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Everyone likes secrets. There's no telling what they could be; they're always a surprise. Everyone gets all excited over a good conspiracy or rumor; who started it, who does it involve, what will the outcome be? It is perfectly normal for mortals to be interested in these types of things; after all, who doesn't feel the enticing, playful tug of curiosity every now and then?

But there are secrets and prophecies that were never meant to be seen by our eyes. Revelations so profoundly shocking and cataclysmic that the weak-minded would be driven mad by their whisperings. So unimaginably powerful that they are said to give those who find them the power and wisdom to become a god among gods...

Legend tells of a desolate ruin, hidden beneath the earth, that supposedly houses these "forbidden prophecies", storing them deep within its depths. Many have tried to breach this ancient domicile in the past, only to be thwarted and destroyed by a mysterious being known only as the Master of The Guardian Statues.

The old legend has resurfaced now, in the form of a mysterious energy collecting deep within the Viridian Jungle of Soumerca. Who will heed the instinctual pull of curiosity to seek the forbidden secrets?


  1. Stick to the plot. Do not alter it to revolve around your character, do not change it drastically, etc.
  2. No Godmodding. You should all know what this means; no auto-hitting, no random attacks, no constant avoidance of damage, etc
  3. No Trolling.
  4. No picking random fights with others.
  5. Do not just randomly jump into a scene. Either ask, or build up your arrival accordingly (I.E "Suddenly, such and such and such" or "Meanwhile, somewhere else blah blah blah")
  6. No randomly finding and entering the temple.
  7. No hogging all the glory.
  8. No canon characters.
  9. No controlling other users' characters without their permission.
  10. No finding the secrets without my say-so. I still have to "flesh them out". And I think I have an idea formulating within the dark recesses of my mind...
  11. Put effort in your posts. I mean it; none of this "Person: Shadow Ball! *uses Shadow Ball*" crap.
  • Acceptable method: (Person: Shadow Ball! *charges up a concentrated ball of shadow energy, and then fires it at Person 2*)
  • Preferred method: ("Shadow Ball!" Person yelled. Cupping his hands in front of him, he began charging up a concentrated ball of pure shadows. After a few seconds he threw the ball at Person 2.)

Everyone gets three strikes. Break a rule, that's one strike. Lose all three and you're out.

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Banned People

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Those who want to see if the legend if true, but have no wicked intentions.


Either those with unknown motives, or those who are truly neither good or evil.
  • Erasmus - He seeks to obliterate those who would dare search for the secrets hidden away. Played by Ryu.
  • Glass Angel - A white hedgehog with a metal arm and a brown cape over his still organic left. Glass is a prominent member of the intergalactic Assassins Guild, and why he wants to find the legend could range anywhere from trying to sell whatever he can find or actively trying to protect it. And that's if he can stay sober enough to do what he intends. Played by Skyblade.
  • G.U.N. - They want to figure out exactly what the mysterious energy source they detected in the jungles of Soumerca is. Played by anyone; specific G.U.N members are only played by those who own them.
  • Razer the Fox - For unclear reasons, he was sent to find out the ruins, but despite being a hero (which he is), he's bound to meet up with a familiar group of foes and he must tread carefully about this! Played by VGN34D.


Those who want the power granted by these secrets.


Prologue: Eons Ago

In a massive, circular room, with a smaller platform surrounded by water in the center of it, what appeared to be a vaguely bird-like Mobian, wearing a large, long scarf, bracers on his arms and legs, and a few earrings on his long ears, was floating quietly above the center platform, arms behind his head. He appeared to simply be relaxing. It wasn't long before his ears perked up, however, and he landed on the ground, stepping forward.

"Who's there?"

An anthropomorphic being, standing a few feet taller than the ambiguous Mobian, walked into the room; he had three pairs of beautiful wings, a fiery mane extending from his head and down to the tip of his tail, and ornate, golden horns. He radiated an aura of both majesty and peace, and he was carrying something, covered in a silken blue cloth. The Mobian-esque male looked shocked, and quickly dropped down to one knee.


