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Part 1: Coming to Emerald City

[As the sun goes down, a train pulls into Emerald high with all of the new students]

Iris: *Walks from the train and starts walking towards dorm*

Sarge: *Looking around Paulownia about to exit the mall*

Iris: *Makes her way by Paulownia mall, her eyes move towards the malls public TV, and her forehead begins to hurt. Continues walking*

Sarge: *makes his way out of the crowd and exits Paulownia taking a taxi to the Dormitory*

Iris: *takes a second train over to the Dormitory, leaves train and looks at Dormitory door* So this is where I'll be living....

[A mysterious door appears next to the dormitory, it opens on its own revealing a light]

Iris: ... *Walks into the mysterious door*

Sarge: *arrives at the dorm and enters the lobby*

[In the velvet room]

Pointy Nosed Man: Ah, a new guest. Welcome to the velvet room. I am your assistant to aid you in your abilities. I see, you are different from past guests... You seem to have an ability that is most intruiging... You have the ability to change your strengths and weaknesses... Do you know where you are?

Iris: ?! The velvet room...? Weaknesses...? W-who are you?!

Pointy Nosed Man: I am Igor, head of the velvet room. You have the ability to switch out your powers, making your strength nearly infinate, like the number zero. You can access powers hidden deep within the tarot cards. Albeit, your ability is weak now... You will come across your power two days from now at midnight..

Iris: Weak...?! Zero...? Tarot cards...?

Igor: Well, your power isn't weak but it is in development.. You represent the number zero and its tarot card, The Fool. Heed me, because you are of The Fool Arcana it does not represent that you are a fool, it represents that you have infinite abilities and skills alike. You can access this room in your dreams and through a door with blue light coming from the inside. You will form many hardships with your dormates. It is essential you take care of them like family. Do you have any other questions?

Iris: N-no....

Igor: Then you shall be on your way. I'm sorry to take your time, next time feel free to visit on your own to ask all the questions you couldn't. Remember rely on your friends.

[Velvet Room door opens to Iris so she can exit]

Iris: [Leaves Velvet Room and enters the dorm, notices a glowing contract on the dormitory desk and looks it over]

Contracts writting: You will take responsibility for all actions you take.

Iris: [looks over contract and then signs it]

[A girl who turns to Iris and smiles warmly at her.] Oh, I didn't expect to see you~! Your name is...Iris, right?

Iris: Umm, yes. And you are?

Girl: My name is Dani.

Iris: Nice to meet you. I believe there are two others living here, am I correct?

Dani: Yes, there are two others.

Iris: Hm, sounds great! Well, I better go unpack. My room is 3-B, right?

Dani: Uh-huh. Do you want me to take you there or do you know the way?

Iris: If you could show me, that'd be great!

[Time passes after that and then that night all of the dormmates watch the news together]

Newscastor: Just two weeks from now three students have been killed during midnight. Medical staff say it was cleary a physical battle the students entered in. No one really knows what happened but officers are going around looking for suspects. And now the weather...

Sarge: *finishes cooking and gives the dormates their food* Hope you guys like sushi. Well anyway whats up with the news? I knew one of those guys... Its odd, Phantom isn't here to see..

Phantom: *walks into the room* Did I hear my name?

[Dani turns to Phantom, smiling while holding a pair of chopsticks in her hands, with a thin piece of makizushi in between the two sticks.]

Dani: Oh hello, Phantom~.

Iris: Oh, I dont think I've met you yet. Im Iris, and you are Phantom i guess?

Phantom: *faintly smiles and nods towards Sarge and Dani* G'morning you two.

Phantom: *glares at Iris* Yes, and who might you be?

Iris: I thought i just said...

Sarge: Hello Phantom.. Uh... She's Iris by the way Phantom, a new dormate. She'll be attending our school, now you two must me hungry so dig in...

Phantom: *muttering under her breath while sitting down* When I said who is she I didn't want her name, I wanted to know why the hell she's here...

Iris: *Begins eating the Sushi*

Sarge: ...Well, Phantom did you hear?.. Three students have been killed during midnight... Strange right?

