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  6. No Sexual Content Allowed (except for simple flirts,kissing,etc)


These characters are the contestants who wish to battle and win this tournament. Please put the amount of characters you wish to enter. If your character has been defeated please cross their name out.


People who will be watching and cheering on for their friends that are entered in the ring and watching the tournament. Please put their name here.

Roleplay: Waiting area

Sarge: *getting ready and starts to put on a battle suit* Heh this is gonna be too easy

Jack: I dissagree partner you ain't seen nothing

Sarge: Don't make me smack the west out of you

Jack: Hmph calm down hot head

Sarge: Hmph

Ji-ya: Ya'll boys need to calm down!

Roimata: Why'd I get myself into this...?

Sarge: You tell this retarded Echidna to get out of the way!

Jack: Short temper eh? Heh heh heh

(4 armored hedgehogs walk in bickering about why they entered)

Church: I will shoot all of us right now if you don't shut up

Washington: shut up, you are the most immature soldiers I have ever met

Grif: your face is immature

Tex: atleast your psyche profile says you wet the bed wash

Washington: shut up!


Selenia: *shoots an electric bolt at the five who were loud* Calm yourselves everyone!

Zyde: * walks in * What's going on ?

Grif: *on the ground* OW!!!!!

Washington: ow T^T

Tex: big argument

Chruch: :/ that tickled :P

Zyde: Fight too much and you'll wear yourseles out, guys.

Sarge: OW! *sticks the middle finger at Selenia*

Selenia: Don't make me get your brother, Sarge!

Tex: nice one *gives a thumbs up*

Sarge: And what's he gonna do heh

Zyde: * sighs as she waits for the tournament to begin *

Sarge: Yeah thats what I thought

(Capt walks in to discipline Sarge)

Selenia: *crosses arms* Thought so.

[Rapid, Zerofuse, Kyros, and Fist walk in]

Rapid: Is this the fighting tournament?

Selenia: Hm? Yep, this is the waiting area.

Zerofuse: I can't wait to kill- I mean, defeat my opponent.

Ji-ya: >.>



Naja:(Making bubbles)

Matsu:(Tapping his foot)What's taking so long?

Fist: Hey, Tenchi!

Rapid: *steps on Zerofuse's foot* Shut up.

Tenchi:Hey Fist.

Naja:Don't mind Matsu.He's just a little edgey.

Selenia: *waiting patiently, lighting a small spark*

Ji-ya: I've never seen a group of such strange people...

Cuoleputure: You'll get used to it...*in the corner, crossed arms and closed eyes*


Ji-ya: You!

Anna:(Gets between them)Please guys.Don't fight in here.

Rapid: *holds Zerofuse back* Dude, save your energy.

Ji-ya: *growls* Just wait til we get to the tournament!

Zerofuse: Heh heh! Okay then!

Selenia: Comon Guys, It's not even the Tournament and you guys are already fighting!

Tenchi:Yeah,save your energy.

Zerofuse: Well it's not my fault that I'm surrounded by idiots!

Rapid: Can I hit him? Please?

Church: atleast I can switch between 2 bodies *switches to monitor and back* now I can win :P

Grif: not physically possible church

Tex: I can beat you with it actually :P

Washington: who from our groups are watching us???

Grif:sarge,simmons,tucker,caboose,and the meta....

Washington: it'd be humorous to see what they look like in the audience :P

Tex: I bet sarge has a sign saying "I HOPE GRIF LOSES" on it :P

Ji-ya: You all seriously need to chill >_>

Selenia: *facepalm*

Roimata: *sitting nervously*

Cuoleputure: *relaxing in the corner*

(They all hear the anouncements, Which says the tournament is going to begin)

Sashin: *from the speakers* Our first Contestants Are Grif and Roimata!

Grif: and I am gone, thanks for seeying you all if I live I will see you here once again... *runs off*

Zerofuse: Who do I fight?

Anna:Good luck if you go Selenia.

Tenchi:Sames goes for you Fist.

Sarge: Gah d*** it!

Selenia: Same goes for all of you, I wish you all the best of luck...But I'm worried about Hine..She doesn't even have any powers...

Fist: Thanks, Tenchi.

Solarestro: *walks in* Yooooooo! *big smile*

Selenia: *looks at Solarestro, Confused* Hello, Are you battling today?

Cuoleputure: hmph...another one...

Ji-ya: Good day mate!

Jack: You and me hot head *smacks whip near Sarge*

Sarge: Gah!

Solarestro: Ahhh come on hon you don't recognize your own man?

Selenia: *confused for a sec*..Memph?

Solarestro: Ding ding ding! Correct Hon! I will tell you all about this new look when we are in a less crowded place. Ok?

Sarge: I oughta get my troll in here


Naja:Easy guys.

Selenia: *kisses Solarestro's forehead* No matter how you look, your always my shining hog...*smiles*

Ji-ya: Shhh! I'm watching the battle! *points to the monitor*

Church: you think grif is winning??? or the other girl?