The taller being smiled kindly, but there was no mistaking the look of urgency on his face.

"There is no need to kneel, Erasmus. I have a great favor to ask of you."


Ka's smile faded, and he pulled the blue cloth away, revealing an odd-looking book.

"," he said, looking down at the tome in question; his expression suggested a mixture of fear and urgency.

"This book is incredibly dangerous."

"How so?" Erasmus asked, looking confused. "It's only a book, isn't it?"

"A book that contains knowledge no one should have. Not me, not Buer, not ANYONE."

His tone of voice was deathly serious.

"One of my children looked into this...wretched thing, and started to tear out his eyes...he told me he had seen the future from it, and begged me to erase his memory."

He now pressed the tome and the blue cloth into Erasmus' hands.

"It needs to be hidden deep within the bowels of this temple, Erasmus. No one is to find it; do you understand? I cannot bear to think of what would happen if this book got into evil hands...or even pure hands, for that matter."

Ka stared hard into Erasmus' face, his expression urgent.

"Will you do this for me?"

Erasmus had covered the book back up.

"I can assure you, no one will ever find this book. And if anyone tries to invade this sacred place in search of it..."

His expression had become quite grim.

"I will kill them."

The Great Wheel bowed.

"Thank you, Erasmus," he said.

Part 1: The Present

In Treetop HQ, the Viridian Jungle Freedom Fighters were just hanging out, doing their own thing, when out the window, a flash of greenish-blue light could be seen, catching the attention of Ferne. She frowned and ran to the window, looking out it.

"What was that...??"

Soon her comrades came running, crowded around the window.

"Huh? What was it, what'd ya see?" asked Valdus, curious.

"It was a big flash of green light... coming from somewhere in the jungle!"

Several feet above the Freedom Fighters, hidden from sight with the most high tech invisibility cloaks money couldn't buy, was a spaceship. It wasn't large, only enough for one man and enough storage for a two days worth of food, but it was useful for it's pilot. The autopilot functionality was also extremely useful for the pilot, seeing he was regularly too drunk to fly the thing. Right now, though, he was completely sober...or, at least, mostly.

"Destination reached," the computer beeped. "Preparing to land."

The pilot smiled as he took a swig from his hip flask. The residents of Treetop HQ were oblivious to the presence of the spaceship, busy talking amongst themselves about the flash of green light that Ferne had seen.

"Think we should go check it out...? It could be something dangerous that we might need to take care of," said Jax, frowning.

Meanwhile, the flash had not gone unnoticed by the residents of the Jade Fortress Egg Base. Sub-boss Avalaine had been looking out the window when she saw it.

"The hell was that?" she asked, frowning. Her pet Fluminato, Splash, jumped up onto the windowsill with a meow.

In the jungle below the Egg Base, Vendeta the Hedgehog crouched in the undergrowth, surveying the base. He had seen the flash, but had kept focused on his objective. He had seen what Eggman could do once before: he didn't consider the guy a major threat to the galaxy or anything, just a budding one.

Razer, having been sent deep within the jungle, was seemingly sent to search the ruins... even if he really didn't wanted to be sent there, but Ajax and Twinkle were sent on missions of their own so he was going solo for this one.

And he certainly can't use pyrokinesis, not when he's in a jungle. The last thing he'd want was to set the whole jungle on fire.

Shortly after, however, it seems he's caught the attention of a familiar group who works for Eggman!

"What the--?!" Razer gasped, seeing to have crossed paths with the familiar group. The male cricket didn't seem to notice that it was Razer, at first.

"Who's there??" he called out.

Razer decided to not say but still approached him, as to reveal himself from the shadows. He simply waved a hand at the group. The cricket blinked, before smiling once he recognized the fox.

"Hey, it's you again! Uh, Razer, right? What's up, amigo?"