Phantom: *begins to pick up the sushi with her chopsticks* I suppose... Do we know who any of them are?

Sarge: Yeah Julius, he was one of the track runners at school. It's a shame, the guy was friendly too.

Iris: Well, you dont know, maybe he will come back...

Phantom: What do you mean, "come back"? The students were killed.

Iris: K-killed? S-sorry I was... thinking about something and I guess I didnt hear correctly... Heheh

Sarge: Er... The school was gonna put up a little picture of him up on the first floor next to the gym. His parents are really depressed... The other two that were killed were to college kids about to graduate from their fourth year.

Dani: I hope no one else gets hurt...

Phantom: *looks at the clock.* Oh, time's up. Let's get ready for school.

Sarge: Yeah it's kinda late. Guys go get some rest so we can get up early for school tomorrow. Dani would you mind showing Iris the way around when she comes in?

Iris: I-it's alright. I think I might watch the news a little longer while I study.

[Iris stays up and studies until midnight, all of the sudden the moon outside turns green]

Iris: *looks out window and blinks* H-Huh? *Backs away from the window and runs up to her room sleeping through the rest of the night*

[As the sun comes up, all the students are already up except for Iris]

Sarge: *knocks on Iris' door* Wakey wakey Iris! You're gonna miss the train!

Iris: *Opens door slightly bothered* Err, right.... *walks by and stops* ... Did you by any chance see the moon last night?

Sarge: No, I haven't... What about it?

Iris: It was... green... and something was different.

Sarge: Riiiiight... Iris, ya sure you weren't too tired to think correctly... Well any way, Iris you have to attend school. Go catch the train with Dani. I'll go to school as soon as possible.

Iris: ... Okay. *Leaves dorm and sees Dani out front* Oh, hey!

Dani: Oh hello, Iris. Let's hurry up, we don't want to miss the train.

Iris: Wait... Could I talk to you for a minute? Something has been bothering me...

Dani: Oh, you can tell me. What's been bothering you?

Iris: Last night at about Midnight... I think the moon turned green and something changed... Would you mind staying up with me to study tonight? Just to see if I was imagining it or not...

Dani: A green moon~? That's odd... I won't mind staying up with you.

Iris: Okay, than- !!! Oh jeez. I forgot we gotta get to class

[The two head to school on the train]

Iris: *Walks off the train* Woah... This is Emerald High?! It's huge!

Dani: Mhm. *She opens the doors at the front of the school, holding them for Iris*

Iris: *Walks into the school* Okay, I can find the front desk from here! See you after school! 

[As Iris enters the office she sees another Male student at the counter]

Male Student: *talking to the woman at the front counter.*

Front Office Lady: Okay, Mr. Esu, your dorm shall be 3-B

Iris: Hey that's the dorm I stay in, so you are new here too?

Esu: Thanks, Mi-- *turns around to see Iris.* Oh, yes, I am. I come from a different school.

Iris: Cool! I'm new too. I'm Iris, and you are?

Esu: Nice to meet you, Iris. I'm Esu. *reaches his hand out to shake hands with her.*

Iris: *shakes his hand* Hey, maybe we could go to the dorm together after school?

Esu: Sure. I don't see why not.

Iris: Okay. One second. *Looks over on class assighnment board* Okay, Well I'll see you later Esu! 

Esu: Alright, bye then!

Iris: *Walks from the office and notices Phantom walking by* Oh, hey!

Phantom: *hurrying to class* I hate being late... I should've known better than to stay up studying...

Phantom: Yes? *turns around* Oh... It's you.

Iris: The way you say my name just makes me feel great, thank you. Although, hatred aside, we share the same dorm and homeroom teacher. 

Phantom: *sighs.* Just wonderful, put me in the same class as the newbie.

Iris: Everyone is new at some point. Even you...

Phantom: I grew up in this town. The last time I was "new" was the first day I ever came to school along with other kids that were new.

Iris: O-oh...

Esu: *walks out the office, and walks around the hallways in curiousity.*

Phantom: Anyways, I'm not going to waste any more time with you. *turns around and starts walking towards her homeroom*

Esu: *accidently bumps into Phantom.* Oh, I'm sorry, miss. I didn't know you were there.