Solarestro: *smiles lovingly* And your always my sexy Hon. *looks to the monitor* Now then let's see how this turns out.

(From a dark corner)

Benzene: Why are we here again?...

Deruka: *Distorted voice* I want to see the power of these creatures for myself.... you need not enter with me.

Benzene: And miss the chance to bring the demonhog to his knees.... no. *evil smirk*

Sarge: *throws Jack's hat and spits on it* Yeehaw now

Jack: Grrr! *is about to fight Sarge*

Sarge: *snicker*

Selenia: *giggles, cuddles with him while watching the Battle*

Anna:Hey Memphis.

Tanchi:This looks like it will be a tough tournament.

Solarestro: *looks at Anna* Oh hey Anna. *smiles*

Ji-ya: *get's in between Sarge ane the three* Can you all shut up?!

Cuoleputure: *from his corner, listening sharply to what the other two are saying* hm..

Benzene: Hmmph we have a eavesdropper.... Deruka?

(Deruka was gone)

Sarge: And who are you to tell me this?!

Ji-ya: *Get's in Sarge's face* Listen you! I came to have fun not to listen to your c***! Either Shut up or leave!

Matsu:You shut up.

Naja:No fighting here guys.

Cuoleputure: Strange...

Solarestro: Jeeezzz *shivers a bit* I am itching for a battle!!!!

Jack: Don't worry partner you'll get one and a mean texas burn

Anna:You will be next?

Tenchi:Who knows.

Solarestro: Well when I get my chance I will fight with all my heart!..... Wait I can't do that.... *frowns* I have to power surpress....

Jack: you sad partner?

Matsu:Agreed.We must control our powers.

Naja:I hope Yang will be watching us?

Selenia: *kisses his cheek* Don't wory Hon, You'll be alright. I know it ^ ^


Cuoleputure: *staying out of their conversations*

Solarestro: *smiles* Thanks for the vote of confidence Hon! I hope I get to face you. *grins* I want to see how strong my girl has gotten.

Selenia: Heh! It'l be a pleasure! *smirks*

Anna:She has.(Smiles)


Solarestro: Well if you need me I shall now nap! *Walks to a sofa and lays back on it* Wake me up... *yawns* when it is my turn. *closes his eyes*......


Naja:We will.

Selenia: *whispers to Anna* I say we draw on his face when he's asleep...

Jack: Are you serious?



Selenia: *giggles* Let's see...*gets a marker from her pouch* This'll be fun...!

Ji-ya: *To Jack* What are you talking about?

Matsu:(Yawns and bends)

Naja:I got the camera.

Jack: what're ya trying to get an aughtograph from me give me my space Ji-Ya

Ji-ya: You're so full of you're self, Need to chill.

Selenia: Heheh...*slowly puts the Marker on Solarestro's face*

Jack: what about the hot head eh?


Tenchi:He right Jack.

Selenia: *makes a mustache and Glasses* Haha!

Ji-ya: Mhm.

Church,Tex,and Wash: HOLY COW LOOK AT WHAT GRIF JUST DID! *seeing the grif goku satsu*

Jack: now please give me my space I don't want to accidently harm you

Ji-ya: Suuuure. *looks at the Monitor* ...Dang, that was a knock-out!

Jack: *walks out the room and goes to his practise room and starts smacking targets with his whip*

Matsu:(Leans on a wall)

Naja:(Takes a picture)

Rapid: *staring into a fish tank* Pretty fishies.

Four people enter the waiting room. Three hedgehogs, and one echidna. "Whelp. This is it." The echidna said, looking around. "I'll go and sign us all up. You guys can relax here." He then headed to the front desk to get everyone signed up.

"Hmm...A significantly different atmosphere than in the Cosmic Championship." One of the hedgehogs said, taking a look around with interest. He then looked towards his companion, who appeared to be his sister. "Keela, is it not your first time in a tournament?" He asked.

"Yes, it is. I've never entered one until now." She answered. "It's quite exciting. Thanks for taking me here."

"Fatingama...Fate bumo..Faitengomo...Namine?" The third hedgehog sighed, as he couldn't get the name of the tournament right.

Zerofuse walked up to the third hedgehog. "I don't know how to pronounce it either."

Selenia: It's Faitingutōnamento, Silly. *smiles, then lets out a small giggle* Are you signing up?

"Ah, That's it. I swear that's some kind of foreign language." He said, before turning to look at her. "Yeah, I'm signing-Oh hey, Selenia. Nice to see you again." The hedgehog turned out to be Splice.

"Do you know eachother?" Keela asked, curiously.

"Yeah. We met a while back." He answered.

Selenia: *stands up* It's been such a while, You haven't changed a bit though. *crosses her arms, smiling*

((Please do NOT break the fourth wall like that. He can use whatever style he wants.))

Anna:It's taking a while.


Splice scratched the back of his head, laughing a bit. "Everyone's been saying that about me. Oh yeah, I should introduce you to my friends here." He looked over at the other two hedgehogs next to him. "This is Kyle and Keela Tyris. Guys, this is Selenia."