Razer returned a smile to Cruz. "Didn't think I'd end up seeing you guys again just from crossing paths."

"Hey, same," Cruz chuckled. "Say, did you see that crazy flash of light in the jungle, by any chance? What was up with that?"

"Seems like it, though I was too busy trekking the jungle. Where are your buddies, Cruz?" Razer asked.

"Trying to find out what that weird light was," said Cruz, thumbing over to the area behind him. "We saw it from over there, but..."

He glances at the trio and took an approach behind them. He tapped a finger to Bidane's shoulder, who is someone he recognized the most besides Avalaine and Alondra, mainly because he's trained her before.

The leopardess jumped a bit, turning around.


Her eyes widened a bit when she saw Razer.


He softly smirked to Bidane. "You know it."

She blinked, clearly not expecting to see him again. A soft smile crossed her face.

"It's been a while, huh...?"

He gave a soft nod, even gives her a quick but friendly hug. "Wanna poke the others, Bidane? I'm sure even they would like to see me."

She returned the hug, her smile widening slightly. She was about to say something, when another voice spoke up.

"No need; we already know you're here," said Avalaine, arms crossed as she nodded at Razer, smiling. "Long time no see, hmm?"

"Avalaine. I'm sure it's not uncommon for a hero to be friends with villains like you guys. But you're the good kind of villains." Razer admitted, even holding out a hand to give her a handshake.

"And I won't lie; I've seen good guys being awfully brash and selfish before."

"Good? Well, I mean, I suppose, in a way we could be considered 'good'," Avalaine shrugged, retracting her Cybernetic claws so she could shake Razer's hand. "I mean I don't think we're as bad as Eggman, at least."

"Things are never quite black and white, are they?" Bidane nodded in response to Razer's words.

"Indeed, Bidane. And I assume you guys are here for the same reason, right?" He asked the group after he returned the handshake to Avalaine.

"You mean that weird flash of green light in the jungle, right?" she asked.

Razer nodded. "Yeah. And it seems I won't be going alone for this one."

"Eggman demanded that we investigate it," Avalaine sighed. "Still, this could at least be an interesting adventure."

"I know. And if Eggman does call, you'll know what to do. And it seems Bidane has gotten stronger as well." Razer responded to her; and it seems his development with her had gotten very well.

"Looks like you'll be playing captive again," Avalaine chuckled. "But, for now... we should keep looking for whatever made that light."

Razer nodded to Avalaine, already familiar with that idea. "Right. Lead the way."

"We're pretty sure it came from that-a-way," said Avalaine, pointing deeper into the jungle. "Let's get moving."

Razer willingly followed Avalaine and the group. Should Eggman call, he'll have to play as the captive.

Back at Treetop HQ, the resident Freedom Fighters were also getting ready to go check out the source of the green flash.

"I've got a feeling that the Soumerca Egg Army might've seen that light too," Arielle frowned. "We'll have to be prepared for a possible confrontation."

"Heh, we can take 'em," Jax smirked, arms crossed.

Not far from the HQ, there was another group heard, certainly making no effort to be quiet; someone seemed to be talking out loud. Jax frowned.

"I hear someone, guys," he whispered, flying up into the air to get a better view.

Upon getting a view, it seems there's a small group, along with a robot, following said group. A black-colored echidna was the one making all that noise.

"Doom, I can't believe we have you in our group... even whispering makes you sound loud like a piercing wind." A green-colored fox groaned out, with annoyance.

"WASN'T MY FAULT THEY MADE ME LIKE THIS! I TALK LOUD NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD I AM!" The black-colored echidna shouted, with the grey-colored hedgehog groaning out.

"Look, let's just keep looking for the ruins. It's bound to be around here somewhere..."

Ferne groaned and covered her ears.

"Who is yelling like that?!" she whined. Jax landed back on the ground, pointing towards the direction of the strangers.