Phantom: No it's fine... *continues on walking.* Idiots...

Iris: *Sighs* Well that was... *shakes head and walks towards homeroom*

[The day goes on normally and the end of the day comes quickly]

Iris: *Waits at the front of the school for Esu*

Esu: *humming to a tune, and sees Iris at the front of the school.* Oh, hey! 

Iris: Oh, hey. *starts walking*

Esu: *walks beside her, still humming.* 

Iris: Was your first day as bad as mine?

Esu: Yeah. It was pretty bad.

Iris: Mmm *Walks over to train and enters* Well I hope tomorow will be better.

Esu: *walks onto the train; enters as well.* Yeah, let's hope..

[The train pulls in at the dorm]

Iris: Well here it is. *Opens door and walks in* I'm not sure where your room is... so sorry.

Sarge: Welcome back Ir- Ooooh I see you got your self a friend. You adapt quickly Iris *chuckles*. But anyway, how was school for you two?

Iris: Terrible....

Esu: Yeah, it was pretty terrible. Not enjoyable at all. *shrugs.* But hey, that's school for you.

Sarge: Why was that? Something happen?

Iris: It is best I dont say...

Esu: There's this really.. so to say.. not friendly girl that I ran into in the hallways, but besides that, everything overall, was really terrible, boring.. I could go on and on about it..

Sarge: Tch.. I knew Phantom would do that again... She was like that with me at one point, you guys'll get used to her don't worry... Iris I need to speak to you, talk to me when you are alone some point today.

Iris: Is it about... you know what?

Sarge: *nod*

Phantom: *walks in, her fur is drenched from the rain*

Sarge: Welcome back Phantom!... You're drenched!.. What happened? You didn't have an umbrella?

Phantom: *smiles slightly* I happen to like the rain.

Sarge: *chuckles* That you do, go warm up alright? You're gonna get sick.

Phantom: Alrighty. *heads upstairs*

Iris: Mmm...

[The day goes on and the moon is up, the time is currently 11:50 P.M]

Dani: *Looks at Iris* What were you supposed to be showing me again?

Iris: A green Moon. *looks at watch* and it looks like there are only nine minutes left.

Sarge: *goes downstairs silently* Okay guys, I have the keys let me know when you're ready to walk out.

[The clock hits midnight and suddendly the light coming through the window is green]

Iris: *looks out window* ... Guys...

Dani: Hm? *she walks over to Iris's side*

[Outside the window three shadows charge]

Iris: *Screams and jumps to the side pushing Dani over as the shadows break through the wall*

Sarge: *guards the two* Hold on you two I'll take em! RUN!

Dani: I don't want to see you get hurt...

Shadow: *Rams self into Sarge knocking him down*

Sarge: *falls over, gets up and tries to chase the shadow so it does no harm* Dani, Iris run! Get out of here!

Iris: *Head rings* N-no... *Flings out hand and fire appears around a shadow, killing it* S-Stay back!

Sarge: I-iris! That was amazing!... *closes the dorm's front door and runs to Iris* A-are you okay?

Iris: I-I... *Seems to be confused* I'm fine... L-lets just try to go get some sleep...

Sarge: Right...

[The next morning..]

Sarge: *shudders in his emerald high uniform* ...What a horrible night...

Iris: Ugh... I just want to forget about it.

Sarge: I hate to say... But we have to investigate further...

Iris: Are you for real? It's not like we are experts at fighting... much less fighting those... things.

Sarge: Don't worry, we're gonna get help. I know a guy that can give us weapons to help us defend ourselves. Talk to me after class..

Iris: Won't we get in trouble for having weapons in our dorm...?

Sarge: Nah, I'll fix it up if we do. Any way, are you willing to come with me after class?

Iris: S-sure. But if we are gonna stay up, I think we will need more than just three students with weapons...

Sarge: I have no idea how to recruit the others... But leave that out of the question. Let's go to school.

[At school]

Phantom: *walking through the hallway*

Iris: *Notices Phantom walking* Hey... Phantom? Sarge wanted me to ask you to stay up with us tonight...