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Selenia." Kyle said, bowing respectfully.

"Nice to meet you!" Keela chimed in.

Smash came back to the group. "Alright guys, We're in." He announced.

Nate: *walks into the room* Whoa, so this is what i'm up against....


[This is not the RP. This is the introduction.]

Sashin: *grabs the microphone* Welcome ladies and gentlemen!

Masamba: Today we'll be seeing who will be the victor of all Battles!

Sashin: *giggles* It's such a beautiful day to see these special contestants fight each other to a b-

Masamba: *interupts* Butt-kickin' battle!

Sashin: *angered a bit, punches Masamba in the Jaw*

Masamba: *falls back* @_@ why me...?

Sashin: *cutely giggles* We will soon start the battle until enough competitors have entered into todays enrollement! Whoever goes to the finals and wins the tournament w-

Masamba: *from the ground, with the microphone* will win a chaos emerald and a trip to the Bahamas!

Sashin: *growls, steps on Masamba's crotch*

Masamba: O_O *screams loud in pain, as the audience laugh*

Roleplay: Let the Tournament Begin!

Grif VS Roimata Hine

Sashin: Welcome! Today our first competitors are:

Masamba: Grif and Roimata Hine!

Sashin: Weird for a Human to enter in such a dangerous tournament!

Masamba: Including if she's young!

Roimata: *nervously comes out, shyly*

Grif: *walks in* hey everybody *waves to the audience, mainly the group of reds,blues,and the meta, and ironically, sarge is holding a sign saying "GOOD LUCK TO YOU GRIF!" and simmons holds a sign saying DO THE BEST YOU CAN"* heheh so miss, in this unit I can take what I can get...and winning is one of them...

Roimata: *get's in abattle stance, nervously*

Sashin: Let the Battle begin!

Grif: *charges in* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *attempts to punch roimata*

Roimata: *dodges, getting out of the way*

Grif: *stutters* dang it! *goes towards her for another punch*

Roimata: Eep! *dodges again*

Grif: DANG IT! *goes for another attack but instead takes a jump and spins around sticking one leg out*

Roimata: Aah! *shield's herself by putting her arms in a lock position*

Grif: dang it... time to go for plan B *takes out a pistol and terribly aims at a wall instead of roimata tyhinking she'd dodge the wrong way and wound her*

Roimata: He's trying to kill me! That's it! *puts her hands out, her flower bracelet's begin to glow immensely* Shíjiān lái le! Zhǔnbèi hǎo le!

Grif: ._.' *puts away the gun and turns on some speed enhancement* and now I must run *zooms off to the other side of the arena*

Roimata: *her form starts to change, as she becomes a being looking a bit of a mermaid, then, floating, she quickly flies over to Grif, Slashing at him with her sword* My turn!

Grif: OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOOOD!!! D: *tries to run*

(They both hear a whistle)

Sashin: Sorry you two! There's no running away from an oponent!

Grif: DANG IT! oh well plan C, luckily I havea shotgun from sarge *pulls out a shotgun and does a sarge impression* TODAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR YOU TO LOSE!

Roimata: *flies over to him quickly, attempting to slash his arm*

Grif *shoots the shotgun*

Roimata: !!!!! *gets hit in the arm, but then slashes Grif angrily*

Grif: OW! *shoots another shotgun blast*

Roimata: *flies upward to avoid the blast*

Grif: *shoots another upward*

Roimata: *dodges again, then goes back down, and hits Grif in the Balls*

Grif: AAAAAAGH! *flies into the wall*

(2315-Heheh, Me wanted to do that! X3 you did say to hit him there)
(Twist:me thought so, BTW can I add lines for the audience characters I have, as in sarge,simmons,tucker,caboose,and meta??)
(2315-Sure, Just put it in (parenthesis) ^ ^)

Roimata: *swirling around in the air* What's the matter, Hedgehog?

Grif: *panicked*


Grif: right! *jumps to her level* PREPARE FOR THE GRIF GOKU SATSU!

(Twist: all it'll do is bring her bck to the ground, it mainly does 16 hits of normal damage :P)
(2315-Awesome ability! ^ ^)
(Twist:thanks, twister can use it too...but his is way more powerful :P he doesn;t use it much though I was inspired by a different game at the time)

Roimata: What are you~?!

Grif: *grabs her and the setting darkens, sparks then show up withing seconds, they are now at the ground, and grif laughs maniacally*

Roimata: *injured a bit, gets abck to hovering from the ground, then, moves fast to Grif, punching him in the stomach and the nuts, hard*

Grif: OW! WHATS YOUR PROBLEM WITH MY NUTS! *does another hurricane* kick

Roimata: *blocks it*

'Grif: ah forget it *throws a grenade*

(Simmons: NICE IDEA GRIF :D)

Isaiah: *watching* I hope I get to fight soon.

[Nick appears out of nowhere]

Nick: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is that a grenade

Nick: ... [runs away from the grenade]

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