This roleplay takes place 2 years after the Were Plague. The friends are now in high school,and they don't know what's in store for them during the year!


  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Known as "The Fastest Kid In School)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Known as "Techno Weirdo")
  • Jax The Hedgehog (Known as "Ashura The Second")
  • Andy The Hedgehog (Known as "Poem Geek")
  • Amy Rose (Known as "Sonic's Hyper Girlfriend")
  • Jask The Bat (Known as "Rouge's Lost Brother")
  • Kyla The Fox (Known as "Ms.Musical")
  • Nigel The Fox (Known as "Nigel The Punk")
  • Knuckles The Echidna (Known as "Guardian of the Master Locker")
  • Rouge The Bat (Known as "Jewel Cool For School")
  • Sliver The Hedgehog (Known as "Futuristic Dude")
  • Swee The Hedgehog (Known as "Kissy Lips")
  • Blaze The Cat (Known as "Firey Charizard")
  • Manic The Hedgehog (Known as "Mr.Drums")
  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf ( Known as "Queen of Mean" )
  • Bianca the Yellow Jacket ( Known as "Queen Wasp" )
  • Tiffany the Yorkie ( Known as "Hot Head" )

Chapter 1:"Welcome to High School"

Sonic:I can't wait to see who's in my class at High School! Maybe Jask will be there!

Bus Driver:Get on the bus!

Sonic:*gets on* Ok. *walks down the aisle and sees Tails* Hey Tails!

Tails:*sees Sonic* Oh hey Sonic! *high fives Sonic* Want to sit next to me?

(A blue BMW convertible zooms past with three girls inside, attracting students attention without fail as it speeds towards the school at top speed before quickly heading into the parking lot and stealing a spot as the girls inside got out)

Annabelle: Look at this dump...

Tiffany: Like...Ew. Do they NOT have janitors? Probably can't afford to keep them...

Bianca: It could always be worse...(Grabs her purse)

Annabelle and Tiffany: True, true... (Bianca nods)

Bianca: Hey Anna, are you gonna make the blue boy your boyfriend~?

Annabelle: Oh you know it...Not event hat freak Amy Rose will stand in my way~

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