Phantom: *turns around* Mm? Um... I suppose... But only for Sarge.

Iris: Alright... I can explain after school. 

Phantom: *hesitantly nods and walks off*

Iris: Mmm *walks to her classes*

[The school day goes on as normal and the day ends quickly]

Iris:*Walks over to Phantom* Okay, we have to first meet Sarge outside.

Phantom: I don't need you to tell me what to do. *walks outside.*

Iris: Mmm *follows Phantom outside and sees Sarge* Hey Sarge.

Phantom: Why do you need me to stay up?

Sarge: Me, Iris, and Dani found something rather disturbing last midnight... Every time the clock strikes 12:00 at midnight the moon turns green... Now I know from our past months as partners that I joke about most situations... This however is serious... Now today, we will go to a family business partner of mine... He sells jewelry, but behind the register table he has an entire arsenal of weapons. I will choose the one hand katana. It's up to you to figure out what you prefer.

Phantom: *somewhat stunned* Um... Alright... I'll go with a couple of kunai... I think..

Iris: I'll take a war-hammer... Although, I doubt I will really need a weapon.

Sarge: *nod* Come on guys, we needa catch the train to head to subburbs of Emerald City.

Iris:How about a Taxi? *Whistles loudly annd a taxi stops* I'll pay.

Phantom: If you say so...

Iris: *scoots into Taxi* Sarge you tell him where to go...

Sarge: Please go to the subburbs close to the shop called the "Shiny Monocle"

Taxi-Driver: You got it.

[At the Shiny Monocle]

French Accented Man: Oi! Bonjour, welcome to ze Shiny Monocle! I zee Riley is 'ere! What can I do for you old friend?

Sarge: *chuckles and smiles* It's good to see your business is still good Andre. These are my friends, Iris and Phantom. They attend the same school as me.

Phantom: *nods towards Andre* Hello there.

Iris: Hi...

Sarge: Andre.. We need weapons, do ya still have your arsenal..?

Andre: Why yes I do, so what eez it that you need ze weapons for?

Sarge: Iris.. Ya wanna explain..?

Iris: Err... We were attacked yesterday? They are for self defense mainly.

Andre: It eez bad that I just give my weapons to students for self defence... Eez zere anything else you need to tell me, you can trust me!

Sarge: I've known Andre for a while Iris, just tell em he won't speak a word to anyone.

Iris: Well, we stayed up till midnight last night and then we noticed a green moon... Then a few seconds after these  strange monsters attacked us... Oh jeez I sound so stupid right now!

Andre: Oi! Ze midnight theory! I 'eard of this, but it was just a theory. Well now zince you guys 'ave told me I shall go get ze weapons!.. Please, tell me what you prefer!

Sarge: One hand Katana please..

Iris: I'll take a war-hammer... Oh, Sarge, can you call Dani and ask what she wants?

Sarge: I just got a text from her, she said a spear will do good.

Andre: Okay spear, hammer, and what do you want miss?

Phantom: *staring at Sarge and Iris as if they were out of their minds* Um, kunai please...

Andre: Okay weapons on the double!


Andre: *gives them the weapons* I 'ope you use them well!

Sarge: *pays for all the weapons* Thanks Andre, you helped us. Now guys let's exit

[The group leaves and return to the dorm. After eating dinner, they watch the news and study until the time is 11:57]

Iris: Almost time... *holding war hammer cautiously*

Sarge: *waiting drinking water* ....

Phantom: I still don't understand Sarge... Shouldn't we be studying instead?

Dani: What if those shadows attack us again...? *Leaning on her spear, she looks at Phantom, worried.* ...I mean, studying is good, but would you risk your life to study?

Sarge: She's right Phantom, leave the studies...

[The clock strikes Midnight. The moon turns green and blood surrounds the floor. The Dark Hour begins]

Sarge: Alright, I'm going to open the entrance doors again. Watch out for shadows.. Tell me when you guys are ready..

Iris: Okay, After that lets go up to my room. I have a telescope there, I wanna use it to observe the moon. *Stays directly behind Sarge just in case*

Phantom: I still don't understand... *is holding her kunai at her side.*

Sarge: You'll see Phantom... *slowly turns the handle on the front door opening it slightly*

Iris: *Notices a few shadows moving outside* I'll handle this, if you don't mind.