"There's some strange Mobians and a robot lurking around," he said. "Maybe they saw that flash of light, too?"

"Did they look like Egg Soldiers?" asked Arielle. Jax shook his head.

"Not really, just regular Mobians," he said. "There was a green fox, a black echidna, and a grey hedgehog. Also the robot."

The robot stops as it looks around. "Pause, Rewind. We may be watched. Search protocol activated."

"What? We are? Deck, you sure you fixed out its bugs?" Rewind asked, with Deck rolling his eyes in response.

"Don't look at me. Phobos knows what its doing. If it had any bugs and glitches, it would've informed me so I could fix it. And Volt's not with us so we have someone else by our side." Deck responded, and followed Phobos.

"Wait up now! Can't have you leaving, especially when you're completely weaponless." Deck informed Phobos, though he couldn't stop it from searching around.

Back with the Freedom Fighters, Onyx gasped a bit and crouched down.

"I-I think they're coming this way...!" he squeaked. Ruby rolled her shoulders a bit.

"This should be interesting," she smirked, while Jax cracked his knuckles.


Phobos had soon stopped in the area and began to scan around. "Scanning for lifeforms."

"Phobos, mind you that you're weaponless so don't do anything brash!" Deck warned.

Everyone except for Onyx was getting ready for a possible fight as they continued to move forward, towards Deck and his crew.

"Possible hostiles detected. Shall we engage, Deck?" Phobos asked Deck.

"Uhh... maybe we should retreat and inform Rewind about this." Deck hastily answered before turning himself around and began to make a run for it. Phobos turned around and followed him afterwards.

"Rewind!" Deck called out whilst making a run for it. Ferne's keen ears perked up.

"Sounds like they're leaving, Arielle," she said. The linsang frowned.

"Follow them, but stay low," she commanded.

Rewind and Phobos regroup with Rewind and Boom.

"WHAT DID YOU--" Boom's speech was muffled when Deck covered his mouth.

"Shhh! We can't let them know we're here!" Rewind then turns his attention to Deck.

"What did you two find?" He asked the duo.

"We have encountered possible hostile, but we have chosen to not engage, for I am without functioning weapons." Phobos answered.

"Can we keep moving? And for goodness sake, Boom, try and use sign language, charades even! We can't have you giving away our position, much less letting them know what we're doing." Deck informed Boom.

Boom let out a muffled, "OKAY!"

Rewind sighed and proceeds to continue on. "Let's keep moving, gang. We don't know where the ruins are, so we have to follow the light that was last seen. We can't wander ourselves off from the path."

They nodded and soon continued on and followed Rewind.

Ferne grimaced as she heard Boom's yell.

"Whoever it is, they don't seem to know how to keep their voice down," she sighed as she and her friends continued to follow the other group.

"M-Maybe we shouldn't keep following them," Onyx frowned. "What if they're dangerous...??"

"Then we take them out before they can pose a threat to this place," said Arielle.

The group are unaware that they are being followed. And Boom can't really talk because even if he were to whisper, he'd just be yelling out loud anyway.

As Deck's group was roughly in the front of this entire trek, he and the others soon came across a massive clearing in the jungle...

"Whoa... you seeing what I'm seeing, gang?" Rewind asked, with much awe upon seeing a clearing within the jungle. A pink fennec stepped forward, tilting her head to the side.

"It looks like a big clearing," she said.

"Should we go on ahead and find out?" Deck asked.

"We'll have to proceed carefully. Just stay close and don't get separated." Rewind instructed as he began to head into the clearing, with the others following closely. Boom had to stay silent because of his obviously-loud voice.

Behind them, Jax flew up into the air as quietly as he could in order to get a better view of the group that he and his friends were tailing, frowning. He landed back down, looking at Arielle.

"They found some sorta clearing," he whispered. "And I saw some kind of stone thingy, too."

