iris: *Strikes lightning through a wall* Sarge? Phantom? Demente...? *turns around to look at Dani* Do you think Sarge is okay?

Dani: I hope so...

Iris: *nods* Right. *continues tearing through walls with lightning*

Dani: So, you're just going to keep tearing through walls?

Iris: Right! *Breaks through a wall and shadows charge at, flings fire at them and they falls to ground dead* Thats the main plan. *Looks around and sees Demente* Oh, there you are.

Demente: *Seems slightly scared, but quickly shakes it off* Nice entrance.

Iris: Thanks *Dusts self off* Were those shadows attacking you?

Demente: They tried to...I don't think I would've survived if you hadn't burst in like that.

Iris: *Nods* Yeah, for now we need to find Phantom and Sarge, then get out of here.

Dani: Okay.

Iris: *Lightning strikes the wall but it doesnt break* Uh...

Demente: *Looks at Iris* Having trouble?

Iris: Well, I dont see any exit out of here, and if I can't break through the wall...

[Meanwhile, in another area.]

Phantom: *sniffs* Ugh, and to think I would've liked being seperated from some of those people...

[Loud screaming his heard from the floors above with words hard to clearly decypher.]

  • Two bloody manikins lay in front of the group blocking their door way*

Manikins: *dead pale expressions* We... warned you....

Iris: *Attempts to strike the Manikins with lightning with no affect* J-Just run! 

Demente: Run? Where?! *Looks around for a path to run*

Iris: Around them! Around them! I'm sure Sarge is behind them! *Uses light to momentarily blind the manikins*

Dani: O-okay! *She runs to the area behind the manikins as they are blinded*

Demente: *He runs around the manikins, following Dani*

Iris: *Jumps over the manikins running behind the others*

[The group approaches towards a door]

[The atmosphere feels heavier as the wind hits upon the dungeon, loud strife is heard from above]

Dani: W-what was that?

Iris: A loud noise from above. Obviously.

[In the floor above]

Phantom: I don't like this at all...

Manikins: *inspecting the floor Phantom is on*

Phantom: *turns around* Crud-- *looks around for a hiding place.*

Manikin 1: Hey!... Did you hear something?

Manikin 2: No... We should continue looking around, it's best we cover up all there is here.. We're not as strong as the main guards below... We should stick together...

Manikin 1: Well aren't you a wuss, we're gonna seperate to cover more ground. Got it?

Manikin 2: *sigh* Fine...

Phantom: *hides behind a wall.*

Manikin 2: *worried look and nervous walking/voice tone* U-Um... What ever you are come out and face me like a man!... *walks further down the hallway*

Phantom: *glares at the Manikin 2.* You're going down... *throws a kunai at it's back.*

Manikin 2: GAahhH!... *groans in pain until he is finally silenced by his fatality*

Manikin 1: ..The hell was that!.. *runs to the hallway he heard his friend die* ....

Phantom: *realizes she left the rest of her kunai back at the dorm.* Oh god...

Manikin 1: Hey you stop th--!

Phantom: *kicks the Manikin 1 into a wall* See ya! *runs.* 

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