Dani: Are you sure you can fight all of them by yourself? You don't need anyone to back you up?

Iris: Alright, heres the plan, Dani and I will go out to make sure the area is clear, the rest of you sit tight, alright?

Phantom: *sighs* Alright...

Iris: *runs straight out and smacks a shadow into another with hammer, sending them both into a wall*

Dani: *pointing her spear at a shadow, she lunges toward it, piercing the shadow*

Iris: That was easy! *Continues moving around the dorms until a larger shadow appears in sight, she stops dead in her tracks* Dani... 

Dani: ... Hm? What are you looking at?

Iris: *Finger moves towards large shadow* That... I can sense it is harder then the ones we previously fought.

Dani: ... So we're going to fight it?

Iris: I guess so. *Flings out hand and a circle of fire forms around the shadow, it closes around the shadow until it is trapped in a small space* It is trapped, you mind taking this one?

Dani: Alright. *Flashes a smile at Iris, then turns to the shadow. She lunges at the shadow*

Shadow: *Absorbs fire then smacks Dani away and onto Iris, then prepares to attack*

Iris: *Winces*

Demente: *Jumps down from a neaby balcony and lands behind the shadow* Excuse me...

[The shadow turns around and is immediately knocked down with a hammer, the shadows body is on fire right before it disappears]

Iris: *Gets up and looks at Demente* W-who the hell are you?!

Demente: *Looks at Iris* They call me that is what I will go by.

Dani: *Slowly sits up* Ugh...

Iris: *Helps Dani up* You okay? *Turns back to Demente* And, when I asked who you were I was mostly wondering what you are doing here? T-this place is freaky!

Demente: What am I doing here? I could ask you the same.

Iris: W-Well we were here to... We found out about this place last night, out of curiosity we looked around and run into those things. They attacked us and after beating them we stayed in our rooms trying to forget. Today we came back after we discovered a certain power...

Demente: ...power? *Looks at Iris, confused a bit*

[Shadow creaks near]

Iris: You'll see soon enough. *Waves hammer and fire comes from her hands, up onto the hammers tip* 

Demente: ...I'm just going to pretend I didn't see fire come from your hands.

Iris: Thats alright with me. *Turns to Dani* We should go back to our dorm.

Dani: Okay, Iris. 

Iris: *Starts walking towards dorm and turns around to look at Demente* Coming? Theres still a lot we don't know, actually scratch that, we don't know anything. Maybe you could help us?

Demente: Help? What exactly can I do to help?

Sarge: ... *feels rather light headed and dizzy* Guy's... Thing's aren't looking bright...

Iris: *Shrugs* You could start by telling us what you know about this pla- *turns around to look at Sarge* Something wrong?

Demente: *Looks at Sarge* Is he okay?

Iris: I-I'm not sure... He wasn't like this a minute ago...

Demente: Hm...well...he probably just needs to sit down for a bit.

Phantom: *sits Sarge down on a chair.* Anyone mind closing the door?

Iris: *Nods then closes the door*

Demente: Now, what were you going to ask me? *Looks at Iris*

Iris: O-oh yeah! W-what are those black monster things? 

Demente: *Shrugs* All I know is that they attack pretty much anything they see. 

Iris: What do you call them?

Demente: Me? I call them Shadows, cause that is what they remind me of. a shadow.

Iris: Well thats better than black crawly things.

Sarge: G-guy's I'm going to head into my room... *goes up the steps and enters his room with the door shutting abruptly, nearly violently as if some one else closed the door*

[A large light is projected from the hallway upstairs]

Iris: *Notices the light* Guys?!

Phantom: Sarge?! *runs upstairs.*

Iris: *Follows her upstairs and tears Sarges door open* Sarge?

Phantom: *looks inside, she appears concerned.* Is something wrong?

[Inside of what used to be Sarge's room, a haunted house sat there with it's doors open, along with dark blood covering the floor and torn paintings hanging diagonally.]

Iris: ... Oh no...

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