The clearing would've been entirely unremarkable were it not for the strange stone formation that seemed to be partially buried beneath the ground. It almost looked like a doorway leading into the earth.

"Wow... incredible. I've never seen anything like this." Rewind marveled at the sight of said formation. There seemed to be an odd green gleam on the old stones; was this where the light had come from?

Deck had begun to work on fitting Phobos' weapons, the first once being a minigun attachment to its right arm. "Alto, help me equip the flamethrower onto its left side."

Alto nodded and went up to Phobos to help Deck equip the flamethrower. By now, Valdus had scaled a tree behind the other group to spy on them, mostly hidden by the leaves.

"Right. Let's move, guys." Rewind motioned a hand for them to continue on, still unaware that they are being watched and followed. Boom was the only one who noticed something suspicious for a very brief moment before shrugging and followed the group.. And being quite the loudmouth, he clearly can't say anything at all, other than to use basic sign languages.

Valdus quickly and easily climbed down the tree.

"Looks like they're heading for that stone structure," he whispered to Arielle. "Should we engage them...?"

"No!" Onyx whispered back, causing the fossa to roll his eyes.

"I wasn't asking you, Onyx," he huffed.

Any group approaching (or in) the clearing would soon find a spaceship landed there. On top of the spaceship, fast asleep, is a white hedgehog in his thirties with a metal right arm and a left arm hidden by a tattered brown cape. The metal arm as the glowing symbol 滅 on the back of his hand. A hip flask is in his left hand, which dangles off the side of the ship.

At the other side of the clearing, Avalaine's group was approaching quickly. The eagle was at the head of the group, and stopped when she saw the ship past the grass and in the clearing; it was behind the stone structure, probably hidden to Deck's group and Arielle's group.


Razer got behind her, also hiding as to avoid being detected. He whispered to her. "What do you see? Did someone beat us to it?"

"Looks like it," she frowned, gesturing towards the spaceship that was parked there.

Razer glanced at the spaceship and back to her. "Man... got any plans, Avalaine?"

"We wait," she said. "We don't know what this guy's capable of..."

Glass starts snoring loudly. At one point, he shouts ”AARDVARK!” loud enough for the group to hear, but soon gets back to snoring.

Razer glanced back and then back to Avalaine after rolling his eyes at this. Cruz shrugged.

"He must be drunk or something."

The cry of 'AARDVARK!' got the pink fennec's attention, however, her ears perking up.

"Did you guys hear that?" she asked.

"It certainly wasn't Boom." Deck commented. Indeed, Boom was silent and wasn't the one who yelled randomly. The fennec frowned.

"I don't think we're alone here..."

"Phobos, stay on guard." Rewind orders while he surveys the current area. Deck stands by with Alto. Phobos, meanwhile, aims its flamethrower as it slowly turns around to see where the noise is coming from.

"I can't believe we have to enter this jungle for the ruins, and my heels are covered in mud..!" The young hedgehog frowned, having forgotten to wear hiking boots. A shadowy figure, who is Hali's sister, followed behind her, also frowning.

"If I needed to carry you, it'd feel like I'm carrying extra weight with me. No offense, sister." Shima commented, with Hali turning her head and puffing her cheeks with a soft growl.

"This is what happens when you're always in a hurry, Shima! At least father was kind with us!" Hali reiterated with an irritated tone before she spots a fairly large group, kneeling herself down as to see them from the thick vines. Shima leans in close.

"What is it?" She whispered.

"Hmm... looks like a fairly large group. Mainly bad guys too..." Hali whispered back, before eyeing on the red fox.

"What do you see?" Shima asked.

"I'm not sure but, I'll see if I can grab his attention..."

Hali picked up a small but sizeable pebble and chucks it at Razer, but misses. Frowning, she picks up another pebble and chucks it at him in hopes of getting her attention, which hits the back of his head.

Razer, still with the Soumerca army, felt something hit his head, and rubs his head around the back of his head.

"What the--?" He looks around in confusion.

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